Queen City Hoops' Spencer Percy: "I'm not very optimistic about Steve Clifford returning next season"

Queen City Hoops' Spencer Percy joins the Mac Attack to discuss the Hornets off-season. 


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Spencer Percy is when those quaint city hoops dot com Quincy who blogs that's what's going on Brothers. Not much wondered are what but yeah I don't know man trying to see what happens with this Clifford saying like I love coach Clifford you know. Full disclosure I like him personally treats us well to station he's. Always on us she's a good thoughtful interview. But more than that unlike him as a coach and I just feel like a lot of fans that are trashing him and saying we need to get rid of them like that's gonna solve something. I just sink acting or treat them unfairly. Was all that so I don't little fight a great feeling he's going to be back how are you feeling about what's gonna happen this weekend with his future. Yeah. You know actually go back and forth I think my gut instinct is generally you. The great. A great optimism the going to be back I think it. We usually in situations where new Gian continental I'm a huge change you know the team. You've Pettit and in goes a different direction that you and visit the zone got so but I'm with you that I remember. Went out there on the Carolina has been able to get in and covered team. Within the building when they're but the bobcats play. I mean. Clippers one of the most down nerves like I. I just wanna talk hoops with the guys. If you better if ever interacted with him as saying that the media member. I mean he's just he east spit it straight every single time. He doesn't. Demean anybody. Yes well that's a question he indicate units in debt basketball answer end. They always really appreciated that about Clifford and I appreciate is is crime mentality and never quit mentality in. I'm holding the players accountable and you know pulled himself apple greatly each yes of rappers everything that you want in coach I think any couple. Five you look at the numbers. You look at some opponents throat here in the past few years. You know is that there's there's reason for concern it may be. Maybe his message is not getting across as a warm water. And that's inching toward listen to what point we've heard this for years in sports right you know at some point die coaching message gets old especially when you're struggling. Are much what do you think if you if we try to analyze it fairly. What sings you look at what's coach Clifford let's say they're probably his fault I just. I just can't help going back to the roster he has been handed and the way things have been handled in per on the personnel side. As a as an excuse her for him what what do you think that was really. Heat he deserves blame for. Yeah well I mean I agree with you I do you think the injuries play apart and it's you greed that well I was stated you know. Playing by Howard into the locker room and that date probably back is trading about one million the next great all that yeah that didn't help. His message being translated. But I mean Steve Clifford has only. If he's been here I've eaten in only a lot of the he'd develop. Pop and I'll you know the civil rights. Capped out. They finished nine. And 201560. And and you know Courtney Lee Jeremy went out at the end Lotta that the best to those guys you know being brought in. But you know clippers never been able to manufacture rilya. Creative. Outside of about share of all typically night in night out kind of off it's really just spin. We had out Jefferson everything went through him. In the winter ever so we're not the door and kemba had developed into a real really great player everything going after him not wanting clippers never been able. To develop and Charlotte is. It is not been that he'd itself common ecosystem that's been able to manufacture points because. It can share the ball not yet been understand the system like Austin and San Antonio. You know like in Houston but he she adopted as well Pol Pot they create this system creates the shots right not player. And he. You know what's our plan offensively all forty you don't well he sent the structure gators six the next you're not that the following news night. In this feed in order especially deepened the sense that the worst he's been. Corporate ever had as a head coach right out of massive cut just trying to get that is currently what's the well enough that way because. What we're doing now and really what you have done of your not you're career here in that fact and get it done. So you know that combines web. Kind of look object it would I'm extract from the players on the what their feelings are about corporate I think is gonna clip people. Sensor Percy queen C who sat down between zero slide win us. Talking orders the meeting. Reportedly gonna go down today between Clifford and cut checks that we should know soon about the hill about the answer this question. Before letting go Mitch Kupchak what do you think about that hiring what are the pros and cons of that hiring and does that give you any more face. A compact that's I'm not I mean I was super about in the subject's iris. If not listening to the press conference the other day I think he just kept everything very close to as Jack you know idea. She didn't shed light you know and transparent way on the matter which I don't think you should I think there's a lot for the hornets. There's a lot has seen it done this summer that future Kemba Walker on what we're talking about features because third. There's a there's a salary dump coming somewhere or it cannot. I used part of a mid level exception their first round pick and try to bring. Trivia hungry impact that he's in and stay under the the luxury tax that it's impossible so dumb it's gonna happen in terms betrayed. So there's a lot that happens we're gonna have. It had evidence to evaluate him on very very soon. But it is not I won't be the hornets in in Jordan. Make you know no Jordan tried. You know advanced analytics rich show. Direction. It didn't work out that he'd give it a fair shot to work out well that if conversation but you know this is very much an opposite direction. Diet and I'm sure Mitch Kupchak has had to grow. You know talk more towards the out of the box thinking again advanced analytic community it's driving India now. And feeling on opposite I'm sure eat at T grow in that way. But. It but it seems kind of like stepping in time seeing an angle impacting years you know and and I don't know that that's what. But that's what this team needs is French and he is the stage certainly it's Jordan needs updated. When Michael Jordan Rich in a guy like which show. Or guy they're more in the same room they're not speaking the same language when Jordan and a guy Mitch Kupchak get in the same room they are. Same language so when you think of it from that way in credit inside Jordan OK now makes it it is the right move that that balance they understand. But it did this probably make stored away more comfortable than he was a guy average Joes are gonna show. Spencer received on DC anywhere in the draft that the port as could take from Maryland Baltimore County at all. That's wrong. Why Dolly song like I know there's a guy I did I get out orders a much predatory racists must Arnold. Man I've been on here I don't know what the report found in Mac asked all the questions in the long question you ask. In the in the last or have you you guys is that. Yeah now you know he knows true character and let somebody else is an embassy I sincerely appreciate honest quite I'm glad I don't want that little do with the exact out of distaste I got babies out of that's just wrong that is wrong our brother let go. And some labels or does that say no we send amount on that is a note you wanna send Spencer Percy athletic tight man and he's also trying to marred it's occupied France. Among I'm gonna live on mount pearl. Us. And I got a bad about that is sold or wound up ever in now. Oh well now you got a depressed all the would you do about his Virginia just lasts a tough question. I beat the united our brother be good Spencer Percy. As. Queues at QCA Spencer Quinn's news.com. Thanks brother we always appreciate it. Art AM real quick a couple of these radio well what they haven't already we're at. But but be on Twitter check it out article in its almighty taught art at network. We got or as I kept coming out quite we. If not what we've projected that you haven't already appreciate what that that we.