Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio: "None of these free agent moves result in a Super Bowl team"

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Wednesday, March 14th

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the Mac Attack to discuss the NFL Free Agency. 


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Rainsy officially starts its board today let's talk about don't Mike Florio pro football talk dot com NBC. And remember listen best of his weekly or his daily radio show. Sunday morning 7 AM the nine right here on this stations Florio how you doing brother another had to be a busy day for yesterday. In little tampering. Also the term that would apply in my efforts to get my show we stay put your times. It is just like you say you're committing any sort of crime. And you certainly are tampering but yeah I would say that's on the bow out. Now now about the stroke I don't think getting drives are being committed. What do you think before it's a kind of the bigger national news on talk about cousins the only Sherman deal stuff like that. When you look at the dancers and make a trade. Ford Torrey Smith. He's two years tender ten million dollars five million apiece last and they get rid of Darryl Worley a young core but I think to get a better corner and freelance for eight million a year for three years. Do you think does a kind of nice you know not headliners signings they feel like I feel like we got better at those two positions. Yeah I mean you're treading water a little bit right I think it's gonna make anybody say hey is he gets to. To go to the Super Bowl where they are free agent moves ever saw in a Super Bowl championship team just doesn't happen. Now now you're right it's and we we get so fired up bad because it's football it's news and we love this sport. But I don't you. Right what are we gonna talk about do we get. I felt used up over the prospect that the team is currently zero though it dramatically better than that march from now because there's not an ouster really do at this. I know you're right it's and it's fun to hear your name your team's name and you know ultimate Panthers fans awaits her you know good week or so. And sometimes that's a Smart way to play it is wait until the crazy shopping done. And then you can get some good deals bomb now to Kirk cousins that was a big money deal right there all 84 million of the is guaranteed. Hey do you like what the vikings did the in this aggressive in doing in this way. And then. SMU Florio. But is this does this start a trend of some players getting the guaranty contracts or is this not a trend setter that some people are making it out today. While it appears disabled public talk about your contract yet so we have to acknowledge that every year won yours so incoming rookies yet fully guarantee. Fortier contracts. Via the rookie wage scale and even though the numbers are big debate used to be. Those contracts are fully guarantee for the first twenty or so got what you think he negotiated. And that trend has been the top twenty guy. It is fully guaranteed contract now a perk content or are forced to epic yet if he had gotten up. Five year or he cheerfully guaranteed contract. But to get three years fully guaranteed. That something that only economic and sued the previous week. And be cheaper confidence. Is that there are no not guaranteed years because that's what can usually thought OK out there see you all year but I ought to have. 45. Year's total where I think it's died. Each year whether or not continue this relationship an app development apple app like today they have not near each year on the back yet. Where they decide what your time wanted to continue. The vikings are gonna pay 84 million over pretty and they get no perfection on the back yet that's where it is a new development it's only guaranteed. With only three years it came to do short term deal will be your tee without it being bought Europe war at 28 million. Your pocket 29 million. You are sick of thirty million at a time when our debate being near forty million back. Keep those back and Albert are gone. So cut it back a market for years at age thirty till I start are urging their daughter in his career. You know unit play this thing to perfection. Will more OK here's another question too maybe this one's more apropos will more players bet on themselves. In the style that he did it or. Is that too scary for some of these cats. Well look. I don't think it was Kirk cousins Chris plant to do what he did it I think you're watching and it got picked Arab. What they are very good quarterback contract offer not top of the Arctic. Seventeen million a year back in twenty their team in the middle seat where he had at Bert has. They've got you know during the partly fickle time. Eat the guy they're done authority three elect extent Kirk cousins and paid him good money to be our quarterback for the next five years. I think he would it daughter because if you put a number like that on the table where a guy injury rip. And you never know what's gonna happen. So it's hard to walk away from that money at it there but in Canada they let it play out a contract he had no further regret. So that we are now discredit became very simple nineteen point not but but the franchise tag or a property like it in new year ornament. Import Akbar. And if you attack me again next year it's 1% right. God you're here you're you're not giving me any other alternative to a point here a year most of the other guys whether you know I thirty year setting. Thirteen don't want to keep them is that copper it's basically to emulate what they can make each of the next two years back out. He literally cap the actual Washington port that actually upon him so he didn't really. You know you need to target out. When there's no work that may I get that aren't back yet as any other alternative because Washington that is strange yet they're a lot toward him over the last. We're sorry Mike Florio pro football talk dot com the site yet you gotta have a window up on that bad boy every day here these next couple days. With the free agency stuff hot and heavy. This Richard sure Everett there are. District unless I. I don't I literally I got a window up every day all year long I was trying to stress the importance of these days he's got to be some your biggest day right. It better that day when you refresh. Every single bet you'd hit that spot every it would want to usually is that there is that the what happened albeit here and there are what it perhaps they thought they try. To attend an extraordinary Europe pop but every expect the unexpected I think that the tag line. And market yeah. To not to be accused of my usual BR he considered it. We caught all ball talk I don't know what happened. With only you know birdie and it could be done. Statistically. There's a chance one of them has been a crater and it apparently they have cracked it was generated he would veto the order what happened there. What happens if Allen Robert and bill is typical Chicago yet toward you know last year there's still think it happened at. Players make your early after 4 PM it would not currently expect you know we know so it'd be gone. Our other well not think you know lord because other trade that we don't know not regret 83 years ago you know our culture all you can't get traded to Seattle. And loading not a got traded the lines all wrap. Oh who knows what worked it we're talking about about so what. It is true how last week's you know while bonanza of like 78 brown straits you know I mean it's like. We didn't see that come as soon as stuff is fun it really is. What do you think about Richard Sherman. And you know the ins and outs of this contract but for example Joseph Thomas kind of weird you don't usually hear players comment on guys deals. But he says his ego got in the way he lost money on this deal because he was his own agent. Is that the case should he get albums vastly worse deal because he represented himself for now. He called Peter King in the aftermath of doing this deal but there's no way that got the better yield on what I got from our self. I don't want about happy with respect all the act you know here's is don't really match and the reality is there. All the the 49ers group police. Richard Sherman is appropriate want to it will never admit it. Too stubborn to say. I sure they've done you know we don't have that outlook. Human nature when you do something don't want your vote is so I heard that somebody told me so but competent agent. I mean about it it is better or worse rather than no way to put a good agent is always better represented yourself. In it it just like yet how well he could've got a better deal at the united dated US patent war money in the pocket at the end of the debt and what happened is this. They get so caught up in to check the State Capitol right for agent he'd stay loose that our site of the doubt. And the magnitude of the checked it it's from their teens they hate writing that check or somebody's gotta think they're smarter not to do it themselves. It they think it looks CE and that's the mistake. And not a puppet now why anybody here here's what players need terror outfit. Richard Sherman. We're happy is waiting remembered and help the executive committee you're also welcome what pat is where he also remember and a Pope the expected that it. Every player would represented so agent would have no it's if it's whatsoever and it beat it down there that. Every player that sort or worse he openly pretty. So that more money the owners get off the top they don't spend another cap because they don't have to do is dump it into their pocket is well profit. And the players collectively lose. That's why it's important. All part is that there are you trying to operate the order I have and also try to fire. It's not a dual and the agents to get the players more and the agent he hop and beta four and it is in because Trent. The players all collectively lose because what they thought we are billionaires who have seen. The billionaires on law and not war is not not four not percent of the cases. But an end up paying a lack of what they otherwise would act hey the guy that they. OK interest and stuff buried yourself are Florio you're a man we appreciate you coming on. Pro football talk dot com and keep a window open to a refresh every day of the year not just the next couple day stay civil days yet refresh it every five seconds. Now America argue our record our. You know drop owner motorcade computer that shall now would you not do that in all up our brother we'll talk to you next week and they are.