Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the Mac Attack to discuss all things NFL

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Wednesday, February 14th

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the Mac Attack to discuss all things NFL.


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Yes network NBC he's got the Olympics like crazy right now we're just watch him do stand to lose in this is odd thing to watch. The odd thing to watch. Bomb but whatever you're into Seles would ever Olympic event you were instant we bring in Mike Florio NBC pro football talk dot com. And the NBC Sports Radio was shelled for possible talk radio show which you you're the best of seven to 9 AM Sunday morning see your future Florio sticks on Sundays and at NC Mike Florio joins us. The talks in pigskin Florio what's going on rather you doing. Football needs to be in the Olympics. And did put it would be the worst competition ever right we don't know I know I know Winter Olympics and the bad weather equalizer is the talent. What nation is going to be close to America in an Olympic football. Even end ahead what better well off. Think with this why you're not gonna have the best of the best players are not gonna have NFL players are not gonna have college players you're gonna have guys who just kind of hanging around available apply and you you play. In the elements I'm I'm serious I think it's more conducive to Winter Olympics than Summer Olympics. And when you look at all the other sports there in the Olympics. Coming sports do we care about we were just talking about that nowadays hard to think about it. For three years and fifty weeks we care. Not at all about most of these sports did you attach the flag to it and you package it up as party Olympics and everybody cares about it so. Want to take a sport that everybody cares about already and throw it into the mix I think it would be great. I will say this it would be a sport that actually light compared to some six other weird events and I just can't do it incidental. It's. It's all tied into American pride so. Does that make any inaccurate so does that make me a bad American and I'm really not that interest in like now you just about American further reasons. That's right okay I just wanna make sure I just didn't want this to be the reasons. I was a bad America. Hey you know we were talking earlier about my shall lost four coordinator here my actually gets the offense coordinators job. In New York with the giants but you know pat sure you call the place. How does something like that how how does something like that worked usually Florio when the offense cornered doesn't call the plays he's also the quarterbacks coach as well as DOC. Like what kind of things are you involved in when you're not the game day play caller like oh look a lot of people are saying oh he's just a glorified quarterbacks coach is that true or. You're if you're involved in the development of the game plan the the process that happens early every week where they come up with the plays and look at offensive minded head coach is going to be involved. In the game planning is well. The question is who's actually going to say which plays are called during the game but I think the offense coordinator still has a significant role but it didn't keep. The colts from hiring. Frank Reich who was the Eagles offensive coordinator but didn't call the plays it didn't keep the Eagles from hiring Doug Peterson who was the chiefs' offensive coordinator. And didn't call placed so you know calling the plays if you know orchard doing. Calling plays is an all that difficult and ultimately it's the head coach who makes the big decisions anyway spread their most important play call what do you do on fourth down. Do you go for a deer not go for Deere run do you past. The beat time management aspects of how quickly you get the plays in how many plays you have ready to go the coach is very involved especially. On the teams where they script the first fifteen plays which a lot of people don't like but a lot of teams do that so I I think that Mike Shula still has. Pay a significant role and he should be very happy that the vikings blocks DeVon Kevin Stefanski. From interviewing for the job he's a vikings quarterbacks coach in the vikings exercised their prerogative to keep him there. That keep that that kept the door open for. Surely get the job with John's otherwise he could have been shut out the. This year alone no doubt I think he wanted to and and I want to bring in up to you too because that. That rule seems unfair and explain the role as it is right like any assistance you can block any assistant as long as they're not getting a head coach interviews epic and it seems it seems unfair because this dude could've got a promotion. With big its immediacy of the giants win the vikings clearly want to go out and bring in someone from Philly. What the rule was that if you were truly getting a promotion and the team couldn't stop you right so if you're a position coach and they're gonna make you an offensive coordinator. Then they can't keep you place even if you have a contract several changed a good 1520 years ago the Buccaneers Horner Torre's about one reason why Mike Tomlin was only a coordinator for one year before became head coach because the Buccaneers would never let him leave to become a coordinator even though plenty of people wanted to hire him. As a coordinator also rod Marron LE they would let earn Ellen leave to become a coordinator he went straight from defensive line coach head coach of lines not that that is the best example cruising. He went on sixteen eventually it. But here's here's that that there's an easy way around. And it's called betting on yourself doing short term contracts do what Gus Bradley did this past year when he became the chargers defense coordinated a one year deal. So if you do a one year deal or short term DO your contract's up they can't stop you that's why John. You do the short term deal he do the one year deal you're giving up the security. That comes from the buyout that you get if you are fired prematurely. But you have the flexibility so. Easy fix you can call unfair and I've seen people complaining about it on Twitter look. The guy is getting the security becomes a long term contract no one's forcing him to sign a multi year deal now there could be some teams that say. We just don't wanna do one year deals and if that was the case then I would say. Well I wanna clause in here that lets me out because I wanted to a one year deal Kazaa wanna have flexibility it. You know ultimately here's the thing the supply of coaches who want to work in the NFL. At every level at every spot. On the coaching staff. It outweighs the demand so the teams. For more often than not get to dictate what they're gonna do and maybe the teams wanna be able to squat on these guys so they say look it's a four year deal it's a three year deal and it's either that or nothing would get a sac okay I'll continue to coach. Receivers that you know at Oklahoma State and not now and not make them that the jump to the NFL. We're talking Mike Florio pro football talk dot com and NB CR was bringing back here to the Panthers we talked about talked last week. About the whole thing with Smart attorney you know and the NFL. You talked about how the NFL probably should try to rules expedite an investigation it seems like they did they were in Carolina last week Lisa Friel. Is doing this investigation she was talking to answer employees in the middle week. Talk to Mardy Ernie on Friday. I ask you this question though it seems to me like a bad time of year had a GM like Marty interim GM who is. On paid leave still until this thing's over. And also you know be trying to hire another GM but you haven't done anything yet you're waiting. How much does it hurt this time right now where you don't really have a GM it seems like a bad time a year to have that. I'll it's horrible and get decisions that need to be made first you have to figure out which of your free agency gonna try to keep you have until March 14 to do it again yet to think about whether or not true or apply the franchise tag any one and I don't know who the Panthers would be thinking about this year there's no name that jumps off the page to me is a potential candidate for the franchise tag and assessing some. I mean Orwell but you have to tag him at that often sublime and price which includes tackles its insular. I yeah I I don't think you're right I think he's destined to hit the open market because there's one bucket for offensive lineman in that ends up being driven by left tackle salary would take too much to pay for interior offensive linemen so either way you need to have somebody's making those decisions especially when there isn't an owner who's making the decisions right. So you needed GM who's there to say here's what we're gonna do his or not gonna do here is who we're gonna keep peers who were letting go. Or here's who we're letting hit free agency may go try to sign them later here's how we're going to be aggressive or not right out of the gates we're gonna spend or not remember the years went. Jerry Richardson. Basically said Ernie go out and spend big money on DeAngelo Williams and Charles Johnson and it was money money money money money and it was like wait a minute they read this seems like seeds exceeds excessive. Somebody's gotta make good decisions about whether or not they're going to be doing things that seem excessive or not nearly excessive enough. And and this is a bad timing of this to be going on you know wanting to meet with him quickly it's another thing to resolve it quickly and I'd like to think. That they should be able to resolve this quickly because ultimately what you had and we talked about this last week you had. Somebody who went to court. Without her knees voice even being heard with no representation at all. And that person was unable to convince a judge attorney had done anything wrong without tourney even being able to say. I didn't do anything wrong or here's my version of the events and I'd like to think that the NFL can come to that same conclusion. Very quickly if it wants to and the question is does not want to and I know there's since some suspicion out there that maybe the NFL is trying to engineer this in a different direction. And and and who I don't know whether or not that's the case but it wouldn't be the first time the NFL tried to engineer something. Do you bomb. MM battling like things like which of your players you get a cut to free up cap room like that's the thing that has to be. All of us are done here pretty soon and then if you're considering bringing a new GM he's got to get up to speed also quickly I mean I don't know it's it's an. Opportunity for Iran or her to kind of take charge in India in an you know and then Alexander Haig kind of way but await its needed there's got to be a grown up who stands up and says. Here's what we're doing and her prayers got the chops now. By virtue of his success is a head coach to say look these are the guys I want and these are the guys we need to keep. And regardless of what the next owner thinks we have to get ready for football season and the next donor can make. Decisions about what this team's gonna look like in 2019 but for now we have to get ready for 2810. No doubt it before let's go to like a minute but I wanna ask about this Johnny football talk this week you know I give him credit. I thought he you know was CE he seemed like he was willing to pay let me just bare my soul right here Intel yea I messed up and here's what I'm dealing whereas an ideal bipolar stuff he talks about and he made at its Santa he sounded somewhat contrite. But it's here's the thing though Florio even if he gets himself on the straight and narrow when it comes to the partying in a bit and that sort of stuff. I still don't even know can this do placed bullet like in the NFL like he is he destined for a CFL will somebody give him another shot after kinda hear him speak what do you think happens to him. Bubba and and here's the thing these these media tours don't happen accidentally hit a failure calculated their planned and this is all happening at a time when they Hamilton tiger cats are ready willing and able to sign John amends Al and they want him on their team June Jones wants him in Hamilton. But men Zell wants to be in the NFL and I think that that what he did. With his media tour. It's his last ditch effort to get someone to offer him a spot on a ninety man roster. For the offseason program many in the training camp in the pre season because right now teams can have up to ninety guys. And I think this is his one last let me do this before I go to Canada. Let me just try one last time to do something to get someone. Who may be inclined to give me an opportunity is that still rather have a chance to prove myself in the NFL and apart from whether or not he can stay clean. Is the question of whether or not he will ever be the guy who takes football as seriously as a Peyton Manning Tom Brady Russell Wilson. Focus focus focus work work work study study study. Remember one man's Zell was under consideration to start his first game as a rookie in Cleveland on a Tuesday night he went to a cavaliers game. Instead of working and will you throw yourself into with that they or do you just wanna go out and and and weighing it Brett Favre stopped I mean there are a lot of parallels between Brett Favre in Mans up. As a relates to off field issues and as a relates to commitment to doing all the little things Favre didn't want to do the little things you just wanted to go play and I think men Zell is the same way. And and the problem is. He has forced the browns twice before. Forever for the draft it was all about football for joining men's out. And then it was anything but football after they draft and then after his rookie year or to rehab for like ten weeks and everything's going to be all football and and and then he fooled them again and and I don't think anyone out there is willing to trust a guy who has already burned the browns twice as. Now message simple and I've Florio we will talk to you next week brother best of the radio show some Florio seven to nine. On AM this Sunday and every Sunday thanks for coming on and talk to next week I see that.