Pro Football Talk's Darin Gantt: "I Anticipate Some Changes From Tepper, But None With The Front Office Or Coaching Staff"

Darin Gantt from Pro Football Talk joins the Mac Attack to discuss David Tepper buying the Panthers, plus much more.


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Pro football talk. Dot com and you're hearing was groves and amid their bonds staring Gant joins us here. On the mag exactly to talk about new owner David tepper these few sure moving slower for the Carolina Panthers DJ what's going on brother how you doing. Annika Marta is that this guy all land are are we and it is the team moved to make beat South Carolina yet. If it. No we are good to go so far. We are good to go what's okay so let's go get into this because I know this has been something that's kind of bothered you. Is the paranoia. You know of pay would seem believes. And all this sort of starts a lot of national media outlets have been all about hey we've heard he's completely committed to Charlotte. And your point all along DG is bad I guess basically whoever bought this team they're going to be committed to Charlotte teams not leaving here right. Right and practically guaranteed death when nick retain their lot and they gave away all there. Are no oil. Output and they'll painted to anywhere close any kind of reasonable. So their solution and our parking or because they stand at quietly charter left there and Gator and that is not well you know they'll go to their water beat. You want the golf but the local with bill but there was so they. That's why they moved north up there freeware. Well they're not quite the Cordoba until locally ready to play in London and they are not ready to play aren't yet there are so many would just tickle issues to be worked out with that that. Really prevented from being an issue now cans some entrepreneurial. City come up with. Well phony baloney plant using public money to do something to Camp David amber yeah I mean act yes they eat but this Charlotte hornets I went they BA championship but it. That was will play those well delivered that line there. What do you think a bounce and me and listen I don't know I'm sure we all jumped the gun here DG but. When you've got all this air time and all the space to fill when you're right and starts nowadays. Like we speculate about OK what kind of vulnerable David tepper beyond doing as much as is anybody. Do you have like a gut feeling I mean we're starting to hear your thoughts of wanting the modeling after Pittsburgh which that would scream consistency. You know instability ranks. Yeah yeah I'll and it went right yesterday I mean there are. It's not is yet he's gonna walk into a blow out party or Robert Baer that's the only some people are for whatever re like me. Yeah there's no indication that you know these are you planning anything like that and I mean out talks people involved with this deal whose debt. Brace yourself for a lot of other changes. In the building now a lot of that is a probably get a thank David or no he's got a lot of money. Well this thing to make more money and I I think you're gonna see some changes. To this stadium. You creating new revenue stream it's better I mean there are burger didn't start they all thing. And that really mattered most bands but the pampered step one of the last. If your blood crept boxes slipped in the NFL acting that endangered species that gonna get so turned into some tennis week. There in our sport schmuck in an eight you're gonna get moved there are some and don't quarter we let valuable real I mean that's just it's who can point and I don't bat for the 75 people who care about that. You know that's gonna be one of the things that I anticipate seeing David tepper do but I don't. Anticipate will be important as I mean again we used different thing banned group there I think that's safe to say anybody is familiar with. The NFL shows that this steeler way of doing here are some aren't people in light by. David tepper a different caddick cat but he's also first and seen the get a bit. Up having three football coaches since 1969. Or. General managers over the saints span and being a consistent winners so I while I don't think. These don't all we know about the man's personality. That he's going to let somebody sit around this for but yours route. You go or not discard make changes for the sake of mega check. Absolutely not I agree with you on that there's no doubt about that Osama during camp pro football talk dot com about these future under David tepper. On its us feel like now a lot of see it now take with a grand Silva seems like people now are saying well. David tepper are much is going to want renovations understood by us last week freaked everybody out he said David tepper don't want just news stadium. Are people now seem to be saying he'll want some renovations or save I read the article today DG in the observer about how. I guess is sitting politicians are already prepared for this they've got. You know basically it okayed you know an extra 75 million for more renovations on topples what they've already paid for over there. How do you feel about stadiums into. He's you have to this city preemptively offering funny book or David Urquhart not even the last day I. And this stadium dynamic. I've been pretty neat that way he's got in any extra artwork got Anthony Phillips. This plan I. I'd get it close at Charlotte area it be a part civic in security they are idiots still. You know sort of growing into its own body and doesn't know quite how to respond to somebody thinks science. We are so hung up on oh my god we've got to be world collapsed we got the beat it will be important we worry about Emma ought to worry about. Now everything else and to the idea of freedom typically giving money to a man who do stroke a check for 2.2 billion dollars. Ink catch. You know it's it's interesting to me I do think there are things they can do with stadium I mean much in the old. You know do and you brought up Felix in Felix says his own theory about the bulk of the stadium be good you Arie there a lot of good ball that a great art big. I I don't think the deal being near the issue at two point that it needs to be torn up agreed on in the near future I'd keep. I keep looking at places like Cleveland places like all or buildings that are the same generation. And nobody's really. What are we. Maryland where only here in the first don't be tensions in Cleveland up. And we need to renovate or too little at the some value around the the stadium property and that's what everybody look at it used to create more revenue. I think it's reasonable to expect some of that again that it just wrote a check for 2.2 billion box. He he want to make some money back on the transaction. And I actually got to try to do that but I don't think is going to be a changes. You know the kind of things that will change. This outline it is yeah I don't think you're gonna change this stadium that like. But there will certainly be a lot of internal things to Brooke grow up statement. A Meehan the plate a little bit make him more lucrative bet that. One last question Darren and DJ would only have links thirty seconds to a minute this I hate doing this does this is a class or art. It I would give me some under a minute on this is our when does this one this agreement sports liberal could go off for awhile on this one. But sands are asking me and are asking others okay David tepper has gone off on president trump multiple times there's no love there he is admitted he voted. For Hillary Clinton so people are saying okay. Does that mean he'd be open to an air create your talent can't predict what short answer to something like that what's your ceiling on this. I think the other question would be is Marty party. It or not it's it's twisted David tepper still a rich white guy still very Republican seats think Donald Trump the tour titles these ethnic among minority. Certainly not in there that quoted the eastern third and earned it yet the oaks. Yeah I don't think we're. Short history and I don't think they're signing those two guys immediately just caught. Just because David tepper here that you think you might be. Because it batter he did it regret it that you think he might be willing to take or blacks but might. Op but and in terms of short term splash I don't accept. Ideally I'd think it means more scary still irked into Norris mercy than their great talent. Number I want you did you get. I'll also I'll take yeah. Valencia. That's no longer will we got it won a license men's lives in it but because it checks for 2.2 billion and has nine point five billion last over it is absurd and it's absurd demands. That's my favorite thing about dapper is he bought that mansion up a rightful. XY. And towards the ground agree built it even bigger how they all the way it is got Rel. Italy calls it the revenge or else. I'll tell you did this dude is a bad man Jim again I like is dude man duke aren't on the RD goods there talk she commands. Oh.