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Tuesday, December 12th

Kroeger & Damione Lewis talk Hornets with Tom Haberstroh of Bleacher Report.


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It's primetime. Powered by North Carolina. Isn't totally different grade this guys who have been suspended for four games in appealing to you know and they were due to the elements who. Waste in the game of football that's flat out nasty dirty simply kicked out of the gates has his arm. And told us else. Do you lose a man is Smart. I just got. I didn't get my man James credit here you ready for this. I think we got a little something cooking right here this might be breaking news okay you ready for this that is weird. I'm I'm telling this might be I did use the word might can make sure that is that we're properly this might be breaking here. It's OK all right our league if Crowley Jill is Twitter feed this at primetime WS Lindsay everyone liberally wishes you a happy holiday for three generations. Carolina families that may Braly part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off appraised retail value on diamond rings earrings tennis or more building trust for three generations it's proudly Jewelers dot com I feel like you to do this like a news anchor until this is not news anchor does this is kind of CD like this is some this is reading the tea leaves something like the Aussie. The didn't really point our heart sticker I think there until liberals are selling this we don't have salutes here so this is from me in Vegas Twitter handle you ready for this the very active biggest refund. This seems I'm telling us a little CD burner free Michael atrocity here okay follow me into the into the market if you will play we breaking news. Why Lehman blinded up painters line according to the biggest refund James tweeted this and appreciate James he says Panthers line moving from minus two you'll. So minus five. Minus six in some places that sounds like Karen Rogers thing playing out Sunday. -- ceremony Aaron Rodgers who's getting evaluated Billy we have this audio Mike McCarthy Packers head coach are speaking yesterday with the media he said he would not talk about Aaron Rodgers after the return play this Mike McCarthy very salty belligerent get out of here quick talk enemy. We'd love Aaron Rodgers now leave me alone and ask her questions wanting to Hillary looses this is the ball went in for winning the game and he's doing a medical while situation and as soon as we other commercial producer. Parent that's always just for yesterday so he was set to be evaluated today dear Lou and if this is true hole. That that the line is moving that sounds like he's not cleared today that in look it's weird how Vegas knows this stuff and they know this stuff and it's creepy and it's weird and it makes me a little uneasy I'm not a gambler no offense if your go right ahead I just choose not to be that crazy with my money on what little of it I have. We can go and I so here you go though painters lying reportedly in Vegas moving from modest to the minus five even all the way up to minus six in some spots and that looks like that says Aaron Rodgers probably is going to be playing on Sunday. I think our agree with that in any elegant situation tutor 76. If he goes play western chances of regulatory are literally now right they got to look around you and you covered Detroit Minnesota's 103 the tortoise 76ers 76. And waiting in a seed pitchers say today. You know if they went out the eagle two and six and had Steele does not necessarily guarantee there. A place to play also you do amassed you know is it really worth you bring about a just leaving America you know to come arrest and get right. What are what are the odds Aaron Rodgers watched that he he was in the storm over the last 48 hours and watch the tape from Sunday in Sydney non. You saw Mario at a city saw KK hee-seop heavies like not until he went on scoring nobody did he turn that Thanksgiving Day game from Tony Romo two years ago and said wait isn't that the team that broke the clavicle in the career Tony Romo now. I'm straight I'm good. Barbara we good by its audit ordered her mommy daddy is really like no joking all joking aside like they're really is. How some of the stuff works real if you're give the doctors there like. EA and I mean you could go you could go in there and watch the tape is like a little really that's the team. And what needs to happen what's the scenario I mean Aaron Rodgers is probably thinking Mike McCarthy's probably thinking is it worth it for our quarterback. Even the football. That's her right nobody no you couldn't go into the last week or two because he was allowed back to practice register way Greg Olsen was beginning you don't know what's what's happening to practice are you don't know if he's taking reps are creatures come. Alpha they're doing conditioning area that's not first of all the new condition girls are getting American games that he's done nothing. Since you know early in the season source it was asked frank Garcia Frankie standing in the hall francs against women's right Sharon is maybe for the first time so there are reports Frankie. I bet that the line in Vegas is moved from Panthers minus tool to all the way up to minus six in some spots right now does that that says Aaron Rodgers might be out on Sunday ride that's got Aaron Rodgers out for a dollar. If francs on the senate is that he's serving his expert around here and I can learn diagonally to Franken he's gonna give me the answers and if that's interesting right there as we open it -- the next three hours of the show. And I tell you what do you Lou you know I was down on this team a week ago and Sunday to me more than anything was such a great reminder this is such a week to weekly classes I don't want to football what the heck was that from the dolphins the what is wrestling so awful what they did a month ago is that painters here Monday night to have a day where did that come from was not a different. I mean they they want out they got a win they play whale and started early you know armed we're able to match it was so I'm receivers and have to Wear a back door. Almost feel it they did a good job matching up you don't middleman with the receivers in May to be dissolved his gonna win but you know in Italy in two picks in the game. They well they really play well on defense out of bawling you know take color didn't go out there in you don't throw interceptions and I'm one of those opportunities that the defense has given. I loved more than anything that what happened on Thursday night I think we all went into Thursday right saying and what do we were fourth Hui were thwarted we root for Atlanta to lose so we kind of get them really down the totem pole on their on the wild card race. What do you say you know what I know it seems like there were down two with forty goal but you know what we still got a chance in the divisional race what do we want here and I was kind of leaning. And I hate to say it's of all the division teams in this division I hate to saints the most this the team might dislike the most. But I was kind of rooting for New Orleans on Thursday night and then I started to see the score once we got to silly deal Lou Anna might. Knowledge students it's time playing out let's go this thing off and then the papers got that gift and they took advantage of they ran it on Sunday in this thing feels like me and buckle up for the next three weeks disputes about to get weird and it's about to get fun over the next three week arms. So anyone mark Moore got knocked out of game and first quarter that took the wind out of the setting sail in you can just see. The momentum distorted shift and a football game and Leonard did a great job and didn't win our but the Panthers ran goodness greens you know. You expected on the call. And we will especially after the way they played against the saints. They felt like they played a horrible football game or girls they did it and wanted to surge worked in Horry came back big bills backed away there's some polls also been babe beat a very say Airpwn. Very good football team on Sunday and a Steelers play the Phillies still. Little third but they gave its final wage to finally get at least two stops in. Reds owner John malls around Obama Bloomberg Burson Britain persons he exemplified what that game was about right out of the gates a seventeen yard catch and they flipped there. If you sit there like one woman and we're empire and now he got up and but man Brett I mean everybody that needed to make a play at some point in time me to play on Sunday and clearly the exact opposite to what happening it's Orleans didn't you say two weeks early you wanted at anfield in celebrating Bursa and yes I could go back and understand like people don't know are good. It's only makes the greatest cancer of of this entire. Does he avoids you what's for Osama yet they held and exactly slow them down they slowed him down review hundreds and slowed and I'll take good. Look they look. So much. I was heaping praise on Phelan over the last last week or so attain this guy I will put this guy up against anybody as a receiver in the NFL in total browns an alien like tech guys these guys a little different. But Adams feeling he's as good as any receiver in the NFL he can do everything he can do anything you ask him to do and I thought you're right he he went off and the fact that the papers really sort of down and he still one also credited him I think it's a credit to the Panthers that they were the one team to slowing down they messed up Stephane digs a little bit I don't know. His numbers are misleading it was just had 52 yard touchdown and billion a couple of drops and wanna be a couple of key drops you one that would have been for first Downey and another one that. Mike Zimmer still but heard about it Hussein is a touchdown you know wasn't mics that's not a touchdown oh. I was I was leaving the army would you say that across the board million good a couple of dozen Barrymore are. Owner and that it is there ought to send us this Georgia was as well alluding to when you know sixteen Gary is 10 Tony Allstate is facing TR does there. Holes are usually usually the same money somebody made a play. How much my point is this like a that we talked about New Orleans and the way visit the New Orleans took a flight to Carolina last week I mean embarrassing but this is the thing everybody to a man considered say hey that's not us that's not our brand of football wirelessly push us around like that how many teams legitimately deal Lou you've played in the -- how many teams are capable of saying you know what that's not us we're gonna fix it on Sunday the Panthers did that these are I mean everybody says that crap everybody on a Sunday when they get their teeth kicked in says that's not us that's not our brand of football we're not gonna let that happen again very few teams are capable of coming back the next week against another lead opponent. And changing the narrative on that but that's exactly what the painters did against the vice. S in their Internet spark Jonas say hey we lost to a very good signs think what we're not that bad we played a bad game sort of a game ball. And they were more than willing to go out ruled I don't sun and they did you know they really dominated the short. All the Minnesota Vikings defense was the strong support from their football team they flat out got after it was Gaza far you don't think about and argue at all. Also why did a great job execute the blocking scheme got in the there O'Neal right and and a ball. I mean it was just an amazing football games and is therefore very physical. We only played like I know I conceivably like general game all year you know this inaudible debt drive the ball or deacons were. Are a lot of double teamed huge could win. Right guess what you gore to a power. On your own he's still out disparate concepts which you know we have a lot of WOR. Combination blocks and things like that to GigaOM. A different level and they executed many did a really good job front also and they are. All all the stories of what happened in a game in my opinion at all concerned tomorrow goes and offers a run they did a really good job. Our that is former panther that's an NFL that right there that's a former first round pick that's her came we got Damione Lewis put us on a Tuesday were with you guys still 6704570960. And say never for the phones and the building senator tech summit it's a little bit more info on Aaron Rodgers Ian Rapoport got a little bit of a nugget so we'll do that John wants to join us on the other side of the break we do that will work criminal can talk about this Kantor team a when he get into the wide open NFC playoff picture captain marlin was always frank and Kyle earlier I think. Captain said something that was kind of interesting and profound to me about this team. And the offense and get to that later on Tom never short fifteen minutes trading on Grammy for you a big game hornets got to be went over the thunder and we discuss all this next its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. Might throw. It turns on. Is too much time. Her longtime Minnesota then former. I'm second because but the former is always there her game crowd her case for. Earl Everett for Wisconsin coming up. It hit it dead in the arms full extent does that tell all game for you guys write this in Oslo yeah with the we get a Christmas fun now let down a plays out of the bowl season fired but I scum affluent in this I think that the truth texture I think and he Louie is fantastic on this planet ought to hear about the new my boys hopefully beat dent out of them in the Indian back and you said absolutely and that Brian says hey dealey GB to get the text the text line open for any computer in our Ed Davis and now I got it many opens up because. Only Anderson Payton going on her later the government doesn't say you got debt alone and you can tweet just rally dealers where she'd speak and I hate Dennis we nannies is among gross. Everybody on this station wanted to get rid of person he has some of the best hands on the team he's no we're turner though LO wealth not OK again I know is that. First are going to be I wanna make sure I'm very clear on this I might take on for inverse and in my stance some brand Burson what you were talking about Ryan was four years ago I brought this up that that Adam Segal has come out this year insidious to contract offers out of what was then Mankato state now Minnesota state division two school. Undrafted rookie free agent wonders with the Panthers. One was with the vikings he signed with his Minnesota Vikings no surprise there Brad Mercer was going into his second year as a practice squad guy with the character's accent. Of course I would've rather had feeling in Britain Burson my point I've made over the last few weeks is this I don't understand why people kick in Britain Burson. As the 53 guy on the roster of my 53 mineral roster making catches like that on Sunday. Don't you gotta do you get your and you're off man like you're off your rocker your complaining about that dude so Britain Burson is not some studies. But you know what you're right he does practice hard he does no playbook in fact he's made himself. Pretty neat you know pretty dot able to casinos every position at the wide receiver positions are or the entire playbook and Jim's got a report with them and you saw him climb the ladder that's a tough catch he made on Sunday yes it well if that's his only catch gentle care if you made that catch Brad Mercer Island humanities don't you retire now and he very well we're tired of businesses in order to because that yes and you got a jar are the net and see the grounds get they are snowed out some new gig owns there no not all policy is this like ice I remember we had him come back on the team night in elementary got traded few weeks ago. I was joke nice but I'm dead serious about this over under on touchdown passes for Burson the rest of the year I said it one and a half I still won't be shocked if this guy get to touchdown in the next three weeks I wouldn't know our. I wouldn't either in this is the reason. Breast Burson is a great route runner up he understands our fears he understands how the flow between the zone coverages in the man to man coverages but he does a great job of work and open. And running precise routes he is they route master he runs with precision. In debt won't always puts you only football team helped lead a fast does got you don't have to be the sharpest guy you have to be the biggest this guy would you eat out there and run great grass and get open there's not a quarterback and lead it would LA bella Gallagher on. Ross don't you put that he'd only Ryan Utah Jazz to get Minnesota center change in my stance somber and Bursa like Britain Bursch and as it is to talk to him as your number two wide receiver yea you got issues. He's your number four number five wide receivers and possessing yeah you just double teams drew great to be on the field third late third and seventh minute ago almost real quick and you know Britain person and that's OK come on man you put that on the on the -- like a hard time. Strokes and five minutes at odds over here to trade agreements 35 minutes sort of got to win last night I so here's this on and on Aaron Rodgers from Ian Rapoport by an NFL and I Connie says after speaking with several sources informed of the situation. Rogers Claire's is far more complex than saying quote the bone is healed. There are reasons why those answers haven't come the Packers and other voices with whom they are consulting with her being formed boards are far more cautious. What rowand wants Rodgers to play their thinking is more long term he is the franchise to be either quarterback for years to come and there's still a steep uphill climb to the playoffs the more recent win streak did help which is basically what we said the opportunity cost the benefit cost. Is it worth it here for if you're the Packers and I would say no deal Lou Lou a way it's not worth hours. He's got a plate so bad break you know in did you wanna bring him out in it for what reason what's the game I am coming out for you don't make a play our current you're not. Good enough to be in the Super Bowl they understand that they're not forget how. At this moment bringing him in. Also has been underway eight and we welcome home field soul. To throw him out there and have him get back in game shape and all these different things and take a beaten which is what's gonna happen is not worth that you don't chilled shrimp. Well way to Tony eighteen when he's good health we will fix when these these tricks. We have a whole plethora issue is expose our team this or what do you what do we know we got tricks are for sure we know we got to do a better job on defense we gotta get all these things aren't. And what are playing my store to make. Beckett is this right here I wouldn't know it there's no way nor would do that. All right we get this this is coming from rob demarche ski who is the Packers reporter for EST and he says Mike McCarthy of the processor clear Rogers Aron has been cleared to play I don't know what else what other details. You need to know soul. Odd that's come out in. The last two hours but. That's not to say. He will playwright I don't know did this whole thing is really convoluted and really we're that was Mike McCarthy hours. Her arms so I don't know but that for that line to move again what is if that's true in a crime maybe you can check the line you can look up the Vegas lines you go to like. I don't know you know ordered over the Internet to powerful tool financially the myself right there is zero I don't know what there is no way they're gonna dig our gonna feel and sons are just can see it knowing how to -- salesman tweeting and I agree and as he says I'm not one of these fools that wants to face opponents of full strength I don't need validation I'll plug winds I hope all of our opponents are shorthanded the next three weeks since Tommy says yeah I hope every team can play their third. Sitting sitting from here our victory parade for all I can I curry looked like it be great. It be great if you could say yeah we beat a team is full strength. Now I'm not going to be a pool spray this man has not played a football game in nine weeks there are not going to be a full story an armored orchestrate an opportunity they have. How good our 2000. AG or 217 version toward normal good result is an effort he gives idea the only way to reconcile. Lovely games where. And ended Tony romo's career. Honestly what that broken clavicle Tony was using player you know it is it is almost feel had no business through in the game whatsoever. This is the cowboys minus six and a half OK so we're going on with his line and that's not just simply to me no runners 44 and a half. Yeah him and Dave Rogers companies Goran when he's thrown the ball and very. Yeah there are where we say Noriega employer and always throw if he knew so your angle we you have score refer to harm journal just Wada does for our. Bright we cities has dropped persons report in its country Chris Brown runner moves the chains and under appreciated don't want as a wide receiver one or two you'll but some package got to camp crusher that is weird I don't know why people view is that like is that what he is he's god like randomly comes in at. When he's asked to make a play you will and he just he does his job like every team needs more people who just do what's asked of him in Britain person does that on a regular basis. Yes it doesn't mean. What more could you ask for is a guy like I said Thursday may 37 he should be on the field because he's worked himself open. He's going to be he's a great first down you don't want possession receivers they can't go for it. It was good John really quick what's the jumper and I think he's gonna hornet's thought Tom ever sure is gonna jump ball this. In a second time jobless somebody how you doing. Well golf bag Croat Venezuela might see all. He'd they do they're really bad habit and well alt border where. Record gate made no matter how about an elderly who bought the Pope mobile preview site. Yeah and frustration because. Of the awaited a player but not out there I want. To get to a home. I have a question though not you know all all lift nursebot the chance to have the president would limit the doomed to go back out of the great. With somebody up today. And I have a debate with somebody you know they've bet the president has no chance the wanted to do so. Could you say Eric could you explain the Booth the listener to bet we do have a sample went to the president that Mark Kirk. Don't you are right I mean John of those basics and I appreciate call anybody the most basic scenario is this if the counterpoint now. In the saints lose again the Panthers won the division is there either even in the standings had a had tyrant a ghost in oral ST Lou. But that's the most basic scenario if the Panthers went out and the saints lose again in any game. Ideally you would be against the falcons are firfer first of falcons fans but it doesn't matter if the saints lost one more time of the Panthers went out their division winner. And I think it appeared to point out you're talking twelve to four and I would say not only does that obviously get to a home game that Mike ritual by. Twelve and four puts you back into the mix maybe be a two seed in the NFC again. A lot of these teams that are going to be play one another of the next few weeks Seahawks play the rams a lot Eagles custody can look Eagles and cowboys cowboys are still kind of hanging around with the threat right now to be in as a wild card team so. You know I'd agree to see a lot of balance across the across the top of the NFC I don't also received team now gets like fourteen to thirteen and three I think we might see a lot of us twelve for Lebanon five teams atop the NFC. Arcandor group that more in the arming you know nothing New Orleans are rolled could it Al Gore and on the street it demonstrates his just got a little bit easier. You know with GR with the jets move and are just for care and obviously in the books and are playing well but you know big totals to the sharpest choice without a doubt you know. It is very possible. Jewelry get into some of these playoff scenarios such earlier or later on because I've got some within the numbers of bodily Vegas because Vegas Vegas has some some unique odds on what they think of the Panthers compared to other teams in the NFC so we'll get to that later on earth are we go to the tech become just like right now the bottom of this 3 o'clock hour we welcome in this he's the smartest kids don't always want to talk -- -- we -- learned something and and we welcome and Tom ever -- Bleacher Report -- and done now is new work respond like media as well and we -- in full disclosure Tom I I wanted to light up the hornets yesterday -- coming into today we view and they messed around and got the best one of the season for them just last night against the thunder so I don't know what we're doing right now what's up man how you doing. As good over IQ idealists that route I got that your bubbles this. They perished Charlotte certainly can't appear to reconsider the law of Cody Zeller did you go to LA Mina. Think they thought OK Ian and having that keying the under having. The struggle they cut this he's I thought it was going to be a and it turned out homeless to 66. There have been. Then that don't cap of erupted you ended on all over and KG and then they want on Iran not the other orbit and so it whatever. Which usually present but I I wonder if that win last night kind of gave them all Hoch government or court giving give them. You know a great energy bruised and agree competent boost going. You look at the standings right now they're closer to lasted that he's been 500 there's sixteen under my hundred. And so right now they're actually closer to beat the worst team in the east stayed quiet and he beat getting to 500. He and it's so weird last night to Tom could your right to go on the 22 to run Tom ever show us what his Bleacher Report mag and on Twitter at Tom have Bursch throws with this right now. Are on the technique I'm just undergone a huge 22 to rademan or shoot lights out of the ball but a lot of toys just. Fossil stuff I mean they were down almost for a lot there were forcing turnovers getting out running I mean I was remarking earlier I don't know the numbers on this to be exact but I did seats on Dwight post ups last night. Well I mean a lot of it seem to be getting down running in can get both getting Dwight a bubble for the defense was said and that to me has been part of the problem with this offense is. You know lights put up good numbers really good numbers but this offense has kind of been bogged down pace wise and stuck in the mud because that ball sticks and he just didn't see a lot of adolescent part of that made it might know Casey come enough fighting back with us off hornets did some stuff to kind of just. Get some easy trash buckets and that may become a change the way the game looked overall 'cause I don't think necessarily offensively that they played as well as maybe the numbers would indicate overall. Yet totally I think they really do need to get it written a play host because the body even in our you know let or hours and I think he try to beat that. In Atlanta tried LA at it and try to be that he did tactic after back surgery he had to really have a you know just rude awakening in terms. He's not that twenty point scorer anymore he's got a good number in terms of points per game that you either could currently speak he'd. He got one of the highest turnover rate of any player in the post and it just we talk a lot of guys wipe down and reboot of the ball. When he's stop the opposite to try to dump it down. It causes a lot of problems and that's not that's not you know hornet basketball and sustained read it or Atlanta. Really struggled last year says you know incorporate light of the all that because you know it just required a lot of stopping the ball movement and getting it down in the pro aspect. Credit it's like. But are there key statistic six feet they eat some cart help great family market just too young. Credit NBA. You know just the competition here on the floor in that 373. Minute but he'd been on the floor that either. Court and been outscored by a 109 point. That's really back. Really does you know on one hand you like Qaeda is confident and an ability to be tied Jamal Crawford out there really pull up eat. But ultimately he's nineteen and it's really Parker nineteen year old player other than what brought it to be caught player right now Michael Carter Williams really struggling. Come back from knee injury in the top seed in surgery a couple of years ago. It really hard or the guard play behind kemba because when camp Obama for a spot. Is there what 111. When kemba on the war which is great. Permanently get the best there is nothing wanted to eat three there's not been there Michael Carter going to the police are having a real tough time. Being met backup point guard for it to orbit right now they're distraught and find separate. I tell you guys is there's really smarter uses numbers you're like what the heck knows apostle Tom however churn out Bleacher Report Maggie and dust is is he spotlight media ventures is well on Twitter at Tom have a extra so again I'm an ID. I heard you correct tier Kerr are right it's 377. Minutes played from wake amongst the hornets are minus 109 in point differential when he's played in those minutes is that correct you said that that's right. Yeah it's really tough and and you know last number out of the became the Cody delegates in this Cody Zeller was that the aim of what hurt. It really you know torpedoed the entire unit or that Tibet he could be just I don't get last year he's achieved that yet concerned at point guard where they. When they when they have to go to another ball handler they just don't have so much other that cap that well. But to keep you got. For stretch but he's just not in a deal with people that I've read K every single time down. He's not healthy right Tom he's like he's not right so NA he admitted it's Saturday but he I think you saw that last night we Jeremy lamb just getting a competent score in the starting offense and that he's missed a NIC Batum is not right with that elbow right now right. Yeah you know he came back earlier than initially the prognosis and you'd have to wonder whether you know he was rushed back just because he felt good maybe not article so good. And he knew that the team needed him out there. I don't know that it would is that there's somebody higher expectations that it would this team the Detroit siding. They talk about why and Hedo Turkoglu nick the QB he took Turkoglu couldn't keep. I just I think that maybe he's just not a 100% and it's really hard to perform that level yet it Egypt play when he's just not help. Would you say that the arm reported Germany issue in developing New York chairman as well because I mean when you look at only the Jefferson they Barley and is always taken them. Not a time to get up to playing NBA you know more acceptable. Basketball. Yeah it tough I mean I guess he can put the Michael Kidd Gilchrist says that I read a bunch of injury and developed. As quickly it UK but didn't director ever Asian a lot of young guys that are greatly depending on. You know when you got to get my trivial grant are going to be Kimberly mock each one of those guys that he'd want it that they hit it. A big way in order for this Charlotte hornets need to compete at a high level another so far. And really made that huge leap bring commute is a guy did you speak to step up and EF five. Cody Zeller out. And it's I don't outfit that certain of player development because you look at Kemba Walker wary look like a year ago where he is now. Eat it it usually managerial and particular a night. Over this year. It just yeah. In this league you need more than one start it so far the strata are at Kemba Walker corporate and other had a keen understanding. There's only 8 PM that BP it could there but that's all power intact. They have supported at the scene percent chance of making the playoffs who are 85%. Of the the you know simulation that they have. They're not as so they Oak Hill climb to get capital they had passed the Miami Heat at. You know in piano intro rate and all the teams are playing good basketball and it just caught the uphill climb to try it. You're would you look at Kim Morgan he's no different maker of this is tough physical you don't rusher rarely a just tried kid you know he's he's regulars from. You know he's brought so is okay Blake opened our he plays a gay right approaches is different than these other guys. Yeah I can't I mean candidates have that Gutierrez Korea cap will be the guy who stepped up and eat. He's the backbone of the team but the question is that they haven't I got that right now it. You know the numbers don't lie that production off the bench where he saw war is awesome and they they need to figure out a way to. The compensate for that and in Egypt fast track would only Mark Recchi nineteen years old he can't turn 25 to borrowed so. Michael Carter Williams certainly they're hoping he could beat Jack died. That he was in Philadelphia a little bit it up into Milwaukee but after two major injuries it's just hard to come back and play that well. Ranariddh so Tom I sure as well there's two more things his way what do you wanna get some answers on some of this stuff speaking to come by you know I'm I'm would you mama comic Campbell believer because of what he disguised by the numbers what he's turning into into the NBA over seven years in this league and then as you said the numbers speak for themselves. We've got a lot of sands though Tom that always say well kemba is kind of a mascot around your fans here value of more than people around the NBA and I I don't think that's true at all anymore six of the rich that the stories out until I think there's a healthy level of respect for Kemba Walker. Abu put us into context what Kemba Walker is around the MBA because there are a lot of fans that think all you can win anything when Kemba Walker -- best player which might be a whole other argument but I think there are people that thinkable Walker's overvalued and he's not dead goat he's just an okay player on a bad team. Yeah you know I think he's such an improved. Player you talk about what he was step 33 years ago either what he is now has all the triple came from the ticket all the hype it can all point up from three. You know this is that what they're part of his game a couple years ago and now it's concerning and so they're absolutely. No doubt in my mind that he is you know a couple of average point guard this week. Idiot all our I don't think so this year he had a great year last year. Breaking right now in terms who is production. Keep the top six point guard according to UP NR PM. Yeah they're all important metric. As you know that popped the point guard because of that plus minus we've talked about earlier. It just when you look at his cheap meat production and you look at what happens when you leave the court is huge discrepancy. You know that we were attacked and there are few players in the NBA they have had this. The impact. When they're on the floor outside of Kemba Walker is is it a lot less so in a camper that kept Kemba Walker absolutely out a really good player of the week. It's just we don't have that yet around and took really it is that it did certain debt around here because ultimately you know what Portland. They had each hit a conference table or you'll get stepped curry could they keep decorate top and you look at. James Harden that he has Chris Paul I courier big. Has got our corporate and then Gordon Hayward he accused you look around the EPA. These guys haven't and other additional all star or all our count the player I just don't think amber had a good vehicle will spare. Just say he can't lead a winning team when he just doesn't have the kind of part. Tour false a lot of people bang on this guy tool and dye his numbers by the way three point shooting best of his career 45% was look at today's 48%. From corner threes which is on realistically three guys have taken thirty or more quarter threes and shot is that high the percentage and -- did the four position anti shooting I think like 44%. From above the break which is on real Marvin Williams is is speed he doesn't get involved in the offense the way people would expect the Marvin Williams has been a god that make might be the most consistent player in this hornets team on both ends of the floor earlier correct -- wrong on that. Nobody you're absolutely correct and I think you just wanna see a little bit or how to hit defense simply I think that's where they just need help. Could be that great corner three point shooter not a guy in with the ball detect it bucket. But Britain this you know he's a great role player which is our player. Most most winner. I would say most championship contenders would love to have breached a marked them William Butler Kane but right now. You know he's not the number two guy he chipped in at number cute I like got to be excited that the op or efficient I think Mark Williams typically. Player for this bowl if they're that three you know I've superstar that reposition our superstar if you position and the hornets don't have. So I think my my spinal feeling on this Tom let you go this is you know you do schedule sets this up this way. December could be this month three climb out of it but if you don't in this this this tailspin kind of continues. You gotta sell at the deadline right you got to think about the long term future of what this team's gonna do with kemba she wants to be a part of it. And what you're gonna surround him with correct I mean that this month is gonna kind of make or break the season over the next couple weeks. Yeah I really think so and you know life like you have to ask yourself is that all our impact here is packet that B I care. For Michael Jordan organization. To keep pushing trying to win. Or are they going to be you know what we need even hit the reset our studio really top couple weeks go and had. And try to assess what repeated that ever came Lee you know that it. You know really only teams are going to be trying to figure hardly contenders in or we get though Indiana. Are really get a push forward as the apple or they can try to rebuild the huge prestige Charlotte and the well being of that group. And right now understanding attendance sixty closer to the bottom at five under. It's going to be a real pot gut check for rich Cho might put towards. What would you do if you were in charge what would you do this team right now. I would probably looked very hard hitting the reset button being pretty honest about the injury that at this gene. And you know the question is whether you want to be up to. You know that this Ceglia that the hi first round pick it it's really aren't all that they. For the self so far is he intense sixteen. If they can still make the playoffs. But it's just that it takes so much without Cody Zeller out there that he's such an underrated player. So I would pick very hard look at credit pressing the reset button weather weather that we training camp I don't think Haiti that I think that might be going too far. But I think you know yep but look at the rest of the roster and say maybe other people value he accepts. I think it's to a championship contention. Rather than you know languishing around 500. What would you guess for return for kemba get a first at least tried the would you get to what would you get in return for camera that is the contract for at least another year's great wolf what we should get a return if you traded him. You know I think you get a first round pick. I'd be protected at you know top three or something like that out because you're looking at a underside point guard they don't have you know they don't tend to eat very well. You're getting Kemba Walker. I don't think you're gonna get him unprotected first round pick way to achieve that the seller. But I don't think you're gonna get to. Where are Camelot you look at airports so who's just treated I think kemba the better player. Then is there an air Pulitzer and I think a much better heater and air play so at this stage of the career. So I can get a first round pick her pretend but ultimately is that worth the identity of your franchise heading into all start. When you just don't have anything to show or in terms of you know start out it's really tough question per through the process there. All right check out all his work on his Twitter page as Tom never sure doing great work with sub which report mag now in does new spotlight media ventures Tommy investment yours make us think thanks for dropping by. 800 directory Gobi go there you go Tom ever stroll we hold on we come back in a quick break we would react to that really quickly does that mean and that just puts a sour taste in my mouth we do that and we also want to do this deal Lou if you thought to Tennessee vols coaching search what was really bad over the last few weeks it could get or so explain Damione Lewis Chris Kroger its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Guys Damian Lewis saying you know this thanks Tom however straw I was looking up after the hornets went last night over the thunder trivia agreement a big game he's gonna join us coming up in five minutes and and then then Tom starts giving you the numbers did you hear that 377. Minutes played from awake monster outscored by 100 in nine points. So this isn't some immediate construction or coach construction and wake monk he deserves more playing time he's being misused this cast becomes nineteen and is that he's nineteenth. He could be a good player I think you will be a good player eventually in the NBA he's nineteen. And team you can watch him in teams go at him. When he's in the game because he's nineteen that we can do when your kids or grown men. We're gonna attack you'll and soul men there's just a lot going on with a sort of seem right now that you know along to court long term or anything else dealer like push back on this for a while but it does make you wonder. What do you do with the direction of this team and I'm not one that wants to blow away all the way up. But I do think you've got to think about where where does this team wanna be 45 years from now I'm dead serious I think they've got the end of the month to figure this out if they get back within striking rate a range of 500 by the end of the month which is which is very possible a lot of home games coming up. I think you could you can say all right maybe were buyers into trade deadline we got to fix this thing on a fly. And yet we have the all star game of the year we don't wanna be an abject disaster with the all star game coming to town in 2019. Or this thing goes to pot. And it makes it pretty easy to make the decision to pull the plug in start figuring out where your long term identity is going to be I think you'll notice few weeks about this team. Nobody is though the question is were you more and up or you just blown over basketball corner you more problems there's still you know do you have to be everything south central to the media really got a question are you drafted over the last six years. Are you have to question our guys are playing his wells luckily this is a top to bottom thank you know sort this a lot of this is gonna need to be made onto the agreement on. I'll keep banging the table on this I think this team lacks vision I think there are guys individually that are OK or good or maybe even better than good at their jobs. But it just. Everybody's not on the same page it's like any company you can have somebody that's a CEO it's got one vision of the company the CFO who handles the money that's gonna another vision and all the middle management let's get another vision how they wanna handle the employees when it's that way just what you might get time stumble and have a good fight fiscal year when it times have some good morale in your company but overall you're not gonna have the consistency you need to be a fortune 500 company and and quite honestly I think it's that I think this team lacks in vision as organization right well. Nobody could have visited a hit man in your problem you know your hindrance you're not helping me on the situation sold or not. Right into the veins into the vision he needs are gonna throttles guys. In removed from the governor is already stored you've got a you don't say grazer who you draft and how you develop and how you look at the basketball team how. Are you know all these different things that go into building Mateen you got a gig. On the same page if you're not gonna get a little innocent does that. Well and so speaking of things running well from the top I go back to the Tennessee coaching search so John Kerry started this thing he's fired right now comes fill follower of the former coach that they ran out twenty years ago but it or fifteen years ago but they forgot about that along time ago now has a host of these animals to be you save your game come on back and so he hires after the long endless nightmare that boys. The Tennessee coaching search he brings in Jeremy Pruitt Alabama defensive coordinator former Georgia defensive coordinator and he is now a guy that signed Dave what I think what reportedly six year four million dollar per year deal. For first for him as the head coach well because this is a public school. And the public information acts the media can do anybody can deal freedom and freedom of information request stacks. Somebody did that some outstanding journalists in the state of Tennessee said hey let me see we you guys actually drop on that mantra memorandum for Greg Xian I'll put turns out they offered an 8827. Million dollar deal. Over six years which is Ford a half million dollars which by the way at that time that offer would have made Greg she auto the third highest paid coach in the SEC behind Nick Saban industrials on. A guy that nobody else was talking about hiring nobody has hired a science did want and they are gonna make him the third highest paid coach in the SEC. When you look at. We usually Gracie are you laugh and LL eleven. Because I think about would you look I agree Schiavo. I noticed her purse or these recordings hagel coach he left Miami to go to rockers yeah who woes. Basement. Off college football this is calling what was enroute. They had six or seven home commercial ball games every year everybody's goes home on easily. He went into this program from you don't own baby wanted to win the season type of program. 218 and one football team yet and he did it to recruitment. You don't brain is a new when you're bringing in a new life to this football team. In rockers actually enjoyed. Having great football while he was on campus he left that job. To going go to terror port didn't work out and trolls he's in my opinion he's not a great pro football calls because of the demand he puts oldest player as well as they college football coach it works great he's a lot like Butch Davis was Davis is going to demand the best that you he's gonna make sure that you are doing the things is balls I was gonna get everything he can't out of view on the football field this would have been a good. Orlando somebody go get praised some of that rut so I don't look at him. No way they come off Scott free they're claiming bodily Tennessee's claiming Welch well our our head financial officer to school never technically signed it so it's it's no one void but there's no way. These I think he did yeah. And did Diego Serna yeah so is that they're gonna get so he's getting some money to get this he's gained some on. Here is that Arnold he's gonna get all that truck that sort that that six year Ford a half million dollar per deal that he's looking for here but he's gonna get some of that money but that's crazy right there to make him the third highest paid coach. In the SEC. Yeah he's a good this is not like he's not a good totally Google pretty good college football coach Sylvia would that be deserve it has. Management guidance you know but at the end of the day I think he what are their program records ago recruit. Paloma backcourt we come back we open a 4 o'clock hour we're expecting trading on grand to call us. From Houston get ready for another big road game for the hornets also nice road win against the thunder last night we get packages and painters 120 minutes away from what's supposed to be an epic looser radio and we got to get into the wild NFC playoff picture is what would Damione Lewis it's Kroger in the 4 o'clock our starts now on prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina.