Primetime:Darren Rovell And Bob McKillop

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Thursday, March 22nd

ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell about owner canadate David Tepper. Plus an interview with Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop.


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Powered by poor old Carolina. State controller to be used as your friend Charlotte area. They're the first series because you're good looking focaccia. And now you got great friends that they know they kept on. We know that's not see a decade that's why we bring this guy around all right it's the New Jersey just created the next open tradition over great. He's David Oda five from the march screen real T studio Kroger. When. Can tune. And. Audiences rolling in on the building center text like 4 o'clock hours primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Pretty go to the technical guess like speaking of blocked I used to be blocked by by this guy on Twitter but we squash start before ever before was and remember what it was he's the best sports business report there is in the game or to talk about this cantor sale which really is expected I'd I believe in the next. What 46 weeks we should be getting through the that's the final as they should of this process organ while command. Darren rebel from Darren you do a man it's good to talk to you again. I'm doing very well I've walked he. Well but we we you're on walk right. We're on good terms now we're gonna I was saying earlier we used to be arch nemesis for no no good reason and now now more on network comrades here were good. Yet but get it they'll vote to go down. Is that at the end of may owners' meetings that there's a little older than they have a duel but started the next season so yeah that that that the the timeline here. We can you don't shed some light on this there are golf course you can that's why you're dare tell Deron curve rail ESPN's sports business reporter is on Twitter. And Darren or Joseph can you shed some light on how hot and heavy this bidding process has been has it been as expected or even hotter than people thought it could be. RTL. Com because you know the people were conducting it you know our property not yet but it. The best fitting scenario I don't it. Jerry rich Christian has been cut out our pal record which is above the 2.2 billion for the rocket. But you know much more than that and it into a 2.5 billion that's according to or what we bet not forget. What. You know. There's a bunch of people in the race I think. You know David Pepper's the biggest guy in the rates were the web page but it's your outlet to moved to Florida. Actually they've been by an out and this is how rich. When he left sprawl but major heat of Florida. New security notice because they had a 125. Billion dollar tax debt that. That year they're counting on for him. So that helped rich keep it. Separatist chief caused a tax deficit of all of over 100 million dollars by just leaving the state. Correct. My word terror villagers say and is he can make it rain. Yeah. He would automatically be. If you add that the current user out between speed and it is why they are richer. He hit it which is doing it well dare and go ahead. Glad I was gonna say Darren do you think the other NFL owners are prepared for somebody to walk into the door of the old boys club who's got more than they do. I think it's okay with it if that frightens me he'd do it did this by their. Well. I think they are all that she. Why did go. Not at a article ask each record or buy into it when I get it. 5% of the dealers are. Long time over a decade. And legacy is that they've read. Michael Rupp or in the borrowed all the paper they're you know what those other they're not sure but it's sort of terrible. Don't think they're like cinematic. Triple that this attack the do it. Collecting debt which is technically it's up PR stand point. But so far that seems like that did issue a you know the group in the beating. That a couple who died in its ought to stay. We don't let Michael Rubin it looks like if you increase fees were beat up and keep order but addicts right direction people who. And it didn't shopgirl. They ate the prices just keep what are the things that we. Look at there's been an effective well I think yet the gimmick is that although we have a deal. Tool basically fiction you go all out. It could calm I do and I think that kind of that I. A little bit with competent dying that they could be up or they'll tighten the part of what we put out. The Broncos because apple and has been six furlong. You know PP that goes up for itself it didn't we. Lugar teed it would also be available. Until it might keep some people on the or actually order these books duration so. We'll have to see how they're out there and they've got you're gonna piece stepped curry. Well Eddie and we do it it DA gave it year. Not true can you need. More that are certainly it can't be heated they beat it. We're not happen in war and its soul for it will. One is going to be that are potentially of the equipment fit. And you know Mike remote to pieces of easy yeah Parker and it was chilly side. That's something that's open at the order so I don't know that either but what. They don't they don't want step. It did it with someone else Kate order. True it sure repair it. Greg turner tells what this is on Twitter at Darren rebel ESPN he's with this on the technique I'm guess I'm here I want to circle back to a couple of things because you gave us some really interesting little nuggets there you say maybe US some doubts about that price being valued at 2.5 billion in this bidding process she's talked about maybe why the market could be watered down are there other reasons there are there other things you would think our hey maybe I don't buy that price it seems a little inflated to do any of the reasons to have that doubt. On T three but often echoed the a lot but and convert the set the scarcity of ethnic and I think what's changed and don't have local water at that are anymore I mean oral the local law. Salute. Didn't look again at the app. Just been. Radio. Look change it's that it's bad it's credible world we view. And if there's another witness it and there is an error aren't there are struggle as a court. It's just that. More than ever before because the public from the outside. Beauty and you know what hole that it hit if they have or back. Will you mentioned about David tepper week we actually NF forgive me for not remember her name but there is somebody from from sharp from the from New York magazine about eight years ago now because 2010 get a pretty in depth feature. As he really kind of emerged from that bad market as. The manager of a fifteen billion dollar hedge fund and there were a couple is a may be. Details in there that people walk away from Sammy and who's this guy the fact that he literally had a brass set of balls in his office that he used to throw around some. I just a Pressler thank you was he was the author and that and that he used to throw around breast implants like a football in the office but it also detail saying that he is the every man billionaire and you can you say he's more like that he's more kind of in the shadows is what you're saying about David tap. Like in the all that is one thing he would never he would never. Amber again he viewed it in my town. I when I see him around you would never know you know he doesn't try to easily there in the office. I'd be sure there's always quote things that you don't you can talk about and yet that the wrap all that they're you know why we publicize their cars that story. But you know he he is kind of probably one of the vote every man you know billionaire. Could imagine. Darren what name we heard early in this process and it's since gone quiet and I'm sure their probably other people bidding for this team that we haven't heard about because not every day wants a business in the street but Eddie DeBartolo raised his hand early in the process and said yeah I've got a group together and in we're interest dead. And then we've heard nothing from him dude do you believe he's still a legitimate factor in this. We are not not enough money to do this deal not enough but it is just you know Bennett. You know a little bit of church leaders were there early game that I thought was you know very interesting. And they they can they keep getting could be an adult not that are electric yet liberal you so. You know. I don't think the bar a little squid who is that would ever you know completely widget. Julia wants to give us a name here I'm actually looking more kind of widely here but he EU we hear names New Year's did anecdotally things if you heard. Any name Horry said of name's Darren that's really sit well I didn't. I would've would've thought that that's a that's an interesting game to crop up in this discussion of their after Ben. So much serious names is suitors and bidders here in this process to you've kind of been surprised. I don't. Know it's hard part they get it really hard to get. But then of the marketplace. I would say that you know right away like who got that have the money. Correct out of bright that app that is so all right you know like. Unfortunately you know the Mitt don't have the money they they they have to be a partner Felix the body that not at the art. At the a partner. It with a tight with the big that they are now you know right away but what Rick the company to speak the way cap the port. You know 30% forty respect downing match. And and that means that it that it it would two billion dollar deal you know you gotta you put 700 don't get it in liquid to 700 no. But you know right away and it whit whether these guys they're real or they're hot and the majority owner. Should we expect any hang ups like ultimately whoever comes to the it to this to the table in the ownership meetings in May issue were talking about. Our late April acre talk but he should we expect any hang up series this thing going to be pretty streamlined. I think it'll be okay. Into those. It's Jerry Richardson say it's not rich enough for me. And then and tip I wanna wait and then there's no week. Say OK you could wait but you're you're gonna take a hundred million dollar penalty yeah I mean that's that's another thing that. That they might they there's. There's been discussed is that been thrown around Aron. I don't know I don't know that we've yet. Well will well what Rapid City I I don't know eat it get the right. That he walked spoke what. Real. You could speak to this specific leakage I'm sure you don't know the exact details of how every organization is run but obviously you retirement ownership change and especially from. A guy like Jerry Richardson whose own the team from day one and delivered pro football that to Charlotte and in the Carolinas at the time or nobody thought it was possible people don't worry. As you know about these guys whoever the next owner could be in what it means an end to change. It could be a good thing ultimately. I dare put what is your thoughts on our fans or maybe a little bit worried could this be a good thing to transition team into the into a new Wear a football. But first thought you know I think that they united air it out. Mr. Richardson's situation. It BP can only go from there. I ever really think you know you you couldn't have the toxicity. Around. What was existing they are on the that would have to urea in the week to care bit. And ultimately what BP to order by millions could get two quick by billions and it's a good deal all around. But you know everyone's really nervous because the team at the public trust and ever put that in the community that they own the team and they're a little bit weary and so you know this is quite bad you're so interested and they'll that they do what we've had a. Well and dancer worried about. I'm a move but that's not happening a minute in the pantheon of possibility always that not that I don't that that that about what's right value that. I got a raw okay that's on a good. Aren't nor'easter of our let him go there you go Derek bell he's busy -- can we still is time for. They were told ten minutes went for about twelve so that's that's our element and really you know ocean for answers and Mikey bought tear anything so you feel like you came up pretty clean guys I enthusiast I came out all right on now when he's got good info man I don't unknown -- some of that we do it next Jerry can't. Chris Kroger and Bob May kill up the legend himself is gonna join us in less bitter right around thirty minutes we do data for fifty its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina your chance to win a grand right now. The answers trolling and other buildings center text line. Things you tinkering daring dance house so. We would get to this at 525. To one in thirty minutes less than thirty minutes public Phillips gonna drop by he is one of the great. Basketball minds anywhere anywhere in the countries also. A great storyteller is an awesome stories and he's going after this season I think correctly from wrong mixture ruby is thirtieth season coaching. At the college level A Davidson and we're gonna talk to him about the ten year anniversary this week it was actually yesterday it started a bit early date run. When staff curry dropped forty. On Inzaghi would lead of ten from the three point line and died he didn't know about a man. You definitely know about him after that and then they came up just shy against the eventual national champions and Kansas Jayhawks that here in the elite eight and I just a two point loss Serena talked to him he's gonna drop by. As for things to get some good stories from Obama killer coming up in just a little bit daring gig is in pro football talk dot com everybody we've got your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up again. I mean less than an hour 515 your last chance today. I'm on the air with the pregame tonight for the hornets 630 we will not have the coaches show because they're planning gaming and back to back and take on the grizzlies a lot tonight. And our coaches should always Roger by corona light it's like timeless city game on line in prob partner and orders and don't forget final four miles her. It's gonna be the morning of march 31 right outside the arena in uptown you can dress and support your favorite team it's the weekend. Other big championship and of course you can get details on that it WS NC dot com. Under events sojourner fell with some pretty interesting info they're Derek seem big Derek was very matter of fact he does not buy that and ultimately it. Politics is one guy have to say I want this more than everybody else's well OK but they're real seem to be skeptical of the ideology of a two and a half million or two and a billion dollar price tag. Reportedly which is what Bloomberg had. For the painters sale. He seems to think that's a little inflate. Well we'll see I mean the last time one of these things sold it was the Buffalo Bills in 2014. To tearing tempo Goulet and the reports at the time worthy final price who was somewhere in the one point two billion dollar range. So you're basically talking about doubling the previous high for an NFL friends has the insult. Lifting I'm kind of curious about and would've asked their rebel if you let them run him off. He ran me off he had to go like and I've done messed up on that thing I'm curious about is whether. This is I mean if statement goes for 2.5. Whether you're gonna see a rash of people selling tapes and whether you're gonna see some of these franchises that are a little up in the air like. The saints with the passing of Tom Benson to scale Benson really wanna be in this business I herself long term. The titans have been subject to rumors in the past I mean now and and I don't say that is any breaking news I'm just throw in those two out as examples. Duke teams start to sell. If people start realizing. An ailing get Armani for the thing. Well in most of the people like Jerry Richardson who have been around for those periods of time you know he's he's only infer. Doing this is an operating costs over the years those although I'm sure he's made plenty of that back as well aiding come out but he's been all lanes for over 200 million dollars in U cashing out now not all this is going to be his sale. But he's cashing out his force and in he's gonna walk away with. You know after paying a eight. He. Property gains tax a very sizable property gain stacks easily walking away billion dollars is one of those rich people problems that frankly I don't care all that much about so I'm not you know. It's kind of like Darren and they'll talk about the attack shortage in his hometown where David's yet health Kamal give me a break these are. These are. First world problems for the 1% of the 1% Ers. And most of the fans who walked in that stadium ever dealt well I and again I've raised the question here don't we don't you know you know you used UC said before sometimes the W no is better than the one you don't. But all that being said. In Michael Rubin might have been on the further under the extreme. As a younger guy somebody's made his money in the tech industry. Somebody that is is known to be hot nodding and being very friendly chummy with players especially joy island PD thanks that would Joel beat a lot of Singh yesterday reportedly over the weekend join these Joseph well in beads birthdays of port owner the sixers. He flew Joseph well down on a private plane with a after the game with a bunch of models and they went to club with a Miami of course I don't picture Jerry Richardson doing that was Kim now. And down to Atlanta very often though he does and DNA in that. So one thing and I'm not going to pretend to have particularly inside. On twosome the particulars of the sale but here's the thing I know about the process and what's going on right now. This is the theory of last big thing Jerry Richardson gets to have control of after this he's just some rich guys who lives in Charlotte. And I mean he'll be the rich guy who brought in a failed to Charlotte. By he's just going to be another guy with a pile money in the bank. This thing is going the way he wants it to go he's very much steering this process. So whoever ends up buying this team is going to be someone he is comfortable with. There and I think it is reasonable to connect dots that he might not a big comfortable with the Michael Rubin were. I mean when you've got Michael Ruben count or Allah players and Chinese money in Joe's a sigh. Is that anything he wants does he want G oil and the instead of curry indecent in his chair appeared suite 201 in the end zone I mean. I do. I think it's reasonable to wonder if he would allow that went to proceed. Because he is he's going to sell this thing to who he wants to sell well if he is selling this thing so there have been a couple of people and we've had these people. You don't read to say Ametek slide over the course of the last few months have heard other people wonder well. What she just decides to back out well then he'll still be attendants to pay your rebels say there yeah it. Could I imagine cars Jerry Richardson is a proud man. It could I imagine a point in this process with some bitter some point or at the league was saying something can I imagine Jerry Richardson saying you know I don't have to sell stick. As a threat yeah I can see that. I mean that's consistent with his personality but there are repercussions to that Israel radio we it's gonna get self yeah. There's no way there's sin if there's no way that a week it would come to that point where. It would actually happen you might you might just throw that out there is as you said his library jurors some sort of don't shoot there on doing this my way but that's about where it ends Friday night and that's the thing for all the other things shall say about Jerry Richardson he is a firm believer in his way of doing business and he's gonna go down. Doing business is way as long as he's got a chance to have. Any measure control of the process and that's what's happened do we really so the investigations going on and that might just be a dog and pony show justice you know say hey we're looking into it is larger selling new team and obviously the league takes these matters very seriously could under the rug. But I do wonder you either they would. They wouldn't penalize the next owner whatever comes of this if anything in doing anything wrong yet. I mean there's no I mean I think any penalties would be. You know there'd be some kind of fine man I think you will see the next owner walked in the door and institute a manner of workplace. Compliance you know acceptable workplace behavior seminars going on and it seems pretty obvious. But there's nothing they can do to David tepper anybody who walks in the door after the by the well in it again maybe I guess some people some. A little bit of a reason to calm down a little bit when he says. And Terrance turner bell tells us about Iraq the aren't they David tepper lived in my town dealt with leasing he's been around David tepper did you think that's true now that also. I and I think this is shares well. Pulled up now for second. If you're saying that's workplace behavior you're saying hey that's their that's the fraternity of the other guys group in the Alter this. He's now with the other guy's in trouble for right now so you're saying hey beat the chummy we draw breast implant across the rumor edited a set of brass balls among wall is an icon like I do understand it it sounds I'd well put as much stock in that but anecdotally he's and that's kinda what the last guy just got in trouble for. In the one thing I would caution. David tempers become a caricature. Of whatever he actually is because of the brass balls store. Mean people who know nothing of David tepper who didn't know he was a billionaire before this process starts now know that David tempers the brass balls got. And is that a portrait of his character. Is it any insight to his soul may be worm green to much into an amusing anecdote but that's what happens in a vacuum of information. Is people seize on to the one thing that they can understand they can Grassley you and I talked about it the other things that people didn't recheck it relies on two we had just a Pressler on that date effect that he drives he rusted through many different wild drove arrested her minivan to work every day because you want people coming up dame recognizing oh you've got a lot of money he'll begin to look. Let me get some of that death so people could latch on us. I do it yeah sure I don't write I write my playing investigate it still holds it would deal one jamboree to to pass inspection today working no matter. But let anybody out there the runs and inspection place of the great. Did you see anything right on right now what's the reason to check in July when and we got military tension on dole. He's at I should order a plus for that yeah you should. So I have actually been dealing with this problem for the last four years worth of inspection so if there's anyway they said there goes away in the nick comes back focus up on the building setter techs like against get a pass inspection with us. I can't I feel confident I trust my car it's gotten me through a lot of good miles and has many more good miles in tournaments like Dana I've yet to trick I'm sorry guy that this is something that's come operate at that there was a trip to the check engine might do well you can cleared out a ticketing cleared out Mateen you've got to drop so many. Herself and none on an option. Not unless you have an area diagnostic in caring Karen are traffic at our traffic thought we know she's so you're okay were on the air she's two drills earlier Richard Casey rolled surprise nobody heard it now if you did did your benefit. She's like it's hot in here like here it is it is hot here right now appears broken some were sweating it out right now. Inside the WS fancy studio is really about the bomb to kill a drop them by. I coming up into 450 Serena talk go to college hoops with coach Matilda would get his thoughts on it I guess my thing is more than anything I like. This about David tepper we talked about this at the time as we can all we know about any these guys this is generally true when it comes to any GM search or coaching hire and now from an ownership sales standpoint. We know anecdotes like you're talking about camp. We learn of old that you're the brass bald guy that's all we know David tepper right or wrong that's were enormous but when he reality double peace and in in nine New York magazine painted him as the every B every means billionaire that was the whole point of that. The every man's billionaire for whatever that people who have billionaire. Here's my thing with with separate that I took away anybody that's made his money. And largely on his own merit Susie got a broke away had a attendees started hedge fund on his own with a very small you don't Soros. Parcel of money and he grew to now be worth over fifteen billion dollars I think this article was like roughly fifty to sixty million. Any grow to fifteen billion dollars and from that standpoint he had to take risks along the way. He would any week wasn't risk averse he ran to the risk when it was calculated when it made sense and we thought it was a marketing efficiency when the market was down in 2008. He reportedly. He bet on the banks being too big bet on common sense and I think that's what's interesting about tepper from the standpoint with the NFL when are the people after saying all the ratings are down. The money is down all this is a failing product it's it's leveled out David tepper is come strongly to the table saying. Wrong guy wrong wrong the money's there it's gonna grow and I look I heard injured Bruno with frank and Kyle cup weeks we are talking about what indicator do we have to think it. The NFL what what's single indicator because of ratings are down guess what TV revenues are up. And his ratings are down TV contracts are going for more than they ever had before in his ratings are down guess what or more outlets trying to put more content on TV than ever before so. This notion that the NFL in ten years is going to be goal on her shell of what it is. I think David tepper commended the tables say and keeps thinking that on the to be even richer than I am today. Too many rich people have been in to this for too long and nurse too long a line. Mean listen in the jurors so many names that we haven't heard they've put in a bid for this team. And you're not trying to spanned more than two billion dollars on some Khannouchi think it's a bad return on the investment. Our other people involved in this process who as the numbers got to 2.5 and all said and may have ma'am now. Probably by. You know there is say. There's a reasonable expectation that the NFL's gonna continue to make money at this level. For the next. Ten years fifteen years on the money in this game man Newton the next TV contracts and it come off and guess what it would be worth more than one before it and I think you got to happen but you gotta have that level money to get a and that's the point with I agree with you know Tom was talking about it would listen to thirty Tom swords and saying Felix about a Serbia great owner I've talked to people they know Felix so well who say Felix is sold. Passionate genuinely passionate and authentic I doubt if he never own the team what he would deal how things would be different how would be better for everybody. Not just the who's who of Charlotte not just pay dirt in. Felix doesn't have that kind of cash. But Felix would make a great owner and that's the natural right you've got to have that kind of corn to walk to the table is deer rebels said the liquid. With about 600 million dollars right now liquid rightly checked herb. Wire transfer what they do that wire transfer right. Then I'm sure it's a dagger in my case Philip twenties is the way these guys do business you need you wanna talk to a car tech really quick. Sir if he's got a good advice I think he does not Joseph really quick she always so they what are you wanna say. A man so their dollar problems you'd rather eat that quote on your car. There at the street and it's not illegal. Did you contact them all out there don't let it drop below recorder. Did it clear it out people over recorder. A bit if that inspects. I'll take it down I filled up today so I want letting them down this road. Good crop knotted but running in their at what the order of four under report. About that and that's a life magazine thank you Rick barrier created a fundamental. Things are going to admit seven and more I'm glad people who either are smarter than me listen in his radio station and he's the best party says. And it's not even the illegally out of the Steelers have to Wear a way to be doing nothing nefarious right here hands. I think that's good knowledge it is your knowledge I wanna do I wanna do this really get to Bob the killer coming up it in a few moments he's gonna Doris for fifty we're gonna talk some college hoops. US did you have your bracket looking DG. It's perfect just probably about like everybody else is still one out is a number well actually I did I inner our contests aren't the radio station. That thing where you can. Change teams and I'm no brainer what I do in college but I do not time. I'm sticking with the bracket of integrity. Because it's just how in July 1 for brief period and I think after the first three games. I screen shot that quick before the carnage said in Panama and undermines any worse than anybody else's. I had Arizona going to the final four because I wanted seating NCA burned down. On I think Ted Carolina go on to the final four because. On I had did have Virginia losing early because that being quote Virginia does is a war crime against basketball sized bomb. Come on and it's an army needs to stop myself. But yeah I don't think it's any better or worse Leroy Hill or I'm rooting for chaos I want to ask ridiculous story or sister Jean yes I need more sister Jean in my life Chris she's delightful. Mom I can handle. In LA it was a shame I feel bad for Kansas State because those guys didn't do anything wrong and everybody hates them because they beat the beloved retriever some. Yeah he counted the media blitz now hates a strong word but you know Arlen on one in the world outside a Lawrence Kansas wanting K state to win again how do you reconcile that hatred. Beat Kentucky be Kentucky yeah. I root for Kansas State to beat Kentucky Unita you know rooting for that. Sherwin. I. I want to push my worst I think the most ridiculous final four we can come up with is Loyola Chicago is an eleventh seed right Florida State is a nine seed out west. Then he gets I think Texas Tech is a three seed. And then give me Clemson as a five seed that's the that's the just most ridiculous and inane. And if you got this whole bottle for three months ago if you would it's only that three weeks ago that was the final four of the N ninety. I have been like our ceremony I sure as. Our I hardly news part of either doesn't wanna see Bob Huggins like more press conference is his stool on the side line. Yeah I'm cool would argue bear but he runs good program is not so it's not like. He's supposed to be here in the sweet sixteen that there's nothing shocking about that they've been a top ten top fifteen team all year long so there's nothing shocking about that Clinton's that a French top fifteen top twenty most of the year. There's not at yes shockingly I say yes or something new every day clearly your big college basketball fan and he obviously. How about Omaha Nebraska being the site of the near all ACC regional. Yet Clemson cues and duke all in the regional and Omaha traditional ACC towers Syracuse inclement state wasn't that region was not practice. If they want a minute. Except they did make it out there opening game what try to tortures wolfpack fans they connect could've happened if they only one with a single game is that only happen but awake about all the more years seven. Either transferring or going to the NBA that seems really. Maybe I don't I don't know I guess maybe they were friction with him in case but I never really got that sense I just quiet. I read because actually do some troop ripped from time to time clear out was that he'd said he had adapted his team to account for a big man. Why cured seven this year that's not really the way he wants to play so if you're dead and get the offer he's looking for professionally then he can go find another offer some place else you tell us that. Pro college basketball breakdown that is in sight so you're telling me he's he might go sailed your seven seas. Ryan gives me a memo before every show yes. And on it we knew he had scripted out that joke yes he put in all caps for me do not congratulate. Bob to kill us next as prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Still sending their ideas of things they think that big thinker and Derek gets home fans of that and he's five or. Incredible Botswana will reveal the list and will also find out if any of these things are true or not so Omar we know that for a fact we just gotta find out which ones. Those are you can tweet us a liberally jeweler square feet app prime time WS density. If you're driving her crazy would all the basketball. Its corset make a point stirring rally jeweler spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. I'm all done in Georgia plus special eighteen month no interest financing to on browns' lead Jewelers anyone of their eight area locations and online at rally jeweler stock comic yeah we talked to this guy because I feel like every time we talked to this guy we walk away smarter and that's what makes him. Who he is the great Bob McCann up head coach at Davidson make in time force on the technique on gas line coach being too aggressive are great here you do went. I'm doing great Chris thank you how worried are you doing while cars thanks we're doing well I think it I will talk about the season and a second coach I can I actually start here I wanna I wanna know about your first season where you won four games can you take me back to 1989 for a little bit I wanna know about that your. You know it's it is limited memory. I remember it being Atwood was actually my wife to dinner. It's kind of been a Harley can say after first pick futile or Watford. And net debt Ty walker was division to. On the way home from. But hopefully can Australia pulled over I can't. And it great date to India and of course she was very trying to. Just say there he related speed limit twenty epic is doing 25 Richard. So. But the memory that can last very long and went fourteen to tinker only division one with Nikki what are they asking me in Central Florida. And that was in March so. Memory that there has lasted imbedded in my mind. Leave that season coach thank you and hey I know our record doesn't show it but we're going to be good this thing's gonna work eventually maybe fans don't see of this thing's gonna come together did you have that conviction. Absolutely not I. I was scared stiff. I was a young baby that would tiny years dictate speaking at a medical Wanda. Little did I realize that many quality work in it took me a couple of years figured out. I was brought to my knees and one of the greatest experiences in my life that you being protein need satellite. When you went to the moment happened coach Bob McCann looks witnessed by the way Davidson Wendy you you didn't have your first winning season until. Until four years later went didn't happen then there was that is it was a somewhere in between along the way. The you know within its most remarkable thing I read a book visit Myrtle Beach I read of book and I can't I'm not an avid reader books but. I read a book about it championships he's in 1988 at Notre Dame in Lou Holtz and spoke around there. Trust care commitment to beginning of that season and it became the foundation upon which he built their season and but I stole and since that point they took it upon us to it to the top status coat of armor and I would go addition to take. I Fortier my contract. We lose and this is torture my contract is just what color. Remarkably return your article fourteen of fourteen and it's been pretty good at percent. Well that is that's life in general but that's coaching too right where you just kind of take ally like with this guys work with this this might work for me to all this is someone borrowed and in some way in some way shape or form. Absolutely and and you know it won't start thinking we know goal Lou commercial break our actuary he could suck com I'm 67404045. Years in this profession. Come come constantly learning and it was a great choice I have is that my players and my staff teach me. If we don't base their their their absolute. Stars in terms of what they teach me and I'm very fortunate seat in that position. Nor talk into the all time great Bob McKee Olympic coach Davis in the all time leader in wins coaching years in games coached these with this right now off third tournament appearances for gonna talk about the moment but he's with us on the Texaco gas line. Bob I'm Tony curious in talking about the longevity I mean because basketball such a copycat sport are you surprised or is there is there like a high major school we are you think someone could. Pick a coach and lead in the air for generations. And give on the tennis stability you enjoyed it Davidson and where that could work where turn over seems to be the norm anymore. When you look at Mike dent do just you know he's so it's quite a bit longevity there aren't culture strategy and they handle that Syracuse so Ricky Byrd at. I don't want to. I'm sure there's some. Literally is that the two places came in addition in Carolina. There are a number of guys who have sort of establish a culture we establish culture. Either of these very careful that. You don't put it on. Automatic. The you have to every year adapt and adjust because two schools change please change your emotions change a concert engine. I think candidates Gloria might it gentlemen and have been brewing bad Richey is done such great jobs because they have adapted like if it ever come close to leaving your own accord. Yeah I did did warn time is now. First fourteen I didn't. It's always those situations Oman yes it religious status area settled here about staying in I wish given tremendous opportunity. And I can keep be shocked we're waters it was a State University of New York stolen car. Really but there was a Stanley Troy Bayliss significant. Financial attraction to a it was tremendous stability. The athletic director Alicia. Those trends. So. And I believe strongly considered decision merely doing. A lot of man that's crazy like slice about the decisions you don't make sometimes all right and you could argue have you ever been happier than you've been over these last 101520 years. You know it's his last ten years have been you just been destroyed. But it did a lot of things are factored into that it is so obviously. Without having success and that's cool court but it. He you know the longer you stay here the war zone you have an toward those sermons could go friendly's is the most famous become part of your family. Destroy seeing. You know can't type colonial this year channel two children that Palestinian it comes toward being this two children. Bring it would usually around with just tore her my so and match and assistant didn't panic or no it's about. The the big joy that you keep the course of the basketball coaching experience it. Unfortunate death those links continue to be a cheery so vital a significant part of my life. Coach I know your press it pressed for time perhaps but would you have another I don't see us all okay. Our eucharist today OK look let's do this can we we just need to do quick station ideally come backing Allah can talk to idiots at okay. Okay opt out rights excellent recruit a quarterback gets my gonna put you on hold for once so you design wizard it bring you back on Bob Mikhailov head coach Dave it's in all of this guy were back in a quick moment station IDH Ricky talk in some hoops with them and get a preview what's to come talk about their turn and run and now we do that next right here Bob the killer Gary Gary Chris Kroger its prime time.