Primetime. Would Dez Bryant Be A Good Fit For The Panthers?

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Friday, April 13th
Kroeger poses the question would you take a chance on Dez Bryant. Plus a replay interview with Greg Olsen.

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It's peace prize. That's the question of the guys they. I just respect I don't wanna get it out on how faithful how. That is why is it this guy is right here of looking at this that I saw up close and personal earlier this morning this this may. Right here you're staring at helped out you know what you think of that guy whether he's a 130 pounds he's a 170 Stephen she's a wonderful. His right so only contender Maury Thompson once said I need to me as though. That's a well I don't I will do twelve year old who lives from the mark's been real T studio Kroger. He diesel. Chuck Cecil that's the voice of Jamar Nesbit was that the last time we had him on that was the day of of that was the day before USC fight night in Charlotte that was months ago Tories come on I think one since then. But that was the last time levs though the we do cutting like clips and stuff from the show and that was the last cup we have okay what he's thirty minutes Blake is he's got core issues that's bodies to join us in studio on this Friday its prime time where powered by ortho Carolina he jumps it was at 330. Odd somebody writes in I'm not gonna get into this now but I will get into a little bit we have no proof to Jordan had a Santa what's going Allen award it's it's pure speculation. Let's not deflecting Clifford sucked as a head coach OK sure whatever you wanna believe Clifford sucked as a head coach. Have had a I know for a fact. I can say this as somebody with knowledge of information I can say this first fact. That Jordan has had his say end both good and bad in what's going on with his team. And some of the bad it is really bad okay so getting to that a little bit but don't come up here and say today because you believe in the go and you love Michael Jordan is a player we all do we used to go. What is he dollars in order to prove that he can deliver a consistent basketball product on the court you can prove anything to make so if you wanna sit here in sick today Clifford sucks as a coach. What proof do you have that Michael Jordan on the opposite end of the spectrum is good as an owner. What do you have. Mean those but silence on just like ringing with silence right now so we get into that a little bit because I have some things I think I can share that'll make you scream as a hornet's stance saying. Just know all why. Why is this going on so we'll get to that coming up in a little bit Greg Olsen coming up in about 25 minutes get my perks dot com your place to get the best deals. On your favorite new brew with a first and slide your card get one flight a beer from one of the ten best breweries in Charlotte early 29 dollars you can get a limited edition pint glasses well you can get your card right now and get my purse stock coming don't forget the radio dot com that your official new home for WFAN seek downloaded today listen to his anytime anywhere. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day our own rights and your morning has been Super Bowl championship. I coming up at 330 so get into that we have Panthers to get into is it as well and I wanna get to this today which. You know Darren told us weeks ago. This was a legitimate possibility pairing get a pro football talked account. And any caving yesterday we are talking about this. Meeting that was happening we had a meeting with Kupchak can Clifford today Clifford is out we had the meeting today we Jerry Johnson does pride Dez Bryant's out. Dez Bryant are by the numbers one of the greatest. I once I mean some of the cowboys historian but I would say. In his running his era now they didn't do the Super Bowl winning that you need in Dallas to be considered all time great team that's another thing. But Dez Bryant has been the biggest star on the cowboys. Opened since waned since the eight minera other then Romo another then Witten correct me DeMarcus Ware. He's in that pantheon what's the top five a cowboys players of the last twenty years from a star power standpoint. Good article so we talk and like posts. Post you don't Jimmie Johnson brought Romo Romo Witten Witten I say witness probably first PCs still doing it yeah. Britain where well where. Romo and Witten who what where Romo who's the running back that dom was with the titans it's is that it's. Really who is that we are talking about. I'm black DeMarco Murray yes Ohno I get those a blip on the radar put him on that list is a did you get that same power you're talking about. You put him on the list how long was in Dallas I was in the first few years I think it was a handful years in many doubts as to Philly that about I don't know I don't maybe you might be right on that. I just feel like if you're talking about in the last twenty years is there on who's a linebacker that always gets Charley yet shone like a guy who's always out and is never on the field at pac guys the good he's been there a law that guy's been one of the group one of the greats over the last what are your sort of say TO TO is another good one OK TI was actually. But you know that was the brits there was a brief stint to. Long story short of those guys are conversation. Miles Austin. Really he was there awhile I guess I'm BCI don't think of him as a star for the cowboys it was a good players there for a while. If you're a star in Dallas jurist stall our guests like if you're right your play is good enough. You've got this brand this aura about you for whatever reason for Whitney it's because he's the everyday work meant for these are Greg Olsen. He's just been doing it for every still lunch pail guy Jason Witten Tony Romo well injured you don't Tony Romo always. Random dude. What was he was an undrafted guy wasn't undrafted Walter Payton man of the year for the indeed for a decade you're you're the quarterback of the cowboys would he ever thought he was overrated underrated or whatever. Tony Romo is a really good quarterback for really good time for the Dallas Cowboys have put Jimmy conversation. Are as you said if you wanna talk about a guy like. You know to me I. I don't know I I would not say Miles Austin to settle think he's a star DeMarco Murray may get a couple good years but he goes on that list. Dez Bryant's on that list in this era after this the Super Bowl run for the cowboys. Is Brian is on the shortlist for greatest cowboys in this era. Over the last 101520 years. And they just flatly walked away from him today and it's been really interesting to watch. I would say around the NFL's. Us this exact Martin's at large a really good one tech Martin's on that list Tyrone Smith is another in dailies in other ways of his right knee and armed but he's on the ticker running your stuff pretty eclectic look at kicker our guard and that's kind of disappointing ticker garden attack could just say it's been a little disappointed for the cowboys in the last twenty years. Put all that being said. When you talk about a guy like Dez Bryant how. Long ago would you have to go back Tony seasons ago would you go back in the NFL and say Dez Bryant. Wise in any one star wide receiver in the NFL I have it right in front 2014. 88 catches 1320. Yards sixteen touchdowns and played sixteen Sosa three it's been three years yes three seasons the past yes. And I'm trying to rack my brain how many guys could you remember. Even if you didn't think Dez was the best wide receiver in the NFL he was on the short list with a Julio is Calvin job at that time Calvin Johnson. I do he was on that list is being no one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. But do you remember a guy can seize his kind of if you caught a fall. But his slide Timmy over the last three years has been really inexplicable and quarterback plays probably part of that. Did you go back to 2015 robe was injured all the time and then you break it and Dez Bryant and then you're trying to. Find a way to have a act out some sort of chemistry with him are or simulate that press got that didn't happen. And then. On top of that now are now you're you're going in a different direction with some different pieces on offense that brought in some different weapons. At wide receiver there's a thought that I guess now the cowboys are gonna lean wide receiver in the NFL draft as well so it's just if I understand the why is it. But how often do you see a slide like this where a guy goes from premier wide receiver in the NFL. Being shot he's kind of just a guy now here's the thing I mean you do you go from Tony Romo to to dec Prescott's. An I not supposed to say like I agree with that I think that's part of the Mike might still the larger point is. Is this now who Dez Bryant is just the guy or is order things you could point to one up on ads. On a chronological order and say well yeah Kiki here's where it started as you said wrong I Romo got hurt twice fifteen that was part of it. Then you very conduct Prescott's that's another part of it now your trying to go younger in different direction a wide receiver that's the other part of it. Or is it just Dez Bryant. Is not in elite number one wide receiver anymore it might be both legacy I think so did David talk about this for years down there I know a couple people to do radio and country immediate down there they talk about this for years of the of the of the disconnect between. That press got Dez Bryant it has never been on the same page since since stack took Evers quarterback well you'll see Alex is tweeting I a lot of part of this latest on where you can actually do this it would hurt the comp picks. Because he got cut back cut. I guess we're getting that point now where where the complex are infected there's some date. I forget exactly when it is designed there yet but as soon yeah consumer Felix is saying Dez Bryant and Carolina would McCaffery Torrey Smith Greg Olsen would look pretty bleak and good I mean it. On paper yes. Is that worth the risk if you're cantor sent out a different cantor since on this and Darren say it was worth the risk. It was Darren no retaken his Reggie did that sticker gazillion is daring gonna go pick up quiche on her go take a does at the airport we needed key shot. The that's a good question Felix chats it's funny chat -- rights and other buildings that are tech's last Chad Harris likely the old DB defensive back for the Packers are different got to settle for finally you know as 96 that's a different guy he says there's a reason for that slide say what you want about Josh Norman the desert LBJ and never been the same since Josh mentally abused them. In 2015. Is somebody else said Dez has fallen off since he's been robbed of his catch against Green Bay in the playoffs. You don't debts is a guy who runs super hot. I don't know of Dez is in fact what's funny is diskettes pain it is like. Up problem don't you think Dez has that that. About a mortgage pain is like a bad guy I don't think Dez is a bad guy he just run so hot. In the course of the game and a Steve Smith who is this way correct Smith was there is what do you Dez had a lot of similarities yet and so. You could do it this is obligated to break relate to break I only get into this and only from pay understands I don't think could happen. If it could would you welcome mr. Bryant on the open market you could sign him. And dirt it doesn't affect the can't take you're out there are looking for after injuring Orwell I signed in free agency with the jags so I ordered all. Dez Bryant couldn't work in Carolina and why we get to it next to Greg Olsen and less than twenty minutes of primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by sports okay. Carolina. Greg Olsen again about twelve minutes you'll hear that if you miss our conversation yesterday Greg Olsen sounding like he is. Fresh. Mentally physically. And you don't care to Steve's about the draft another tight end up like that we're reading your from Greg Olsen coming up at 330 if you missed our conversation yesterday standing Gundy at 5 o'clock is gonna are you laughing man I don't last week's word yeah it's. We're looking nervous around here about Steve van Gundy pistons head coach for now who's gonna jump on in and talk I don't. Talk talk about Steve Clifford has been like go assorted head coach of the fighting a battle that is so like we cut it's it we kind of saw some tax stand is. Moaning a bunch I worked on XM or whatever and I said Tommy all he won't talk about about cliff from whatever blob Allbaugh is it that's fine but I'm fully ready for for van Gundy who he would do this all the time. He really literally grabbed the wheel and just go. Kill often and zone director Tony I was two feet away from when he called the NCAA is racist out of nowhere and a Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock your spectrum center a couple weeks ago are 70457096. Tenure over to jump in on the phones. Building center text line as well 704570. Ninths extent you can tweet just rallied Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WFAN seat. Brownie Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country about national jeweler magazine. Building trust for three generations Bradley Jewelers. In Bradley Jewelers dot com I so Dez Bryant release today our body we're cut today body by the Dallas Cowboys and I use informed we went to the until the team facility in Frisco and I met with the team. He wasn't offered a pay cut they just flatly cut him which tells you this is more about in and we just wanna go on a different direction. I think it took a lot of our chemistry stuff more many think kind of the same way I think it say about killed amendment. Everything we heard about kill them enjoyment I hear. Over the last. You know six months plus since this deal went down was it'll kill imagery it was a talent. But did the work ethic ever match the talent ID Kelvin Benjamin ever really jive in that locker room. And in that meeting room with the other wide receivers and away. That that you saw growth and the answer was no and I think for does pride easy guy to different stays in his career. I'd just does Francona again I think Dez Bryant Steve Smith comparison to me is very apt Steve Smith was not interested in helping develop other wide receivers he had that. That Al thought about it it's my job it's my team it's my offense if you're you're either you're either with me or you're against me. You're trying to take help me get the ball or you're standing in the way and I think Dez Bryant. Is that type all true competitor. Where I don't see does try a blessing is a bad guy does I don't think he is and he's been miscast. I think Dez Bryant is such an outlaw. That mean you got to have the right dynamic or around that alpha sometimes otherwise he can be really. Can he really bad and I think it was that's why you've seen a slide over the last couple years in Dallas was kind of like what Greg told us new here. The next set and I mean you know you you know you're there to got a man truly guys beneath you in the candidate the other guys there in their in the receiver room with you but you don't want that guy taking your job. You know I know a lot of people down their talked about Dez can help out Terrence Williams and his development at the same time Terrence never you know became a star never took a spotter whatever. So Dominguez going to be as he's death of that that alpha male wide receiver that we talked about a couple we still on daring campus here. And it's funny because attacks directs and building seder Tex I'd saying I would see here says a motivated dead is looking to prove his worth and prove to Dallas they made a mistake. I is a deal for eight million dollars I don't have the nose of the market is EA has there been people saying what the market is out of the market is for Dez Bryant. He's somebody I assume the debt and here's the thing with with Desmond obviously she's got the leverage of being the at least at one point it are a couple of years ago an elite wide receiver. The other thing is and this is kind of well known at least at least among like a league circles. Early among like teams and all that she's had some money issues so there's going to be teams out there that are gonna say hey day as you know you need you need money. You know they're they might give less money knowing that that you know that they have the leverage yet perhaps you know another Texan was writing in sand. About Diaz. Everybody else is on one year contract around here anyway so why not why the hell not swing for the fences and see what happens with the as a mean that could. I think it could be part of the thought process I don't think you just do would slip Italy and say ass screw what the heck. But if you're confident that if you drug Dez Bryant in here he would jibe in that locker room. And that's the thing what happens if you bring Desi is in the in in this locker room. And you have a week where maybe Diaz gets three or four targets. Arm but he only gets one or two grabs but he get another week or is get Peter ten grabs and he's getting targeted at eleven or twelve times. He's gonna love that night what what's gonna happen on the other weeks. And that we got gassed as as. Look we're trouble we're trying to do around here is and I think this is why I can't see it happening you're trying to get away from the eighty number one wide receiver we came you don't want ghost. When we seem can't succeed it's what he's. Getting it to everybody's getting everybody involved there's no true number one I got to force feet. Dez would be your true number one there'd be no arguing it right so if you bring in a guy like Dez Bryant to the Panthers. I think you wonder okay what does that mean for Christian McCaffery the offense courtesy Daniel any offense Torrey Smith in the offense Tearrius right in the offense. A new name home Evans launches as well Gregg Olson you've won a draft another tight end possibly there and it's probably going to be a pass catching tight and so. If I'm asking myself could work here from a dynamic of the talent standpoint and a veteran I Cormier could. But I don't go to work from a football standpoint I'd be open to it I'm just not sure that this makes sense as a place he did as if you wanna get eighty to ninety balls again. With jazz on the front end and says it's gotta be honest to understand why wanna win. While wanna be and a veteran team. That values another veteran wide receiver in some nights it'll be my night in other nights it won't or do I wanna be a guy I think that puts my stats back out there away where. When it comes time for me to be a free agent again I might be able to get one lie steal. I think at the last kind of wide receiver that you have Steve might be the example. Armed and I'm trying to think of like took the the last wide receiver out there that that switched teams and like here they had their bed near the the team that brought him and had that kind of conversation I mean does Bryant is the kind of receiver that you want on your team in terms of this is totality in the guided. Is gonna fight for a ball. There has had some issues would drop some things but like he's a guy that you want in your in your receiver room you don't. Want him is a god it's getting ninety recipients while it if I told you Dez Bryant is on the Panthers in 2018 in the season ends. Dez Bryant is ninety receptions for whatever it is 12113 hundred yards ten TDs. I would say that probably means actually didn't have a good year where you want okay. You want balancing your offense could he he's getting old is gradually happens to Greg. What happens to Curtis Samuel what happens to DeVon forges weapons to Torrey Smith. What happens to Jerious right what happens with all those guys have it would new BO would you be happy with 7580 catches perhaps innocent saying it's a fine it's a very fine line I don't depends on how you're getting this catches too by the way a look at their eighty catches in your didn't you know. You can end here. Earlier trades every wanna Jarvis Lander here old chart slander caught a 114 balls but they're all you have for nine yards did desk this morning meeting god it's going to be that possession receiver too he's not going to be god it's gonna go blow the lid off the defense don't catch some 5050 balls. I'm not seen is gonna be beaten ten yards every catch with. He's also marketing guy do you think you're gonna go game breaks 3040 yard receptions every that's not Dez Bryant came either and that's what's weird it was like Dez Bryant is now turn into a guide it. To me is. I think just a guy strong I don't think he's just a guy's got more talent than that put you would look at him he's I think his reputation is that now isn't it. Among wide receivers in the NFL Dez Bryant doesn't have that name recognition anymore rethink mean I gotta go get that guy in my team when he's not a guy that's that's I think. Completely fallen off the table like his football skills haven't left him I agree I agree I want him here way back to work if you look at and we had a caller colander in the break in mention this I completely forgot about this mean if you look at the last two numbers that he's had their last two receiving our numbers that he said he's had eight I'm 38 last year six touchdowns. You before that 796 with eight touchdowns he thought those are bad years though right those that you're a mean. My ravens won that's a good year for that you know Blake. You want that's his accounting I want dice here but my point is still like you're warning that ninety catches for your not wanting the extra baggage that goes weather is what you're saying. Jack and I also think there's a ripple effect if you're giving and if you bring your given that guy that kind of attention tier offensive and other guys suffer for two. And that's I don't I guess I'm saying like I think Dennis is disappointed as he should be about those numbers the last two years it speaks to how good he also is still. But those are the types of numbers I want actually one day as for like 800 yards 6080s here. And I don't know does once a hundred yards and 6080s here I think dazzle us 12100 yards twelve TDs and that's fine. I don't know if it could work I'm open to the idea in Matthews tweeting and Joyce is a deal like Kee Shawn Johnson all over again I don't know if it would be that. Are quite dad dad Darren equated it could be close in on other cowboys undersea really came here to Carolina for one year stint. Didn't kind of work to do it works very well let's take a quick break Greg Olson's gonna talk about this new offense how he feels. And the idea that the Kantor's might be after drafting his replacement especially the opening round it's next prime time powered by ortho Carolina four. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford go to Carolina. We're gonna detect it kind guests are welcome in Panthers tight end Greg Olson and I Greg's got his. Back to basics football camp it's his third annual football camp and I it's gonna be coached by one of the all time winningest coaches in new Jersey state history. His dad was pretty young guy he knows he has some guy he knows it's his dad and so you can sign up for that Charlotte country day June 18 through the 22 half high school as well July 9 through deterred thirteenth and it's going to be a champion sports performance dot com champions. Sports performance dot com Greg you don't have to talk to Hawaii bin. I don't condone prepare prepare and how is your that does your should seal and how's everything going. Through great Europe Britain aren't very good off speed nutrient and we don't control go for awhile now so. I get out into royal street weekend's start tomorrow and leaping up and their back and everybody come under. Greg how tangible I mean is. Ron talked to come out about cam being really excited and anxious to get in there meat no more figure out what does new options is going to be H I imagine for you it's got to be a little bit of the same based on what he's done with tight ends over the course of his career. This track record speaks for itself grabbing what we eat dollar pact he state cowboys of course. You know more you know more recently with with gates and making him you know what they all are most prolific. I doubt they're in San Diego and you know even a cut it short time in Minnesota he you know Kyle Rudolph was very productive. I'm the one year in Cleveland. Jordan Cameron is very Kirk Cameron's door Kirk Cameron don't care or whatever well. I'll. You know totally does you know he he's very good you do that you Kurt if you think I didn't. Very partners painted a target that aura here or higher you know. I'd really like true there's really like doors keep everything that you guys you know very well both professionally prepared personally Mubarak put it it's kind of funny how it changed kind of in other than a week that you know nervous energy that excitement that comes with that because no period on bells and you know even now my twelfth year. You know it does add a little bit life that you know I can't just no meeting entertainment go and Mario are going to be I gotta be like that and I cover you anymore and it's apparent that the protect. It's hard to believe you've been in the league for twelve years now does it feel like twelfth at his album how long as quickly as occurred on by. It depends what we did it so yeah that we could feel like twelve some weeks it doesn't. We got a bit off beat then they're really took good. I feel happy about returning how much preparation are gone in the early period you know we we typically get about a 68 week block of work prior to historical period that. You know democratic ballot shipped a little bit we can never do another boy we bloc quit the team which you know they organize stuff. And then we get under six week window so it's really three tight spot he's been developed kind of approached it over the years and you know finished phase one and the power get ready prepared you might phase two which is in a teen stuff. We're talking to Greg Olsen painters tied Danny's with this right now on the technique come guess line he's up back to basics football camp to get to sets a date you can get involved here in Charlotte country day is going to be June 18 222 half high school. July 9 through deter thirteenth and it's going to be champions. Sports performance dot com we can check that out I noticed I Stewart talked about this. A lot over the years Greg about how you know some of the injuries when they happened to him. And any miss so much time over the course of two years it sucked at the time but in hindsight it was kind of a blessing for him because it allowed him to. Extend his career do you feel like data off for uniting not listen in terms of extending your career as much as. Man you played you play every snap there aren't a lot of tight ends are hardly any tied into the NFL the play every snap needed for sixteen games. Opt for years in a row and you're talking about playoff appearances and 33 Dozier so like when you look back now he's semantic missed it sucked to miss all that time but. To that point maybe your body's a little bit more fresh than it normally would be going into this season. Yeah I think that there I think you're exactly right I'm Muir when I look back. I don't necessarily count admit you know not all these are created equal you know one guy played our Beers burst another that playing partners they're not that I don't wait. You know apple apple so we are prior to this patch here it all right I've played ten full feed it. You know I would hit it over without in that state Edgardo and get some that plate. 500 so you don't to keep it under your belt to get it in a matter that start now on the contrary this year. You know missed an 89 games you know a plane for probably you know three or four record you know regular CD game. They're talking a couple hundred snaps you know it's. Dated it you know it's funny and off he didn't when I started my deal you know I felt like my legs a little different I didn't feel like at this stage sort of the same. Kind of built that he didn't where Teradata typically do and I don't like is that the that the kind of stuck you know you go through the Eden and you are not used to be an out but. You know now on the back side a bit you know hopefully it can turn into some positive. Greg you've got a couple of teammates is in Ryan and Thomas who have said in advance that this is this is probably at redemption as you think about your own career do you think you're getting close to that or. Do you still got 34. Good years of football left and you or longer than that. Gary and advocate here today typically been and mentally. You know I think jacket I prolong I still feel like I complain I love lead like it back or we latched here in our after. Gotta get my legs under me for a week or two you know and nobody talks that either Europe before that. They'll come and offer a tough too much stretch I was able to still you know play at a high level be productive stock. I'm concerned about you know necessarily telling all you know physically and I still enjoy the preparation of the majority off you. It just you know it's gonna come down to you know one year might just say you ought to have a cup. You know I know that's kind of what happens restart get up to be years but. It if I still enjoy it I think that the play you know three to five more years typically. Here that I that I don't get too concerned about which as you know at some point you're not gonna wanna just keep doing everything now any time com I don't know. I don't know how much of this you even look at but a lot of the draft analyst and we keep on to give the Panthers tight ends and you keep CN you know people mention Hayden Hearst is a possibility in that in the first round is there ever a moment where you see some to like Daniel. Sort of say in yourself around. Amar dear guys I can still hear youth. I'm still pretty good at this hour. Yeah I mean in my career I've been through this many parents didn't have backed by its Chicago I was out for you are back back years and the first order businessmen when they hired mark their regime would you know go out on it Marty I was back with free agency started at midnight. You know like that up like they do like. Collusion period Revver dot temperate around us call it. Started at midnight I remember waking up that either you're connect oracle and Margaret are about you that it would be body at the time. They ought to come it'd take my spot you know it's I think I can use it it you know last year or are predictive power. You know my approach is always been. They bring in a guy what are the first driver. Democrat come under repair kit Alpo you know teacher mentor him but he's not a different spot and that's just actually my mentality. Here have to. They're here we pretty good you know to take my gadget have been they might step away from me but. At the same time and our director at the Chicago we had a great better that the cork who let it be entrenched chartered air. Took me two years they actually you know overtake him as the starter in the whole part he was nothing but that that many. Made my life great made it easy I have always found that about five myself for that position. You know kind of return that favor while it may guard bureau quite a map up so you know he can take somebody else's skeptic you know you. That's it that's how I approach it. Greg Olsen banter side and he's with us on the technique I'm guess slide champion sport performance dot com or you can sign up his back to basics football campus third annual football camp Charlotte country day you'll be June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth. Gotten the wrong was say in a few weeks ago at the owners' meetings Greg did. I you know two guys on the offense with some opportunities that have been on your roster he's gonna get the chance with Cameron to to maybe take some of those running back snaps and he was talking I'm Chris with the with the stats that are going to be lost it to Ed Dickson and you've you've been around Christmas and hurts the last few years what could due I think he's kind of a mystery man for since we don't seem on the field a tonne what you're around him what could you say about him in his growth over the last years. GA candidate but there's that he had does everybody look they're still predictions article about they're Clinton or just the reality is that they had no idea what their whole lot. Not to go to that third tied it but. You know hurt Europe and those about to watch the people who really are looking past the number actually the past you know those things he can really bring an interesting dynamic courtroom. You sneaky debut me UV got on the scale it probably would be a bigger guy you've ever seen. He just great being used very strong he can really fingertips and you know do a lot of it that it's it's for a but the line of scrimmage in the back field pass protect. I think that the biggest thing that people don't understand what Ed did crested there were times where we could put it on their back at structure slot our pipeline that. Away for bed and and and it could be for the most part hold up the about party he'd do. I'm so that apple rolled it back Chris and can come in and they'll compete naturally very good at it. Army and then that the passing that kind of evolved from bear but could understand what would it roll can be and what the opportunity he has. You know right now looks superb and had a guy appear be a repeat itself. He you know he's got a unique opportunity this year he's got a great off he's he been in there almost every day you're there are trading with beards and beyond you know he's the guy that I think can do some things here and Abbott you can have a lot more opportunity. Greg few weeks ago you had chance to go off to Bristol and work with some of those folks up there and as you think about what Greg Olsen wants to do in the future what do you found out about TV and and why it appeals to you would the part of it you think you might enjoy moving forward and and he's ever seen that play in and year. Decision of whether I wanna continue playing football. You know I've been lucky the last handful years that's a really cool opportunity pin back he'd be spaced that don't let Terry come around a lot of guys while they're still active. You know of course inaudible you know do it that broadcasters he's been a little of a regular season game while still an active player had been done a lot. You'll really enjoy that aspect of it was that it was a unique challenge it was. Period there was Geithner called a gate that that hard work that not a corporation order twit you're out of their probation that pat being able to speak clearly. Confidently but also quickly you know in between you have to know when the talk when not to talk there's an art to end up. Not create we're going do it at one time I got a lot to learn that. No they're doing decree gave Stephanie you get at the Super Bowl. You know I've really been able to be some some cool things in February sort all the different aspects of the luck you know there were about to be a part of their. They're different coverages that they are stuck with it with the combo are in the last few years so. Their guard up the Earth's solar political opportunity or just you know the reality years you know I love playing. You know my my prayer and it is to play written in until you know until I don't want to work. Now I'd I'd be lying if you say you just ignore those kind of opportunities in connection is real special straight out when we know sort of networks and those sort of opportunity to position. Are putting your name and act. You be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't at least see what what was out there feedback to that's kind of what throws they come from. I would wonder Greg he DUN dues one count of fancy you more than the others to do in the studio worker duet that was only one game to a play by play get a color analyst with this one kind of a huge huge deals gravitate towards one. Avenue more than the other or or no on that. Don't you don't question your act company that there are being able to try them both content in real life situation now. Your have protocol on the boat than you think beat in game brought that up we've been much more challenging Eagles who really can dive deeper into there. Specifics that of the game in the heat delicate game of talks football cop ball which. I really like you know I look being able to explain things that aren't you. You're gonna try to create their belittle you because people are I guess they're trying to get super complex super wordy and try to. Show everybody how much are so you know I think there or in the beauty of the guys to do it so well but it that you couldn't take a very complex game. But make it simple and make it but in baker relatable while while keeping under the integrity the beauty of what makes it so our food is so special. Who do you feel like his color analyst studio guys you think man how I love listen this guy called gaming makes this one give guys a jump out deal. Mean it relate we ought that the general reaction to Romo picked they and I think he's yeah he's won a lot of active guys the content out there are being wrote it I think he's got to change the narrative. You know it you will feel ex players you've got to start up that it learned to be a broadcaster. A lot of it if you know all you know how to talk yes you're likable personality. What why you need to be ten years out five years now I should Romo had a changed everybody you know opinion gone back and you know he found it a gun because at the bar had a spirit talk of all this effort to know a little bit more than you do spray like that's what it's like what you were in the robo it. I think that's the beauty other. And plus you get to spy on all your opponents when you get to do it is and it clearly is an active fire and all that extra fun I had exactly zero catch. Arizona we. And actually decoy your back you've been ten years good and all of that in all my a bit doubting gave me that big of an advantage you know what Okur. Heck of a decoy you have to it was flagrant Olson's witnessing about a weight champion sports performance stock con your place to I to get to his back to basics football camp it's going to be our country day June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth right here in Charlotte. I say this all the time about Romo. Yeah you're writing makes it a funny joint cabinet you sit down the bar with him but you know to me my sense is where he's been better than a lot of other color analyst Greg is. I mean no disrespect any other guys have done it and you don't the past could beat Phil Simms of the world but. Timmy it's very easy to critique like anybody can get behind a microphone and say man this guy screwed up that play but I think romo's got such a great way about him. Of explaining to the layman what's happening on the field and that's it sounds really easy to do but it is really hard to do what he's got a really great way about him to explain what's happening on the field. Yet it's not black and white now and again like you say it it's so you can just point out what everybody does crawl right that. Of course there's things that go wrong because they're replaced designed to go for a touchdown in every plate design on defense they're not in New York right now so. The second something other than those who scenario happened so important pick something wrong so it. Really heated it up there just point out the next block but that describe it to drop ball. I think what people wanted to see what the beauty of Romo is or worried to minute what's inside the mind the quarterback you know he. What why didn't you do kind of out here what's the advantage to wait until for the two that it collapsed or two that an if you got just trying to. But those sort of in fact that he gives indicated in real life what would he he could fill in the blank. I can't speak aloud the rock at the Donald reached a little bit but he just still there at the beach you need to go on inaudible would wonder why he's. All timeout with two minutes in one step it. It could have used in the two minute warning or why you know. Those little nuggets within the game to an average fan I'm sure have been wondering that for a long I don't let your guard play. Quarterback at a high level has been a little puddle for fifteen years. And he's giving you firsthand knowledge commit to what they're mine its week when they get in for game winning 42 minute you're just that good example. That's that's very interesting television I find myself watching it. Who spent on the field a note regarding noninterest security act that you know. Greg it's a pleasure to talk to you is always my friend be well and what was Seattle on the practice field and a few weeks okay thanks for dropping by. Our expect. You're listening to primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. He's he's really funny somebody's inside my head. Out text derisive buildings that are text line crows did you see that quarterback from Sun Valley Sam how's. Go to Florida State he's a good player is really good so good he's going to be nearly the elite eleven camp and I guess I did and we were just talking about Sam now in studio. Austere and where they're. That's tomorrow and as a dodger market where were you man. You're an hour late I'd be okay what happened here I'm good they are you good Vietnam didn't look at a car trouble and good yeah I wanna keep Jamar careless process. It's got upset you didn't come why it was a now and often we Mercer was seriously though we were just talking about seeing how well are we running Sam Allen overtime tonight what's going on west side I actually talked of them are ordered an okay cinema six we're gonna we're gonna talk to at 640 okay it's the same house a great local story and even he is a Piedmont kid real recognize real I can understand that would some valleys done in a really beautiful ball last few years Sam how a kid from this area. And any school could even Mallard creek and independence and Butler and it and half what they've done recently all the great prior programs that have been built up over the last 101520 years in this area and we've had some good quarterbacks throw three here in Italy Brothers and another as they hear Chris leak video in CJ two before him. But to have a kid now in today's day and age being elite eleven quarterback and to commit to a school like Florida State. Big deal adds a huge deal man. Toward his area and for the youth youthful ball high school football in this area Charlotte now granny he's on now scares the Charlotte restless public. You know South Carolina. Or should save those those schools right across the border Rock Hill northwestern. Have been comment on the line a little batons good to have somebody. You know is built here in local parish just exploded like when I was growing up Sun Valley was like Piedmont we import any good just because nobody was out there and nobody lived in the areas that we've we just didn't have good talent slim pickings yes and now I'm close to that area I'm closer actually poured ridges like a couple miles down the road for me we go few miles down the other direction over 74. And Sun Valley has just. I mean it's it's a blue over there right now it's crazy how much is exploded in. I shocker in the towns go to port Ritchie said a couple of good teams over the years still clip over the last year so yeah we got good level football. In this series keeps getting better and better and better. And so you'll hear Sam how that'll come up in overtime also in overtime. Marcus Allen safety from Penn State. If there's need to safety couldn't he be guy he's a guy that second third fourth round maybe somewhere in that range you'll hear that coming up on overtime after we get off to your sixth Steven Gundy. He's gonna join us at five were little scared does that guy has no filter and Steve Clifford yes he used to work understand and NEC Clifford and fired if you're just joining us they would get back into that in a little bit we carry on Johnson coming up. In a few moments as well and we'll talk to him will growers and other once somebody's writing Danielle we'll Greer went down to Florida at a Davidson day. Had a PED issue and then went to West Virginia you still there really goodwill Greer bewilder is actually the one that like invited her or told told Sam about his invitation via the toll eleven tournament and I think we'll Greer is announced he's crazy say wilders got NFL talent and he'll be accused you'll get an a column well we're going to be drafted eventually but he's got an NFL arm so that's a big deal so. We'll get to that coming up in overtime carry on Johnson Auburn running back and another got a painters could be looking at to replace Jonathan Stewart in the draft and they gotta do that in what she performer gonna discuss and a little bit text deride sit. Building center text line 704570. Nice extension Mardy has been our Super Bowl champ with a us. On this Friday says since Greg Olsen so convinced he'll still be around in a few years where's all this tight end tight coming at 24 well. Can I say it's okay you are makes well because he's not the answer yes by the way always you can say OK well. He's not he's not Tom Brady doesn't carried a stick to say. Trust me I'm going to be here for years so they have the hedged their bets right it's just what it is and plus. Greg's mean older. It I mean how does that all players if he doesn't come out the blocks they need to have somebody overrated ego so is it's it's really one of those situations yes we trust gray yes. He's he's earned. All the links that he's being given the comeback improved he can still play he's earned at all. But at the same time and the Panthers and upstairs they still have to plan for that inevitability. And I would say it's not crazy to think it too tight end system is what my month might be more of what's best to open up this also it's a little bit. If you thought that if the painters take down the road sure. Was finally got it could replace. Could replace Gregg but also in here now. What Norv Turner likes to do having too tight ends up on the field it at the same time at times could be something that benefits your offense okay. And we talked about it would Deloach yesterday a lot of this is going to be about positional value it 24. Is there safety using words to pick a 24 you know you need safety is a corner you think he's going to be there 24 you know you need quarter. Is there going to be a running back that justifies I don't I think it's a bad decision to go running back to 24. Wide receiver I prefer not to but I'd understand if a guy like Calvin Ridley sell why why you wanna go linebacker DJ Moore and understand why you wanna do it so. A twenty fours one of those is is that. On the cost edge of picking the best person available. Right I mean you're you're far enough past the middle of that round to where now you're getting into the best person on the board. Tight situation now yes eight if you can. Do you tour and to to a starter in their first two thirds of the round of the first round then go ahead and do but when you hurt 24. One shows an artist says agent had halfway decent success during the previous year. That's well. Tune now you're picking and now you're trying to find that person that's going to be with few. 56 years not 1015. Like you what used to be in the past for first runner. 56 years why because you don't have the link to the of the rookie dealing you might get one or two from them on the second deal. And so that's what you're looking for you looking for somebody who's going to shore up your roster both inside a locker room as well as on the field are. I wanna talk to a guy that could be a ticket running back he's gonna join us. Right now carry on Johnson Auburn running back he's gonna jump ball this after a quick ID 4 o'clock our starts with him Jamar Nesbit Chris grow birds prime time powered by ortho Carolina.