Primetime: Will Kennedy Offers Insights Into Panthers' Ownership

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Friday, April 20th

Kroeger and Will Kennedy talk about the Panther Owner candidates. Plus a replay of the Larry Brown interview.


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He's he's brought. Mystery machine man pleads officers on a high speed chase that it wasn't shagged me. They gang riding the man play. Rest turf for a probation violation the woman. Eventually abandoned the man and is still on the loose maybe once again for. Professional career. Live from the marks screen real T studio Kroger. Don't know whether to be proud tour. I don't think I am proudly handed the BC CB. On the Ryan dug up all your house. So yeah all you're really down. Isn't that for everybody about the way but not everybody has their audition reorder third their new Israel on hum. I replied we only get we only usually get that level joke kids with that would dare again on Thursday isn't speaking of which etc. you know the building center text on willow did we like dig in a checker and usually funny guy wrote in this guy sounds like a lighter version of daring us to do. It's really hard to do. 70457096. Tenths and that was possibly go wider than their idea I mean he is from Demi DeRogatis from suburban Hickory okay doesn't get any wider than suburban acre public does that there isn't even a suburban hey Greg I hate it even claims that that's a thing but he does. You guys Texas building center text line 7045709610. Did go wrong name buying a horse that is named grunt it's gonna run in the Kentucky Derby so he could say. He himself had Brandenburg Kentucky Derby and he could say that in its its some what true wanna say. Just say this crock is not getting cheated life. Like when he went whenever he goes out he's gonna he's. Why playlist is is empty why is it that he gets away with so much stuff that other people we would be killing a form we lack is it just because he he looks devoid of any sort of intelligence. Like the it's data sets of the mattress and he says he's almost become apparent only Graf has a problem being comparative to somebody he actually plays that up and and you're right the because a lot of stuff he does other guys just get murdered for Japanese and Chinese media and he is truly immediate. I initially had yet you know just stated reveling in his meet handedness snowman and that's that's the hilarious story so we will Kennedy what is a BC CB right near Charlotte and got gay American people check out god game god famous Sunday night at 1030. And you guess we Monday through Thursday at 10 o'clock with a new news. Alongside Morgan authority. Yes that's one of our joys and life is people like what talent he works all all we are more recently Morgan every death just and so it is this here with Morgan it's. She Charlotte's Walter Cronkite. No I and he said that he did a senate you can't take them back now you both are at a tournament you both are we get to the kitty Carrick her you know you wanna give somebody else but let me because that's okay you you can be Cronkite she can be she can be Katie Couric virtual virtual do their so we got we'll Kennedy was where our top scorer. Just feel like evil always just destroy itself manner beyond that you heard this audio you know what I mean and just within sports but team. It is this who rounded with people with different backgrounds. Were different races would different religion. You know in order for a team to win is everything comes together and I feel like that's what. Like the USA represents everyone just needs come together in order to win just like sports teams I mean. I always relay sports. So real life situations. Because there's orders seal of business got all come together as a team as one unit in order just to see the federal resume their own little thing. I guess what you're gonna viewing gonna come together and form morning and be stronger. So everyone on the same page what you know what I mean look I don't matter what race what background what religion you are no no don't say that I'm just comes together like in good solid. Football team baseball team no matter what it is whatever sport. Everyone comes together and that's how you win games. Look well a little. It's actually. So easy everything is easy. We'll answer you know. Mad respect for you speak in on it you know Boston the other day had a protest. Game. He was like he was like. Glad to know and that's enough if you ask you what was going on he was. You know that was on it you'll be shocked by just that was funny news out lit. That calls itself moos TV news TE keep it Kruup rob going to Twitter handle just call Lehman's Syria should ask all of you so that was him talking about the social injustices and it. Yeah and you joke about that girl who was miss teen South Carolina she was she was supposed to go to Appalachian State and then she like that I think she was there for years she got like she got a little lot of that stuff about it and they follow her she transfer she left as a tough small little. For crock no that was just. He went down already know really what emerges out of what you just talked that was one of the early days of like viral content on Lernout. One of the first CL when she gave he the answer like silly as to what would you do to make the world a better place and her answer was maps. And and the Iraqi are perhaps. Her she would give mastered that I heard that. Yes literally you know the drop from how the sailor movie. Happy Gilmore the other really matters Madison about that's where all summer. We are dumber for the cynical. Go down that were not only is that incorrect that is one of the single Andersen dumbest things a number of my life world dumber for having heard it under tournament god have mercy on your home. I saw it honestly and I said this on her before is if I had hours and eight and part of I'm taken it there's there's zero chance that I don't somebody just at the same message they detected in a hundred buildings that are decks and that's a goalie that is simply it's exactly what that actually CH court I see you I see you we've played an audio so much man it is so freaking funny that audio of of Rob Gronkowski notice. We also takes sad 'cause we all the big rock we do we may we may pretend we don't at times but it secretly know he had he Lee looks like he's at their limit is Kessler when you do what he's done playing as he said like. He should haven't caught crews there. How eighties metal bands do it and wrestling does it seriously who wouldn't pay to go on crude oil dropped here's the here's the funny thing is with with with cry cry now. He is like a dog Maliki he has like a dog you feed him regularly. You take a vote for all he's in you scratch my. They're like okay he's big he's played real tough he's got to do is fiber swim all muscle. You scratch my dizzy here he's going to be really loyalty right so this is this. In fighting goes on this power struggle within the patriots organization goes on right now he's got to imagine yes there is debris disk has taken grunting his side. Yeah. We always need a girl we grow your retreat growth once a treaty. Drawn Q&A biscuit and I'm over here and so next thing you know it's Brady and wrong. Against. Telecheck and his army and Brady has come ease these commandeered. Grunting is not talking about not plan comes off riding camels and cut. Aren't even knows though is you're gonna have a easy to show up to practice one day in like two months. And Belichick's gonna hit with a taser or cattle prod in vaccine always back to normally in a reset a brain a whatever whatever action is in that Brady's gonna reset it but for now Brady is taking him over to his side saying. Just follow me your good boy on simple Brooks a good boy yeah eggs these like hawks is like the Hulk guesses you've seen the last store movies oh my gosh. That is so that's funny audio hold on let's let's get a quick break are your you're just talking about the seventies okay your child of the seventies and the eighties so you're much older and wiser than me and so on on that note and ask you a name uninteresting question. Ariel fairness. On this this news this season I'm gonna ask your important what's really come back we'll do next because it's actually something sad going on exports and we we need your help on this will Kennedy Chris grow older it's prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. This morning. No idea that you Chinese sometimes and oh yeah. Water please do it. What is that. It's Rob Gronkowski envisioned Richard Herman's. The dream team. You imagine being in a party. As the University of Arizona noted party school yeah. One of the biggest anti terror country skis and Rob Gronkowski giant robot of a human being. Has an idea hey let's throw open the front door puts throw open the back door and let's get some soul. But it's greased the floors let's get a slip and slide growing career amen. Payments how often do you. 5050 split on certain offer on his whole entire college career. He wasn't playing I'm gonna JC underwear and T shirt that seems generous set and real to you and by the way I think Cris Carter has solved the mystery of that that's not actually hand warmer but Tom Brady wearing wears when he's playing he keeps his crime treats and there are dog bones and see where he keeps that in some would when he comes back to the hunt. Eagle point country good employee. And boy if this runs through war all. My gosh all right trio will Kenedy WC CBI see your joking earlier not joking nobody here and your children your child in the seventies the eighties. And even we even talk about Greg Olsen with this month and a football job and nothing Florio said it best the other day if he was gonna be the guy he beat got ready. OK so clearly he's not their number one option yeah he's a fallback option he died. It's hard to imagine is no knock on Greg getting grace have a great broadcasting career and he knows this he's probably not even in their top three. Because I think you're looking for a name. You're looking for a guy with a resume and you're looking for a guy that probably is. Ready ready major now looking eye disease can get better on the job really forgot it's gonna walk and immediately into a great job I think Greg will woods walking into a pretty good job. His name is pretty good you don't. But it's not Tony Romo no it is not just announced he's not a quarterback you don't let Joba must say that's right or wrong but generally speaking those jobs seem to go to guys who were quarterbacks. And a lucky in a big TV executives Lama. MVP quarterback they love a Super Bowl winning quarterback they love they love that that pedigree. Of quarterback and sold. And it doesn't always work Ron Amadon is a great example of that bill sooners look I think Phil Simms was widely regarded to dispute why. And then the other side of that coin because I covered him when he played for the cowboys if you would have told me Torre knew it was going to be where he is today. Hours and your crazy we we had a hard time getting a good interview out of him when he played but then I realized later that was because he was really measuring his words used to be very careful when he was a player he's great he's great on TV. Well I would ask you this because you grew up with the instant it's and if this is not hyperbole is the right word to me it was an institution Monday Night Football was a sports institution in this country and I would say well how long the authority have to go back now would you have to go all the way back to do. With DD failed experiment to those. Gosh it was the comedian I put in the Booth Dennis Miller a Dennis Miller. How long would you have to go back to its before you say you know what might need a full Kazuo was a revered institution. In sports in this country and now. It's sad. Had to like it's kind of sad to see Sean McDonough who's one of the premier play by play guys in this country. Walk away from the Booth. He takes over for Mike to that place in city don't wide. I mean this is not exactly what I thought it was gonna be this he said on the record this wasn't fun for me. It's eight I just wasn't enjoying it and so we decided to step away another put Joseph tests at Torrey and there are I think tests it was good but still. Protester tore in there and now they're trying to find this colored guy and they can't like Peyton Manning saying no all these other guys they're not sure if it's the guy they want. And so you go back to the three man Booth they had for awhile and Dyson was in there with which Kornheiser to mean they've had so many different versions of this Booth I'd say for what the last fifteen plus years. An era trial what rush on bombing that was still that was a rumor for a lousy idea there really wasn't so he says something about Donovan McNabb who's gonna happen. It's just sad to it to me on the younger but even I'm used to respect. Monday night okay what they are in place to be if you're a certain air you know that music. That does does does does in that. That whole thing and it Howard Cosell. And Frank Gifford the guys the names they had with a and for one. It was he was the game a money I beg your parents to be able to stay up and watches and if you you know but he Aurilia. The country it was easier than other places it also was the only place for a while they you could see the other NFL games used that high. Highlight real they ran at halftime on Monday Night Football so that that it is. It may sound weird and a little but that's part of the change to now you can see on site in the countdown started and now you got everything on Sunday I think this Sunday night game. Coming along change a nine. And I couldn't remember do you remember what happened without by the way into this is belly years is that he's been and I had a hard time keeping track well. Even suicide I thought. On out maybe a decade well I mean he used to be on ESPN right yeah they had deeds a three man Booth there with with with McGuire and thighs men. And Mike Patrick Patrick used to be got a call that Kate nice to like detriment to the polls are good there's actually did so but tax debt TV package. It's now what is true this is actually case truly the Monday night package so when NBC got. I got into the picture when he went and TV rights came up for grabs this is an ESPN book is a fascinating book he never ideas paean book. But they talked about how ESPN and ABC kind of dragging their feet on the TV package for Monday Night Football and NBC swooped did. And I can't remember if it was ever saw it might have been Dick Ebersol it's time we swooped in and said. Well widow on Monday night but we want to package yet so I don't put it on Sunday yes Halloween just take you all the money you want for Monday night. Bull put the game on Sunday that you give us the best game and any NFL says okay. So when ESPN's finally decided to do a deal. They did a deal for Monday Night Football not knowing that they were then getting the B level games they thought they were still getting any level games and so that's part of it too is the games now all the best team of the week is on Sunday night and it's not a Monday night. I think so it's who's just saturation of the NFL the fact that there are more games on I got a Thursday night now sometimes you got two games on Monday night it's just changed. You know it for awhile that was there and you got to think about it. Even on a Sunday you're your options were limited there was though we kind of felt take hidden and red red zone and all that stuff so really Monday Night Football was was say the big game. Yet to see the stars there was really the national game it was the true and a member as a kid watching the Oilers and Earl Campbell play on Monday night that was like the big thing you know police are likely to stay up for that enough. Is there anything they can do like there's no coming back from that now or are they are still seems like it. Characters that I've Obama the the horses out of the bar you're not you're not gonna go back I don't I don't I can't think of anybody he could put on that. That would make it is really the football writers sills tiger the experience. I mean even if I told you is somehow they got eight remaining to come around. It was Joseph Testa torn Pete Manning is that something you'd say you know and I got to tune every Monday night to hear how they think you're past that point I don't think people do that I don't think that kind of tune in level exists anymore I think it's more whose plans. Yeah you know I mean Chris consort is good and and that's that I'd like Collins and cruise give but I. I don't want to them a Washington against. Yet Al Michaels I think is out of the enemy and he started to lose his fastball a little bit right. Yeah and then there's a question for them and who's gonna Stephanie good to that reluctantly to Rico's the guy. If you want ya know. This isn't your boss is hosting don't care right on the doorstep a figure that out and it's just one night a week. And you will figure that out I I do think it's kind of sad that this was one of their last. Great sports institution you can argue that Monday Night Football helped make the NFL what it is today and India is a very valid argument that that that vehicle the co Celera and moving forward he should never say I don't know why they did it. They should have never taken it off ABC should have never government. Yeah that was a big thing led to beyond anyone would always on Monday night of course now now you had on CBS on Thursday committee that took away the luster. For sure and you get you've gotten an element of big habits have changed since sticker to the other way again but deeper in the early that first five to ten years I think you people say and I want cable. I don't know habeas BM and part of its wasn't eaten but that policy or going to like gold by the cable package just to get Monday night pulled on his time as always drunk people act that way. You can test for neighbor's cable back in the day it. Splitter to actually the raiders oh I still list this as Damien was telling us the other day he used to buy is unsettling cards of the barber shop our quick guide me a quick break we'll come back on the other side we got Larry Brown coming up in about fifteen minutes. We'll Kennedy. W cctv. A day gone by pilot gets to the outfit there's ownership situation shortly so this is Jane Kennedy and it's within the sex sells like yes this. Please feel mind to put it the hard news events Dawson is cancers ownership situation will to a next it's tribe time powered by ortho Carolina. Anytime with Chris crushed. Powered by Ford goes here. Minutes here. Speak to some things that I think only he can speak to. About working for Michael Jordan. They're really thinks Mitch cup general people are gonna say odds it's the UNC nepotism it's the homer is almost the tar heel isn't. Larry really seems to think knowing the job and he's been a nice job as a Carolina guy. What it takes to succeed under Michael Jordan thinks Mitch Kupchak really is the guy for that to like be did you mr. Murrow in the week I think you're going to hear this happened. And that I Allah I love Larry Brown he's one of them. Ask coaches to ever coach even though he believes he moves so many places there's so many things but the guy knows basketball that an idiot knows organizational structure college and pros as well. There's some that are okay so real familiar senator Tex I said I do will throw just say. Personally just lending and which is fantastic aggressive will Clark nice here at d.s Aikman is great on TV what. Relatives right I'm a talk about what I knew him when he was a player to now and I know logic holes in the box there's no there isn't this a friction. With them from viewers I think he's fine I don't I don't have any issues with a life in college were the same wedding Collins worth it it amazes sometimes you really really good. But I know ease can be grating to some people I think he's pretty solid either Romo who's reading tea leaves before the play down. I ask you can and whatever that guy like he just just. It's like watching a Chico and it dries Jim Nantz insane yeah yeah I was in DC that's the vibe I've that would be interest in moving forward. Nance all the all these guys have always go dances and I'm known instances some days dumb idea nasal. Moral school so he's used to pay on your speech you you wait you react and I speak again and Tony romo's dislike this. He bubbling. That's fine yeah really is what's I think this treasury earlier press I think it's great so you all will Kennedy your plugged in the your hardened your new sources on the street. A somebody was actually asking me before the showed they say and I croak just feels like things are kind of calmed down on the Panthers ownership from what's gone now what could you tell me and you know I was talking to somebody the other day said they heard a big counts. It today and not dumb are reporting this but somebody had said to me day for that bid might be creeping up. A little higher in price tag so it has been quiet I think we've been told. It should be in the next week or two like we're in a time for anyone least if we woke up next Tuesday when you're painters. Had agreed to sail with somebody it would be shocking to me but we think of of this whole process and how it's played out. Is a lot of words that there will be some kind of decision made by the end of the month by the end of April and that I think that that's not too far fewer and twenty brewer were close for clothes and into an and that obviously they wanna set up to that meeting in Atlanta in the third week of may ending may 21 the stars the owners meetings in Orlando so they wanna have. A vote at that point field and it really does look like it's down to three people and one of whom we don't know for sure there seems to be mistreated we heard about a fourth mystery bidder but nobody I mean we haven't heard that name come out it's sort of like test a mom may be fall off a little bit that is so looks like tapper and Navarro bend tomorrow who's down in Charleston living there now more authority like McCoy joined our season. Learn a little bit more about. I'm didn't get to talk to him and talked to people who deal wasn't he's a different kind of loss from everything that we were talking about last night to these he wears flip flops we'll show. It was very casual and that's going to be very different from Jerry Rich's and and you've got David tepper who is that traditional old is tied in obviously with the Steelers. Ownership portion right now think of 5% of Latino easier he's casual to on the way that he likes to throw breast implant around the office just just let us for and those are the radio. He's been or other Rudy fair doesn't it glossy photo other owners lower. Are you failing and that connection so it's going to be interesting to see what you have to keep in mind as you're talking about NFL owners and that is an exclusive club wanted to be most exclusive. What are they looking for an an owner is not necessarily US the most money in the situation is not necessarily. Who the fan. I bring to the table moving forward yet do you fit with their culture what he brings to the table and in the you have to pass that vote so it's going to be interesting to see it but the NFL make no mistake about it they want that price. As high as it logo because of the cancer cell for near three billion dollars yet everybody else on that list above them on the Forbes list and below him rising tide right. Lifts all boats in this that's the case here. When your guy of too much for teed up out of the billion dollar buyer just became in this past year the richest. On and agreed to the richest. A purchase in US ports district is about the rockets for two no one billion so that's kind of set the floor and now here we are I think it's gonna be half a billion more and as you get to two point seven. We're north of that I mean I think that's where. Doctor Jerry. Okay at a certain point lead just getting aid you you can have a bidding war all you want I suppose if you try to drag this out the league wants it done yet they wanted done. So if you try to put some pressure and that's what I'm. I'm not trying to insinuate anything here but when I hear about a fourth buyer. Is a fourth fire actually exist or is that just something that's being thrown out there to drive price. I know it's in which is part of the business thing I'm I'm sure that the the bidders now but. Only because these guys are betting on a role model is that's not the they're not completely in the dark got their their work and their channels severe hey what's going on who and what of the other guy did and they know that and so there's there's this John King have a position I think it's going on. And we don't we all we always anecdotally. Like you said what what Morgan's learned about a guy like that Navarro we've read about things about. Guy like David tepper we've learned anecdotally about these guys but. We don't know just like we did know how Jerry Richardson was running his business we think we know that some of these guys who don't know what Jerry was doing that you find out you know they. So it's it's going to be interesting because there there is a tipping point right there where that is the value of that franchise can you continue this trend of increasing values of an adult franchise. There'll come a point where it is flattens out and this may be great test case for that. And that's trust I don't know I'm in my read on this I keep saying this is temper I think he's so Smart we read about him again anecdotally is this guy that understands. Just illogical nature of business and so two point Ricky Sanders going to be. You don't apply towing a bottoming out we if you wanna call of the value of NFL franchises but he also seems like god it would just. The week we heard from I think it was Katie trolls are from the observers does set about him that he bought a what was it a sixty million dollar home and Hamptons just to Terry down and raise it to the ground and build something new on the land is god and also understand some of the stuff is the status symbol. Yeah this is arms so rich the only thing I am left to buy that kind of tickles my fancy is a two and a half billion dollar NFL team. You are you minded to get your money back clay where you know you have for the long haul I think that's that's the question you would have asked for was some of these other owners haven't businessperson and it long term and you know on this team for 2030 years and then you know we do in the stadium and such got stuffed suit that's going to be a key factor in this jail you know move before does what does that ownership. Potential ownership group think of the potential for new stadium you know I'm open to the idea down the road doing something. But I'd love would that has grown into what jury wanted it to be which is a stadium in a car I got has developed into. There's a lifespan than I did a story that a couple we CEO 25 years this is what stadiums get these days and. Look at that thing that lay. Money doesn't go as far as it used to as the last as long as these two other all on will will take a timeout will Kennedy WC CB right here in Charlotte petrol on fox guy game this Sunday I'm bodily 1030. It's the division CBI game 1030 cedar channel 1118 depending on the idea Grosvenor house I enjoy hey I'll say something ridiculous like promises. Beautiful accused GCDs other usually result new guy chili bar again are you guys act Aldridge will be there to always talking draft will be touched checkers start the playoffs tonight. I try jagr. Good checkered July and go chubby in the checkers hello let's take a break we come back Larry Brown that Larry Brown. Tells us why Mitch Kupchak is the guy for the morning it's it's next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which preschool program powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Ourself Carolina legend he's coached everywhere UCLA Kansas the pacers the sixers. And right here in Charlotte Bobcats or a welcoming and Larry Brown who's with us right now on the technique on gas line Larry you don't it's good to talk to you against. Let me ask you this OK because we're talking food and I was saying my my wife's grandmother just coax the most incredible lunch. Every Sunday at 1 o'clock it's can't miss so what's the thing for you growing up whether it was your mom or your grandmother or. Or just a family member when when this was on the table Larry's eyes got he's just he's big as his head he just knew he was he good that afternoon what's that thing trio. Former mom or. There's been hours it very so there we let me blow on a Monday night. I'd probably have been slow courts aren't that we'd. Been. Little Federer thought they were so pretty good. Oh man I filling meal looks got a bad rap would you agree on and I love meatloaf but there's bad meat loaf out there. Not not quarter mile Mark Kirk if you were. My brother and I would. Me globe on Monday and then. We've pretty prepared on who's there when they are birds they were. You know be happy to have ready yet though there were so period upon receiving maybe prepared a farce we were weir okay we bit. Reviewed it and I was so good enough for up. Nicely this is why we brought Larry Brown not to talk crude and to talk me low fees with this right now on the tactic I guess Len hall of Famer and a former bobcats head coach. I would wonder Larry what what did you make coast of the Mitch Kupchak higher last week for the hornets is GM and then also a what did you think of his decision is first real big decision on the job to a release Steve Clifford this of his head coaching duties. Well so Politico go but they're great guy like being you know stored there a bunch of games. There and a series tortures. But Mitt Mitt super special. Army to. You know I ever I don't think a lot of people remember birdie yet are guaranteed contract but boy there's there was jerk what you do it or not going to be able play good next here and they're gonna they have many he showed up the first spare practice there's. So it's contract and I and I are working under very well played for coached. Where I'm dale loyal he did an excellent job with the lakers then. I think the fact that the only they have sort of Michael. I think he's gonna do an amazing job Michael Price. I think Mitch knows fully expect great values aren't they aren't favored prop but. No that's the nature of our bit for the hope people because people get fired coaches but not admit you are gonna. Regret way to work we're both prices could be our site and they'll they'll figure things out. Do you think Steve cook could you look back on Larry Brown's with a sickened by the way could you look back and say over the course of the of of the five years that's a long time any NBA on Sunday if you're not doing a lot of real meaningful winning. Five years is a long time in the NBA I mean he took over team. Larry as you know that 128 games combined in the two years before it took over and they never won fewer than 33. It is five years so what and who would you go would you look back personally say you know what knowing the dynamics in what he took over and where he left did Steve Clifford coaching tenure was a success here how would you group that was graded out. Are they get six you know are much comfortable what already you know we treat cultures. But that's the nature of Bristol that's when you know Rihanna and create their proper marriage and the other league I think because. You kind of people that bind so it's a long term contract. It's pretty typical that you don't think it seems you know play in Europe there are standard. I. I heard it press stop its worried that they relaxed period. What I heard that I kind of figured he wouldn't there be around very law because you know journal yet it's not like that he. It's taken a lottery but ability yourself you know I I don't know what you know people judge your coach Ron or voided. I think the biggest thing that's happen heroic move bringing in their kids that are so young. Or not develop a lot of you know we get all review. Worked out quote Jews sort developmental coaches are out there they're teaching kids that applies. So fortunate poet who even so early that makes it real biblical. You know I don't have. But I'm battles they don't respect the minute they get you know they have a bad game there are social media and somebody in their spelled it complied and it employ about it's pretty tough. I think you're sober coach but not but it made it shouldn't and both are. A really wonderful opportunities I guess they have a really good team my bank and I don't they believe there's. So great where you can't beat your creditor pretty quickly and Elmo pull out so they're throughout the right wondered yet so we don't mind and helpful tip. Get better but I think the way you know the foundation there have. I think bode well for the next coach that's what I how he took over one Internet awarding work. And that was Detroit and I was fortunate enough to follow coats what we're Carla. Carlyle had some pretty good values what I got you beat Troy. And I think I really benefit by that. We're talking to Larry brownies with citronella hall of Famer former Kansas UCLA bobcats pacers sixers they're coach is with us on the technique on guess life. And also the only other coach in basketball history to win in CA and NBA title let's have a Larry you. When you're with a box kits and at other places you made it a point tempted to talk a lot about getting your team to play the right ways Telus slumped in a paragraphs into when you say play the right way in the NBA what are you talking about. I watched that game now. And so on it's it's a lot different game that I ever. But that I always thought the right way you know if you look at my background I've played the Mets side bridge on what don't know and Pete Newell Alex atom. I require coach. Smith back out coached alongside coach Smith I think they're values all pretty similar plans fell asleep and then by Jeremy try to make it teammate. Better do what you do best. Without exception play hard really not a coach used up to beg you to play hard but it they have good values there have spirit guys will probably do that. Great shot coach Smith is the right on the board play park place more weary the other route on go about this freshman coach and it's different coach. Rubio all right bye. That we the united supreme rebound and then the president. So that was fine. But my thing I think they think bridge shot there's really really critical because the way people read here is now there's so many quick shot. Oh great shots they can and transition. You know everybody talks about that brief ball remember how necessary it is to be a great street orchard in training. I think there's a lot about Tibet but it is you don't Kuwaiti side you get well. It jets begin respecting shot in our percentage shots and then. We've all flat spell and get back on defense I don't think you can Wear sort they play in the right way is what coach Byrd talked about. Larry what's the hardest thing about working for Michael Jordan as an executive or. One thing written on the bench where news you know what players compatible all day I think it's really important when you take somebody out. You can't explain don't you know why you take in about our product they call Chris Michael Barrett on the number of birds just so competitive. Mariano Riviera beach about memo went over there there are they want but went so that was the Roosevelt or but but what that they do. He's a really bright he really cares about the people who work for many want aware of those that think that really were. More important for me I I think there's got to be an unbelievable connect to be in the order president. And the Coke and not being in its between the you might have this agreement. And they might be pretty heated but it the other that they there's only one boy and everybody Couric three or five Leo what this side Iraq. I had a heart problem with that bomb went out withdrawal because there were there're a lot of different. We had a code we added there'll mattered to real owner and I I think from. Bob Meyers they have bought out water to get Michael is here all put our borders app you're in any worse there's Puerto whipped rain. In I didn't feel good job chick from vast. I thought it would have been more important. Permitted to have an open dialogue with Michael all the time they don't want net new order you're just glad they called five trying to. But it would trigger point Willis you this Larry I I was mentioning this earlier I mean as you said it's never fun to see people lose their jobs good. I was remarking he'd be the fact admits is essentially cleared house in the scouting staff and the basketball operations all the way down the training staff. To me to that point that's a step in. Hey we've got to get everybody on the same page we we can't just be peace healing the staff together even if guys are good at their jobs we need everybody. On day one buying into this idea of what needs to happen moving Ford that's not a small thing to me that's a that's a big deal on an encouraging sign movement for the Mitch did that last week. I think it's liberators way to do it burn out of the people that. Match would go work capable wallop I remember what I got to coaching job. Coach Smith told you Larry good people but you'd have it next you. I'm going to be the most important people you can have a around there if you can teach them all about Roy you know what you can't teach their beloved respect due. So make sure you are really aware of and I I think that was really trump and there are art but what I did struggle a lot of five. Important quite the same way people you know told me. It's from its third and I don't think that's the best thing. I know Mitt well without being so. It's a sensitive guy cares about people it's probably what needs before but these guys are people around. Around him that he feels really cool loyal cult where. Because they don't it guys really got patched through Dallas Michael Michael given them an opportunity if you do that pretty sure that's going to be a good way to start right. You know great pop pitcher out there. Or if you court permitted forever. All right I think a lot of people want to look at those birds maybe and so there's shooters and you know little problem what Clark who edit that no not much really know but. In general. It'll pop make good decisions and everybody else. Executables and there's unbelievable loyal they have a connection between everybody you know spaceship and I think that's the way you win you don't have an expert beta reported coach rich with the players now and a player goes a lot of units would be your honor or respect. What good jail you're you're all the other. So that you won orders and they know there's there's nobody gonna break that. And I think the only way you do that. Surround yourself with cape hope people don't understand you know loyal hue and a good execute any and you. Think it's important and never you do have something that very very good statement the right way I think it's a pretty. Difficult spark from Mitch personally. No one damn but I think it's the right thing to do. Larry Brown he's got inside he knows what it's like to turn a program around resign ever stand and that's why is also they were and the only man in history to win a college championship and an NBA championship and dust kind enough to make some moments Ross on the technique I'm just like Larry is always a pleasure thanks for making time is good to talk to you against. All right that's hall of Famer Larry Brown that's literally the only man in the history of basketball who's won a national championship at the college level. And of course won an NBA championship as well with those deep Detroit Pistons and we appreciate him making time for earlier in the week he came always mean kill go. Earlier in the week right here on prime time powered by ortho Carolina some good insight into the hornets and what it's like to work on the bench. Underneath Michael Jordan and does seems to think he's got some pretty good. Authority to Mitch could text you got to handle that position on moving forward for the opponents of good stuff there from Larry Brown thinks there but he also dropped by Luis Moreno junior. Our power from the Panthers Danish radio network dropped him by. Talking about the schedule release also they gave damage Jack from as well hanging out this mess around for a little bit witnesses will Ric Renner. From fox sports southwest in Dallas. I talk a little bit about this hers and talking to cowboys coliseum we've won it in the home opener for the Panthers as the fire things up the Bank of America Stadium thanks to our guy will Kennedy. Coming on fourth witness for the first time and got co hosting with us on this Friday thinks the Billy Steven Ryan behind the scenes you guys hanging out what is. All week as well and will be back on Monday we'll see you then it's crunch time powered by ortho Carolina. Right here on 10256. Listen this golly I'm wishing you a very pleasant and good afternoon. Where ever you made me.