Primetime: Who Runs The NFC?

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Monday, November 20th

Kroeger & Luis Moreno discuss the best teams in the NFC. 


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Powered by Ford. Do you turn over more quarterback since 2014 and any team in the NFL it is a trans. Any of those tournaments have been done well anywhere else no no that's there that's a fair criticism and I'd give you another example your golf. Last year plundered their eggs on their on the fishermen just Fisher and and Chris appointee he looked average at best nobody so everybody just made a mistake by getting. We're Carson whence they look at him now would make me. I think it's all about the system about timing of obese patients. Normal reaction Monday Panthers didn't play there on a bye week what they did lose so that's good right but they didn't gain any ground no. Did him any favors yesterday nobody did him any favor Washington you have one job you have one job like that dude that's in it. Block that due to the whole house call and I'll spoke not to mention anybody would come on man they ran off tackle at one yard gain on third down saint saddened. In what one timeout left or no timeouts left would have ended the game and unfortunately. Don't hit apply avenue time positive when all the way to the two marijuana to right. They give it to breeze like you loves it in two minutes left in the in the game and they march down denial I have others before I come on the air. We knew that as soon as the game went to overtime who's over over for Washington it was over and it was 3431 despite leading 3116 was about six minutes ago saints come back. I'll we'll get to some of the numbers on that a little bit vikings just throttled the the rams in the second half. Defense wins and they shut down and number one offense in the NFL yesterday. And Eagles last night the second half decider wire we hanging around with the lonely cowboys right now and they scored thirty unanswered in the second half settle the Panthers come off the bye week. Greg Olsen back at practice today ranked Leo back at practice today. But unfortunately no help from everybody else's they sat on the caps yesterday. But I also think it's probably a good thing Luis because you go play New York team on the road that you say maybe it's easy to kind of overlook. But not what everybody else one you know you gotta you gotta keep. You know staying maintaining ground and in this playoff race so we a lot of pay a thirst talk over the shortened week were on the year Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Obviously off on Thursday for Thanksgiving. And I will be off on Black Friday as well make sure you join us on Wednesday RW FA NC street Turkey's event is gonna be going on over the WS plenty Coca-Cola dog house. I got my frozen Turkey Mike king good yesterday see you guys do that as well. Bring them by it's gonna benefit the second harvest food bank of a Carolina loaves and fishes food pantry as well. Either from 6 in the morning 'til seven at night. If if all you can delicious drive by and give us a dollar bill out your window won't take it we'll literally have volunteers lining the street the corner mean to morehead. If you need to just slow down to. You even come to a complete stop just gonna ease the rules take your your food got your car your truck or whatever so. Couple by its gonna benefit. Second harvest food bank of met Carolina loaves and fishes food pantry thanks to food lion will feed to a vote jingles and tilted kilt and it's going to be a great days that join us on Wednesday. Our fifteenth annual street Turkey's event. So Pitt are still getting help hornets get a big win on Saturday to cut stop the bleeding for second we'll see what they do tonight against the timberwolves back on the air. At 630 for pregame tonight here on FNC. I've got that covered and then now will be on the call. At 7 o'clock your from the hot busy holiday week here are put college a plot to save for awhile now Luis. I'm a big NFL fan I've always been more pro patrol over college guy not a big college basketball fan all of the MBA mortal of college ball. I've always love the NFL bored out of college football. But college football the last few years of guys kind of stolen my heart yet and I think it's because the product in the NFL is. Just OK just OK I mean if you can't look at what happened in buffalo yesterday which we'll get to the five interceptions for Dayton native Peter read. And not look around and say. Sometimes I wonder what's going on in this league there's some really good play at the top. And then there's some really bad play at the bottom it feels like that goal for us as wide as it's ever bed is much is this league is built on parity it doesn't feel like there's a lot of parity and yeah. I think it's because it's like you mentioned maybe from the top five sixteenths to the bottom five or six there's a huge to watch golf but then between I think. Team 25 all the way up to one. Everybody's competitive and I think to your point NCAA been more competitive I think. That play a system has helped a lot going from two teams to four teams in the final four that's made it expect it every as you guys mentioned before during during the week. Makes it every week is a play a week for everybody. So that to me is the one of the reasons why. NCAA maybe right now having higher ratings. Then that an and that we talked about this before arresting the fact that you can watch so many more teams you're up in a weakened without having to pay extra in it any extra money. In comparison to the NFL where politically for the red zone channel only to pay for the game pad the ticket the NFL Sunday ticket and a lot of people unfortunately can afford it. You have limited. Games you can watch any any given Sunday. Luis Carrillo junior Chris Grover to prod to overpowered by ortho Carolina in this is why wanna talk about cupcakes leaked Luis because. Here's the thing I've I've been heaping praise on college football loved college football. This past weekend was not very good he had it was a very good a look we don't to schedule dictates there right now of course after last week it was we had we'd one ranked a great matchup we had seven each of the last two weeks of the last two weeks we that's fourteen ranked on ring games him a lot of those with huge conference championship playoff implications. And it. We get any of that on Saturday we had Wisconsin Michigan and Michigan's playoff hopes for all intents and purposes were over done with data very slim. Chance of winning the Big Ten it was still possible they needed to win to get apology help. And they took care of that by losing to Wisconsin it's better to take so that's off the board. As they went down 2040 tend gaffe and the game was tight like that score probably doesn't indicate how close that game boys. But may they were just leaning on each other for four quarters. Michigan's run rushing was. Awful all they had what 37 carries and think for 58 yards Wisconsin is the number one defense in college football. Now summit that is dictated by who they played correct but that you couldn't walk away giving out Saturday not realists okay Wisconsin's capable beat big time teams. At the great thing about this system now is even the you have to ACC teams in the top four they're gonna have to play each other before the dead and four starts up there for one of this team's most likely and we talked about this. With the with Mac on Twitter. I don't think that either one of those teams even the I think of what loses whoever loses is now so because of that in the Wisconsin takes care of this conference championship you gonna have Wisconsin a that's a final four. Whether whether it's with the Oklahoma and clams and a novel Alabama but with Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin. So to me to get to really keep its at play the scenario that with relief say Alabama always the SEC OK and for Auburn doesn't matter whoever wins the SEC. Clemson when the ACC Oklahoma wins the big twelve and then you've got a eight undefeated Wisconsin is a Big Ten champ. And that he got a one loss Miami whose only loss you don't is to Clemson in the ACC title game and maybe it will even entertain the idea that was a really tiny. Fantastic thrilling game it came down to the wire but. Clemson did an off who gets it on defeated Wisconsin as a Big Ten champ. Or one loss Miami whom ABS a couple more marquee top ten wins off but is an even a conference champion. That's the other Wisconsin gets into that tired. I agree I agree because we saw this a Penn State last year he had but I don't think as much. What what happened when Miami against Virginia this past week and they played well but got to a point there were down fourteen points I think that was overlooked in Virginia after a big win the week before against Notre Dame. So I don't. I love Miami hello Margarita I have a I have a man crush on back I've but I don't think they're right there so if they lose to your point I think one of those teams right below them will be. The one that went in that you mentioned this she said if Alabama wins. The NS EC championship. Why did they lose one week before to offer. Now you're out I think divvy up their schedule it'll resume is OK it's not it's not any bigger not evident in my mind could not Emily Taylor president and if you lose that one game that didn't you win the conference chairmanship to make the week after that against Georgia let's pretend that this is that the matchup duke beat Georgia was so gonna be a top ten team. It's Alabama we talked about this seems like. Clemson now Ohio stadium given the benefit of the doubt in my question or guess the point is. With Auburn eight and ten question. We tenant two day when the rest of the games another meg gonna play the murderer percent of division but they can beat Alabama finished with only two losses and you beat Georgia you beat Alabama. Do you put an SEC team like Alabama with one loss. And an Auburn team with two losses in the final four that's another country. Worse that it's gonna be interesting might what you might think with with this Louise and her became gay got game day guys talk about this on Saturday morning on ESPN. It's tough with college football where. I I get it there's an there's a literally economic impact of what goes on where the big programs scheduled a little program to them. I went to school program and upstate I get it. I'm very grateful for the schools that allows us to comment. Get our butts kicked in collective problem but sometimes occasionally what looks like every twenty years it you know collectively paycheck. And get our butts kicked him and move on to the next game. But there are something that just seemed off this weekend. And we've talked about this a lot over the years about what you do from a scheduling standpoint especially now the playoff fairer and especially don't playoff where we are trying to. It's much she's you can't level the playing field to decide who is the most deserving because of what you're talking about right now and these cupcake games. I'm OK with one a year are really a one year. The plane over the month of November leading up to a rivalry games that it I mean look at it it's everybody you're right it's not just Al Davis Getty crucified for play Mercer. Clemson did it too. South Carolina played Wofford eats its all these all these teams playing these games as kind of a filler game because they don't play nine conference games. They needed extra game and they got to bridge the gap between conference play to the rivalry week games especially if it's a non conference play. And you just couldn't look around college football on Saturday after the last month. More than half really it's been a great year all year long and they look around yourself and saying. Why are we what we've been doing here it just seemed like up at its it was almost as if there's a bye week on college football across the board honestly. I think that's what is worth watching on college football and it's sad police does that wanted to feel the momentum keep building piano I'll get a sense of urgency because it's been that way every Saturday if you turn on your TV at noon. A needle meaningful games have been played. In May and Saturday to slack that is funny in competitive is Virginia Miami was. It didn't have that feel on Saturday because how could you with some of the games that would be well. Let's let's pretend that we have one of those scenarios we have only two conference's. Or 32 or three conference is split and at the top four teams. For the final four I think this is going to obligate. The NCAA and everybody else to maybe think about an 88 playoff team. And to your point maybe that also helps them not scheduled this this this cupcakes at the end of the year because now you're gonna have more teams are full. Fighting for 441 of those eight spots. I'm gonna keep talking about this and the Chip Kelly rumors are heating up we discuss Sodexo Luis Moreno junior Eric Celine about an hour we'll talk atomic college football attempt maker may feel that a thing they got people angry this weekend to all that. Is next his prime time or powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. Goals is good football on Saturday just a little bit the only having children gave us a little mrs. We're pretty good style points for Michigan. And Wisconsin a textbook fish and game Michigan. Goes down an Alley and 35 and three Big Ten play so they're eliminated officially as if they weren't already for the most part. Are from winning a Big Ten championship window Harbaugh. Still looking. First first conference championship be it in in FBS football only Contra Los truck the stat out the only conference championship he's one. University San Diego that's it. Same same conference as the Davidson wildcats the pioneer in the pac man on scholarship at CS before it's the only conference championship. Jim Harbaugh is ever won and is very good coach Daria the list it is still very my body would just wants to hand it over national championship forget about her Big Ten championship and that is not that. And then now with a playoff system like I say after after what I think we're gonna have at the end of this year we've. Appoint two teams that are with one loss or or even an Auburn team they win the rest of their games. You mean that the only two losses they have where against the number two ranked team and number twenty ranked team and you're gonna leave the mountain when they beat Georgia when they beat Alabama they'll beat Alabama so. I think to meet this is going to. Forcing the NCAA to go to eight teams which is gonna make things somewhat easier. What we've got paired Selena and ours are gonna talk about some of the sort of CBS sports ESP NU radio as well Luis Moreno junior winners. On a Monday or near the high reward isn't liberal us tonight pregame at 630 tip off at seven we got both of that. Coming up here on WFAN to you can tweet us a liberally chose Twitter feed app prime time WFANZ. It's back. And it's Black Friday week that day at brown Lee Jewelers to celebrate 81 years in business they're discounting. 81% of all jury by half for more nearly the whole store will be on sale for the whole week it convenient location team get details at brown lead Jewelers. Dot com and text are also writing into the building set or text like 70457. Overnight sixty talk about some of these cupcake game throwing guys is terrible games. Another rights and yeah idea conveniently left out North Carolina playing western Carolina what a joke I was in conveniently. Leaving it out you can make a laundry list of teams appoint cupcakes or not singling anybody out as much as I'm saying. In general to practice this here's the issue this is not about singling in Alabama off. Or Clemson or South Carolina or North Carolina. That the issue to me Luis is. The practicality of what's going on in college football to where were so we used to. Cupcake games being schedules. Leading into a rivalry game or the final week of the regular season and my issue is what you just said we're word a new era. Where. College football playoff races determine everything it's just the lines we looked through if you college football now and I think it's been great for the sport there are a sport that already. Luis Thabeet was built on you know do you know the idea that all we want more critics data post season. Well you're the one thing you could say about college football is what the regular season kind of begins the postseason field week to week it's almost like these are playing games or elimination games. To build up you know that the controversy ended in the states and you don't I had my way I'd like to sixteen playoff I think six would be good or bad. I'm OK with four. Eight is as big as I wanna go I would have a huge issue with a put them I'm also find ways things never change. I would lose any sleep over you don't humble and I think they've moved obviously took wait so long but they've moved in a good direction right. But what the actual plays non conference games. Why why does in the SEC. What a you know you see you see teams you know right now in in. Speaking in the ACC playing eight conference games could they get to nine conference games in. You'll especially when you're talking a leaks that are. 121415. Team leagues for leaks you don't play true round Robin schedule anyway elicited big twelve so why not play in ninth conference game and like you like get the idea of well. We want. You know these these games help but I'd have CS school they may help crippled five school book it was the scheduled war and have it both scheduled one no right like what's the harm my rule would be. Nine conference games across the board everybody's got to vote on this. But not the power five schools should be voted for. Nine conference games nine game conference schedules. You can schedule one if CST we hear one. And then you can schedule one group of five school so for example if you're North Carolina if you wanna play western western us and FC a school go right ahead. If you wanted to point Old Dominion or somebody of that ilk go right ahead. Then nine conference games the rest of the way and the other non conference game you're gonna play. It better be a power five school yield one of each one power 51. Group of five in one FCS school because it doesn't have to be this hard. No I things you can't have it both ways I know the instability prides themselves and tradition. And keeping things the same but he you going to fault with the play off system with instead of teaches the BC is you're gonna go to for a home. And you want to do six or eight because it demands and you have to change your traditions and you'll waste and it's all about timing I also believe that if you play those cupcakes at the beginning of the year. You have the last ten or eleven weeks of oh of the regular season. As a player of week for every team that is contending and top ten top fifteen teams in the rankings so I think it's about timing. You got to modify this traditional well what we've played this team all the time like Notre Dame has for five or six of opponents at the play. Year and year out regardless of the circumstances I think those things have to be modified in order to really get a true feeling especially at the end of the year. Where you competing every game means something. To be able to get to that final four final six are finally. Tradition changed like a meteorite I agree I mean we've got to Altman you've got to wolf I mean you can't always played it it'll be a deity you're gonna play every team always always play this team okay we'll at least. I you know decide if the national champions before OK yes certainly could use tobacco college football history and he's just these devote. Who several team with a country and then they would play ball game seed of teams who could lose their bowl game would still be a national champion so. College football's a weird sport and it's taken much longer for college football than any other sport this country pro or college to come around to change adapt and stuff like that. But eventually you do need to adapt so yeah I agree with you the idea that well you know play this team could you always like this team and you don't beat him you know we you've faced some of that stuff out. And what you thought when you get to play an active again it'll be a big deal it'll it'll be something you tell what we haven't seen this game awhile for just like my we might be Notre Dame this year and we've seen his game a while it felt big and it was picked because of that so I don't wanna see the smaller schools the FCS schools. You know choked out. Put losing. If you go from to heal the eighty here's the other thing too these are CS schools by the way Austin. And I don't follow the FCS that much anymore 'cause app has moved up a level I think Austin. I took that Austin. SES playoffs and there are 32 routine bracket by the way. I can tell you right up there are 32 teams. In the FCS level that are worthy of competing for a championship so for them it's about more money they do that to get the TV money all that stuff for a Austin. They scheduled one too many FBS teams and they lost in the committee held that against. Seoul it also works both ways these FCS teams that are using this is a way to. To bankroll their athletic department of PayPal co we skakel we cram two to three power five teams on your schedule and collective cool. One to two million dollars for it. That's not the intention of college football either. You'll that's not with it that's not the spirit of college football in my mind so. The there's got to be another way to filter money down to the FCS school Greg and look Nick Saban is even come out and got on the record Luisa sand. Yeah I don't like these games I don't a decent I think we should all be playing power five on power five. Now that might be to the other end to the extreme. Which it should not be that hard to say all right. North Carolina if you wanna play a western do what if you wanna schedule an app state is a group of five. Do it and then go play a power conference team I guess what if you power conference team you wanna make it it Illinois's eighth. We wanna make. You know what a lower level power five conference team don't you at Vanderbilt going to do that nobody singing just the schedule Alabama every year and I don't conference right but spread the wealth around a little bit. Well at a two statements one about and agree with him too often put to this point be viewed on schedule this teams before you did let's say you won a schedule set a schedule in Mercer said that though you ski is to schedule another top ten top fifteen team enough. Well this is going to again force them to have eight teams because you're gonna have a lot more teams in the top ten. With two went three losses so now is not going to be that big of an issue for two reasons first you're gonna have a bigger opportunity to still make the top. Hit top eight playoff teams. A B one of those four also you're gonna have a lot of more competition and better teams throughout the whole season. X Mike what we saw this past Saturday when again I'm I'm so glad that I didn't have to wise how much of book guy. I choose that on things going on a home but. A man that was boring. You can feel a little one hour right yes and we Sebastian Louise Sebastien was born this pat congratulations. Hillary necessary yeah we're very happy very healthy. Big boy. Eating a lot like his father so hopefully if he he takes after I mean some things put others he's better than he's got to still had hair to write you out like his father to so yeah somethings are similar as some are not have a debt arts and. Congratulations to you are boy our boy big cat dead as you can imagine he's pickups Infiniti tweets and parlay Jewelers Twitter feed brown leaked it's Black Friday a week not day at brown leads to celebrating 81 years of business. They're discounting 81% of all jewelry by half for more nearly the whole store. And for the whole week a comedian locations details at brown lead Jewelers dot com he's saying the clubs and schedules front loaded with six. Against ranked opponents we normally start out with George you're offered South Carolina State offered citadel is always on our schedule and I don't mind that I kind of wish to his earlier. But when you move our schedule at that some say it could dole. It's not about moving much eliminate those tea fire because that's the thing too is you put them here because that would break your schedule is and yet you should not be playing one or two extra these types of games. I don't like the idea that you play him. If you even if you were to play just one. I don't like that it's played November like I don't know if you could legislate that but you get guys if your gonna play lower level teams. Got to be our first month may have yep gotta be the first car of the year treat that as your pre season if you will. And then we need these games because it is good for the sport it's good for TV. It's good for media people talking about the sport and that tore rat with college football right now she could keep doubling could Saturday it was just like. I swear you're going ninety down the highway it's a pretty jacked up the emergency. And primary schedule imagine if instead of having an Auburn against voice of Louisiana. Tech or whoever they had yes. And Jake you're eleven and Louisiana and RO OK one of Louisiana team who did beat LSU but that's a homeownership. And it was it was a decent game yeah while it was if let's say that Auburn plays Clemson this week rather than in this taking embassy taking with the the season. Why are much more meaning to imagine that's what upset him so you can still play Mercer or senate bill early in the year are you consider how Auburn Clemson. Week eight rather than week two and looked at that did that impact that it but I think it's a great point because we're gonna talk to bear silly about this CBS sports. In an hour gonna talk college football with him the one thing I think that the college football playoff is done to what you're mentioning this a second go Luis. It's changed the way we view wins and losses in college football for BCS era you basically had to go undefeated. To guarantee your shot. At a national championship even some years that wasn't enough yeah. Like it wrap reminder that we were where we're right now this is gonna be year for the welfare we're fight said hey go back fifteen. Twelve years ago ten years ago you had to go undefeated to feel like your team had a legit shot at winning a national title that's unheard of right now. And the beauty of the playoff there is yes losses are not all created equal losses are not always a thing that injure season and so the committee is his. You'll trained us to look at losses okay when did the loss com. Correct where did the loss column yes how did the wall Scott who was on the field when you lost to was not on the field when he lost which the quality of that opponent all that stuff factors in the and this is the thing now with college football where two meal like you're talking about if all burn you were trained to think now well. We penetrate to think wolf you lose a game make you make sure you lose early yet. Not really no no no play could be I think has told us now. Oh it doesn't matter when you wonder when you lost his look at clips and they're still looking at Clemson saying you beat three top fifteen teams in the month of September. They're not looking at as you beat three top fifteen teams in the month of September they're looking good as Syria UP three top fifteen teams so yes if you lost it you know I think to answer worried or eight ease or boosters or coaches or worry. Well we scheduled a tough game going conference in November we lost it. And I could really torpedo or season though the committee is telling you now. If you win great if you lose we'll take it into account but we're not gonna duck Q more points because you lost. In November 1 issue lost in September so we gonna change that mindset we have with skeletal. I agree the other thing prison do not come up 32 to determine a hundred and some 115 teams have played. In the in the bowl series so this this this notion that only four teams are good enough to contend or beat the playoff teams. Do we have eighteenth seed you look at the top eight teams right now. All eight teams you have a Georgia playing against an Alabama or Clemson in the first trying to play up it may be a great match up Auburn vs. And Oklahoma Wisconsin vs Miami great match ups it to me. It you can eliminate is is this basically you eliminate those those cupcake games and you give more competition and more options more opportunity to other teams are good good enough. To contend for a players are spot to take. Now tweeting nieces are using north Carolina's example that's exactly ticket I'm just speaking and hypothetically yes or go to the big north Jonathan traditional both sides today you just they actually did do that this year because they play towel. Off from pat for the pac twelve and lost meadows about a loss a loss to cal. We should that should just sounded the alarm directed for the North Carolina scenes in the six team injured players but they lost to cal. Ever and then they've they've beat Old Dominion and they played western so that's an at CS school a group of five school. And power five nonconference schedule but I I think that's the model amount was it a Wii using them in general hypothetical wasn't. Singling out this year but they did do that correctly this year and then Hans tweeting in to is a very astute correction. He says those utmost rednecks did not beat L issue Troy did that is correct you eleven beat Alabama eight. Young and. Gosh what year was that was that 2000 is now. We viewers that present at 2007. And I was 0706. David's first year on the job because again that's the last time he lost to an unranked. Power five team I believe there. Was up we will do is was without their I don't know exactly so I'm mixing up but Michael Cuddyer went so okay this cupcake teams that mixing it all up at elegy. That I over played against so what could you imagine to the fun matchup you get because I do think that's another look at you right you talk about some of these games and you know somebody sweeting in saying. Well Clemson always plays the citadel they always play Wofford they it was 2000 sounds 2007 thank you write a mixing up you eleven Troy by sun belt teams are all mixed stuff that's that's that's my apologies geez it's still my number of teachers one built together crooks. If your phone bill ordered. My point is this bill like we saw out. North here on a plate towel and yeah those aren't necessarily stalwarts in the college football world. But it's uninteresting match you don't see all the time it's so you're right like to the other and reach say from what we're so used to playing these teams OK what you just don't play him every hearing more play them rotate a million. And you'll also get to see some new teams play in power five teams reach say might never thought about those two teams play and I don't know if you could do the thing Luis were you do. In college basketball like or receive the Big Ten and ACC challenge yet. But that would be a fun dynamic in college football idol I don't own it probably never happen. What could you measure didn't have a you couldn't if you could not make it work in just one or two weeks he will we throughout the year and then you'd really if it doesn't become a challenges comes you know verses conference person to temporarily to play each other be willing to say you know white. Okay into Clemson had been want to Florida states that want to Alabama's been willing to Oklahoma over the years has been willing to Ohio State's middle into Michigan's been willing to. But it's not a deep group the teams reach say power conference distort great teams are willing to step out. Out of the comfort zone even challenge themselves at because again the losses just don't hurt the way that they used to and I think people got to shake that stigma. That wolf we play this game we lose our seasons gook is that's not shorting. But I I do think that there's an element of okay there's only fourteen out of a hundred and 15120. Teams only fourteen so. If you double that to eight teams you give this opportunity to more schools to zippy instead of plain Mercer. In week nine a week ten we're gonna play and Oklahoma City where we are Oklahoma State met or somebody like that somebody that is printing up and stayed. I don't know Wisconsin's even if you lose that game you still going to be able to have an option or or possibly the play in the playoffs because it's eighteen drove them. For our text ready Luis buildings that are techs like 70457. And 96 did you guys always have jokes on the text flood so let me get this straight all the text your rights and as a Clemson fan you'll want us to get rid of cupcakes. I guess we should. Stop scheduling South Carolina every year half half half half apple on bands. A kid you know what I had two of my friends went back a few similar I had. And the Clemson not only put alumni put. He also played and they were going back and forward. I cannot believe you have one of the four top teams we don't we lost to Syracuse Syracuse is a horrible team. And then the Clinton gets it well you guys shouldn't even be talking you guys are high school team not to talk she is is not something for you guys so yeah that's that's that's old that's legit to detects irritant to sit on a constant fan in and I get the agreements but I'd rather throw pac twelve team or something and Lewis a citadel offered I don't wanna so Lucy listings for those games go away altogether. Just routine of romance it's gonna take time too busy schedules are. So Ford advancing college football but I would love to see the start to deal with doesn't put this as an agenda piece in the off season to make it with this and apply what is the one complaint right now with the NFL there's a lot of play a lot of games and a lot of games or maybe don't have that high quality that don't matter Thursday night game. Well that's the same as the Mercer against Odessa my game there is no different so would you have to take that out in order for this to be. 88 just all out every week can you cannot have citadel and and with all due respect to those teams that's what they are art lowered team that's what the they don't have the budget did that this team tap that don't have the revenue because there are smaller schools that's just the way things are California. And Wyoming are different days just the way it is you'll I've been saying for about a month the 2017. Eagles. Look like the 2015 Panthers. They took that way too seriously lesson don't explain would Louise marina junior it's primetime bear to leave 45 minutes to talk to college football this were powered by ortho Carolina. Monday's prime time powered by ortho Carolina here's the highs hornets got to start stringing together some wins stuff challenge tonight get the terrible summer here pre game. At 630 we get tipped it seven right here on FNC in at 6 o'clock by the way on our sister station is allotted 10993 WBT pit their talk was so cute Jeanne. And now Mick and I think we've got Alex armagh on pit their talk tonight she could flip over their six we get over time it's six and I've got pre game. At 630 suited to covered on all fronts today Billy and rod Beck in the back in the studio doing great work and they're getting fed very well by the improper pig. Awesome barbecue and there it is the barbecue explores portal. Two the barbecue world that there you can go check them out over there in cops called on Sharon amity he improper pic dot com. He can even though police order for ticket outline if you wanna do that but here's here's the real deal. Their barbecue sauce their their trademark. Mary these barbecue sauce bottled in and house is available for sale and all the restaurants ten bucks in the portions and that a thorough. Salvation Salvation Army Sarah Pope defeat fairways for Christmas and toys for the kids at ten bucks for a bottle portion of the sales gonna benefit celebration army center for hope. For families and for our toys and defeat them this holiday season to go supporters are. Brian Gambill they're enjoying this barbecue a worse later way over here well I mean you you're the host of the gas and then it again but I see what how this payable kind of hospitality is this Xerox I wish my night lasting more shorts and when that first name Jeff because then they'd rather be got direct corporal that's what I know what we're gonna do is gonna go like we're gonna go approached the media dining line in like an hour and they'll be some like stale popcorn down there or so ago and look at some like CFO for instance his doubts soda sold Dudek coming up at it in a little bit. Text reading and building center text like to Eloise thanks for the shout out this is his buddy the South Carolina you have Daniel walker he says that haters cannot have talk all the trash that won't put their three at five and allies state head to head so I saw it Jesus Syracuse is a basketball score there the school they're quarterback's gonna start that game. Should be a benefit of the doubt for injuries you play with who is available. No topic a little tough for should lose to an unranked team period that your boy. Bet they'd listen that your guy learns happened last week to attack active list of I have my my boy my Clemson my clients and friends back to because. I loved Daniel on that and I respect USC but he can not be talking about Clinton just because they lost one game they did the same I should they came back. And as you mentioned approach you cannot just save wealthy plus one game everybody has a bad week. And there are so many teams and now with a player. The fourteen playoff. Gives you delivery to maybe you know not have the best game one time but awfully it's a technically you have an off week what's a little tablets and having him come back and when that that financial terms of my Clinton and lecture. We text the writing in of the buildings that are techs like 270457. Overnight success is guys are losing sight of the positives for the FCS teams if they lose they still take home a million if they win. While no I'm not I'm not from saying I understand there's value I went to a school where. Look I was in school that beat Michigan it was one of the greatest days of my college life probably the greatest thing about college life but the the walking across the stage. And I get it like those games matter. Arm but not if for every one of those there's a hundred it goes the other way on say it is you can keep those games you don't need to have tour three of about a scheduling for your thoughts on second I mean I like those games I think they have value. It doesn't need to be a team. And it's it's egregious threat CS teams to reschedule and two or three of those and your sometimes that happens you can't. Have you taken needed to you're gonna play if you want to contend the there's teams. In the NCAA guard division 18 or that what would the bold series in the NC yes it's a one day one double oil and clearly you know what that's like this at this like offensive we can use them anymore parallel and things that out a few years ago even now with the FBS there's teams that in the bay and the password. It double A teams yet and so there's so many of them they're no doubt. It's that you have to have a play up to a system to have more than just the fourteenth and unfortunately somebody's gonna suffer is a smaller schools the smaller school sort of a song for that and aren't. I've been saying for about a month or so now that. 2017 Eagles to me look like the 2015 minute there's gonna he's an out of the gates. They've got some confidence building employee in a row now. The defense became just flat out get after you forced turnovers they hand the ball the offense what is the offense do to turn it into points and it's this snowball effect. That use just. It's fun to watch honestly it's fun to watch a team played their way in the Panthers executed that to a T two years ago. And other talking about from a purely football standpoint let the quarterback it's got some athleticism to moment he's gaining confidence week by week you can see that with Carson once right now. But I've met all that on a purely football level. Well. The Eagles really took this I guess that would so they say imitation is the highest form of flattery gets right. Correct did you see what they did was about thirty seconds left on the clock yesterday last night against the cowboys know I was sort of total. Oh yeah on the sideline what can still go on and replay Eagles players like getting together on a sideline taking an actual not a not a stakes photos that you do the end zone with a celebration out in actual photo. Team photo celebrating their eighth straight victory moved denied it won best record in the NFC through the first eleven weeks of the season. A needle it's funny Luis because. The standard and I go pray all I don't know conserve over two years ago the Panthers were dad paying it came we've gyrating within our nose in ML at home yeah. Yeah for real political feel angry letters to the editor from a Tennessee mom and you know taking pictures on the sideline and saying you know I in fact actually. Hold on I have the exit just for this exact moment I got this exact article originally hurt it's funny how the Internet works are sway Charles Robinson of Yahoo! without Charles on like Charles but man this did not age well. He said talking about the Panthers that. If that third joy to watch and came as a joy to watch but he said with that said Charles Robinson Yahoo!'s board back in December of 2015 and catering yes. Newton didn't let the 38 nothing win over Atlanta pass about giving his detractors a new moment to grouse about. When that went beyond the typical first down a touchdown celebrations. With that stuff. It's a debatable matter of entertainment preference the panthers' offense including Newt and crossed over a lot of arrogance with two minutes left in the game against the south Newton closing out the blowout. New did more than it does an offensive players gathered to take a celebratory. Group photo on the sidelines. There shouldn't be any issues with celebrating first underscores what players are clearly showing up an opponent. When they start taking group celebration photos before a team has concluded. Doing that is disrespectful Charles Robinson writes plain and simple. Newton in the coaching staff should have known that maybe they did and they don't care either way waiting to take a photo until after the game would have been a class your move. I didn't see any updates on the Eagles at. And it's one of those weird did you see that or no no I don't see anything as single thing about the Eagles and how there did do that especially when the Panthers and if you wanna see that won't watch from maybe the other what's wrong with the Panthers weighted to the were fourteen and now have clinched playoff win clinch the division. Blew out there opponent the arrival. The falcons at home and then at the end of the team literally within five minutes of the end of the game and he took a picture you cannot compare that to what the Eagles that yesterday. And not take it the same way or criticized at the same way and that's what campuses that cam need it. Then I. I've also I got a long thought over the years Luis that the idea of what you want people say that's what we've Cam Newton did that I think that's only easy thing to say sometimes this is the perfect example well what does Kim Newton did that well he didn't. Do that any get eviscerated nationally is being eight maybe most of my book with no sportsmanship. In a post more penalize I would love that idea what you're showing up your teammates. This is pro sports event this seat JV sports isn't varsity sports is is that you have different and play however Fareed is isn't a church league. This is these are pro athletes being pro athletes and what Kim said his famous on a couple years ago hey you don't like it. Keep me out of the end zone here that's the profile so I want from great athletes and great performers don't ultimately got to back it up. But it was just funny to watch the Eagles do so you know what they're gonna say would let their quarterback Wesson her lead always noted this year it's different exactly it's different because he wants and their leader. They're that they're different the face of the franchise. I didn't see any updates this morning and on the show boating Philadelphia Eagles in fact I think probably if you search the Internet when you saw us. Did in this teams haven't lost on their parade it's awesome to watch Mike we just said and then and the only reason why I think we're making reference that is because. If that would have been the 2005 or no wait it was the LA and when it happened and what Kevin did this actually he did in Dario. The reaction on different hold on. Final hour of the show is next Luis rides with us the rest of the way with you till six Barrett solely in thirty minutes to talk college football and John Elway said I think he probably should have said that thing we discuss that to its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina.