Primetime: Who Is David Tepper?

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Thursday, February 22nd

Chris Kroeger talks about the Hornets and Michael Jordan. Plus Kroeger talks to New York Magazine's Jessica Pressler about possible Panther owner David Tepper.


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BC and Carolina Tampa radio network man himself you so he's with us right now on the tech become just like they just conspiracy which they play five. Every good player out there obviously if you get as far as they wanted to work the playoffs the but does almost doubled their win total about six the previous year he jumped right back here in July lives here that that's pretty Turner's side cannot prevent Marx I think that's typical for young guard like that locked up for your account. And how we enter created TV off speed and that's far away from the NFL last year that would be that the decisions they make that was some of these veteran players that Canada may have to part company will occur cluster and how they reshape it to try to build a better protect your life. From the mark's green realty studio. You know while covets Eli from the Specter of setters prime time. We are powered by ortho Carolina Jerry gets you to join us in an hour. Send your prayers now folks still Jonas at 3 o'clock of pro football talk dot W a fun show lined up thirty minutes away. From Jessica Pressler from drop the power to class things up a little bit I feel like. This is some high brow stuff we're dealing with it to thirty from New York magazine Jessica Pressler. And I would wonder right where we're gonna talk about truck nuts. I don't know I don't know life maybe maybe I don't here's what I know okay producer Ryan. Billy the marlin back in the studio. And I would wonder is she reached out to Jessica Pressler when did you reach out to her right eye yesterday yesterday OK so you've reached out to Jessica Pressler down I don't know just to Pressler. Come out but that's not any sort of slight on her I'm sure she said the exact same thing about me who's this Chris Kroger guy. And what is his radio station at Charlotte, North Carolina want to do with me that's kind of the whole point oh right like we unearthed. Not me it was actually I think whatever great listeners drew drew McDonald's you don't. We did this out yet the other night and I saw it in a Mike over this is interstate are gonna read about this so. What happened was Ian Rapoport came ominous. Gosh Tuesday afternoon right yes 520. And Ian said hey here's a name. David tapper were reporting this just now that David tapper he's one of the front runners to to get into the Carolina Panthers ownership bidding. And he's a guy that is a minority owner for the Steelers. He's worth a lot of money like a Lotta Lotta money. Not just the small piece but like beat big because it like gifting 63 million dollars yet to Carnegie Mellon of all places yet not like it just gifting 63 million dollars to anywhere. According email and worry as his NBA. And I think the business school is now named in his honor David tapper so he's one of these guys we've been sick of for awhile. If somebody's gonna by the Panthers it's gonna be some crazy rich white dude who you've never heard of before. David tepper is the crazy rich white duke we never heard Opel 448 hours you can NASCAR drivers by the T I mean it's early yet but I would venture to guess that's for that still probably pretty unlikely soil off long story short church we get this out thinking you know we everybody instantly what you do right. You used the Internet to your disposal. Italy find out about this guy which he actually worked what can I got their articles about what's his background which is bio how to be make his money what's he doing now all those things. And somebody tweeted out a story from New York magazine. From 2010 at this think eight years old now we have 2010. When he had just kind of started the whole premise of the article that was really a profile on him. Was hey I'm coming out of the woodwork. You want me like I went from being a guy with hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of billions of dollars operating hedge fund here's how I did it here's what I've been. You know I've been operating on you know as soon as the every day man. I'm ready to start living like a billionaire like a big beat billionaire now. And so because of that we we start to have a supply there's an interesting little details like the big set of brass balls apparently that's affixed to his wall in his office. And I would wonder. What point do you reach out to Jessica Pressler she's probably thinking. Why do you guys wanna talk to me about a story that take years old elf like he seriously like. Volume what we would we wanna talk about some but just wrote last month actually something from 2010 do you remember about that still. Jessica Pressler from New York magazine. It was her profile. She's gonna join us at 230. We're gonna talk you're about David tapper and you know I think it's interesting from the standpoint ride because your reaction yesterday. Omar's reaction yesterday some of our listeners reaction yesterday. What we are having this discussion about. Some of the details in this profile what we can think we can glean from David tepper. And he's he you know pierce seemed to be real turn off factor for a lot of folks yesterday I couldn't gauge. What that percentage breakdown was was it 5050. Was at 60407030. In terms of people who work at an unfavorable response. To some of the details of that piece yesterday. But it was interesting to to talk about that stuff and I actually interpreted that as. Just a guy with a lot of money and you don't get to be worth it happened all a lot of things like that if you're not being at contagious. And a little bit of a jerk or a lot of bit of a jerk. And and you know your. You're you might be a good guy at heart. But you gotta be ruthless sometimes an anti UConn be worth north of ten billion dollars and how where and why you would want to donate at all in NFL team because it's it's a toy. And you've got what people call bleep you money. It would US bleep you money the only things you can do things you you can buy Deborah Carr started option. Homes aren't an option you could be you you could buy those things endlessly. And it's not it's not triggering anything inside if you where he aideed my sticks the next fix for a guy like David tepper. Is holding an NFL franchise being one of 32 guys in the entire country who can say on the principle of majority owner. Of the elite of the elite in sports in professional sports in this country that's the next step it's why read all that stuff yesterday about David tepper a thought. That's not the greatest look like I'm a considered act like this guy is Mother Teresa. But also. I would venture to guess a most of the 31 other alert orders in the NFL. Are probably more like him the more unlikely but it was yet it was interesting yesterday to see how people responded to him yesterday because I don't. I don't know it just the split didn't seem to be very favorable overall it seemed like a lot of people are turned off by some of the details from David tepper yesterday. The same time though I mean there were I mean I took the call yesterday of people you know were you in favor of or were you close to Marty hurting getting the they're getting the full time GM job and and the consensus was that most people were fine with it but yet we were getting more reaction from the O'Leary. So I mean there could be few flaws there's a guy earlier that are in favor of David tepper being the next owner. Yet no doubt Mansour we're gonna talk did to Jessica Pressler from New York magazine she George's at 230 was her profile in Woolsey you know she spent time talking to not just David tepper the people around him and it was eight years ago now public. What what can we glean about who this guy uses a dude as a business owner. Easy hands on it is he somebody that's meddling or is he somebody that says hey here's some my business runs. I've hire good people on a let him do the work so we'll talk territory thirty Steve pencils gonna join a sports assistant at 330. And they played a night against the nets it's crazy from the standpoint the hornets like 25 games after after this all star break. And seven of them come between the nets in the sixers they get this schedule has been the weirdest I've ever seen in NBA history. If the all star break came basically there's three quarters market this season. The trade deadline came a week before the all star break. And then you get a team like the hornets who play eleven of 25. At home fourteen of their final 25 or on the road. And on top of that they've got two series that they have a need at safety yet. David David opened up the season series they will tonight against Brooklyn at a four game set against Philadelphia they haven't opened up yet in the final 25 so. This is a really weird schedule for the hornets it's kinda cramps. And obviously their backs are against the wall a five and a half games back of the funnel playoffs but but. I think by the numbers the hornets have won it of look at the other data of one of the top five easiest schedules remaining in the final 25. But I know a lot of hornets fans have waved the white flag it's an auto care anymore policy these players get developed policy the young guys get minutes but. When your five and a half games back with that schedule with 25 to go. I can tell you probably gonna be frustrated you Steve Clifford Huckabee turning over the roster offer development that's not happening any time in the next couple games here. So we'll talk to Steve that's always Peter join us at 330 steep Tyler at 4 o'clock. Basketball insider stock tumbled talked to him about the hornets front office shake up and it's Phil savage he's gonna join us coming up. At 530 Reese a Senior Bowl director former browns GM. And I've I wonder what which still thinks about Mardi birdie getting a second crack at any peace deserving of that and what if you market cricket from wrong Phil never got a second crack after anti he did not. Is he was with those big the eagles' front office for a little while correct. Right and it went to Cleveland right to the only GM job really got was with it was with the brown did so I would wonder like from field yet and he had and he was kind the second man to Ozzie Newsome Baltimore gave up. It feels got to I mean Phil's got all the respect in the world from from front office people. So like it's really odd how mean we just we do that sometimes you say it's like get it we we just. We we say hello you screwed up. And so you'll get a second chance again and I look admittedly it we can all agree it's odd the second chance is coming back here they'll make sense because the timing. You often don't see a guy gets fired someplace and come back to that same place later on I'm. I tried to find like GM is that in the NFL look like got second chances and really. I'm not finding anything I mean there's just kind of like guys that like you come back to the team may be a different role but no one getting to know when getting fired as the JR or leaving as the GM and coming back to be the same position that he was when he was let go. And it will work to find out about Marty very early on I mean we're we're. I think we're gonna know pretty quickly here whatever the moves are early on whether his stripes exchange like he claims or not in so I think. You know I think back was talking about a perfectly this morning. You know he did agree with the move but what are you gonna do now the moves that made. Like there's no no matter how much outrage you think you have as a fan base there's no fixing that move there's no one doing it to the moves been made Marty journeys the full time GM. And now we we we devaluation begins where let's see if you have changed your stripes are you gonna be loyalty to loyalty guys to a fault. Are you going to be willing to do the uncomfortable things you said you if you didn't do the first time around that you'd think cost you and I I just wonder from feels perspective I can point to talk him at 530. When you talk about it from this perspective if Phil probably at the same thoughts right like hey if I ever got a second crack. This is what I would do different this time around it so I wonder what he thinks to see a guy get a second chance and say yeah I've got a new lease on life. If he really has confidence that a guy like Marty Ernie to say you know what he does have perspective. And I wish I would have been able to use that perspective and a second chance. More he's got that opportunity so we're we're gonna find out daring it's gonna enjoy this a three let's hit our first time out I wanna come back really quickly here. And I'll what we're gonna get it is later on with we Steve Tyler but from a hornet's perspective and we put this on the back burner for a couple of days. There were some interesting quotes from Rick Bedell in the Charlotte Observer with a guy that supposedly the gatekeeper. To Michael Jordan about the direction of this team. And what they're looking for the new GM. And what what what this team needs to start thinking about to try to get this thing back on the right track it and I want to talk about deputies it raises some really interesting questions we'll do it next. It's primetime or powered by ortho Carolina and our Gerri can't get it to what is coming up at forty minutes pro football talk dot com got helpless all you can tweet us we're only Childers took her feet. Pat primetime WS that they want you laugh at Bradley Jewelers recently named. One of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country about national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations that proudly Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com you can text is too great way to get in building setter text line 704570. 916 and it got people writing it on the buildings that are text like saying. I got a funny feeling that that brass ball story about David tepper is gonna cost the Panthers a chance at a good owner. The social justice warriors already sounding the alarms on Twitter. Mike gets stuck. With some schmuck like Felix about a slump though it's gonna go to the highest bidder so I can assure you of that current. They'll fall things recalling somebody's willing to bid. Similar amounts of money that you go through the vetting process okay that's up to the NFL ownership group put yet give up it's going to the highest bidder. And again as you were saying Ryan I agree on this and I love social media as much as the next guy but then we put too much stock in it as a barometer. For the general public like you to use it to somebody can look up this number but like the amount of people that are on FaceBook. Compared to Twitter like Twitter is such an echo chamber. It's like when you see stuff like when things go viral quote unquote on Twitter it's a couple found three tweets. In the grand scheme of thing that's nothing like this will be an out of reach in in in terms of like something getting a point to re tweets on Twitter. It is just the same people circulating the same like five to ten opinions on on Twitter it was a fun place to be sometimes. But I don't put much stock of like OPEC or angry on Twitter who cares what people on Twitter say. The other people. I'm not having to get into that was gonna make an argument about that you've got no use computers to be chasing duties so yeah round on EMI could do that but the point is like. I understand what that techsters saying. But I'd I don't think you have to worry about that honestly we're gonna talk to Jessica. Kappa Pressler coming up to thirty from New York magazine it was her feature eight years ago now. On David tepper who some people are saying is the front runner to by the beat Carolina theaters and yet there were some unlike. I would even use the term unsavory like I really don't think that's too far I don't think their unsavory details I just think this is a guy who's got to look who's got some achieves no tool. And I think most people would have some achieves O'Toole went he can you or you're operating hedge fund that started at I think a worth of like fifty million dollars. And is now operating at at what like over fifteen billion dollar something in that neighborhood. Like you you would believe Ural lake. You can smell it yourself to write what you would you would believe so rewrote IP at that point so we're gonna talk to her she joins us coming up. In ten minutes don't forget we're here at the high reported to that's tonight at got pregame at 630. Sunday's going to be kids' day. Dwight Howard double walker award it's gonna take come Blake Griffin in the pistons it's a 1 o'clock tip ball. On Sunday afternoon kids could join the entertainment crew was hosts DJ's and more you can arrive early face meeting as well tickets are going to be fifteen bucks. Makes you go right now to warn it's dot com it know coaches show tonight or this week because of the games tonight and tomorrow they play the nets tonight. Wizards tomorrow so pick back up next week the coaches show always brought to back corona light its line timeless city came on line in. Proud partner of the Charlotte hornets us. Stewart yeah opening topic of the day I'll. All right so here's here's some and it's really interesting and I. We're an academic ton a time to talk about a right now been wanting to get into it the last couple days but does this after stuff is kind of obviously stole the headlines a little bit here. But. Doors are really interesting. Q what they'd done with with Rick Bedell of the Charlotte Observer and Curtis Polk. How people out there actually know Curtis focus. Like I would wonder our listeners and yeah I would be curious. I mean I think people maybe over the last two years like come to hear that anymore it's a name you think all of heard of that cute but if I say hey Curtis Polk tell me what he does in relation to. Michael Jordan an order it's what he what do you think Curtis Pope does. I mean I mean you've put a number on that helped what's the percentage of fans the U think actually. Could be in the ballpark. Of Curtis pope's job with with with the Charlotte hornets. I'd say under 20% probably I'd agree that might be like did that might be being generous no I agree on that and feel what's it really really interesting. And this is what's crazy so slam magazine actually. Had this actually is actually from the observer few years ago but slam. It. Wrote up a piece on it not all that long ago back Curtis Polk because. Curtis Polk is a guy that. I is supposed to be good this is the if you're if you're dumbing it down here the one thing people always said about Curtis Polk in relation to Michael Jordan at specifically the hornets is. Curtis Polk supposed to be nothing yes man he's super he's supposed to be an ailment. He's the one guy. That can tell Michael Jordan Hill. And copy of trouble and not have to worry about what any repercussion we lose his job over it. Curtis Polk supposed to be the one guy close to Michael Jordan that when he says no Michael Jordan takes heat it. He listens doesn't always agree but he listens to all. And he thinks long and hard about what Curtis Polk is bringing to him. On the other side of the argument put it that argument by Pete which might be a Jordan they'll spend Mike you don't get involved in this business center. Hey Mike. We don't need this player hey Mike we don't need to make this move with with personnel whatever it might be eight years the salary cap no Mike we don't need to go bring up this guy here's the repercussions from it. That's supposed to be who Curtis pull kids. Curtis Polk is that what Michael for a very long time decades he's the guy did that has been with him working with Nike directly on building the Jordan brand. His Gatorade deals as well Kurt Curtis Polk is really use the co producer space jam yes so I mean he's he's Mike's guy right like that's his thing. He's the got close to Mike that has a discerning die a discerning year. And a discerning mind it can go to Michael Jordan say Mike I don't think this is the best idea. What do we think about this now sometimes Michael supposedly will override him other times Michael C a what you write on this under the trust your judgment you've steered me right more often than not. It's what's really interesting is Rick had a Q&A. With Curtis Polk city he started talking about some of these things about what what's on the docket for the hornets coming up now that you've moved on from rich to show. Where do you go from here he is talking about Kemba Walker. He says quote it's a concern. That the likes it that Campbell likely have to hit under restricted free agency before they can resize them. Obviously we love kemba. We would like nothing more than for Kevin and his career here talking about Steve Clifford is a quote once we get a new general manager abort we'll talk about the coaching staff. That's. That does that doesn't sound like a vote vote competent support its fans might like that. Our pokes it quote Steve brought a lot of strong organization to the hornets I peace accord I think our coaching staff's done a good job we think we can do an even better job. We're not at the top of the league so we should look at everything we're doing. Talking about player development is a quote. Most top candidates are now one and done speed is to be top four pick was a bonafide starter. Today those 6789 guys need more guidance some high picks rather leave by the end of the rookie pay scale. I'm talking about payroll is a quote now the new general manager needs to get us a little bit below the tax line to approve death by facilitating trades or signings. I he said are talking about that that the cap spike a couple years ago Allah put him in in a tough spot on peace accord on strategic planning. Curtis Polk again he's a quote we're doing very very well until we got caught a little bit off guard. We didn't do anything wrong but the landscape changed and honestly it's the truth but we talked about that a few weeks ago. In hindsight the hornets did a lot of the things along the way that most people were saying yeah this is probably the right move. There's no easy movement this is probably the right move I guess what there's moves have worked out that's why rich shows no longer the general manager for the hornets. What which really is your sick about a guy like Curtis Boca we get hit a break a wanna get into this more later on with with with Gayle when he comes in here. But the thing that's interesting about Curtis Polk is Curtis Pope does seem to work for the hornets Curtis Polk works from Michael Jordan. Delegates by. These if you work for George you can do essentially you're running all business you're helping with all of his business once he says he says he is a minority owner on the on the on the team pitch yes but he would I mean that's a I think that's a technicality he's not a he's not technically a a hornet's employee in fact he's around here. The same if not less than Michael Jordan. So think about this first first second like. The one guy that's supposed to be the gatekeeper to Michael Jordan one guy that's supposed to be advising him on hey Mike I don't think this is a great idea. It's around every bit as much if an and I use that too much but a very loosely here he's he's around every bit the same if not less. Then the guy he's offering advice to the first place like does that seem odd to anybody else or is that just because it seems really odd to make the decimal on. Which if you're a guy that's supposed to be advising him Mike I don't think this is a good idea here's my read on the situation. Like I preferred that guy to be the guy who's around here all the time. To be the guy who's in the building all the time talking to people talking to the business folks. The basketball operations folks and by all regards to Curtis pokes not a he's not a basketball ice business guy. So I'm I don't know what I don't know I'm spun again of our pleadings of ignorance on this too I don't know specifically. What Curtis Polk. Recommends or brings to Michael Jordan. From a basketball operations standpoint I don't know if it's advice richest team poking and prodding and try to say hey let's think about this I don't know how that works specifically. But it seems odd to be got a guy who supposed to be that advisor. And confidant. In the gate keeper Michael Jordan. Has no basketball document himself like that to me that's a major red flag I'm not seeing Curtis Polk might not know he's doing. But if I want that guy to be the one advising Michael Jordan in keeping him in line. I don't at that seems that's not to get that's not the type of guy that I've I think to me should be in that position like that's really ought to make so this whole idea of all on the got to keep Michael in line. You put that fed assumes that you know what you're doing to. Right like why don't we we don't know what the big Curtis Pope knows what he's doing. What conviction what what proof do we have to say to Curtis Polk is absolutely right he knows what he's doing to get that they got that's the guy that supposed to be keeper Michael Jordan in line. Like that's that's a little that's that's a little tenuous to bail confused by this which sent a break Jessica kept up Pressler scooter to it as we come back. New York magazine. And try to learn a little bit about there's David tepper character its next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Are very Guinness arrived here he's gonna join us in thirty minutes he was nearly accosted by security. At at that spectrum center we'll get a bit here at 3 o'clock we got Phil savage couldn't do what is it 530 we'll talk about Marty attorneys for attorneys like to fuel guy or the old new guy here. Something like that he's he's got a full time GM for the painters again he'll start by Phil savage of 530 director of the senior ball former browns GM. Steve Tyler's gonna talk a little worn as well as thoughts on this stuff with Curtis focused. I mean I don't know Curtis pulled from Adam he's he's around here every bit as much it. As much again I don't use that. Literally that's like a figurative term like he's around the same about that Michael Jordan is if not less and yet that's supposed to be the right hand man. An advisory confidant a gatekeeper in jail like that seems like a weird dynamic to measles talked talked to Steve Tyler gets imported stuff from him. Coming up at 4 o'clock quarter to go to the tech become guess slide out Jessica Pressler. With New York magazine witness and we start with a most important question here is we talk about potential theater's owner David tepper. Jessica what was going through your mind or somebody reaches out to you like hey I wanna talk to you about that story you wrote eight years ago about some guy named David tepper is that had to be entirely random yesterday. Yeah I would ever read and I didn't. And protect my my favorite rich guys like he's. His clinical that the fat rich guys that I for a fat and a fine wet heavy personality. You keep kind of like its old school profanity throughout middle class and the regular campaign itself. Act like you know he doesn't going by offensive and he's he's been eaten at the offense through pick or they elect quite content not on Ter it's. You'd like egg diet diet you. Regular he does. Flashy things every now and again that get people's attention that that the sanctity theory that the Pampers makes kind of as a parent and character fat and a lot of play. Arts we're talking to Jessica Pressler let's peel back the layers a little bit and it bull what would you still like the last eight years immediacy he's people who worked like which this is what happens right just a Pressler is what is your magazine it was her profile that we are we talked a little bit. About ready to be rich David tepper whose hedge funds whose hedge fund made him make killing during the crash but betting the government would let the big banks fail. It's coming out of the billionaire closet in his name's been thrown out there is a front runner to by the Panthers. Perk for some of these recent you're talking about put. You'll we're reading some of these details and you know I my reaction I read your whole piece I've found it fascinating like this is an interstate due to make any kind of fits into the NFL's feel for charity based off of what I can read about a wolf. What was the first thing work you you sat down and in not even talk to him Jessica be talked to somebody else here like. Okay this is going to be a good story this guy's this guy's a little different and he's he's got some personality to. Yeah and it's definitely started with a brass. The parents brat off it via. I think and I say yeah you can't you just did leave you can't yet. I picked. Yes I started at bat like that kind of like five he and and bring the end and it totally bad infant birth math but. He's like making these kind of like to me it. Why else kinda like the purse is minute then can we expect that bank like. I'd go eat police turn a good thing that these field and with a pet parent and definitely it but it is that this situation for him where it kind of a crisis. He's he's like kind of apart and like. Way to get people talking. That people like work on. His psychic side of the best that they're saying at that the media treats you like. You know famous I thought the house that this guy in the Hamptons is required emboldened that. For 59 dollars and rain hit the ground just kind of fight. You're right she eats and at that like Hewitt and then make these big. Purchases that he doesn't normally live like that separates fact that he listed hedge funds to Florida to avoid them. Thank you kind of got that cycle regular I but that he. You know flashed that up if that doesn't. Yeah could he called himself in your in your great weather actually end and you got to correct me on this site I can remember there was hammer somebody close to him one of his associates or friends called him. Quote the billionaire next door right like seeing he talked about fat he drove a rusted through minivan to work well before driving a Porsche is because he didn't want people look he's trying to hide his money so people would change the way they acted around him correct like he wants to be. And I guess maybe he still lives that way he wanted to be the billionaire next door. Totally but then he's not like Warren Buffett because because keeping things that are into it and and kind of creepy every month while. And if it's a little I liked and it refining I don't know how fun it was feet. If he's the Panthers can be onsite at gotten. About the art and it doesn't actually left standing right here and stuff like that Saddam. You know yet if it's definitely character Brandon and I think you break probably you know you enjoyable patent. And we're. We're talking to Jessica Pressler from New York magazine and she's with this right now the technique come guess slide eight years old is featured still great though and so there's the Internet like we would say we your name let's do some digging let's find this this could happen in depth profile. For 2010 and in the park you're talking about and read this this is your writing here. Temper as a pair of brass testicles. Cartoon actually huge and grotesquely Beatty they are affixed to a plaque. Inscribed with the words beat most valuable set of all time. And are not at all out of place in apple looses offices is is ahead his hedge funds offices which resemble a high end sports bar all polished mahogany flat screen TVs. And black eagle steeler steeler paraphernalia. It for wealthy frat house we had this client they make breast implant a former employee says he left to keep them on his desk he left to throw them around. Apple Lucent is staffed almost entirely by that what's funny is I tweeted out and that's a funny little at a treated it is that. Jessica like I thought that was funny kind of ridiculous as you said a short somebody's personality. But also. We have people who said. You see we can't have bad that's the type of thing that got Jerry Richardson had trouble I didn't have that person that response to it right like can you explain that because I didn't interpret that as. Mean this guy's a sexist pig but some people rhetoric of that little tidbit I thought here we go again it's Jerry Richardson 2.0. That's really and cat and a fat fat fat. It makes sense yet of course yes the guys in trouble for sexual harassment and yes the fighter. And I remember that player that plays say yeah he's kind of on the spot in Netflix as part of an apple with a flat all. That is not an eagle on laughter by the way. Who set that up. All back and thought he is like a diet guy in that area kind of old fashioned way. I'm sure that he has like the lecture great ideas about women. I am sure that. You know that says. You know as you said that things have come out of it about that that that you would think twice about staying in the current environment. I don't think that I've had conversations with female reporters I'm watching it you know when Europe woman's. The part I'm laughing. You deal with a lot of inside and you talk to them. You talk about them LA and I can remember a friend of my thing I guess he's actually affects far. Less. If I think farm I can't believe that a lot of got some coffee which I mean that's a very low bar. But who could affect LA you know he's he's he's not a powerful person I know I don't think he could have put matte but there could come back on me. But yet he's more like guys guys won't you know a straight up but the Clinton. Well and I was reading some of the details to a get Jessica Pressler is with us from New York magazine it was her feature a David tepper potential owner of the Panthers he's thought to be a front runner. He's worth a lot of money and he's a minority owner currently. For the Pittsburgh Steelers are freaks of the other details about like beat the team in place in work dynamics that are office dynamics. About how you know some people are saying that he could be real jerk he's call people names some times but again like same thing because we could talk about the dynamics on Wall Street. Like that's just big money hedge funds right like I don't. He force and we see that he can you don't want that as an owner he's gonna be a jerk he's gonna micromanage. What is the actual dynamics of what type a bosses see when you talk to people that would that worked under him. Yeah I definitely and it definitely hurt that we have a lot of yelling I mean that is again not a new law firm lofty especially when. You're making Bard back on things that marched on the mighty and you know if it's very anxiety they missed a lot of you he would kind of or format land at a very much. You know how that culture operated for a long time thank you think now a lot of people are much more on guard about that kind of behavior especially in the hot. Few months. But yet definitely is a case. And it hit his offices are known for being I think than it is actually a kind of a catch up on high character like if he's he get. You hit it very difficult things to keep adding these gigantic sums of money and it's stressful on particulate kind of act like an angry streak he gets very worked up. Two we talk about that that first check it has correctly from wrong Eminem I'm approximating some of these numbers when he left Goldman Sachs and started his hedge fund. It started with what about fifty million dollars what did it start at. Now cots that I was really good question I cannot remember. If they keep it at I think it's right but then I don't yeah I look at that right it what I'm saying get. And I think you know this kind of grew it that he would have you to lock it in between. I think the key to wet it. Perfect always play. You know huge when one year he's got the bombing like them that worked out and that didn't. But the ones that give work out worked out so well that it I had it up with a lot. Then his being in fact it didn't fund is not for the faint of and the fact. It is it in you to either a couple of details offer that word you keep that dovetailed where I think one in particular I found interesting words he talked about it people around him his employees. Talked about how he's he it'll take eight to take a micro situation. And embedded take a pill take a eight different macro view from an entirely different situation. And then reinterpret that back down to that micro situation to make a decision. How different is that mindset on Wall Street you're around a lot of these guys is it just his thought process. How different is the way he thinks about situations compared to other guys in his situation. I don't think it's that different and I think at every season that it's so funny it was confusing and a few like that but it oh I thought hurts you think in fact it's. I felt like his diet he was common. It let it let. You know what I think it maybe the government and we cannot let all of the bank they'll make and I suspect that common sense track is the government has not gonna let us go back you. But fun place. You can hear it I think it was kind of mistake in keeping it feels like common sense saying. Without these more exciting than than some had he had. Well I that's what's interstate Jessica Pressler so this New York magazine we're gonna let her go to moment it was it was her profile. I David tepper ready to be rich. And dives for 2010 in your magazine it's a great great article and you can vote which we got the link you guys can check it out. But it the thing that I found interesting like. Protector OK how do we spin this to the NFL the Panthers you're talking about him using common sense of him seeing an opportunity to buy low sell high. Everybody's talking about what's wrong with the NFL the NFL scale laying units on the downtrend. And yet it's making record revenue and the ratings are actually not suffering the same percentage losses is other ratings and other TV area so. But to me I look at this and I think David tepper saying you know what. Everybody else thinks the NFL's going down the toilet if he sees it going the other direction still and maybe that's another reason why he wants to get in on this. Out there with this thing I think he liked the love football and I think even pumped up talking to Angela and again I got totaled classic guys guys like. What would love to think he's on the heels led with his friend Blake getting I know who the fourteen nights he's back kind of guys you know I think it is. You know there is some thought it was you know with that you think the president is going to work out but I often think he's just like hammer it's kind of football. Some of the diet. But I would get what you get that kind of money like we do right like that's. I received a similar like what you run out of options of things to spend money on correct like cars homes. Boats. Eileen it's like what else you gonna buy at this point if you're worth tens of billions of dollars like a football teams the next step here. Exactly that great yet I think he kind of made forays through that before and and that is that they had opportunities and get a much better if the all right Jessica Pressler for New York magazine she's on Twitter at. It's for 2010 but if if David tepper the dire one of the guys he reportedly is. It's pretty good in depth feature on him ready to be rich and Jessica it's it's nick this is good work and it takes for randomly coming on with a C years later to talk about it. Thank this Byron Harris thought all right there you go Jessica Pressler for New York magazine make it tough to get a get a break here again in about ten minutes PS thoughts on David tepper. I'm scared of these thoughts we will get to that for pro football talk dot com. We got Steve Tyler for we'll talk hornets would've Phil savage at 530 to talk to pay if there's an NFL draft and on that note. We go to work at a couple papers nuggets we do it next it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. All fired up pro football talk dot com. Great for crooks you can tweet us rallied Jewelers Twitter feed after primetime WS Betsy brown the Jewelers. Recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine. Building trust for three generations it's rallied Jewelers temporarily Jewelers dot com I don't mean by the way too like to bury the lead on this and it took us a little while to get into it. But North Carolina. Greeley where we are talking yesterday about how tough it is to go played Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. In the funnel what five minutes of that game that they got sideways for the Eagles. And this guy so so much so the Roy Williams had to call timeout he did but you know what I I don't know if accounts get a really does count but it does account when it was really a substitution issue. Like he wasn't even a say guys you beat stupid stopping it stupid. All the launcher that actually came out of that timeout it was he was boarded it Luke may on the floor so it's kind of like an asterisk on that time out. And North Carolina mate Joseph how how will the how crazy is this from the North Carolina say a point. So with what two or three weeks ago we're talking about in north Carolina's got. They got to man up about playing North Carolina bring to bask Roddick capable of it. If there's no bench on this team and that becomes Luke may start to step off the bat and then also the bench or start to become a thing. Offer North Carolina as well maybe get to this did you get to the point where. It's. Okay Jim Johnson Kenny Williams anytime you guys wanna start chip it in. Go right ahead. And then they started vetoes those role players filling in the rest of the other starting five words like OK now we can count on our guys one through five further heels and then. It's come full circle again. Where in the last couple would games Joseph Perry if field pits and aren't just tricky grown men out there man enough that those two guys seal that well when he. Seal this a loose term but they they secured that win for North Carolina until period back to back defensive possession to the final two minutes. That we're just grown may have plays he'd expect from a senior point guard. And that he hit that killer shot. On the Ripken and Iran out at the basket on that other one possession he had a Big Three early in a few minutes earlier than that feel it's that a big shot to like. North Carolina's one all of a sudden six in a row. Duke will be huge when they absolutely throttled ruled last night grace and Allen continues to play well when bill Carter's a freaky grown man to. When Bill Carter. I like it would still listed teams reits date outside of these teams when Bill Carter would be the best god best player on the floor. Four in college basket to put on team acts. But how deep do you go eat the Lebanese army and Indian majority of the Susan hunter promptly as of say like maybe there's ten teams in the country say well you put on this GDP would definitively be the best player. Keep what you want Carolina I love that Carolina team but they'll just that no disrespect. You put them on Carolina he's definitively the best player on the floor for North Carolina if you put him in their starting five. But north Carolina's went a different brand of basketball as we're talking about deploying a more team or any game. A basketball's a duke gets right last night they've won four row and then NC state won three in a row. What was the last time I would love to know somebody looked this up what was the last time all three triangle teams. Were this far above 500 and ACC play. And run winning streaks all of them at the same time the three games in a in a row or more who was the last time that happened in the in the ACC. It had to about a while. It's a you got state played really well I think obviously there's still a little bit of a cut underneath. Duke North Carolina. But what would hurt too when I put about Paula that he the other teams in the ACC that middle of the league. He's really good right now and it's you stick to be part of that so it's fun man got out of me to bury the lead on some college hoops is it was great college hoops last night. In Virginia was kind of guerrilla Georgia Tech for the first half last night. What was it into the wahoos they were down early against the jacket before they came back at once so that that was a great night college you silly CC action tonight. And then now wolf we'll get ready for the stretch run here. Over the final week steering gets gonna tortoise in a moment we got Steve Tyler for Phil savage you to join us to talk to Panthers with him. At 530 and I got a sneak this in here because this is some. I love rap like we had rap on the other day Ian Rapoport for the NFL network. But isn't so this like captain obvious stuff here. Were the DC this tweet from Ian in the last hour. We're just desperate franchise tag tidbits the Panthers are more likely to attack kicker Graham did know that standout guardianship nor well. And that he also have a say the Seahawks might why keep defense of climate Sheldon Richardson long term but attack is unlikely they got children Richardson and a treat for the jets. During the off season will look will look dot Ian place. I mean not or likely to get a tag that it then Benny journal well right now right you're more likely to get attacked by the Panthers sent. The fridge which the franchise tag number danger go well it's like north move what fourteen million I think Serena all the pins it's her off sublime and so it's yeah you know attack that duke. I still think there you go we talked about this the last few days I still think there's some sort of semblance of a possibility. You find a way to get something done with more well but. Here's the thing I don't know what that looks like the. But I guess here's the thing like if you're franchisee hander Norah what you're doing is you're you're you're investing that money to give it to buy yourself time to throw long term deal like here it's easy sign we write to him you're writing after or right go right you know -- -- warning that it's at the franchise tag is there to give yourself that that time to work had a long term deals so that you can sign him in king in camp and you can you give yourself the team's friendly deal for the first couple years and you can buy yourself some some sperm in the salary cap to make a move or two that's what you're trying to do with the franchise tag. You know like if you were so confident that eight that he drew always keep peace and on blocking and other and other Super Bowl run that you do what you Alex for years you'd say we do we know we're probably going to. The ability to keep them long term but would find a way to make it work for now because we can't not have a on the T. That we could be doing I don't I don't feel like it's that sort of situation more than anything it would be made to we want to let a guy that we developed who's an undrafted free agent. Who's one of the best young players it is position in the NFL do we want to let that guy walk with nothing in return and that works both ways if you could say hey we have. He was found money we were planning on him being this good so we can't get too upset about it but at the same time. You put in the work developing him if he's one of the best you'll players it is position in the NFL it's hard to let those guys walk in and neck and not get anything back in return would you do the legwork on that. That's a hard pill to swallow that's the situation the Panthers are rip let's fire up the 3 o'clock hour right now Darren Gibbs joins us got helpless on prime time power by ortho Carolina.