Primetime: What Position Should The Panthers Pick At 24?

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Monday, April 16th
Kroeger and John Kilgo debate what position the Panthers should pick at 24. Plus Kilgo's Legal Pad.

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It's cry. I just got to cushion the NBA he's just to get somebody they can motivate people to play hall. And play unselfish. That sounds like OK this is simple but it's also very hard to do. Virtually everybody on the team as much a lot. Use of force and they feel more important. That you ours continues captain seat. If you have all of that is true. And I'm still a Trojan there's one thing that I can do that who gets your attention can't control your. Into. Our control your minutes if you think our own exercise. That authority if you don't play. Wants his team to play you crazy because I won't control you were up minutes and you'll sit on the live from the marks being realty studio. Text derisive and building center text line 704570. And I'd sixties is croak like go cliff he's gone man I know is gone that's fine. All I'm saying is if you think like if you're reasoning for why you think he he sucks as a coach. Or that the next coach needs to do things that. You claim are today's NBA where the game has passed him by I think you're going to be sorely mistaken it's on saying why this didn't work I think cliff what did we agreed to this. It was just time for change the message was getting lost it wasn't there were there was a response. As you said a lack of spirit commonly used last week this isn't about me and he didn't understand what one in today's NBA it just wasn't clicking. And so you're looking for the next head coach to be some guy who's a survived that knows the NBA better than Steve Clifford I I think you're gonna be disappointed on that's on sand. It would Steve's Jerry Stackhouse somebody wants to know killer what you think it Jerry Stackhouse. I think Tuesday chaos is is. I know him he's a fantastic person but I don't know enough about what do you know looked about. His that coaching. In the NBA do know what he's headed to be head coach or not somebody did that so much more aware of all those things that I do I know that a lot of people are talking about. A stack chaos and not just for the Sharma movement a photo of me his name is in consideration. Well the thing with stack news. I think he's a pretty good coach believes in Toronto for a year and then they shipped him up to to be energy league coach the last couple years ago when she league coach of the year last year they wanted Digi league title. The one thing about that is to know a lot of people reporting that to say that's player development C look he's really good with the young guys he's probably pretty good with the young guys. But I know this for a fact the raptors have what is widely considered to be deemed best. Farm system in the NBA they evaluate they pour resources into him you should go look right do this if you don't mind look up the Ross her further she league team raptors 905 that's their geely team you outside a Kennedy makes you've never heard any of those guys I guarantee you never heard any of them and most summer international. And that's why I like OK okay do this example the hornets just fired no Gillespie was Sergey league coach wooden which is fine I don't think it was an indictment on a job he did. I had somebody with the hornets and the basketball operations staff tell me this recently. Saying. There isn't a single guy on the hornets team league team this warm up in Greensboro and that has any future playing in the NBA. Why have they seen what a YOK so what are we doing there light Beers putting a Rosser to sell tickets and that's fine I suppose put. That's not a that's not a form to though that's which is supposed to be doing that's not a developmental team and the raptors have guys on their that they clearly for different reasons not every guy's gonna make the MBA but they see things and those players that they know if we can work on these things fine tune these things. They've got a future in the NBA they don't. Not a single guy I would venture on their roster. He's on that roster unless they think in some way shape performed it could play the next level where none of it is but that's once sing like Stackhouse has done a great job. But. Debt team to me is one that's what you're geely team should do it. What you you know one thing before gives all of my mind that this Larry brought back. That I forget that that is speaks to what kind of a person. It's got Jackie is there when it was to the lakers he got hurt it was a debilitating injury he wouldn't be able to play anymore yep okay it's. This contract was he did have to play anymore he did have to do any thing for the lakers anymore. But what it is he put on T doe lawsuit and attack. And what to Jerry West uses only work so. For my contract I don't why I don't wanna be paid. Could not doing something to help the franchise that speaks a heck of a lot about human being right do you have the roster up can you give us some of these names. Utilized by the way Jay rod Wright and as you said is like chill San Lorenzo brown is on this question for about Lorenzo brown NC state wolfpack but no. Runs the browns on that roster under Washington played every ECUs on their roster he's limited. Literally miss a name some of those guys is a lot of former international players still David M Mary Aaron best. Lorenzo brown you just mentioned a Kennedy Meeks Kennedy Meeks who Kwan and win. 'cause a keen. Malcolm Miller. The writer Roger moute applied is okay. I keep in savage knows who these guys took seven Thompson under Washington and knee is Webster champ sure. But they've got an international flavor to the roster they're kind of like San Antonio soy US. Yeah yeah I mean take a lesson from baseball you've just farm system should do it should to reflect the culture and both your Major League team in that December a bunch of people run around. Down there to do in your. EG dig you coach of the play like did. Your big team play read the swarm. Roster he'll Monty is a kind of reads like an ACC all star team on like it's he reads like a college barnstorming tour. And that's fine like it I know they put butts in the seats of at the thing allows any. I don't mean I just like that's interesting to me usury the roster and you would think the average and has no idea who any of those guys are developing those guys you have to Stackhouse has been a part of that he's an interesting name was go to Matt really quit once to jumping when there's that would suddenly what are you wanna sex. He has a home. You know fear of going over quite efforts it encourages foul line and it is very heavy on the fundamental. Com. I think it's harder. Now today to be successful. Doing that because the top players are brought. They're not really taught the problem fundamentals. You know going to pay you X 81 or two years in college. I think it easier by the team of all I'd it is one run up and down court in check pretty result at all. And by the people aren't so I can walk or the perfect player you know he brings it every like brings high intensity. Did everything it had everything I. I think it's really hard to go all hope roster all of talented players bet that it won't do that. You know what I would say it'll accord the teams do you think our our great teams and you're not having just this year but in general what do you think of the great teams in the NBA. Well of course the warriors at rocket you know are are opposite of that warriors. Did that stylish to operate at play great deep inside out and I am coming. I haven't you know really you know touted you know probably three or top ten player but we don't attain certain that helps but I mean. I think that body because. You know I have gotten it they understand you can do when you can't detect how they're then a lot of ticket counter at. Armed. It's really our budget bucket then I think it's hard for Clifford. Jews. Stay with team you know at at guys they are they continually with that let's I don't think it's going to. That can make it to an economist came from you know bank and then you know clearly can get that line with but for coach and stuff. Yeah I mean there's no doubt about that a unit to me a look accused killer like I look around India to teams that are good though that out dire actually I would say their great or the teams that do. A lot of those things like San Antonio the play inside out this year the basketball they value the basket a little turn it over to get back on defense. Pop was killing these guys on Saturday for not doing that usually don't enemy city doesn't whipped the ball around the horn united beat his defense is pass the ball around the perimeter. Somebody drive that somebody so we start getting the ball down deal. You know that did the Larry admit that volatile for that Larry talked to best they would that players are not coming are now being coached anymore now in the indebted to you saying it's. I had breakfast a bomber killed the Davis and coach last week that he was talking about this all star game you just named rob would you just when new mantra. This the Jordan has schooled all star game or bring classic whatever and Bob Brooke made the comment. That Michael should name him his name attached to that thing he said the basketball. If you wanna collins' day did is played. In that game is so bay ahead. It any young person listed dead is getting that total. Wrong message about a basketball hall will be placed. But guess some of the cramped but the McDonald's all American game in basketball saying that would watch that. I mean this of it is that. Opposite from basketball was showtime really quick he's gonna get the last word and I wanna talk some college football until goes and his legal pad coming up showtime would sell me what you wanna say. What's up guys there are great man how are you. Today I brought up I am and disparate parts of mad about it Scott talked to acute corner radio and choose. You know I hate it it it it kept you just wiggle out but not it's bad enough and I appreciate that you know and dot decode our real. Not too cute in it. You know cook out what critic but can't clear that purpose why don't guys where if I'll ever where it's like. It got bit like backcourt could talk to get those banks. You know what Albert Shanker and again I know the reality did you wanna priest you won't appreciate it now because. Did you receive didn't do seem to their culture audit we have right now. Sometimes you want appreciated not prepared text and appreciate what are they telling you now. A seat belt there's not a bad. That's the way that quote clear cut the ball out of orbit right out and about got to try to come across well and that's no way. Arbitrage got I wanna be free that don't wanna be a book cults that they don't word croquet or not it is I think sometimes. Coach clear all book culture and our parents. Touching it it takes some time. To intimidate split not yet that intimidates clear but don't get to where it's. Particular topic have a lot to say well it would act government which it that well. Our question what could not. And gets a trip to next week's. Can't triple what even their data Mitchell chaired the I think like you don't dear young players an opportunity to grow. Did miss out there mistakes and talk to you got comic shop there. Yeah I know I think which should come brief appreciate Kona and I think we're talking about his. Like the word I became a mom listener showtime there's demeanor I think whatever culture bringing us and he's going to be different demeanor I think it's equal for next time. No I don't think the coaching philosophy of coaching philosophies might actually be pretty similar pal Michael calls a team together. It says here's the chain of command fellas right here here's your head coach. Here's Egypt president and general manager. And I don't care how great I was a player I'm the owner and don't come see me see these guys and here you just heard Larry say you know if they do. They wanted to talk to Michael instead of AM which is a natural thing you walk off the court there's a greatest friend that level of sitting on your bench. That's how I'm doing. Michael I'm a villain AM JL I don't look at the media and guests to lose that's got to be a tough dynamic for me unless she's. What you do your Larry you can go yell at Michael. You know is Michael and I always spot market won't get them under the seat to hold on quick guide god quick break we come back on the other side giant killer killed I wanna talk a little college football spurring gains going on right now you've got your legal pad and I I just kind of want elastic Trimble Fisher when we come back we do nepalese Youth League you don't like Jim and I'll explain next okay kill bill croak his front side powered by ortho Carolina. John killer killer go with a someone they need to think the improper fitting they always see those seats every Monday by the way tomorrow check him out taco Tuesday's two dollar tacos eleven until two. And you can check him out a lot of property dot com all some classic North Carolina barbecue at some unique twists on the menu was well and out. 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And brown Lee Jewelers doc console killed those worries Alabama switcher today because it's game week. 88 days coming up on Saturday as troops are icy spring game coming up on us and why sit do RI Clemson had their spring game. On who's on Saturday that it would figure this quarterback thing that they're deal literature does. We think big coup when it's also and on what do you think happens week one who's the starting quarterback for clients and I was all right still. Until some be Kelly. I think he's going to be hard to unseating. There's ticket to the ACC championship and to this final four in the football playoffs before you lost to the eventual national champion blatt. They say this large again that is so good. Is so impressive. Bit. I'm betting. That. I the second the third game of the year he's going to be the starting quarterback to currents. It's tough because can he get Wally Pip I don't know but I mean Kelly Bryant when he was LT last year clearly was not healthy and at Syracuse game when they lost realm. He we used to losing it was incredible. I don't think anybody great year great your doors nobody there thought he could do that to replace to Shawn Watson and clearly he was not to show on. But he'll lead data authentic ways we needed to do to look at all knew it was really good at what he did and they were very good in the way they used him. But they tell me just got grooved. This kid from Georgia. Is it is one of those he's a five star I don't give a dang about stars. But Britain but the insides he had I think he's really the real deal. The game and it sounds like from listing today Abu speak. That this thing is a wide open race starting right now. Did take a Bryant started off. With a clear lead in the spring and now we've we've got to dig deep fellows best to come back in August and see who wins the race well the problem with with Kelly is unfortunately as I mean it's his arm right for being taught us through life is Sylvia and obviously now. Zach your season issue and he can throw the ball it's not like he's he kept his way out thank you steep pay us is not like this. A freshman what is his name Laurence yep Trevor largely out of yeah he's very muted but he saw me Kelly so dynamic and running game you still I don't I don't know how you feel about two running two quarterbacks sets I don't I don't love the idea of planning like I don't like it either. Whoever's job it is you need to just turn it off as they do get to gives a ball to one guy and they nimby. The man. And you know he's got four. He's got four guys who can play. Well on the crazy thing is probably have somebody transfer yeah and the crazy thing is to about constant your have your go again where they're gonna be. What are the odds on favorite stood not only to win the ACC. But a B a playoff team. And you'll look at their schedule out of the gates and go to dig got to go to College Station. And that's not going to be easy but we opened first Furman at AN Eminem back home vs Georgia southern I mean. Can you break again a new quarterback in that stretch I mean I think Clemson what they're bringing back on defense and what they are bringing back on offense. That's scheduled dust kind of set itself faux fur. For a stretch where you could trying to work somebody in one might say they're gonna go even if they put Laura so I must say they're gonna go to a and M and win by three or four scores. But I don't know we had just gained it'll be a tough game and especially when Jim bow their Dell now but I don't. I don't know I don't does that game scare you there's nothing about the game that scares me on paper right now it's our Clemson. I would be how would. How would be very concerned investing game I think this a game they could lose their scheduled to me out on paper. Here we go again it'll be just tasteless like same three week stretch is we saw over the last few years to get state Florida State and a bull bull. And then after that you got BC duke. And they closed the South Carolina to take it easy and then they hit that tough portion and if they go through and they've shown a propensity to do this under demo if they go through that kind of got that right there for three weeks. They can afford to lose a game by the way. You don't need to go undefeated anymore council Albany even if you slip up for one of those games when your. When your division your back your Charlotte he won the conference championship journal funnel for literally Florida State and Clemson this year don't think I guess they are at Florida State yet they had drug sailor at Florida State OK and then that could be it just gave me though. You know under the toffee from you know Florida State's getting good players now would maybe it came included foremost imaging knew that they get good Playboy Miami at a at a coastal Carolina deployment and about windows in Miami is next year I think we'll take steps orbit they're gonna be different. You know obviously I mean who does what that looks like for them Vietnam. It's just creek Clemson is. The closest thing to you killer of their closest thing Alabama where they are you around there are monster right now. If they're they're they're they're g.s getting. Into you know he's getting the best players in the country. Ed. Each position and then he's giving him absolute beast on defense. They did this just she's down and and it's continue to the other thing he does a heck of a job. Recruiting is wide receivers are big disguising didn't predict a big game breakers. Tommy Thompson told ball Wesley says 55000. People. In the stadium on Saturday which is a great crowd. Wisconsin football has arrived by you without question. And dabble Sweeney is established himself as one of them. Very top football coaches in the country. Well that was any doubt about it. No doubt did you see by the way Ohio say spring game did you see Ryan Shay easier. Make an appearance and Ohio Syria and appeared to be standing up Arizona into his own volition and articles is Tammy people did they hit. You'll I don't and a huge crowd assay and the weather was bad you know and he was threatening had to lose a game time up for something that. The day had a game on Saturday I watch somebody tweeting at the city nor Donna Reed Tweeter right now Canada re tweet this or you follow me on cruel act Kroger. I you'll see this video I just reach we did it. Of I showed you just how hard did you laugh at this video did that was. I mean this is everything that's wrong killer in 122 video this is everything that's wrong with major college football I'm not even kidding you okay it's not hyperbole that's the truth room and most Fisher Texas a and M after the spring game. There yell leaders you know they don't cheerleaders they'd yell leaders stood and they do either you know they do chance they don't it's not just. Rob brought cheers they do actual chance and he sawed off okay that's what they do and yell leader steps up all the players are interlocking arms is just hope with his two kids and. Is in the middle of it and looks he knows that when did he look solve a can would you read the handbook when he took over. That you read about any other traditions and NM no what do can you name the dog the police do you know the name of a colleague that's the mascot for Texas sales. Can you do that please. He looks so uncomfortable afterwards he got Donnie was like getting your native would then this is awful. Does this consumer real bad guys are in your it's funny right that is one of the funniest thing is like leaving before the things even Don malaria this man. This is enough right in the middle of this is thought it was over. You wanna talk a little NFL draft really quick yeah let's stood on the other so we get killed those legal pad to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. He Monday as prime time overpowered by ortho Carolina John killer killer ago. Kind enough to make time force on a Monday don't forget. Wells Fargo championship coming up we are two weeks away and amazing it is amazing and Patrick great gonna be there now masters champion Patrick briefs to weigh in on tiger rude. Tigers and when we need. Tiger and serial. Tiger and feel I think tiger group could look tonight that tiger and Phil an attorney seen out seek common I think Tony is committed. He was your lies that your dad. He is when you see Tony feet on person to. He's he's he's he knew she should be playing tight end of the NFL he's a huge man very big tiger did say that it is only that he was gonna play three of the four turned to between the masters and and and Wells Fargo and didn't play this weekend and this is the tune up this would be to tune up before. The players soul a lot of guys who like that'd be like that big event that's got a great person to great tournament it's a great course you know you gonna get treated Cummings out there of Friday. Week playing golf house of course the courses un believable I'm telling you it is perfect. I know who Christine and I know Johnny feels pretty confident that. Beard they're going to be you know good spice you know we have presidents cup you're what 20/20 one I think has come and you know I think Johnny feels like he's put him in I think he has he's put himself in a good spot to. Now we get that presidents cup and another one and maybe even not only use the not only a great golf course they treat people that they treat to its competitors. Just like to do at the masters that's from Johnny Harris and the people dozens of players love the cooler stuff I mean they love the golf courses and old fashioned. Old time he golf course this all out in front of the in the players love playing here well we got ticket info is still eleven NEL anyone of the eleven day exporting dislocations or Wells Fargo championship duck comes to be fought I can't wait and also don't forget get my perks dot com thirty dollars we're gonna be there Thursday are pro football draft roundtable Steve Mench from ESPN we'll send you home with a draft guide food corona are great draft talk it's a great guys tonight it's thirty dollars it's a great deal to sign up for that get my perks dot com and I'll also do not forget we are these guys in studio on Friday please support then shortly cobras. They're going to be out there with their season opener a week from this coming Saturday and north Mecklenburg high school ten dollars for tickets children twelve and under are free needed details on that at Charlotte cobras football. Dot works of John killer killed a witness on a Monday we Flemmi was covered a lot of bases play offs. We talked a little hornets the coaching search. And we talked a little college football and were weakened apple way from the NFL draft killer and I feel like you your freedom to go for date for the Panthers yeah. Course it is so hard to get a read because I really do think something crazy is gonna happen above them. Whether it's trades. I think there's gonna be run on quarterbacks of some sort you know I think there's there's so many teams killer. Cleveland's one level Buffalo's another I think the jets are hungry for something and it seems like quarterback. Where there are teams that have put themselves in a position to be aggressive on draft day on Thursday that opening round. And I think we see that I think there could be issued triple effect and if the Panthers just stay eighty. Flexible. Don't overreact to anything just stay flexible. I think they could walk away with. With something that would be I think he'd be really happy about a twenty for an I don't know what that is it could be your got Calvin Ridley if he falls could be DJ Moore could be. A dairy is guy site I have no idea but I think if they just kind of sit and think to go on offense. You know what I think they are I think there are going off that's I wish they would knifing defense is the way to go but who read it again. Back to square one they've got Justin Reade in this safety from Stanford today on one of their top thirty visits. Is there any guiding you would say for certain hey if he's there are 24 on defense we got a gravel and I don't I do it's I don't think the wrist. You don't think there is I think you're guys that are worthy of the pick but I don't think there's a guide to me right about what about during James you hear out okay but he's a good example of sterling James sort of you know there's a run on quarterbacks or whatever happens and there's a lot of movement. Derwin James to me is the type of player that. Teams could say you know what I don't know what he has Susie linebackers he is safety. Is he a strong safety is a free safety what is he where is easy undersized where's he says oh you just talking about so some of the guys that are really talented players that they dropped. Yeah I'm unexpected army and wonder if froze. Smith the linebacker from Georgia drawl lord all my guy yeah about manga. And I do you make a window I'm that you would jump all of these no way he's dropped the I don't see him falling you know it's hard to zero point Smith falling that far journal thank you will either during during James is an interest in what I would snatched her when James up in a heartbeat. In our Pete and I don't know what position he is Leo and off I don't know I'll find a position for a guy like that. All snatch him up because I think she's ending I think he's an incredible athlete these incredible player would you consider an offensive lineman. I would but I mean who would those guys to you that you say I don't last. You want that I wanted to see if he were there he won't be either but he was their 24 I would definitely pulled the trigger on this is the Nielsen gaffe from Notre Dame. Always say he is and a salute to. And he appears opposite of Josh Rosen tiff amid this is not in that football in this guy's life and if he is. You destroy they told about his family was play in pickup basketball in the driveway. I mean I think he's got two Brothers. May be a sister. In the mom and dad were all bailout wounded in the driveway playing pick up basketball and the mother took a charge. I thought I don't know and so in all must now she drew a charge. And knocked her down and broke her ankle it is they were taken her to the hospital to get her ankle six they were argued about whether she was moving and well. Well is a block or charge for it. Coming as the guy and gal called blocked him from our quarterback home and Clinton Nelson. Offensive guard Notre Dame if he's there you get does pull literature. I'd love the idea though both. Putting pieces around KM to protect him I know the idea of a weapon weapons on us so fond. Tim's got to have time to throw these he needs he got to give this guy and I feel like with Norv Turner. And it. What he wants to do if you could give Kim Nguyen that extra second that's all it takes that extra second to stand tone that pocket. And let guys get downfield and let him just uncorked that arm. I owe a debt debt Timmy is the deal and we just haven't we saw that two years ago you did. That's the one thing that probably didn't get enough attention for that super more than two years of the office of monthly great point on the minds. And I think he got to get back to that style football for Cam Newton. And he got I think he'd you have good enough weapons on offense to get by could get better schori could you aren't I heard Steve Mench this morning with Mac. I don't gonna mess of Disney and I always do. It's conduct a speed bump as I approach hold on here. Aqua natively echo immediacy brown that's it right tackle many yes it's nice thing is named but wide receiver out of Notre Dame. Ankle many same brown and ankle when he is seeing brown is a god it. You could have him I think people talk about what like fourth or fifth round for this guy death in Steve mention her statement saying he's he doesn't he doesn't understand why this guy's an incredible player. So I'm okay with waiting to get up if you think you can get a player like that. Later on. They Sabo Scarborough right away I don't let him back from Alabama they said he had an unbelievable. Pro day list last week they're giving giving him a Sig I was a horse I don't understand why people are talking more about it in my I don't get it. It is so reset Alabama running backs are Boston the NFL but actually keep talking and I know I agreed I would say the last few that have actually come out of I think if change whatever if you thought it was a then when the sisters in India. Know what kind of bus is Mark Ingram and Mark Ingram has been one of the best. You'll bruising. Punishing running backs any NFL over the last two to three years some until you do both Scarborough. Is. And he is huge amount watched a lot of his work out. On television. Did not know have I mean out of you know about this this kid is huge and they say dear he's in real low brilliant offered it up and Maher started in Alabama so he sure did what did we don't hold on I didn't know that that's true it is. It transfer just in the C why is it playing time goes and does all the guys stacked. Good running back the guys that we're running to draft now that are that are coming at Alabama. I I think they're gonna have so many options so killer and honestly I'm Brian mentioned this earlier I think you gloves to do this if you could. I would would you be upset if they traded down or even out of the first round altogether I would not UN would you. Still get what we you tell me I mean if you could load up say you get it together top fifty Kleiner. CSA you pick up another second round pick or another another third round pick whatever it is. And maybe you draft Hayden Hearst. So you go back to back we get a another tight end. And you get a guy like Rodney Harrison or James IG a Jesse Jesse Bates those two safeties say those are guys here or even. Even Justin reed if you weren't comfortable taking Emmett 24 B you can get those guys vote you can get two players of that ilk in the thirties. I'd sign up for that no heartbeat this is not a year. Where's the pitchers walked away picking twice in the thirties and never picking the first draft I would not be herded by that whatsoever. I'm fact I'd probably. I gotta root for that if it could happen. There's no god that I is our single guy he's Sydney and I got to get this guy 24. No we will and other employees who fall semester we're talking down to us right to because we don't lose. I'm this in all these Marc-Andre associate enlisted in the oval because they're so stupid and they change from every day. You gotta be ride you wanna and they can pull one amassed a deride about death. But then yeah I'm. Then somebody did that would have to fall. Out of the spot that I don't like Digg and is a guy keep talking about Calvin Ridley and Tony they hit me and so where is that the bears are gonna take humidity but the better than a wide receiver and I guess they did they paid Alan Robinson but it would also have a wider soon. But I hate to see him get stood there on and a loss came Meredith it's closed it's closed up shop really quick we'll come back on the other side John killer she'll go Chris Kroger its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which course Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com yeah. My guy salesman and tweeting again. Bradley Miller's Twitter feed sales man he's a regardless they're okay we call T one killer. In the industry you know what that means. I don't know I don't really you don't own the means no and actually even I don't know what it means but it's just a term we use slippery set your presets on the radio. Philly's philly's teachers who thinks today you. So sales and in what he was what we consider if you want he listens all the time he's a die our listeners that there is boomer ever in a bad mood. I think the answer all these years yes really you've seen boom and a bad mood when Florida State now that's a good point loses Bloomberg is not that gap that's the only time there's still got to be a way chipper bad news than the average dad nude. He has his bad days better than most people's good day. Boomer on Canon. In the traffic center he's always with a sweet appreciate boom and I he's he's. He's bubbly effervescent is always appreciated by cute as sure as is this man me. The always prickly John killer killer go less to his legal pad here shall wait. Devin knows this this shameless pandering he's got this lectured on it is a game. Saturday. People want to set by the way we're gonna watching today SEC network SEC network. Are you going but you can be one of 80000 people it means for you going to be there. Newt aka I can't do you watch and yes not always. Tag the book attack a global interests at the star quarterback at heard right what happens broke his finger first day of spring practice. They brought him back and he was doing pretty good to be re injured the finger and millions sitting down put him in a bubble don't talk to he's not gonna he's not gonna play. Which means that the quarterback. Situation and Alabama between. And he and and hurts it's not been settled in any way shape or form than have to battle that out. In. Coming intimate in August when they didn't just gonna. You know you don't like Austin and I don't like golf you don't like like no I like golf you know why I was like us they did the masters yeah. The ratings on future equity units for a ESPN. For CBS. Were. Out of sight. Out of sight and a non this decision indication. Of just how big they were. The Golf Channel. Which broadcasts you know alive from the masters. The week of the masters it was these set it. Highest rated sports cable. In the country reeling and the SP and not so that was pretty big. By the way I did this because of you and thank you but she told me not to overreact no walks. And so I went and I guess to Josh Rosen peace yet and I read every word and would you think and I sit. There's no doubt in my mind and taken beta may seal boy sitting. Jill go there's number doubt in my mind I'm taken same does sing and Sam Arnold before I'm taking him. There's no doubt my man I'm taken Josh Al and Josh. And then yes we ever beat. He's he's a he's a guarantee he's got an arm that can threw a ball on the state. So that's the way that I feel about Josh ruse and I think he is he shows me too much arrogance or killer he thinks he's smarter. Many years and he's too cool for school kids so I'm not going animal. I'm gonna wait that's the assassin overreaction. This an overreaction you're gonna regret this day period regret that. Among the remarks to take Billy he's gonna regret it I'm not I'm not done that taken him at all. You know you're talking about what it takes now it was ten to get a coach yet. UNC Charlotte with one Sanchez 650. Five year contract. With incentives. They are they'll loads that make this a lot closer to a 700000 dollar a year contract. Better than a 650 extra years just kill them one right about here. They. 400000 dollars but desolate as soon and they usually live in now accrued. Urban Meyer renegotiate contract. Ohio State seven hits me in the year. Lot of money which a boy Nick Saban Macon State's civil and on the record. Eventually he had one year last year I think waited some kind of crazy thing sample remains a limit it to script by. But anyway that's the way we are in the Larry Brown by the way. Love having them on the air today. He is. The spectacular coach in the news basketball. Like crazy and as I told you when I've got to sell Alabama Sheryl Crow and Jeff. The reason that I love that I am an Alabama football Saban was way back years ago Bear Bryant. Was a closet basketball fan Leland Deane Smith's coaching style. Well short of late to restore real short. Team kid became my duty to test these two men together. In a Birmingham hotel room. The two days of talks and I was sitting there listening to Bear Bryant and Dean Smith talk football and basketball and coaching in general. And it was a real. It was and believe I told you this after we talked to Larry we had to go in like thirty seconds but I told you this I believe the greatest coaches such as good coaches the greatest coaches like a Bear Bryant or Dean Smith. Poor Larry Brown. Could coach any sport can be really good at it I agree with him. These new city within size of football coach lute because he was never funny fourth and one that's a Smart man no that's the best thing I've ever heard from. Dean Smith all right John killer killer though it is today Damione Lewis witness tomorrow. Billy good to have you back and where you've been the last weeks thanks for showing up to work today Ry good work at a U. Stephen is well behind the scenes Larry Brown at and so that's posted a WFANC dot com in an ever cheaper boomer find kids and killed they'll all see you next week you guys tomorrow. This and then Sculley. Wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon where ever you may be.