Primetime: What Did Omar Watch This Weekend

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Monday, February 19th

Omar joins the show and discusses all the sporting events he watched this weekend. Voice of the Bluedevils David Shumate joins the show to talk about the Duke Blue Devils.


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He's he's brought. Good in the open as dog man Bob at Bob. Outfitted since then don't like people think they're doing that we have much time. Don't want to come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day live from the mar extremely real. Program. Happy presidents day we're working hard for you on this. Cried tonight and internal and as my mayor pro Huff and puff where powered by ortho Carolina all argued that there are put this thing from the sports weekend loaded. I got a dozen or so sad. You don't make that face you're the one do and watching golf over the weekend I was not the one I watched over. You got used to ice and there are a lot of people out there watching the day Billy's right Billy shaking his head he's like so much break up of basketball. They were such I didn't want to ACC title who allowed him wanted to target in Mexico but I was saddened by that Assad lead the way he was talking on the income is the only way to cut. Fell apart is a washed out war volatile year that this Tiger Woods is watched he might reign as well lawsuits he's just ahead case at this point thank you tennis and how is it better that assumes. That assumes that he can mentally fix whatever fragility he's got going on upstairs and all of a sudden vehemently major caliber roller just think we just need to get into that which is one. We know that we just need to give them some some Playboy model's. So I don't know I would say I believe that for awhile I mean joke I was on the resources time fiercely. He just needed to be you need to go full deal. Like don't don't agent agrees that it does Basil yeah. You forget what immigrant. Down the boy do those fizzled it was it just means like you say go all out there you'd thing though don't worry about what people think. He's he needed to be should shoot Armageddon right that's who should have been on the golf course and meanings these Natalie actors. Of course all of golf course. And on the golf course do well you can. And he's. That on the golf course assuming you know he's being but not tiger you know Richard Sunday but in all the golf course given in order there was some good golf I know due to work who was watching golf over the weekend and you had to watch earned. So don't. I kept flipping over yesterday afternoon and I saw a big names at the top of the leaderboard and even I couldn't stick around for yesterday I couldn't predict the race kept bringing me back yesterday afternoon how much racing did you watch Daytona get a little. Over under a lapse of yet put a number of a total number it shocks are so many I don't know. Yeah. You guys. You tell the guys that was me I don't know how does that work how many laps were run were it was yeah. Our demise here fixated on. Larry was just on and you might as soon. In the fifteenth when he married at six what it is hard to watch the ducks this and I was at the 500 a few years ago it was like there are four years ago where were you watching from. I was I was I was dawson's that was fanatics just like down on the field never doing so you know I was all in black and his great. At the stadium. This is tough to talk to a TV they're. Off. I get it does not translate to TV I just let I maintain this man if you cannot sit down and enjoy that brand of racing yesterday. I NASCAR can't fix it like if that tightly racing is it isn't good and I I think it's got to be both right it's got to be the rays got to be the style of racing with the star power. And orderly transition point in this war to keep wanted to give this time and I like I get it you don't have your entrenched drivers like so it's really interesting to somebody wrote in a few moments ago. On the building center text line saying NASCAR an aging fan base and younger generations couldn't care less about it I don't see it ever going away but not sure it stays relevant in ten years. I actually disagree on that. I think this DD generation of drivers that are working through right now speaks to the younger generation. So I think already and I think Brady an aging out period is what we're seeing I think we're seeing it I did it and Mike Joyce not always gonna join us in an hour I think he's gonna ask fantastic belts on this put. I think we're seeing a divide words kind of splitting off for the older and older fans of some of the sport are saying. Young mightily watch the big ones I'll watch Talladega are watched her idol and all watched restore. All watched the 600. May be a DVR the race and fast for deceive anything's worth watching I don't people that watch that way. But I think there are younger fans who were saying. Yeah gimme more bubble Wallace like dig gimme more gimme more of a ballots moment anymore some of these guys because these guys that is the future of. A sport with kids are cookie cutter first of all most of them for the most part and in this and I think the reason why NASCAR struggling is because it's always the same. Every single racist saying put up. On their lesson is to meet flew smoothie every new technology and so on and so forth to solve all this unwritten rules and non aggressive driving and it needs you don't meanest and they're and they're really not anymore Rex which. You know that's a good thing right put a lot of wrecks yesterday and then play I'll record it typically brightest not as many wrecks and it's the same every time if you take the Daytona 500 you take overall all off all the sponsorships and audits are all did did the credits and everything else. No one knows birdie coming in Dover or you could be east you don't know where is this the same every current. I I do agree with some of that that's why it here in Charlotte we've got to roll bowl coming in October we got to Newark we introduced a track come an insider on track and I agree there needs to be more than attorneys Seymour outside the box thinking. I I look we have Kevin Oregon Harvick was was witness in Minneapolis on the box he's accurate he was talking about how this schedule he likes the fact the schedules were mixed up and I think that it's because that's the thing you look we'll get into this with the NBA because Adam silver did some stuff to mix up the all star weekend. He's talking about he's not done yet. They're just getting started in you know thinking outside the bus. It's I love it love it love that we kill the NFL because they don't do that stuff that they are so there's so reactionary as as opposed to being proactive on this stuff. I think NASCAR somewhere in between because they've. They've tinkered too much of people say this is weird why are we doing this and then there are other things people say why are you changing more why are you doing more things to adapt to fans infineon behavior. And viewing habits of what people want I think the segments. Is a different yeah I think it's I think it's been more good than bad I think it delivered a quality race NASCAR OO you know this is in the and then at this point just don't have to make flex its offer about the same rhetoric yet. And you can't relate the fan base can relate to the drivers. So how do you expect them to embrace one of these drivers is. Said driver you can name them right there are few that are that are are. Our tried and true homegrown. You know pulled Sosa from. Boot straps and think again that's it'll I think excuse upon demographic lines I think that's an older generation I think you're right on that and ending its older fans that can't relate I think younger fans. Can relate to a story and know the fans aren't aren't more senators. All yeah I mean look I agree with that you talk about. For example right now when you do when you look at the the 24 car. I NASCAR will Byron Smith and move. Will buy OK that's fine tightly and that's a fair point for the average reader think I don't know who that is I couldn't picture of will Byron is a sharp is they come. Byron is going to school at liberty while he races will Byron is racing he'll go and race he'll go race go carts of the week where he's from. Whereas we're truly I tell you look at them look I'm bringing. You know he's busy during moon shot the original starlet will virus from Charlotte are from where intro. And make my point is this the will Biron is the type a driver that's been raised in this new era of racing which is. Virus talking yesterday during the pre special how he over the summer or during off season. He was racing Marcy course. See it challenged him and he just wanted to yeah he'd be became a better drivers just by using RC Carson on what I'm telling you was this and went to country today about oh OK Saturday on bingo okay thanks Tony grand a year ago. Guys who ballot my point is this though there are younger generations of fans that relate to that because that's what they do. That's how they're racing if they want if their die hard racing and wanna get into racing they're doing this coming up. Boy you missing report. I don't know I don't resemble the fact that there then he's racing on the weekend as Tony Stewart did that steals a multimillionaire. It means that someone who who comes from not very much to relate. To try. And make you what I'm saying is I don't think that's everything we knew we usually do what I actually to talk to my joy at 4 o'clock. What you're saying I think he's an old way of thinking not every fan is paid on the world Northrop. 1% so maybe it is not unaware that splits in NASCAR but I'm telling you I think I know for a fact there's a younger generation of fans. Who love these young guns they love their aggressive. They love the they've been racing basically since they're Tom they were like four. They love this stuff about these guys and so they've grown up they loved the interactive on social media they love that are all over the Internet they can speak to a retailer at any point so I understand it's a 405067. Year old NASCAR fans can't relate to that when I'm telling you is our kids were in the teens and twenties and early thirties who love these guys and one. You is is that there may be some but does the majority of fans cannot relate to the to do it to the guys who don't come out the way that they do. And and it's just it's assess that when you watch most Ingraham a Twitter whatever it may be. Did you see him in the minutes and when they're sixteen seeing them go country date you're seeing this day and there it is there. Today turf but they they look at him like. You know the real driver. Been driving even driving porsches since you're eight cents or twelve cents or sixteen. Other. But most crying soul oh I agree on that because I think he's like listen I wasn't given any think there are some people in his sport to have. How loss was an audio but it was great. Was that indeed did you response light enough and nothing will man the gaming dharma guy who's not doing it for all the reasons why you think he would do is offer money for him and leaned on him room sure looks and he put it. You know it's. He loves it any Mac store and I can Maddon wasn't heavily when he wins. Well it will hit it in we're also an interesting point of demarcation in the sport of NASCAR because ratings are down that's fun we talked about it went from what six point six. To a five point one for the 500 this week. And from you from last year and I thought the racing is good as it's been a long time and that race he and you had a storybook ending or Austin Dillon in the three car twenty years later seventeen years after our seniors passing. Gets the Victory Lane near the 43 car by bubble Wallace finishing in second. Great story the ratings are still down but. NASCAR is not a sport like a lot of sports anymore is driven by ratings it's driven by sponsors are true my sponsorship money and that's a slowing in at a pretty good clip still. So let's not act like NASCAR scaling. Don't just noticing your own brother fade disable the rating sucks and NASCAR's dying no NASCAR pretty money right now because of these young guys because they're so marketable. Because they're so popular with younger fans and they're so sellable to these corporations to say hey go slap your logo on the front in my car. And go be a brand for me being extension in my brain and these young guys deliver on that stuff. Yeah is this like hey it's it's it's it's funny how it is are you couldn't sell the older and older generation as much but the fans love to have the following is just couldn't sell. You couldn't tell listen I'm I'm I'm a senior and a junior guys. I've been a picture of remind him in my gym like you could tell me think about those are those are the best every known Julian into it. And now you have to think there could clean could cut today guys who you can slap on anything and they'll sell it what's of but the feds aren't in love yeah. What are the other you have to please net business 101 you're either pleasing indeed the dogs can do bull you just have to fire. He's dissenting view as you can see a distinct outside the box Goldfein dry like. And I'm in I'm not sure they could be in this is a good question next yeah I guess we have coming up what is NASCAR doing. Two to recruit drivers who don't who. And grow what it resourceful. What is NASCAR doing drivers Yahoo! now. Who who can afford really to race but you just give him around and in the hang around who knows what. Happened to Mike Joyce gonna join us NASCAR on fox he's on the call he always calls the Daytona 500 he joins us for David Shoemaker voice the Blue Devils in fifteen minutes. We'll talk a wild week in an ACC hoops where of course pit screwed up the perfect six and no road record for ACC teams over the weekend. Of course they did we get to that in fifteen minutes I wondered if you watch the all star game we talked. Next it's primetime OG crows and we're powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which brisk program. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Had a real game through to reduce those drugs all these guys right here these guys came in with the right mind say this this we can't. We wanna give more beautiful plans and our beautiful game played in over 200 point season. So. We came out and we did this over. On Jane's. Got the win last night 14145. That was the lowest scoring all star game in five years how much did you watch yesterday Omar be honest I honestly wants a little. You know once again as an awestruck. But I have to admit the product was better on it was much better from the EC data to get our that's us what it's all about. And that's why you know I was skeptical about watching because. Much like the Pro Bowl. In hopes that in basketball you can literally go. As opposed going to in which you know you prefer guys do on a nightly bases in the NBA you can six and a half an hour bug didn't getting hurt and delivering the product. Philip those guys are probably going in any given point last night special like from the first in the first few minutes he could CD and intensity and energy was ratcheted up a little bit its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina David you made less than ten minutes of talks in college use voice of the Blue Devils will go around the ACC with him as well. You could tell early on OK let's set the tone let's let's try to get guys to fall in line. That happened and then in the final five minutes indefinitely ratcheted up. And even then like those guys are go 100% in eagle and 8090%. That's. And actually hit your area that's crazy and then like I'd say in the second third quarters. They're probably 6070%. But more than anything like they were slightly. More defense just enough to cut the mustard like just enough to say you're trying. And then on top of that I think it's good to meet the team dynamic really. What do created was not a competitiveness. As much as he created a dynamic goes oh this is fun I like playing when these guys I would never normally play with. And I think that's something that Deanna that the MBA tapped into in a way especially given a sport where it's five on five in the NFL's try to tap into that. You know when you got eleven on eleven assists no it's not backyard football or you'll get to be you know all time quarterback right Tom. Well it's a Jay Wright like you just don't get to deliver that dynamic for you get some of that dynamic on the basketball court and and look at a silver came out last night and instead. They're gonna televised address moving forward more than likely IU of the guys after the fact. Early on guys to wanna say who was drafted where LeBron yesterday not afraid to start coming out saying abdicating number one back. And any free pick next inning picked it Eddie Davis to I think Tyree was three he started to name names of windows undrafted. It and and that's what gives it that that back to arsenal are there YMCA. Yeah we're gonna have fun to get some Carty Lambert would become a wanna win to right so when you pick your teams. You literally. Saying hey I think disguise her editing you yup I won't take them on my team. You didn't pick me so I'm gonna make sure I've proved that I. I'm glad I got into picked like it and as they say hey old school my my neighborhood vs your neighborhood feel. We'll see on Sunday afternoon average surged nobody's gonna get her boom and try to see who can go over and try to win this game I mean. We want from an all star game it's an exhibition. You wanna have some moments you wanna see these guys pretend like they care whether they do we're not at least pretend like you care if any give me about five to ten minutes at any point that game were you guys are actually going at each other a little bit. And the last minutes of the game last night were fun especially. You could be you know you tricks that today's shot and they know stepped down doesn't it going to take it so yeah I mean he could out of did you can. And yeah are you want but but yeah I and then. You don't LeBron is Stefano I kid those guys will be around for a few years so I don't think they'll be a problem male grooming young guys in the way that they should go I. Some of the stuff and an out of silver's actually been out in front on some of this in terms of the TV experience how do you change the TV experience to be. More you more fan friendly and this is in general NBA games he wants Il he wants to capture this is a great idea the the courtside seats. You dare not to watch guys are great basketball. You're there to watch the personal dynamics that go on on the court aren't. They're to be around all the experience what the coaches saying what do arrest saying what the players saying to one another. You're taking all that and that's why you have those thousand dollar seats or more wherever you're at an NBA game. Had a silver wants to find a way. To bring that to the home viewer and I think that's something you can experiment sue now with the all star game I don't know if you saw the video there's video they came out. Also two guys talking throughout the course of the game minute shall live on TV you get it after the fact. It was Joseph well indeed an Al Horford on the end of the bench and he and Joseph are just lean zinni goes to our free says. AL. East think Mike's the greatest of all time. And als like outsource not even say he's not to say yes and yeah he's a really. Please enjoy it as well you know I I mean I get to see implant. He was boy enjoy first of all you like deer and lowered its you're so young kids is again on and get to see you play but I saw the saw the videos us all the stats and he's likely. You know if it's about stats and he's like you know wilt it's one of the greatest and says you sit into its series though is so cool look he's he's you can toll such a student of the game. I enjoy logos mean if you watched wheels. It was so athletic he completed any era he could jumped over any duty and Al Horford like Keith Ellison now starts thinking he's like yeah you're right. And nieces and if it's Beasley but about wins two wins matter and any said. But if it's about wins then he creamed right. And Kareem it's got to be Bill Russell. And so she is cold like can you imagine the conversations at any point during that game they go one on the bench and how do you bring those to the TV experience and the problem is the NBA can't do these days there boasts a boasts. A field camera like the NFL yes right 'cause of the ball and so on so forth if you could get that then he'd be he'd been having watched a game like that stepped that one they got the one screen grab where it was LeBron and carries side by side. They both kind of had their towels or. Now setting because that nobody could read a list and I'm by the way I'm sure we'll get audio disc is this happened last time when those guys met when it was who was that LeBron Mets. Houdini want to admit court a couple of months ago and finally that audio like the surface somebody sounding audio voice said. But I still legal fund is funny but it was LeBron and Tyreke on the bench towels over their mouse and Tyree says something and LeBron fires back and they just start. You're wondering what those guys saying that moment or like that's the all star dynamic I think a lot of people want the game's great. But the game's almost secondary to the interpersonal melodrama you want to stuff the score on the scenes and by the way. No beef last night I mean that's the other funny thing is like where. Aren't these dudes genuinely like all things aside there's such a respect level for one another dead. Always peace that we manufacture in the media it's just that it's mostly manufactured. Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook no beef with one another during the game last night I don't. Even during a weekend I can generate to Canada and we just kept under instead of one messed up like he admitted days I mess up me and I probably imagine some stuff that wasn't there. And vice Versa yeah. So they'll they'll they'll have a sit down in ten years split. I think to be controlled or dissecting goalie Jimmy rustling gimme Russell there's a few I mean you know that I wanna do sit down and take color me and him don't mean you know have good. We don't sooner the blood yeah school's automated since he Vanderbilt OK so lesson Muslim Omar that I sit down was being with us. It was Jay Cutler. Well how about this too this is the other thing I found really fascinating. Is the deal all the guys on TV throughout the point the course of the weekend Sammy what we do to tweak what we make it better with. Televising the draft is a great part of that if you're gonna keep things so I do think it's cool dynamic we know you do you pick the starting five. And then after that playground rules the rest of the weekend so Sunday night when it comes to you got your starting five all the other pools of guys in the air and right before the games about to start. Palatable scenario there get right there you pick your particular units in the inane you walk over my team that was sweet. Obviously that's. That makes a good tee it up keep that makes for huge you call you guys out and they need to do some. Out of whatever whatever school. They introduced many years that I team LeBron and he walks over that initially liked. Maybe even point to him but he didn't go wins the big denouncing the car does so well and this is going to be the challenge now after the NBA because this worked and now because it's new it's different we like doing different. We get we get pretty sick and tired of new and different pretty quickly anymore. So what do you do next year. What are you doing here after that you gotta constantly reinvent our guy here that are not a guy because this is what we'll do this thing and we'll say in five years were already sick of this format that's what we do. As people anymore we just sultan is about an old format for a couple of years and is a sweet deal on a regular performance if I felt as though working for them unfortunately so. Yeah authorities have trouble assists but the weekend is cool as far as approvals discern the actual games is the time to be on the plane headed home on Sar. Our Billy we're gonna get ready to go to the check to come guess like before we do let's embarrass him with one of his calls that he probably hates this this makes an uncomfortable. We're about to go to the guests on welcome to the voice of blue devils' David Shoemaker first yesterday big win on the road against Clemson. And let's get this undersized and one call from when dale Carter yesterday afternoon at Littlejohn a year ago. One minute the players Littlejohn Coliseum declined three. Allan also was grief. Picks up his triple to the right to trick now inside for longer seven on the shot clock cracking down looking for a for starters it's not clear for three get a feeling alone get to the right off yeah. That's. Brody David she made voice of the blue devils' David how are you my man thanks for making time for us. No carrier Luciano. Let me. TV and all that stuff and Eddie how does that feel the last like thirty seconds hearing that demo on a it's okay. And then you stood that was a good winning yesterday's second graders and though. Then I was doing really instructive and you know her two month that it assert they can't play defense yeah. And get straight you know can't talk but can't let open to expect it to be critical to all our whole aura and hold on to could be permanent order. The whole adult would just three points or about scores coming up. Crept up on a road course but you don't see it. We're talking the voice of Blue Devils my former boss my good friend David Schumer is with us on the technique on gas line right now and and here's the thing the shoes I was I was watching that game on my couch yesterday afternoon. And there's a six and a half minute stretch where in the second half. Clinton couldn't get a field goal they had dated two points both of the free throw line and that lead never went to more than ten. And I'm thinking and this feels tenuous to me it feels like duke should be up 141516. Points and Lee's more like eight or nine while re thinking during that stretch he's console would go on to tired but that felt like an area where me and duke could've put constant away and had a hard time doing yesterday afternoon. Yet we are sequence is gonna get better Watson became our our average order coach actually touch pop up after the game. We're getting some pretty good look something up Trent had a couple of three cabal have drive the two are falling so. I guess the extent they give you some people aren't occurred you were getting the looks you want. But he just got out hope that turned potentially if that's what you're reluctantly that public outlook report on your talk about. You know the way we all started it will all but everything changed about. The evolution of lectures just you don't put so many years about it to be spent there could go on don't this year because it suits their personnel so well. That was XP history would overlap or weeks. I. Obviously you know Martin McAleese to them this better. The best player on his Duke Team but who's the most important player give you had to to pick one guy I mean between you know when he gets back obviously he's been now but who's the most important player for his Duke Team down alana sparked a success this hour. I think long term and I kind of felt that played all year it is going to be great now that necessarily have to be scoring but it in terms of being a poor leader what you. Because the captain surrounded by freshman most of the top what you thought of or so. He'd look facilitator they've tweaked and bring that out there rubbing off but now but in our op that happen. And now come from the side even though you don't want the point about it. They did great but Alec going all scoring in eagle or having competent. To take it shot late became without thinking about it too much. Yet when they get back we backed that that all the big weapon back. But it took etiquette is what that is recount were verbal leadership perspective I don't think there's really much of much of debate agree and out of their TP. We're talking to David Shoemaker voice of the blue double c.s with this right now on the technique on guess slide off that win over Clemson that's three in a row. And does the defense has been going back to that in a second it did just touching base again on. I'm Grayson weary at nineteen. Yesterday news for ten from three is nine of seventeen from three against Virginia Tech we went for 25 B a 23 against GT on the road. Last Sunday and in the question to me issues is app. How do you fault all this together because clearly the talents there. And maybe this floor spacing has been a bit of an issue when it's badly and Carter and grace and all those guys operating I don't know what mormons gonna come back I don't know if it'll be on Wednesday are free will be next weekend but how do you fold all this together your coach came as do coaching staff. Bullet going to be interesting because really two things changed that want going into that Georgia Tech game. Which took their lack I get over a week ago with the first to Macau are back with a third. And and that's when they all those was to put great talent out on top of the opposite that you have caller and our possession. Ought to say that about what rob went public great and added to our web. Our but I think that allowed and to a defined who don't shot what he needs to put. The defense a little bit of a different look at and I think a lot of people kind of draw a straight line between. Actually being out there now great work order will be interest to people get back. I think that the ship to the alt a lot to be a lot to do a bit and took you what you get Bakley back into the fold. You create more problems but the other thing that. They're total stretch is gonna go out due to bolster their bench a little bit wiping by that. Are grateful that got the sort Japanese or it got the start these dark paint that every direct ties aren't off the bat but they've got all he added pressure ATP situation. But it too deep than that it's a little bit so that a Duke Team that wants to go. Adam really great detainees to about do that and not apple or about fatigue really big game which equity can donate to seek targeted or if they try to run. They have got like alternate or it could comment a piece of energy now and it wraps but. Equality action and at times that are really important to gain that really work at all get to attack all the road gets cold so I think is going to be a big boost reduce heat that was stretched. But doesn't have a magnate Max slowed it down I mean you can listen to sound great to say hey grace has been playing well bag he's out when he comes back everything messed perfectly but I mean. You can't say there's not a direct correlation between a way to Greece has taken oversized bags been out so I mean how. You know once again what's more important and when when Mexico's America's you know give him the ball given his touches or Grayson keep being aggressive and handbag leaders come along. If you try and find a spot. I think it depends on a match up right it gives you flexibility I want to act yet it did you have a beat Beckett matchup with duke inside it. You come what the date increase crop up arbiter but. Great to penetrate and I don't particularly agree with the premise that they can't go to a bit earlier beat them optics creeping up thirty epic at Michigan State and at 1 o'clock as these little effort but I. I think it yet worked together. I I trust the topic in the that they. That he can't fit the people together and the other thing about factly that. You know if we're if we're talking about to attempt both bank. You know people what are comparing him to eight they're on or whatever I don't know they're the big dark country to put the basketball or get to basket. Like Bakley candidate and that helped quite adequate temple but he took app it is going side. And give that up he can Alter should've three eco drive. So I. I do think it can work together a putrid feet. How they incorporate that depending on which match up they have. I do think there's a budget because I figure it out it's like what a Arctic you'll get it chop because they're out but not like you. You don't take it all we shot the cook Bakley had the that it became so I think there are no shot to go around there. You know having it out there'll away at the other way to get the basketball I'd agree that Clark ought to pitch about all. Issues if you if you allow me this Ramon because you're far too diplomatic David shoe made voice of the Blue Devils now you're don't you're the voice of the university and a basketball program. Omar Gaither is very rude and he's a Carolina fan OK so we can seize a huge I doubt ourselves. I read how he got them rude is your does your do you get a hater how. He just explain to you the question before Weis thinks it could all work yet to go out some great it doesn't sound great there's only one ball. There's only one most talked about how great since initiating Austin or is that even the score twenty points on Missouri at two games are easy excuse me issue spot that on that all right David Germain. Way is the area that ball in the rear no not scoring bickering. Oh well you know and that's that's great accept any great extent and then most of those assist go to badly so he's getting those shots is all I'm saying daily Grayson a score out. I'm you know I'm not to do trim but I still agrees NASA stay aggressive out I was at the Carolina game BL taking heavy Chapel Hill he was an aggressive in my opinion. All right David shoe makes what his voice of the blue levels you mention a guy issue looms that I think is really interceding. And gosh who wasn't I think it was coach Odom may be on on Thursday when this was -- don't worry eighth as such an X-Factor for this Duke Team what is it about him for for people look at me and what two points yesterday you said Manny didn't look like he had an impact to meet you see them. What is it about him more he's starting to brought provide a bit of a spark in a difference for this but as blue double steamer right now. He's one of the best defender on the team are many one of the most athletic guy you can put out or is it a match hiker. Our it its biggest problem but aren't this year became different about and I I eat out of the game more credit because play so that that we could serve but he just did you'll let me give you energy while you know. Actually bring to score it would go Carter junior can bring you the power the shot blocker. You know. The laureate has the length that speed go to spend a lot of arbiter as well. So that this is a new record we could break. That you know you're trying to catch up with a two prop find out what you can side he just brings you to wrinkle all the tension at a what do we got Bard a orbiter is a good record keeper. I always throw this out there yesterday after him because of course Pitt had to ruin it last night shocker they're all free forever in the ACC but I try to do or. A man they trust five and one for the road teams some on the weekend any ACC and and before yesterday. There are 35 road wins all year long and ACC play what it's kind of a weird week and it happens sometimes but what what president about rove play any ACC this is been so difficult for teams this year. Well I can speak from the deep perspective. Specifically you know the Super Bowl went to go to a road where to acquire. The trick yet that spirit I escape their lapping up the G simpler experience and you know you're up five throat went there or don't want or road games ago was. I think it but the depth of the week aunt and how good we pit stop the ought that would go on the road. So I suspect the visiting. I think the whole team played that much better and get a booster a their crowd which is. Going to be a cryptic about the epic battle you got bought out actually. Closer than I do there's been a lot of conversation about this while the return and there is no paper the article prop aren't you a lot of up that crap hole wore the unhappy they trying to play that would they get out to a neutral setting a QB very. Yeah no doubt in and I guess this is the other interesting thing what are your thoughts and this gives you seen so many of these teams I was remarking earlier I look at this league right now I I'd still say Virginia for obvious reasons is into class and to themselves with. I do feeling North Carolina and duke for different reasons the progress they've made over the last couple of weeks. Our net next cut. How deep do you go on that third cut Reid say hey these are good teams turning caliber teams from the ACC. Any wouldn't shock me if one of these teams made a sweet sixteen early alleviate Ron what where's the cut line for you read say hey these teams right here or that kind of third Echelon of other ACC basketball teams right now that are pretty good and maybe if things got it got right at the right time they can be even better over the next month. Well I think in. Instead exactly right these are teams that have. A chance to get the sweepstakes the great that you up at the south ability yet think you have to include these state and that was all. They have all the which topic they beat Arizona they beat North Carolina they beat up but I think. They ought to be a couple of were to attack can score with anybody. What they gave going there are part the stop that you know and other team that. I would potentially clued and that is why it they get help the they're there to prep the eight that. What they bring to the table a big threat today. You know what the door that they parent that the way out walk with a player is real interest retreat to speak out. They did in terms of help but they actually get the Turbo prop up the people are talking about. If I'm Nicole and get back I agree and Notre Dame can find a way to dip into the state Turk sabbatical. Problem for potentially a what seed they get a poppy eight on our other scary but I'll catch up. Masterly at ten threes on Saturday I got I got killing I still can't wrap my and we have like seven at halftime like. I can't wrap my head around. How good that performance was and I know lose against BC but it was still on the road in the end there sinister enemy a 36 he had twenty we have 27 at halftime. Which was one off his career high at at the halftime break like Notre Dame. I'm with you Notre Dame discourage you cannot even say this shoes. I think Syracuse is got a little something cooking right now I don't know what it is about them and I'm start to see Syracuse come to life a little bit here the last few weeks. Yet it could turn I was Turkey emirates it on the Saturday is the bank locally locked I have a particular are you got bank it is. If you shall all the scores go wrong patch up. And don't want it I you know I I look at it to Brooklyn who want to pay all college right now. You know in a single location and rob goes crazy. Yeah I mean they're basically total score that that would people look at Syracuse. That is but what can I haven't heard of you know being able to wait two or three gave a little bit they are. I apologize for Omar being rude and I had ERR he has not only does David I think amassing asking legitimate questions. In the cooler. Back on after the game over here current. Move Q what are we going to before after I don't wanna handle that some good either way would we deal. Our whatever you want a real solution is make sure Amir when when Grayson and bags say by the way how is your first one how was it I didn't live up to expectations your first game calling a Carolina duke game. It would go to the great atmosphere added I think. Duca is certainly looking or panic second opportunity because of obviously a great stretch Arctic a second app the book or all of it to collapse but. People who are yeah agreed that mr. Cooper right courtship. You don't via the typical create these are all. What they're gonna look like or what. The exact level a lot by echo couple hundred tents every day when I go to practice the will be ready had a couple weeks. It was loud and there was and to be honest. Rick Iran that was guitar players we. Now follow. This story jabs are buddy I'll talk did a few weeks get out of here. Buddies are either. Closets are my best friends it's it's your. That's oh since now we get a break we come back we got Mike joy in fifteen times you know Jessica Daytona five. I'm a hundred and also I NASCAR if only for day pretty good yesterday we get to that in this awesome bubble Wallace interview are from his post game on fox yesterday that's next Omar Gaither gross it's crunch time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. I. I. It's. Sit here cheer on cheering on team USA in the Olympics I think this is taking delight tape delayed curling is what we're watching. It's new do you. Still matters men accused me move then in my sight and scene yet I mean I heard about him but I itself and cheered on like gas. Haven't seen it before affectionate telling the sport girls clothes and do you have you seen curling before now exceed it. Before. That's ordinance just about it OK Omar Gaither is what this its prime scientists like it let me ask let me describe curling Tucson never. Watched over a year ago the F fishermen go and it's like. Like slippery dar writes. I dark slippery on the green eyes dark slippery dart ice slippery ice darts are okay. With a broom. That's what Qaeda I think Devlin best I think left people in the war crime news you described to me throw this amazing traditional I would say it shuffle board on ice. It's more I Timmy Eminem simple vacation missile came when the good that has the sand on it. You know a game they have and that some bars talking about like take on what they call that that's like table top shuffle board essentially yeah. That was hurling his mood like on I'd call it shuffle board on ice like. Adult size secular Jackson you can have the aid a device which is essentially broom. Which can change the direction and velocity of the stone you're throwing. Unlike shuffle board shuffle board he just give a push and you see where it ends this and I went. Resentment brokers here are you letting nobody any good to use the broom to try to change the direction or speed up or slowing down. So the broom axes and eight in this in this sport like got a guy releases it is also is all the guys actually liked when he goes to skip somebody's a skipped yet even though. I don't know some say but I know that is a term some one of the positions on the team is a skipped. Isn't a skip like debt is at the head of the team or is that is it like second in command this is how little skill. Curling takes and yes please somewhat akin with Tito are known only takes a lot of this is telling little. Let's deal curling takes us there is on ice is no one has those gates and skip is the team member calls the shots I guess I'm assuming that's probably got it. Starts whole process okay on eyes he takes a ton of snow dogs were on atlantis'. You don't think this takes any skill. No OK year a year now you're on your mind there are basic you know what are some weeks and you're speaking at attorneys is gonna tell you did you see what happened this weekend. What we're with the Russian there was a doping controversy don't construe this doping scandal and like her going was literally smoking notorious federal trying to get better did I tell you that last week and great take last week that's true. Want a bronze medal. He was literally no there wasn't it wasn't doping. It was a PD he was like on don't argue was now white powdery substance now that's a lot of his that was not true though he could have been Gilbert train these guys is unskilled drug geeks know that's not what's going on in the Olympics don't just rush in your house trained to ice magicians it's. This resist the building center text line 704570916. This is it a combination of shuffle board and botching the on ice that's a pretty good explanation you can tweet us for only Jewish Twitter feed at primetime WS frenzied rally Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's proudly jeweler slippery Starbucks and brown regular stuck up traces animal from a month. No sodium our heart medicine that increases blood flow has been banned from from a sports and since 2016 was found in a routine urine drug sample. Sure I don't know what any of that mean swisher let's do this. All I'm always gonna pay some bills too because the improper pig. Rolled through here as they do every Monday in May and it's awesome barbecue some of the best barbecue cavity area they're opening a new location or Fort Mill and I say that because guess what their sister restaurant we brag on him all the time. They beat us on Wednesdays pizza deal on tap room I went to the duplication get a sneak peek in downtown Matthews on Thursday night they open on Friday officially. Two good spot man's awesome spot awesome for your menu when they are huge tapping there. Everything you could ever imagine awesome space too because they got this all this reclaimed wood from an old barn. All over the walls to get an awesome light fixture in their she's a cool setting an outdoor patio space Troy gets a little warmer too so watch. Good support those guys the improper pig pizza Phelan tapper of same restaurant group who we appreciate them a hooking us up as they do. Each and every Monday might choice to join us in a second only get to this audio. A bubble Wallace Darrell Wallace junior AKA bubble Wallace finishing in second in the 43 car yesterday before welcome in my enjoyed this is a bottle Wallace. I completely. Untidy and unhinged and ready to go get a microphone under sese bubbles thoughts on a second place finish best ever for an African American drivers the Daytona 500. Yeah I got so many emotions are now grant saucy. RCR alliance onto that's pretty good. I want to scenery quite frustrating stupid but could the money takes matter offer valid. Fallen off a great day. Ferraro a Clinton close certainly Claire 01 team just done an incredible experience for me to be able to. To be here forever what do you see and hear. This has got to start Alice at the same move people from what in Martinsville but. Haley has now we've been so it's all good and give them. Bay where Daytona 500 but that aside. On my nerves are shot up right now McCain comes in on mad at me and says after all told Jewell was the first rule that's going to do and I'm like. I don't know a loss I'm Brett he says don't wreck the car and we often. So thank you the king for keeping me on keeping him young well that thank you McCain as well for giving me this opportunity. Putting them second place putting clicking closes second place we know how much stress this team has been through. In the last three or four months just trying to get this program together so for me to come out here and this hectic. Three months I've had with the FaceBook series behind Loma lost checked out held an ending for us tonight but Pete to for a first Daytona 500 I'll take him out there.