Primetime: What Adjustments do The Panthers Need to Make on Offense?

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Monday, October 16th

Kroeger & Moose open up the show talking Panthers offense. 


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Powered by doing. You're like toast and so I like all your slimy do you do next week. That's the only big deal and in his defense right you didn't know that you know the ball carrier was going to. John takes you guys I'm like dad I'll take I'll take over aggressive and once all day long. Where a man down that doesn't matter prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. And Panthers legend in the studio light on this earth. Got into the football world this weekend it started on Friday. Ruled in this Saturday and went all the way through till Sunday and Sunday evening last night as the giants found a way to get their first win on the year deal we were going. We I mean come on man moves we were very very frustrated as you can imagine on Friday what is happening is more often than not. I don't get really really angry about Kantor's losses. I get really really sat let's check it down in the dumps for would you agree Friday Brian's last in front it was sad I'd just sit there is a sad to say under Tony it was a sad overtones of the way to show went on Friday when Hillary's more Luis Moreno did you were you were Debbie downer on right and how could you not be because you know we've said all here's another opportunity to make a big statement for the painters national TV you you could tour you can improve stood just five and one on the year and you can't lose at home again and here's a team that's an upstart they feel like they got so you cook it in you can knock him down a peg and you go into the weekend put everybody else on notice and none of that stuff happens some. That's don't have an on Thursday night but you know what 72 hours later and you know this is a player you got to decompress she got to get daddy your emotions you've just got to watch the tape multiple times see what happens. Buick OK that's not good like understandably some of the stuff we did not good we didn't do some good stuff. We did it do some things right Simoneau was a self inflicted wooed if we can do that this game doesn't play out that way and then you watch everybody else in your bike. Only when I was that is at all we were we. Pretty good football team I think that particular premieres on Washington games over the weekend and you know or are tried to call in on Friday we carried it away at a leaderboard at all. Kind of fun stuff put. You know I I sit back and enduring meet three turnovers. Arguably. Campbell was responsible for I would say one of those two interceptions. Do you have a two day offensive line can own one ME Cox is a beast you know Regis Bora Stan in. You can arm that was one interception the other interception was all on. Which take goes back in it or is it legal to replace. Did you steal. Have an opportunity to win that game if you can convert on third down or fourth down. And you know we played good football team give them credit you know I think politically Eagles are good football team I think it about a. And I think I know right now and it doesn't matter right now you'll put the Super Bowl Mario played coming up in a few months but right now the Eagles are the best team in the NFC. And or the best teams. In the National Football League right now at the top 45 teams right now I thought I'd give it to feel we are put him up there are put Kansas City a pity I lost here and they're all due to lawsuits that are put them up there are. A withdrawal. After the saints up there really until this thing to do every girl is 13 in a row would put 52 points up you know so look at the Carolinas lawsuit. Or undue you've got to put the page is up there. Aren't although I'm I was doing this to loosen this is what's funny and so the truth is always somewhere in the middle I look now around the NFL after after weeks six yesterday model the number to jump in 704570. Nine's extend same number for the phones in the building center text life. I'm looking around Michael K that lions team super agreed to do what they always do they come back from a fourth quarter comeback there were dumb monster yesterday nearly pull it also would have wanted to come backs in NFL history quite honestly didn't do it a Mike's. I think the lions are good. I'm not sure they're actually good and then a look at the 49ers and they're now only six. Armed but there are different type of bullet six we'll talk about that and I'm looking at it was so many other teams that the tape there's a pizza for the patriots struggle again in the first half against the jets. Can someone come squint my us Mike I thought it was a good win and now not I mean I still think it's a good way to come. I'm not sure it's a great win but also those teams suck too so it's just so hard to get a read on the NFL and I think that was my biggest takeaways from the weekend and again you have a do you have a few days to decompress. And walk away instead boys to the big picture and look at things and say you don't want. The Panthers are good good good good ultimate. About the Kansas City Chiefs right undefeated team they beat the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the features on opening night armed. And then lost to. A struggle in Pittsburgh to you can write a struggle on his home up. And so you know any given Sunday after that it's cliche year's bloody shirt is also true right and so it look. If you break down the NFC we spun him around us OK let's break down the NFC and NFC north okay. You've got a division man I am. OK Green Bay now is in shambles OK you had to Detroit Lions have their Green Bay is someone who shambles okay Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears mean you know so you think that may be one team comes out in FC north. If any may be Detroit we don't know that for sure we take in that Detroit is probably the strongest. You kind of think Minnesota is good to Minnesota's good to. A week I never know how good Minnesota's but I watched them on Sunday in their defense I think is one of the best in the NFL but alternates to start winning single week is like our. What can they do you know and I don't think the brief answer the question the quarterback but then when you always assume you can scratch and here's what he wants about Saint Louis assuming that LA rams. But for some reason the Seattle just finds a way you kind of call yourself back into the conversation but you know NFC west is kind of I don't know it's it's a little. A pot luck Greg just stick your hand in there in your room we go to get but I think at least one team you know one team comes out of there not too. Routine do the conferences that are gonna record routines are gonna represent a parlay that NFC east and NFC south. And they're gonna beat three teams and NFC south buying for this at the end of the day when I look at is gonna be the Carolina Panthers. Atlanta Falcons will bounce back you can go to look dismal right and now the north saints I think you know where you look at James was in what happened over the weekend he's from probably opera menu we could do and Tampa Bay's kind of defend you just don't know. Know what we I think we all I say we all but a feeling most people said this I not everybody but a show on most people's I decide oh I set it loose I I went into this season with a health the arm's length distance away from Tampa Bay New Orleans because it's been a lot of the same right I know we've never back to back winning seasons here in Carolina when we hear this each and every year with new worlds oriented defense this year to help defense are run the ball all right we've always heard that was up and I thought you know what. Taurasi you don't trust of course what they do that started when you talk earlier there's actually give some life next thing you know there on a three game winning streak there is hot as any team in the NFL and then you look at Tampa bake in sync and what this is the year right they got all the talent on DR since you know this is year three for Jamison should take a big step forward and you know they wanna be Dallas they brought in to Shawn to go along with Mike Evans there to keep it tight and with camera brave and they drafted OJ Howard guess what. Both those teams I I trusted typically more New Orleans Tampa Bay was a team we shouldn't have trusted. Every single year they do this hot team go to when he NFC south this year and now look at the box and. In addition there are no we thought they were there 23 or any notable Arizona defy. Have we done publicly play up to read there's no reason and is currently are thirtieth in total leave oh yeah I don't do this right so since to take a good defensive player a I'm not total discretion about a picture because it's still a lot of game. Games or play but I don't well look at the NFC south on us and possibly beat three teams. Vying for a couple spots at the end and we are right there in the mix and I think you know we we lose in New Orleans right arm but I still feel like there was an. I feel like it was Obama pig was a perfect storm but the call lightning in the bottle on but you know what I'm saints are pretty good football team when you look good to know what's. Anita Nemo is again and this is why it's like you you can look at this from either side of the coin Ritchie is already tweeting in Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed at prime time WS NC brown Lee recently named one of the top sixty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations that rallied Jewelers. And rally jeweler stock coming back I agree with especially I can agree with a lot of these things today good and bad about where we think about the Panthers in the NFL the NFC in general he says moose is right these two turnovers on the border without four captain's you'll lose to the best team in the NFC by five with ten games to go your afford to buy tickets I agree with that but this is where I go back to the saints games and Phil's always about missed opportunities as much as we runner says that life. I go back to the saints game. You could bury the saints. What is it three teams ever come back from an 03 hole to make the playoffs no team had done it since the bills viewers that 97 I think is one that was her I forget the year exactly as last time it happened. So you could very few euros divisional rival owing three and put them in a major by were coaching job trauma line GM job drama on all that stuff. Instead you gave them some juju and other there and huts there on a hot streak. I said the same going into the week in the recent assault the Eagles game was so big is okay it's for playoff positioning already you beat the teams at the top the end of seated at fault at five and one not damaged five and one and not only that you've put real heat on Atlanta and New Orleans Tampa to really start thing about most when you keeping good looking and two games back. Back to the of this early in the season. And instead it's no human associates are so what I'm saying is that doesn't make the painters a bad team. But it speaks fails to make them a great team either but that's what the great teams do they've they stop on teams they variant of the interstate two years ago almost. You know but I look at this Croat don't Chris and I say to myself. The Panthers are always better when we're the hunters. Right is this not setting itself up this year earlier this guy said to sell book for the Panthers would be the hunters in the playoffs it sure is it not set itself up for bigger game down the line is it not set yourself up for us to be in some playoff scenario where we got to face the Eagles and we got a huge chip on our sort of sucked in a proof. I mean it's almost a blessing to discuss a look at is they won't we are putting ourselves in position where we actually. Prosper when when we're coming from behind the words durable challenger and in not the favorite right and you know I a look at the NFC east. Gotta feel sitting up here mayor best team there on the Redskins okay threats delegates on terror cells Al wood deck press guy you know struggled. Easy Q philly's gonna service six game suspension. Or defense is not that good so you know. The Panthers have an opportunity here to represent it's not in a wild card spot a skirt not. Divisional winner in the wild card spot so. What does it mean for us what does this loss really really meet throws a Mia take it to you as you look at what happened or crossed the NFL this weekend. It would be hard to argue depend desirable for good football team right. If I were making a list I would say the cantor her coup how deep do you go. Were they fall we we talk about all this is what we do we take our first time out we come back exclusive Mohamed so much to get into for the weekend that was not until a better today a more upbeat today off the weekend and a text derisive building setter Tex microbes it was the football gods the football gods did smile kindly on the cantor also lost. On Thursday night the rest of the weekend you know so kindly on the Clemson Tigers when Washington State Cougars once is already Auburn Tigers it is OK where do the there's sort of a fun show we'll get into atomic college football Lon a lot of NFL reaction in this is what I wanna have people jumping and when we return 72 hours later do you feel about what happened on Thursday night. And what do we actually know about the weekend it was in the NFL and college football we answer those questions would moos after the some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. You're listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina don't come. Yeah. I wouldn't just say is a let down not a case of you know like a let down are not over you know at some times and I must say in this is but you can be over trying to you know I'm trying so hard did not do develop and you know playing into your own self so how won't -- he would look at the four games that we had. We like some clues is that we had I think we're also missed the point we had some ones down on the inside the five yard line that you stopped him like that's a hell of a job so. Magic going through goes from there are game you're gonna battle Foreman. Those ones that we did clues to win we're happy with us. As far as scores in the second half and letting goes up certainly not. But we only team to some Google's way back when Detroit had known for five of whom are between the last Green Bay in them long field goals over fifty twos are good place you know that you get to stop. But today could win or lose yesterday. We can only put what on earth just saw that question was answered. It's not a thing here. It was evil he would ask to see if my memory serves me correct I Dan Quinn was asked. This is the game was elected on what he can see Billy replay just important played a whole 42 hammering again we play the first portion of this does that that's the question is the game will. Don't you Louis seventeen off the lead man. The same team that put 28 to three lead in the Super Bowl would you call your seventeen opened to a team that we can all look and say I'm not sure they're very good you let them. Come back and beat you you didn't do anything in the second half they did everything in the second half output you called a let down Dan Quinn. I wouldn't just say is a let down not a case of you know like a let down are not over you know at sometimes I must say in this is but you can be over try you don't try and so I don't know man fell what does that leaning into your own self. And killed what what does that even mean an overt stride all the though it's not a let down its not in terms of that it's slightly let up. What we slightly less. Let up then what do you call it a prized and are down moos has the lowest seventeen not believe he gestured owner Dan hold opponents to the team didn't blow a lead to a team. Who's quarterback budget color. Who was last seen before we came at a retirement naked on the balcony of some exotic resort you're seeing his buttocks from behind and they just fired offensive line coach is he was doing some offensive line is it is office. Going into a team meeting. They're allegedly barely beat the Chicago Bears oh yeah she's beautiful also the Chicago do you just lost a seventeen to nothing leaderboard to a team that just. I did just fired offensive line coach because he was allegedly snorting a white substance. Off his desk a week ago. And when you asked the question. This game let down it was clear rules that Nortel is decoded this select notices went out yesterday I wouldn't say it's a let down. A let down our. Are not hopefully you know it sometimes he had no idea this it's going yeah that the coach compellent fairness to him the thing just happened he's probably still trying to process he has no idea what he sank. Why do you say yesterday of course it's a let down coach and on that note let's quickly do our sad stat of the day I really do we have time for this hold on he's gonna move some things around are we gotta we gotta make some of the falcons briefly your whole month. That span of. Really really really are erroneous just playing so you know the falcons dropped twenty you know nothing. Yesterday. And in the second half things were seventy nothing Wanda odd to lose yesterday. And a twenty to seventeen. It's the first game either this season or last in the entire NFL but the winning team did not score the first task trailed by ten or more after halftime break. And then went on to win the last team to do it also Miami. And done they did it actually the last to Miami did this was in 2000 they beat the colts and Peyton Manning there. No team totally like this the last two years of benefit of the inner self. And it wasn't a let down now not only to coach or we call that a yeah. Do you consider that a letdown which just happened here yesterday. I wouldn't this is a let down and out of course they. Then again you're giving clinics get ahead daddy years the same coach that the clock in his office every hour has been replaced with the word now. So instead of 12123. All the way around this is now now now now. The time is always now viewed currency in which is what his motto was going into the season you have Democrats say which yesterday did Glenn. It's sad my friends were what happened Julio Jones did he listen I don't know where. Timing down and a lot from there got element. Half a football player. Dovonte free there really isn't feeling well. Funny this the same running back there by the way said oh yeah I would've been the MVP we would've won the Super Bowl if they just came to me the ball more in the second half. And yet he had what what are the what are Dovonte Freeman haven't totaled carries yesterday's finish was like nine carries or something like that twelve Carrey sitting on the ball yesterday. You know. Over and over my history of plane and merciful but just playing sports in general the best leaders without ever been around have always own things right and when they're doing well is always you know the teams the quarterbacks the running back all lined a great defense played this you know and then we didn't guys guess what do laundry. Amid the Pritchard doesn't agree positioned well enough for us to win this football game I did call the plays on and design this I didn't do. Not a big adjustments you know both the leaders that you respect do you remember long term right. As opposed to someone CYA you know just trying to make sure that it's not my fault. It's you. Well we're gonna find out who's I should just weeks ago and again this is why sell like okay thirstein except to be game for the painters to shoe could really put heat on the sock in an aggressive division but I've I mean how long about this and is about to stretch for latest schedule. For the next five or on the road this is what Atlanta has to do over the next I mean this is a brutal stretcher talking about they go to New England on Sunday Night Football. Good losses Super Bowl rematch Jack good luck with that. Another at the jets the next week I would say that's probably win but okay week and the jets are three and three good luck with the jets are also to get a pretty good defense it's it's like luck with that I knew that the Panthers you're only home game in this stretch is whole -- the cowboys which you never know which cowboys seems gonna show from week to week and then you're at the Seahawks. So this for false one of the next five weeks on the roads and the only gimme you could say or maybe the jets on the road in the cowboys at home. We're gonna find out if the Super Bowl hangover surreal for Atlanta zoo was willing good when he starts three no but you go into the bye with a bad loss to the bills at home. Kamal the bye with a bad loss to the dolphins. Went to against the AFC east and those are teams you should be beating at home. And I get it'll play to rest of that division on the road back to back weeks so. A word find out about Atlantic did. Quit that anyway I mean this guy supposedly offensive guru. Were right I mean he's supposed to be you know slice bridge coming out of Seattle and in every one was high on him coming in he's gonna fix the offense and he you know Matt Ryan is gonna force and him I mean they have. They've jumped out to be in front runners but then they have completely gone stagnant you know it teams have made defense that made adjustments to what they've done on offense and in the second half. Have they have struggle to survive. When it's not they haven't. How did anyone to have been dominating anyone have struggled to survive in the games that they've won this year. Yeah and I thought oh I don't want they Freeman had nine carries for 68 yard is always running incredibly well and they weren't running it. Like what what what sense does that mean he's paid a lot of money makes and to give falcons make no sense and that's probably two on Steve sorties in their new. Our offensive coordinator all right you get a great deal in the schools back in session fund doesn't have to end 29 bucks right now you can go have some fun at sky high sports Charlotte located him until North Carolina get two tickets for the price of one saving 60%. Is gonna get my perks dot com to get that great deal right now get my perks stock up. Adored her roof opening topic of the day I'll. Telling us salesman tweeting NF primetime WS NC currently Jewelers Twitter treaties and I woke up feeling bad the Matty ice. And a silky says melt melt the ice melting ice in the falcons. To a seventeen point lead and I still went Stedman when Oprah gives him his allowance. Pretty good expects final sales city limits we are all saved us our concern right now the boxer a mess they don't go by we the rest of the year it's I think it was easier to look for after the entire deal we cannot just only their division across the NFL and say. In the sky isn't falling here and sure enough Thursday night sucked a disguise and fall us. On the side lines and I'll watch this game you know lost the Panthers play the Eagles on Thursday night and you'll or one of my ticket boys was always that and Cam Newton is a tough guy and he's a tough. Guy and I mean you know coming off a bit sold shoulder surgery. Balance through whatever it took you know and pre season never complain and never give an excuse to god has never. Complain or uses injuries as an excuse he just goes out and he has a bad game guess what. They had a bad game if any does it but the physical. Punishment that he put his body to running the football last weekend. On tape is the answer joining it the dude ten yard dive that almost resulted in a touchdown. Armed fall and awkwardly on a store shoulder finishing the game. We wincing in pain throughout the they're into that game. I just gained a lot of respect for his toughness are a real. Did I thought that he alone you know just he exemplifies what it means to that you know ready to shut up don't don't. Com don't tell me about the pain just had a baby and and and and he's got a goes out to ever join puts it on the line and his team. They should be happy that they have that title because see guys who ate little tweak here little bump there there on the sidelines got a look at them does the or they may come back in May not come back the two were about a guy if he's hurt if he did any misses a game in Israel and in a lot of respect for Cam Newton this week. Our Mousa Mohammed with a sell them on their Monday's Broadway always brought to buy wild wing cast say and going on right now at wild wings get over there for October 28 this costume contest wobbling -- egg it which you wild for Halloween. A costume contest with thousands of dollars in prize is trying to spook tacklers specials will be just the wild your Halloween needs three locations in Charlotte cell Charlotte and air fleet uptown and the epicenter in north Charlotte in the university areas what's supposed to be -- -- against her costume contest is doing good how are you best -- door prizes to -- does going to be a lot of until October 28 it which you wild and any of the three wild wing cafe locations is go to falls phone calls here by the way techsters reading and building center text line shore because going not normally agree with him but I would I would disagree on this he says the 49ers are only six because the bat there's no other excuses. Agreed you wanna know this I think this is these data the NFL season thus far through six weeks. The Panthers beat the 49ers 23 to three right season opener. The row and six they lost five more after that these five losses moves have come by a combined thirteen points. If Los thanks a salted I get it get your bad your what your record says you are but dust supposedly one of the worst teams in the NF Sony lost their last five by thirteen points combined so. Go to giants or bottom corner this weekend I guarantee you dear margin of loss is probably a lot greater then. The San Cisco 49. There's the bronco player wears the Broncos are so oysters hard to a bears the bronchos your. And sodium go to my house stadium and and you know. Whole lot of wind and a convincing win this is not me made it wasn't a close game they dominated the bronco. And they ran the ball down their throats I couldn't title ask them a solid team Roy and I'd rusher for over a hundred yards against that Denver defense and Orleans dark what was the god it was doing but I know that guy is for a whose are always Orleans dark wash your. Cleavage chimneys of there was some like good swing and what's your week's six analysis who always Orleans dark law that's the only way I know how to talk about the NFL after six weeks let's go to Ryan who wants to jump there was a Brian how you doing man. Thank god I'm good how you got two great. The outscored disorder a couple of points about about Thursday and as we can't if blood if it was disappointing on Thursday but. You know we we had a chance you know as unit and the people of stated we could have gone up. It will cost or Atlanta even play that again because it caught up a couple of games on the ballot can't afford. It cattle or got a little thicker with a football what don't let applause yesterday we still have a chance on Sunday at the campus take care of business and beat Chicago and know England beats Atlanta we still can go up a it is you know we still can call or a book come Thursday was was deathly deathly what they have an update we still. Token being in the driver's seat if we take care of business and the Philadelphia lot of elbows from temple or members of the looked up your feet. Beat detectors that first Super Bowl they maybe can turn a record seated and aunts aunt or start it yet yet in the tepid third ran and got them. Became the order Super Bowl to go to all the external data got the revenge EO when it really matter so I think we. Still could be buildup he can't put down yes there are they put up steady but I do feel better. After it landed it in that it let it looked back at first when we all stars and now we're back at first that would have another opportunity. Like this past Thursday at the shot against them. DOT TV get the driver's seat aboard Atlantis but still think. You know it's working out or is going to have a good air bit at all but they can Chicago. Yes and right appreciate it going on the other thing I think you do tumors is like on on the day after you start to point out all the things that went wrong why didn't this happen why didn't that happen by the play support in this area I think the one thing and this has been consistent in wins and losses to go back. The winds covered the stuff Detroit the also the wind didn't play great against Detroit let's be honest enough. Yes that was it behind on a scrimmage fifteen and eighteen carries. I came there really was the running and at times against Detroit he was throwing into a very. We don't. Are modeled pocket where he was throwing into traffic a lot over bodies through bodies are into tight windows but they want they made those plays indeed you did the same thing against Philadelphia except. You missed some of those placing your lost. So the offensive line actually like 72 hours later another other things that are concerns but. That's the one thing employing to say if that's the major issue I think needs to get cleaned up with this team to take it to the next level but if that's the one thing I think reporting now. I get I think it tells you can do Gerson the rest of the league you're probably in a pretty decent spot right now. Tell you. Kelvin Benjamin made some big please over these first several games. On crucial third downs you are vintage auto he made Thursday night were detected that come from the are you going to catch of his career. At and Leo he's been the clutch go to guy. In crucial third down situations we we didn't go to him this time I mean you know and and and in not to be not oil Christian McCaffery but umpire I think did design of that plate was not. Very good. And I don't Mike Hsu goes back to them play ever again and you know if you did Christian McKay every out of out in the open space and he breaks away from the interior of the offensive line you can see him. If you if he breaks underneath. You've got six foot five all in sublime in defense of blonde pushed all in your face and you're trying to completed thirty crucial test. It's very difficult for that happens so to me I think you have to reassess what's going on and I think they will we can make. Some two weeks this is not throw the baby out with the bath water this is not totally reinvent the wheel this is how we tweak what we have now right. Improve on what we have to be more competitive Jay Stewart hasn't dropped passes. Jay still don't dropped a pass right that was so lucky die mean interception okay. It it doesn't happen that was a lucky thing okay good tip off the bay. An army in the tip ball what are you call it that resulted in interception that. Big gave. Go Philly the ball in the red zone. Did they score I mean all these things happen and they're just sort of anomalies here and even given. Had an opportunity when the game this is a pretty good football team right so let's not insist this is all gloom and doom and we to totally reinvent everything. We're talking about two weeks we're talking about weeks. One thing that I would suggest for Mike Hsu in the Mike Hsu listen I was addresses which I have an. Had a two run game which we got adds that because we're gonna need some point. But we could use it. We use Kelvin Benjamin to completed third down against Detroit. Armed take a needle to in the ball game but it's some anti we're gonna have to use clock. Now look at some of those numbers Shahzad I I've got some of those numbers to talk with the ground game where they're and I agree I mean I used senate the last few weeks. Recognize who you largest team is a deception in this direction type offense but it doesn't mean you can have moments where you know you got to line up in just sketch and I'm never seen this most. Is along is I've watched it shall Paul I need John Foxx era all the way to where we are now this is fifteen years of tickets are so poll I've never seen a painter's team. Many it's not that they're not committed to the run it's that they're not having success I've never seen this before I can remember years works Nick Goings as your backup or your mean you've got guys in their run ammonia like how does this team still running the ball and get this team's got talented guys trying to run the ball and they're not having success I've never seen this. And I still think there's time to turnaround we're gonna talk about that coming up a little bit what's gonna Monique who wants to jump in what some Monique. Hey I need and doing great. I'm doing good look at it and I want the same Lucius cannot favorable or not there's an old players actually got a Jody. So it can't became. There is. Any good from a bare bone from Chicago news. We are last. I imagine Don proctor and gamble and Dave and other matters. Well they're not learning you know. I agree whatever they live audio same way I look at it like three things had to happen we wanted to be angelic. Number I'm sure the holdout and the historic dropping about any means interjected that limo like we were driving yeah. Number do that no particular when cam I don't care what nobody says Campbell who didn't go on the mound seeing little older I'm much. I doubt I'll get annoyed there's so that would limit to go that goes down they went over the big call. And we'll ask me we even may know is good either and I agree and I think a lot of the Packers the win was growing in your direction keeping you could easily picked what are those off. We weren't getting good actually that we should begin you know we had like Jack I think what kept it blank he totally things. Haven't we beat them I think that it seemed as though it didn't regulatory red Wii I can't. Or did we would it mean Charlie serving I had so great they not have had those three things had to happen. Yet not I totally agree I don't know. And hegemony in that and I guess you know say the move put on Monique great points and and I agree I agree that this is Indian minister is that we're not that far off from being. Arguably the best team in the NFC rice and represent eighteen. An opportunity to represent the Tennessee in the Super Bowl or so you know what needs to happen going forward dirtier few days is couple tweaks here I mean things like with Monique how. It would Jay Stewart not being able to you know bring him to protect the football things that we always are doomed right I mean you know we can't. You know with only do much about the Luke weekly situation obviously he's gonna have to go through do you concussion protocol to talk. About that tumor sort of do this we will have put in there are some weird conflicting reports over the weekend Adam Chester rose reporting some stuff yesterday morning that said. Hey we weeded it looks like Lou doesn't have a concussion. And the Panthers were quick to come out and say he's in protocol but. I mean we have this discussion Friday I don't think those two things the same right I think those are two different things to say guys then diagnosed with a concussion. And saying icing concussion protocol Felix is is different things so who'd who said that he was diagnosed with a concussion when nobody has yet no one way or the other that's never been confirmed which is why like yeah and I get a you when you you don't wanna talk about a guy's medical situation if you don't have to work I think everybody's kind of like. What's going on here lost. You know as I look at assay ourselves I mean we just wanted to help the first important well did he have a concussion or not is what they're trying to determine you know how do you determine. That is what we're going through right now a source talked so much so comes out in an already. Pre diagnosis something before you take the steps to understand. The habit or not is a little premature you know and so yeah. We get into this election is easy to go through this whole protocol junior testing you have a baseline this is OK before you head. Had this injury here's where you tested when we. Asking for sort of memory were recognition things into euros a a series of of a different tests that they used so he has to go and take those tests over get an ACL to compare that can it be diet. Diagnosed on Friday morning. Well we're getting answers from doctor David Chao former chargers team dock with Panama before is great he's gonna join us at 5 o'clock hour we're gonna get it all this stuff Derrick Williams expected to join us at five Michael filled church at 3 o'clock art she's the 330 we'll talk college football with him. She consoles for about twenty minutes of talk quarterbacks cam all that stuff from the NFL for the weekend it was Muhsin Mohammed with us on this Monday when we return we get more your calls and your Rajon Chris when we return can also when keeping it real goes wrong college football addition it's tribe time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening top primetime which Chris Kroger powered by Ford okay. Carolina. They were never. Really important decision to discuss discussion we'll do this coming out of the 5 o'clock. You ESPN report sees clear and the Panthers Stephen Drummond there had appeal are very adamant yesterday saying easing can custom protocol has been cleared nothing's changed Joseph person. Tweeting out yesterday that. I yen easing coat protocol which means he's been diagnosed with a concussion and I and then another person tweeting me from the NFL our players I dot com website. Saying that if it doesn't necessarily mean you have a concussion to assure the protocols so very nebulous it's very gray area and ultimately it's scary can you talk about head trauma and potential brain injuries. And multiple cases of the with a certain guy if it's true about you can clear from Thursday -- really get into this and a little bit doctor David chalice gonna join us former chargers team doc killed do that coming up at 530 -- Salzburg to talk quarterbacks when there's an NFL coming up in a few moments at 3 o'clock or Mondays with moos always brought you by wild wing cafe three locations north Charlotte in the university area epicenter in uptown Charlotte as well and in south Charlotte and fiercely town center all right I love doing this arm it's so much when a favorite things we like till we like to look at things went and maybe it was well intentioned it was on this seem like a good idea. Didn't turn out so I love Chappelle's is what is your -- greatest hits and yet many was when keep it real goes wrong right and here's an additional twenty venereal goes wrong from college football this weekend Auburn who had not won. At LSU since 1999 loose they would in I think they were in nine and a half point favorite on the road at LSU this weekend meanwhile though she teenagers beat Florida on the road I know they lost Detroit but that was a good win at Ford over the weekend. And all liberals and their Saturday afternoon 330 game on CBS. And they had one in the last eight meetings. In Baton Rouge since 1999. And so they go up twenty to nothing everything looks great right all or Roland here. Here it comes pretty we're getting our first win almost two decades. Except he didn't and there mascot. All be the tiger. For. Dressed up as Detroit Trojan on the sidelines and LSU because LSU lost Detroit embarrassing loss Detroit two weeks ago he decided to troll the crowd. Grabbed the sword put on the headgear worn the caped albeit a tiger you can see the picture dressed as Detroit Trojan fan and guess what happened. They didn't do a Troy did they look good are the the other team from Alabama that was not able to get away at him that merge instead it was Detroit team out of the sun belt and it blew their twenty to nothing lead and it's now nine in a row this loss in as investor bulletin board material in. Real time when keep every other girl in real time idea just win the game. First sighting on it when the game and also obligated to college when Michael Salter in thirty minutes this is really cool from a weekend. Sat Friday night obviously Auburn guard Clemson goes down to odd to Syracuse and this who's really really awesome if you saw this. You guys know me I'm a big Davos Sweeney said it was funny is a couple years ago I really wasn't doubles won me over. Icing down below is a little bit it is seem to lose showy to me it seemed to be something worse like our dabble I get a you're you know. You you love these kids they love view all that it seemed a little comfortable to me right and use that he uses a lot the press conference is a pulpit and that may mean a comfortable. And over the years talking to a more Seymour this who dabble is so I respect him for I don't always agree good about our respective forward so we goes have to deal Bieber the head coach accused after the game to see this the ultimate field and they did consider doing the normal like. You don't handshake and a you'll still go jackets the normal I gonna feel that in Oregon so we goes and he brings in Dino he gives them a big hug. And you could you could literally read his lips he said I'm so happy for you. Do you deserve this. And he must've talked him for fifteen seconds or show. But you can see it that's not telling that's depo that's double being dabble Dino I am so happy for you. You deserve to often defending national champs on a Friday night and then afterwards how about this. Cite your Franklin of Syracuse since dabhol. Went out and saw that Steve Nash mile who had a monster game against them on Friday. In the locker room in accuse locker room to congratulate him he addressed all the players. And even took pictures woodham. And frankly said quote that's one of the classy as things have ever seen in my life to have been knocked down like that and have the humility to come talk to us that was cool as hell and there are multiple players on Twitter from cues tweeting out. You'll I had respect for dabhol. What he did come in that locker room he proves to me he's the realist I understand why guys love him there and so Clemson lost but you know you lose with your head up on Friday night and that's a heck of for a coach to handle on self. Even though he was crushed you know he was crushed that's a cool way for double Sweeney Dana was business Friday night. It you know it does speak to the character. I think he's a guy who can build a staff with anyone's. Roster anyone staff he's one heck of a recruiter I gained a lot of respect for the guy when he spoke at the proper degree Oscar award. There are several years ago. Had a chance to meet him in the green room and I was during the press didn't really know who was at the time but obviously he's gone on to your really have a a good coach and for so far. I'll say this that I don't think she can X. She should expect that in return from a lot of coach know you want to debt yet you know it but I but I do think that. He is a very competitive. And and after he close that door probably decent so thought on how he'd lost that game. Despite the fact that loss to the Bryant in the end you know had a number of challenges throughout the game. And he expects to win an end to the next team that they face. Our country did an appeal ruled that frustration. You know itself. You know you say one thing to -- guy you know humility and it's all these different characteristic that the that's what people love and that's why as players don't mess with this than dude look he is going to be a fierce competitor he is definitely gonna come back and I think Clinton. I don't think that they are gonna go anywhere and obviously you know if you're the defending national champions. It's easier to have that typos. You know conciliatory in. You gratitude expressed gratitude towards the coast. There weren't pretty cool though it's pretty cool I lose her cool and so I I I those awesome thing to see on your own. I can't got to be pretty confident in yourself to that had to have that conversation coast delegates who he is too that's the thing like mixing in southern guys I think you've seen going into a lacquer did that I wouldn't say it's disingenuous is just not who you speak to double acts that way it's Wii is a person he wants to treat other people's the way he wants to treat like he lives by the golden rule principal and suffering due out Friday it's like united and surprise jointly and that's a demo is meant to say that those guys in the locker Mike. In double really is the real deal he's the realist man presiding I heard about it I saw it lived out and yeah I understand why guys are all about that dude let's go to ray wants to jump in with a solid Salzburg a few moments what's up break. Treasury were car ready what somebody. Hey move your great. So from there you wanted no left little Leo Joe's truly Ochoa is still in Lake Lanier retreated periods unless. Tell us everything else. Yahoo! out of little bummed out that we are very very great yet you know helping. Rubio did question how did that just moves but the blow another lead right there and then do a two week for you gotta go to new weighing those I would. Where they look at it. Anyway you like Judy in the light. Cold she'd wish formal bowling league if you tell but I don't know on the view what I enjoy. Yes Freddie I'd appreciate Conan and I would agree with that I I forget who is saying this the other day you can tell me was you've been a lot groups you can't tell me Atlanta during their bye week wasn't doing some in some way shape performed some mental preference for New England the next week. No way your mind wasn't in some way shape or floor yeah. Absolutely and and in particular stepped up they did they. Had they thought they had this one in the coming year we argue all the news or come out of Miami's offensive line coach in the and you look at how you know how did you struggled all season you know and so. Did come. It's a layup they come off here come all the loss they come into the first quarter first ever game in their role and I guess we'll go. At halftime and guess what did you elect a sword down the acts shall we got this one of our dear New England talking about probably put a we were filming the halftime you know and any c'mon they get geared details handed to a bush. The data some identity talk today inclined not to let him now led off the top business success and we overdrive is what we try to enlarge to enter Raj and because we tried too hard we didn't win I've never heard is exiting let's go to John really quick shot Salzburg a moment you guys keep hanging out what is what's up John. We'll call called the absolutely necessary yeah I'll talk about dog can't resolve local art many can't be all on me to go to camp of Manto. I didn't do it properly you gotta go by moment personal. Level involved are no parking and outward. And we had a yeah so well you know look you don't you all did pretty well but there. It's his trade turner well and involved and help the government loan of Rotterdam. Little. The good you don't know I did they don't need to give him another resident targeted gem. I will say I'll get I Jonathan good to talk to buddy will sail give Tyler Larson an off week this week because I demand up against Fletcher Cox. I like to adapt to it I give my I give him a pass this week against Fletcher Cox is that fair enough that's red bulls' Kirk bell will be in my. I think word there that was the nurses and KK but that's why you saw slit my Fletcher Cox is that viewed my KK is close but he Iain that. Yeah that was that was you know and and I I'd take a step further John I've after almost a minute can't party. All you can drink and eat it and go get party right let's go and yeah because I know ju. Is it tough runner and I know jays to a skin below it and you know even Christine McCaffrey as a sweatshirt you know here's a guy and I think it could be a great changeup in your closet Whitaker you know our best. Running attack wells with the Carolina Panthers was. When we had Jeff Davis and his offer supported it. And I was always frustrated would just Davison but I can tell you this. That we always have protection would be sound he was all the news X office alignment the term often supported imagine that as a receiver or shoot incredibly frustrated means maybe just you know frothing at the mouth like can be more balls right but at the end of the year we had a thousand yards apiece and oh by the way 2000 your Russian kilo running backs to get back to that please logon to give back to that point. Back in a moment with moose are Mondays with him brought to buy wobbling Cathay Chris Carlos.