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Thursday, July 13th

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with WFNZ legends Mike Pacheco and John Meterparal. Pacheco and Meterparal discuss with Kroeger about their pasts on WFNZ, as well as the talk of an expansion team coming to Charlotte whether in the MLS or MLB. 


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Peace peace prime time powered by ortho Carolina program. Would be a civic holiday city. I know Michael it's not gonna work this through a parade in win accent parade instead of throwing confetti they Rhode chicken supremes out into the air supremes. All. What the chicken supreme is Hollywood delegates agents if it's national pride chicken day you have to consume your fried chicken in the form of chicken. But he's chicken it's the only now it has to be on the ball. But you my kids. Yeah yeah. We were just reporting on our price they can take from last week this is strong who takes on the way here. Thank you very much why I want to hear your. She contender here receipts we are here with OJ goes by the way after you like Dell played them they're here they see if there are forty years of our forty legendary years to finish ticket if this gets. And it I hope both technicals I just prefer my chickens do actually have been kicked it okay cell called our ticket itself fear urgency you want your stick were not on the self doubt he's gonna work Mike which you go and do it. Another W offense the legend John beater morale grateful enough to make some time haven't we deserve saw you guys cart if you moments at your busy days. What do we do your best we simply have nothing grown duke I guess Florida I know I've been wandering about the west in a beautiful hotel in town but. I'm so they might they be effigy you'll take us. Goes no one else yes they would they would let us that would let the sun and Myrtle Beach. Think that that's that's is there Myrtle Beach affiliate here out of another by securely or might you the senate to grow event look at this Miami woman are immediately implement for five years ago when it was done primarily you can sit navy's five or six. Ten tops radio stations and now. Is easily space for votes have been point one font. Yes this is it's didn't grow weird we're talking earlier she's been beater you see this conference a close personal PC like it is amazing just in the last couple years alone a tomato winning the national championship we'll do for you put. Team seer data show up but it's like you were arguably the greatest conference in the country right now much is. My first year Bruce doing this 2005 when DC and the ACC. He was in the West Virginia. Next to the Greenbrier resort that other resorted to name just stated it. But I just remember that folly because on the ride home through the mountains up. I get car sick. And I felt like a five year olds because there I am in the back of the seat in the back of the correlate turning white a get out of the Roanoke airport. And I throw up never. And everybody's looking at me at the first from a rookie yes his first year on the job and one of the brush and I admitted by a nuclear all over the place that was my first these these immediate down here we are statement. Now here we are put in twelve years later you're right it eight helps you talk about did you really got not what about a lot of this stuff. Custom tailored for his show who I am that was put out I can tell is grown exponentially if that's a good point. For from the profile for the state uniforms and of course Boston College or many errors or without a doubt it's sitting with. That the conference's come from since that point denounced them as to what's. Funny too because the irony of this is Miami and Virginia Tech were two major programs brought in Virginia Tech had more success opposite of Miami said. I mean it when they built this thing up. Twelve years ago again you can you would have thought it was going to be division was Florida State Miami every year they in the conference championship game and hasn't happened yet. MIT basketball what conference title before Miami football has an amazing there's no way you would have thought that was gonna happen a decade I think it's gonna happen this year. Really I think I think Miami's north coast of and I think Florida State win the Atlantic they have so that first that will happen. Told cops say this every year meter like we we do this about a baby that every but I feel like every year we're doing this with Miami words this is the year they're gonna break through. I nobody you know what I think Mark Richt support for coach and Al Golden. How does moments. Was OK there are six or seven win team but the talent on offense from Miami now is that you would tie his absence they're very kind this young quarterback. Mark wolf it's probably the best tailback in the league and no one talks about. I think it's going to be there year in the coastal. Well so we're talking about the ACC growing. But are little cities world brought up many would you would you go back to Boston and here we are looking down here can't you come back to may vary in all of a sudden we're talking about baseball all closed up 45. And Kate and capital to welcome back you know project goes my turtle here. I'm authorized. To me leaderboard. Thought this season is Baghdad everybody it's not me me just got to do this thing with ray come he's got to do that if some teacher he's got a voice overs we went over there the pump for David Doran. So so so I'll bruises like that John to come back at like 4 o'clock in it looks amazingly like we come back at 4 o'clock to know we're under we have to form clumps that I. Those guys that I'm okay so how do colonel. Right above the ACC network so what what's gonna happily that he does not have a incident and on and off and on back to port one can we understood that yeah now and I think the stimulus. How about the money bags on the on picking up that had anything that. You've missed a freelance letter they paid this crazy all right like users that we were joke it. Earlier in the show where. You don't may have for throws out you weren't even aware I was talking about this couple hours ago that. But if we just randomly see Charlotte's name thrown out by our woods expansion clearly it's. Weighed down the road if even then it's a realistic possibility put. I mean who would have thought Major League Baseball and in Charlotte it's often that people talking about we're trying to get an MLS team that seems like it's. The giant you know what show right now taking kicker they're acting leader but. We're gonna MBA here we got NFL I took drawn almost a thousand and I'd get up down it's crazy with a series of golf. This is my only apprehension would be as I sat on the very same Airways 42 years ago. When MLB needs of the exact same and 1997 an accident in 1999 to 2000. I was colonize its. We all have divisions of Major League Baseball or they're gonna throw an upper deck got to pass along but I don't tell us what this Atlanta's gonna. We ended. Accused of trying to make it's that we the flagship of the baseball to brighten you know we all thought this is Rondell White marquis person and a patrolling that the outfield. And it's just a little bit we've dealt. It did not happen but I think it's that should you know it sure all ready to board want to. Why not what people are saying see this what I think is funny so people are saying. Charlotte from a population standpoint not ready I would disagree that because we really talked about especially sport like baseball. Is it true population would he pick about what this area what baseball beat your kid plays baseball he goes right and to. Sure to get the youth participation would feel for me I grew pretty economical and grow collecting its accounting of Lincoln County Caldwell county where that is above Gardner's rob. All these small rural areas that were thin. A couple of hours drive that's what thieves steal a sport like baseball debate you what you make of it make you think you make a killing off of that stuff especially weekends I feel like. On the or as much about the population as I am are there enough corporate dollars you know support Bryant there's the hornets and don't forget I mean you're talking about a 162 games so it's 81 home games so it's you know build a scaling back in Tripoli that's going to be almost ten or twelve more than. The look the nights are gonna have and you're talking about maybe the minimum probably 35. Roughly the X. 30000 seat stadium bill so I think the people will be they're both the corporate dollars B there'll be able to make sense well the stadium's going to be issued right there's also buried career has realized they seventy so that is a real estate issue because that was a great piece of land to put a Major League stadium on and they didn't want to build a Major League sides. And in wanna build it so it could become Major League sides of the sort of stuck. They are short of tearing down and rebuild on the same spot I don't know. We're gonna stick and wetlands not getting any cheaper only talk about that a minute did that I guess a couple scenarios are there could be some sort of renovations. And we're talking needed complete sound of the studs are completely down the concrete and redo it which would private negate. Those triplets he may be going somewhere else in the meat company you don't you know to get pregnant at that point I mean the team. The team coming rested come first. I think for the stadium yes. In this case and then but they could do some things maybe you can ability that put her correct that you know square block you do not in my opinion you would have to take out between MLK in third street yeah. And now you could then because look it's 330 I mean most stadiums now at 330 down the both lines or else with the thirty double a field line already. 314. Down the right field line issue so you'd have to push up bag you might have to have some sort of you know. Voted admitted till monster you know responsive. What you could put but if you have part of that fourth street and you can maybe. Print up a little bit of billions from repaired part I think if you do it and don't forget behind left field I'll. There is that concourse area that the people that your best picnic area and then behind that distillers and other black plaid a nice not only done this I don't know motivate them to forty feet would have probably the one that back to the sidewalks open. What surprised me about it more than anything else I mean it is in the old Fort Mill days there was actually some conversation about could this happen when Manfred mentioned us the other names like. Where does that come from nobody in Charlotte's talking about the what's weird is I heard Kerr as I said this months ago hired to purchase. State last summer he was asked randomly about expansion. Could that happen is to get baseball's thinking about it right and he says the one market to keep an eye on because it's still want to have to Charlotte and he brought that up unannounced on diagonal unabated it just it came out of his mouth and I thought right then and there. Wow and I would say the same thing that makes MLS. Wanna come to a region like this is. The same reason watch baseball would you gotten off the report DC and Atlanta rock you know money but I think about this this is it another interesting thing because the last time Charlotte was in this position was around the time the nationals were still the expose him talk about coming in Charlotte was again mentioned when you're at your pawn at that point though right meter will let you are but remember so I mean -- this week we have a similar situation going on although at the pieces a little bit different so. Back then. The horse relieving there they're gone no bobcats at that point that was the time the Expos were in the process of being but by LB moving. The slot I think part of the reason why the NBA title was crammed back into the bobcats was because I think the NBA. Want to get him before baseball that because baseball came near the end it was not coming. We'll think about the revitalization aspect. And what the knights of done. Just revitalized and that part of times the parking lot to be ordered us started at a child learn how to sell that ever when I don't deer in 1996. No one went uptown now. I don't know I can believe it coming from Boston I was part of one of people who are bound down. Mr. Mohamed there was a downtown yeah I was they're now on android your eyes are headed now leaving him not a destination notice. I put it would be more the destination of 81 dates are you kidding me yeah. That I think you look ITV I think it's no greater ticket capital what you I think. It'll be interesting to both of these students who both of these two probable problems that they got a baseball right now with Oakland and Tampa. Both those markets get new stadium deals. I would say conservatively a tepid doesn't don't insult to that what I'd say conservatively let's assume local especially now with the raiders are at the door there's an impetus to get that on right they get a new deal. People moves so you get one you know one transferring a one relocation. And in maybe you're talking about another team being an expansion team. You know if you're talking pace it's going to be even know where you're at. What thirty teams right now baseball yet so you wanna get to 32 you know still may be what is. Maybe one is a relocation and then he knew maybe you I don't know I find it hard to believe Mexico city's gonna be a thing though it's one thing to go back to a city where work before they hide it sounds great it sounds plan that's out of the NFL playbook let's create an unrealistic expectations to give people on the point there was reiterated exactly. So I don't know I mean I think it makes it more talk of what a decade away. But say five to ten years away but that's a part I don't understand because people have been saying since the nineties saw where ten years away were twenty years of right. This better markets in Cincinnati. This a better market than tan bubbles is better market than a lot of places that are existing and it's a Cincinnati has done so much as soon since Sonny Cincinnati I don't know but Kansas City is a small or you know run metro area you know its just not I. I think that's kind of day a defeatist argument I'll I published today Tampa Bay if that deal collapses I think it could happen within next five years I mean it's good that that's criminalist is what happens with Tampa Bay in what happens with the local because again of meats if they both break down. Then you know they're gonna knock on the door here Charles what are you talking about from an expansion fees two point like we're talking at a minimum to get this off the ground you're talking is. What 6700 billion dollars maybe I would go home ballpark in here is that enough of today. Close and Apollo global the Miami Marlins are known for one point two billion. So ports and cash again and deaths among men and women out. On people what to expect an expansion fees are one a couple of hundred mil you would think they would put attitude. My guess they'll probably start somewhere north of I mean doesn't north of how it happened I didn't have a billion well I'd 50500. Tell us if he may be up by the TV talk about. Yeah yeah but they did get an expansion fee on top of the dinner the other thing you know I think Major League Baseball would probably prefer. To have. You know above. Major presence locally in the ownership group and other outside. That's a lot of until birther bill which usually who I mean it I was joking about this the other day this might be true like I know George just basically a front man to strike if this deal. On the rails with Miami to get or he'd finally sell maybe Jeter's group actually gets this Brit. Okay George just thrown it a little bit of money just these two salmon vault what if he finds out that yeah I kind of like this I got Jordan got the fund money to throw around. Like Jordan to know what that's possible. Jordan owns the hornets and he owns the oh. Potential MLB team I mean I think it is a guy like you to the call family. Fairly like obviously what the harris' door a lot of groups though in this area that haven't had the money bottom dollar it's not just the money that's take. Get the team and maybe have some sort of involved in the stadium and then you have that enough money left over. 20 by the way spent all this money on guaranteed contract. And make this he's competitive because the lead they used come here bringing team in it and have it become like. You know tentative you know 1516 years but I also think the beauty of baseball is with no salary cap. We used to do great example you can be competitive baseball without evidence that amounts to payroll Kansas City has been competitive with helpful in the you know he's just he's part of the tremendous jumped out to be the Nixon baseball throw tons of money had a big disaster it is fun the next Theo Epstein as we look at trying to. The following minute maid and a great deal today now all four of those players. Number liberal label you're not going to go remedial across town on both sides let me permitted lap. I had the nice write up but it will I think it's going to be good moved on how oh by the way can you you you know does a week. Just Tony took up that is he upset about distillers season I think he was happy for what I heard about it earlier pitchers who really get you another shameless but for the night's. If fans who have not going out there this year and they waiting for example if you haven't seen G Alito blockade it's of these other young guns. If they're gonna call before too long right I would think month got a book actually he but the content a trade. I would think Lopez or Jay Leno would be. I haven't checked the last fifteen minutes but I know some speculation in the Chicago media on Twitter was that maybe one of those who does it called up because now there's a spot open in the rotation. Julie goes the good he's good he's gotten I mean he's he's got it's kind of gotten along the first month month and half Mosul to slow. But ironically since he came all Cris Carter he's been Dylan I mean I mean I don't know just like to cut I don't know. Pro Arafat meter reading anything all all CR to make her ceiling get there were a Florida. Can touch my wallet let's drop preventative is to establish. Seth were taken pictures support Saban Steve earlier sent up by himself down on the other way we got to get chatting here but before doing it talks Celtics you guys finally you probably did so that the man hadn't collision. Gordon Hayward what's that what's the temperature than Britain wanted. I hear bullets averages outstanding. I mean we've been talking about this the last three years and that it was pretty much the guarantee of the offseason that he was going to sign. And yet it this just in and help the Brad Stevens was there Jeff but I also think you like the fact that he was now the west and you do these to make more of an impact. Who scored twenty game and grabbed seven rebounds and will be exactly what they need now is not enough to be LeBron Wrighster. Probably not the other crushing Danny age because I he's a great job required all these assets of the let's talk about the term assets I was a believer. Do just go all in like OK I like milk to Jason take it looks good it's so early ball. Like to go into a really good he might beat another victim out of defending him what he did it do this year but I I've aggression needs as I was saying. What may have to do whatever you gotta do to go to Paul George Jimmy Butler Gordon Hayward just go all because I think you good you could've I would. I would do nice night we were people mad about that up there are no or they kind of just channel the frustrated yeah after is that they're sick of the that the process. You know some supposedly Montgomery Burns got to spend money you lost just got a little Wake Forest process. And the process should be your right when you're the celtics' big market team go all focus starts right doughnuts are gonna get one vote George to say. Like if you get him there anyway like I convince him to Celtic that ever you don't want your Hollywood guys in the and wanted to know what the thing about Gordon Hayward going to Boston I'm just relieved Boston finally. Found themselves a white superstar that they cannot get behind these they have enough for this is his life. A lot more of last night that could. The credit and establishment in the Charlotte area firstly Derrick gets as the BM Sumitomo look. This crucial I didn't recognize him he's lost like seventy looks really bright as drew he's running the news there that's the new Darren Darren the new Darren and same issues as well Boston as the new white superstar. But what are you talking about. That's a bad wrap our city yet so Eli flummoxed Bob Ryan on that same arguing over a pop opera. Your third and a whole lot of a dairy and yet. Who who calls what the greater Valentine area home. Well the thing is rural suburban says that there are only probably about 800 or 15100 feet from his house. We only lost their -- out -- the -- brother every it's it's not get married again is that his name -- that establishment -- EBR -- They -- -- -- highlights you know that's his beer of choice pilot he's a pilot got they they didn't have highlights of this up so we PBR laws of -- meter speak of the superstars you get a good piece of voice over 100 of detecting if you hit a big part of revenues is you know our our Veronica thank you and welcome back to the -- they're learning a lesson well Mike no because well offense the -- easier for these -- luminaries alleged slap in the studio you know -- utility -- BT now which are crazies that I heard -- and so they've got their wall of -- John Hancock do what any -- bush of course when -- -- me for -- a little -- -- I don't I'm trying to get its start I would always tell -- video dance like we've got a great history with his radio station Packers sit right now bush right now Mike. Let's start our own hall of fame but get this thing all I think you have to with the first injured it entry into the W offense the alternate self Pennsylvania gym slam. Solidify the silver bullet itself. I'm meat packer you'd might not immune from identity unit the big unit unit and Anderson. Below live data bases used okay see Houston we have a problem sometimes just doesn't get that you're trying to get like a part time job this recently solicited us LOI what I abruptly listening to right now siege of the man we don't know and it's of the phones like C okay you Bailey Charlotte Charlotte -- Beverly view okay but it's what people are very true I was speak up strongly because you don't lies okay you do that keeps keeps keeps picking this up the job Peter morale like this you go guys over there we're gonna find some highlights kernel colonel we're back after this primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Then I love talking to. John Peter Brown Mike McKee go. We still leave the Chico on the airwaves on WFAN deepen the meter particularly those that those of the golden age years. That's it we're going way back here and we did Dave Jack or on the policy is is that it still anywhere in your life it's still on track has done through the golden years they had. Steering gets put those pro football talk dot com Brian Todd powered by ortho Carolina by the call our backs can drop by thirty minutes to talk to college football whether we're here to ACC kick golf. Already you're you're one for one today you ready to be true for 20 you throw in the soma coal and read it don't look at a time you can read that will get rule will allow you to read this line I wanna talk a little law. MLS again here in a second because this story is a means. Mitt I keep given this I example because this is absolutely what's going on here. We've all been in class at whatever level middle school high school where you're in first period second period you got homework do the next period. And what are your classmates look you do do that science homework and your like this site work pre screen shirt amid an area where we got hit it out of the underclass. He told them must have been when I'm sleeping on some did you start filling out the science don't work as quick as you can. And you don't fill out all litigation don't have enough time to and even the stuff you are filling out you're not entirely sure it's correct. What the heck it's better than no doing they'll work it all right sir so you turley appreciate the efforts and then. You get your great back. And then the same person next to you were doing the same thing gets their great back and it's better than yours Iraq is what you get a and if you look over here like Eliot you're the star quarterback of the football team we got a playoff game next week funny how that worked so. That to me is what's going on with this MLS bit Charlotte where we're looking at you're looking at everybody else across the country and you'll like. Why is this such a cluster. And why is this such a plea to show. And yet why is it that everybody keeps talking about Charlotte as a realistic viable option for the MLS win. The funding still hasn't been figured out there's been a leader sock or to talk about the second coming up broken yesterday like Katie parole thought. Off from the Charlotte Observer and it's such a tricky train wreck in yet. It press is on lake they beat the Orioles where we're will lost. Months ago and yet the train is on some sort of track that doesn't exist it defies logic yet this is this MLS bit. For the city of Charlotte right now sort of talk about that the second first. Scaring gets the floor is yours since we're talking about money you can win a thousand dollars with a Grand Slam on their the FDNC house so we'll give you the winning word each day starting Monday at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM what do you win a thousand dollars each time. We're gonna find info they combine more details on this time promotion at WF and C dot com how about that daring get well done sir at a golf clap yet here we go to answer and we were I'd do it for the people and we might have to start I love putting work on other people to how we might have to start having our co host all this isn't my career development this is Tom Sawyer is sort of their enemy yes I'll catch -- market yesterday flawlessly so now I there are few people I trust I don't know. Do what how do we feel about Jeff Schwartz like if we pawn this off like Jeff Schwartz do we feel comfortable with better now they're okay I'd agree is that a promo for bacon. Yes OK merry go how about the mood Promos I would trust George Richard walker. Jeff you're Kawhi get the walker re never get beat the Mike back because he. Instantly going to some random American legion there was a few minutes from DC Richard earlier leaving the building now he went he had two boxes of the some of the media guides visions I I mean he's the he has he's the king every search we we we love be richer people just don't understand like they think we've created this character a he's he's too good to be true is a civic treasure he collects each and every one those media guys but I guarantee you. Do you read each and every one of those media guides it's not like I need to take this in case. That's a lot of these guys do here but people show up I sure I'd like randomly needed duke media guide now and then. They'll never touch it again Richard will grab every media guide. And the record books of the Faxon record books and you'll read all of them. Like probably in the next week herself and file it away because there is somebody they're probably half a dozen kids from the circulation area of the casting does that. And walker will have those guys re searched. And developed in he will have talked to a mall and serve his readers oil and then. He will not only take that info will have read it you re purpose it for his own personal record books which is what he does volume yet his own personal database of of random I'm telling you all just Lewis back all jokes aside enemy we t.'s Richard sometimes but he is incredible resource. The guy puts in time like very few people I've ever met in my life he yelled. He was incredible help to me early in my career and of that. OK so here's the thing Darren gets with a pro football talk dot com this whole saga with the MLS is I mean it's almost comical he really is like I was talking odious and and gold. On the stand there Raleigh earlier and if the big east of Raleigh Durham has a bit obviously a much more. Definitive. Plan doubt organized bid and there they keep looking at us as a city not a few people like collectively or Charlotte in saying. What is wrong with you guys like Dan you turned senior a bit like cute litter we filed the paperwork. Back in January. And it's August and you still haven't figured up the funding piece which you said when you filed that paperwork all you don't worry we'll figure that out and go by the way the MLS executives. Are coming to town next week. And if you want if you wanna be a part of this you are soccer supporting your fear what you can do. They're trying to put it put a bit together it's gonna be next month they believe I was Tuesday Tuesday. Support clock you can go to first ward park you'll be food and drinks the gonna pay for put food and drinks. Our live music and to. You can go down there and days soccer do you have a party thing to try and give it some day care about soccer Charlotte. And guardian LS executives and see that in maybe they'll be the be wooed by that so anyway that's the thing that's what's going on. But what's the latest juicy this story it's it with it and observe an extra I mean it's an incredible story and it's one of the touchstone for a lot of people in this town they and I think rightfully so. Email list the MLS executives want to suss out this project they wanna bet Charlotte in practice. And any time you're dealing with one nickel public money and I don't care if it's coming from a tourism pot. They can only be spent on capital projects to bring people from out of town stuff like that. If it's public money. I think there's a public right to know me in the MLS wants to shut down these talks and they've said. You know if they nor. The rule is if they talked to more than five of the county commissioners that once it's got to be get public it's got to be open to reporters it's got to be open to. Citizens of this county that pay in the bills and they don't want that. And there's a simple reason that people would prefer to do their business and private. Yeah I mean there's certain things I'll talk about a radio I'm not gonna who's you know. Outline every dollar in sin in the budget you know out here over the airwaves everybody obviously would rather do their business across the RT that's not how governments work. And I don't feel like in theory out I don't disagree with the ID get it this needs to be some sort of out in public discussion the public form wealth that's the interesting thing to me because the county commissioners the money that they've already approved their after the funding from the general fund that money sorted it out there it's all already been. Allocate its they've already proved itself. I mean that that's one side of it and the money from the City Council side is complete war is upon which. In theory on the is for people that are from here so it's not like you're giving property tax money right. But still it is it is packed technically. Tax Payer dollars money they came here from each of laws to them and mid inning gets. Divvied up and that's what some little distasteful about this thing coming up last minute I mean I don't know. It bit the funny thing about this bid is sinister like you said it it feel sort of slap together it feels sort of a last minute and all the usual things you would think and an expansion process. Size of market. There are bigger markets implied they are talking to cities that are bigger than shortly like Detroit is you know ample. Phoenix's yeah. Bit there are some gigantic markets that are being served by the MLS but the one thing Charlotte's got going for and it feels like. You know Marcus Smith there right there and talked to him. The Y Waterston craft beer who say it's a wonderful place dog yoga armed. The one that on your use public transportation. One of the things that Charlie has his mind neat. When we introduced Marcus Smith we say Marcus Smith the Speedway Motorsports. AB this. Billion dollar company I think some of the other. Bids that are coming in from some of these places the probably bid seems more organized it seems more entrenched it seems more established. It seems more traditional soccer market. But they don't have a union dollars behind they're stacked and I think that makes a huge difference I think it's a little bit. I don't know when usual may be a strong word it's interesting to me that. Marcus Smith every time we talked to him on the show. Has exuded a real confidence about this and I don't think he or his father had done a lot of deals where they didn't feel like they weren't going to eventually win. Ed and there's just something in the all pro Marcus is button off about this thing. I don't know I mean obviously there's not a promise during pit again just say that I don't know that but it almost seems as if they feel pretty good about this bid for a certain reason and now they're just working out the details. Yeah I mean I remember saying this months ago this whole thing came together when we'd actually be if you go back to when to distort November I believe where we became we got a fast tracked right. And Marcus said the other day with a loss I'm not an abruptly quoting him here but this is it more time on business. MLS is time right you see the tide is now we didn't do we can dictate that we didn't determine that MLS is determined that now. Is the time for it I don't this. Jim the ability of the Charlotte independence had a vision Bryant to take soccer over a long period of time longer period of time and created interest created draw creative ground swell of momentum that would be so large that MLS as an entity. Could not look at Charlotte and say how were we not a part thrive. And that's sounds like a great theory it really does. But Jim make facility and all the other partners with the Charlotte independence to your point do not have any of the type of funds were talking about here with. Brooke Smith NASCAR money. We're we're buying tracks and shutting them down because we don't need of anymore as a beyond NASCAR its sonic auto mode we don't exactly get your dollar corporate so it's it's it's tons of money we're talking about your demand we've. He track record in pro sports you'll whatever you think of NASCAR gave Speedway Motorsports that's fine but it is a track record. He was in pro sports in this town in so. When that comes about it it. What I think the wobbly port on a lot of this has been what do you depend at the same plate and we had a vision you guys just kind of cut in and undercut house. And we we're playing here you could differ play. I look I see both side to this but I don't know five full Marcus mistress they won't guess what I've got the money to bankroll this we've got the money to bankroll this and if it's gonna happen. You know what it has to happen now in it we get we gotta grow a pair you know what we are we gonna put on a big boy pants it it's go time and guess what I'm the one who can make it go time so. Out of all my fault him for that put that that was the first step in had a big game. Okay what are the county commissioners approved their piece of the funding. The other half wasn't set in stone yet for the Charlotte City Council but you know what the bid is do let's just say we'll figure it out. Let's leave a couple spots Blanco the form and which just herded in so they don't let the Q we are August. And the other piece is still hanging out departure right I remember seeing him back in November may be something that the Smiths Marcus indoor Burton have never got involved in and lost. Two point it fatal they do not get involved in deals that they do not win they when they are involved in a project it's because. Whether they know the outcome predetermined or their pretty sold going in that yet this is good it well for me this is going to be in my favor and we have not heard. Marcus or Britain or speedway motor sports or had the war or Sonic Automotive effort tied to pro soccer ever. He too recently and now they are that didn't die I would have hit the one I Gramm like NASCAR fan and soccer fans don't. Intersect in a very big point is that a major red white and I must say that badly but it's like what is going on here to work these people at this moment. Are suddenly jumping into the fray when there's never been take what any clue any hint please track record that they see an opportunity to turn a book. And that's what those guys do it and MLS he's an opportunity this article and you're managed in the independent if there's a certain part of me that feels bad from a filming in all those guys. Who had put in time. But again Pete Best was the original drummer for The Beatles and they got tech guy out there and then became something much much bigger than ever happened to him by the way and I don't vote played it you know Ringo Starr was not the Beck his birthday today Ringo Starr's birthday so happy birthday Ringo I didn't know we get to Ringo Starr's birthday today. But I mean the point is I mean those guys are minnows this mr. Wales. And that's what's pushing this thing with the first if I don't like we mentioned this yesterday on the air Brian. WFANT dot com. And I was actually throwing this out there the other day saying look if there's such a groundswell of support for for soccer in this community have the more people don't good independents games this is a star power. There's a name don't and that's fair but I was obviously why is that only unions have Martinez. Pereira UNC star Portland Tar Heels is national championship and Jorge her right hearing. I think Rock Hill career dig a tumor or Brothers I think adding independent one of them really do not believe. Another server rarely there to Martinez Brothers in so in his younger brother out but here's the thing I was thrown out after say okay why is it busy beat me over the head like choir people Gil going in droves to these games of bright email submitted yesterday which shut down interstate. Which was the Atlanta Silverbacks. Which play any SL I believe the op that's the other league that nothing was so broad that the independents are at. Essentially Tripoli soccer. They were joined 4000 a game for a few years in a row pride in the end. Guess what the lady united it's a figure any of LS 46000. People working for showing up Bobby Dodd stadium it's electric. He that are in that stadium. It oh yeah by the way that's already become the most successful expansion franchise and have LS history so at that point. Yet I mean you could argue very well that if you in literally said this yesterday Atlanta is a good blooper to follow. If you build it. They will comedy Elliott has proven that they or go to to low level soccer games they gave an MLS Stephen it's. We can't turn these people away at the door and more I mean the nights are drawn well downtown not because this town has a deep suit seeded. Law of Minor League Baseball because it's a cool place to go yeah it's a beautiful park right in middle of downtown in the part of the city people wanna be end. I think the independents have done a lot better lately since moving out the Matthews of first couple dates they've had out dear it's been better apparently has been you know the response has been really good. Com. But if people will show what to watch a show in Charlotte. For awhile I mean and I would be curious to see him for a while now I mean that's the Charlotte got a need you're wearing new and shiny. Okay we'll see what happens. Being tee in fifteen years when that ball park river they are for the night isn't brand new and is a gleaming and doesn't have the same view but still this that we get it we're we're due for breaks let's take we'll come back on the other side Nicole our back at fifteen minutes we'll get back to some college football talk with her. From USA today she's gonna drop by onset when this here at ACC kick off and we already got to some golden Peyton Manning audio from some golden it's going audio. There's a new thirty for thirty tonight Mike and the mad dog she replays of and it's for Mike princess a deal. What you'll talk about I think we can upload at I left after this I was all time power pipe or duke Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina dairy again. Hanging out with us we're here at ACC kick off the call our backs and join us coming up in a couple of minutes due thirty to thirty tonight are you don't watch the 3030 like the bad dog I am. Probably not really in her taken them all keep up for this that's not a poor radio guy again you're a Sports Radio guy get it if there was a newspaper documentary out right watches. Hey I I sort of find those guys distasteful. And responsible for a lot of baseball and responsible for a lot of ugliness about American to bolster ignorant I think you could mean New York via you don't have to have a great point that he yell that loud enough then you can become famous and that's what those guys don't so wool pulled maybe I analog watches tonight and and I'm sure we will may well you know that is OK I realized it later so here's the thing I would be in honor this we got to place them because man. People this the other thing. But that show used to be so great I mean soul great for what it wise I eat it's not everybody's cup T I'm not there I don't enjoy. Speak loud Talking Heads perjury anyway. But it was so ridiculous it was still almost stereotypical. Brad Pitt that made it good. And now the other he's created the stereo typed in from that standpoint theory innovators I respected. In a sense I just. Don't into wealth princess and now by itself. Paltrow is in full mail it in mode in a way words like beats it Michael Michael K passive in the and they're great guys know it's a bachelor that is on her health. 50000 watts doron and FAA and my uncle who lives up did it on the shore in Jersey Lewis is still listen to France that's all the time in the afternoon that things African flame thrower. And it's just funny wouldn't show become has become a laugh it was even worse when he was on TV like they did that they didn't thing where he does some casts on fox and you were to sit there with him. And you know he had like that the Coke bottle but the Coke thing was like turn inside out so that they used responsibly good literally spilling his Coke all over forties falling asleep on here say when he's away eyes so these are some of my favorite cuts like out. You know you're not allowed to do this by the way if there's nothing you've put just can say you know ones wondering if if you're doing radio and TV broadcasters on. You can't call play by play of sit TV broadcast on the radio that's illegal in the thing that ought to do that. So. Guess what Mike for excessive doesn't care and so this is not this past year but the here before there is an American athletic conference start of the game. I'll during the during his radio show this is so gold this is so much gold in fact so good that we have to do it into port but this is Mike princess in studio. Not caring at all about what he wants to do other than all that some of the TV only just to alive play about play of that random American athletic conference tournament gave on the TV. Twelve seconds left spread the flaw. System up top of the bulls usually get a three year. Long three no good. Rebound. And another three. The and it's good oh. Shot the three got the offensive rebound kicked it back out for the three. They hoisted up and since it I like gods. Our home. With 210s of his second left. I got to see it it's goody I didn't like 5060 feet the tide a game. My favorite part of that cut is when he takes a swig of his coat he could hear take a sort of the Diet Coke at the end. He's got to gather himself but but first down before I get my filly die code yeah. That that cracks me up it it actually Kenner reminds me and it's did not go on the same scale by any stretch of the imagination but when I was in college at somebody who drove for Domino's so we're Iran Iran and Garcia beat a one of us who have a beer and there was that'll guide him through named Carter Ralitsa used to coach the we'll talk to high school basketball team and he would call the local high school basketball. And he would be described the play and you just tear you just hear coach let's say good plan a and they're like twenty seconds of silent simple path. Thanks for paint a picture when Perez coach we appreciate that own and lord. Then that's what. My accent it doesn't not only is that illegal it was awful so that that is he hits you ought to front. This actually might be my favorite though this is Mike princess. Who is has no idea like you can clearly tell has no idea about college basketball right. We don't you take a lot of calls and so people are Conant hey Mike what do you what do you think so and so on but parliament have you fill out your bracket yet. And this is like France SS faking his way through NCAA tournament coverage is lord knows she can't just admit I didn't watch a team arrived you just gotta protect it did. At Merrill in Florida State to Soviet which. We already had this year. You have. We'll soon have the what happened in those Maryland Florida State games this year I think they did play. They are now in the ACC anymore by. Submit that there. Bloom. Let me see me get to that. Mean it is. Papers right. So much dead air. Facility we get. I don't I mean. Cummings and her dad. I don't think it's one of those two things look of the spiritual moment when I'm trying to just Philip of Spain and only two years ago and didn't Maryland you by any stretch like what I can see them. Simply wants it should. Call Marilyn of the can be seasons to get known so is it gonna let him forget now don't forget okay come from either one of again they're right there when court. So. You still go it. So. The bottom line is. You can practically see the smoke coming off of Maryland should have been better spent some injuries. Old this hot and cold. Only and that you know their best player is hot and cold. Slowed them as he's immensely employing you know I could see them I consider him win his game. But to see you lose those games. One way or the other I don't do this you know I don't think his suits you know that big a deal waited and I don't think this is shocking game one way or the other. Radio man Beckett Beckett had to dole in the biggest city in this country get degrees in Syria millions. And now it's still a thirty for 34 all are we're back at thirty seconds to call our back she classes up the shelf next thing brought all time powered by ortho Carolina.