Primetime: Wes Horton & Rivera Press Conference

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Wednesday, October 18th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Jamar Nesbit talk with Wes Horton & run the Ron Rivera press conference from earlier today. 


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BC's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. It's 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride come. Combining the distinct flavor rove rice and Jack Daniels distillery timeout or charcoal mellowing process the result is a bold. Spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth Jack Jack Daniel's Tennessee bright today and drink responsibly Kroger. Would you agree and a base level to mourn as the Super Bowl champs former offensive linemen that. Just can't there's ground game is a mess right now through six weeks I will say this I'm not willing to say that this mess I was there is underperforming OK one. And then two I think it's they would be fixed so no cause for panic right now to do not sound the alarms in the sixteen week. Season you only have so many opportunities to hear right were almost halfway there. The idea itself in that instance there is time to be very concerned I don't think Tom. Really the Marlins are doing a great job all show long back. Meaning that controls the morning as a witness our Super Bowl champ deliberate so the good police is the least Wes Horton who's with this right on the -- become guess on Kantor's defense that he says at least he's not on the offensive line is we're trying to figure out what's going I was just after running game he's not he's on a defense and dug in to try to get right again on the road up to Chicago this weekend bounce back try to move defiant to dive into overall on the year and move to fort on the road this season and sneaky good on the road for some reason we get some answers to all this west could talk to him and you don't. I'm doing great I don't Chris. On undone well what's what is the secret because I'm wondering issue guys are really really really good on the road what's what's the secret to being so good on the road so far this year. Well I think this is that masked men mentality you know the against everybody else you know we're we're the ones that believe in ourselves you know I might not be anybody else but. You know to have that every aspect. Did you know may be no doubt that stadium believers but we believe that to ourselves so we've got to take them where were the chip on our shoulder and and now we find a way to get game one on the road. Wes Horton what is Panthers defensive end you can follow us on Twitter by the way it's at west so WE SS so underscore I 96 is with this trend on the technique come guess line in what what what's the better feeling being on the road in the game nobody expects you to be in and your just you have an all sorts is succession pulls a monster win or being at home and blowing a team that was the better feeling when the game's over. I would say maybe keep playing out homered for the whole stand mean any time you get a look at all of you know it really. You know it's for the city. So our men and just have our fair share per and that you definitely have. It a little bit of an advantage you know. Playing you know home and get the crowd cheered and go wow for a. There was what's the staying with it with the defense right now we you'd say. Above everything else we'd we really got a hole in its focus in on getting better at this search fix this what assessing right now you know you guys got to get cleaned up as you get ready for the bears to that talks on Sunday afternoon. I think that. By two different things drugs Bianchi you I think we can do a better job tackling you know finish employees communicating. All of all you know from the front seven in the back gang communicating better and just try to find more ways to get off the field on third down I mean you know we're we're already doing a pretty decent job of that but. You know where we're a good third down team I think we we can do a little bit better get up to cheer on their doubts. Well one of the things you guys have been really good at over the years is on desire to watch appears there's football especially in this iteration knees is red zone defense and right now I mean you know this you guys are really struggling in the red zone near the bottom three in a song red zone defense right now allowing are allowing touchdowns what what what is that is that just dumb. Is it a similar problem. Every game is accounting you know you can use these freely curious for holy spirit says it's accommodation what what is it we can point to and say the red zone defense is a word needs to be right now. I would very public very you know. Bob by each game but I think you know we can do as far as our front do a better job creating more pressure. On collapse the pocket a little bit better and on the back end just with the communication and you know getting guys on the same page. And Mitt and you know distribute seeing you know guys in and no landmarks and like get that with a frying covered working together getting the pressure and and on the back and you know giving it to where world world got out hey get up field. Wes what's this thing from Julius Peppers used you've been you've been learning what's the thing that you're your take notes on east he's made you better your craft because he's Julius Peppers first ballot hall Famer what's that thing for you. Are are the things in big thing is preparation and I mean you really stresses you know what we do from ten days. So Saturday's Olympic Games to emphasize how important it is that you know where. You know watch an architecture film you know we're take a practice experience. And just really you know here's an add on in the world war matchup is horrible and again. And it really. Be prepared that it did a good thing is preparation so I've deputy thinking he'd do that and you know bottled this progress at all even. You know each week you know there's the game as well during the week so I think that that we suddenly tell me where it. Just not taking anything for granted expert and good about my ability. What was your -- what was your expectations for him last when he came in here what it I don't know if he had any other previous interactions with him earth had common mutual friends or rebook your expectations for him and how does that match up to what he's and so far through the first six weeks. Or. I guess I would say how I would expect we'll be more of of vocal leader I think you leave a little bit more by example. But I think it hadn't seen them go on on those yet found that moment to kind of come in and to bring the guys that together and say hey look you know this this whole we gotta get done. This week for example I mean he's he's played in Chicago so he knows who seemed very well and I'll see quite the Packers played them twice a year so. You know you really empathize you know the game is gonna try to come out here and be physical it'll go away and run the ball and then there that's what they're committed to doing so you know it is having a veteran guy like that who. Being certain schemes and how do bad idea what took back I mean he brings that experience that. The web you know let everyone know this is what comet so. Wes what's the what's the thing about the bears as making them so good the last few weeks there toward Florida could very well be foreign to what what it looks when you see when you turn on a tape to watch Chicago right now. I think what I did you know about Jewish the running game they say they're very committed to destroying game. Physical often aligned athletic as well. So on they're able to did you know just what this game you know but with inoperable blind and you know power is pro wolf back. No they're very durable goods. Make it easier for our rookie quarterback fired by establishing the run game early and in the industry and your good fuel we've seen from them on page you know get the strong arm. You know I've then made a hole a ton of mistakes. But he is a rookie quarterbacks but something we we got to forgive and you'll. IE we've talked to insular time's always like talking to you I don't know how we never discuss this but. It. Your dad was was Jim and I and American Gladiators said it would help whenever is that true have we know it's true. Yeah yeah you've Democrat America gladiator. No data list of that is due on American Gladiators you know as the baddest dude on American gladiator. Yeah I've been here are beginning to doubt that he had some crazy record on the jobs throughout the bout that you don't remaining there. Yeah I mean Alec wrote you know all that went on oh probably 23 years old daughter really don't remember. I just what those are all ER. That CG did you ever get to hang around the center any better do you eagle did you have any memories memories a fireball and it. You know we have a whole bit but. You know log on. Bad good news you eleven years and probably hadn't planned on all the that good you know would be yup well. Hi word like I'm I'm looking at the pictures your dad like your dad was just eight. He was a growing your dad played college football to write your template college football weekly UCLA. Yep yep Limbaugh you still lay in. Played quite up for a little bit for the eagle compatriots and then play in the they're Canadian Football League and then you also played you have the well. How did you wind up the US he was your dad being UCLA guy what happened there. Off I think. You see delays and they're really do it for me I mean that's that. Really would totally programmed. And see what you count on top videos of the program that just drew produce you know big time map lead and predicting that got me there was just. The competitive nature of coach Carroll the I mean you you all about competition and I don't shy away and that. So wanted to go to big program like that all blonde today close to home. I was really paying America let's stop and you stuff I the FBI severity donating. Got to tell more zeroes you still stuck our ROS Crist who has a Port Angeles theaters defensive and follow us on Twitter at west so WE SSL underscore odd 96 west puts a nice place like I'm not saying I USC's campus isn't a Munich. Although maybe it's not it's not the best part of LA you know and apple looks like I understand the program aspect you know lower to go to Westwood Westwood like one of the most beautiful spots and no Southern California that had no pull on you whatsoever. Not helpful at all I was at. Ought to bulk up the Trojan battery power beer you know I would not win it you know very good Jude Reardon. You know while I was didn't really you know recruited there as he was the top team in. I wanted to go to CNET had a little bit. I guess you'd say just richer. Talk about money irritated. Did I doesn't get out on their default that I wanted to play very you know very little. All man my word we're talking lessor love this series he's a lot of Salina and you've you've really. You end up Mario both have really sound your way here in Carolina you guys have ever worked her tail off give us a good before before you go we'll talk met coach Washington diseased. He is as good as he gets give us a good coach Washington sort we got to forgo. Ruled coach Larsen were very normal thing. They go well plot might have been that guy just brings so much energy every aircraft it but I mean. You if you didn't CI if you didn't see that word you know. Hyper practiced slocum for everyone to come rumble and then had them. Embed jump and everybody independent energy guy I mean you never let me giggle. Wait and you know we know it all beat them eat he delegates would she get that three focused each and every their practice then. Believes he's the type the code that you want you know on your team because he's cute. He did you play at the top of your level and he sees some that lap and he he maximizes your potential because he. He believes in each and every one of us so we chart as we go out every lap out of potential. Our associates think if there's a game big game like a winner take all got to get this game super ball for example somebody's gotta give a speech it was a music coach Washington. Coach Wilkes is really fiery two or is it a player in the locker who's that guy like only you only get to pick one dude who's got a rally the troops singing always gonna get you Jack to ready to go who's that guy we've taken. Well I'll all of these two after the hour to go at bear how adept we go to Tom Davis all right. Because that he did bring somebody brings it just from from heart you know so much actions are to go coach out there we go quote well. The coach well every week he'd bring that as well so. He's fed could go you know you're going you know note Tony did of that you know last minute speech before we go to sleep wake up and play so. I would say that we coach welcome TD. This is the last thing I know I keep saying this but this truly is the last thing I'm not even sure we Vasily people in this painters like Obama and has lost track do you like to also lower thanks Wes Horton. Oh well growing up okay you only boast is fury like a hot ball slowing media addicted in something and you do you go rancher blue cheese. There are. And we are who. I tell until include chili's and I thought we had a pearl while now it's already it's everybody can say ranch west. Our army don't go would see Dubai you sat there I'm sick of French. Colonel sic and Alan Alan I've just been a lot of miles recently Wess it's good to talk team that takes it takes to make it some time okay. Yeah toward Tikrit I'd be good they go its westward painters defensive end we are made and we really the wells are on dry. I think we sound the only blue cheese lover in the entire world was that I its team Mike Tolbert and daring game. Is there anybody else. I think that's it needs and Mike Tolbert interrogate I think Vernon Bartley teary manner maybe he Ellis says that's the list pain. I mean are you thinking and asked me but I'll tell you we do neither. I'm O mania the tide Israel that are that's yours are here in the same camp as ball the was involving either. Bonnie Australian politics simply cheese was like please can occur with stomach can discuss it literally it was like the one thing is I gotta get an iron take first Dominik but that's the one thing for his amputees like hold the high desert and it's all the cheese you know it now are holed a look back at the moment hang around runner Hearst press coverage and like thirty minutes we continue what Jamar Nesbit is primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. I. Fortis pregame and about an hour also sixes we always are overtime six to 632 if it's seven and cows up post game tonight afterwards as well don't talk to you guys again coming up at 630 Jamar has this been with us all show long say hi Jamar though there. Thank you get a pizza T on tap from again just really awesome folks over there are limited peaks and salad a stay at the plaza mid would location eleven to two Monday through Friday 850 plus tax check him out on life. Tapped in peel. Dot com I think it's this cursor McCaffrey said and you tell me what this means they're back easily people can look at and see see they shouldn't be doing this others would say see he's not a bust right so I think this is where this is what these stats are gonna do that coming off it in just a moment so stick around for that and only gets this phone call came next and hanging on to wanna work him in here in just a little bit 7045709. Point six here's the interesting thing hornets played tonight in an hour and Ellison a coach Clifford on this. Usually I don't do this I'm not gonna decide to right before the game. Just wait to see a mean there's just too many different match up scenarios. So one of bill to go through get the lineup except for the whole game. Yes we don't know who's starting tonight the sixteenth he literally never does as he's not a guy that likes to play close to his best of all we did gamesmanship thing I don't think keynotes odd Marvin Williams Dwight Howard kimbo will be entered some way shape or form but gore the other two guys that are filling out the lineup are with those guys sees it a guy like towing bacon what else happens out there shoulder I'm going to be interesting to see. What happens for the hornets tonight obviously last night was such a dipper the way open up the NB ACs with Gordon Hayward getting just one of the most gruesome injury she could ever see in the first five minutes of that game. And up everybody running MBA I think hoping for the best to where we shared earlier with Kobe posted on instead gram bomb pretty pretty powerful stuff and taking you into the mind of a guide it had to go to a major rehab like that are one that will redefine. Your career good or bad what happens with this so I checked it out if you if you thought your audience to grant check out what Kobe Bryant posted this this morning Isiah Thomas whose tweet about court Hayward this morning guys all around the the sports world were tweeting about it as it was happening last night JJ watt. Offering up some condolences and things of that nature show. See what happens for the hornets tonight's full slate of games and the rockets found a way to beat the warriors last night yes maybe it was legal trouble this. It did did you see the other clay in the stands last night as rare claim or stake Clayton maybe they got swapped at some point the second half was clay apps. Clay I do here shortly after the first few minutes clay it was hot early on in that game and then. It was kind of got me. And out so I need he got from knows why do I was killed himself last night's riot twenty plus points on off the bench we hit his first Forsythe reporters on the plus nights aren't. He was on fire and added he is I mean he's instant office now he's the type got a you're looking for somebody who's going to run your offense and you know stick to plays on and that's not who you're going to it was really cool I don't know we get to the separated this coming up an injustice second first came back he's in Haiti on an invitational our work familiar with sub came back. Hey guys enjoy the program that day I just wanna do it could comment all numb you what the NFL is doing or not doing. Just a couple point is that sometimes I agree with the players is the right to protest how they won't too I know there's plenty of players out there are putting. Or their community service their wallets everything in place so I communion but they are you doing this because individual committee given so much and have our continued impact lives. For those players. In our own circle you know Thomas Davis. Feel the list goes home I commend you know what I feel like that it is it's Lackey is this could solve the problem at the end. Requires a great deal of bringing people together and didn't have failed to me they include owner's basement if they would be the platform complained. Awareness and more mid iron to no Barbara. Law enforcement very compelling opportunity to communicate talking to be him. And meet him at the media because again some concrete come Goetschl the person saying the message. As everything to do with getting people to look into the message. Rather than just split dealing with the this sense I mean complete bringing awareness. It get out there in show evidence of what they do there and I'm not my call them out that they're not doing this but it takes and our product. You know our effort own terms are trying to get community there any capacity. This sub you know what I capability to do this book called them they're you know they're influencing everything that they did this on the markets where where we can NFL teams speak about what the blood that mom might look like growing Al outlook from that point so that's my suggestion there it. It will ask don't let this should be an opportunity to where we're just making a where they're expecting someone else to pick up the ball and take it the other plagued space in the game so to speak. And you know we did bell wanted to do something is gonna deadbeat that brokered did that brings the two sides together because I feel like. You know predict that there is a way and it should be happening on both sides when it comes to law enforcement in the communities. It came back I appreciate Conan and an end and I think god GMAC is a much came back on this as I was trying to say earlier yeah I agree like let's find a way to. It you know Foster real conversations but hey look we're doing real commute let's highlight our Chris long's all the over the NFL what do you know what are not so bad to me that's pretty that's on the NFL TA need to come together and say guys. Let's prove to people were doing real good. We're Porsche were where we got great guys in this league that make a difference in community that are using their platform and their money when people say rich spoiled athletes guess what Chris Saunders gave his entire salary he did not see this today Chris Long from the Eagles this entire salary from 2017. Is being given back the first six game checks go to fund two scholarships in Charlottesville. The last ten game checks starting this week you know they're going to fund equity in education or new initiative he's launching with a slice that's so important and so. Makes those stories possible make those stories things that people are talking about in the NFL better try to might and the innocent section behemoth from a media standpoint. Yeah don't do people would people would eat this stuff talk if you bring this stuff to the to the forefront threat to the people hate lets showcase this stuff and strategists and all yet that's great you know packed Chris Long and head to school we did that. It's a different conversation we're having today but so Austin that's not the way these things go so it's. Right and so let me add this end and I I understand a caller was it was getting it. Unfortunately in order for her. NFL team to use this themselves as is as platform. They have to they have to bring light to one of the situations that the players are bringing bringing to the forefront and unfortunately. He. Mean. One of the partners of the NFL. The police union or whatever. They're there at their title is. Is a partner of them so you would have to point fingers at someone who's paying news. Right so I mean it's it's it's a difficult situation and a Phil's not going to do debt which is why when Goodell made statements. He says. Social issues instead of being specific about the actual jerks that are coming out so. From a business standpoint NFL is is Qaeda is kind of hand strong because you know did that the very things that the players. Are are are upset about. Com you know they have relationships with those groups so. Com it's it's it's an inch sting is its extreme dichotomy. But at the same Tom mama all I'm all for everything that you said in getting people together and speaking about it I mean I just Salah. A Texas airline don't want you know I don't want my sports being used as a delivery. Well to that I was say this wolf you know I apologize edits an inconvenience for. Very few opportunities are there. Four messages to be seen in such large. And such large large viewing situations to get these messages out so. It is what it is I think everybody. Knows what they issued are now and they are hopefully trying to work to a 22 and ending such that you know those that don't wanna see it won't have to buy at the same time things are getting done on the back end. Alright here's what to allowing it to his discretion McCaffery statue Marcus Google with a solo show we will get you Ron Hearst press conference in elementary and did not unless tractor setting a little early in the issue we're gonna try to get some answers on that the only Iran Hearst press conference coming up and a little bit hopefully get an update on Luc Heatley hum but here here's a stat I'm Christian McCaffery because again. Lot of people who were saying Chris McCaffrey's a bust. I don't know why the Panthers drafted this guy overall he's not doing what he needs to do they could've gotten somebody else later in the draft to do some of these same things social restart that is it true that mr. cantor had a guy like Alvin to mirror Daven cooks that the Panthers. Running game is is looking much better or any fundamentally different than it looks when Jonathan's story Krishna capturing your mind. They had a different running back. Just the running game or indeed the hopman says it's also in general what do you think there's also this looks like you saw. Obvious is if it's not curse you McCaffery Jonathan Stewart instead of its Alvin Camaro and Jonathan Stewart itself and cooked and Jonathan Stewart it's it's the Monty Foreman. And in Jonathan Stewart it's Dionte Foreman Jonathan Stewart it is you know here's some here's the situation. When you bring that America's Mary is with the saints and I've seen. I've seen him take. Screen passes and little short dump offs and his style of running is very different. Then and seems he's been. Christian McCaffrey's is very different he is a much more direct runner. And runs behind his pads. With much more intensity then then. McCaffery so. It would be interest parroting right now the way our office. What's your meal do an NFL unfortunately he's finding that out. Or so here's some of the stats and crush McCaffery we gave these out earlier is tied for fifth in the NFL among all players not rookies not just running backs all players in the NFL in receptions CS 37. He's on pace for 99 receptions absolutely unreal Maas seven tie after seven interceptions for game at six point two. It was 3015 yards to 293. What does that tell you we mention this earlier to me that's similar that's an extension of the running game. Where the runner there wants to admit that or not. That's extension the running game and PCs doesn't have audio Jack. His is his plays are hey here's four yards here your security your occasionally hears an eight to ten yard gain on a checked out. And so he's he's on pace right now are for 930 yards of total offense on the year and and 12100 yards of from scrimmage when Nixon punts. And I think if you would told me going to the year that he could have 900 yards of total loss hurt total toll total offense 12100 yards from scrimmage. I'd say that's a good year for McCaffery not great. I don't delete it a superstar. I would take that as a start. Got it splitting carries in the backfield it is adjusting issue moving around on offense I think I would take that would you agree as a start asked me per share natural and I'm guessing that's ever gonna be enough to on the road he's gonna have to grow into this role I think that's the other thing people forgetting what is now is certainly not they're waiting room. We're going to be what he needs to. But here's the stat of most importance to me I looked this up this morning. He's the only player. The only player in the NFL with 35 Russian tennis 35 receptions a hundred rushing yards into alternative to receiving yards on the year. So Christian McCaffrey's doing a little bit of everything right very crawling on all coming rushing yards he's got a hundred rushing yards or more. 260 receiving yards or more 35 rush attempts are more and 35 receptions are more not a single other player in the NFL regardless of where they were drafted what you're they are have those types of numbers bill grief those numbers. You're kind of okayed everything right. But isn't that what we thought Christian McCaffrey was going to be sure this also at least or or hoped that he would tell us what we were told it was going to be a little Krishna capture around it's going to be in the backfield he's going to be in the slot. He's literally between the tackles real emotional amount wife were emotionally into the sought to move around three snaps to try and see what defense is doing to us and try to expose us so we can take advantage of mismatches were usually is a many and good for you we're going to lawyer doing it none of those numbers are all that impressive back right and I think there are people saying. May end we're getting him the ball and cost. Is this guy's doing all this stuff keeps feeding them why so many tweet that in an earlier so we need to keep feeding Kershaw McCaffery right now what the problem with that is Arizona he has a hundred rushing yards on 35 a tense less than three yards there. These two or soreness when he averages two point I don't and I also. We can agree that is an all time rushing awful so you know you're your doing it enough to show hey were worse here take. And I'm rolling my eyes you're nearly guys were serious about running this guy you have to maintain that thread don't you. Yes you do. You have to be balance within it and everytime he lines up in the slot you know the balls being thrown or is going to be a dog on screen pass or whatever. Then I mean act that takes the air of surprise away or whatever and now becomes a tendency in your your predictable and all that sort of stuff. Unfortunately I don't think we've gotten to a point where it. The Carolina Panthers run enough to back. Offense they just don't and unfortunate and and seconds I can speak today because you know I hate. Pulled out my you know my past experience is but. You know I had this situation right we drafted a run him back when we had a very good running back. But he did something complimentary to run America we have it. Right Christian McCaffrey has an opportunity to be Reggie Bush. Right now it's up to OC to put them in positions where they can be successful and but at the same time he has to same skills that now I don't know for he has the same the same speed. I think McCaffrey is smaller from. Must thickness and build standpoint there Reggie Bush was and it took Reggie. Oh say pro 456. Years when he went him until he went to Miami. Until people actually gave him the opportunity to truly run between the tackles now he had a fullback leading his lead in the way form. Running between the tackles but he was they would approve bowl when he was in Miami and when he was a Detroit he can run between the tackles and be a thousand yard rusher. So he did. But when he was with the saints best now will what was asked that we had Deuce McAllister. And even when deuce retired we had other run him back we had bill we had a bunch other guy. And so he was able to do what he could do best which was get out and get out on the edges. Can't swing passes run. Run draws run run screens and those sorts of things so. I think right now they're still trying to search and figure out how. How he could be. How he can be used and how he should be used Arianna potentially here Tom our Reggie Bush ducked. Tom Ridge British had a good career does do a terror from char obviously read your bush and he's already doesn't know exactly what is partly a commercial site Gerri good currency bush as a Super Bowl ring. So I mean it's it's it's you know it is what it is I think if he was able to have the same time career originally as Reggie did beat. Very happy with artwork back kilometer it's pitchers on some of the stuff from painter said coach runner during his press coverage is next his primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. And down the show on prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Pretty check you with a runner very his press conference earlier this afternoon covered a variety issues will get an update Alou key cleats. Tell them Benjamin. A guy's agent and not a full participant in practice this afternoon we get some answers on that and start getting some thoughts. On what's to come against the bears on Sunday coming up at 630 I've got a hornet's pregame overtime coming up in a little bit as well but we checked it with Ron her first press conference on this Wednesday afternoon to get set for the bears in week seven. Things. Yes okay. Morning. Guess what good came out yeah. Do all the rest Chris latest clumsily that you do other religions all stories about the size ever gotten this morning. There is no swelling or anything so we just felt as you know it's good consumer is Smart yeah. I think he's bronze goes through real world. Berger good I think so. It has I mean it didn't really you know there's there's really was no remark this you know assistance it was always about. How we felt that next week couldn't intuit and usually he started trashing him. So it's our yeah. They're very similar journalists there's no more than Brothers plus the usual. The new rules they're hoping do adjustments it's literally a minute. Yeah actually I'm inheriting just says he gets stronger stronger. And as the season goes on general political setbacks everything he did you know hopefully return to normal for normal. Yeah. No we did all we can we do know the only remembering from the Carolina probably cinema. But yeah to us and he's pretty dynamic hello undersized but you know that's the legacy you can place yeah he says. Reminds a lot of Darren Sproles wasn't like he really got us. Well the cinema screens there she is used cars your throw systematic. And you know we only see the dollar. You know someone shoots from the from the office of pastor outside the numbers. She's indeed did you come across not only see the ball falls into the house and he's here basal strokes. Just a matter of him and demanding it take you into their system. Com yeah I think the big thing about. That's more something else is we've got a chance serious remark juniors and USA. I think just started wanting that was more impressive watching him as a leader in the way you previously took the reins of the football team last year's crazy exciting play. They hope it's. Good to us last yeah. It's a. I think the thing that they're minister can do is open up. How are you gotta get this it's about to me I think that it just should do should learn how long gradually got reduced to running game on the football. And so you play action from the clash looming you know you're dropped I guess there's children increased its. Draw them closer to costs and it didn't mention that you're. Do you wanna sacrifice did you want you don't mention development I just don't. You're listening to Panthers head coach rod affair his press conference earlier this afternoon yeah. Yeah eighteen yeah. She's paid high HTC lol okay yeah perfect either. A lot of good that plays into smaller schools ought to get the looks of this a lot of these guys deserve. You know the thing that I was started and we've done in this hour Sargent Brad very. It was you know you look at them against you know division one competition you can opportunity to watch. You don't really really did change spread very diluted game Clinton it's his good things are really got her attention and we truly focused in on him from that point. Cancel those interviews she has towards these smaller school players. You ought to see how they do against division I wanted to you know again Bernard Butler has rules guys for us as well there was I don't plan against T one schools and people want. Oh Curtis can you tell it's okay. You can come home. Do we really want to open up every opportunity small business as well I mean that dynamic explosive player. Yeah. I don't ball in his hands and resistance and more opportunity for him. There we saw a lot of opportunity for Christian everything you have for Curtis. You know these are dressing up for the other receivers as well. I'm. That is that is ask yeah. And then there's the. I think we're toast always get the ball in his hands not. I mean here's a kid he had a very good campaign and 26 change as well. Again this kind of became the forgotten guys we try to force things too much should Kelton. Our low and things happen a lot more naturally between Kelvin and yeah Devin dance so what are they did they do because that's part of the reason. Yeah and you start seeing that and then again when guys are making plays making plays she's a coverage or try to share regimen opens up things for the other myself. I think just wanna recruit so I think it's more opportunities that we should eventually succeed because. He's he's really starting to emerge in the and then I think kind of developed his own Stalin studios. But really wants to run community and I don't miss. Easy hopefully it's on Amazon and I get up and that's since before its. Clearly going to be a real run the ball successor because it does infrastructure quarterback. Tom then also make your flash along yeah. Highlighted its usual so we've got a really good things got contractors here all sleep and getting right now there will help they'll do I shot anomalies are a little bit. You're listening to Panthers head coach rod affair his press conference earlier this afternoon's. Cars is you. There is open to singers trying to deter. Which of those other for a lot of doctors as it was so those were going to be this course Russia. This part of it don't you do has reformed defense you can rush story if you want to dollars in dues I wondered the other commodity hedges to do this for infrastructure. Com and then you zero it was familiar words while also existed there are some things that doesn't problems that are opposed. That's a US and or physical corner he was just as likely sheltered goes through in terms of setting up your protections any of your inbox. It does senator Jim you're taking nothing away from Tyler you know he he he played well played her Taurus it's. On his way through it. I just as he gets more and more experienced he's he's going to be very solid football player he's a very good player right now just discuss more things to heart. Okay I know. It's easy. You can also convoluted. World of room. I hear we're. Forward Chinese made and we don't want to take our every snap the we have slick itself. I just reduce its culminated in this business we wanted to resume giving them all snaps when. It's done right now there's there's nothing really holding about losing consciousness partially snapshot is concerned. I ordered the events. It's. Okay. I only is that rare really done a good kid there's certain guys and us. Certain abilities and allowing them to do that some guys just have that kind of experience. You know I don't I've played well division. Hall didn't products on vs Kim and resilient prejudice didn't you misunderstood me new world out there isn't a lot. More that I used to teach a guy so that was just part of it. OK I don't see. It's. Texas. That's about it. Hold your views. Well obviously did you soft yeah. And proceeds from the ball and this really I think Jones yeah. And they run the ball very effectively their rental lot last week.