Primetime: US Men's Soccer With Eddie Johnson

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Wednesday, October 11th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Omar Gaither talk with former US Men's Soccer player Eddie Johnson regarding the team not qualifying for the World Cup in 2018. 


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Powered by Ford. Ed yeah. Some. Right and just thought was tortured guy he's killing your guide takes heat for me. OK to take the heat song gonna do on the kickoff for Billy today. You know you have to show that. But he did put some good cuts in the opens that was his work a magazine and going so now you. That's only don't automotive. Or music they don't put your. As a music today. Still have the Iowa could in there. I'm not paying them money is what it. Got to tell you way around. Take care of that that is Omar Gaither this is prime time powered by ortho Carolina. And now we will get to Eddie Johnson former US men's national team member. It's 43030 minutes away from that he's really angry so polar hungry I'm looking forward this to you to hear him vet is for thirty K want short in an hour talk to the Panthers defensive tackle he had a monster game on Monday or shooting on Sunday two sacks two T a sells these two quarterback can't see it forced fumble in there and when pets and KK player like debt forget about it. Nice night. I'm John MEH and I don't think they don't play like that every game all year long Wal-Mart goes of that saying. But when those two are clicking the way they were clicking together and he knew this in in in harmony with one another -- on Sunday that inside outside combo is just forget about its fertile and now Elaine Johnson out for Thursday night there right tackle. And I think I forget Timonen told me before the show the stat when planes and plays vs when he does and I think they're like ten into when he isn't this as he's different so that that is a big blow although Fletcher Cox expected to be full go for them. I'm so that's a huge you know with what he's doing and actually as we thought I would wonder what's Arctic he won about this in an hour mark. I know when you play on opposite sides of the ball on the same side of the ball on opposing teams it's different you don't have to go on the field against other at the same time. But as if from from a price standpoint it would shorts gonna be looking forward Odessa stacking up Fletcher Cox. Right and I did the same thing and I was with the Eagles and we came here and end. And whenever TV this until I wanted to go out and do something as well. There is needed in helped items from the YouTube clip. Yeah you reducing the other opposing dietary positions and if he's having a good day you wanna be darn sure that you have one as. I guess or to talk to him in an hour in Willie mcinnis at 530 we'll talk Panthers with him he was sweet over the weekend he's impressed with what are joined with his Dawson the former patriot and does Super Bowl champ now to get us on that merger spurred cancer sixty song can't always gym yesterday if you missed that by Susie let's go to some of these phone calls here and up Patrick wants to jump into the patched Patrick Fisher Holden buddy how are you doing. Good expects to make all in in. Tennis and don't sit in the car go out talking about soccer. And I felt my skin just start all the little did it. It is air but it all. Okay all. Relate to us we're doing as a national claim. But it did they get sick all area soccer sucks. You know you didn't call soccer for today. Ed Hillary's rich deal is the oldest cataclysmic event. That nobody really cares about tend to meet Parker is deep muscles also sports. I'll pick up its twittered that call yesterday. People like Brussels or else don't really like oh. And not think so about doctorates. C thing in this country and it were lucky it never will be especially after the bat I mean loyal person or where you can watch the women's game. Equitable it just took his audience. Did you watch one minutes whereas soccer dad and and that the other sports. Tennis is that what does that. And it's all that way because women have sort rule mainly ladies that. It takes Serena Williams should be number so you know and men's tennis and it stayed in case where. They say they rescind the games look similar and I was losing volleyball. But Lawson. I didn't talk about to run the show she by catcher before geeks are alumna. Is Gucci fashion you can just goodness gracious are let's go to UI Gerri I Jerry won't let me down and really wants to jump in Jersey extra hole the bunny you do. Oh of course thank you Chris DiMarco he MI group that's the last soccer so yes it. Anyway. Air update on the bench or citizens as far as I'm excited assailed. Those first couple of weeks. The centers for strict budget efforts to there's a reputation preceded it. Actually the biggest where we're just hoping to. And you know for the most part they probably they did in the first companies. Or can we could get ready nodded to himself speak. I think the dark or forget that McCaffery effects. The county he definitely had an effect on the defense. And I think it's shown this special we can mr. Troy. Other things that Detroit Portland geared to stop there aren't they can't we can stop the printer friendly and we can win the game. Well. Tried just take me and Dixon and direct effort and prove them wrong. So I think he's damned if I am IR. Sure looked uncannily match ups because I don't think that's so milk is coming in here thank you get bridge stop the run they can warn him that case load to box. I think they go to they got a good tie in now. That they thought if they're totally wrong. They we get we don't have to worry about the tiger and what just what they got to worry about tiny amount. But just couldn't indicated are there have been allowed open. I think it'll look and feel for. Opens up the field for us you. The runner Guatemala and not expect him to have a good day run and the ball I don't know if I'm if I'm the Philadelphia. Defensive coordinator I don't know I don't cover. You know I. Yes and you don't pay any jury it's funny you say appreciate called embodies a deacon Gerri it's funny you Citic is Billy we have this audio cut Christian McCaffrey was talking about this. Kids able to Detroit went into the week. Saying we're not lying to you we are going to stack the box were thousands shut down the run. And yet can be just with your arm camp showed us that we did against the worst ranked defense last week wasn't just. You're doing that against the worst ranked defense. In the NFL last week as a Christian Castro is document as she says that teams are gonna start regretting are when they're stacking the box against the Panthers. I think guy anytime somebody stacks the box like that especially in the NFL stuff thrown the ball inside you know there's there's there's no bad players so. But we know when that happens you got you know guys like every move for 175. And throws for a how many yards he threw four guys definitely think plays in the past you know lose a lot of holes opened so. You know I think I think it's a great feeling when teams start to stop for the past few starts clicking it's something. So here's the thing and he's right on that obviously Jerry just sitting on that. But some wind doesn't pick com. Adjustment curiouser teams right now I was OK so this way to Detroit saying we can't sell out to the wrong way Detroit didn't know they going to this week knowing that. Also talks and first of all of the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker corps is is better than people think then people get credit for. They have a good line backing core young. Brought up to the system in a full lob and saying well. It's. Obama defense coordinating getting ready for it Padilla tell our offense has right now is I'm I'm I got to stop the pass on to stop the big play. Because what has the run proven to me. One still is not up a break our runner he's not gonna take you send me five yards. On any given Downey's he just doesn't have that headgear anymore tool McCaffery not gonna really. He's not he's not yet guy. He's likely to bring him down to is based on a pregnant is not as big as strong as some other running backs who can take it to distance so. You know what's gonna kill you Newton go to facets of your defense corn is going to be telling bit and it's going to be punches is going to be index who's playing well there's going to be McCaffery the passing game so if I'm Gordon right now we eat doesn't run the ball fine with the score more voicing. And then sold yen I think that the press process to switch indeed short my (%expletive) you want. All right 704570960. And that's the same numbers of the songs building sinner Tex lines are we of people hanging on wanna join us Ryan saying notch at least you guys in here as well when we come back and when we come back we'll get to Eddie Johnson coming up to 430 former US men's national team ever you want shortest five Willie McGinest at 530 jurors birds in the Kantor's. Coming up at 560 Ryan nick when we return and Agassi on Patrick psychedelic would be scheduled to talk about when we return but that's neither here or church and also we do have to get to this audio one of the richest men. In the country we just may be most expensive buy in US sports history what he had to say yesterday about the NFL you wanna hear it is after this some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com he's. It's. Those little Bill Withers is a better fortunes. Moving in the right direction Omar gave Paris doing time. Is powered by a guy. That's Carolina thanks again to its appeal intemperate always feeding us each and every Wednesday just graceful oaks and job by the way when the Carolina home team is playing so. On DA's hour before kickoff all the way to the final whistle you go into either of their locations counselor posited with them by a large special EPT get a large cheese so back in return. I for free build a special it's a great deal tapped in teal. I dot com dilly we play this audio are forming this is per Serena are manager for the US men's national team hopefully for not much longer odds show last night they lose devastating loss Trinidad and Tobago to launch and die you know forcing drastic changes fire everybody. Yeah everybody's gunning down and he's like. Now let's not do it every be stupid to do that was under your whole library settled down angry mob just settled now. There's nothing wrong or doing. Certainly. I think is our league continues to grow it benefits the national team program we have. Some. Good young players coming up. No nothing has to change to make me and any kind of crazy changes. I think would be foolish. OK so we welcome and a guy that you know pointed the MLS employed for the US men's national team Eddie Johnson make in some time for aside any I know you're probably very frustrated thank you for making time are your reaction to that number Serena after the after the loss last night Hattie how do you feel about those words. Loosen it yeah see you secretly. Great yeah. Keeping. You know you know I believe him. Do we want them. Vietnam but I think it's about creating. Quite a bit. It I think from the U. And that could you. From from I mean you'd looking you know going. He particularly important. I would probably go out in the country now working. On it you know. It takes you to make it. The coach. Quoted here. Just to get to go without. You know this because I was not quite sure which could the port which. Really. No matter about. When. There is. It's just stick with the and they have. Welcome your arm could you spend meet coach also with Eddie I'm sorry it Eddie Johnson would this former US men's national team member could because I you know what ends up happening is so often these conversations. And maybe not to this point where we've seen the team decide on a World Cup this the first time since 86 that so many everybody's got ideas and it feels like I always hear this I'm sure you've heard enough of this thirty years. Well if our best athletes in this country played soccer we wouldn't be in this situation but that's not. I mean that's not actually true right like that's one that to me that's one of the most you know like asinine things that always gets brought up like it changes. Odd conversation because there at I don't I don't think that's actually true is that true heard that one of those crazy things people always say and it's it's gotten awake this time it in these situations like this. These are. So crazy maybe we'll get the most out of Curt Weldon is our the first athlete. Arafat so. It did start kicking him out he reiterate this story was. There develop the incredible. We need to eat and eat it. But again what don't we are we probably did the coach go into our country know how to itself. This development could push it to develop and not see the development and all those because we we. If you look at it it the cartridge for the specific as I ethnicity then there are you know our religion that we. If we are doing it and we aren't aren't they were not met here with Adobe air are bad quote it occurred to me. It'll hold that note where you know it is going to Odom I don't think you're going to govern you know those are good but apparently did the right coach. Well over here to develop. Goalies are quick to beat but I think the better shape you know are under a the country gawker itself because it's a crack troops. If we Americans go. I can hit I was unaware Ali didn't create. We don't no matter how. And he'll always remember what you don't know how incompetent. It's a girl on crutches especially our sport that would be how it. But the rest will take her and that I gotta get up eight. Are. They said it would be really become a better curriculum where you elevate it you know we we look at. I would do well we're competing we're able to people and our goal. Our lady so I saw a lot of people last night on social media were saying this is devastating this is crippling and it is from I think especially from like an ego standpoint and pride standpoint of not wanting to be to Tina misses out on the World Cup like idol obviously this can be a teaching moment just everything we did exit the program becomes better because. But can you what could you explain what are some things where you could say. Yet this could be devastating for the program or for shocker in this country or it could be he could stunt the growth like is that actually true how damning in and damaging could this be missing out on the World Cup next year. So I think you don't get great corn kernel talk until a couple from the bottom eighth. I'm glad I didn't know didn't arms you know not could we are awash in oil cutbacks number you know what I don't. You know report puts people want to take anything from what we ended one point. You know all of our view that the current that we had in the locker every year. They've gone all got a loose as well I yeah but I think this is great because I think general I think a lot. A lot about are a lot about our old. As I individual. All the countries we. Are no more borrowed so little good unless you know her well it would go back. Or about what if you don't you'll what he didn't mean and how. Are. I was at I didn't look at those but it could well because. We couldn't get rid of the you know it's. You know a lot of people that have been involved in these are great. I'd know the other guys perspective on what you did and we probably. We are currently talk against the get rid of everything. Well what we thought I'd give it is so we didn't know we do we've been sort of the structural. And really. I think of the rush we're really. Were. Do you think there should be a change twist with Gilani making making the decisions or or do you trust that it. Ultimately he's the guy that didn't know us knows what needs to go on in and fines if there is a replacement probably will be affirmed for Burris what we will do what do you feel things need to go at the top where right now. Someone else actually can go to court. You don't think he's never really got to go. No but I'd. You know. I'll budget. I inherited AUS or when I got there it was thought about Clinton but if there or there I think every opportunity. Are bringing. And making sure that every time I would include you won't be for you. Always represented a and I probably what I did or cowboys and adequate to good. No I really don't really like I've let you know how long you've got a bit. Yeah it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think a lot of people don't know kind of bitterness there are crowds. They talk about Laguna or talk about what we didn't think it. Didn't Google Talk and then burn it up condition you know and I didn't pull them out if it had to play at eye level. Border. Are there that they'd overlooked him if he didn't. Overdo it on the ground. So we thought we don't. Heard them what they don't play well when they're right in religion they believe that they don't consider him about it. Saying look it's so there's still a lot of people abroad and not get over it didn't know I woke up all of our the world oh. Well how about we woke. I hope to go through what you and then we didn't get to him about it be about it. And Eddie Johnson former US men's national team member and he you won't stay everybody does does wants to one at a special especially Taylor Twellman wants to see out the best for this program before maybe the maybe this is rock bottom to build back up and follow Andy on Twitter at at eighty underscored Johnson seven Eddie did you make it time and your busy Manson thanks for joining us for a few moments. Are what do you know Eddie Johnson and dobbs appreciate him Macon Macon dot forced textures writing and I you guys incurred on the text line saying is he calling for Trinidad thought. And is terrible octane attack cliff said always talk about soccer nevermind don't care about fixing the phone reception so. I'd. It is interest I we we always hear this is that when they are sale mark we always here's a texture -- don't imagine if Russell Westbrook got trained plays soccer Kemba Walker. The EU look the there's not a lack of top tier talent with the men's national team that's not a problem they've got one of the best front lines from the Ford position. In in the world right now he on the front lines it got one of the best in the entire world that's not hyperbole that's not us being biased as we live here it's that good and they're young it. The problem is. You got deeds they found you got to find more those guys are gonna develop on it's about it's about coaching it's about what are you doing from the youth level all the way to the top in other countries who take this stuff serious. And that sort of way to do that stuff it's about soccer's a game of skill it's not eat as criticism matters it matters and every sports fans encouraged not the most athletic guy in the NBA. You how you got better by schedule an anomaly bush and it was not a oh he's an eye on them. Name another step courage Kemba Walker is not the most athletic guy any employee MBAs gotten better in a lot because he's worked his craft he's worked at his jump shot he's worked just three point shooting Portis ball and only finishing the ring to rid skit actually this is is one part of it skill is a massive part of any developing skill is on coaching development from a youth level all the way to the -- -- under -- gets in the next first this is gonna develop or are we -- we can get our best athletes played soccer instead -- basketball I think it came to play basketball his entire life instead of -- -- would he be in India be -- Bibi -- a LeBron James -- just like crystal ball and that's fine he's really good -- debt that's that is the most liked. Lazy bar minimum conversation we have about soccer support and so. You can't you have to admitted to at least you have to admit that it's a part of it you can't. There's no way yes there is a lot of skill Limbaugh was soccer and NBS. Most of curry can borrow or steal but they're ready to write these it's this when you compare them to two other. Athletes maybe they're not as bad that it gives you might think they are still very very athletic so all sure so yeah. So yes so so just agent oh LeBron James was developed. SA soccer player. Just didn't men's national team quit and kit there's no way you can I mean that's I don't. I hated Beilein you could ever draw. I didn't yes it's really easy. Easy way to say that the soccer team to be better we had all LeBron James is on a bullet it's the truth. Yeah but no I mean correct if I'm wrong no other country Ryan has ever taken that path of we got to go fine we got to go steer our greatest because they don't. This is there room there's only they only have the name of the country where Mo basketball and they have to the sport. The most international sport in the world now outside Sacramento super international sports other countries are doing with the players now claim basketball at a level where yeah basketball's core I mean look fairly international players are going consistently in the NBA draft now basketball's becoming a phenomena a bit of of an international sports sort of deal look are we more fragmented in this country from a sports input of course we are more than any other country I would say we also have more more population. And any other country so balances out I just think that's it's like a -- -- Yeah it's awesome and your worst too because now. Like. Even in Europe in and south Americans are having this from because now China is throwing a lot of money and they're in their soccer leagues and they're actually stealing players from played some I mean that. The same thing that happened from that have been from American players going overseas happening in Europe where they're going to China. All that stuff was part of it good coaching development all of that is that part of having a better US news NASA thinks it. You're not going to convince me that if there were better athletes these world class athletes that we have playing these are the sport they don't that would make the team automatically better. Texture Redding in China is way bigger Kroger no dusk. The fact that path that we're just trying to on is that Wikipedia where Joyner senses tell us go to O'Reilly a bunch relying on old eligibility this was over I would wanna say man. Yeah I get dark. Doris occurred off com. You'd think that Patrick would learn from the community and about speaking out completely correctly and on women and other drinks on the interior. And so that's the first point and in fact I'm glad he's founded voting Escude they shared without ideology come around. I'm sovereign debt common and probably you'd store in the US I don't have disputed any more on the women's World Cup quarter and forty million in ad revenue for our. We have which outperform Stanley Cup World Series NBA finals already here. I mean. They don't acknowledge it is not a flight is thought that we could help Obama I think that maybe even more beautiful part of the game. I don't even around Charlie if you look every night and all the parts that are being used not being used about what terms are being used a baseball. Not a priority that all of its offer to kick ball he did. But every you know this part of the story every night an adult and children play because our first orange Charlie says are both players. Mr. come come back to that there are in my opinion the reason why those shows are being used mainly for things like soccer. Because in this more a lot of you can play the sport soccer there's more people can go out and play soccer then they can go out and play basketball and it and played effectively. From different than that we get together and I need the jumper tied. All live look right to the ball shoot the ball to the all know don't decide to run as fast soreness hopeful there's more if you've read. Did everyone out of this building right now we did are you guys picks soccer. Hoping basketball thereby is gonna go to watch Olympic soccer. Maybe that's cute if you take everyone in there and you then perform against people that are good at the sport. There's no way the popular to tell Locklear and as far as staying LeBron and eleven LeBron James in the immediate pilot and test you every day. Yet entered. Yet a and Brian appreciate the techsters writing on billing sex actually is true joint. WS NC youth roundly recently what any one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by National Journal magazine building trust three generations rallied Jewelers and rally killer Stockar. 6260. Can't run up and down off a soccer field the global body's not built them out of joining that they do in soccer over and there's a lot of running in basketball too when you calculate how many miles these guys run throughout the course redeemed. But compared to soccer. It's different like cam new is not built the plays soccer. I'm kidding LeBron James not built to play soccer so I love this idea of let's say the greatest athlete in our country and say what it and listening you're doing this but a lot of T noticed a lot of people say what if you made liberal on a sucker point. And on the soccer players carry whatever right. Because those guys anyway those are the guys the guys that play soccer built to play soccer the first place I think what people are talking about of those instances thirty out liars you're looking for the random guy that maybe you could steered him to soccer instead or something else this the greatest soccer players in the world are not be most athletic players in the world the most skilled watch Ronaldo. Watch Messi what's the great ones that's okay. Ronaldo Messi could run for 240s where they were world or could jump of 46 inch vertical with us not make an even better. But that's I mean that's like saying legal creates somebody in a lab those guys don't you mean does this LeBron James Cam Newton and again those guys they're not built for high. Urban Isiah Thomas. I can name every point guard and NBA if he was raised from eight south to be a soccer player he will more than likely. Beat a better soccer player than most of us arguably as we have now I'm just saying. You run faster. Jump higher I don't know. Quicker more athletic if you have hand eye coordination. And you have the skills that these kids are obviously talk right is this just like the game of golf. A lot of these players involved the pros that are that are playing well and and and are winning turn as she got pregnant daughter for the entire. Wives and the solely because they're just not totally athletic nobody. A guy if you did you. And lose big at all IE Tiger Woods and he's been taught to steal his entire life Greg much to these other guys have he's gonna be that much better about it. You have maybe I guess my point is I think your people over thinking that that's the skill is this into the coaching and from don't want to get him the most of the kids into a program where you know they're gonna get the same coaching from the time they're eight all the way until there eighteen point 320 team and then they get elevated to go you don't play in the Olympics and that's the thing to Taylor Twellman whose talk about the Sony is against our men's national team you Cindy 120 team to go to the Olympics. Different then anyone picks last recycles your those guys are now on our national team he's so how do you expect a bunch of guys to go to the World Cup when you're not even qualifying to get to the Olympics so its own players to the players got to be better but the coaching is gonna put him in that position to -- its -- one I'm not look we all agree if you could get a couple of different guys. To playing to find some more town we would all agree and I'm just saying it's feels like delay easiest analysis we ever do and I hate bogged down in there right now yeah we need to get our we need to get our best athletes playing soccer instead we got we have some of the most top tier talent on our front lines we gotta balance it out elsewhere on this roster and he joins me US men's national team and the sad thing is we're wasting young Christian always sick he will not be QB eight years older. Do tennis it is these looming and it was probably eight years freak and older by the time maybe then they get to the next World Cup. That's that's that's like that's the most sickening thing. I think of where they're at right now Bobby woods there with a Jozy Altidore in his prime right now let's go to nickel wants to join us nick what somebody. No at all and they are huge for didn't come mentioned. I guess all of you malevolent soccer. They actually coaching good but the problem is a lot of our best soccer player in the US. Art just that the US nationals ball and kid. They are German American. Our Spanish American Mexican American and by the time they give it to the older web site they get older. They have that choice to achieve that then little turned into the US. They upload their nationality. Quite a pluralistic. He's Croatian he continues to blow pro Croatian soccer do you let. Yes they're good bet their own good and now they're better show. Do still recent move promptly rib America. That's the main issue why he. US soccer just doesn't take all because of the murder kicking that other national and that there are other nations to play when they get chewed up. Oh yeah between each stage to the World Cup stage simply didn't know the nationality that's what's killing US soccer right now. Yeah you know I I. I think it's the holy book now but I I think debts that there's been a lot of truth to that I think over the years a text or dreading it have to wait eight years the World Cup currently comes every four. Yeah and so your I mean OK you're right so many years but your. The F five years is really what you're looking at here but you you're wasting prime years of what you could make the argument that. This is a route they're gonna rebuild late this feel good but they're not guaranteed to make it again yeah I saw inside these are basically when he gets there are again and maybe there Cingular make it deep run like you're talking about him. As soon right now Clinton cius. Can the candidate think in the end his triumph. Bomb tech to be the next time you talked about crucial points so that's just that's that's bad on this really bad text deriding it Eric was saying this. He said it's funny when you guys talk soccer like it's it's funny. Yeah see that's you don't get it you have never meant to stoke straight overs had well last June called what happened last oh. As someone may have started unless you call zeros go artists who lost to join us through quickly and regularly and Ricky Robby would you wanna see an end genius. Hey guys just what does prayer really quick I mean it's really just discrediting. The crowd go barker when you consider somebody like LeBron James. Can this transfer or lord. Or what he can do is. Just studied all you know if you got actually put an application I mean if I would be great to have. Calvin Johnson go back there and play goalie but you saw that those reflexes you're not that kind of innate ability. Somebody like LeBron James are on the basketball where I mean yeah you can go well when he can make. That's that leaping grab them play wide receiver so where I mean if you got I mean some other stuff that they durable both builders. Way different than what they do about Bo built sometime that letter to them doesn't work the way that. McAfee you don't understand how good this guy here he's. By foot eight top. And you put a 160 count and he makes. Malone man let's look like kids out there. And then Ronaldo is a freak athlete these he controlled hi I'm shorter vertical and over forty inches I'm sure Iran the fourth or forty. I'm sure he does every single one other thing we can corn variety away it's about racial awareness of the well. Starting from the bottom up fundamental. We have guys like Michael Bradley earlier Altidore who were playing at a high level they came to get our paycheck they went to Toronto they went back BMO last. Clint Dempsey got comfortable that's what they do I mean we're never gonna grow the game. If we don't start the bottom and trying to do was pull triggers billing and going and playing in champions league games. On the highest stage of the Santiago fire in a battle. I can't trauma triggers that the higher stage in club football or playing very US open up against the Charlotte independence. Re always part Hirono all I get up there are yet Robbie were up against the break the last thing I would give our Rick just fair time Ricky got like thirty seconds before you break we get the last word should go ahead here a connect. Are okay good laugh off street. Big tall cute 24 hours all true legend QB go play club soccer for for the must go toward 200 all of your kid go play then welcome volleyball. And that's what wish all the good sport when they come back tomorrow we could tell that the higher lonely if you look good basketball players between the welcome bug all the and they come acute. That's the problem he's got all these level that if this becomes a little bit opry told the public which include limiting your your your athlete. Who got access to live marketplace volleyball percent of we've got another play politically it would go Motorola and noted that played a good look when she played 600. And play. Lou usual for all here say is this cratered John Q would you didn't go to at least in the world that we couldn't did you give the Kemba Walker who want to talk. Break up or else and that's a great point because you basically. Art as we donate what ninety times and about Louisiana's we senate with the NCAA scandal you're basically getting paid to play basketball security AAU circuit as opposed to a pain to go play soccer here on the youth level we're back don't think it's conversations over all you guys bought her out there you can settle down for a moment we come back we got KK short of fifteen minutes Willie McGinest joining us and 45 and you're gonna need to hear with the new owner of the Houston Rockets a billionaire said about the NFL yesterday we get to its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina you're listening top primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. We we really don't know where football is going even people that I know when football. Are concerned that. Where's it going to be in fifty or sixty years there's nothing like the NFL's we all agree would wait for football season. But. There are people that truly don't know where it's going to be in fifty years and then you have based all of that. The average viewing their ages is sixty years old and then he had the NBA that you know was to come this true world sport besides soccer. And and out of this three major wins and you know leave enough hockey. I think this is by far the best one to have today and and I'll tell you this I would have been scared. To pay 2.2 billion. For an NFL franchise today. And another in the NFL owners like here in that. There's still expertise he's now on the new owner of the Houston Rockets most expensive sale in the US sports history. Over two billion dollars for Houston Rockets. And Purdue is pretty rich he's a billionaire and he's like to like Forbes last time I checked I think out of it like 252 or he's ugly it. Yeah but he's not like crazy crazy like I don't I would miss this guy's got he's got like LB here you money rich you know I mean he's not like. So eager I mean I would not want to grossed Ingram and it's not jealousy and think he's he's like 250 and in this country and in terms of in terms of wealth means shortlist deal. The short list take and he is he was introduced yesterday. His own imprint do you do. Myself a press conference. Charge here on this place in our number I'm more than he meet with them in the media and introduced me to them because that's my thing here and I grabbed headlines yesterday as you say and I would spend two billion dollars I would say this is the question you have to ask. OK and was where you were able to personal I mean there was an a team. A single available as a reason for that via they're not going for sale right now and if they did and he might have been paying you probably likely would have been paying more than two million dollars and you wouldn't be getting me a franchise in a market like Houston. With stars like Houston. And if you did a compliment in the NFL level you're beat Clinton anything you can thing a lot of coin and he detailed ought echoing itself. This is we do after recognizes that his face for what it is wise to. Try to justify an up his outlook I'm more than happy spending two billion dollars on the India. Is as good as ever. Then a nor aides. Are saying yeah I do think it is good business I think it TV MBA is is certainly growing what's funny is according to us EST and flash this last night according to Forbes over from five years ago. Odd to the most recent the increase of five years ago NFL values have increased 125%. In the NBA. They've increased 244%. Across the board valuations for five years ago. We're just about 400000005. Years ago now it's almost one point 35 billion. Across the board 605 million in the game not Major League Baseball one point five so they've been up a 155%. He was dogged a baseball the baseballs up alive and then hockey's gonna 415%. Sports and sports is we're set. And personal to know look at these numbers are realized. It's going up everywhere so nobody's hurting me by any stretch so we can safe. I don't know if the initials were wanna spend my money but there's money being made in people that got into the NFL go under sticking with it in are still sticking with it there is money to be made in the NFL. So there's going to be set for the second day in the show was already valued higher in the first choice right so. When you have further to go is gonna look like two grown more so billion or so you don't. Continues go to been considered blue chip stock each you're returning and B is great but you know you gonna get it right where is the NBA. You know. You take a risk but there's some high upside and that's where the and that's why so like. Owners are saying that about the NBA because there's they had further to go to get there and Ian have those kind of already there are so. When you get to that point is kind of it's harder to continue to grow when you're already huge. I would love to see where I feel like you if you gave me a genie right now instead under anyone wished I would love to know what what pro sports looks like in this country in ten to twenty years. First of all I'm not gonna to be Mangini a Melo got a genie. Limiting when you get a genie that's right into you garden people who try to break in and Padilla is Ian he's in the reason the thing I want to I would grosjean who is a little zany. What's wrong with a metal ladder and and then. Yeah no I have to deviate from those so we know we're back seasonably terrorized WS. Ten years from now. Divided jihadist pores look you can basically say in basketball football who's on top. I'm an associate who is on top I just love denote the landscapes like I mean I. Is that isn't growing it's not just don't like jerks their waste our own hemisphere but I'd love to know if it actually keeps growing at a rate where they gain more credibility and any validity. I would love to know what a baseball service in baseball is dead baseball's really healthy and every individual market they make a ton of money dig a local TV rights deals that are awesome. Basketball across the board has had this Renaissance we haven't seen in twenty years and he's been really fun to watch because I like the MBA a lot. The NFL. It seems ridiculously. Asked us I think it looks similar. If you know there is between the newer more. We'll be making more money but. They'll come a point where in and yeah UK you can't tell you everybody 200 million right so salaries who will come out and level off but. Just from a a sports landscape in this country it'll be very similar I think all the leagues and be doing very well because we think about it right now. Besides having your favorite team yet. A religion. And may be. You know politics what else is there are there's nothing else to watch on TV there's nothing else suits you know. If this thing that the movie industry is gonna fall Wall Street and are they even further. And more people we want to support so you know I think going to be the same for the most important to everybody will be doing pretty well. So he's writing in this is Chris Farley jeweler toward her she'd have primetime WS NC brown leave recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country national jeweler magazine building trust three generations rally jeweler stock option he said sixteen to twenty years. It's I can buy them maybe it is he's crawling our core asset. And it's becoming more. And I was like the NBA NFL Major League Baseball hockey type of thing. Maybe we will I don't I fund that's fine art of I don't know why don't we will it up because everybody can do. I cringe the first time I saw like one of those like these it's forty sportsman gamers where I cringed the first time I read that one arm has an agent like I cringed back. Roger cringe I Miss America way Mangold go do you on the mad at that. But it is hard to believe I would've thought that five years ago that was possible launch we're back in a moment can launch shorts gonna join us it's crunch time back in thirty seconds were powered by ortho Carolina.