Primetime: Taylor Zarzour on Quail Hollow

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Friday, August 11th

Sirius XM Host Taylor Zarzour joins Chris Kroeger on Primetime to discuss how everything is shaping out at the PGA Championship. 


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I think. Hi primetime live at the 99 PGA championship and we could have a major event especially major golf event in Charlotte and do the show here we couldn't talk to this guy Taylor's ours there. Taylor how are you manned crowd looks good to see him a friend we get a major in Charlotte like look around that this is this is big right this huge well. View being the gatekeeper of the community now eyes you know this is this is the way it's supposed to be. We couldn't get this in the czars are era of by the the FNC took Chris Kroger. Being a lifelong Charlotte team to bring this kind of of this town says the man who's the voice of the tournament this weekend all over the radio on Sirius XM you name it you hear it and so. This has got to be surreal for you Reich is like you you were on the year. He kind of the aero where I remember like 1031. Quelled first Wachovia at that time it okay this is. Cool like it will get a PGA tour event then it became all this is a hidden jam him and it became know this is one of the best non majors on tour. Thank you you've come a solid berth on the air in front your eyes and now. If Syria a major it's kind of surreal. He had you know I think fit in over four when tiger came. And tiger and Phil or those chasing Joseph eSATA Millar who ended up winning but tiger and Phil both being here and kind of was like sorry this is a really big deal. Anthony Kim in 2005 when he wind was a really big deal tiger won in 07 and then by that point you're like all right this is. One of the ten best tournaments on tour. 2012. Doing your show wind Rory beat Ricky get her see me when Ricky you Rory and DA points who by the way is on the board today but that. Atmosphere for Rick's first American win there happened right here in Charlotte. Was. That was the most powerful moment I think in the tournament mean Rory winning two years earlier in the way he won the straight. But you're right I think that that's the only Australian envisioning okay what's next in. You listen in there's been tremendous sacrifices that the members have had to make them for their golf course having access to their own golf course in order for this just after he established. Johnny Harris first and foremost is Charlotte TM and he's pumping over a hundred million dollars into the economy we know what he's doing for the city of Charlotte. For his first major championship I think it's worth it I really do and and I think that you're going to see more tournaments that are. Similar to and then this is not the same tournament here back in Charlotte in years to come. It's going to be interest everything presidents conference once when he wants that's coming next thing to look forward to see Taylor's ours is what this. Gotta talk golf with him we're here quell all of PGA championship course will be on the radio all we can all call in this thinks he's going to be up in the Booth side coming up in just a little bit. This course is snarling man like the Bermuda changeover I think everybody thought gators can be different like we discourses and Charlie right now. It is it's much more difficult than what you've seen for a Wells Fargo championship win Bermuda grass Sevareid grass which is much more challenging to play out. Come August temperatures. Are up back during just how hot and humid it is the green speeds. You know sensing Brooks kept cassette after his round Thursday they are the fastest greens he's ever played on. Let me think about that think about that guy who's contending in the masters winning the US open making a comment like that so it gives you. An idea of just a quick that they are so. It is it's a really difficult golf course played a lot in the last year because I was trying to prepare for this moment and I love to. The golf course about my golf game loved on the old golf course more than the new one. Tom but you know the condition of the course Chris is great to grow it is incredible but. If anything and I don't know this is a critique. But as any thing in the responses then how hard this place's on the. The other thing sold like locating greens really firm I was out earlier watching guys have SourceForge greens can be tore officers has turned its oversold read into that whatever you want busted. I mean a world where there were watching guys try to throw darts on that green and agreed like balls are just skyrocket skyrocketing into the air they're so firm out there so. OK so maybe we get some rain tonight or later on this weekend soften the greens that Bermuda grass in the rough. Okay now you're now you're talking about just really swampy conditions so you get one problem solved may be cradle another one if we get some rain out here. Well one thing that you might hear of Saturday afternoon and or Sunday afternoon shameless plug on WFNCs. He is and and certainly you're welcome to watch it turn the sound down. And endless and us but is what you just said it is just how hard it is to control a shot around the green and you know the green mile to me is the three the toughest three hole stretch. Finishing stretch in all of golf I know that it has an average that every year but I really believe that to be the case. And let's just hypothetically say Rickie Fowler. He's in contention in order leading Clinton holds a glove on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon it's he hits the ball would be short sides themselves. On Saturday on the sixteenth hole war on Sunday on the eighteenth hole. I don't think he's getting up and down I don't think anybody's giving up and down and when you see that ball two inches below the surface. Hey it's it's almost impossible to control mean Phil Mickelson got a great short game ever. And I know he's playing the worst golf of his career right now but he had no again no chance in this rough day by day on Thursday and Friday is tough. Well and then here's the other interesting thing watches as we head into the weekend. Are we gonna see some of these in these younger guys who come and hang around Rory is then up and down all day today he's kind of hanging on by a threat for rookies played really good golf right now giving kids are local stories hang around or nobody can South Carolina Grayson Murray got from your area or Ali. So we're we're hanging around and oh yeah some young guys out here and of course the big question is Ricky. C'mon man you won here before closely do you were so close earlier this year finish like that we want right Rickie can you thinner. And you know groves no matter who wins I'll be exciting to some golf right you know I mean it's kind of like. Just based off of listening to you you are so obsessed with the hornets for example and you love the NBA. That no matter what happens Chris Kroger is going to be excited about what happens NBA tip the same with me applies to golf. But. From a broadcasting Sam went and you're the same way he's you when your for the best story you want to cheer for whatever is going to get the most people listening to you excited. And I don't think there's any question tellers thank god you know listen it's decent completes the career Grand Slam. That would be the top I think the top story in TPS one chance to do it. As being the youngest player to do about timing to suggest that you'll be older than tiger wasn't 2000. Fowler brings in so many additional eyeballs. To this event. That I just I think you know you're doing in a show every day that's geared almost totally to the NFL into the Panthers. On Monday afternoon on primetime address Kroger you will be taking calls about Rickie Fowler put all due respect and chances are they when you won't be. Why here's the real good serenity it runs really get over the real big story is can we get Ricky. Vs speed does the playoff is a three hole aggregate playoff and agree miles right like that's the story we now we're talking and I like where your head I'm looking for him mental look and out of trying to take Kerry retailers are search that's gonna be on a call you'll hear all evening. All afternoon long tomorrow and Sunday and of course we got all sorts of coverage tonight after we get off the air because the last thing here what's the future I've been asking this question everybody all week because. Yours plug as anybody the members of this course and you play in this course and it's different from what 500 trees and taken off this course it's much more open one's been changed. Force created out of the ether because of the changes so. It feels like it. Discourse has been now made for big events but does that mean you lose a Wells Fargo every year I don't know what's we're what's gonna happen. We you're right the big events are gonna happen I mean we're remember Tony one point one presidents cup when you reference I think we're certain to have another PGA championship here in seminary years. I wouldn't be shocked if the Ryder Cup comes in the next fifteen years or so to. So we know the big events are in down the pike for. Just for quail hollow. I think Johnny once the tournament and I think he wants the tournament to continue no matter of wells Fargo's on the name or someone else is on the name I think he wants turning to continue. Two weeks before the PGA championship the first weekend in Maine. Actually I think they would have a pretty good deal yet in between the masters and in the PGA. And I think he wants that to continue its but listen I also understand their the other side of that remember standpoint of I wanna play my golf course man. I don't want everything to be about the tournament so. I see both sides of it. I think ultimately you're going to see a golf tournament here for the foreseeable future on a recurring basis on an annual basis if I had to guess. About 52% of me that says. You're going to have a tournament here. Each year but up going back to what you said about coverage this weekend. Chris how living Charlotte I'm proud to live in Charlotte everywhere I go people say I miss hearing on the radio I'm like yeah. I'm on serious accident man a father he else Brian Joseph was my producer it's true. Ed but everybody says an issue on the radio and when they say when they say that they mean they miss me on WFNC. And the big sacrifice have had to make. Is no longer being. Like you are now an extension of the community and we're national now you're big time and let it he was so fulfilling. To be an extension of a public town you live inning you love and I'm probably Karl called Charlotte home so. This weekend being able to be back on the BF NC on Saturday and Sunday aside is a big deal to me so I hope everybody sins and. No it's it wouldn't be right to do this event without you calling it the first we ever gonna major yourself on excited for you. I love talk going to give me a we're gonna do a hotline on the radio off here this is that those guys magic are radio people can see is what we're just we're embracing right there Taylor. I love you man half on this we cannot get back catching crooks I expect. Back from Bahrain filled the water out there not too bad thus far just the light rain going on. Steady rain outside a quell Hollis a Brad pain a bit judges tweeting out a little bit ago. That some of the hardest rain is not moving away you know lightning out there servings okay they put apple. On the weather signs in the weather delays out on the course about an hour ago. And yet to crowd still up there in full force and Jason Day right now he's at the up par 36 he sitting there even par tipping his nerve. Done for the day and he's the leader in the clubhouse by four strokes back to back 67 for him as he leads Gary Woodland who's back there are four under. And outdoor born Alyssa and as well even on the day through thirteen holes he posted a 67 yesterday and I he's sitting back they're tied for second as well for got four under Rickie Fowler. At three under. Hideki that's Sugiyama at three under as well are rookies don't for the day it techies the rate holes and now Louis blues pace and a former major winner through fourteen holes. Are sitting there at three under is well. And handful other guys camera Stroud as well and done those guys all just a few strokes back mechanic has there Aiken South Carolina. Local story and he's the leader right now. So far as we ought to try to move through the rest of the day on this Friday get all the golf in. And I think we're looking at about a 50% chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday in wall full coverage right here on offense seek as starting at 2 o'clock with live play by play coverage. A the 99 PGA championship. Are over here at quail hollow club in about an hour we get a chance for a two pairs of tickets to giveaway. Too well ortho Carolina kick off tonight are coming up in just a few weeks that's actually going to be. A week from Saturday Richard sports a high school football season already my man's. Well there's a lot of scourges that are probably wants in the Weathers this thing get a minute ninth. They started summer of the street but the first official Roscoe Fulham manager next Friday and I guess there's a handful limit try to pile on Thursday based on other business. They have had a lot of us in my professional been working on high school football previews previous actions preview pages. All that stuff is becoming number two. The official official kick off his next Friday so week from today now the somewhere in the area covered NASCAR football game and then there will look for job in running game since. I was six years old 1970 you know move back to North Carolina so that's it's one of those things is just I don't know what I would do if I won an Oscar for ball front and on the phone. Yeah we're gonna have some fun night will be out there as always we'll have all those games for of course kick off next become an extradition. Over memorial stadium in dot. We'll have six of the best teams battle head to head advance in west next a lot of west Mac Olympic and Providence they Charlotte country day vs Myers park and it's thanks to mister Sparky. To know Malarkey electors to go to Q a chance to win. A pair tickets to that coming up in about an hour and we're up 35 minutes away. From my talk a little PGA championship Matt Adams from the Golf Channel gonna drop by we're expecting to hear from Ed McCaffery around 5 o'clock. Obviously the father Christian McCaffrey and former Pro Bowl or all pro three time Super Bowl champ and Damir bird if you missed him yesterday you'll hear that Panthers wide receiver. Coming up about 550 that'll be our prime time rewind our best of the best and by the way. All PGA leader board updates are for a cue by cue while island golf resort proud host of the 20/20 one PGA championship. Made its goalie appear tailor ours are all those and I love that dude and it's it's also I think a real treat is we have the first major. In this city's history Richard that a guy like Taylor who loves golf. Was on the air here for so many years. Is side gets to be to god it's such it's calling it it's not just him to. Our panel builders Hinske who was just pack your little bit ago formal voice of the Panthers there's a lot of sees the serious extent PGA tour radio stuff. I he's he was up the tower a little bit earlier he's giddy Roman of course coming up over there the rest of thought this afternoon and he's out there. To a play by play as well also we get to Charlotte guys who've got a big. Voice in this community goers and ski and Taylor's ours are your call this event and so it's cool to talk to him and I'm just fascinated Richard. By what what's gonna happen with with with the start of it with this golf club moving forward. And what it means for kind of the sports landscape a landscape of the city over the next decade because if you hear Johnny Harris talked. He you can really hear. That there's this divide I think it got to I don't know I don't drop not try to insinuate that it's. You know anything contentious or violent or anything like that but it seems like there's a real divide behind the scenes talking to some members. And folks around here quell hollow club what they want this event to be and what they want this this golf club to be moving forward. Yeah and that's because I think people don't understand that when a golf course host A event of this magnitude the course is closed to the membership her. 23 maybe four mob boss yeah or out of ends. That's a bit of a hardship I mean obviously. I mean the presumption would be if you're. Well to do enough to be a member of quell hollow certainly you can play golf and other courses there and may have. You know I'm sure quell hollowed trust to find a way to allow your golf and other venues but it's not the same as walking out of your own house and wants us. The clubhouse and teeing off on number one or number ten car however you do it. But yeah I mean I think that's I've heard that from some people and other courses and have had it in his head golf Germans historically gone through that and Iowa was and when I went Haskell Enron and LPGA event Northridge course and there were always a debate there about how much. How little you know they wanted to they wanna pursue. PGA event was as you know was every jail only wanted to have a learning how that event anymore so of it's an interesting debate for a course and its club membership because. Does it shine favorably on your neighborhood as as we're all sin mean. Nationally in really internationally. In a quail hollow is is getting. Preferential treatment you know everywhere about how good the courses. You know the the the the the the blimp photos from above shows you know how wonderful. Quote quell hollow is an and then in the region and area. But there is a downside tournament you can't use a Porsche reservist allied. You know I think we've talked about 41 of my Obama and Andy coaching buddies that minter is a basketball coach at Augusta. It's now the university of Augusta was Augusta State these beat Georgia regents but it they're division one and golf for obvious reasons. The division two and everything else. But here's the flip of that address system is doing golf they use a gust of national in the fall but in the spring McCain is their own Porsche. They're on the road everywhere and I'm one Astro championships in spite of that. But that's an enemy take about it if you're if you're college or wanna be college golfer. You wanna go to Augusta C can play at a guest national in the fall you can never find there in the spring unless you're good enough to make the tour imply and actual tournament. Well I don't know you know like I don't I don't know we're not members obviously solid speak for anybody just talk to a couple I mean I think. Do the with the thing early on with this with this started it when you go back to look Kobe days it felt like I think for some members. Okay it really. Gets to give our our our club some credence in it really connoisseur props up or club who's won this one of the best in the country let alone in the southeast and then. As the turn they grew to became from the what Wachovia to the sponsorship change the Wells Fargo committee so morbid obesity you know you solid brand continue to grow. And then it became while this really is one of the hidden jams on tour. And then as we're talking to Taylor about dedicate it's not been hidden gem anymore everybody knows about his one of the best non major events on tour. But if you're a member here now gate would you tell you could go anywhere in the country for the most part it in sports circles and especially golf circles and say yeah I'm a member quail hollow club. It's no longer oh what is that are aware that people know what that is in its own you'll remember one of the most elite. Golf clubs or entire southeast. And so at this time it went away every year and it that it became only a presidents cup every few years or. He PGA championship you're the rotation every six to eight years or you're in the rotation for Ryder Cup maybe once a decade all that stuff. Maybe that's enough for some members here were they don't feel like they need that to validate what their club is for it for PGA forfeit every year. But then you get the other members were probably say no would be nice to have the PGA still hang around here because it does validate. And like yeah I guess those analyze how. You know we we we talk about a minute suggesting kind of thing I mean McCarron those known for Christmas on USA OK if you live in the cab and both. You've got traffic issues per month and a half. To go to your own yup. And and and that's kind of hopewell Hollis got this on a month and a half minutes probably to three weeks in which. You have to get passes just you know via I don't know of yet to be creative and hi you're gonna leave how you can do things and so there's a burden I mean obviously. It does you know obviously show as well on your home value in your your membership value and all those things but it can be. You know a day today headache Korea and you know is fast thing and a vibrant and of people. The live mccandless like you know whenever you you join that homeowners association in that neighborhood your party your covenant is understanding that you're gonna have. Traffic issues. Are on the holidays and you're required to be a part of the Christmas down light show arming you yeah you can't be the house doesn't do bottoming. You're in or your not. If you are the guardian covenant is to be a part of that and for this week Richard like for exam people if you've been out on the course you can you don't talk about if you having your coming out here maybe this week and you'll see this. Where in bodily tons of trees down you're talking about 500 trees that have been down on this course to open it up for patriots for you have better views from one hole the other. And like a techsters reading it first decent Ron green junior came by yesterday I'm Ron there's been here forever Ron wrote a great piece and in the Charlotte magazine a couple weeks ago. About what this major represented a history of sports in this city. Our but he works for the global global global golf posts now. And he said the press hates Quayle they sit of course a point with two harder par threes and par forsee said that would match this morning some variation of that I heard that. Bomb yet the reviews have not been great for somebody international. Golf media members who were here a lot of the golfers aren't sitting in on the record but off the record they're saying they don't like what was done to one to basically take one into a Macomb. Bob wanna hold together and it's a par five for the members of support for off for the tour pros out here this week. Yeah apart we I I set up shop for about an hour and a half apart at the par 34 earlier today. And that green is so bad that they are literally going to turn up and start over from scratch as soon as this tournament leaves Maher on Sunday so make of that what you wish. But what Redmond to look at this or crass I mean think about it since there was the old Wachovia Adam Moss farm are now again the PGA. To me that's a positive because they show willingness within the turf management group but this tentative. But the course to say if it's not working let's try to fix it I mean you know I think this government should be to say. You know on this course is better from these years and by god was good enough these images did in Torre seventeen movie you know you can have that attitude. But it reveals stubbornness that some people going in on. Where the PGA won't take it somewhere around so I mean I'm tournament is part of the thing if you if you wanna get involved in these kind of tournaments you've got to be willing to make changes in. And augment adjust up day to upgrade whatever the term Munis sport to your course almost continually and yes if you're remember I'm sure that is a burden. And causes some issues his panel right. Those of us that that the travel and then and charm and think about you and I've lived through that the Charlotte blowing up as a big town that means it takes a little longer to get home if you live in the suburbs it's always an and is gonna continue to do stuff. Yeah I'm torn on this though because I don't mind by Bob I've always gotten this why love coming this golf course is my Bible voicecon company quail hollow is this kind of was. Our costs stuff like nothing's ever going to be Augusta National runner but this was this kind of hidden secret in Charlotte of wow this is just a good. Southern golf club and huge pine trees as far as the eye could see it have felt secluded and eat all the holes were pretty straightforward but they had their own kind of unique charm because of that. There were no tricks there were no gimmicks and then that they had that if it quickly became three the most incredible finishing holes. It in the entire golf world's. And when these changes got made a as a walking this course the last two days I don't know this horse anymore this is an quell this is the quail hollow club I know. It feels different it looks different it's got a different vibe to it. And that's not that's beyond any and hospitality tents in the grandstands and all that to be this course just feels different and I know Johnny Harris who's done a great job in the city. With the final four and 94 in building this event and they're talking about a hundred million dollars of economic impact this week off for this event. I think Johnny did a great job but that to me that's what made quail hollow unique was. It was kind of a old southern charm type of golf club and to me that's what makes it justice specialist. You know those pull those holes every year they don't change and I'll eventually get to a point where it's devastate the same for so long what may be a link that hole with a tee box here or there or you change your grass. Or you nearer the fairway and you grow up the rough. But to meet those are the changes take it out trees. Completely brigadier Tom thighs heal again to redesigned holes. I don't know I feel like maybe they might have tried too hard and the charm this thing was that it was kind of the same all the time and always was the same. And it's the same today that it was in 1955. But it I don't know it doesn't feel like that today soared toward on this. There was and I think that that that's fixed it's a work in progress in you mentioned I mean Augusta probably is is is a bad example because they've shown up. They're stubborn innocent and a lot of different ways social issues included over the years but because there are dressed and they've been irregular way whether. Lot of missed the other golf courses aren't that fortunate I mean. You think Pebble Beach hasn't changed over time I mean Sanders and England changes over time you agree that the you know think about having. Does. If if you talk to real hard core golf purist and simulate my grandfather's age they didn't understand why he removed hopelessness. But the same course during the same term. The right Tim's enemy and that's and we kind of mixed in a that's an understood that that's an expected change all the time crying now but. It. The Dobson ever changing game and I think that. You know as you mentioned I mean it if we're gonna have. World class events and not think that's what the city wants and is getting this week in and N has gotten in the past. That's part of an Armenian and you're right some of those gambles and you mention maybe they did try to guard maybe some of the changes in treason. You know the thing and I'm pretty confident is unlike a lot of things that we've we've complain about people being stubborn and stuck in their way east. Whoever is the power brokers at that golf course. They're gonna have a meeting probably as soon as next weekend or two weeks from now on they're gonna saying what worked what didn't work and that we wanna improve that moving forward and I'm confident they're gonna try to do their best to make that happen. Yet it and we'll in this the other thing too I feel for Johnny Harris in a way because. You hire I've I tweeted out the video him the other day was on not PGA championship live I think it was on the golf Jay Holloway met Adams from the Golf Channel. It 45 minutes we'll discuss summit this with him. All but he he was saying the other night I forget the exact line but there was some some some phrase up. You know. I've got some friends that feel this way I've got some friends that feel that way. But as the old saying goes I stand firmly behind my friends so he's he's stuck at a place right now where. You got power players and other side this golf club right now that wanna do one thing others that wanted to another and you know again. Only I knew who we think you'll. This isn't this is another part of this question who gets to have final say in this because yes if they're golf club. They pay exorbitant fees to even have be able to do to come here and for a golf here. And have access to this course we're just the general public will we get to come out experience and touch it every once in awhile and it's so special to us. What does it mean to the city to have a yearly event because it's one thing for the members say hey it's our club we don't like that anymore we wanna do only the big events. Every few years. But maybe it is such a cool thing for our city where. People that would never in their life ever be able to be around an event like this for golfers like this or course like this. It's come once a year. And on a more much more affordable prices come in go to a PGA tour event in walk all the way up to the ropes it's CDs golfers. You gotta put valuing that to what does that mean for the city and in having allowing the Everyman to have access to this golf course love another thing that when you look. And if you look at our state and in big picture I mean that that's happened ever farming. There's reason OG GO is now wonderment that had some gaps. There's a reason pleased to have the Kemper open in the and we didn't I mean. You know whether those issues there have been there really since the beginning of these golf clubs. And I don't see that changing and if you're Johnny Cash in your in your goal at the that the you know when you Higgins club directors together and you say look do we wanna have a PGA champ Cheryl this is what's gonna have to happen. And your I mean I'm sure there are some people that are boy I really wish we didn't have that there but yeah I for the betterment of the of the course. Name recognition and all the other perks that go along weather and the city's. Financial benefit that you have an event like this even as it may be. Hardship the summer your actual members of it you know I must sense of this says the vote is probably more overwhelming in favor of having an. Then against it Betty will be fast saying this is your credit market is with the Wells Fargo leaving this year and going to Wilmington. And the PGA being here yeah your right does the does Wells Fargo moving towards a you know one. We're not inched into an annual event but by rally if we get five major events in just ten or fifteen year time frame moral rule. Borrowers that work and we signed on the dotted line and I think that's an interesting debate for that. That club to make. Moving forward. Yeah and I I think I didn't hear this directly but I heard somebody say Jim Nantz was stumping for. Charlotte being a once every four years that the city in the PGA championship I mean that sounds great and Jim I love you man your you could cure Charlotte he's human in my gas Charlotte seeing enemy he's got local roots of course he wants to come daddy happy that we you and I both Howard is that now. You know no no golf club is getting once every four years that's like saying this it always gonna go to Atlanta has new place and are foreigners I mean as good as Atlanta's new price may be they're not gonna get an ever for your. Now agreed on that let's go to the phone 7045709610. Million tweeting and he says this is tinsel town I mean it is but. God bless demand that it happened let's go to Rick who wants to jump in Rick what's up man. Hey I've just I've been enjoying your conversation. All afternoon well traveled around Charlotte. And I just kind of use simple questions like I know the tradition like Augusta has been around forever. But number one with with Quayle I'm familiar with. Southern California. Right you know between. Torrey Pines sin and Pebble Beach I mean they have. You know a north and the south and they shut down one of the courses but the members can continue to play on their own course they just. Have to stay on either you know the north circus cell door. Or whatever and we were actually down there if you years ago couple Summers ago when Pebble Beach was actually all those and you know they're one complete course. And remodeling and changing the net but you know sort quite know it it's number one this they're gonna move to the disparate error they. You know move it to may. You know they're gonna have changes and Henry lay out there there's Turks and their grass and everything else. Yes but I mean if they come once every ten years I mean isn't really worth. You know that compared to having you know old. What was so Wachovia which is kind of I need Charlie it's nude too you know bit the golf tournament industry compared Gus. I mean you have a lot of courses and end my other question is. The four other majors compared to like Charlotte. I mean do they have 218 hole. Or are all of bombed you know single eighteen send the numbers. Put up with that because I can see where that is going to be an issue going forward and then does the Wachovia take the members out. 43 to four months or is that just more about a one month or two month scenario and I appreciate because you guys have a great weekend. Gave Rick that does some good questions and I'll be honestly I don't I don't the answers to all those I do know that they've got eight they could they've got an agreement I don't know the courses. Offer back but they've which specific courses they are but if you're a member here yet you get to Coke. You know you it's a loaner program essentially you go to another another another golf club in the meantime when these core when these changes are being made this thing you usually get up again you're not paying her. Say it Charlotte country club for example. Very nice course and club and it in and of itself if you're a member quail. You're a member Quayle you could about a member Charlotte country club if you you couldn't remember any golf club in this area if you wanted to there's a reason why you're not because you wanna be here sell. I mean that's a fair question and and idiots are having a second eighteen and that's just not feasible here there's not land around here they could do that that sounds great some courses have that benefit net luxury around around the torque. But yet that's like Bethpage okay they'll be at Bethpage black that Bethpage also public courts too that's not a private course so. Yeah I don't know I mean there's obviously Richard beat obesity. These questions don't advancers and that's what makes this whole situation kind of sticky and here we are what that was 2003. Was the first what Colby. And this is 2017. And we're talking about basically fifteen years later it's just kind of feels like this things. At a point where there's a fork in the road and they got to pick a lane of what they want to future at this thing to look like but. I think Charlotte has proved itself to be one of the better golf cities in this country over the last fifteen years ago. If you remove yearly event to go only for the big dogs what does that mean does that mean you're only you're only a big time golf city. Or you're only a bit in in interested in the big time parties like I don't know what that means because I think having a yearly event here. Really matters in a meaningful way to this city for the for the people who can't afford to come to only a major because the price is not nearly steals the price is out here this week a ridiculous. Yeah. What Turin and then the thing images as well. Think in my name big event that annually comes to our thoughts and a place in our use emporium and the original series this week. That doesn't show up and Shelby if you don't have great leadership are great facility. And proximity to airports that can they can get players I have hotels houses tanked right same with this PGA event. Same with any golfer fat. I mean again there's a reason Kemper open was here for eleven years sixteen and a seminar and it left domain either the the membership didn't won't anymore. Or some combination of the about the membership mid morning more there wasn't a good significant leader that can round up the funding. The sponsorships. And all the bells and whistles and it took tough habit turn a month. Or they just didn't. And you're right it does strike me that there is where where a fork in the road. As it relates to quell Holland moving forward and what does happen. Because. If it's about the course. And the quality of the course and the location that. You know I think Wells Fargo or whomever win would have a tournament that it's well Hala of three years to come split but there's more to it than just that you can't. It didn't just based on that I mean there's another thing I mean. Like let's say Johnny Harris. Steps down as the as the leader of the Boller golf course promotions department ordered his title says. Is there another person in the bullpen that's ready to go a step up and intake charge and an end run and carry the flag further. Four than the course and then get those events or our our stay with the annual Wells Fargo class M I think that. That course legitimately has a decision to make moving forward. Of what they wanted to be I mean then you're I mean there's an upside and downside to continually had to annually having an event. Same as there's an upside and the downside to sing you know want like you say we're gonna pursue the big dogs and hopefully we'll get enough to justify the decision we've made bit. What's that number is it five major golf events this and every of the year is it found in fifteen years is it. Eight in ten years an hour north the number is north the metro I mean obviously the people that. Greg quell hollow have a better feel for the metrics but that would look like and how infrequently they won't. Their members to not have the opportunity to golf on their own Porsche or is that any. How much of an issue how little of an issue is that I think you're right there is a fork in the road and to be curious to see what they decide to do. Our text you're reading it it says Richard Walker's voice was made for golf commentary I agree so we continue Matt Adams and about fifteen minutes of the Golf Channel to get a some answers on this Freddie where ray wants to jump bit. We get 45 minutes up away from a chance. At do you winning two pairs or appear ticket rather to Charlotte duck kick off night that's going to be a week from Saturday after some of the best high school football in this area. We're expecting it McCaffery. Around 5 o'clock still hopeful for that and does still a lot more to come off including Damir bird. Panthers wide receiver until after the sub prime time powered by ortho Carolina. So that's our guys. Rick flair is PR guy Richard out of we feel about Ric Flair voicing the intro for the PGA championship coverage on TNT that aired yesterday. Well I think it's fairly obvious at this point the few collar flare up and offer him a check it changed to do voice over he's all of I'm big ambition to see. How that is for trade and that I coming thirty for thirty because I think that's kind of Marie are aware that bit I think mean. Everybody that I'm that that is a wrestling fan of that era. Cannot wait for that thirty to thirty and again as as we saw again this week with what did it on the on the minds of bugs Haskell team if they they continue to out do themselves. Almost thirty for thirty's and every time we see one or anything are they can't do any better they go on you know another one batter and several. I'm through high expectations for this upcoming regular thirty for thirty and I suspect now on I'll be disappointed based on their their previous track record of doing enough. I cry I don't know man I'm not mad at Rick for Jason money like do we get to do man I get it. Life can be expensive media multiple divorces I get that good putt but it's. I it also doesn't mean we get act like you're still our guy he sees that he's not Charlotte's guy anymore right. Like what she do that while he lives here but it's clear that Ozzie. And he was allowed in town for two years Eli developers around he's always gonna claim Charlotte and his kids went to school here in an obviously. This is your opponent Israel and all the places that he's a session whereas he's more session was Charlotte and anymore. You have to to Cheryl wanna be associated what are clarity or like that's the thing like ten zeroed in buildings that are techs like no way Rick gave the 49ers a pep talk before they beat us in the playoffs. And if I were called a stored correctly the Panthers actually wanted him because they were doing the Ric Flair thing right in the locker post game that your fear remember. And he beat they asked him to be a part of what they were paying him. It's different Cisco did it's we will we see effort Cisco so his loyalty was bought. Yeah I also don't usually think we'll do wraps its sad man it's whomever he knows. Mean let's face enemy he was a big South Carolina Democrat as he befriended Steve Spurrier. You seem to South Carolina anymore. Odd note to beat down their arms and let me know what number it is it is based on the personalities involved and wouldn't wouldn't Harbaugh thing that it isn't just Obama camp will be inviting him back. So they knew you could there's a connection there. I don't know who should be our guy though like you you're hurting Hugo tweeting in. A ball boy Jose at primetime WFAN the end up by the way Bradley Jewelers put her feet until August 31 get zero interest financing. Eighteen months on any purchase over 1000 dollars diamond earrings necklaces or even diamond rings for as low as 56 dollars a month. Any idiot a very very locations are on line it's proudly Jewish star comes is very clear is not our guy he lives in Atlanta and now he sucks. So who's our guy like him it's not flare stiff like staff doesn't really committee cutter rep Charlotte but steps still. He plays pro ball somewhere else so like I like she we've had staff curry opening the PGA championship open shirt and given his connection to golf yes. Not sure of but he probably would have done it for free west they're convinced that Kerry Wood has for a handout. If that's what it would have taken. Bone searches at middle let's go to Freddy ray wants to jump into the gulf talk him down we got mad Adamson a few minutes I'll what's up Freddie right would separate events. Prague calling about a golf globally restated Ric Flair to appreciate. I'm saving it sort of started to correct clothing just the sheriff. Amid are admit I don't know a lot about golf split I work like twelve plus years egg country clubs and I don't know to average person really understand how serious these members are. Yeah on the golf course. The only thing he should it do it there's it would defy right now if there's not gonna come down to how Maine he's gonna come down to who does the word. Fitted in white people don't want it you'll all go away stated that it that's our homes. What do Freddie great no to that point real quick before you go could this but he said protect text eroding and he said. Lets Syria sit a Croat members of quail hollow also members or other premier clubs off often outside of Charlotte not having the course of the term it doesn't bother them. As much as you might think you see I disagree I think what you're saying is that that's not true. Dick and I'm thinking it it's not a numbers it's cool because they're the pecking order in a lot of heat cook. So a person with higher up sort of food chain he did that in this snake pit gate and the compromise no it doesn't matter had a pretty low. Though the mad about you bad that he that they've made it all go away. Yes pretty right no doubt may I appreciate the call and I I think that's a that's a good point to Richard it's not even. Sure look we did this in a democracy its sides power power range of these situations so I. And then I remember there's been a charismatic. Influence or leader can make those things happen. And that's always the case on the sort of a Sarkozy guys use in the show religion and then I mean. Coach Holbrook was my neighbor India Holbrooke because basketball guard Robin Lehner Furman chads this on the coach south Gaza comes Charleston. He knows everybody in Cleveland county in December and a large region. That's how showbiz ever get fleas in World Series you've got to have somebody that knows. Which places listed to the head to head up first sponsorship which. How to get volunteers involved I mean you know Johnny Harris is that guy here I mean clearly. They're sounds like there's an awful lot of membership begala that really doesn't want this in Johnny Harris has been able to convince that group. Hey this is still fruit for the betterment of our country club. And he may not continue winning those battles but thus far he has because he is a charismatic influential later and there's ardent hard to deny that right. Yet no I agree let's do this top of the hour ID we come back shared doors loans could keep it as updates out on the course Okie get your leader board updates about what's going on. 99 PGA championship where we are located right now. Here quail hollow club Richard walker where this we gotta get into this NBA story they kind of started to leak yesterday. The NBA about to start slapping some teams on the wrist of the arresting healthy players skim some awesome schedule changes. Porter it's maybe not surprisingly so not going to be involved in very many prime time games early. Or when it comes to our Christmas break so we'll get to all that. We got Matt Adams drop them by for the Golf Channel and go also to mere birdie if you missed the Panthers wide receiver yesterday that's coming up it's after this on prime time powered by ortho Carolina.