Primetime: Tarik Cohen & NFL Ratings Talk

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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Luis Moreno Jr talk with Bears RB Tarik Cohen and also discuss the NFL's drop in ratings. 


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Yeah. Expanding on my limited Spanish real Luis Moreno junior Pinter Spanish radio with us on this Tuesday final hour primetime powered by ortho Carolina to end up. One of the many highlights from a north carolinian now former North Carolina AT&T Aggie as he made his debut. On a Sunday afternoon and I it was a good one against study Atlanta Falcons although DNA in a lost 2317 and a chance to win it. In the final moments we welcome in the rookie and I his. His nice five Cary 66 yards eight receptions for 47 yards he had a TD on the day to re going to Wear this on the technical and guess like to reaching grants or you don't man. Under our government so why get minister talked I I I was where I knew you went to AT&T it was unaware of your. Your hometown your your from one North Carolina is our right. I'm really well what Byrd are our school and work OK I know I was looking assembles a blue eyed I'm from North Carolina I went to school ECU for a year I have no idea. But North Carolina is I clicked and I think the the population says. Less than 350. People like your from your from a remote area North Carolina it sounds like. He had yet we know that the country out there. And the would have liked what spotlight much. So what was it like for you to not only be drafted by the Chicago Bears and then make that a reality. On Sunday afternoon against the falcons and you step into that stadium on that stage national TV. But what was that like for you it's it suited to make your debut on Sunday. Are you know them in the summer. Are stepping up the playing that way in uploaded so credit to all the M I'll go to their put me do difficult form of their loved. Were you nervous go here on Sunday here or no do you get nervous before games or is that not really your thing. Oliver reporting on the I think. I'm I would never like the first within the game developers. They don't out of the next level type of method of certain that you saw it out. Through Bob's been playing. Blood all over the guide you to that level so a little nervous today. We're talking to two Rico its fourth round draft pick for the bears in and I stay view over a hundred yards total offense TD a for the bears on Sunday as they fell to the falcons I at Soldier Field and of course former North Carolina. I ANC aegs heated take us back to college to wreak when did when did you start to get attention from from scouts and NFL guys that you your skills were we're gonna adjusted to cut it at the next level when did that happen. I had a little reward. I had a bet we'll get there would borrow over all those immediate and they're like they're great question about local law whether the player. So people will be wanna know about the play football said that in the golden coaches. Senator kit it's so. They're really made every third vehicle in the game and what we end the eleven all of our work. What do you what is the thing that people who you feel like say maybe maybe not now but maybe even still unsure as your rookie but especially when you're going back to those college years and AT&T were people. Really just underestimated. Is that part of your football game what was it that it is a dead. I hear a lot of this I was saying this early are you are you what do you consider yourself a true running back could you be guided. Gets fifteen Tony 25 carries and game what was the biggest misconception about your game. Uploaded integrated with the fishing they vet in almost small bit and I won't be durable enough. The look they noticed and looked and adopt a little or comment about what not did you get all my life and rob them of their. I bet I wanted to let you for a period of game or believe that the new unique in. I do like doorknob old Sundays or Saturday while toward college and it's going to ball every bit every day. What's what's your fastest 4540 time to request the fastest you've ever run what. Our report we know they know about it now it more on protecting. Did you feel like you're the fastest kind of bears in one of the fastest guys any NFL. That would put a mortar that we got are we. We're talking to recall a former North Carolina ANC idea I said this earlier pummeled. I've thought to be honest we Dietrich I'm a little Matty you because side 2013. If you remember. I'm I went to act and you guys went up to Kidd brewer and handed the mountaineers are now I'm kind of Matty you until you get a few touches in that game was an all your joining them. I don't know if I've forgiven you guys does knows when the biggest upsets happen after ever had that was not that was not as a bad loss for us that night. You don't know my first out of the game ever and they are still think he knows more in the local Manila in my life. The good that mr. Not would never been a stadium like a local law school. In Europe the Middle East and lights and just stood there it was crazy and didn't come all the way there and did you know they might get in the may have all started I keep. No it's okay yeah. You certainly don't they don't Soledad our drink only this. Bears. Bears running back in guy he's a North Carolina AT&T -- we don't people on a text slide says ice yeah showing -- Aggie pride in his right now with two recon the on the phones out of would look to go to recording your goals I mean obviously. John Fox wants to run the ball when you guys are gonna run the ball he did it against Atlanta the other day but individually for you what your goals as a rookie this year. Are living normal there if you don't feel that it may well I don't know you know to become a household name. There have been made played a lot in order form our numbers called North America and they need help before. Talking to two recalling. And if so rookie North Carolina ANC Aggie and you said your from Lewiston all right do you not not one Lewis pulls the place. Hello Bernard Lewis story excuse me are so how much bigger Lewis are out there on the road are what's the difference between Lewis Bergen bun then Gisele need to know the difference what's the difference between the two towns. The net but unlike our equipment up and a half an hour right about them what's the big what are you doing Lewis Furlan what's the spot where you go to either Louis or what's the place. I got they've operated 800 dip open. Are not just sort of relied. Light this year and then what is it with a list and they're no on the Linda but it allowed just opened here and never look even though there is no different group who. Note to reach its good to talk team anchor congrats on the debut on Sunday and I keep working minutes it's fun to see North Carolina ANC I DNA in the NFL rookies making plays man congratulations on the debut. They go to Rico and make some time for 70457096. Dead arm there dour old. Poor guy apologized to you need to apologize to really get texts are writing now billing center text on saint. Eagles all day eagle pride not mean we had to reassure the ID surprised I text or an Intel to reach that done that and if us an Aggie tried so it wants to jump in there and yeah a big day when he does a big win for them 2013 apple is I think making the transition. IT FBS at that time I was the roster like with what was then the SES one double A level. And they went in there that was a shocker to go to Kidd brewer North Carolina Ain T gonna win they did it convincingly and he sees like you said outdoors. There will always been known for their band their band is a really good and they always played. Down mad and I think it's an alana when gremlins they place. And I classic down there and that's always a blast. Yeah I yet it was it was impressive to see you got to show out in in what I remember is. Leading up to the pre draft process there were people who you don't following in tearing into fans say they don't sleep on the skid this guy's got real game breaker potential knows you're looking at speeding game breaking. Are placed your offense to re going subdued and nice nice if you I think that's the one thing. To me if you wanna look at Atlanta what happened for them week one. I mean they're defense overall I was. I really was kind of unimpressed with how these steps tried to stop the run and also how really. On effective they were in general in running the football I don't I don't think they did a good job establishing a one scrimmage and other side I was not impressed by the far. On defense I think their whole defense of staff coaching staff is new this is and then on offense. Basically same thing you have a difference of off as a coordinator who has announced he circulation is an Indy opens a corner for the steam you know how how Shanahan so. There's some things are going to change I I think they have enough town where there still be contenders in the division. I don't know there are gonna have the hangover but. Our I certainly expect them to to drop down a little bit from last year there were one of the most prolific offenses in in the NFL history. So it's hard to compare just like comparing the Panthers to a fifteen don't want 2015 team all right. We got to Luis Moreno junior would just cancer Spanish radio network and when we come back. I'll get back to some Jim Newton talk but also get into this it's early really early but NFL ratings. Not good after week whining in the NFL and here's the thing college football ratings are up so people theories on this but I feel like some of the theories. Don't hold water because how do you explain that how do you explain it. For example well in people watching the weather channel. David and I'll watch the weather channel on Saturdays on college football's going on and I'm confused by this so I want to get into this ratings are down is there were any answer what's the explanation Luis weighs in back to paper stock to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. I'm grateful to have Luis Moreno Jr. was this on Tuesday thanks to jury Cohen former North Carolina in T Aggie drop them by appreciate him. Good debut and now we hope it's he can still do it again against the bucks they're gonna play on Sunday he'll play in detail but as scheduled bucks announced that today. Elise you and I were just mentioning this during the break. My big question mark is you start to spin for OK well let's see early on how the NFC south think she'd clearly Elaine and Carolina at the top of the heap just just wanna know Tampa as a. Played yet the world lynch is now. A sitting there and Owen one. And about the face the patriots yes who is gonna be angry am fuming and so data be uninteresting match up I just looked at Tampa now. In this thing you did it to mean to me here's the thing that joint about Ross for Cam Newton. Because we mentioned this last week this is you know I think since sometimes hear all they just want games week one week eleven no. Week one was a true bye week which means by NFL rules you are for both from her from having your team around the facility for four straight days so. They practiced twice in twelve days and now you get a situation where you come off of training camp to call soft breaking camp to the pre season schedule practice every day to practicing twice in twelve days. Dealing with all the stuff going around in your personal life with a hurricane coming your way be worn expecting to be there just days prior 'cause he thought I was gonna go to Miami. And it. Now he's got all the stuff going on you gotta get back into game shape and we had the team that's committed nick got. I think some conference last week in Chicago in weight should a woman against should've won the way they've played their force shots at the end zone didn't go in Michael when he comes back home. And for him you always gonna have a chip on his shoulder whether he can do it or not against him it was on another issue but just look at it Tampa now and all this stuff key thrown into a blender. You're behind you already know and and then you gotta go play sixteen straight weeks you do not get a bye week later on your cell. Artists I know people are feel sorry for the bucks around here is that you don't just talk a strictly football but I do feel sorry form cassettes a crappy situation to have to deal with to open up your season. Well item when when you also taking consideration of the last week of pre season you don't play your starters they turmoil of their starters. On both sides of the ball have them played in over two weeks now and taking and with. Not only that Luis what do we know about Jim. Winston a knock on Seamus Winston is. He is very slow to start seasons any series start just he's very slow is our games he's always been a god it. It takes him a couple quarters to just find a sea legs it takes until the last half of the year to find a sea legs. Ashes and the situation and doc Marten will not start up. He suspended so that this is going to be tough for the box I think the expectations are high. They were featuring hard knocks this year. And I think that anybody can talk him up too well there's there's already been eight if you were to pass and most of the flow of the experts before the season start. Who who who who was that the team that you think would win that division this year up most of them would say Tampa Bay. And as it is going to be that of them of the the most competitive division. So I would outside of New Orleans and by the way I did you speak goes off hurricanes and. In just to you know we're we are here again I said this earlier I think he's just. It feels like for the most part the Florida got off a little easier than we thought it could have been you know around this time a week ago and here British realty. Bracing for something that could be catastrophic in a way we've never seen before you worsen hurricane Andrew and luckily. Wasn't quite that bad still lot of damage and we've been talking to what's going out Turkey Harvey and JJ watt snow for what twenty million dollars I think. And it's unreal when JJ watts been able to do. Spicy Whitaker we talked to Fuzzy few weeks ago. Fuzzy has his event tonight so. If you're Panthers stand. Or really just anybody in general when you wanna help it's going on now from four to 830 over the cal finished. And in South Park near. Go over there spot he's gonna be there are some of the Panthers are gonna be there for the raising funds for hurricane Harvey. And dub because of what they're doing the cal Tracy's gonna donate three dollars to every plate. A from every plate offer saws he's foundation a few policies future heroes which is going to a Brinks of great money and greed. Great help and relief to what's going on in the Houston area that's his hometown he's an eight if you stony went to the you don't university UT Austin so. I go support Fuzzy tonight okay is a guy who is doing great work trying to help those back in his hometown Houston you can do right here just by going in and have a good meals to go do that it at the cal for us tonight South Park. Going out for now until 830 perceived flaws in a few of the Panthers players and that's a great call tonight. Yeah you know it's how about charity I was taught to Gordon was watch in hard knocks and Mike Evans since he's from Texas as well he was so adore her in own charity events. But think about it he's also play for Tom park yup so he has double duty because I'm sure they're gonna ask him to go on on charity event. For the the damages and the people. There were hurt by it by this hurricane and and a pan handle on them though West Coast of Florida. It's all hands on deck are now solid support everybody man is isn't as best we can and in especially are is we were coming off yesterday 9/11 in just all the stories and you go back in and you. Do we talk to wells Crowder yesterday about the story of of just people who work just. We came everyday heroes and probably knowing they're in their life was going to be. You know cost because that but they did was he was laying down their life for other people. I let's do that in and see if we can support and help one another enough aussies doing great work against so for. Already going on until 830 tonight cal fish over itself parks and Panthers beat terrifies you'll be there and done though they'll be given money for his off. I cease future heroes foundation which we're talking a Fuzzy about that. A few weeks ago also a real quick stinks two by Tony dealing him he won those four others for tickets to the NH RA Carolina nationals this weekend. And he next dragway we'll keep giving away tickets for that all weeklong okay. That's got a nod up and we sorry charity events so weakened by frank Garcia he's owned cheered every chair in this room can write I am a series did frank you need to be on a diet my friend I don't mean a diet every day were used seafood and you eat it okay entirely your real life diet and health. I Kinnear move because every chair just makes a noise. I am I'm willing to bid that you've sat on each one of this year's you're so we're starting yes I know perilous right now. Owen and I Houdini stuff on well yeah doesn't yeah we're gonna buy a chair so frank doesn't ruin their race. But here's the radar that that's something we can rally behind right there that's an idea if that's a platform we can rally behind why you think I stand I don't sit anymore I was taught me four hours ago that you'll have to stand you civic yet that's on Garcia Garcia is broken all of our chairs our text right sin just like the Jackson Bucs are supposed to be good every year. Saints are bad the stock in should've lost it's looking like the Panthers are with the easy schedule I would not use the win half. But I do think. You're right to feel like it's the Panthers and Atlanta who's the up yet is their division in Tampa is the one that's got to prove it to me. I think he's seen a landing Carolina do with the last couple years Tampa as the team that's gonna climb into the picture and prove they can be among Negroponte. You gotta do appoint sixteen straight weeks that's just the bottom on now and that's what's unfortunate for them but there was a break sometimes. And it's pro sports. Don't you get paid to go play the game and that's the situation. Are they got to deal with speaking a pro sports early ratings and this is really early obvious it's obviously week one and really the only big game. Right he might be able to look this up now because I think there were some numbers they were hoping could come out today. Because of hurricane Irma I Neilson who handles all the ratings information. Dirt dirt team apparently is based out of Florida and so they were displaced unable to put up the ratings info. Seems a little convenience offered the NFL but the week one returns for Thursday night football. Down 14%. That's on the heels of being down 7% a year ago when the opener for Carolina in Denver which was a Super Bowl rematch last year was the patriots. You either love the paper this fit this year was the patriots leader look the patriots or you hate the patriots. And you love watching them lose which they were getting blown out in the second half. And yet the ratings were down 14%. And I believe it's the lowest since 20091. Season opener in the NFL that those of bad numbers still big and grand scheme of things yeah. Compared to other shows on TV but. For something that's become in ratings juggernaut in the NFL. That is far below there expectations of what they expect for a national TV audience to open up the season. I know we're joke and a little bit about. You know people with the excuse that they were watching the weather channel Thursday and why we're not quite the way why were they know why tunes on on sun on Saturday well. Personal Thursday's only one game Saturday you have a plethora of games. As I do think dead dead dead defecting as part of it I have not not the main thing but I do think that that factor yeah I had it it factored in and and in the numbers now. What I call what I'll say is doing Sunday. In comparison to Saturday and only least Saturday has had higher ratings and now my question is this how did they measured the red zone channel. Because you don't cover its own channel proceed for the NC double for NCAA football we do have and even example last year and the year before when the Panthers interplay of 1 o'clock. I was watching the reds on our home or all or in the hotel wherever we world where we're at the restaurant. Because. I think a lot of people are. Would rather watch the red so memoir it's an entire game so I don't know how the ratings it's split there and maybe that's why the ratings are not a site for the NFL since they have the red zone channel. No I think that's probably got something to do with that I I think it's in your staying away in their. I don't know if I'm always view I I'm starting to change my viewing habits on the NFL there and not just cord cutting stuff. Com and he'd win again that's a six point everything because. You'll for people was always court cutting okay that isn't true VS PA and in college football where a lot of these games list because guess what would you say when ESPN's ratings are down. In other areas people always blame it on court cutting there but somehow that doesn't affect the NFL and yet it doesn't hurt ESPN industry don't mean sewing after some of these theories to me. Adding to your point the the weather situation. May be its ill last year but he saying both the political cycle everybody's watching what's going on with presidential race. I think those are factors I don't think they can be key factor I don't think you can point to this and say it's the number one thing but I think it's part of it through those are cutting thing doesn't make sense to make I was gonna say it is ratings include like her crew and all I kind of stuff exactly. These are to pressure ratings but that's the thing the pressure ratings are up for college football so how does that explain because those. Those things can be watched on those devices to Islam say like it does make sense Al. You use that as an argument and I sing you but. The NFL will do this people so there are finding other distribution channels to watch our games and they're not doing that for college football because here's a thing habits change for everything. You only change your habits just. In finding a way to watch an NFL game and watch a college football game if you're gonna use a roku device you're watching everything on a roku device and includes L football huddle with college football though like -- like local games like put a local broadcast so that you do not adding that local don't know everything's on ESPN three now so even if it's on a local broadcast because of the ACC in the SEC network you can watch any game at any given time and on ESP packets are. I will alone says that the benefit to meet their the ratings on on Sunday from 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock when the when the first in the second games are over when they begin on their over. To meet the red zone. I don't know how they measure. But the fact that you know watching the whole game because even at a bar when you have twenty TV's HTVs have a differing game so you're able to count that asked one viewer or or what are however there's no doubt formula is when you watch in the red zone watching every single game. But how are you measuring are you an article that. You cut out when does the biggest arts and Saddam's call them the best football when you're watching Reggie are you only get myself great it's great I mean to meet and it was almost the shot themselves in the foot because if you ask me to choose between the game that that the game this Sunday ticket and the rats don't. And price wise and just convenience. Our reservoirs the red so right can you. Fine is it'd I don't know if these exist but do you find ratings numbers for the reds on channel and it got too by the way did you get the DirecTV only version of the red zone. And then you get everybody else and it's injures is silly on that hosted direct TV version. It size Scott Hanson who does the other version Garrett scotsman draws on Friday and other ego and at that by the way we can Iowa maybe you can ask them how we I would like to know because I would love to I think that's an interesting point because I think people are doing. I think a little bit of what you're doing yeah they're Louis Sino us had red zone of the past I do it referred perfect example attacks directs and building center text line 704570. I'm 916 and says. I lost football but if it's not the Panthers I K I can get into the game and I would say. I'm more this way each and every year that passes but I don't it's hard for me to watch other teams play if they're not my team. And I feel like five or ten years ago I could've sat down and watch any NFL game from 1 o'clock in the afternoon all the way into the final game on sun. And I and I think is because we didn't have that many options Sosa you eat you sort of out I think sometimes look more is it is less and less is more because when you have that many options. You take it for granted and yes I grew with a guy now that I've been invested with the Panthers were so long. I'll watch a game into a suspicion because as part of my job. But if I had my way I watched Carolina. And then maybe probably college ball and then go do something with my family and I think they just moved my interest have changed and I think that's that goes four for a lot of peep. Well this this is my Sunday afternoon week one in the NFL and I wasn't I didn't feel bad I didn't feel like I missed anything I didn't feel guilty and if you're a man and now where I need to reschedule my. I need to reschedule by. My whole day to make sure I get in on this stuff yeah we went to we went to lunch with my heat my wife's grandmother as we always do with her side of the family every single Sunday we did that. Thanks mom and always food was good and and then as soon as we came back guess what did some quick stuff around the house I draws some clothes. Now than it was when Carter there are different clarified that he really wants that changed clothes I threw on different clothes or go closed for a whistle Iran with a dog for about 45 minutes. And then came back inside took a quick shower next thing you know it's 430 time for kick off you know. I didn't I don't I was. We always running I had on the like gay I I think it was like an ESPN broadcast still listening to what was going on there just so I could kind of keep up to date. But I didn't feel like oh man I gotta get in front of the TV and see what's going on win every game in the NFL at 2 o'clock in the afternoon here this week one and I still didn't feel that way and for me or was this. I'm seeing Gatorade for the broadcasts and before that I was watching the red zone that was fortunate for the first half of the of the of the 1 o'clock games and then once that was over in and I you know I turned it off and then start getting ready for the pregame show but. Yeah. And in my case I'm used in older or have a family now. Yes sports are attractive but beam when my family's way more attractive so I think that has alluded to do within put to meet the main reason especially for Sundays is the reds on. I would text or cynicism is Chad hairstyle away rights buildings that are text line. I Louie she says I disagree crux is that I watch college football was exclusively on network TV because they're the biggest games. I watch NFL almost exclusively on streaming DirecTV. And now on roku. Give it might be true I just find it hard to police and I could be off on this I find it hard to believe that in general like I know I'm changing my viewing habits in terms of now I'm using PlayStation view. I'm on getting off DirecTV because they realized well I didn't cut my bill in half and get better product and that it's on demand that I can do much more stuff we did I get more channels and all that stuff and I don't watch it on any device anywhere on the go and any time. So I I wouldn't watch. Only NFL games some wind but not on the other you know what I mean like I'm going to use that service to watch out. Colorful people everything right Gary bump but I understand there might be other people do it that way I just find hard to believe that. The NFL was hurt more by cord cutting. Then. College football means it means there might be some. Some numbers that don't line but in general it's certainly one it's got to hurt the other yet and how do you explain that ratings are up so for early on like for for college football over the weekend. Bomb college football was was opted by the way not only that US open numbers were off. US open final numbers for Sloane Stephens women's tennis was up 36%. How he that debt that I can matter aren't they were so low that of the 36%. Is so big yet but still had that such a massive number to explain how the army football you don't get us on Stevens. 36%. I mean I Serena Williams people wanna watch it all time great. Everyone you know that Serena Williams go wins here and I don't know why he may be but still like we can all agree it's 36 hours and Joseph wants incredible the would explain like kind of a one person I don't. I don't know how many people even heard Sloane Stephens two months ago that to casuals. Now college full you have five or six really attractive games this Saturday I know a starting at 7 o'clock Garrett Clemson Auburn. You had Georgia Notre Dame Ohio State Oklahoma. So yeah you. I was watching all three of those games so when you flip them back and forth between games that might add more demo multiply the viewers. For the rating system when you're only watching one channel. On the N in the it and Ed during the NFL on a Sunday when you're going back in four different channels what you know through four games that are happening simultaneously in the NCAA. Do you buy this Louise Crist we'd sit at prime time WS fancy brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed its backing brown leave this month's zero interest five years no money down under the Don and her dreams like it two carat cushion shaped for his lowest fifty bucks a month that's up all brownie jeweler stock com. Building trust for three generations on Chris tweeting any said. Name one weekend in the NFL where they have three games going like the NCAA had yet this past Saturday a product in atmosphere you have better. I just said exactly easy to see how that I was looking forward. Because I told my my my oh my wife went to a Catholic school there were define marriage issue like Notre Dame she's from Ohio mr. Felix a high stayed. And and she likes Georgia because her friends you know so there's different Clemson Auburn. There's different reasons for its a we watch all three games or more going back and forward. And again I think those count us ratings for each one of those games when you can only you'll see one channel and during Sunday for the NFL games. You get this from Fergie and downtown Charlotte who writes in buildings or Tex finally says I'm mainly watch Carolina Panthers and it's hard to watch other teams like. But when there's a good game on its close I'll watch it but that being said there was not a good games this past weekend. I LO a lot of people say in red zone like you're talking about. Another person writes in his because the NFL ratings have been so high. For so long that I don't typically be seen as a big percentage dropped I think that's possible to record gets missing in his trial. The bottles are bound to burst at a certain point you know enough that the NFL's failing or that it's gonna die but you can't sustain that pass for that long assuage the way I have been. Now I know especially now with the will of the way that that entertainment words you have so many other options you have so many other platforms. That unless again that I would've loved towards the Tennessee the Oakland game but on this campaign. For the NFL ticket or the red so Alison are real to watch a game on a single toolbar. Who's paying for the NFL ticket so the execs and add accessibility to those games is not the same I was able to watch all primetime games. On Saturday for college football. My girl sweet cheeks tweeting and she says my time on jumping Saturday Wii tennis chatter. She said it surprised me so dimming mirror and look at the ratings spirit out people were interest if I'm just confused like again. How do you explain this where other sports erupt and you'll get a still can't always point to the same stuff every time oh it's it's the news cycle. OK but the news cycled and suffered a head start Saturday in it and stuff for college football. I think it can be part of the explanation he can't be all that would go to the phones can't that he wants to jumpin Anthony would suddenly and we wanna say. Hey guys that then there's this series until they yeah and charged on all sides are very much as they had. The first thing is lit the quality of the product is doing a lot of field. On on me. We want bill I would generally say they're eighteen place on watchable quarterback play and no real compelling. It is prudent to watch it it goes with the level as it down here and it seems like issued got Mozilla five or six quarterback didn't steal. Our back up. Their starting right now yeah that that's the first thing I think history when that was born out in sort of life. Water cooler conversation and you just you know talked with buddy Don. On page look at things like that. The other thing is that I would think is true here that no one talked about and that means accepting like it it really is what's going all out here. You go never acknowledges but it's been its whole college Catholic thing and that is. Yeah adults and I think it always loved DSL because of authentic yeah it's legal to its label okay. And and the way the media and the NFL is completely misrepresent what happened with Cowell cabinet. Most all of I think all of our C include the facade and they're saying that they're being told that the real life to anybody but did you look at it this although. NFL players who have joined talent Catholic in Vegas bowl. So that you have innocent like half a dozen of the Cleveland Browns players now you had Michael Bennett who didn't saw the power play situation gets it. There have been no negative repercussions. On if the players know that has been cut. None of them have been criticized me here publicly. Okay there's been nothing more if that happened that needs telling us how capital is being ostracized because of what he did wake up this dance or. I'm actually did not true would be wise to completely put people have a problem with a college apple. Is this fact that he got so personal and slow. That distinction shed about all the cops pigs wearing that they Castro and the children very T shirts. And just how porcelain mean spirited C dot. As opposed to taking a positive. Approach signals. We're very negative and then when you ask well when they don't have this NFL in the media telling them how tablet would be ostracized in the eighth despite him. Simply because of this. That there are other players that are doing the same thing they're doing this day in an uplifting positive play and nothing that would happen to them than not being cut. Their slice and they're being given a platform and then also the NFL live in a lot of saint I don't folks who led the NFL it's sold it. They're losing their pollution this this this agenda that's totally also noted that illustrates. A lot of folks I think that it is a bit warm up so much actual ESP or want to actually. CVS didn't touch it don't want to go there. But I really truly did that has something to do with it. Only know if they appreciate the call I would say that they're there's probably sutures on that I created to and textures roared in earlier saying protest protests and I think that straw both sides I think you. To his point I think and maybe general C meant to make this point I think the NFL by being truly an authentic which I agree I think they are in a lot of ways. I think now he's ticked off both sides of the before her pro can't predict the people that are anti cap predict and they got both sides angry you would say that's a terrible place to live. I have seen on social media different people promoting a campaign to boycott the NFL. Based on what has happened over the way they've handled the cap pretty situation so I don't know that influenza ratings on this first week. Were people that usually tend to white right TV and the games they say you know why I'm standing would this campaign on four and I'm not gonna watch it RAB. I would do this Luis is where I want to make sure we get time for this we come back on the other side Kim can wanna jump then maybe we get this in here TO and got by the way you know I'm Craig carton a guided maybe had three million dollars in gambling debts and in May become a sort of have like a two million dollar Ponzi scheme he claims it was all a big misunderstanding. Folks we got our enlisted of course with a pull that move before. We're back in a moment primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Aren't we get a lot of run out of this story and put the ball in the show what a fun show spend Luis Moreno junior where this cantor Spanish radio broadcast one and I'll listen do you guys this week if they want here how all the fervor that tries tying me in Luis on the call. I char one or 2.3 Latina and here assure all obviously canals also listen to us through Panthers dot com and also through their mobile app you can find as their tune in radio. Also has it but yeah a fantastic oh yes there and we'll see a so they'll do it el dios audio issue shakes off some of that Russert member of the NS RU two years ago this was a game in which he had that appearance sixty degree flip. And it flipped the script on the pampered pets does the high maze like since the signature calls I was one of the top three the only one that was higher than that in our viewers. Was that a good Knoll overtime field goal of winning kick against Indianapolis on Monday night. I assume you guys can listen and we always love dime Mahan now Luis in Luis is always grateful to come in more grateful for him that just joining us and we've it's time well spent we love talking to him so I wanna I wanna get to the story real quickly got a lot of Ron Adams this story over the last week it if I mean it's sad but it's also. I mean this kind of crazy and funny and you don't know quite what to do a distorted Craig carton who co host boomer and carton well and did co host boomer and carton. On WFAN in New York the number 1 rated morning show. On the number one rated sports talk station and the more the name of the show we had. I think they got too soon I would think although we should suspended they're gonna let they're gonna win everything play out the criminal process. And so do you miss the story he was reportedly three million dollars in gambling debts. I he was running a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme involving tickets that he never actually gave out a single ticket for. And he might have been misappropriating funds for his two reps and Germans tourette's syndrome charity is not that part of sack that's really messed up and so he released a statement today. Here agrees shocker. I want to thank my family friends and fans and especially boomer for the outpouring of public and private support I received over the past few days. I guarantee you boomers like don't shoot deer don't you draw who told you to drop my name. Do not drag me into this Boomer Esiason Charlie thinking keep me out of this so anyway says as you can imagine. It's been incredibly hard ought to be silent while there's an endless stream of vitriol being hurled my way but I'm confident that when the facts come out. You'll see that I'm not guilty of these charges my fight has only just begun and I know when this strange episode is over. All be back stronger than ever thanks for all the kind words and good wishes as I continue with one of the greatest battles in my life. Odd no offense carton you're not battling cancer. Armed and I don't think this is some strange witch hunt when the FBI comes knocking it puts you in constant drag to a federal penitentiary eerie. Something's wrong well I gave him his son. Any money and and they act doesn't have their act in based on a couple of tweets or text or emails this people have investigations go home back 567 years the same thing happened to one of those soccer players from ex girlfriend Marcus. Who now has been a involved with some cartels in Mexico. And now he's trying to say he's in the send. Yet the FBI has had a seven year investigation so yes. I don't think they just pick somebody just for the recommend it if if if if it smells like a dog barks like a bogus. Probably a dog yeah and I I would say this is probably going to be one of the greatest frame jobs in criminal history if if this is also me Bollywood movie has some big misunderstanding and if so it may be what Craig you can pay down all those gambling debts of the turns into that are those are generally quick what's the way on this ratings discussions can what's up there what you are saying. Hey I am a bit of sir are locked due to red zone but it also were the NFL. And Leo how old great TVQ. Two Judy and post a dictator then how nobody else won oxygen college college you can pretty much guarantee if you really wanna watch it. He could go anywhere to legally get it. He'll tell if you don't have a bit if you live in California he should entertain. You have to go to an all why not offer a Albright site or did Rickie Weeks. Actually and not only directed me there's other guys cable does it too because I had with cable last year and and and I was able to white as a matter of fact. DirecTV does not allow you to do is get the rats on their lead they they they force shoot the obligated to buy the whole package. We're Q yes I know that get what you did but so far envelopes there's no other cable company in the US tech all licensed. And that's also the kick. And on the Internet as a true you can voice your you can get the red zone on a good can I guess is gone and you're right the red zone another. On other networks in it's a different reds on channel a similar time period ending but it and you can't get the full package and I agree text or wrote that in two. You're kind of live and in the in the stone age in terms of distributing their distributing their product where other leagues or sand. I'm gonna get it anyway how can you NFL they got to big check from all the media companies and so so you come get us from people's habits are changing the Sauna. You guys know that that's what you guys are able to win. Answers dot com the theaters after the more platforms of the better for everybody Luis Moreno junior salesman tweets in our final farewell farewell assisting you pass a message along the release I don't speak Spanish bit. I listen to that done any kicks in TV call all the time to catch and I know he's he's one of our business forum Twitter. I think he's amongst you and everybody else and hopefully we'll have another year like 2000. Go Brandon bing you Darius Rucker and show OK that's good Darius rock not gas power is gonna break up my impression former UC guys tomorrow clo yes sir John everybody. This is Vince Scully wishing you a very pleasure and good afternoon. Where ever you may be.