Primetime: Tarheel & NFL Prospect Andre Smith Joins The Show

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Friday, February 16th

Brian Noe fills in for Kroeger with co-host Damione Lewis. The guys talk to NFL prospect Andre Smith. 


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Omar extremely real to studio piece he's primetime powered by ortho Carolina any heavy metal in the and it's definitely a he killing kids showed some leg old school Pentair. It's a limo guy ideally get fed into the mix nab show. That was an even. Even the door open for. Gaza and similar. Right now he's not Fiona it's. Here's what. I know I'm a drummer he's Damione Lewis had to do with the here on primetime righty by ortho Carolina 6:10 AM. 1025 FM WF and Z. Very pleased to welcome in Andre Smith linebacker out of North Carolina preparing for the NFL draft gets all the football questions but. I just got to ask you on a personal level level Andre Smith. Any love for heavy metal music which would mean not from what Damione Lewis is about right now. Follow what. Had been beyond soda they've man preaches to start them. And so well with that if you meadow. Are on a policeman Tom Barrett in the weight room cleared. Upon Cordoba who put this plan in my headphones I'll have the state now. A couple that was easy to slim down ever. Good job remember a job. He did he did let me down gently but if it's in the weight room Monterey you can do you can. Go along with it OK just not a personal choice of yours. Yeah acting go out and gore are words we will let her know it won't always. So their parents do it. Gotcha I got to see burn got on the stand when you're on the football team in the locker room carrying your sharing some absolutely share of the radio can be you know there are two of our. But beyond heavy metals or make you feel yeah. You gotta give fair and balanced time to the crazy people that when he hears some crazy metal music cardiologist found a way to get them. What what would be in your personal headphone. Playlist on draft Aaron did you go to the Rolodex but some of the main artists that you love. They're fickle ran under repair and look around a huge Dickau Fred. I like you know that glorify like codec work. Our home. I like don't throw big hip hop there aren't two of whom are yeah way. We were just play and some Kodak black what's your favorite Kodak's on. Are. Are so many Parlow lonely. A quarter were. Our eight million young man from the state of Florida. You miss a little school we upon which we which would you by the way don't let. All old order are. No school. And now you're my old Omar be different order. So a reminder right Irvin who are. Who's been okay that's alerts. Obama's. What Wal-Mart but there oh with them and that that oh cool or oral step forward mind that they don't like what. Thousand are out there. Are other armed. Reporter Miami prepared to court. Top prospect in that they. Oh well thought of it that they. It man oh the rumor and organ music is. As good at that makes me feel old man was talking about. Trick daddy back in mid day you don't go. I can last up. Other odds look. Dogged Andre Smith linebacker out of North Carolina football wise on Drake just. Can you tell us how tough this last season was where you get out of the gate real strong play a couple of really good games and then you suffered the knee injury in missed ten games. Oh what was that like for you go into that whole thing. All it would route both bush went for Obama went through you know being out for football. So are are are recruited better then you know auto it that they're the apartment where it. You know they really really really thought that you know what part he go through you know peaked during the night and and I have to look at that that we planned to have. So are about how are they aren't Fargo. Constantly you know you have there is now you are being occurred Mitt. They go to go to the stroke belt on the beat the hardest part. Our big Mason to a military your flat out. Mr. oh yeah. Are. A little RR. I admit I'm so you go to an injury and everything was was the. Biggest thing that you took from that you know are no destroy rolls or knows hard you know role senior French senior friends and teammates are for York. Well what is the biggest thing you took from that and will be able to take with you on to the next level. A home I think you know you always hear your rarity there become a clinical or it became well left for. You know at some point you wooten your body you know you just won't go to play at a high level. And you know that is you know we've heard it now in property people it is probably he owned. Where you know out of I had knee surgery under Arafat Mercury. And at that point out by a while you know mark my very provocative so could you know pop we've not come true of everything and in come you know. Now back correctly. And you know so mark our gratitude putting Perry Barlow repairing. It's really went coo over the local you know oh I would never they've been able pull all the credit. Now will be you know there's. Go whoop what are out there. Never know they did because I know that you know any given play. I could be right back out on. The gay and then. I just can't have that happen and not knowing that I think Peter ball out there on through. You know entree order yes it SI article chocolate. When you get ready for that the scouting com buying you know that these teams are gonna be asking you about the need the need to knee and I just think if on the net position. It would be hostage. And I get frustrated with that you know are you mentally prepared for these teams to ask you about the need. 97. Times that day you know. Expect there aren't you out already but hopefully. You know. You know our our current developed boom you know when answered no and there have been ethnically everybody. Or you don't really well wouldn't that there is now on March 4 there outlook group that they need you to do it Novartis. Right and fair and movement movement the world everything all the through our RO ergo you know vertical rock found. Oregon everything that Tibet. So are compartment you know let my actions speak more about where where on the spot so long one on the pocono and great to produce. And for the ducks are concerned have you been cleared to go when you are 100% ridden drug. If there are critical element to their rate so I haven't put ballot vote yet not yet but it. A greater right. There's like him like he's Andre Smith from North Carolina linebacker to be in the NFL. You know Andre how. How long have you been preparing specifically. For the drills that you gonna be doing at the scouting combine. Are well out of sports aren't down here loan people who don't. At a radical form of it and Florida aren't they were prepared right after new years. Came down here so ever that span now who are in my he and everything and expert. You know they would modify things are good participate in the truth wherever it meant that they were expecting. Our next you know currently working on on the through the proper the epicenter wrote they're well. Until well pair of greater roles. There what are you should like your biggest strength fourteen is it being eight. Our own. What what and I do think our due to better at the your no compromise. So to speak to call up the beat that so no thought that I take pride and you do come on up with you bet that. No kind of get beat orchestrator of those of the whole heap that they did everybody who are both you know what state. But I think that the argue that point but I that I have put our you know at that it has been a bill under two or has tradition and to a path and we. I think you know the Covert you know he's back and tied it. Whether the government of back out the back Bhutto they most of out there in the power these particular group that Robert Ebert noted beat it with a people borrow it covered dome where we go to a patriot Bhutto are. Boot throw our I think our home. Mark strong who beat coverage but I you know art that we don't cover and have an issue comes up then tack on anybody so. You don't think contrary I'm just. Think about all the things a linebacker has to do in today's NFL where you're talking about like covering gearan spirals out of the backfield or taken on a guard cut its stride and a leg black's wife thick about. That dollar range do you think that the range of linebackers what they have to deal between the mess in says the cal and he is the biggest range in the NFL potentially. Absolutely wound Specter is one of the harder is that the court. Now only you know. Don't you have to have the the physical ability which author of the mental abilities are got better. You know that you quarterback could it be that the you have to you know be very Paris and you have you know you gotta have they eight yeah gotta have that though. Could you talk about the art you'd be mention noble hearted. The bad parent opener. So between being the marked. The batter Garrett you all spoke at a aren't out. You gotta figure a way also be bad equate to cover. Tired and I thought he responded better in Europe but therapy stronger firm could got to do with. You opened the comment and Garrett the unit we've got to. These are meant that the property is this that there Google Earth are you open their parents were a couple of. Are you keeping up some of the guys you got that are common out into the Jeffrey she like some pro. Yet there kibo will matter that there. Could we possibly get pan terra into your playlist Andre. Are. Are you know that's how lectured at at at at X you're honest man like that you don't like outlook starter. The delta hub Metallica you know like something from injustice for all you know something like that it's more mainstream it's got to would have thrown into the deep end of the metal pulled just yet you know. Yeah yeah. Little weight room. Grown but he likes it in the weight room may be likes it on the the girl analyst and that is not a plan B is bringing her who her. I tried Andre I'm just trying to invent a. Doubt opera Metalico or approach. Right now Q when weight room. I have. I've been at odds are we appreciate your time today wish you the best of luck man. Thank you so much I appreciate you guard you know. I appreciate her driven death refresh David duke Andre Smith linebacker from North Carolina. I didn't set for the NFL drafts. That's fun man there are they're great attitude is as tough and he talked about. You're you're last year heading into the NFL and you have this knee injury in her down for ten games in the middle of a struggling season that's tough man this it is tough to sit there on the sideline as it is but on top of that a struggling season you just feel like you can do some and help the team you know. Without a doubt no jealously they just admit it just snowballed you know he went down the second game in you know. It was jar after jar you know Ulysses had a rough you're insured lenders. They absolutely did all right coming up next more reaction. On GM Marty her Ernie being reinstated. On Brian though in for Kroger he's Damione Lewis its primetime brought to you by ortho Carolina. These Damione Lewis primetime ready by ortho Carolina sixth inning embarrassed and notes and five FMI. The US and Z. I don't Marty hurting in group here in studio art exhibit this time got a little air guitar Bernard. Little else for Hendricks then that's good. That's a Damien I don't know man it's so anti heavy metal ID no fury even with Jimmy or not you know Jimmy rocks. Given to the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland. They'll whole section on Jimmy. It's really cool they've got legs old letters when he was a kid like writing to his family and through random stuff and that thing. It's really cool man it's a lot more eclectic thing you would think they've got everything from rock so remote towns around it's it's much more eclectic than you would think. But it's if your music fan you gotta go there at some point your life. You wrote that we make it true yeah I gotta make it outside the country yes. I don't think it's the rock and roll hall saying that's are migratory path aren't we make that Havel do like a joint adventurism the planet earth as the hub likely holidays that are new I get to death we'll head over to Brazil afterward I don't know cool. So Marty Ernie he has been reinstated. His ex wife. Said that he arrest horror. And then withdrew the complaint so the NFL of course they have to investigate this this was headed by Lisa Friel. Because you can't you can't get caught in this day and age Damian is you well know with some of the things that have happened. Wins re right ace Josh Brown the kicker with the giants you have to vet all of these things out if there's Everett does. A hint of an allegation. Even if it's withdrawn you gotta vetted out especially with an. Those done especially in the week where your interviewing for the permanent permanent job like the tiger this was not great for Marty at all you know even even even if these things into these allegations were serious. Yeah or false is a horrible week for that but I've. It's tough to know exactly what's going down but based on what the NFL. Has investigated. I would. Venture to guess in which is dangerous I would assume that. We're we're OK now rated least your party has been reinstated if there's ever. A league that needs to tread lightly on these things it's the NFL and if they've investigated and said. I would think we're good here. I would even though they screwed up multiple times in the past. I would tend to think they're not gonna screw everything up going forward is that safe to say it. Amy I would say army they've been investigating this way two weeks you know north side of ten days and our. I'm pretty sure they've you know peel back every rock they possibly could determine from out you know history what's been going. Oh yeah our cause you don't this. This isn't disclosing yesterday and they got divorced or whatever so it's just been one of those issues and I'm pretty sure that they weren't duly done everything he needed to do win I would you know sable cultures that. You know movement for normal thing to Marty the next thing we're here's morning is going to be her disease genome here. With the Carolina Panthers are you safe in saying that with the McLaren dodi's investigations that they are for. Yes and coordinate a sojourn rhetoric from those terms are for yes there was a there's more he kind of got this whole process of becoming got over this hill got over this you know whenever they're difficulty that gathered. That does things are kind of move forward and so we see now you have that continuity and consistency are you looking for. Oh come mines and a couple weeks you've got free agency literally a month from from two days from now. Are offered two days previously so he's got that you've got they got a confinement football decisions for this team of the next month. Right in mean you got to make sure you you're doing the right thing as a franchise and as a lead the NFL you know move. You know make sure that united get caught runs giving somebody the a green light to proceed and then something comes up but do you think from a franchise perspective Damien. We know how important NFL draft is but you gotta have your GM in place because the fair may nobody in division the best example of last year. The saints just absolutely hit a Grand Slam their leader but they draft they said the rookie offensive and defensive player of the year on the same squad. So that's messed up the Carolina Panthers were able to do that with this upcoming draft the position they'd be and. I mean just amazing you know are the saints and not just those guys are mean they dressed equality you know from now through seven. Get a really good job of rebuilding Rivera and there are remembering their roster. And you know sort of dances a lose their Jia immunity active GM's word you don't have been reported two weeks. Are doing investigation you know their mark on the clock and they have to really you know hammered Darren and give back and grab them producers only small wheels come and appear to owning a car Mara and then. All due to address what he gets his Russian built and you noticed changes they wanna major is this a lot of questions surrounding. His organization would just personnel alone. You know also. And the honey most nothing's gonna happen here pretty quick so pretty sure they're happy to have this you know on the south side and rear view. And I just get on out there and you'll get into and its or make decisions for listings and prayers are advanced. This our franchise. Yeah he mentioned it man it's not just the NFL draft it's free agency is a lot so it's gathered the players. You have to lose track Omar. March Andrew Nora well what's gonna happen with him starlet to delay is he gonna stick around is he going away now or all of these personnel decisions if there retired about it earlier and earlier today but at the top free agents on the market you know. Carolina might be in play for one player you know maybe it's not a top ten guy bit you see him. Players go from team to team all the time would I sit here and say I'm not expecting. The Panthers to pick up one free agent her no I wouldn't say of course I'm expecting them to all you gotta have a G Hoffman plays to do that you know. Absolutely you do in this crazy businessmen some crazy to arms around especially after coming up there are. The our play our ocean you know what is your star and this is Thomas settled things down you know once they make that announcement and are Moore is going to be regard. And now this Acela Wallace of them at least were around the operation side of the game you know Carlos story now that they can give back during you know work as usual. Yeah yeah and you think about this from a player standpoint this we are talking earlier to start the show I'm Brian known for Kroger he's Damione Lewis it's primetime run two by ortho Carolina. We started off talking about. Filling the void with ownership pinion owner is well right. And I eat at from a players standpoint. I think it all right hopefully a guy comes in need either with. But I don't care if they're moved honestly but they just want him suggests. Basically not meddle into being a football guy when he's not in just. Hey don't just. Just go about your business professionally. There are. Are really high expectations go when it comes to did GM. The hook for baby you could speak to this big give your Cam Newton. If your Cam Newton and you're talking about the hierarchy. Of what you need in placed GM. Is a war. Any above. The owner of the franchises because that's who has a direct tie in. To the personnel right that's the he's reshaped the roster is he sees fit. No man than this is a just let you do that I jail oh yeah absolutely right and this is. This is degrees that makes the we will move yeah I know in Rome just having this kind of settled down and you know. I'm pretty sure there were some things that they were able to do communication wise and keep you know try to keep the ball rolling what at Baylor they you're not in a facility you're not in the meetings. It's gonna be hard to keep things rocket enrollment. And you know just give them. Gym bag given year you don't don't care and called and takes away of these doors with morning asking about those receivers quarterbacks would have ideas he wants to bring in its air and you know on TV you know god seldom. Loading onto a priority and you know you just answer some of those questions to two of the few players. That would have a good car and you'll be able to reach out to Marty or reach out to Aurora. Ask morale personnel decisions netting comic stores are given Lou a couple of answers here so our. You know is good news is every bit as good that they can get back into the swing of things are. You know this is our you know allows affairs come relax little bit nor okay we're moving we got things going in the right direction. Right it sounds crazy. You don't put any and all my time. And I've never had a total biting thing I gives a do or anything like this again. Yeah and I played relief for ten years from three different organization is never an adulterous. Do you think that's true Damian is it sounds kinda crazy to say the GM matters more. Then the owner of a franchise but we just say it this capacity it just in this capacity is hurt us the roster emerged the rot if I'm a player on the Panthers. Unlike all of it if I get the news that Marty Ernie is then reinstated and it looks like he's gonna be the GM. That matters way more to me. Then the rumors of who the new owner might be because the GM is just gonna reshaped that roster is to have much more to do with that if I'm Kim Newton a figure hey is Marty gonna pick. Christian Kirk got a Texas say NM as my new wide receiver right because I know the owners not gonna do that wreck. Absolutely and you know who else out no outside of Dallas. And you know one whatever are intrusive Robert proposals seemed to be to to a owner's name your morals. Emails out of that arming us teens or early right now I don't even know who or Marias are you know was saying he couldn't I couldn't dig him out tomorrow. If you ask me what DR know with our Cincinnati Bengals ownership looks right I have no idea he had an escalating. Like it you don't sand but are gonna pick a marvelous you know there just being able to our you know. DiMarco winning in our the new guy not common in in you know Russia and others with these guys which would lead us and Russia the cause he's the balls but you know culminate. And an interest arm holds news we'll all these guys and dared they're able to go in and do your jobs. And get the team ready for the 2018 season. Guess what we'll see here no yeah more. Likely we won't even have ownership in place run its arms or even takes place in May be well and who you don't know well into our all season program before. We confirm that would or should team's going come about what three different shootings is going to be in the being processed fourteen. Stormy were sold for beyond. You know all of our dead even given due to report or even dealing with that. That jail at this particular charm hearing Carol arm in arm in our particular the GM's the most important things while we're assuming right now. It really is because a good owner is gonna let football people make football decisions. Race. A good donor is that going to be sitting in meetings and like hey here's what I think it's as. What in the leg beat down with his collectors so they don't like he understands okay that's what you guys do. You dedicated the bulk of your lives of evaluating personnel I'm just making estimated gases so I'm not gonna involve myself in that so you would leave the football decisions to the football people that's. Where when you're talking about the roster. And how it's gonna look that's the number one thing I would know if from a Carolina Panthers play here I wanna know who is shaping the roster. And what their philosophy is and what the team's gonna look like I'm not worried about the owner. And the decisions that she might make because unless he moves the franchise. Most of the decisions that he makes are going to come holy leak. Reshape the roster the same way GM is gonna do it so I've I'm much more concerned about who the GM is than who the owner is from a player for the Panthers right now. Yeah you can say that our. In there what they're more concerned about anything is that if more is going to be euros if he's not going to be your best yes sir because yeah GM. Brings in new flashy new ideas and nobody went to the firing gold. Gentleman right before the season started boarding came in as Enron. And he's done a good job at you know in some of the Gaza must seem familiar with more he drafts you know the last army was here so that's you know very different situation. It within yourself and you know you have familiarity with him high heels a person. Are in the locker room in you know these older gusting pretty illegals young guest or how Marty doesn't know Margarita guy so. That's not going to be much of an issue here in this particular situation because this guy has been here before arm nothing to Gaza just more concerned about. You know stability at the yeah aren't you know cause at the end of the day if you're player you have no Powell. Or be kicked you have no power or what position they're going on or after you have no power or what are Smart or be more backward Gaza wanna be released. We're gonna bring in you have no say so when there's whatsoever. So clear you know okay Marty's bag you know things are back to normal. We can go on vacation and come migrated to work. Yeah. Would you be thinking and if you are currently on the roster with everything that's going you don't have an owner dove president. Marty Ernie this interim GM was just being investigated he usually is buried. Is yet young guy you like what in the world Voronezh an older guys like our. And this crazy right now but a little vacation you know a got a webcam is not gonna have things in addition to our. I'm too sore until you have to come back and you have to be here is mentor and a jury here you never toured about what's going on a prayer. And our Carol are very stadium. That's funny then because that's rules over rather than the truth is that how much syrup. Philosophy changed as you got to be a could learn more when your player when you're younger. Everything matters because everything you the first Armisen who is fresh you know. You come into that locker. After our that first season and you see an old. 45% of all. Locker room was turned over is definitely compete Porter different cultures by what in the world yeah happened here. When did you know I was sick in your you little bit more used to deter year. Okay this is how audio is from that point oh. You know bonus is not mean leave. Honestly that's a wig it's rare and this is this the hard part of the game I guess our Puerto season. Well where's the calls the calls of the unknown you know if you don't locked into a contract and you're not normal structure government. Roster things can change overnight real quick you know yeah. This is just rumbles. Unsettling parts of the season but his arm settling review every June issue floor you know ownership there's the matter is still unsettling for you were particular. Yeah I hear you man it's it's a crazy scenario by our hopefully this is the first. I don't know the the first domino to fall and a good way where Marty Ernie has been cleared he's been reinstated. And hopefully he'll be named GM and you can start to get some stability 'cause that's the thing that's lacking right now at the franchises to the lack of stability ownership wise in front office wise is it. You gotta have some of that stuff in place because orally I was talked about with great franchises is. Stable. Front office right you just yeah you start talking about the patriots we know about Belichick and Brady and all that but Robert Kraft deserves a lot of credit if they had just crazy ownership been problems front office wise I don't know that they'd have the success that they've enjoyed. Normally wouldn't and arm you don't. And unfortunately just been what it's been here but I think with the decision a day to reinstate morning Derek that's going to ask him in this and this is now Oman Carolyn prince is this part of the process is behind and so they have their phone office in place at this point four I would actively. Yeah all the time for a little bit of fun here Damian who talked about a little bit earlier I got a marriage license yesterday. With a lovely Christina weir in Saint Louis. And it dawned on me as late I've never in my life. Seen anybody flame a marriage license and McCain and on wall or display it somehow I see diplomas I see all kinds as I've never seen a marriage license. So we got some feedback on this the building senate text line Dexter writes in and says my ex girlfriend's parents. Had there is posted on the wall. When I got married I mentioned it to my wife she asked me what I got such a stupid idea I told the truth she looked at me and said. No. How all of that. Out politely say no dumb idea that posted his marriage certificate on the wall first of. There's this break this day okay this break is there. You're ex girlfriend's parents. Head the certificate owner well. He he and wife says yeah you were do you view this stupid idea of not my hero prince prince did what I. Would you use that as your and you're right you're absolutely right it is then. That is a no go right out the red zone where right is there. It is straight no left no man's girlfriend early elected TV show how war could well guess what lured out lots in the yet if you're right if you said my parents had theirs posted in are displayed and I love my appearance of that wet T be more open to you're. But then you're in you have the keyword is fair and I wouldn't argues prayer today is not true colors you notice gonna. All we all know and oh yeah I told me again as manager of I'm embarrassed they've gone what are your. Do you extra ball I hit area I'm not suggesting to lie on to say in the association. Makes the difference yeah. Yeah absolutely I got this how about this Schmidt checks in this is on my Twitter feed and he sent me a picture. With a caption that says just happened to be listening at the right time I guess my wife was very pleased when she saw this go up. And it's a picture of their marriage like this has got Arafat to hate being on his wall meant I'd like. All those elements that there is someone who very as. Framed and displayed their marriage slice of million need to response funding him why did you put it out. That is what triggered Jews to put it in a frame and hang it on wall. I'm gonna put me to put sums Al. Responded a deal like that's awesome man Damien wants to know. What made you do this could have caused that Jamie good with that Yemen before can be all right we'll get to the bottom of this with Schmidt who is heard our. Our talk about marriage licenses. Not typically being displayed ever. And I was strangely fascinated by that I you know let it bobbed and in my head but it has now. Now. Damien your wife are you know haven't talked about this at some point you know. You know say man this guy know what's Phil and and and there's and others marisleysis they Ares is gonna let it fall by the wayside Cipro. Ask you about a two emergencies German Tennessee so I don't know about this OK okay. I'm curious and curious what her stance will be. I gotta find is that I don't I am I do's my wife hey good stuff all the time she is now among men outside okay. The direction we'll be going to this by the end of that. I don't know why it is more common that saw strange. Strange question on my part but I just dawned on me nom I'm strangely fascinated by it. All right coming up next. The ultimate example that actions speak louder than words when it comes to the future of the NFL. I'm Brian though and for Kroger he's Damione Lewis its primetime brought you by ortho Carolina. A bright note for Grover he's Damione Lewis primetime grudge about ortho Carolina 6:10 AM. 1025 have been the US spins. I am I think that's really cool. And the elude to this picture I posted it on line that's really cool man. I it almost looks like Manny is is staring up contemplating. Should I go with the warriors are go with the cats. A I'm not serve that's what was go to his head or not though Damien I think you look at it curling. On the husband does idea if you don't know what's there any of the Olympics yeah. Now we don't want to americorps and actually so Aurelio ought to clearly it isn't skating union yeah we did the Alpine skiing and Sloan warm up. I phenomena and stuff so yeah. A little bobsleigh Winona bobs and get started here. Yeah yeah yeah after the norm our marsh favorite is the what is that the speed of the season meeting never saw. Love the speed. Skating did you find it easy did you finally find article runs on Netflix god and looks forward to it we gotta be that a BO movie for you tonight or tomorrow. But let me see it before I'll say yeah OK yeah. It's just someone else from your family hasn't. You know none of marquis is a scene at the Helm and it's a great yeah. Asked got to got to educate got it in America got a storm goo good moves are an early age and arms. My dog and I got to so yeah good news media treat it like pan terra speaking of good movies progression just got a black student who would like Greg Wright back as right after I. Why did you notice that you know black panther apparently just got a black panther and he said that it's it's one a movie is supposed to be. Have you seen Zetterberg I have and I want CNET last night. Like get me and that's also really yeah. Some have to check that out yeah I recommend it highly recommend highly recommended high leg and there yes OK it's OK I checked that out. I'm cool with that. I was just gonna say from cool running my mom and I will still do this to this day if I don't know if she texted me and I hadn't responded for a little bit so sometimes be like you dead month. The head that goes straight back to cool running. I I am I did go see that again man I need to rent it. Because it has been goodness. It was a good color decades it's been forever since I've seen that thing we had somebody confirm annulment takes learn. Earned the other day it's on Netflix there was talk about it Tuesday when gas. Takes a bears yep is on Netflix so boomed earlier you go man yet there it is. I checked that out and then I'll go to the theater and see black panther that's right that's a great week in May. Right and then I'll make plans the you know. Visit some parts outside the country you know if they did. That goes to the and then find their marriage license. Well I've got it it's just whether we frame it or not you know and people knows where he is is it's gonna. Yep that's the question you can answer who would you get duties she take it or did you take. She's got it. She's got a light at school and just keep it for right now all be living together very soon so. What do you think there was a shaky decision dealer here memorably insured commune should detergent. To say out I got. Take take control I'll I Walt. Aris lights with mother I should reflect a a I would. We'll go to it was my life. Yet maybe that was news of bad move on my part he murmurs the birds are brisk. In my notes I might have. I did your thoughts on this Damien where of course we're talking about who the next owner is going to be. But Kyle Busch NASCAR driver. He chimed in and said that he might be part of an investment group says it's an investment opportunity and no different than buying a Lander buying commercial building things like that please interest it. The gimme a lot of people that are interested in buying the Carolina Panthers franchise. And so many when you're spending I don't know what they're gonna go for. Two million north of two billion. I said million accidentally two billion re arming of the to really be north of two billion. I just think it's interesting when we get into these conversations. Where I know the concussions. And head trauma and that's a serious serious concern about the long term viability of the NFL I get that. But you hear so many things. End like this guy is just falling the NFL is going down he'll be here all these things about the ratings not being what they once worked so if all of those things were actually what was going on. You wouldn't have multiple groups. Pooling their assets together a body of franchise north of two billion dollars. Right no you would not. You would not have that. No there's no way in you know just thinking this over the last what eight years. Every NFL team has crossed the billion dollar threshold. Then there is nothing wrong with business in her chair right now it is booming it is booming term. And this yes. It absolutely is it's one of those things where. The NFL isn't perfect we get it but it would be like focusing only on Cindy Crawford small. Right now it's live anything else like you're just focused on the mall that's what it it seems to be with DN FL it's Ike. Fans and the media a lot of times act like spoiled brats. Where it's that the ratings are down that that you just complaining complaining complaining and that puts us all there was away and play. Our best football. They they we noted Mutombo. Commercial bungling that ruined my Sundays are now. So you do that finished cherry pick in two army when you think about it everything miss you on television. All television ratings are going there soreness just an all around affect how. Our society change in the way they view TV. Yeah so you know this is societal issues on this survey that the game has given this market share that's an interesting point where. Had so many choices in different ways you have access and streaming you know our you know the networks are probably get their hands around streaming and how do you try extreme. It was different homes are source a lot of different government observed her for TV in the way you view TV right. Yeah yeah and if he just think about the future of the networks that it's gonna be on I don't know if it's going to be on Amazon or something like that it's it could change dramatically here in the next few years but. That's the whole thing to take away pay attention beat Carolina Panthers fans and NFL fans in general. At lake actions speak louder than words if the actions were like man I don't know if they're gonna be able to sell the Carolina Panthers will that would show you that man stuff is off a loss a loss no. He says that battle. Should they don't really know what is that oh yeah. Question your years OK you hum I'm a much of the percent it's the the actual majority owner have to have if you told our team your guys together. Or you know companies are given about his team. Yes my who had the what is the majority grinds it 30% is 35%. What is the numbered as is our middle mall by the industrial ownership. That's right it makes you are a fool out. Owner of football team that's the magic numbered and nobody Knowles. Yeah and you think about these guys that they are so Smart when it comes to business district and this isn't like sand boys just having a dream of owning an NFL franchise they can separate. Desire from just. Stone cold business decisions right now. At the day can separate the two that's why they've been so successful and has built an empire. So if those guys that are so shrewd business wise. Still like lining up to buy a franchise that should tell you something and this is turn your whole art yeah. Rangel no no it's not know it's not and I think it was the out I think is the owner of the Houston Rockets. Has he purchased the team not too long ago and he mentioned in his. Like his first press conference he was like yeah. I don't know I'd be pretty nervous about owning an NFL franchise and I get that I am not saying there isn't any thing to consider a possible downside. But on saint is when your spending north of two billion. That should show you that it's not crumbling as some people are making me out to be noted that just doesn't it's not not. OK so we'll have more. On movies in general. Anybody else dissing black panther is gonna call in and give like a movie synopsis of this thing are as easy eased. He's off man is lay I take the day off I wanna watch this movie I'm not trying to be on the radio now that. Eagle Kroger on at some point that would be kind of interest things that you dislike colorful play by play of that but all turn our attention to this coming up next the Panthers are going to be close to naming. Their new GM but in the meantime. What would GM Damione Lewis due to reshape this roster. Dive into that I'm Brian knowing for Kroger he's Damione Lewis it's primetime brought to by ortho Carolina.