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Thursday, July 13th

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt bring on Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney as well as Clemson football player Christian Wilkins about last years National Championship. They also talk with Jaylon Samuels of NC State about his upscoming senior season. 


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Peace peace primetime powered by ortho Carolina to Kroger and in Green Bay, Wisconsin is basically gas don't you. In terms of the size of the city that's over on the oh New Orleans as a city. It's charming and everybody wants to go there it's like America's basement Tuesday I never wanted to get in the world why don't poachers are never wanted to nuances of fantastic down why it's dirty. Com. If you can get past the fact that every dollar on May also like you're an enduring. Tell you there honey charming place in the NBA this tournament delusional to walk through a Euro dropped on your way to one of the greatest restaurants on the planet. Track at. Primetime bullet on AB CC kicked off her power by ortho Carolina Derry Gibson with us on a Thursday and Friday and go on vacation for and they just don't see you guys after their path. And it got we're hanging out of the west did enough down there and here we go we're up we're played a home game today nobody else out of town or out of state and we welcome him. Somebody from the state played his college ball in the state and back in his hometown Jay let's Samuels from NC state did look so bad how Lauria a let's those girls were doing well this is radio so people can't see but you have on the most incredible pair of shoes I DCC kick off tour false I guess this through just there by and it's so yeah. I've recently scored a pair of red loafers. NC state bred loafers today and we'll give Bryant do we got a picture of those so everybody can enjoy and guys and we will occur grab a grab a picture tweet that out at primetime WS I don't worry he's not always taken pictures of people's that he hits now we are Rex Ryan Parent didn't promise he's not like that would treated out of the rally jeweler put her feet so here you are. Senior get ready for your final year back home but us for a couple of days and newly named position before what I don't know what we are coney before I guess any tactics you kind of did everything but now. The ACC is officially giving you may are you a new title what it would set title. The all purpose via a purpose that it means a lot you know just to see that they they they added new positions just brutally. A minute and really means a lot you know justice. It I'm just don't take you from there you know just keep Google from there and just trying to think improve my game you've been a personal god throughout your career is there one particular player you sort of modeled yourself after in that regard. Well it. Is not really no specific player like to look like maybe on bill type hello Marshawn Lynch. Like you compare me to Tom Montgomery from Green Bay Packers noon. Maybe some might actually you know in effect through the split out to a lot of different things like god himself puts its injures sixty jailer Samuels what does NC state now. It officially in all purpose back you know the Panthers are you papers for about elect. From a Dallas guy wants that did all wrong and out of that happening here in a total fan always group would go with that brought them a life of me went through rose is back playing on this. There's always loved JI level now Jalen. Come on me about this match what we of course I grew up near of course of the pacers fan I grow with the threat of another team come on now I discuss wildlife and eliminated when they had that penalizes them all. I heard your left that's a tough. Just get Jacob to show the other day like divot as a just a knife in my heart right path this is painful to pay yes are you a big debt Prescott's fan of this you know I like that McKenna likely you Ali Deluca. I really like you there's so he's capable of what are expectations for the cowboys this year Super Bowl or bust you guys if you guys really. Arianna you fell flat the playoffs which is kind of the norm for you guys so what puts the would have put them go put the playoff expecting hopefully we do they pose naked they can make some Batman this year you know they look at you had a great regular season both the they could take that into the playoffs and create something that. Well the reason I was gonna ask you Julie Samuels Witasick at Charlotte kids. And dice clay is college ball going into his senior year now officially all purpose back ACC coming up with that up position for him and NC state this year. Christine McCaffrey got drafted here I don't know how much are if you enjoy a Christian watching him over the last couple years with that they would stay for Chris it's a lot of that similar type the stuff. Maybe not quite PH back role but that Duke's lining up in the slot they got him in the backfield the got a moving him in. In emotion all the time pre snap so it just seems like. I'm a big basketball fan basketball's Connick got position list. You feel like that he's really becoming a thing in in the football world. Especially the college ranks where ya might be running back for a couple of snaps but I also might be wide receiver on my plea fullback tight end. Yeah I think I think I think the start and come work hard and he started seeing more people who can do more names in. I think that's where I think doesn't like a lot out of this court is really that the players know. They can not only does have one no excuses but to do a lot of different things the team but didn't report. There is a guy like when you see Atlanta and the Super Bowl last year the way they used Evan Coleman Dovonte Freeman and be back with us. Very different skill sets that's got to be incurred to view even as you think. You know next level that people start to value that more food unifil to. Yeah yeah you can deficit you can see it on every NFL team like us sit atop Montgomery's nearby when Osce and SE how to use him on me like. It's like crazy things like nine days by the same way tonight is they use. And I can do that it's not that I known yucky I can bring that that this same skill level to the next hopefully hopefully they put some money. What's amazing right because it really is changing its wanting to sic is the stuff come always existed at some way in the college ranks but. Deceit in the NFL now like you're talking about a team's sake you know what we got to keep up with the times and that's that's good for you that's the next that's the next step that's the goal. Is definitely goes to them has always been a dream to play in the film. You know is is so crazy offence you know this these these these four years. And flew and now the senior going to monsignor. And hopefully you know have a good successful healthy in the sea area and wherever it take after this isn't a Leo let's. Well yeah you we're jumping out early with with coach door when you made the commitment to go to NC state and then here you are like you're talking about this about before year's over double with what's. What's your body your coach sit right next he would step on like with him right there. It's a good as the good news of their religious and you know he he recruited me very hard you know coming out high school and bruises and go to any forward. So you know really sit was good you know I have no problem who we communicate and Tom Watson. You know because he's into businesses and dollars and million dollars is. Awards anything I did so I don't know lightning like the biggest news. Good and listening to coaches tonight. What would you what did he state I'm sure people sit out they got great fans the fan base there to deploy you may. But playing at home. During a hurricane and having thousands of fans in attendance like debts that that's it right like that it doesn't get you more die hard and that's your friends last year at their games one to remember. Roof roof tonight. It really went that many people in the stands but it was it was it was flu like people in the area on me tonight my parents are still thousands of just to see if that they've done fans really you know. Like ball incident. The program humility they really careful himself there again what what's it like for you week in week out you guys period. I think we've what is to be without a doubt the toughest division in all college football the entire country. You pride yourself on now but it's also a beam it to go out there what's that like for you is tough it's tough. So bonds it was so and is not going to be easy so every week preparing ourselves. You know to play a great competition team you know competitive team and ACC and we got it and it's fun that's when my agent. As little kids enough. What's what's the goal for you guys this year obviously it's it's. Not only get to a ball game but let's let's let's look the goes defeated symptoms you know that's all we've been you know products of what. Because we know. We know we have what it takes hoaxes to get the needed to text and waited so. We just take it one day at a time we'll take one game at a time. Here we'll prepare every game like I'm planet clinching. I don't take nobody. Scale with Louis well to get to start. Here September 2 at home back at home against South Carolina so that's going to be bragging rights on a lot of great challenge. Our early on you get to come back and rolled down his influence is going to be six top Clinton BankAmerica and hopefully a second time. This top arias a different outcome him. It has to be flying good to see my family and friends come and support and just play at home town to this as really excited. We jail and it's a pleasure to talk to you man and up best the lucky and we'll see you. You know hopefully not only a few weeks again but maybe later on in the season and go go Bosnia through here vanity get kicked his cowboys have a pattern that's not cool man not clear shortly can get apple a pool would have had as it did not plan account okay that's that's a fair bit that's that's been our you warn it's been at least. Would come on May oh no what are you gonna tell me. The lakers lakers fan. They could owns. We'll call he's played eighty board probably had you feel that look on Alonso where the ditch the big ball bridge used to repair CoBiz lessening that was pretty cool okay that those critical look at I'll really like Oz. Oh you don't. On those feet bill goes home all of the hype is really failed with the young men. And China's I think Greg got to see of that bill it's got to see that that that's not his fault though that's all old it and it is not as well as his father. They Bono is not to seek. You hear clearly it's a pleasure to see you man and does she gave strong it's good to talk via check present directories that welcome back to Charlotte and thanks to you soon there we go Jay Lynn Samuels now. All purpose back I in the ACC the league officially coming up. I'll with the new title for him to and die he does at all to Jack of all trades he is basically you cover the NFL hiring get pro football talk dot com. It's amazing how I mean when did that shift happened the last five years or so where you'd say. For a while all that stuff was thought to be gimmicky or gadget stuff that only works at a college ranks and next thing you know. Most teams Panthers included are now implementing a lot of spread it schemes that started right college level. That are now making it up way up to the NFL well a lot of it's as simple as supply demand if that's what's coming your way you've got to adapt you. You know your labor pool you can't just. Beat your system in two. You can't expect to find 350 pound tackles and that are just gonna run power in the big 240 pound running backs those those guys don't exist. You know Brian Martin anymore except for in a couple rear places I mean. Alabama can still play that way because they've got Alabama level talent and everybody else is adapting so it's cool to see a guy like Taylor knew. They can move around and use and a lot of different ways in Haiti was interesting that he mentioned timing gummery cassettes a guy who was. A wide receiver until that it was desperation time for the Packers last year and you know they're gonna let him continue where ABA but he's run it back now and so. That just adds a whole new element for a Galley care Rogers to work with so. Think it's curious it's forcing. NFL coordinators do. The link on their feet a little more aid any innovate may be ways they had anticipated that that's what's coming out of college so let's put to work with where we're expecting Davos alleviate a few moments that still the plan Brian nodding in agreement we appreciate him Stevens do a good work back in the studio Gary gets put his pride not powered by ortho Carolina sales man. Who's in the Tweeter all fame by the way. Act at 95 keep pounding usually get that in a follow easy Tweeter all the Faber. He tweaks it rallied to his Twitter feed where they're making an offer they've never made before in their eighty year history. And Charlotte most trusted jewelry store a zero interest financing for five years with no money down. Only through July 31 you can get details of rallied Jewelers dot com Lisa biscuits from Charlotte. He's a lakers and a cowboys and he does the old Shaq crying laughing. Jeff that's that's on there right now what we. Look maybe he is what Ian Leggett and I'm not gonna prostitute for right. I'm just trying to get the homegrown kids are well so as usual because the old thinking was this a transplant town every guys from some place else but the kids were born here and the kids were grown up around it. He's at the age where all he's ever known the painters have always existed. As long as is hits him. Walk in the Arab so it it's got a funny to see. Can not everybody's got to march the same drum techsters writing a great way to get a ball 'cause we're geared ACC kick off Davos leading Christian will give us. I'm Nicole our back Mike who cheat go John meter morale going to be dropping by who else knows. And wouldn't you guys can interact with a solid buildings that are techs like 70457. Or nights extent. Dexter right since look this college football talk and love the ACC butts but. Where's the love for only state. She's been upset UG eight and wake this year for New Year's six bit tougher watch out I don't want to jinx anything man it's possible it's entirely possible that. If they ran the table now boxing it's entirely possible they will run the table. But it's entirely possible if app ran the table that we get to near six bit. But not. I mean argue honestly feel confident. That app State's gonna go down between the hedges I like their odds on us a better against Tennessee last year than I do against this Georgia team even though apple varieties better this year than they were. A year ago I was talking to some of the guys pop up New York a couple weeks ago say it. This without a doubt will be one of the best defense the deepest defense appliance. I you'll find and they've actually done a great job Scott said a few you got to give this guy credit because. Okay. You know Taylor lamb limited quarterback he has he's delivered a quarterback. But he is going to go out there beat Bieber for you. You can diplomat and the running game that offense is built around the running game and they just a lineup it run the ball and run the ball. And run the ball. And then on the defense inside you're not gonna get the big cost is that you that you need he would want. So you do underside smaller speed rushers off the down the defense to want it they come in waves like app. We saw last year app early on disrupting that Tennessee offensive line. And make it jail and heard. And and in. And everybody else to that backfield for Tennessee last year super comfortable at net is that opening game on that Thursday night so I like Epstein it is but. Mandates it's gonna be. It's going to be really hard to think that team does run the tape what twelve and no I just thought come on I oven apple corps but I can't see that happening that you would be nice I think that's probably. More realistic even. If you're seeing eleven award that that beat you. Either speed split with Georgia quake like what the wake keeps he'll give me an outcome of the food. Or wait humane. A sturdy athlete away at about the fact. No way out there one of the things they had me fired up I was I was ready to go out run through all the other day see in the video Baath. The mountaineers one of their training days was running from. The rock up to the top of the powers not. Two and a half miles of distance but a lot of elevation going from just. You know street level up to the top Howard's knob. That's a steep ride in a call from now I'm on good. I'm okay with them don't wanna go around that hill Ali I'd look I'll ask got to run but that's right stock text deriding it you're wrong here Dexter you won't flow. It's GRF visit graphics there's no plea at. 100% certain correct. Is it pronounced with each day you go to G it dusting it for graphics. The G I got his actually produced Jeff. I guess it's just like jiffy peanut butter that that's correct pronunciation so you won't tester that'll write itself. Socket but well I did it sound silly because TF is a peanut butter. And it always will be we don't find that it's something I would do that do obsolete I don't care what you wanna do I dreaded. I'm going to be going to tell you how to pronounce his work on at a time Q1 how this thing's gonna go I love the fact that the first thing that pops up when you Google insists the creator of the gift says it's pronounced Jia he is wrong did vote at your raw text you're you're wrong OK just throw that out there are sticking with gift 70457096. Dead. OK so we are here but they were talking about this this at the offensive changes in the NFL obviously to restore wondering what the Panthers are gonna look like we talked about it the other day Bob Papa was on what is the other day. He had Ron Rivera on. And Ryan throughout another team yeah the Steelers OK let's let's imitate them to Waller added it's it's sure of the patriots it. And the falcons they do good stuff and god love and set the bar high it's we make of that problem. You know I don't. I didn't necessarily you see I didn't anticipate him going that direction and I don't think they have Steelers like. Personnel necessarily especially notable oh yeah especially receiver but. But you know I viewed this Bryant I do think we're you could draw some similarities is Ben Roethlisberger is the quarterback Cam Newton is most liked. And always has been meaning when he was at Auburn that was the guy you know everybody wanted to compare it to look guys who looked like him but you know in terms of the frame in the game he's big big I mean he can extend plays and and I think that may be. You know we're sort of the Genesis Iran's thought process because cam can't create things with a speed he can. Give guys time to get themselves open no do they have an Antonio Brown they do not they don't have anything close and they don't have the depth at receiver Pittsburgh doubts. We Pittsburgh always been able to put guys in. And I just you know to meet with the grid is a wide receiver who's going to be the dude it's gonna blow the lid off the top going to be I mean I just don't I you know they're count only be in sandals but idea until he does. It's hard to know what that is I'm you know of all the things you wanna be worried about. The Carolina Panthers at this stage. Can't guys get open down field can kill them management look like a starting wide receiver in NFL again I mean. Benjamin in and Francis are. You know they're sort of stuck with them that's what you got. And it's at the wrong which prime time of the year over thought that whole thing though right well back and I mean hindsight it's always easier to 120 I get all that stuff but the idea that. Let's get big bodied physical wide receivers to create these big targets would be top treaty and that's for Dave's thing and mean people got types any I talk Molly's and he likes his receivers pick it only goes back. Two going back to his giants days I mean he was they complex cobras when he. Drafted Kelvin pitchman and you know buying what I don't know that your career passer dissimilar you know fortunately Calvin and shot himself in the leg yet but. I just don't he's going to say yet. Well that's something that could and it's early yet anything can happen if he doesn't strike me that type of Willard I've learned to forty years doing this not to assume. Anything about the NFL but all of no I just don't. I've got the serious concerns about those guys being able to be the players can't needs him to be I mean this year is. You know for all the talk about the revolving the offense they're adding in these new parts they're putting in new wrinkles. At a certain point cans coming in cold. By not being in OTA's and not being around this and he's gonna wanna leave nobody knows and that's gonna need a lot of Greg Olsen and that's going to be looking downfield at these big boys. Throw it up there let them exploit. Yeah I mean if you're making. A sure fire bet for this Panthers team this year Greg Olsen can add another thousand yard season we ought to I mean he's the guy you can trust up there. You know right now and that's the thing with Qantas engagement quiet or two we don't really know what to expect from either of those two guys up front just. Last year coming out of training camp everybody was talk about it all you're going to be alarm about politicians going to be signed the progress it's guys night and we never saw. Over the course of the season. So. You know I again I don't wanna say the guys blustery things like that but they that position has underwhelmed so far. And it's you know the stage is set Kelvin needs to have a big gear and company and we doubt she's created for himself. Can make it that much tougher but here's the thing so it. The Panthers for the pay too much you'll start with the patriots right that's for this whole thing started back in what February. What this offense of evolution saying with my forty quarterback ride Pitney Joshua statistics the dragon off for a week we got to see Christie kick the field but yeah sure is saying yeah let's solid implements a bullet doing it's doing which is get the ball out quicker and you know. What's more rhythm and timing all that stuff. And then who else has been thrown out there hasn't it has there been talk of the falcons are what they've done heavily if may be a maybe a Melamine stylistically. It by putting McCaffrey with Jonathan you guide you know tennis some. Compare contrast running backs that you can look at look at it that way but it's going to be. Mean I just think it's going to be hard to assume. This is going to be a polished machine or anything close to a for the first half of the season the Michaels came and done any of this stuff yet my question do you is in this one as the pop pop up box saying he thinks that it you know this is intentional cast a wide net for all this stuff out here we're gonna do this we're gonna do that. Do you really know what they want this office to look like or their kind of figuring it out obviously they've got some play animus in a budget number not die but it gives him. A public and a cast that that's a polite on 060. Well if I wouldn't even said that blacks that think you might have a but he might have already said that about Mike Shula at some point clicked. A do or they just operating with the like general framework of this is what we think we wanted to do. And figure it out along the way or are they intentionally saying no we don't wanna do but we alienate you guys realize what we're gonna do what do we actually take the field right I I think dear holt and a good bit of stuff back in it's it's going to you can even though cattlemen hates the word it's going to a vault over the course of the year because again. We can get a late start your gonna do stuff early on. And it's gonna. He's going to figure out over the course of weeks and months in that system. Okay what can I trust McCaffrey to do here what cannot trust saying over the news here. You know what's kill but doing so you know I mean it's going to take time for this thing to come together. And you know have you set the bar too high for yourself. Maybe so but I'd rather the expectations the big now I am mean that's just the way. I would prefer to do it. All right well we're here ACC kick off and died Derek gets alongside pro football talk dot com. We're gonna get to a Christian Wilkins is just a little bit nickel our backs gonna drop by a little bit too but. We were we make way for the the national champion and now I'm. I'm a little disappointed he's more understated the Vista where's the ring Davos where anywhere I had students and that's why don't you don't know what you do all the work in my case you do all the work Clijsters she she could show up to an event like this they just don't know everybody. Say so you boys doing it. Boom. You know wanted to get a judge Obama I am an uneasy and I think you're dead off slowly limited time. Not a big range guy out but but it I love a love that anonymous also. To know that I can. That we got it. Got a memory like that to keep forever. Was that the night what you guys you eat did you do your vanity give up the ranks everybody is that we're at it just kind of crystallizes in your like. He really did this this path together well you don't win bonus at those moments because it was it was it came back him in we had the parade you know. 70000 people show up for paraded clips and it was like another home games crazier than and we had a banquet of and that probably we had that this pre. The ring ceremony. Spring game. 7000 people show for that summit it was just. It was kind of a bunch of those moments where you're like wow. And then all of ESPN a dysfunctional. You know it is you can get used to that price do you show and I wake up every morning there aren't they should just be as you know. Like a channel of its own list to salute just on Luke Molotov yankees play it and we'll be ACC network so far off maybe that'll be it they said that data he would get no games going on that'll let you were throwing fairway fellow coaches are famously process driven and everybody's always think about next year and I gotta get out recruit. Well how long was it before you could actually. Let it settle in and say hey we did this. Made it it was a blurt the most ridiculous really. I didn't I didn't even and go to bed at like 8 o'clock in the morning that the game and then I had to press conference about thirtieth it's looted national. In new world room crew being in the banquets and all that stuff so it if it was it was crazy it took a little wild to discount a really catch my breath because. Recruiting. And they we were moving it to a new facility. So we had all that stuff two count up to management. Really once we got back to Matt drills. Once we got out from Matt drills you know nobody's out there Matt drills going. Oh great job Christian youth youth youth on the national championship last year you're such a good all American last year. You know it's like you've got to keep your but this line here and gone up again if you put up a Tug Downey put another gal they say are less complete. As Sus out the window at 5:30 in the morning you know it's it's it's about being great right there today where our feet or so. You know probably did really mat drills where I was able to really sorry let's. Let's turn the page and I think our team did too even though we've had different things along the way where people have talked about last year we'd love that we embrace that that comes with it. But our team has done a good job. Just go back to work and we'll start over. I'm sitting here with the great Christian book is now you tell you we we don't. It he'll he's will be over three years now and is he's fixing to get his third year period. He's a really say well we'll say before I say it it's gonna say next crucially we don't we don't we don't we don't assume media thing we're gonna make sure under. That they have. The values of Blas through our program place because we got a bunch of new people when they don't know. And I'm not you know I mean these guys are did it they got it it's their job is to help me transfer that to the young guys but we start over and it is doing their journey. Well along those lines you've got guys there are familiar faces that you said we've got new guys coming in. How do you replace it to Shawn Watson not just as a quarterback but as the guy who made everything. Yeah well I mean he got pretty good option it's it's called group. Don't crew cut and I say go for. When would dodge borders leave and it was like well I don't know how would go or placed large boy don't I got a Milo would go to go sign some players here and now us I would go placed shell Watson Christians don't have a I would go place Christian world. You know I mean. We've graded dirt level low will do great dirt as we've got her she will does that mean it's. That's that's what's that's what makes college football so much fun and what I love about the media. This time a year. Is all yell talk about not you all but now you say I don't know not a lot of upper body that most of the V they talk about is shown I mean this is we're getting right place at about fifty days here so it if they don't much Sean and Mike Williams and playing golf an example where Carlos walking around. How love that. But calls I got a bunch of good players that we recruited. It that just brings an age because I got gas. That were approved like CJ full of pain and Adam Joyce and take these fissures they're sick you hear about winning golf. And they're like hey I was recruited to and it's been it's brought Tommy Kelly Brian and insert get 200 Johnson these kids are like listen. Per your player too I'm ready to go prove it so I loved that hunger. That comes would that. That's nice thing about complacency so don't yell really help me with that whole process which usually the way we do it for people the capital goods sold and that's a fair. And now we thought it would got a talented team we certainly got some sense some positions you've got to be field. But all of our roster and you know we'll we'll be guarded who might go phils are four cities in will be a tough out I'll tell you that will be a tough out. Week in and week out. All right we're talking a crucial woken Steve offensive linemen defensive tackle for the tigers we get the head coach Davos when he with a sub prime time we're powered by ortho Carolina. I thought you dabble the other day consisted of church not just as a city church sort of sit in church and the preacher said you would I think you'll love this. He said people love people. Who love people and I thought that the dabhol was right there aren't that we figure that. People love I feel like your football they weren't doing nothing does that make you don't know well he's thrown the ball is like dad when you make of that I think that's great I think that is that's. You know what we talk about our program is is to love service clear our players. You know low level we'll serve a little careful but if we do that you know what they'll grow up. It develop it to young people that love served here for their teammates their communities their families. What is their team whatever may be which you got a model that. You know. First of all it always to approve of the innovated they've there's no stated that. Your players are going up or whoever is always derivatives circle followed the leader first the leaders finished second. All right so you know you've got to you you got to have the right people is always comes back to people. And you know we try to work hard to have good relationships for their guys hold accountable. And it helped him grow. They hit every area their life not just you brokerages that is a great football player ratings. Always did it PSA easy to go to be you know Michael Strahan. Or the president of the United States are rated he's not the president he's he'll be really good friends with the OK because he's just that he's just such a dynamic well rounded gust gust of graduate two and a half years. He's two and after years being a college graduates to honor roll student. You know he just happens to be really good football player and that's that's what we won't be in so we try to we try to. I try to surround must have good people. The good people attract good people and that's that's what we do. Did you know your get into this note Davos sells this to you guys when you when you have these home meetings he's coming in saying this division is what's gonna look like. But then when it actually takes shape did you visit did it surpassing the what you thought dissipate his family asked that mr. you have. Loves if we did you know you hear but it it's always talked about you know the clumps of family things like but it's definitely been everything I expected more you know I'd. Just below that everyone so not just the coaching staff puts everybody involved in a program that people have seen him walk into the building. You know that is also love and it's it is really truly close of them leave and you know my Brothers that I go on the team it is political with the family and brotherhood. And Obama came broken. Aren't we set the bar highlights your personality you won a championship but you get a split NT 310 pound man so what's what's next. Home maybe the core over the back flipper some begin to back flip I don't know have the senate panel. I have succeeded I think I had to some things back at sort of coach you'd ever live tonight at a he did the fact that we were at the late. It back the ball but not just don't ever think that if it. Is unbelievable if you set the bar high during that celebration no men and ever since then the club and as nonstop cadence was cute business of blitzes and we'll go on nonstop ever since the everything we're so pleased you guys through split. View. I mean I could spread gossip I am so glad let us. That's not a real question. I don't go to it's Jersey devil it's it's good to see you Thursday to make in time congratulations ordering next time. All right present good to seek debt as we head coach the tigers and Christian Wilkins put this as well and we got Christopher couple more minutes of hopeful of some time batting him and it is amazing you know. Dabhol has has built this program on network love gets tossed around and it's easy to say that. You guys built a real family atmosphere Hugo back to last year. After that loss to Pittsburgh. Everybody always look to say oh did you need that lost to refocus or whatever I'm not even I don't know five worry about that as much as. What did dad do for you guys did Jesus really bond together in terms of like you realize right then and there yeah we're not folded we're not going away. We got each other right here this is Merkel now it's time to kick it up but not. You definitely know that definitely brought us a lot closer and the fact that. Noah Everett of the naysayers and everybody out there or how much how we can get it done is taken tickets out that people personally. You know. Like talk about players who maybe didn't get it done on that day here in I would held without them we have to go to and legacy figgins scores themselves who like among the look talked about rather like. You know slim like. We can't look at Doug let us like no no no hazard they didn't say about last year you know we got the job though we want no we we message have been sued to such a great accomplishment to achieve. You know it's so you drove up from time to look to him you know you put the blood to work in the you know the blitz what is it going today. You know you there's is no but it sort of when an incentive. Keon is what they're more tears cried in that locker room at Raymond James Stadium. Back to back in January or when you guys lost the previous year Alabama when you lost more more tears of joy. Or tears of sadness I put trying one's going. I think there was more crime and an Phoenix really high Def yeah. You know just did this after the nested citizen this is a certain sense of relief who odds obviously are really excited. You know allowed their crowd but definitely more after the first national to pursue because. That level of uncertainty if you ever get back again you know we had a chance to be the model program coastal boy in. We we came up short and you know after blended so it would hold through those 65 days you know to relate OK don't get a second chance it. You know we dismal we've been working for all summer all year. We achieved do we when the game is sort let's all the way all the pressure everything's fluid. We really do are you really could like we were all in place those Arkansas tonight we could even fathom at the time like. Would you like. You know later on my weeks later almost literally rewritten when the national championship like that some crazy like in the outlets now it's on the back were my we're not worried about that. Who put that up when the so we got that you know the sixth 2016. Champions of the cardinals in every tick that was months in the report. From the shoot well here's the other thing too like I've been I've investigator guys raises over the last couple years especially in this off season. I mean this idea that maybe you guys have picked you got your JP chip that's great. But I mean you guys are built to last the city like devils talked about they're out there recruit and having you guys are real loading them think and that pushes you guys he's got somebody behind you thought I'd prefer job with the with wood but with what they're able to do so. I mean it seems like you guys are OK let's can we beat Alabama. We are Alabama now what we're not going anywhere we get staying power college football. No definitely. Enough for the well a lot of what importance. I don't dislike kind of like okay you guys got to listen to the civil pat on the back and that's it. You know you forget about clothes and love and they close as it is here to stay for the long haul. You know it's those it's great to win that's attributable retirement board. You know the best stand for us that Clemson and you you know if you wanna committed you wanna play better compete better brigade of the data to go bring you gonna get exposed. All right so got a division got a raw and present a timber or raised over doing a great job he's one of the best he's gonna get mad if he's gonna get mad if I keep it to want. I want to do this one of the guys who lost though he was on your side of the ball he was. He's getting everybody lined up. He's the quarterback your defense when one pit bull whereas now trying to make with the Panthers feel we got to play this audio this'll take you back to lie to the night of podium moments later in less than an hour later no this is my I heard audio players all the time I love this duty should be in a wrestling rink and expressly problems. So Steven fire this up and Boulware. On the stage national championship night of beating Alabama. Getting some redemption here's one dental work on selection. It do we have it can we get to the audio. I can quote him as you can quote I thought you could dramatically leading candidate that actually like Peta. We don't. It does not look the boot into the pretty certain that the voter. Group the producer with a record. Because that's exactly Max Alexander and NATO but gave up a bit colors mounted a great double hitter. You know on all the guys that took some media has no that's been coach has done a great who built the foundation. You know that this this disease but there are artisan like as this month there's that is as it is. You know they've turnaround program they put in all the art work at the beginning to do the you have that and that with the opportunities. You know you know. Bring more attention to Clinton and honestly do agree re even better recruits and so what so they get all the credit. You know I've been disintegrate. And today that his hair and as we didn't does good too because you don't miss almost have been. You know we have a local kid to. Didn't see how close and never as well let them know when it. You know we did as. You registered to think about it. I know you mentioned the split earlier and you sit day doesn't go by when people don't ask you about split do you get more of that. Or people asking you what you were doing deport Curtis saying no. It's about 5050 yes it definitely but I'll always but those lake about the like probably more so. You do the split every of those like I didn't split the slow you got good display of that everything was closed up one more of that pursuit of. We'll Christian it's a pleasure to talk demand and to gradually since all the success. We think he's he's been gonna make the rosters got a lot of top linebackers ahead. Well it's gonna happen here it does but no bin. You know he's been he's gonna work is but yeah you go on the no way exactly what this disease has to do you know how to get the defense Wanda. No it is not gonna be known that nobody on the team you know or don't care who it is don't go workable where. He's usually look at it felt like in the scene and here we get low key clean Thomas Davis beating guys like David Mayo that started to a good linebacker AJ Klein went to the world but we see good linebacker play here Jack Thompson another dude where. He's tiny but he's everywhere like he's he's a one man wrecking grew out there have. And they and that you know to have in the lack of size that he doesn't he thinks he's explored two in its fifty pounds you know yet so many different. It's all the book that you outside of the fight in the dog you know it doesn't matter what doesn't decide the dog fight. You know fences uses the instances. Of hard worker out there knows that I work notes about tofu. He's going to be the most prepared person. Well Christie good to see a man at the thank you for the time pleasure to talk to that is one heck of pain that you didn't do you feel the grip strength now that could match that going up on and off that the bodies try to get to the quarterback Chris you're good to see event. They go Christa Wilkins as a defensive tackle fur off upper class and put some fans are an hour to eat this up with the giants through Dallas and now with Christian. Then cursed by himself and you know we are talking about it earlier the great coaches is it college football obviously to me. You can talk about Urban Meyer it's a great great run of things you get down player to fire fight. When it comes to save it save it at the top sure put urban number two. And I I go to apple all obviously I go all day in this is not a knock on chip or ball but I don't dabble all they own Jim Harbaugh this gavel to be guests out. Gets what he is a coach which is I need to be. Master voter Nader CEO on laying the ground work for this program Eddie's built a program around him. That he lets people just do their job Ed editors that you don't you could hear it in his voice the self policing that goes on. It sounds like it that locker room by the they've created a real coltart it is easy to say bright things he's a very critical to hear. Every coach says that they get a new job he helped to take over program all we're gonna critical to your dad Bo has created a culture at Clemson. And it's it's on the watch right well and it was kind of funny watching him Christian loyalty Cilic he's like Christian knows what I'm picks is that he he knows what's company and that's what happens when you build a program and they have gotten to that point I mean you. Talk about Harbaugh the obvious difference is he had done it yet but that I think the thing that they have in common is their boot plugged in to what their schools expect. And what pierce who want surety. I mean they are if you had to go to the drawing board and say what do clips and football coach solid look like sales like in the for a long time it was just Danny Ford. And everybody thought there was a way they do business but. To have always take cultural fit in upstate South Carolina and for the clips tigers and that's why. You know I I think fear of excited beyond just the immediate success that because. He does have them back at that place where they're going to be. This kind of threw for a long time ago let's do they're free to come back on the other side John meter morale oral Powell offense he legend hanging around here somewhere sort of pulled today coming up before and also still ahead is the call our back if you what's talked early slow catching up with her or talk about what's going on. I'm a college football with her that'll be coming up puts a critical five did we say 5 o'clock to pull our backdrop but we have more dairy get and our guidance Kelly. He says he's gonna show hey we got the ball Isaac jury did Bryant is content that I. Vin Scully gets of his great audio from the FB's last night and it allow us to voice over hits from Pitt over the years that would love to play it's after this. Product not powered by ortho Carolina. Hi everybody and a very pleasant good evening to you. Why did that provide 65. Years. But I land set it in October airline they're retired. And I hope you. I want to hear one more time. Here that still it's OK fans you can do whatever you want Bailey came to get fit hosting the espy's Dexter and hopefully get a good job we can we had been hosting yes this. Or just reading things just get the speed Eric it it it. Front of the microphone if you do that fits Kelly. Odd that was also must now do the icon award we love it's going around here he closes our show every evening as he wishes us a very pleasant good after his serve and so he was also last night putting the icon awarded. Even told that great story of how do you learn certain to fall in love with baseball. October the second 1936. A redhead eight and a half years old. Walking by a window saw the score. Of the game to. About 1936. World Series it involved the giants and the Yankees. That little kid fell in love that day with baseball. The last game that he did before retiring. Was October the second. 2016. Exactly. Eighty years. From whence the love affair began. And in 65. Years. He was honored and thrilled and humbled. To be able to fulfill a boyhood dream. Of broadcasting Major League Baseball. How could you not love that skelley. How is it possible that somebody could not like it's going I don't understand why that person will I just a year talk yeah time to their their closest story you know somebody should start a programming channel where it's just on stop on a loop 24/7 365 Vince Gill. It could beat him doing whatever I don't care if it's actual like you just reading a book order site. Reading taken a call from a telemarketer could usher through that you know a good bit is. He's so good he could talk about socialism during your during a baseball broadcasts and this is how good for having us. Socialism failing to work is it always does his time in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food you eat. And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela and the daughter of the hotel pillow. Anyway Colin took. FF FF FF. Anyway though owe it to fail political system. She's just a bit outside of that however this reading a grocery list bit literally could read anything even a cursory listen listen to this. A dozen eggs a quart of milk a loaf of bread and canned or frozen orange hues six small white onions and green peppers garlic powder. A package do American cheese. Pickles Kosher that is. Bananas corn flakes maple syrup toothpaste paper towels toilet paper six bars of soap. Hot dogs quarter pounder chopped meat state land jobs packages spaghetti three Apple's. Moment cottage cheese a pound body to ears of corn beard catches peanut butter soy sauce and that half a pound of coffee. See all these years I thought it was baloney. But he hit Scully calls that below below the below them upload the college debt and I wore all those things now it makes you hungrier I did it really does and so early in the national treasure I would agree. I know we've we've experiment with technology like right genetically frees guy or whatever. Can we keep fear alive forever or at least get him to say every word in the English language into a recording device now. That we can put him to gathering combinations and we can just hear Vin Scully tell stories. Whenever we want to all right let's do this we're we're gonna take a top the hour ID early we're gonna come back on the other side to WS since the elections. And luminaries that you spent. Spent some quality time with last night oh yeah they were a priest your breath that's always column to a solid we'll get John meter per alum Mike the Chico here next on prime time powered by ortho Carolina.