Primetime: Steve Muench Breaks Down Draft Prospects

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Thursday, April 19th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt are joined by Draft analyst Steve Muench to give his opinion on certain Draft prospects.


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These ladies pro. Powered by or. We leave you with this I just keep me up peanut butter and pickle sandwich this is Matt Harris is idea from a seminar. I think it was good because I love peanut butter and I love pickles separately so I put them together and guess what they removed the remains of some. Would you meet debt I don't know if you've given me I'm McKinley usually needed just tried to slice all about experiencing new tax break if you. I'm not paying you should just eat at you should try it you wouldn't do it you wouldn't touch sets us I thought if you're put your free throws. Okay did it that would have dual radio you don't radio this sort of crazy I did it on I did Dante's socialize with people. Lindsay entries he could sit here and factor like he knows that soft white bread so like the pickle juice kind of soften the bread 20. So good. She drives you guys you have hit the ball boys fresh for that you'll walk difficult to live from the marks mean real. T studio program. Quite it's here again the same player right now. Why. The sanctity of the marriages and others go back I mean it's like forty Mike's hands I can't be in a room with another radio host are you get nervous. You're my guy colonel that was your guy Kerr is gonna tell your car tonight you know I was other people's guy before you got. I've always been the difference these guys and so now. Drags on thereby you appear a little bit but again I still can't defend all right there can't pro football talk dot com that Steve NTSB and scouts think he's gonna be the man of the night tonight get my perks dot com as we get tickets all the way up speed until 5 o'clock thirty dollars. And you guys. Our kids can come have a ball with us tonight and we had a buffet it is going to be going on we got corona Ford out here as well and just an awesome night it awesome guys tonight. To talk football he'll get a little heated at times if you've never been out here before and you'll get Omar Gaither Dray Bly frank Garcia Damione Lewis. All the real football guys alongside Stephen and the rest of us knuckle it's it happens these are coming out what us. If you can't get a monologue before that. We'll get here at the door but after 5 o'clock it's going to be forty dollars Steve it is good to see event you've been doing well I guess through good so this I was talking to Phil savage about this earlier. I this week. As you lead up to the draft what's going on in like NFL front offices in this final stretch right you're these funnel seven days until next week and other super. Cleaning up some reports there's still going back and double checking you know that the cross checks. You know this guy thought that this about one player we want another scouts go back and look at say did you see the same thing especially for guys they're big media interest in. In the earlier rounds so it's there's still. You know is still some work to do before it's done. Stayed in your experience how flexible our decision makers minds this time a year I mean if somebody comes Adam Clayton says. And now we've set the boards here's a guy I mean as you said here's a guy I think we need to take a closer look at will would GM. Move a guy is a big chunk real estate on a boarded this time a year as is that process a little more slowed in May be people wanna believe it is. It's a little slower than you know if you've just got to be a reason to we find something out as their character should we didn't know about is there an injury that we did know about. That's something that would move player alive at this point. There's enough guys voice of teeth that they. There at least in the same neighborhood on a player so they're gonna movements are going to be it in one of the things I sort of Scott that is when people say this guy's a late riser on the draft board that always to me has more to do with the media catching up with what teams actually think. As opposing anything that's happening and is that I couldn't agree with the more than that's is that there's this guy's catching up that you know also we realize the NFL's very excellent player day. And everyone else is saying easily rise over the riady was who's always on their radar. Barbara Tuchman Stephen it's gonna be here tonight for pro football Fatah draft roundtable. And it's a great night and you guys again until 5 o'clock you get your tickets for thirty dollars to get my perch stack up let's start with the team that. Release gonna fall and set the stage for to see what happens for everybody else and that's Cleveland. And what the heck did they do manage they're they're gonna take two quarterbacks isn't here I did see that report. One it's actually a mixer in all seriousness virtue and it says no I'm meeting that Europe would you reduce the likelihood you're gonna miss on both right so I would say it's the smartest I don't know. Don't know why you UN human increased likelihood of real people this because they think about it what about what makes up quarterback. And the mentality and that the ego and yeah it's. Bringing into you could be a real tough situation in terms of how those guys are gonna handle it you hope they handle it with with grace and swallow their pride and just compete. For doesn't always work out he got to go quarterback for the right even if they like bark as anybody could fall you gotta get your quarterback first I could agree with the Mort I think it's a hallmark is the best player in the draft but there's nothing more for the quarterback. And they have to get one I mean they've passed so many times down look at the quarterbacks that are that they pass on how well they're doing in the lead you just cannot do it again I think. Sam Arnold who is the guy yes on the gallon and you make the argument may be for Rosen but to me Sam darva that you just go ahead make a big break. He's Eric that's not what all the chatter is around my house right now and now it's all now it's all Josh Allen and you know it. I'm one of those guys Steve I've looked at a guy who's been a fifty some percent passer his whole career going back to ju co going back a high school. It those things don't tend to fix themselves at the NFL level guys don't get a lot more accurate than they were before we've seen here with Cam Newton he was always at 55. To 58%. Pass search you know when he was in college and it's not that he became yup he's not gonna turn into Drew Brees though and I. No no that's not a reason right now MM Glasser there are talking about you know when they draft McCaffery insane or our they were gonna change the offense and I was gonna be different realities. Kim who is really good at what he does he's a powerful runner he's got a strong arm he's he's not gonna turn to Drew Brees and I feel the same we will toss out I think people been weak too high on dust ourselves for a long time to me it's been de Arnold and then rose in May feel that thinker of the conversations for two. So what are those sixty's we talked about this last week a billboard located interest in peace for ESPN about. Why teams and there's no right answer but why teams have just been generally really poor drafting and evaluating quarterbacks and he says that so often they put stock in things that. You just should put stock did beat the ability a look at it guys I'd say lies get the it factor. So completion percentage was one of those things that he pointed out San. Historically speaking. That's one of the few factors you could say there's a correlation between success at every level with completion percentage but what are the factors that that you value what evaluating a quarterback. What did you personally look at the tapes and you wanna see the mechanics you wanna see the decision making the best of your ability without really knowing sometimes. Exactly what he's read would be in the play you're gonna look at the tape and look at mechanics for you do have to factor in. He's experience you know I think The Daily Show Watson was a big eye opener for me because. Talk about that it factor and some of that stuff. You know whatever put fear factor comes into play when you're looking at a guy goes against Alabama two years in a row and plays the way that he did elevated his game and. You could pick out a lot of holes about the so lots of the when the reality was in the lights came on thank Ken makes football plays into the courtroom. Steve how do you isolate when you're looking at these quarterbacks. When we're tired and in talking about Josh down in particular he's playing we have Wyoming tablet. Against Wyoming opponents throughout do you isolate. What he's doing himself verses sand Arnold's up they're playing with T another five star recruits. Against top level competition so it's difficult it's not an easy thing to do you saw with Carson went as well it is this kid gonna be able the media today to elevate his game to the NFL level. Play against that competition there's no real good answer for that. Other than to again go back to the tape. What are his mechanics how accurate is he what kind of a decision makers see in it again competition comes into play so. If these are all factors who have you have prospects days it was prospect beat him a prospect they've played on a bigger level then crossed a day gets the nod. What right and that's the thing I keep getting hung out with about Allen is people say well you aced her on Wyoming wide receivers we have but he sterling against Utah State cornerbacks the very end and that makes it hard to Kenneth. You know. Wave one more heavily than the other we were talking about some of those the factors that you would say okay. He's a baseline thinks of Odyssey from my prospects of a quarter at quarterback the in particular. And evaluate those guys as you know we talk about some of the sixth inning. The it factor of the competition factor that would be the work ethic the completion percentage the mechanics all that stuff. I feel like they do we have talked enough about baker may feel about say he's going to be the best quarterback but he seems like to me to be the guy I just can't see this guy beat a flat out bust for all the wrong. I'm here guys Europe's have a bigger mayfield I do think Sam Donaldson on one guy but I think that everyone is on the sold baker mayfield throughout the Oprah what is it was gold is at the height thing like what is it about him I think it's more than anything else is the height thing and then I think that there was and I don't. I don't really understand it I I guess I can understand where it started but the comparisons between him. And Johnny man cell that outages on out after you have the rest of public intoxication and then he's. You know he's doing certain things on the sideline that you wish your quarterback wouldn't be doing and all that said it's not the same thing payment Johnny Le Mans cell are not the same person off the field so to me it's a little bit the height in the it's a little bit of that personality in the same thing here there was about the personalities this kid is really love the game easy fees to a loose is gonna finish in the locker room and you know what I think the guys in the NFL like you got the players and the guys that work hard and the kind of guys that win. And you can do with a lot of different personalities and that's the case you see guys or they're ready to work. And he's helping your team win you can you can learn to like Baghdad acre mayfield and his bet on himself but every single stop he's ever been and he's always produced few rates so if you're talking you know it's -- about that is you talk about the guys in the cup overcome a deficiency. So is that deficiency in this situation in the height. Why wouldn't be the guy who walked on at two different places them on the horizon. I mean that's someone who shown you throughout his college career that he believes in himself and in no matter what he's an old. Companies succeed and look I understand ready doesn't have the biggest storm but I've seen him make a variety of throws in a variety of platforms and got inside the pocket outside the pocket I mean. Back east he could play and I yeah I have no promises arm strength and I think if you look at that game against Georgia where he did not play well in the beginning of the second half. Oklahoma is a good football team believe they don't have the same kind of town leveled at Georgia in notes he'd a lot of them. Getting off to that so hard and really being in that game at all is all on bigger issue why is. Beer at divide in this conventional wisdom on quarterbacks wise or divide between those first four guys. You know don't rose and Allyn mayfield and Lamar Jackson. I think it's it's the first three and then it's Allen in the Mark Jackson and I think because then look at that similar in the sense that. There are differences Mark Jackson is obviously. These tough pins CD's is ridiculous meaning there's. And Josh downs arm strength is unfair. So there's differences where I think that they're the same is you're looking at quarterback prospects and have a ton of upside but had need a lot of work and the other is the work too but these guys in terms of their footwork how they're delivering the ball in certain situations and certain Grossman in the pocket he invent some of their decision makings of a thought. Lamar Jackson at times you can put clips together he's the first overall back. But there's also times you can see that he's starting to brass and he wants to make a stroke the just isn't there so there's for me those two are a lot of sales. We use it something within him that that I thought was interesting because without it I think about Q would you say it would. They're two types of players mislead you guys that work for the guys who win kids just the winner. And so you know there's always talk around here stupid talk about. Always came a leader. And is peace camp the type of guy you want you to face your franchise. I don't know I see you put his body on the line on every single player almost and I know his guys fall in line because of that because that guy is willing to do the things you need to do to win Indiana fell. I think he could make it easier times to wit what he says and how he says it sometimes you can make it easier in terms of attention that he brings in ABC you know organizations like. New England's the most obvious where they handle that outside noise in a way. Trying to just keep it out of the building and there's things that he could do in that sense I think within that locker room it's probably hard not to wake him to how do not respect that's what they wanted one more quarterback question while we're here. How close is Mason Rudolph kid from Rock Hill to being. You know fringe first round I mean do you think there's a possibility some might chases and of course it makes liability there's of course there is. Ending we look at him there's things that really like about his game I think he's got a good touch I think Smart. He's got a ton of experience. The flip side is I'd I do worry about his arm strength and I think our strengths over rated but at some point scooter batted becomes a factor supports us Allan. Breezes on the. No on Tuesday official because it's a really good break as we got a lot of well what do we we got a lot of this to get that we do to work for every new for an hour today. Okay that's on her all right Steven TE SPN's scouts say he's the event of the night tonight for a pro football draft roundtable. Here a deal worth neighborhood grill tickets thirty dollars in till five. I get my perks that come after that at the door they will be forty I would get into more these big picture stuff for the NFL and from the draft perspective some of these bigger prospects we need to talk about. And we're gonna spent some time of the panthers' offense. And defense indoor is already waiting on and I know your show good did you get all your craft. If you wanna call it and ask about prospects are random guy were positioned. Mitch can answer that question for you okay 70457. On nights extent we do it next can't Kroger Steve that you try to dive powered by ortho Carolina I. Listening to sub prime time which Chris Kroger. Powered by fourth okay. Carolina. Can I just speaks for 12 regularly air all the time we have all these what you do for a living I think you're right that's the question there again. Steve thanks Chris for over its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina so we all the people. We have on here all the time we get all the attention you know Ryan Stewart could work back in his studio filly to Marlon came in with helping to engineer our broadcast earlier and in Jerry doubt who is one of the foremost engineers and radio in the entire country. That's a fact he's an engineering alleged he is you can't even argue that. He's the engineer to the stars really is which carried out in South Africa and she way to put it back on mute pitcher are not asking. He doubted his talent and that's the way this works. So we're here George neighborhood girl for a pro football draft roundtable tonight and one of the servers walked out it's no this food it's intoxicating it's just wafting over. Over to us at our table right now out on the patio and I looked over I realized it was Jerry through an in jury is sitting there with big giant plate of French Fries. And also what that looks like a brownie and ice cream right would that. Now one ready to brownies with two scoops of ice free nights is good he jury doubt his limit his best life right now day right here on the patio door neighbor who grew Obama batted in for that we appreciate him. Keep it a sunnier gives you guys wanna jumpin. Steve mentions like an encyclopedia. So Q the question about a player or group of players or position he can help answer those for you 704. 570 nights external start talking some Panthers would have as well go to Dorian has been waiting. You were committing your Doria what's up there what you wanna say. Yeah well I've been listening for a couple weeks to all the pre draft fall. And I haven't yet heard whom we spoke about. Wouldn't it have been talking about ideas in our camp Saturday. But wait orange who has burst they always beat city. Police. Vehicle safety director for the profession they're out of the career. Thought call but by the end and I have a part is maybe that would. Every journalist they play they don't well it does you'll replay oh birdie the fifth blocker. Is he catches the ball. Horrible. Burden anybody making his night. I'll take it out there but I like fear. It's fifty donate body forward or Humphrey knocked. That the people like me but by the papers to pick up there and a player right now and gonna get very grave. They border total football player stuff like go there thank. Yet to door appreciate calling it we actually had serenade on the air weird ACC can call right your short we talked to him good kids yeah do you look at you say about Sarah and I think she did daydream pick a guide for you know we say good blocker I think he's an OK position a blocker guys and get in the way a little bit I think he's more of that. That move tied and a guy we call you tied under an appetite and depending on the scheme yup. And I think he's more of a possession guy I must surely he's going to be that big play threat so. I could see him getting drafted because of that what he's good that he's really good which is you know getting opening catch the football getting what he can the flip side as I don't think he's really special anyway there are more Gary boarded staying Greg Olsen. I I think there would be fair were here Barnes have won one then really had one Erie race a year and now we were we don't like to have that kind of you know kid I saw gush and now is name's gonna skate we will just sleep correct type get out of Washington wrecked out he's a throwback titans come ready blocker okay keys and in line guy's gonna move guys off the ball for you get open underneath kind of zone buster kind of guy. Yes so. Mean he's not he's cutting goes against the trend of what's going on the league right now undersized defense might. They do when you're about Mark Andrews out of Oklahoma who's essentially a slot receiver mass for the type that would you have displeased with the same thing day three type of player sleazy he's a day three guys a little earlier though I think he could be in the fourth or fifth round let me. Sasser AME we we know the members of the dangers dated a guy like eight Hurst Bob but guilty if they thought. We're not necessarily looking for Greg Olson's replacement we're looking for a Dixon's replacement which is block. Do all those things are just via a guy on special teams for is justly might be that it fits in that way. He could be that guy you can get an excellent on number two that fantastic. Regardless of the sort of 070457. On ice extent Steve match ESP it's gaps in what has got a personal text. I gotta read you a second we'll get to that Obama Tutu like JD who's up next JD what's what's up there what you wanna say. Stay with photo guys' knowledge I was in another question for you I guess about quarterback position. 124 I mean either you're looking at dot stacked and stay here at Alexander maybe might use a couple of other guys. What you think about war the second round quarterback Alex it's any favorites specifically I mean. He's got the got kind of wonder how far along he can go if you think Keith how close is that those first late first round guy. Keyes she's the second third round guy think he maybe that may be the end of the second beginning in the third really likes this tape in 2016 and then we throw this tape in 2017 you could see that he has a harder time matching up with big receivers and they played Florida State on tape was having you know pretty good time of you know just coming down with a 5050 ball so I think he's a number three slash number two corner but I think he's a good guy you and in the early thirdly second. Overall they can deep depth of the quarter class how how good is it. I think it's pretty good it depends on what you're looking for army that that's the issue it's. There's there's a little bit of everything for Stanford each team but. It kept it in that and that sense there's depth where you better get your guy guess I mean if you're if you're looking for that slot corner there's there's a handful of them so there's a raw. And you better make sure you get that guy let's take a quick breakers we're gonna stay on time or to get back more this Steve minutes. ESPN's got sick and I've got to reach UA a question this comes from well I won't say who come from we'll get to that next gear again Chris Croker Steve Mitch. Erica dug her up next and we're gonna start diving into the Panthers meet with Mitchell do that after this is prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Anytime with Chris crushed. Powered by Ford go here. You guys can jump ship building center text onto the phone 7045709610. Steve Medsphere again Chris Krueger. And you've got 45 minutes. To get in the door tonight your doors neighborhood girl pro football draft roundtable will start at 6:30. But after 5 o'clock. Price goes up so it's thirty dollars now you can get your tickets at get my purse dot com you can purchase at the door but after five. It goes up to forty dollars so you get a few more minutes to take advantage of that Omar Gaither is gonna join us coming up. In the next half hour as well and go its role for a couple of these calls and we're gonna get pod system Panthers and talk about. What this team is looking at on the offense the defense decided things Eric wants to jump in next do what's good fit to join us talk a little NFL draft air puts up there what you wanna say. Well I'd noticed one a. Sources as tornadoes. I'd love to see somebody from Alabama finally plan Prodi but the panther what are the chances that drive by Israel that they're martek is. Erica appreciate Koenig again it was actually saying earlier hey if there's a defensive tackle the board who knows maybe take a bit Iran paid is a that's a grown man that I think that's a guy that I I I've watched him. Obviously do what he's done an Alabama any SEC on the big stage and he just he takes over games at times writing to me throw that tape and he's player in the jumps out of the front seven player. The makes the most plays I mean lovers on Evans but I think dead. To Ron Toews got that jumps out right away and ready to play tight end even based off what we see domestic bureaus serve out there. You could use some of that Bryant already dead heat but he he basically single handedly changed that in high he flipped excellence in game. In the national semifinal he took over that gave a deposition which is pretty hard to do. Yeah he's hateful mean he didn't he just knows how to win with his hands and he's a great hands fighter gets off blocks and he forces you do it either. Live with that the choice of trying to block more than one minute and not be able to do it. We're blocking him with two ministering somewhere else on the defense front I was gonna Doug really quick he's up next Doug puts up there what you wanna say. Let's talk about quarterback poem is at all the. The third through the character quarterback but. California yeah. Quarterback to. Do what we have now and and black cherry arm on what. The proper got a quarterback that got. From the cancer simple point. We're at it 44 in the first or later on. Every car. Yeah I would I wouldn't be hold your breath for that one does not mean I'm not gonna not gonna say can't happen but it will Marshal aboard a 24 I think you're trade down. If you painters correct she's I think you use that as a bargaining chip it back at bat that instead I mean obviously they don't have a backup quarterback on the roster right now for saying how far. How sorry in this draft do you think the Panthers could get. Before they run the risk of not being able to find a guy who could be a functional number two. It's it's a top heavy drafts I think you're looking date to when you're looking at the Mason Rudolph's of the world to your. If you're not gonna find that KM you know if I Cam Newton zone on third down. You're looking for a guy that's gonna come in and manage your offense I think you're looking and in the day Tuesday at Mason Rudolph for Luke Faulk out of out of Washington or maybe the kid from Richmond Kyle a lot of very different players that came news that guys could be really functional baca tilts up just talk about give his name again Kyle Kyle Lola flow let at a at a Richmond Phil savage mentioned him he thought you know he was at the Senior Bowl so we saw him up close and personal tour up civilly to this day museum if you that are threats so that those are interesting names there. Yeah I would expect Lamar Jackson to be there 24 necessarily appears I don't think the Panthers pulled the trigger but. It just a question from Doug let me ask you this OK in your mind knowing how to pay after your build. What would be more beneficial for Cam Newton. What's a better what would even be what would you even consider more of a weapon for him you know a passion pass catcher in this in this draft. For me in on it up another offensive lineman but they got it with him it's offensive line I mean it to get another pastors who would be great but did you have. They've done enough I think he still looked at elite guy that's why I have a pretty high on their needs to think they're gonna take one early that they have enough bodies there were Jerry's right coming in and I think the way you use McCaffrey as receiver times devils Fox's. Still isn't where you wanted to be but I thought he had a better year last year so I think that. Really solidify the offensive line. Setting up that that run game because I think that you look at your running back they're they're at their best they can have that power run game that set up everything else off. Play aids seems like Tuesday that there's some uncertainty about the level of receivers coming out in and I know there's some disagreement always among their value waiters but. Who even is the best receiver in this class is it DJ Moore is a Calvin Ridley who'd you know who's the guy passing records and they're the two with a conversation that I would say this if you're looking for someone who's gonna help you right now to help relief is the best route. That is if that's what you look for first as the guys are coming in we can help you right away your. Ron and NFL roundtree I would take DJ Moore I think you DJ Moore is got a chance to be a very special player. I have compared in this high praise I've compared the Golden Tate after the catch. And I think he's got more of a vertical aspect of his game legal team does so I obviously have a high opinion of him as a player realistically were you thinking goes off the board. Is he lasted 24 I think I've heard he might go after toward. So there's a chance to what's going on there I'm not really sure to be honest if I am I wish I could tell you internalize following this you know again and I've talked about the kids from Notre Dame over and over again it going in the fourth round icicle many say Browner talk throughout the night I just like saying nickel and Amy saint brown you know I can't zip I. If I guess just go to you every time master equity is saying but he's I've heard people say I think I heard you say it is subtle foods with Frankie Kyle over the last few weeks or Mac. You'd think he's got all the tools and get back guy where you later in the in the draft exactly. So I think this summit if you can wait and indeed things if if you're looking for slot receiver guys and you saw receiver punt returner in that I think Chris incurred out of Texas CNN a really solid second round pick that you might see I mean I think if you're Atlanta. And you look for slot receiver he may be guy taken the first late. But there is that's a kind of guys you need a little bit that I think he does that very exceptionally exceptionally well and you'd be a that position in general wide receiver because this is the thing I think to your page your point about what the papers have done to put some improved weapons around campus that is it where it needs to be probably not but it's better. You draft what these guys can you actually paint on them. Getting on the field right away being an impact player he was a rookie even some of these topping guys if that's a hard position to make make good transition to correct right I think that Ridley. And Kirk are definite I think the Morse got the talent to do that I like DJ chart out of jealousy when he might take a year to really reach his full potential means. There's there's a lot of players out there they're gonna have to come in and learn an NFL offensive learn how to lose and just a really lovely guy as a prospect not just in the short term but in Walter reviewer drag your investigate 24 pick on a player wide receiver. For Anderson were played a long term game we're not this was saying hey go out here go hit sixty balls force right now right in your you're waiting for the got a development it takes receivers. You know certain guys can do right away like the Mike Evans of the world because there there just freaks of nature yup I'm not sure that there's a guy in this class like that OK so let's talk offensive line at ticket the Panthers are gonna get a guy it's going to be interior linemen a 24 wheel Hernandez and so I've heard people say this guy's just a monster he's at he's an animal he's a mall where he's. He's got some of the tree Turk turner I think type aggression stuff that you'd like. I do you think at 2040 picked up picks makes it to be there and he's pretty good value it's going for I think he's quit Nelson life. And I think it when you look at them the first thing that's gonna concern you like being relative of course this is the rates typically such a monstrous guy he's he feels that they uniform for Nell. But he's got short arms and you know it she can make too much of that what is it. If I were put elderly or children that she read rate than a year ahead children so I would say that we say he has short arms I can be a problem for players. How much from when you throw that tape but it has served plunging if they have short arms and it was a good balance sheets Knight doesn't let it get away from it and let the action come to a when he doesn't. What does need to you know just fires arms get off balance so I think it even though he has short arms doesn't really tough overcoming it. I think he's a of one run blocker which is outstanding in the music to. Slash three pass blockers and if you do want starter. Billy price. He got injured I think was a guy or very early on in the pre draft process before Lincoln because of need because of talent saying you know what this could makes an effort for the Panthers a 24. PC guy that will be on the clock on the boards do what they pick again with a comeback on the clock hit in the second round I think there's a chance that he could be I mean I. I'd like Billy Chrysler I think he's been overvalued a little bit I when I see the kids from Iowa James Daniels apparent ability price. I think the team's data is significantly better player I think he's quicker I think he's more athletic. And I had to could serve with him with size and it came out in news you know this gives 300000 Columbine. And ran short subtle that was. Ridiculous is showing off his athletic ability I think that he could be here in the second I think he comes off the board in the second round he's active player. But the idea of him going late in the first I think was a little premature. Out of that clump of guys who were first second round interior linemen is they are guy you look at who's probably better able to. Play left guard for you for a year and then placed center for you moving forward when Bryant wheels not playing anymore that's James Daniels missed that seems it is in the Billy price and then there's a guy in this in the question played tackle. At Nevada awesome quarter if you heard this name he's he's he's one of early risers snag this. Together that there's been a lot of buzz with I've now heard of him so he's a late sir and right. There's been a lot of buzz about him for awhile to be honest we really played tackle in college but this kid was working on his staff thing. Well he was practicing because he knew that he's gonna have to transition the inside shows you the who's who's getting ready for the next level Smart kid versatile player I think he can play Saturday to play guard for a year in the kitchens that senator. And last thing on on the offensive line. He's Derek guy because you got to get this guy 24 in all likelihood but is there a guy that you say you know what developmentally. Day to day three. Half goal that we think actually complain left tackle I don't think this team has a left tackle. That he's capable of the future right even a guy like Jim remote we think might have guessed my beaded tiered gore or right tackle who is their guy you'd say you know what it's not gonna get one but if you want to play it slow for a few years this guy's got left tackle potential. Just two guys to keep in mind I think the first ones from legal drug Christian who could go because of this just 35 inch arms very athletic he's got to get a little bit stronger global woke up better body until at times eagle earlier than expected because of that. But if you can get him in the second round I think he's he could be guys really develop and then the other guys west Georgia's Dez Harrison who's got a had a long road you know he's out of football for a couple of years. It was some background you're gonna have to do their group very athletic. Not quite as long but still could protect editorial. West Georgia yet. So they took Alex normalize cheers from west Georgia and guess what twist to that pipeline you really do weather popping up bigtime NFL prospects and especially where there isn't a guy ends up fifty. Whereas George probably don't live there is a reason that he ended up there aren't Kenny had a double cut fuel we come back we'll get into more cancer seasonal switch to the defense a little bit and we will talk. Tight end at a lot of people wondered about that as well Steve mention Gary get Chris Kroger. And I get a gets this text in question permit would do that next to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to prime time which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. I think I think. I didn't. And I getting into this personal tax on the Kroger addition of the building center text line of not giving you that number eight. The other number the real number I'll sell it to you better about 70457096. Test that's carried hit Steve meant to this boulevard gate there. Is in the building he's gonna jump followed us and about ten minutes I've got a question lets call this from Kevin in Baltimore okay. This is what's up crow still events and I wanna build up I want to go with the ravens or you're doing in the draft. Have any answers on that. They've got. Before you're Michael because there's a good they go your good side. I did they might need to get out a right tackle of the sixty that they might think she's in Jessica hopefully there's got to do their homework up their Baltimore was I don't know how to. They've traditionally had a good staff lately not so much so I don't know overall way down at the inmates are kind of running the asylum up there and also wants Silva disguise Keon crosses and corner at a western Carolina the catamounts a western Carolina. Yeah had a real good prudent meant well that could top yesterday exclusive lower body really yeah do all your homework etc. these are they off that's how detailed Steve is most people can't give you scout report on a division two guy from western Carolina access CN 61 I. Yes OK off a month I don't don't don't don't dirty like debt since the old habits dialogue you know where western Carolinas located under your from new here on. Sale or western Carolinas look you know I'd. Color we north Carroll Halloween yeah. Just a distant shot of the road from Silva. Okay we'll go to jury never heard about it yeah he's got a book what color we like maybe an hour from Asheville. Of that for some of them like that yourself on the other side of Burkina North Carolina we're not too Smart around here so we have a western Carolina university and we got him. East Carolina University. But okay flattery that's that's a thing you can call in eastern Carolina there east Carolina like that yet but it's western Carolina at east Carolina so one of those schools is pumped out a lot better draft prospects over the years and the other thing you know you don't hear as much for me scale Monica's city east Carolina they usually only get one phone call. I'm happy with yourself right now are you proud to Kenny really quick Kenny was up there what you wanna say. Buried under Clinton and I that everywhere from the players I think you're dismissed in the elephant in the room we've come through trial for the I am. Okay you have hit six. If you don't get it right invest so much about the Johnny come lately late in the third round as background work stuff. You need to get reported that we look first the best way to protect him because we. They're going to be the ball out of the pages I'm looking to one of compact solid body much of these explosive wouldn't be chilled the effect. Yeah well yeah it's good enough job would be bad for you this strong local trauma wanted to destroy it became boot all acquitted if you don't get it back. I expect. They wanna carry her to go back out of the threat is your first it's nothing much you can would go to Baghdad but to put justice I just don't feel. I mean who wanted to thank you good luck figuring you're going to giving him enough to quite make the throw the ball. The heat might be at halftime. Or live is not a stronghold flop and I expected to did not commit to a unique did not tell him responsibility. To get the first down every time it's. If you knew everybody expected. Our candy we we get the point all right so move on from kitty so he says running back he got to take for the 24 got to find that. That's when he carried back at one before they okay now can I Alexei bell tower running back to 24 gotta get gotta get it there you don't get it they're not get it at all and you're doing came a disservice. Sweater if you can get their all the news later on there's guys like Arizona State's Kalin laws and and Rashad penny out of city whose states and other got to keep. The guy would. Outside of the two Georgia back sort Peter Guber I think they're the better second round values. Darius gets kids from LSU I think it's worth that pick. Hated getting and we watched TV just runs and he just does not wanna go down when you try to tackle and you've seen enough. We get a little carried away with production in college as a receiver you seen enough of him as a receiver to know that he's gonna be okay in the NFL's receivers pass blocker I think it. He's a sneaky league's first round. Pick for somebody. Kenny I love you brother police said the do my homework anytime you come to the table half Sony Michael yeah at Sony Michelle action. That episode we still don't know how to happiness that except don't pronunciation Sony Michelle is in his is that these two were talking about there all right let's skated this to some of these other draft each for the Panthers. And there were in stimulus for a little while she got to rest up for our our roundtable tonight here to work neighborhood grill. Tight and really quickly here don't go to defense. He nursed. What's your evaluation on him I've heard people say that's 4044 about to be 25 feet feel each wise your question marks there. You don't. Is this guy worth the ticket 44 all those things which your evaluation made. Heard he needs comes into it but I think when you're looking at age wondering. Is this kid are you realize upside I think a lot of ways he has in the sense that he's a very good route runner he's good after the catch. I also like how tough he is I don't think he's a great blocker. But he's really willing to get in there and get it get away and then again what I think is the best part about him is his ability to create after the catch and he's above our. That area the number one to ten at our board. You know he's comes in the in the play but it's not it's not such a deterrent that's it's not such a deterrent to knock him out of the first round two just she's a number twos number one Dallas dollar daughter yeah okay and then I think just to see if he makes again at six and third. We think Goddard goes off the what we think daughter goes off for you guys we haven't. I don't know where we have our latest mock battle easier I think he's gonna go with a tough warnings basically. OK if we could be another guy I don't know the pages that showed interest in Goddard at all we know they've looked at. And owner Henry a little bit let's talk defense really quick. You're I ask you author about tiger Alexander local kid. Got it. Played his high school ball Rocky River went to went tool hole and we really just a raw athlete and he turned into a quarter he turned into a really good quarter. But you are seeing size wise BTU we doesn't necessarily fit the profile what we think we know about the Panthers. This is Stewart. The idea they want guys at more length and the more physical in. This rough that guy I think that I hear Zain is gonna see your hip pocket all day and he's. Really good that these play makers get above average ball skills he's not great against the run these. He's a little bit below average in that area to what I think about quarters I mean I think. Josh Norman and that's the guy that I think about what they want fairness that the guy who ran a 466 in his own mind. But have long arms and Smart competes and every snap and feel. We under re. The ability for corners diagnosed route sometimes how important it is because if you know where guys going it doesn't matter how fast your purity there so I think that that's the kind of guy he works hard. So safeties interest in me I think it's the biggest need on this team historically speaking there could always especially ridiculous put a lot of assets strapped lies in the safety. Last safety they took the first round. Thomas Davis is now linebacker ray they've they've got it in the past it's just been awhile so that's the way to board falls I don't know how much you redid that put. He's third guy at 24 or are there guys at 24 that you think would be worth the pick because. There are older they are fit a deposition right now that's a massive hole for them Brett I think Stanford's Justin reasoning would probably come up a lot for you guys I think it it makes the most sense because the top two safeties. I think that make it Fitzpatrick in their origins are long gone at that point. But I do think this that we can last that long would look at him. Great speed. Good size. Does he need to be more consistent tackler yeah a lot of these guys do a lot of maps view of the board's say so he can cover. He's got a game can cover DP government slot. There's a lot of to like about his versatility. Positive we talked earlier in the show about certain guys it's it's getting harder to find certain positions it's hard to violent tackles because. Those guys don't play in three point stance isn't college anymore. Why is it's so difficult for the NFL to find good free safeties. And it seems like we're overloaded with guys who were box players more comfortable coming up at play in the running guys who have that kind of range. Just get picked ever so quickly because they seem to be so brave. It's it's I think it's the farthest away from the ball and that's the easiest way to say they're not as they're not constantly involved in the action which means that you have to watch more T to get a good feel for safety we joke about it every year we go to the Super Bowl. How difficult it is to about receive these because they asked them to do things that they often don't do and then on all lot of the other time they're just standing back there and they're not fall next so. It is it's a tough position no value all right defense event will let you go it is that's another massive hole to be. It maybe even in the short term I mean look you got it a very aged defense of that group could Julius Peppers US still thinks it'd be really productive why would you be more laps instead as productive as any defensive editing NFL. Outside of the elite group will be disguises didn't really good at getting after the quarterback the last few years. I'll put those guys are older they're both over the age of thirty and we don't know additional always yet they got basically registered at last year. What is their defense event whether it's in the first round or even a few rounds later for the cancer. I don't like the value for them it in the first round I think. If there's got to keep an eye on it's just wet the kid from Florida stayed you read just outrageous calm my work out. And then when you throw on the teacher does he flashes at times and then there's guys later on like it kicks to lean on mayor Rudolph. Who's a developmental player you probably get on. Demeco terror terrorist. We have fourth round grade I would be surprised if he gets out of date to just because. Guys need guys them players need. A CC teams the players that you get after it. The quarterback like Buchanan when you look at his state it's interesting I don't like the way they used them. It was one of those guys desk job for the covers a lot when they turn him loose you saw guys got that. High upside as fast as we Jews feel the lessening what is what was your evaluation additional last year coming out what you remember about him raw that he wasn't. We there was times he really like what he's doing it off some miles here for you concerned that he did that that attention miles there was helping him. We liked his upside we thought he had a chance to develop into a really good football and. Richard last year learn busters ratings we're still waiting we're gonna find out Steve mention the middle of the night tonight we're gonna get into all this we scratched the surface. And we'll get into it is a whole lot more detail tonight since 630. North neighborhood grill where an awful morehead where we are now and now that its past 5 o'clock. You pay forty dollars at the door it's still worth the price laser Greg Olsen because I've got your ticket covered and we'll talk about that next result marketers you to join us that's good work was it a bit of NF all right quick ID 5 o'clock our starts with Jerry can't. Omar Gaither it may Chris Kroger fraught time powered by ortho Carolina.