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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Darin Gantt talk with Hornets Interm Head Coach Stephen Silas. 


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BC's primetime. Powered by ortho Carolina. It's 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack did. Daniel's Tennessee ride come. Combining the distinct flavor of rice and Jack Daniels distillery timeout or charcoal mellowing process the result is a boy spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today and drink responsibly croak. Or Peter King Sports Illustrated CNN QB. Mentored her and she's over there it was a bit scared apparently preparing your high yeah. Site of the apple hi how. Just not going to be good creator gave. Hard work to go to the tech may come guess. Line and as so we roll on week we welcome in now the the interim head coach for the Charlotte hornets of course the associate head coach for the Charlotte hornets and Stephen Silas also loss last night to the to the Golden State Warriors the defending champs at spectrum setter one of 187 just the fourth loss at home one year for the hornets put up. Two big games coming up on Friday and Saturday against the bulls and the lakers will talk about that and how we welcome in the head coach Stephen Silas coached you do a picture make it to our force. I appreciate them doing pretty good thanks very much for having me. We of course a lets some let's dive into food to last night's game and then rule look elsewhere will start to it's just been afforded talk well what's what's what's going on with the team right now but it's. You know that's been his toughest it challenges your gonna have in the NBA on any given night especially when they're at full strength and even when they're down dream on it's staff I mean. Yeah you're worried about a guy like TD going off and he went off last night but does it in general obviously that that stretched the lead in the first quarter into the second quarter before you guys clawed back in. That that was a that was kind of an area where things go away for a little bit last night. Yeah you know we have Panama open shots says that oh. Could have made then they just didn't go in tourism and golden stated it very good job keep enough perimeter. Another key to the side of the pain and make an ocean jumpers than you know those jumpers and saw a couple hundred and we really went era. Deride stretch and I think we'll have four points for a while we're really struggling. Few to put Obama who fit you can I'm not there was just doesn't shots some of it was the ball movement of the lack thereof. Standout player with a little bit better pace so while once. And of this second quarter came where we were down 26. Clear whatever was. Certainly Paramount just like hey let people get it to fifteen go to the halftime and the guys respond that they did a good job and played a little bit better with better page there's no and got the ball before a little bit better we got it to 59 halftime got a perfect ten or eleven. At the end of the the third quarter and actually had to put seven on the court. So I'm definitely proud of the guys got a rally in the and came back after their comeback so much early. There were talking in associate head coach an interim head coach for the Charlotte hornets Stephen Silas is with a shred now on the tech become just like all that loss to the warriors. 10187. On Wednesday night endo hornets now nine and fourteen eaten for at home window won intent on the road but a lot of home games coming up right now two more on Friday and Saturday big back to back against the bulls and lakers are winnable games. I mean in general. Coach when you look at Kevin during he went for 3511. And ten and it was the ninth triple double his career I think the high scoring triple double he's ever had. How many new film overall is thirteen to 2080 was three of ten from three I mean even clay clay and 220. And he was not a fourteen was the only kind of a clay ninety was for seven from three I mean if if I went into the game last night before the game instead. Hey you know Canadian player gonna combined firm for 57 and they're they're gonna shoot overall 22 of 042. I'm not if you would have been surprised right like I think in general outs of a few possessions you guys got a big did a pretty good job defensively on those guys last night. Here you know Katie you're so tough could be doesn't so much to handle them pick and roll you can catch and shoot he can isolate them. Indonesia's special and make some shots third this stately armed guard Opel you know friends that have 35 point 128 shots. Means that we did a decent job bottom and then like you say look clay court at a clay type game. Where we help them daughter from one point so. If you can hold on state 200 while boards regardless of who they have on the floor they have to meet scores on the court last night real don't know what a lot. We just have to score you know in the hundreds of good repute are coming you have. Two to have a chance to win the game. Trustee Gonzales would do so again he's with us on the technique I'm just on all the loss to the warriors bulls and lakers coming up big back to back on Friday Saturday with the boats the calls right here on WS frenzy pregame starts at 630 James came on by the way is gonna pregame on Friday and Saturday. And then now Steve and James and Matt Carroll on the call at 7 o'clock right here on WS NC so well I mean what what what started to materialize. He really after that that what that two minute three minute mark in the second quarter of the rest of the way the ball movement was a big part of it public who what what would you say we gave you guys a chance the rest of the way it worked last night they could try it like to you'd like to harness and try to move that Ford to Friday and Saturday. Carla Tara on the defense of them are really starting to get after him good to get into him a little bit better without ball pressure are eventuality. And we are getting stops and we're able to run a little bit -- not necessarily on for fast break so we're able to get an early pick roles led the defense for the necessarily it's sad as it is that I have court set and we're getting the ball movement moving need to write what computers paint catches up off ball movement and that's important for a man kemba obviously. Having his creativity and early pick and roll blues. It always good drugs so the ball moves better and then the ball moves better and what were able. Played a little bit more pace we can we about better opportunities to score. It is a new coach had talked about that at times last year coached a source government that Stephen Silas with this right now I. You don't getting going and running and at times and it can't be you know you can be every every possession public getting out running at times to open things up a little bit you do your talking about there right now you mentioned it last night and you know gold states the team especially right because of their length and ask lettuce is a once they go once they get set in the half court I mean it's good it can be game over sometimes writes so. I. It remains alive I mean blood is one of our best runners and do premium for a head of the ball and get paint catches early possession both. Deepening catches against our home is man or if you are well enough you can have this match is down there and oh will be able to get an easy baskets and that's already used the as far as having that mentality because the ball up the floor early give the defense on the move keep them on the move but also get an easy baskets where you're not playing gets upset because solid car meant. Really haven't worked hard her fur baskets or you have to have your multiple pick and rolls or isolation or whatever they teach the getting out and getting it in transition bid for a certificate Java near Orlando game we had nineteen points in transition and McIlroy I think we only had seven last night so about disappointing but going forward that's definitely something warm and we've been talking about referrals for awhile but it does take a little bit. Look I'm the kind of growth from the mindset of slowing down and that and playing our flow game as opposed to playing a little bit more votes transition. I I don't mean to overreact to make elect I go back to last year were trading on at this still stuck in my mind Friday night game I think this is like seventh or eighth game of the year against Toronto was envious PR oh yeah and what he did on DeRozan a nine DeRozan got his but he he wasn't efficient and that would that was all trading on that night. Yeah yeah I mean now the great game for airmen and I'm not sure that he played very many games after that he does it always ready always ready at that the way to Iraq stirs. There is set up you know it's hard for him to get minutes but he's always ready to those minutes when he gets them and we know. We were gonna get a great effort on the defense and many some really strong and guys can't back down hopefully up. Into the post good and he knows all of our coverages so that they can coverage which states saying. You know he can make a shot he made a good three last night in the particular. Give into the pain. The children's summer league that it can score some of dwelled so. I'll ultimate role player a guy you love to have any team could fill in any spot and he producers when he called upon. Well I had how would you a grade your performance is a head coach you do scouting to how I was a last night. It was okay. You know to get down as much as we did this and comeback effort because a credit to the guy. More than anything and their commitment to. Playing well and end up playing the right way here and I giving out there and say the situation get out of cuts situation was clipped out Kuerten who we all think about government. And missing him and there would be an easy. Out for the guys to just say clippers a year and and we're just oh we do our best and there there really is listening here and and no responding and then he. You know give me a lot of respect that there is based on. What I've done my guess what quit but also the reflection of course. And and out the guys that we have because you know it could substitute teacher. Kind of situation and there. It's on the guys like if they wanna treat it that way there who will go one way if they're good they're really serious minded and even have a great attitude about it. So we can go another way though. You know that would coats she. And it papadore degrade myself that he dark there's always bring feel like I could have done better wore her. They're currently year. Good guy in what I. Didn't know or should of put. I'm really describe trying to help cliff he you know that's not doubt that they help cliff he. It has changed obviously but are supplements do investor operator. Yeah and your dad is so he's always say any sitting right behind the bench every game he gets to traitor to the huddle solid shirt he had some pointers after last night on periods of words. Of the area all those awards for her earlier and they're great they thought. 45. Years experience you know how to hook so it's great to have their may have a bomb there every gave me and and could especially now with those special situation because. He to have both of them here through good times through the bad times at every game is. It took a lot about them is that battle a lot about how they feel about Charlotte that are so that he beat two. Yet and that was cool the other night too because Dwight Howard from surpassed your dad und in nineteen colonel I rebound list. While he was sitting right there so that was kind of there was a comical moment as well got less thing here did well what do what do we would we have a house to house coach doing what was the last time we talked to my housing holdup right now. Apocalyptic game last night and he had a few pointers and oh unsafe ordered her to observation. And you know he's he's watching them getting better. You know we still don't have really a timetable on when he comes back but he's definitely. Someone that I talked to quite a bit of Tex you know all talked room to do I want to better protect the couple times that day and it really just check in and more than anything else subject head on him do so. Like a couple of days ago it's if you would miss could go to Bowie could miss the man yeah there's a great great person that badly but come march. BC in the building an all or no. Now now you are people prepared and best day before yesterday there's no real quick and now he's not he's not around. Aren't on the rest up and or who we are all thinking about them and good luck to you on Friday and Saturday okay there's a big back to back right I mean it's night and you do you do to hold take a one game at a time thank you you gotta have both of these are right I mean missy back to back both at home on Friday and Saturday these these are must ask for you guys. Yeah how many invoking the plan betterment Chicago political good game last night against the yen electric third OK so. How we're gonna have to play well that the wind error. Not like me just slow rollout there there and give you a meet UN side we have these Bluetooth reluctant that's what I told the gathered after the after the game last night we have a day off today but everybody needs to do. Whatever it takes to get their minds right go to when he gave up Friday. That's associate head coach for the hornets Stephen Silas get ready for Friday Saturday big back to back it home bulls and lakers both games 7 o'clock we've got pregame at 630 right here an offensive coach thanks for making time toward corporate here. By ortho Carolina. If you want bad news or do you want forces in the news you need to add stuff. So bad that sums worse than the others so we just talked to us Porter said coach. Acting head coach interim head coach associate head coaches all those things Stephen Silas so the injury report last night for the award it's ray disc. Steve Clifford out indefinitely he's dealing with some medical issues taking some time away due to evaluate that stuff. Again I just conveying this it's not as hard for those who've been worried maybe this is you know in my if you members of his first season here yet a couple of stints put in his heart there were some worry about that it's not that dumb but. On these get some tests done and Al hornets respecting his privacy and at the time away and that's the right thing to do that's bad enough. I was standing near the tunnel last night when frank Kaminsky. Needles full sprint did even break Stride Rite also swore back to the tunnel to get his ankle looked at our Cody Zeller in the final six minutes of the fourth quarter a bomb and he had a a knee issue he went back to the tunnel did not return. And a hornet's announcing officially now we are hornets coach or show about 35 minutes we'll talk about some of this but Dutch on the court it's announcing officially now. Cody Zeller. And frank commits you both suffering some some some key injuries frank he sprained right ankle can't. Last night and I he is going to be out for the game against Chicago tomorrow night here in Charlotte his status will be determined moving forward on a game by game basis. Okay frank Kaminsky out for game. It could be worse and you're not great not during her news breaks. You know. Could do worse trying to find a role. Could be worse OK we'll Cody Zeller is apparently suffered a torn medial meniscus in his left knee injury occurred with 49 seconds left and a third last night. And I he's listed as out indefinitely. And I he's going to explore treatment options and you'll get some updates. Went whatever that becomes available so torn. Medial meniscus in the left knee for Cody Zeller and again our coaches show armies is gonna come. In about thirty minutes and so we'll talk about some of this but I think I mean to meet this is the issue here. Nine and fourteen not all that worried about given a schedule any injuries. Nine and fourteen word know IE got some injuries at some an area where those guys may be worried issues in producing in the first place at times. Any don't have ought to keep Jeff behind him. Now you really start to be behind the eight also hornets is it's never to send the pants yeah horn or insurance or torment us his bio Iraq you know depending upon years of the the person involved 666 to eight weeks. News involves and he brace and crutches and surgery and all the I mean I don't think we civilized to Cody Zeller but we've seen the last of him for a while I'm male I'm that's a that's that's again a torn medial left meniscus in his left knee frank Kaminsky tore a sprained right ankle. He's not a place Friday and that's dated a bit Cody is gonna be out indefinitely easy get some treatment options there are so. Our best stinks and this means more of of trading on Graham who I thought was a bright spot last night I'm a big treat younger and Tim ansari and I think that guy does what you want. For the more guys and his team to do which is compete. I defend edu and what it means that it changes the way you play the F. In your system it was kind of built on haven't widen Tony yep and now you've got to do business completely differently. We'll look small mouth I mean when the don't have any choice the other go to the second year in the go small that I would venture to guess that means so mangled messier Mike get a call from our called down from Greensboro. If you will fruit from the swarming I know things are bad and Charlie right now but it's not called down from Greensboro. Pilots call all but it's called down I guess geographically down the road down a road call off from downtown high eighty call off from. Depend on what does promoted now so anyway though but I I think those guys having the number is like 43 for you look at a drive you don't mind I think a number of games were the two way players can be active on an MBA get in it doesn't mean you can be DN PCD. You can be DN TCD and it still counts towards that cash if you're active you up anyone reacted so once that happens you you have to either. Release him more US to sign him to a two way contract fortify 45 okay seldom and he's been up and markets page earlier this year when the depth was really bad both of those guys are up for about. Our I wanna I wanna say five or seven games something like that so that they don't we're about that right now but it deposition you dad it's a big issue and it and like it says mean. Coming at a time when your head coach is out sick nobody knows how he's going to be a year now it's happening to deal with this. I mean not no thanks you know yeah. I mean I joke about it's never too soon to panic but this is the sports equivalent of the snow forecast it's gone well all year and here's here's the problem right can't accuse this hornets team. The debentures and that it was supposed to be key part of this team and that was going to take time anyway but it's been bad and now it's going to be worse on you would think I just because if I mean. I mean again I think these guys to perform and I'm gonna be better probably if you here's the problem. When you're looking at this hornets team. The the obvious answer is well maybe need to bring in some reinforcements were. Just looking at this for what it is at its face rich Joe's in the final year of his contract they picked up the one year option on him. I and your head coaches not around rhyming he's around but he's not big data day around. And you don't know when she's gonna return. And are you really good you don't think about this from the state standpoint Michael Jordan has put this team always allow this team to go all the way up to the luxury tax they're not in to a but the within literally thousands of dollars are being mayor I in the locker cross over that threshold right now. But if you make a trade censure over the they capped. A trade yes to match salary dollar for dollar you can't unloaded a contractor need to cut that's the way it works in the NBA so it's a soft cap once you're over at the contracts gotta match. And so is this team on the scene now please get closer towards like the trade deadline. I don't think this team. One has. The type of I think they've got players that other teams who wants for various reasons but I think when you talk about this team being able to make moves they don't have a lot of flexibility because of the capped. And then on top of that would you allow ritual to make a move. Would you allow into effect something long term when he might not be there. You know six months from now. So. And that's the thing I mean you you can almost see this turning into a ride it out situation I mean because what buttons are you gonna push. I mean this is not the time to shuffle the deck I mean a not having covered the for a longer term and frankly the short term limits your options to shuffle the deck but. You know like he said I mean why would you let rich do that if you don't if you are committed to him long term and I just. It and I sounds terrible but it may just be one of those things there is no fix for. Yeah I think this team's gonna have to grind it out for awhile and may have been trying to cry it out as it is now you're gonna do with us guys that's if that's also asked but again. Have you sit again we've been able to say consistently that Kemba Walker Dwight Howard and Apatow I mean. I'm I think Kimberly Kim and I codecs that's the guys they you put him further on down the totem pole. But you've been able to say the three best players on this team is consistently played like the three best players on this team. I can't. Say that they've consistently done anything well right including appear so we can talk but the bench that's one thing British your stars are it would under the the term stars Lucy but if your star players are going to play like stars in the NBA on a pretty consistent basis night in night out you're not going anywhere so the bench is one issue is on Dwight. It is on make a tomb it is on Kemba Walker to look each night I know kemba has got that title fight you know to look at each other and say guys it's on us now because his. Cody income and a save us frank can come to save as a problem port the first place anywhere but now you desolate camp fall back on the bench so those guys need to be looking at each other thing didn't world we got out and were this team's only goal is fun and maybe five hundreds probably get a BV the type a ceiling you're looking for now for this team but that. That's that's all growing getting there bomb until we start playing that way consistently night. Like Jason maybe this forces this team to play a little different I know they maybe they don't want to but maybe they have to now maybe that's a good thing I mean it's. Just about the only option they've got I mean because when you've got no front court depth the mean you're gonna have to play smaller you're gonna have to play faster. And it you know without knowing what are these going to be back her. If I mean it's just. I don't know it's not ideal by any stretch of the imagination based on the talented guy here by. Cool tool that's all I can say about that's about right Julie look for discuss traded Brooke the F for basically cannon being so mean he went to Oakland now the deal I think is Trevor Booker coming back to return for jeweler local four and mixed house is so I mean that tells just. What what his value is around the India it's crazy for guys was third overall seniors go third overall pick Tom and that's also tells you where that word where the game is changed like Juli is one of these guys who unfortunately. You could dominate physically is a low post presence in college but you get to the MBA in. Nobody away anymore like nobody plays that he came out of the draft with Carly if any town stadium not the is that correct or is that the year year before. The Carl came out I forget those those guys were in a couple of years of one another. And he just plays the game. In a way that he did teams just don't want about anyone that. The real reason Al Jefferson was it was a guided got running here is because maybe he was prolific at school or shift same draft to draft yes HR Karl I think it tells us one depth and the Indians overall sold out Okafor pours Angus and so the 213 picks from that draft and now the Brooklyn team deserted Brooklyn trader for the Angela Russell this all seize up OK so that's what that's interesting to me because I remember you go back to that draft there was some talk is duke won the championship as we all know. I've and that 2015 draft I'd 2016 year and there's talk of well maybe go would you live local for big news I don't know man I watched him ID you know. Carl Anthony town she did people did the thing where you didn't win anything bro and now you look back in ways could you imagine can you think that that was an actual debate. Carl Anthony town vs Joel local four. And I think most people who went towards the towards cat but there was some debate whether Jolie a local force worthy of a number one overall pick for the timberwolves that year. Over Carl Anthony tells that's crazy anyway torn medial left meniscus. In the knee firfer. Curb Cody Zeller and then a right ankle injury for frank Kaminsky francs up for Friday will dress bill dress that that timeframe data day and then kodi he's out indefinitely that's that's no good. I'll plan. All bad and so we get to this to Richie tweeting and proudly Jewish Twitter treaty says did you guys discuss whether we should be falcons are saints stands tonight we did Peter King says it's right Peter can say is a saints I actually an interest in this what do you think mom I think realistically. You're better off. I mean. You're two games back of the saints with four point. You ain't catch in the same place they lose both games so the falcons in the painters go for no the Panthers theoretically would be NFC south chance correct yes so with the saints go to a tool. In some way shape or form. And then the Panthers went out that's that and and that seems like a tall task there's would be NFC south champ which you've got to finish two games ahead of them because it's one in the tiebreaker right now because they swept. So yeah for now into into would duet blown the year unity. Mainly I I falcons a bluesy or pretty close to. Having a playoff spot clinched. I just I mean I don't think there are wild card to sang you're the promise this is the Panthers is while court as it stands today and Peter King talked about around 44 conference record I've been so so NF for a little while that that that concern me from a seeding standpoint. Bending his six seat. It did no good comes from that I mean it's happened before them put that that is one and the giants are Super Bowl that way I mean in and the Panthers have made Super Bowls blowing through there while Carter Packers like in road games the Packers are noted as soon as this succeed but -- -- seem to do it that was 201120102011. Last time that that happened in you when you go to like I was looking at this the other day to see. Know how often do wild cards who tricky late you know deep into the what I hear you train tram high hum how often did a much calculate through the playoffs. And San Francisco's the last team to make a conference championship game is a wild card that was 2013 2014 and eventually added strain of back to back road games it's to be a little much I mean when your claim better teams you played him at their place and they've had a week off to get ready that's it. Not exactly a formula firm advancing. But add that means that Itar IRS style rooting for the falcons to lose because it I mean to me that tells you. You'll go to the playoffs you probably you could winning game maybe if it's against the team like the rams or something to it but that's about it that's very clear played out where New Orleans went to a tune Carolina on foreign no norms of becoming here. And you get a third she could appear to see the saints they claim a third time. Duped her one. I mean I honestly think if you get. If you get good camp. If you get the KM against New England if you get some of the cam over the last month or so prior to the New Orleans game. Where he's running around he's doing cam things the offense has got a little better rhythm I didn't beamer in the NFC. I think the game here showed they can beat Philadelphia. If need be I mean if Jonathan Stewart doesn't just handed the Eagles the ball. In the reds' own. That game goes the other direction and where the whole narrative about the season in the NFC east different. I they can absolutely I believe play will see anybody. Yeah off in all hinges on camp where everything is it else the office. It's art when you mentioned Hanks dram chiefs. Great she said coach and in honor of that let's segue to the another former chief sic coaching and Herm Edwards okay and does so he's now the head coach at Arizona State that sentence doesn't make sense. That's that's what Roland let that all of America for second Herm Edwards is not a head coach of a college football program at Arizona State universe notice Herman Edwards is a key seven is that holiest. I don't even know is that right. Ryan's seriously tweeting how are Google lane you know I'm so mad or dampen fill up time that 67 seems the 6363. We were on the air a couple are a couple of days ago he's suing his introductory press conference in Tempe and I saw people were marking this thing is really odds like it's weird and bizarre world and I thought I. How you guys are just your being over the don't we stop it you're just going over the top and then I went back and listen to some of the audio Mike. Yeah well. And so her once told her mom at the moment where the guy from devils digest estimate question in term started explaining his catholicism it's like. Herman doesn't know million name. Quote Rubino doubles I just devils that yes I guess are you located moment competitor right here in Tempe okay yeah sounds okay. Humble home I'm Catholic and Christian wants nothing doubles. I'll say legacy you're good brother. We have doubles all over the planet take a person. Do you think you legit doesn't know the did the Sun Devils. I think he doesn't know any. It was he trying to be funny and he's not putting all that all these artery now that was not an out of touch old guy who just didn't know that he hit it wasn't there he was unaware of devils digest being up publication. The day of bowl parties went through a term there. And said. I think it's fantastic. In RA YR Maine and I am basing this only all one do you like to watch guys that you've well I mean I have no emotional stake in the other issue okay. Com yeah. Whether they win or lose makes a difference to me I'm a big fan of chaos. And I think this has the opportunity to be comedy both intentional and unintentional. That means and they also think it's worth the gamble. For Arizona State because it sure Arizona State pretty irrelevant in football like I said you're the other issues. Behind apple left his post artists I like to have Ford not a is not a I still Crisco and Jordan and master and Darren Nomar buddies from the other issue this all the time big ear the other issue. Armed they're not particularly relevant this it. At least makes an interesting and it will make ESPN want to put them on TV makes them or is only going to. Help them. From our recruiting standpoint I mean listen if you ever been to Tempe Arizona shouldn't be hard to recruit Arizona State's vote at all it's so wonderful city. And I mean the way as there's really see Nixon minutes it's a narrow CA I mean it's Phoenix. It's the weather is perfect it's always warm there or don't remind me it is a beautiful. Michigan also tell you need an eye on stand Tempe mission sponsored tones where you're at is at any rate. I think this is crazy enough that it might work but what cause if you're Arizona State if you go out and get in the treadmill where. Your higher and that Chad Morris sir you're hired a Jeremy premiere of what does it do for your fan base that doesn't excite anybody. I mean is this if it works. You know that guy's gonna go eight and three and he's gonna go take a better job a couple of years from now Herman my eight if he's surrounded with a enough for the right people. Herm might pull a rabbit out of his hat and give them the TN wins Ted Roy chuck Amato did NC state you knew it wasn't a long term fix because again I was knots yeah but it was fun. And it was interesting thing in your sunglass and if you're not going to be good if you're not going to be Alabama if you're not going to be Clinton action are going to be Florida State. You owe it to the rest of us to entertain us which is ill Washington states that way I obviously but Tuesday Mike Leach is actually really good college football coach a mis stated but that's all separate matter I think this is interesting though like I think. Firm wins in IE PA's recruiting and apparently is that ESPN today into quit when hands on the broadcast today OK so her if he actually does ever choose to recruit in immediate need of families living room. I think this plays well but I'm not sure any kid. Who is 161718. Wanting to go to college has any idea what this is Billy played this this is term Herm Edwards are saying we don't huddle anymore and that's the problem with our society we will don't know huddle when he Donald Moore. You don't let you go. Myth. You missed the ability. To walk you know who. With a collectively. Will play its. Data from everywhere. Every race every religion. Every color. Don't matter. If you've got a brutal. He got a common goal. You're trying to be sold stuff. At the team. We don't huddle anymore. We're not sat real well. That's the problem we're in the growth had quite honest so. That and see how easy is so easily and needless slandering go into our own camps Herm is bringing people together. Works and Montel you don't worry demy close of families like that Michael is apparently do you think she likes the kid did teams that really teenage boy guys. When they hear that I think they roll their eyes like queen is this a weird like this duties weird. So he sounds at a tight cost me. Whole sounded like when he went into the living room when he was it South Carolina and here's is my ideal man with a list files I. I got an outstanding common with this cat. But people are networked for awhile and maybe that'll be term hold on we're back in a moment hornets coach you showed fifteen minutes we closed on the show and we got to get to this fantastic Georgia story to Georgia stories one Georgia fans really really Smart another. And you probably should have done a little bit better its next prime time Gary get Kroger and more power by ortho Carolina. Powered by Mort don't care. You Pete Townsend cheers up after this injury news Cody Zeller. Torn medial meniscus in his left knee he's out indefinitely. Our coaches show hornets coach is George five minutes stick around for that. I you'll hear Stephen Silas had Delaney is well. Greg Kaminsky he's gonna are right ankle injury he's gonna be out against the bulls tomorrow night so that stinks. Feel little pick me up on maybe we laugh one last time and Herm Edwards this is funny this tweet that went viral yesterday Herman Edwards in isn't new coach's office in Tempe overlooking Sun Devil Stadium. Somebody brought him a in a Sun Devils Jersey and herb said quote is that a girls Jersey. And they said no this is a game Jersey. He said this is a game Jersey. Yes term there's thirty under small and form sitting there they're tighter now they would they wish the moisture away in their lighter and it's it's we called a technology he would Wear the big bad people eat but he always uniforms oversize uniforms used to Wear term sorry things have changed CN again night that's why I think this is wonderful I don't think they're gonna win a national championship but clearly he's going to be interest and we are lots of all the time they were they won't be violent and and net and I believe. That Herman is a good and decent person who will have the best interest of children entrusted to him that art all right so did you see this up baker mayfield will play Georgia in the Rose Bowl men and baker mayfield is the resident bad boy college football I like her interracial the summit came in and sell GM on drafting this guy I think he's a winning quarterback. Cats are daring and who never watches any college football now scouting baker mayfield for all I just say I mean little quarterbacks worry me. I like I I would I agree I agree but I'm gamble on this guy it's the same that would DeShaun right worry Cadillac some of the physical things I don't know I yield up he passes the idea is that Shawn Watson bigger than Mecca may feel they may feel like man sales he's a guy he's got a great arm talent. As they citizenry as I bring you a list I hate myself for using a turn Sheila you should go stain in the honor of their let me finish that's okay so big they're talking about diet he tweeted out earlier this week he said to ever post a myself on number Bravo but I got to changed into the Georgia fans at the kind words of encouragement I applaud your creativity I don't nobody making the future Heisman Trophy winner Matty get ready for the Rose Bowl plant a flag a runaway like. I did see anywhere where his phone number was actually list. Back channels but you see your claiming this is a lie it is a truce that was there are people that were accusing him kind of doing the GMAC going thing like you know saying I shark death. A man the other being. I think you know saying something active and actually down now that's not your this is an inside job is where you're telling me what about this George it's true or just say and that's try to around Atlanta this week with these. And of course it's a giant yellow Hummer but he's driving around Atlanta and a giant yellow Hummer that has a flat screen TV. Attached to the back and it's just playing the the SEC championship game on Lou. He's just driving around just trolling all of their Lotta Auburn Jensen in Atlanta shirt is trolling the Auburn fans these drives around playing the C championship game. That's a debt to pro move right there my friend I love the Auburn guy that would that woke up at like 6 o'clock in the morning go the Georgia fans like that was living next door in which he played the slight song in the in the front yard. That T get knocked out to you better be careful about some of that hole unless he I liked it chick filet commercial where they'd put that TN on the state line and had people from Georgia and Alabama sitting at the picnic daily and chick filet together. That's the togetherness we need here. Well anymore that's a Dorado in America and says hold on one last thing here quickly. Let's play I was gonna GM Joseph actually got it we like sixty cent less than sixty seconds GM Joseph great juggler a fun. It would quickly or are bad they're good care remember a couple of wins that there could be Saturday. They're completion the minister Viktor or better care of the sick before. Oh goodness of shacks on. And at that Harpo. Completion. Pat. You don't have a random order paper but but like come and bomb hope always fit the political comeback to be critical there. Let it clear they're glad rent or not they're the black and not only chip and. All right Joseph I appreciate you calling him bodily durst an eye on right now. Falcons and saints one last unduly honest like we do this John Gordon disgusted I just want him disgusted he's the share our thoughts on just a crazy western town and he's he's left on duty had to attend to business and he's come home he's come back into town to find it. The crazies they shot audio okay current I have been to. The panel Leon nuts juju Smith Shuster uncalled for the sports column fox unsportsmanlike conduct penalty very disgusting disturbance on the hit. By Georgia Loko was uncalled for you doing their children footballers going to be some fines. There's going to be some stringent discipline is there should let's just a lot of these men are able to get up tomorrow morning a move all of life like. Some of the stuff got out of hand tonight is very disgusting and disturbing it's all right good. Just Justin is disturbing but I do when you go by. We're back tomorrow will be in Philly when we are. 100 an eighteenth game of army and navy Kyle's gonna cohost with me tomorrow going to be fun we'll see you then come back in a moment for the coach's show stick around. This is this goalie wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon where ever you made me.