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Friday, February 23rd

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We go to the technique on guess line we welcome in my dude Steven heart shall tuning in is where you can find him to attend a noon each and every day Monday through Friday college sports now channel. Great college troops in college football talk Monday through Friday Friday if you're a junkie. And it's absolutely 100%. Positively free and if it's free efforts for me arts it would sell buddy how you doing. A book would you think when he read this this morning you guys are getting ready to go on the air but you read this this latest report from Yahoo! what your your first response your immediate response without AV even thinking further about it what you just your quick knee jerk response to this was what this morning. I mean I was entertained and I do that forty impede enable the sport gets credit I mean it's good journalism. You guys talked about an art show the into the first half hour. And did you break any laws here I know the you know amateur athletic rules that probably didn't skirted obviously you know our our do we really have any. Is there an opera federal indictment here I don't well we ethical back from the athletic on issues a lot smarter than I am. And deal we can ash is back and forth then clearly the NCAA has the issues I mean mark ever released statement and it was pretty. Predictable in terms if in fact going on we need to you know clean Nelson and and you know look inside what's what's happening but. I don't mean arguing that surprising that the colleges should be naive to think this doesn't happen. Right in and so this like we ever he wants to play the blame game right Stephen arts is who is from college sports now you can hear my tune and ten to noon Monday through Friday on tune in dot com the tune in Athens absolutely free it's nonstop college troops in college football talk it's great you should do that. And so. Like I I start thinking about OK wordy Trace this back to and who do you blame I mean to me. I I don't give mattered to kids I mean to me this is even a school issue as much as it's I mean this is an agent issue right like you've got to you've got an agent issue but we always you know that about college college sports and if football basketball we just tried to ignore an act like. When the little thing we did this in North Carolina a few years ago with what they had. Whenever withers and in that whole situation on the football side it chapel with Miami having runners and agents not that long ago but we clean up the little messes. And we act like it goes away but this stuff is that this is a complete black market that's been going on college sports for. I mean how long now to three decades it's been going on. In these study we what do we get we. Cheap here with the budget pain that this is just one agency I mean how many. Are you write an incident that is one guy that its financial records made public by that he you know the FBI investigation. 4000 phone calls across nearly full calendar year after thirty days. I think is that to the Arctic decrease in Whitney Croat and and we talked about the bombshell today. Why are you dropping it in those two weeks and elections and make clear leaders of all right and I'm not saying it's the sports guys you know stable and forty who want to. Re write the rules of amateur athletic but there's clearly out of these some sort of the pushers some sort of vote. As to why you're dropping now as opposed to. People today or during the summer when people interest is there is early in the sport. So let's talk about that than white if you're and this is all guessing Stephen Marshall this again from tune in college sports now ten to noon Monday through Friday. Free to listen to it's great college football college basketball junkies you'll love it. All sorts of great gas Wes Durham Dave Odom cohosts were them all the time nickel our back we love Nicole around here. To check it out but you why if if you're guessing why now what why that is it to meet I think big. My guess is this is the FBI. Trying to use some leverage here in league leaks of information like you said to it to forty in stable but why now what what you think their reasoning is. So that the NCAA has no subpoena power right I mean they by all accounts a pretty two lists groups I mean that they care. You know that they became an issue indictments they can issue subpoenas will be mr. McCarron. You know may be Yahoo! Sports is the vehicle with which this thing gets put under the microscope maybe you wanna. You re addressed the rules of amateur athletic it's spotter for guys like you addicted to do this year round today I think it is good conversation but. Yeah it speaks to a much larger issue Chris switches. Is this system broken into college basketball needs saving is just college basketball do we think this isn't happening on the college football by the I mean. It is interesting but you know about think Alec wants I got to work for overdraft fees I mean we were we. I'd like to be broke in college I think a lot of people do so. Yup you're gonna come to a student athletes. And offer him a couple grand as hey it's a business loan and you're good for it I'm not worried about it well what did you sing in the is. The business model I totally get the agents are coming from I'm not saying it's right or wrong place you're talking about a guy in Dennis Schmidt junior for example who's going to be in college for four months I think it is the business model makes sense. You brought these guys money. You're gonna get paid back later. And you'd look at the ledger minutes it's like a real life. Roulette wheel I mean these guys are policing chips everywhere not just in college but internationally as well so I think pitchers saying I was entertained. But I operator came two weeks ago when when Pete Campbell wrote the the more generic article that basically stated hall of fame coaches policy and program. All of these schools all of these coaches are gonna be reexamined over the next couple weeks if this information finally does. Yeah but that's the thing to like file a falling down astray a little bit Stephen arts is what this again for tuning in college sports now. Ten to noon Monday through Friday tune in dot com to tune in at Hoosier college hoops or college football junkie. Check it out. So far lead on the trail for second because you write the NCAA is toothless. But when the FBI's involved okay now we're talking about federal crimes obviously. What can they actually pin on folks insert your point US the question about Indy Miller they've got one guy who else do they have well maybe they don't have anybody. And by by flexing their muscles of hey this is coming this is coming. They're trying and hoping somebody somewhere is gonna say you know what maybe I'll just fess up and all all blown up to a two. But maybe maybe there isn't anything else that they can actually proven this is all bunching conjecture and there's very I mean sure they let people pay an eighty Miller and his associates with something here. But maybe there isn't actually I mean you we say it's the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it's just the tip in there actually isn't anything else they're behind this for the FBI. Well it's funny future producer Ryan and the Baltimore that he knows all about the wire I mean you've got these wiretaps you've got thousands of hours or the phone calls. If you don't have anything to ten people for federal charges you know were breaking crimes or order or not to at least issue indictments. Maybe you blow the whistle on amateur athletics and maybe that's the compilation Pratt I don't know but I don't think it is dissolved and hear about it. And spins forward to San Antonio for the final four in April. When mark ever takes the podium he's not a aghast about you know Villanova virgin you know whoever's in the Alamo dome plan for the the bottle for any doubt about that stuff so. It did just that I don't think the timing is that coincidence that obvious that there are motives here at play. I just act I gotta feel like there's more to it and maybe there isn't your portrait but. I think it's registering and I think a lot of people even if you had been naive or may be unwilling to accept the discussions on. I mean the proof is literally right here turning. Last thing on this or actually to talk basketball really quick you're your fix it roughly accuses is always gonna mean there's this would take a lot of overhaul of roughly. What's your fix for college athletics. Yeah I had no idea I mean I really want to see you can't pay guys. Right because if you take guys what do you do about what the ball well what would you give up cross country would you do about. You know there's very few athletic department groups that are actually making money yeah I mean you got the tax decision got the Alabama. If you've got people they athletic department but everybody else by and large losing money so I don't really know value exit. And less. You know big picture you blow up the NCAA. The or are you know again if we're just having this conversation for just two guys. You know have an a couple of PBR's and and and she knew you know what I I think maybe that tissue do if you look at overall the whole system. I don't know what you do about everybody else is playing intercollegiate athletics who played under the same umbrella the suitable. I prefer Pacifica all for being honest is like he'd yeah of course of course you. It's even or to put his palace sports now check him out onto an intern in dot com are on that note as you said these cheap timing maybe not a coincidence here we got a week left in the regular season. Then it's conference tournament time. And then if it's it's gonna be selection Sunday and Virginia is still doing their thing Villanova still doing their thing Michigan State still doing their thing who's the team right now Steven Marshall looks at says. Okay I come from start to see this team come together they got they got the moxie and all that all the things you need on the checklist to be an NCAA final four team. So 24 hours ago it was my friends on the desert and a pocket matters so and metal on the tree or get sidelined for you know its ability because of traces. Other substance and illegal substance which. I mean this guy was suspended a year ago the same things on what sort Trier Padilla the point guard out there's go to. I love eaten. That guy's a monster and against knock on NBA hoops and show ITT's. I think injury ago it today and that got them all but. You know we talk about the stress that future. You know from me there's like two victory schools. There are no vote. Maybe Virginia I happen to like to go over North Carolina. I think Hewitt these kind of what's going on there together were spoken mayor I mean to put it could be do but he you don't apply yourself on the back. I'd get the number once tried to schedule in the country right now all the on here. Now I don't see it I mean. It wouldn't. You know you've got you've got Luke made used to be putting together a phenomenal year you've got Pattinson who's put together a couple of career night in a row. I just I don't know man I don't trust them but there's a lot of teams in college basketball. Look at as their course OK so I had he had is are you worried all about Marvin Bagley. Holding back in seamlessly with this Duke Team because they're running out of time man they're running out of time to make this work before tournament time. True I mean do desert you know what stinks this year and apparently they don't have a true point guard you get guys that are trying to make it happen in black. I think it'd I think it's a master stroke of coaching to be honest review and tiger are likely probably might have a neat thing Illinois and buy it. He stick it out for a couple of games do start playing these events Grayson starts rolling offensively a little bit. They can afford to sit guys now obviously against the Georgia Tech to the world that not gonna hurt by it. I don't know that any of the toward the other I I really do like duke it's clear that I think they have an advantage in in in coaching I think in an advantage on the roster. I do like burgeoning demand like high IQ basketball teams and I think Villanova and Virginia there's not many of them out there. Did have a lot upperclassmen in the well coached. But like those two. Yet dead zone who we duke and of people gave April rise it is knowable with that length and atlantis' alike that's a deal breaker man like there could harm their crushing teams that like a vice Soledad with. Outlook with that with that beds on the run and after a defense right now like that's betting game changer for them. I don't know about you Chris I was a much bigger college basketball fan and this is gonna sound awful as I do are shown college sports. But I was a much bigger college basketball player ten years ago it is really hard for me is it through. You'll tomorrow's Saturday all wanted to do was watch sports and chill out but it's going to be hard to sit through. Three or 42 hour basketball games it's just. There's no stars. Agree that some of the decision making it goes on dirt account basketball bad guys come out and tell Mike Mike I coach Odom here but. It's unthinkable what from the these guys are doing out there I mean just it's just bonehead decisions nobody can make free throws. If we can shoot. I mean it's it's it's a brutal product and it's probably not a coincidence that more people are tuned into it Tuesday night Mac game during football season and they are Saturday. All right you catch him ten to noon tune in dot com the tune in app you can find him on Twitter is Tea Party killing you for meeting on Carolina that we need to Los. Wire by the way I did and it's it's Charlotte I would expect nothing left I'm just surprised that you brought me on. At territory it to three and didn't make about to enter for. Look man I respect you more American city was very good friend and that I would never do that you you did it to yourself so off we go he's on Twitter at Steve and STE. PH EN heart soul two wells on that. I you can follow him on Twitter and you should listen in truly. It's good radio your college hoops college football junkie. Michael Felder the vote no west you're on the call our back the whole group Bob Merrill coasting with a all the time it's great college sports talk. And it's free ten to noon college sports now on to induct common to tune in after that did I sell that well enough for you different. I'm sure you're my guy you're my guy proud he would do it take things down there in the queen city. Co co host this one day come back here again. It's true and WellPoint politics I have a good weekend my friend thanks for drop them by YouTube Internet specific or after after the pregame tonight that's and that's going on.