Primetime: Stan Van Gundy Reacts To Steve Clifford Firing

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Friday, April 13th
Kroeger and Jamar Nesbit talk with Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy about Steve Clifford getting fired from the Hornets.

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These ladies pro. I didn't pick fiasco value weight stays in town. Have you had to make the best decisions for the organizations. So I have a good. Feel first pearl Wear a matter is there and all Gillis basis that's self is now watermarking is something that's part of coaching in this league. What we work together yep and that's right got to know initially I knew him from. Clinton out there and somebody that you work with on a daily basis. I was very happy you know I know but not surprised when he got his coaching job. And then take you know washing my sister cannot hear us. You know I feel I know him pretty well I think YouTube demo they he has. I hope she does well live from the marks being real. Kroger. Hard I was full disclosure about two feet away from this guy than a month ago he's in town pistons and hornets are playing on a Sunday afternoon got a question a lot to him about the NCAA in a one and done rule and next thing you know standing Gundy all over And all the national outlets. For the course of the next few days she's speaking as Mike is he's got no filter he's brutally honest and so we'd love to talk to this guy and I there's not a better time to talk to home then today when Steve Clifford has been let go after five years as head coach for the Charlotte hornets and I'd these are facts you can argue this. Steve gopher tortoise for coaches to lead the hornets to multiple playoff appearances and he's 196. Wins. Just eleven behind Alan Bristol for the most in team history his 400 in ten games coached. Are tied with Briscoe for the most in team history and since the NBA came back here thirteen years ago for his five win totals are are at the top. Of this modern Arab NBA basketball but he was like go to dance we talked to Stan Van Gundy about that stand are you doing man it's good to talk to you. I'm doing well look what do you above was what what do you make it is under he's talked to cliff I know you understand this situation you've been in this situation before what did what did you think the decision this morning. Well I mean they're supported by literally. I think in our letter Dario what are your ridiculous spending is done. And very the wall structure and what he did there. Is dispelled not a big people sometimes. When you get why you're seeing it well you know what it was like Whitney Casey is up and Charlotte word that the article it is that why not go right. You know they have what it it refuses to hear. XT at minute forty. Ship there to save more students initially it's what it's a bit to talk to get to. All of our speech gay dudes. They all pitched really well there. If they'd never see themselves Q you were every bit there where it. You work that it is easy but they weren't gonna how do you work and it did you should take shots. Maybe they won't water about what artist why did you did okay. And then on our particular to just really solid fundamental that's all I mean it I don't really out. I've been in it why you're Orlando. Our next to me it's water that's been days I think any time you're like that you're should go to Warsaw or. We're talking to Stan Van Gundy pistons head coach she's with this right now on the technical I'm just lined Steve Clifford out after five years. I as head coach for the hornets are I was remarking about some of that stuff stand and I've been fortunate enough to if I get to know cliff I was talking yesterday for a little bit and yeah and I was saying this earlier the thing about Steve that I think is why he's so goodies he he's a teacher the game becomes from a level basketball that icy even at at the highest level now he still teaches the game a basket when I walk away from every conversational. Learning something from him and those are rare qualities correct even in the NBA the way he can speak to anybody the layman or the expert in teach the game of basketball and a pretty simple and profound way at the same time those are rare qualities and head coach but he's got those qualities. It's certainly done a great teacher and he gets great production for this player. They respect they listen joy they go to help that I was worrying about Kemba Walker struck gates to day. Surprising at all but but I outstanding chartered saw what. It is your deepest courier our top. You go out there are meters it will produce just what are we don't jerk but Olmert shark war. It's like there ought to save what are you opt to die QQQQ connect with people. It's one of the strategic approaches literally. And each eats right. Or should you touched what a great talent drops urged that it be watched the culture didn't argue this dike. In order a wee bit and I just don't shape our tour. Better they're it would change earns clipper to someone. Stand what do you think in an NBA circles not not not in. Circles and even here in Charlotte and I just it being brutally honest what what is the pursuit of in general this job where does it rank in MBA circles and even now after clip includes has lifted the Specter of like you said the where. Where does the Charlotte hornets head coaching job rank in the NBA. Well your bottom third sure they are. There's city about the attitude you look cute there like. True issue at all so buddy they're like what they've it will only. You say not only a true but it's just been. It didn't like that it certainly not going to be on the boats sought out or you don't want your most sought after jobs. Did you approach or they got in the jar my god it's respected and watchers pitch deep do do is let go off. That certainly doesn't rate the status of the job people. Well wonder about that you look around everybody knows what a great job he did. They're they're letting your ego you gotta wonder about leadership and everything now so. You know if you don't well. It's don't want to over thirty years you are would actually target very vocal about that that I would let go to Orlando and about. Thought it about jobs didn't prove it the oil is only thirty albums so it is not at all the problems. They're only thirty could be gone out so people the you know they'll be out or to some degree but it certainly not one of the yacht. Well highly sought out you're out that he had yet but it felt. Stand what do you think of Michael Jordan as an owner and executive. I don't know wait what are the judges and I know you got a good relationship were being you know like in respected Michael. What Michael would be too and older who are to war for armed now whether. The the re fortunate that are needed are. Yeah I don't you know. Well outside what I do know slowly. Skittish Qaeda. You know good relationship where they are both well respected her and she extinct which you were good. Can you speak to this dynamic dimming Gundy was because it's not Nona so even just your Charlotte but just in general you've been in so many different organizations. You're running a business where everybody's aware you're trying to make money but you're also trying to win next so motors care more about the basketball. Some care more about the business some fun way to balance both. But when decisions are made but I'll give you this example sand. You notice the hornets traded at 31 pick of this past year second round. Our 31 overall pick first pick of the second round one of the most valuable assets in a market where you obviously need assets like that they traded it away for cash. That type of decision. It might seem like small and that's not a small decision correct that's a that's a decision that I ease is one that can be costly form or organization like Charlotte correct. Well into that button stop what they've you know era in the small market. At Charlotte if that we are now. You know it is it's. Sentence should be necessary and if you got so sick that you do want to win. Well what did you do it. They are the bottom line at all so and so a lot of those decisions are. Are necessary. And fortunately. What seems like that. We're going to coach's job or herb page everybody's job art. Are but they're just not that you can do. You know doubts about your big market have you got. Huge local TV deal bad you're gonna make money no matter what they're period you know new York and LA if they're like yeah. You've got an idea to judge people by about what it's like Charlie. Perhaps scorch the bottom line attitude terror group that they do. You know that's gonna read this some difficult decisions there's no question of the smaller marked it's not impossible but it's a lot harder to do that it isn't a larger. Stingy what do you feel about in the NBA this this idea of rebuilding and rebuilding through. Honestly sustained losing to stockpile Don not to use the T or designing a stupid so I'm not gonna use that word the what do you what do you think of that idea as a rebuilding process and as he rebuilding process any MBAs and actually proven is that we have to do it or there are different at different avenues of your hornets right now. I should not for granted and they're certainly people who don't otherwise it is. You know. Well it. Certainly though don't they know that church now they won't really salute that dish or we won't want all. Level what are. Right or respect for extended period from your talking about Judy at one ship NBA game over previous four years. That that's just not so but that's ever done. Well. I don't like it if you are not play into where I think it destroyed the integrity should be there at the same there are. That triggered every organization and that's to. The picture this decision on what that war. What they're open and it's not easy to. The bill that it's already here to win in this sleek show I'm not gonna not in the body or whatever decision they many. Are there they think they have to do to make their big gun. Stand how dangerous what could be. For the borders to trade Kemba Walker and other side good or bad how dangerous is that proposition. Well I think you know my plate they should ever consider trading him to repeat this that and yet. Now they would be a mistake. Yeah I don't. Such a huge sharing during your your what are your career what you do now. There it is sure boy that. You're born it's sport although. And they got they embarked such a good deal or not it's sacred part of money. Which strict would be removed try to yeah. The united considered big money so I don't think that particular area is it a great one but yet. The other procedure and Michael Jordan did not about Mitch Kupchak kept many candidates. The best way to. Try to billboard order and try to do what you like or try to do it here. They do is try to win it much you can it keep getting better at the state. It's not an easy choice it's it's not like it's been. They're popular but. You know they've been trying to say battles were quite in you're. What's up with you or you okay what's going always knew how you are you doing right now. Well well well find out about in the coming days I gave. You know this city denied yet still under contract. Which didn't want to decision. Well our older that's great if we move forward or rivalry goes Bibby got. It would direction. Dutchess and are you guys made about a big splash with a trade and bring in Blake Griffin how do you think that's worked out well Ford's. I I arms understandably you guys in land where you guys wanna tune the play also here but go forward in the makeup of your team do you see a positive thing or do you think we need to or you guys need to. Kind of retool a little bit to play you we want to play. They're going to be great trade act recorder shut to to be getting a lot better picture of the probable it would mean they betrayed. Reggie Jackson which still I thought we we fought it the tribe we would get those guys acted as an album together for a it came to twenty games are we or. We got what we're going to gather Reggie didn't come back until twelve and collectively here and Blake went out with they didn't collapse so. We didn't get any time with them together so. We have no right you know. How it all would war but court and I dug now by. You don't if you Blake if you are a great player who brought a lot of attention. Who is also a great white paper the only chip for a court and I believe. Average warship and Blake were well Barack and I go to choke. You know we've got to give white rope. Public belt wanted to that's what line did you have the united. Well we had a North Carolina got Reggie Bullock really emerged this year as a legitimate starting June 2 in the league didn't. Three point shooting if we get Reggie back. Are they worried good shape like it betrayed that. Poised to make big moves next here but what are we still need to be helped that I mean we're not. In a position where we cannot lose one of our top three guy or an extended period at bat and not very well. He stand it I know a new euros busy so thanks sir thanks for drop them by and kind of shared some inside and I always loved getting to talk to you so thanks thanks for making some time force. Got no problem guys who've seen in a cure hopefully. But he had a good video Stan Van Gundy head coach of the Detroit Pistons appreciate him making time source. And some brutal honesty from him we react on the other side and see Steve Morton the legend if you miss the earlier in the week he signed off one final time among cry again as the voice of the hornets you're gonna hear our tribute his greatest calls our conversation that's all ahead and Jamar has to stick around we're still Rolen on its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening tell primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. Sounds to me is a big fan. Says well we Crennel song who likewise is about to be fired a slam no shortage what is being done deed done in this league great job cruel to us. I don't know just literally hundreds of games and take his team deep into the play else multiple times in both organizations it was an Eastern Conference champion. And had thought Dwight Howard playing the best basketball of his weirdness never ever gotten back to since but you're gonna bomb the various AM and white power that's actually. Did not have bad bad of a season which I didn't statistically good season here very good season soul. Double on your I text or you're right I I didn't see it before you. Put it right from a safe store now I can't ignore it great job Dexter you learn something new every day I do that's why come to this jobless go to Robert really quickly saying an on and we're gonna get to Steve Martin if you missed our conversation with deep voice of the hornet's. You're going near the seaside dusty air. Got a little dusty on Tuesday night when he did that and I put together a pretty nice tribute I think if you don't hornets fan for any period of time. Old or new rule. All of these great calls over the course of the years we'll get to that and hit our conversation with him are coming up and a little bit let's go to Robert Toll wants to jump in its operatives what's up Robert what you wanna say. They appreciate you taking my call on this Clifford fire personal are always thought he was class act all the way out and start this. Finished. I don't go out this stand based in this terrible horse people want to sit for another total rebuild. I agree that. And you know I meaning if you get rid of your greatest aspect you're greatest player Kemba Walker then you'll have nobody you know I mean it in dish. This Tuesday it there at a critical juncture here and you know I'm. You know I hate to see it go but he'll end up in the motor city that you are sure they respect McCaw. Yeah I I ate and Robert appreciate talking man have a good weekend. I think the thing with which closes. Again. He checked off all the boxes of what you wanted to coach stability and I don't think there'll articulate its you'll kind of hurt and thank god he's always like it's been five years. I'm disappointed is what being Gundy said I think we're all disappointed as we like cliff as a human being is a good dude it's a great ambassador. I using clear student and teacher of the game and he did good work here. He'll keep getting this example. Seoul. People talk all the time as about you know does a voice Wear out your pro player didn't does that happen in pro sports in general it's different in the NFL and NBA put a voice sometimes. In a locker whether it's a head coach or defensive coordinator offensive coordinator but a prominent voice in an organization to your round on a daily basis where. The message just isn't sticking the way that used to. Is that a single does that really happen. Yes but it but it has to pat it has to happen because. What they're saying is hollow. Right so. It is not a situation that players just two and a guy out because they've been over successful. And everything they say keeps coming to fruition and you know big. They haven't improved a lot like you don't tune that guy out there. Right you'd tune play you two coaches out because they've been saying certain things and it hasn't hasn't manifested itself. On the field. Or they're talking but they're not really saying anything they're not bringing any. There's no they're not adding anything to your performance on the field they're not helping you earned a minus on take care of your Pam says when coaches voices did tuned out I mean you can goalie down to high school. Like when you're on a losing team unfortunately that's when the coach's voice. It's tuned out. So let me use this is as an example right I know for a fact cliff coast those guys so hard over the years because. Again you're talking but seven wins 27 wins salute and then also they would 43 games. And their playoff team led 33 wins the next year. But Danica back and it went 48 gates and obviously 36 when's the last two years was disappointing yes but early on. He coached those guys so so hard because. They had to add to is no way would you walk in day one John Fox was the same way Seifert when he took to get it's I think maybe sixty Clifford John Fox compare since probably pretty apt disclosed took over for a guy Mike Dunlap that was a joke yes. Now George Seifert a Dibona sides but he was here for retirement he was here did did you just. Feeling is an ease up now he gave me myopic okay that's funding you guys that are easy it's very lays a fair what was it that was his greatest thing again this. I don't know how to say this George. And and I've had a lot of Tom kind of sit back and I've had other coaches after him that I had that I am able to compare. George C for came from a situation where he had a bunch oh. Veterans movement and new naral leave yourself and that's exactly he had bet I bet vets. On that team almost seems to San Francisco when he came to Carolina he looked trying surrounds himself. Would more of the same like he brought in a lot of players are probably. A year. On the side though they should have already retired first and he brought in guys. A year until they retire right so he tried to surround themselves with a bunch of bats and from that I learned. He was going to treat Choo as a professional. Up until the point that you couldn't that you decided to show him that you worked a professor at so. Believe me I understand. What people saw some 30000 feet away. But he gave you just enough rope to hang yourself and unfortunately we have a bunch a guys during those years and let it happen that. Back then hung themselves because of their own bad habit. It's so with cliff he came in right away. He always has he's coached this team because the roster demands talent wise that there's not enough talent on this team to where you can do some of you got a coach from hard every night absolutely key got to come after and what what so one of the examples of that that we saw the results I think early on who I also think it's went OK you won 48 games and he come back he got a more veteran team you've given some money and maybe that's why you didn't see some of those results but somebody was telling me this watch nothing happen the players took a deep breath. They exhale exhale. And they thought they arrived we'll think about this somebody just tell me this when it comes to cliff that. Cliff Floyd to be able or any in the first you know 23 minutes Fortier into his career here would be able to have to things are going Iraq. Be able to going to the locker at halftime and like ticket trash can't. Or throw a chair Greg. It is kind of raise his voice a little bit. And showed that he wasn't scurry around right get a reaction out of gas boom straighten up. Yes sir coach we got you and you know what his team always respond all the back to two even last year the hornet's last year I think. Deep into the season were either in 12 or three in third quarter scoring and third quarter scoring margin. That's decided Tina makes adjustments that's the son of a team were there coach is saying at halftime guys button up your energy level your energy levels that you not doing we didn't shoot around in game plan in the film Rome tighten up. And they would know I'd love to go back and looked this year with third quarter scoring is in third quarter scored Marge because I'd venture to guess its middle of the road is now back Kath right. But late but recently that hasn't had the same response I only throw a chair. And it's more of more of the same. Again after that I get it but you also have to look at the team makeup and the type of players. Is. There and the mentality of the title players he had earlier on I came through. Person whom he has now right so you. Cliff's first few years he had a bunch of journeyman type NBA players who were looking for a home for it to speak. They were looking to make it work. Verses having guys that have come in at. After the success. Right they weren't the ones that we're here to help build bet they came in after their success kind of came in after the 48 wins in the playoffs and all that sort of stuff and just felt like. That was going to continue on because now they had on the teal on the purple pinstripes and that was it was just going to happen. Well seek. What organizations always always forget is. It's the players that make Iran its employers to players lead to if they didn't have the players are put on the how hard heading came to work every day and didn't care about the egos and didn't care about the stats and just wanted to win. They got rid of those guys they let those guys walk they lit the Jeremy Lin's go they let. You know did the lambs go to let the guys you know the court at least bit at a tournament leave now plant. They let those guys got up. Figuring that you know of the systems just going to work without the players and I hate to say it the players are an important. I'll get our smartest thing Chris Kroger will Euronext and where to get to Steve Martin's voice in the hornets are audio tribute as well all the greatest moments you're gonna hear that before daddy here it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Anytime with Chris crushed. Powered by Ford go here. My god Michael was. It was between ABC for. A double fry them in any reputable polling place she double fry your way. Throws siblings or find some times two and sometimes brilliant sometimes you can Friday and in charge that's very good as well the mix it up. I don't like spreading among wings and off today the kegs I'd prefer naked winning that's just fried okra and you don't try a little extra for him. I don't think yeah. I've seen braided wings and all the owners of bread their weddings but honestly pizza deal when they come on Wednesdays they bring their wings but they've got a good dreaded wing. But often feel like the breading gets in the way of the wing relief and it you know mops up the sauce and a way to kind of ruins it too. You know what I mean cuts in a particular some techniques and subtle just to take just to let's go to will really quick he's been hanging on wants to jump all this will what's up nearly one a six. Discussion is immigration ya go thanks I appreciate it. Yeah I don't know what you stated during the Sunday. Kiki you additionally. The cinema to go to NBA finals of the country and World War II where we're trying to finish Horry Rory tend to think well. The hornets point oh yeah there were tents and there was 3646. Right so I just you know I think you know I think you guys who just can't hit point two hours they can't. Aren't well older. You know will lead lawyer and when women were on a stick and takes more or trouble and you know I don't agree I I think this message is just not sticking what these guys I I don't necessarily ecstatic. I don't know I don't know to go there and an old white guy over 65 to be interpreted stayed just a joke I don't know I did and and I'm interest in the seat and I'm I'm hopeful that they'll go the right way but I was interest about attributed to do the other day. If so our message when and he was saying. You know if you do have a right if you have good players and attempt a culture that's right there. Heard him say that at that first goal and that's exactly where we. And I think helical again will I appreciate coney I think all of these things can be true at the same time because it's not that. Clifford not a good coach it's just not the coach for this time. In the transition to the team and again it's like you it's very managed just reporter again. There's a full reset in the basketball operations every level we can training staff. Has been like go scouting staffs can be cleaned out so if you're going to turn over the roster even whether that means kimbo or no kemba. You can't can you have a coach even if you respect him here with emotional ties to those guys to Andy's got one year left on his contract but that's why can't I know this for fact there were no hard feelings sure there's disappointment sure the sadness that maybe things didn't end differently away where he would have been a little higher on the way out. But if you're Steve Clifford you understand or Mitch Kupchak stomach from and if your Mitch Kupchak you understand why you gotta make a change with Steve Clifford. You understand Unita guide the you can bring in here who's not going to be a yes man but understands okay we're gonna be cooked with some different groceries there's a different game plan moving forward and there's not going to be in fighting about that. And with cliff do you wonder. Oh wool pulled on you when a tree kemba Nolan on and on and when we go we can't do that. With a new coach you ought to worry about data now to be interesting to find out who that new coaches because as state and van Gundy said and I actually think that's being generous he says top third job in the NBA now. I think its bottom ten no he's he's a bottom bottom thirty Jason bottom third I actually think its bottom ten. I've heard bottom five so. This team just doesn't spend money on the basketball operations and it's tough to attract top names when that's the case quick time out on the other side. We pay tribute to Steve Martin the voice of the hornets. And not only that you're gonna hear every great moment he ever called in hornets history our conversation as he signs off the air one final time it's next on primetime powered by ortho Carolina you're listening to. Ryan time which risk program powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Because of the legacy. The legacy help. Wondered why we. Tradition there was never a we'll leave rehab and turns. Hundreds of fans to. This. Nice okay. I yourself smack. And sports history. Walker is now outside. I'm sorry for the all time scoring lead a good example. At a bar fight and if she even. Year guy like Glen Rice and high blood diamonds I'm. I've watched a you and I heard the audio and I don't put some of these these thank you messages together and when prices got a special place in your heart out. It's a street nobody. It's been quite a ride these last few weeks and really over thirty years but how do you feel when a guy like Glen Rice shots throughout her. For all the years calling him in delta straining three point shots in Orange uniforms. Seattle felony. A team on it was automatic seat and you meet the other teams there's guys you can but he walks on court. Okay there's Tony I know I don't have to worry about the other seventy I thought Jeter scored and not so. You'd have automatic. Twenty every night you know and they're usually more with the average I think the average when he shoots. Once you unity for the hornets and that really when you look at it he was part of the most successful. Narrow the hornets for three years. He was part of that group though want to keep Formula One you the most virtues yeah is there 141. Steve I love kemba that's the greatest three Iran not only for any team but for any single player in hornets history what Glen Rice did those three years. Yeah I am bit about it and I mean this is a guy who played about seven and 59 team. And and rip it got about. And an exit felt it was important to ever heard it was regret the work of the book every time he steps on the court. And nobody is more deserving and he has you know don't these guys spend seven cars here's one franchise. How about all of these records should have if that's what makes it amazing now you can count unfortunately count on one hand the number of guys spent all of this battle while French. We're talking to Steve Martin the voice of the hornets you can follow him on Twitter at Corning itself Marten I've got countdown to tip off tonight. 630 and we love Eric we love Dell we lost Stephanie but I'm telling you tonight what you wanna do is turn on your TV. You wanna mute your TV and then you wanna turn on here and us right here and hornets radio network on WS fancier gonna wanna listen to this call tonight is Steve doesn't even know hole. Some of the goodies that we got planned for him tonight so I can't wait to take the air 630 it's gonna be a fun broadcast. And I hope you guys join issued in a no man it's going to be. You guys I have no clue on at your mercy you are you're gunning to shoulder stuns I've heard from the producers got out of there in the final. Two minutes at bank of on radio and and and and play it on television. I'd Steve I was saying this yesterday because we had we had doors in ski on and IE I cannot believe me if you went back on. You know our young I am I just turned 31 but if you went back Josh 1520. Years ago as a kid in Charlotte grown up and he would say. Hey Chris your first job out of college would be producing goers in skis radio show and then. You would years later you will your first real job BBDO and afternoons in Charlotte and UB UN. Pregame and sideline reporting for the hornet's broadcast and Steve Martin would be on the call the two voices in my childhood have been the two most incredible jobs and ever had in my in my short life I would've believed it and I U I I know I speak for so many Steve's your the voices of NBA basketball in the city. Your voice of ACC basketball in this region as well and thirty years of of pro basketball sixty years of broadcasting how quickly did all that stuff go by for you. Very quick actually there's a truth. But it was all enjoyable I think that took the time to enjoy every. Our state rather good at it and I would do it people what will. Quote and including yourself and of course changed Amylin on the radio yeah get reinvigorated the raw behaviors shall. If it's it's been good run and that that there are two things on the what you write amid these these. With a woman I'm married and the day and I actually American League east and Arab peace would the way back careers don't last so. Can't answer better than that. I I'd take us back how did you wind on the net and he never told this story Steve how did you wind up in Charlotte when when the hornets got your new fewer hired five to do broadcasting what how did that whole thing come together. Well I was. I was looking at my career is in Maine and I was working at a radio Eldridge station in Bangalore. And the guy I'm looking at the guy was a logical guy had a and the logical guy ahead of you with a rather than George Hill and if you go back a former page still era on the radio do you still go. So I had no chance to honor that so I had so I can't believe that. I was thirty as the diamond whose job opening at it would be here. All angles tired being the rest is history and that was. And that was really a full 45 years or six years before the NBA became a reality ensure. Did you love NBA basketball at a time when when the hornets when shin was was making the bid and an Altima I mean how crazy was that this city got an NBA team accent. Did you it. Did you or did was it just something although I doubt I'll go after this and see what happens. Kind of both good if you grow up in new England and the idea of Boston Celtics were they part of your life the Celtics and the rest charge me did you thank you ball. And I probable religiously. And they kind of lost but two of them later in my career that there. To get Charlotte on the NBA map was that was that was great to Vienna on that situation to be not cost us. And I was gonna say no to it. When did you know Steve that was it the first and obviously remembers the first night people showed up in tuxedos a standing applause for in their doors blown off. Did you know right then and there may and this thing's gonna be something pretty special word order to come after that. It was already under way because Charlotte. Charles river's going through it transformational period a period of great well. Because before that. Duma called decided that he would take these little bank and be empty and make in the nationwide that. And and that that allowed Charlotte and and of course Eddie said he could feel them in first union group would. And so did you hear these two mega banks in North Carolina now all of a sudden going up coming national back. And that it spread all the way across the country in Charlotte became. They banking sir we have bankers you need lawyers still city grew exponentially it was going through that well for the NBA team here and I think. Go to poking and beyond they're not stupid as to where they put their franchise they keep. They see markets of great growth and I saw that in Charlotte that was going on at the diamond and the new. He did the strength that ACC basketball in the region. We're also gonna pay off with a very big in a bit and and so that's that's why do you engaging the Charlotte and it hasn't regretted that it's come twice the expansion so that that's been tour. Steve do you think Joseph Glover I I talk about disallowed Deke is are you few months formative years in this town ram and I can remember. Showing up my greatest memory also probably my saddest memory of the hornets game is being in the building for game 6 of the Eastern Conference and he's against the box and no one in losing that game I think we lost in overtime that came in. And everybody's wearing white headbands for Baron Davis say just 23000 people wearing. White had danced his Baron Davis wore white headband and this city just loved basketball back in and obviously the falling out happened but can never give back that way Steve canoe to ever available sir again. I think so I think the fans are waiting for this. That there will be relegated basketball at Charlotte based first step to the next level and that's what. No match gut checks jobless and if we keep them didn't switch over this franchise this to try to find a way. Look at Iraq took it right pars but walked into our salary situation. That's gonna have to it you know it's gonna have to do something daring. To move beyond that and into the year's ball so. And I you know and and and and which I think is going to be the right guys takes this franchise in that direction. And he has a lot of staying power with people that he's dealt with thirty years in the NBA so. I think going to be interesting to see how he maneuvers this franchise into position to go to an excellent. But what's ahead Steve I deal we I know you're gonna love to spend your your Summers in Maine like you always do what what's the next few weeks the next few months gonna look like you know you want to prepare for broadcast. Ever again that's that's about it that probably sounds good. That's going to be interesting how many get a lot of sleep I'm on my hands so. North but I don't take it crude blow up or when lunacy with so about. Going. Kind of like it's not hunting or fishing trips but it's a trip before that but you guys camp and mountain. And now brigadier and eaten meat novice stuff I don't know woods before that happened. And then we will remain so it that. I'm I'm looking forward to and and and none of it so that I have to look at a spotter she performed forever but that's some of. Steve I never get nervous never ever ever ever ever get nervous and when you you we I think you told me a couple hours before the game on Sunday said. Hey Chris second go down at halftime I got a ceremony so you got to handle the final few minutes of the first half I thought all. My lower I got to sit and Steve Martin say there I gonna put Steve Martin's head set on for a few moments. And every secrecy did you refine it define this if you have no idea how nervous I was how nervous were you the first NBA game you ever did did you get nervous how did you feel back and. Not added I didn't I know there's Newt isn't what I wanted to do I mean we're not. When the NBA game without that I wanna get the NBA job. My job goal number one and number it was a hold jobs one as long as possible what possible. As it is what happened and that's gonna happen or not. Steve I can't wait to be on here again with you one final time at about two hours so thanks for for Macon some time we send you out with well miss. Probably is maybe your greatest call you got a lot this one's up there let's play Steve up properly here here we go. Now we actually had to get a plan together and to put some time left on the clock still stood all morning still one Steve you are the best my friend I will talk to you down the line and a few hours okay. All right good you grip thank you all right that's gonna do it for us there's gonna wrap of the week which absolutely flew by because the hornets wrap up their season may officially hired Mitch Kupchak can. And today they've officially fired Steve Clifford so it's been a crazy week a crazy show and of course now we're less than two weeks away. Hot for the NFL draft 62 born has been taken out when this all showing you guys interacting with a sudden death. All for help all week long Ryan Bailey Stephens. Heaven is well and doubles we'll be back on Monday killed bolted back in the saddle on Monday and won't. Probably talk a little NBA playoffs is they get under way under way tomorrow afternoon we'll get into some of that will really start getting hot in heavy into the Panthers in the NFL draft with less. Ago so enjoy the weekend we'll catch you guys back here on Monday 2 o'clock primetime powered by ortho Carolina. This is this going wishing you a very pleasant and good afternoon. Where ever you made me.