Primetime: Should Zeke Elliot have been Suspended?

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Friday, August 11th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Richard Walker discuss Zeke Elliot being suspended and what they think of the situation.


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Just fly by final hour primetime powered by ortho Carolina we're with you would deny the ninth PGA championship quail hollow club off play has been suspended now for. The last 21 minutes and she just her chair stores limited and so. Wait for the guys to get back out there if that'll happen you still got a few hours left of daylight so hopefully this this storm cell passed just through the area. They get back out there and try to finish up some of these rounds. Our that are ongoing Jason days of big mover right now sitting there at five under four under on the date through ten and Hideki Nazi almost five under through fourteen. And he three shots back of excuse me two shots back of giving kids there. And Jason day's three shots back we got a storm cell over the area right now try to move that through. And we'll see where that gets his leaderboard updates brought you by Q Juan island golf resort proud host of the 20/20 one. PGA championship so we are Richard walker witness on this Friday. And do good there is Richard baby steps here. As the theaters report back to training camp it Wofford College get back on the field this afternoon cam Newton's throwing. Not in team drills but an individual drills so I guess baby steps at this that's a step in the right direction for the Panthers quarterback. The end you know. I'm not sensed any real concern. From their coach is there from scripture very in this staff but again. If you're gonna. Change the way he plays quarterback which I think there's an element of that's what they're trying to Duma forcing him maybe to run the last and to throw. You know finance dump passes through all these different. Players he has particular lift the perception that you can make Samuel and McCaffery slot receivers as an addition to running backs. You know that takes salmon and developing chemistry within those pieces and obviously you want him out there and getting raps with those guys because once that the real games start I mean you gotta hope that the does work and that. I guess the theory that they've used is we're not gonna force the issue with a shoulder this is a long season we know what he can do. But I thought I think the longer than it got into training camp and now here we are approaching. The second week of pre season. You know there were some alarm bells going off so I suspect you seem for a couple of series against Tennessee and mommy are you seeing this pre season until of the season opener. Yet certainly possible but I think Elise verb for some fans want her in okay it's been it's been awhile what what's going on here were you eat you open up with. Five straight days of throwing to open up training camp that you have four practices in a row worry doesn't throw he doesn't play the priest first pre season game if only even first series and then. What's been going on there. Now now you're back got their start to see that that happened the other way so what we'll see we'll keep an eye on it here here's the the schedule the rest of the weekend painter practice Saturday. And some day 9:25 both morning so over it down to Wofford College I in Spartanburg and that's it. Essentially they break camp after that because. Then they're they're off day is Monday Tuesday to travel data Nashville joint practices with the titans Wednesday Thursday. And then Friday they do their thing. And then Saturday you're talking about a pre season game every other practice after that. He's going to be in Charlotte that at the practice facility right next to Bank of America Stadium so. Then it's over before it ever started Richard walker. We had training camp just moved to the point of and I just like that so what two more practices down there. If you're looking for a way to go see this team are you got Saturday and Sunday if you're not to become an over here. Ought to quell hollow club the big story out of the NFL today though is it your cowboys fan. So I'd love to know you think about this but Ezekiel Elliott hit with a six game suspension. And so typical of the NFL to do it on a Friday afternoon yeah. Don't put the news and it's controversial because as you said a moment ago. There are no. Criminal charges filed against Ezekiel Eliot there were investigations that were done or Tivoli charges were not filed an a couple of instances wine. I hated domestic violence incident. With his then girlfriend in in Columbus, Ohio when he was at Ohio State and then last year the viral video that kind of went out a lot of social media him. On a parade float in New Orleans. Taking aim a woman shirt down and exposing the woman on top of off of afloat in charges were ever filed fraud or those things. Off but the NFL did their own investigation and they say that it it's worthy of a six game suspension. Yeah you know it's hard to defend the you know it's it's boorish. Behavior and and there's nowhere whenever defend domestic balance been. It is always amaze me that the NFL. Has been able to met out punishment. For crimes that. Didn't involve. Actual charges or convictions I mean that to me speaks to just how god awful deal the players association NFL. Arguably the most dangerous of all the professional sports has with its own league that's making millions. I mean. And if you believe the reports in the speculation that they waited. To hand out this punishment until after Jerry Jones is inducted in the hall of fame it's even worse luck so it's like. You know we I mean goodness knows we beat up to NFL learned then that the Roger good no. Can decide how is gonna to punish Ray Rice her or Greg Hardy years ago but. They never seem to get this is the gang that cannot shoot strain I mean. You know whether I'm a fan of a team or not for players done wrong and you have. Determinations. For punishment based on crimes I'm all for it I just don't know where they are some of this because. You know it comes off looking like they. They selectively enforce these rules book is was you know remember Ben Roethlisberger and all his off field troubles nobody talks about that anymore he never got punished for any thing. And I'm not saying Nestle it necessarily show a bit. Now if a player is suspected of doing something in the NFL is more than the actual. Police departments in the various cities in which these crimes have happened they. Then then they knew more than their cities. I think that's a real slippery legal slope for them to be home. And you know if you're gonna suspend him for actions detrimental to his team. Like the speeding offense is apparently he's been charged rip I can sort of maybe see that bit. Easy if you hasn't been charged a domestic violence how I think that's a real hard argument. Suspend him for domestic violence when he hasn't even been charged with a ground. Well here's here's fit in just limits other players that go to Vista. What part of this is from the letter that the NFL set to Ezekiel Elliott this has been made public out of him after had this for ESPN it's operating you you can be explicitly from the letter that the NFL sent. Thought we securely it's speaking of all these incidents it says each of these incidents involved allegations of conduct at its expressly prohibited by the league's personal conduct policy. Including quote. Actual or threatened physical violence against another person even when a player is not charged with a crime. He may still be found to have had violated a policy if the credible evidence establishes that he engaged in conduct prohibited by this personal conduct policy. As the policy states it is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of the crime we are held to a higher standard in must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible. Promotes the values of the NFL and is lawful. And again it we you know we had this discussion Lester who we talked about the deflated football's. The got Tom Brady suspended for four games. Many you know. The players association just sits on the mound doesn't defend their own people and oh yes the army well. If you're gonna supposed Adams after says that if he can oil is gonna suspend got to get an appeal and he'll he'll probably get dropped before now was Chris Carter actually said today and Cris Carter has Rafa has -- it was seek gone back arrives okay. Chris Carter said that the reason why it was it was bumped up to six games was because he did not cooperate right and that's in this report from out of Chester who says an NFL official told ESPN. The decision on punishment for Elliott took time to. In part to make. To make it part because the NFL PA delayed delivering requested information from mid December. To mid may but this is where I don't know people Tom braves try to drew delete text message right if you're damned if you do when you're damned if you don't because we don't cooperate guess what it's gonna drag out and over the punishment finally comes they're gonna hit you harder and it's gonna be at a time that's not convenient right. Or if you if you cooperate. Are they really going to be any more lenient like if you're one of these players and I don't I honestly I think the NFL. Six seems. A little harsh to me. But I've got no problem with the NFL suspending Ezekiel early picks if they went to the links that they went to this letter spells out a lot of this with the pale they put together and all the investigations they did. And they found wrongdoing even if the he wasn't charged criminally for it. Look I mean you're you're working under the U great to this as a member of the NFL PA as a player this is collectively bargain you agree to these rules so. It these are employment rules these are fog rolls of an American citizen these are employment rules and and you you violated that that agreement. Why and I must say that that that there what you're saying in makes an awful lot of sense is taken at face dire than the the concern that I have. And it's as it relates to the New England situation. Does anyone really believe that if balls. Were. Deflated to the point of a player being suspended four games that no one else in the organization knew anything about it it was all Tom Brady operation I think there's no chance that's true. Same as it was almost like they wanted to have which can't Bill Belichick for a lot of other issues are Robert Kraft remember. Same as Jerry Jones sandy was not gonna be suspended now it's always comes off as. There really wanna get back at Jerry Jones and I was a cure and that's that's the cloudy part of this and I it just doesn't feel right to me. Let's do this we get a break and Matt in and loses the lock wanna get Cambodia both of those guys do on the phone as they wanna react on the other side we'll keep talking about this. We'll folded a little painter's talked to. And a couple of trades this afternoon in the NFL we get to all that. And Jim millers gonna drop out of talks in NFL. Mr. this piece debut last night and a whole lot more after this on primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Three minutes to return to Baghdad Friday stable full of revenge from. Zach back in the studio richer walkers put us. 99 PGA championship. Suspended. It's been suspended for going 945. Minutes now having kids they're still only eight under back to back sixty sevens he's been in the clubhouse for a while. But Hideki Buffy yelled and Jason day's surges up the leaderboard have been halted for awhile now Judith traded if you can hear that rain pelting the media center at the downpour right now at quail hollow club. The raid earlier. There were some weather warnings out on the court rely eat just kind of just blew me and muggy out there just a light rain is going to speak at an umbrella earlier. Monitoring convenient then this is an absolute downpour so I don't think the heavy stuff can be done for quite awhile and I say that I don't know fights a better way to motivate somebody else that said that somebody look at Jack you're you're leaderboard update brought to buy fuel island golf resort proud host the twenty point one. PGA championship and don't forget we go play by play on the rest of the weekend starting at Q on Saturday and Sunday and it's just coming down out there people are getting soaked. As they walk out there around quail hollow club. We're talking about this is deep heel Elliott suspension of six games in case you missed it not only first incident of domestic violence I when he was at Ohio State. This incident with a woman got a New Orleans where he exposed her. On a parade float last year. He was never charged criminally for any of that stuff but how about this text Richard text their rights in buildings that are text line. Since. Wolf one says feels great to be hilarious would steer gonna sit Roger fight I'll fight for criminal but released Whitehead for being innocent pockets the hypocrisy everywhere. How battle that is pretty petty editorial. It's like there's no winners and us and again I'm not. Don't mystery meat is defending now and what does this sound like he's the complete idiot on this stuff. But I don't know how you suspense in my for what you think they may have done and and then two different. Townsend. I'm not enough evidence. To bring charges against him I mean obviously you can say maybe the fix is in the help star athlete that. Wildwood sunny someplace in Florida why would they care I can get out I can get it maybe there's home cooking in Columbus, Ohio I don't think it would exist anymore now. The other thing with the domestic violence is incident as the victim admitted that she kind of embellish the story a little bit well but also here's legs into discount that story elements that I can I -- are also interesting things today in the in the findings of this letter when you read it says odd that. And now I'm not read all this is it's very legalese but they said during their own investigation and Roger Goodell hired four different experts in different areas of expertise. Eyes are retains too as a pertain to law enforcement judicial and public service and other specialized subject areas they now own the out some stuff that they feel cooped corroborated. Our rehearsed stories all. Look I don't know we were there are none of us are there. I I don't I don't I don't I is much inside discredit the NFL sometimes this'll lead. Unlock and I believe that they made up this information like they did their their investigation they clearly found something. I'll but I think this Texas a good one a text eroded. I'm tired of hearing up players have such a bad shake. You can lose Millwood your military career or security clearances without ever being charged Crimea river these guys are the public guy deal with a double standards Joan tweeted in. And he said I completely agree croak follow the policies of your employer or suffer consequences. And there's a lot of things you can do any of us could do it our every day lives where. It runs counter to the things our company stands for it might not be criminal but it runs counter to what the art company says they align themselves with. And if you are found to have violated any of that stuff you could lose your job or you could be suspended or. Olden explain how New York Giants have a kicker that was convicted book I got it I say it's bizarre and I guess that's the point I'm making is there at the moment go poster on another meeting is why you know I get a that a fair criticism I get that. Well one doesn't get the other so I'm William and I'm saying yeah this they they don't have a policy. Is my point and the players association seems powerless to even debate whenever the policy would they get it it it and I agree with this too because I feel it come on both sides of this Sean texted in earlier he says it's the shape croak you all the cowboys fan too but. He says this day of six games and no charges while and I agree six games feels like a lot but what's the right number. But etc. that's I'll ask the morning. And attacks directed to assist us in the NFL former FBI agents investigating for that seems like they may look a little deeper than a criminal investigation not a misdemeanor by local police and that's absolutely true to. If crazies it is the sound the NFL's more. Criminal. Investigation resource is that a lot of police departments do. That's not that a lot of these guys that work in security for the legal office for the teams are former CIA their former FBI like their high level. Our police and security guys and so that's a fair point that okay just because he was in criminally charged all. Were the resource is there due to make that happen in the first place if they could've found that out so I don't know it's it's so complicated let's go to block. Who wants to go to block what's up man. Hey go mellow this showed that a lot mental got a bill I'm doing great thanks for calling. Yes well at big bear out up more on the side of it you're just Trout look bad right I mean what the right right thing Greg Hardy situation. They were both issued if it is whether or not on the record because the judges drop the case. Right but there with a black on the leaps and now they go on to be bent over everywhere on every eight bit yup and I think that the bigger thing to me is. You can go on the beat them but then you don't have a structure of plate and bigger and embed ability you would think you would have a structure in place that lead has. A book written out of hate you commit a crime to get charged. You know ex gang that escalates from there. But alas they are all comment about find ironic now you know if you get in trouble was smoking weed you're getting a lot more trouble but that day and they've demanded pilot and not that much. No that's true but it in and that's that's a really good point block I appreciate call him at all all all play devil's advocate to the other side again though if you're the NFL. Did they do this with Ray Rice Richard where they actually had a guideline for okay it's six games for this or that eight game for this and it's four games for this. But that also gets to be you could be almost too stringent we lock yourself fitting your like. Okay I'm really eight games for that so the other part of remember Ray Rice wasn't suspended to the video came out agreed but when you try to I thin there's differing reports on both NFL Solomon here before. Related to the public outcry after a they saw with the crowd is they've just honestly what we're talking about. They might not it clear it looks it seems based off the information thus far it looks like they did their due diligence on Ezekiel Elliott the problem is. Nobody trust them because they bought some the other things like that at the end of right that's that's what we're talking about here to go to rich really quick break it to Jim Miller to second rich what do you think man. Don't know so that's it it's not so it was just opened the little. All the pork plate that it is involved with the early articulate its FaceBook used to the blood and slower. Apparently that guy and thought once the press charges. The minute that somebody approached secret until that sort of filed charges. Yeah and that it hurts that I appreciate the call that was actually also hole. You know alleged to have happened with the domestic violence since attitude that that is eco if there's another incident. That happened right I think as he was getting drafted by the cowboys right separate incidents. In a taxi or something of a do over out. And he was alleged at that time to have done something that Ryan put some pressure on. The victim to get on to beat state quieter stay harsh or whatever soul. Yeah that's that but that's the gray area Richard because you know you could say OK okay estimate it was a criminally charged but. What if they put some heat on somebody to. Not cooperate with the police investigation and to see somebody was not charged is not the same as saying nothing happened. Right well it's kind of like let's go back to the Greg Hardy case here I mean a lot of people suspect he paid off the victim. How do you prove that. She's not talking about it you can't confirm and you could look at the facts of that case prior job. And and not recognize that he did something to put his hands on Ottawa rough there it there was no. You could look at the facts that no whether you're you should be charged criminally for that. That's a whole other incidents. You could not look at the facts of what happened with Greg party at that time and not rent not recognize yes this guy did something that is. Is is wrong and it's really uncomfortable for a lot of people. Sure. And if you're the NFL but again being honest this is elite that tried to align itself in recent years ought to be more safe. And be more family friendly. And target itself to moms with a breast cancer awareness stuff so anything that evolves divesting violence. Don't you think they're always gonna air on the side of overreacting to being too partial things of that. If anything like Wright's talk about earlier Oki walk it back by him appealing. So are easy it's not six it's not for and they always get to claim we'll guess what we tried we did our part we came down hard. He was the arbitrator they came back and said no it's gonna be four games instead of six or they always get to win in these situations. Well and when you say they wanna align themselves. With. Breast cancer awareness they only wanna do that when they can make money controlling the money is made it past that's D'Angelo Williams on that worked for him a lecturer in a but this whole thing you think tangled web security and absolutely it always has been Roger Goodell has done it he's created this being with. His position where ex judge jury next acute shares succumbed as it pertains to and to me that's on the players' association they didn't envision giving that much foul. Yeah but if they did that was collectively bargained and then you get you get the stuff where Roger Goodell I think the NFL's gone out of its way to try brand itself at a certain way that. Anything that runs counter. To you know to the principles of what they stand for they got to the got to come down on people want particularly if the guy that. Thumb that signed up for a job barely a Texan. He should seek signed up for this double standard just like I did when I chose my career I've been ABC permit it CDO from my job so I can't have any alcohol in my system but I drive. My personal vehicle whereas every day may could have up to point a weight in his system without being in trouble with the laws seek you knew you signed up for. If you don't want to get in trouble would be and I don't believe so that comes in for Joseph the spearmint. Toys and then them and I'm not the sick and again. I think people are misreading what I'm saying I'm not defending. As a here understand you know the NFL this complete selective enforcement because there are all sorts of egregious cases. Some get punished some don't and and it seems complete happenstance about that I mean. And again we you know we had solid it's such an easy punch line with the Tom Brady to fight if utmost thing the tech talent to me. Is a microcosm of what's wrong with the way they do punishment yet should Tom Brady have been punished well maybe but the way they did it. Made it sound like they're really going after Bill Belichick may not realize. I mean you know way either he's in your cross hairs or he's not mean. They're really believes that if deflated fur balls were a football game that one player on the team that everything you do that and none of the other 52 or not coaching staff for not imaginary thing about it but that's ridiculous there's no chance that struck. Yeah. Now that that's absolutely the case and so. I decide this is just one of those situations and if feels like there's been a lot of these are recent years with the NFL where player discipline just days. Odd nothing universally received but it's hard to align yourself with Ezekiel Elliot like he makes. I did yeah and and and that's kind of the part it's one of those things were. Your your almost you're should pay your supporting someone who has egregious repeated bad behavior. But. It's the repeated bad behavior has not brought criminal charges I don't understand how. You know then that should be punished based own look the other protocols and leg but again I mean I'm pro American a circular argument because I don't know what the protocol isn't a law. Went on a text direct and an assist this is accurate but this but it's it's also why immediate this text is like. It hits the hit it hit the nail on the head but it's also why we're talking about he says if this is a third string guy. No wood no rhyme with care including you guys to write but that's the point and all this the NFL's trying to make his. Everybody's held to a different standard. And it's everybody in this sleek and it's certainly the stars and I get we're talking about deflate gave the best obligate that's kind of team oriented and that feels different to me. But if you're secure Elliott this is the thing I would say. Dude take ownership of your life. At a certain point these are all coincidences where you keep getting dragged into things in your involved journal situations. And whether it's domestic violence or whatever. At a certain point. The world laid out to get too big man you put yourself sensitive to put yourself in some situation well. When you shouldn't be in Uga you every look at after the reputation not the NFL but Ezekiel Ellie you need to be looking out for a number one. And I don't think Ezekiel Elliott learned that lesson yet. Well and then the real laughable part of this is the cowboys just released a player whose final problem. Proved to be a hoax lucky I had not granted. You can make the point or the argument that lucky find has had repeated. Missteps. Or has is securely nine repeated missteps the difference is one McEnroe for 2000 yards one guy can't. No doubt. No doubt are a couple of quick story three to get to Damir bird coming up. I in about fifteen minutes former former game cocky current Panthers wide receiver it a big night in in the pre season debut. On Wednesday he joined us yesterday you'll hear that coming up in a couple minutes this kid's got a great personality. And a lot of fires he'll hear him coming up. It just a couple seconds in case you missed this news just happened in the last hour the Miami Marlins finally sold Jeffrey Loria. Finally. Just quit being the worst owner in all sports itself this team what a racket this this man one point two billion dollars for the Miami Marlins. And Jeffrey Loria is out the door it's Derek Jeter's. Group. That is now in on this and that means they minority stake for one Michael Jordan do so Michael Jordan now. Small issue minority owner of the Miami Marlins if he was he was brought in as part of that group. About a month or so ago as they were as they were trying to. Finalize this deal so there he'll mark the Miami market you're thinking about baseball in the city Charlotte down the road and abilities happen Billy's happy. One point two Billy. To get rid of the Miami Marlins for Jeffrey Loria what do you think it's gonna like seriously if it cost of one point two for the Marlins. It expansion team here even if it's ten or fifteen years from now. That's gonna be high dollar ticket somebody could have absolutely. Was was this is the stadium involved with that yet good date at the team I believe owns the stadium in land was given to them have essentially right on the water some of the most expensive land. In Miami was essentially given to them. And then they to fill the stadium. And this this this this team owns the stadium. So the today have a TV deal. They do like I don't know how lucrative it is though I can't speak to that but yet that's that's one of the biggest racquets. Yeah ports Jeffrey Loria swindle the city of Miami even got that going on and then. Are also we mentioned this earlier but Sammy Watkins I treated. From the Buffalo Bills to the Los Angeles rams and about talking with somebody that swindled money yes old they get a sixth round pick in next year's draft. And they also get EJ gains any or she think the bill's trade sim lock and any sixth round pick. I and they get each day gains any second rounder back returns so. It actually doesn't seem like a bad brain Ambien is stacking takes that they give six picks in the first like 99. Debug your picks of the draft next year so. And then they traded Ronald Darby to get I think it Jordan Matthews from the Eagles get wide receiver Jordan Matthews I think it was. Joe Banner said that that was a situation is similar to what the Panthers did with Josh Norman where Ronald Darby to soak wasn't a scheme that wasn't a fifth of them he was more vote. More of a man coverage guy than a zone coverage guy or something like that. So from Dartmouth deploy it bred to be doing some work up there real quickly go to the follows Damir bird in about ten minutes listening for this let's go to it to be real quick he gets the last word before you to break what's up Anthony. They got through quip would listen to lose because oil is situation that it bothers me about these cars strides. I'm not saying he did commit domestic violence or didn't run we don't know. But with the way the NFL handled in the numbers situation. Why are we so quick as the public. To just you know automatically trust that there information is accurate me. They blocked the re right situation. We know that they handle this domestic. Situation any better than they did Babylon or they just trying to states based you know our public kind of bothers me about it with. These legal. Entities not having heart of the city data that will be my only point. Know that your point and and again Richard goes back to boil what you were just talking about appreciate the call. You just can't you can't really you can't give Ezekiel earlier the better now okay and there's no winners in this but did that the NFL should be above the fray. And I guess for the life for me I can't figure out what their protocol is on any of these things. And if they did have one had a better group within the players' association I think we don't feel better about it it just seems like it's well you know on. As because that's in trouble he keeps getting in trouble also rule or suspended six games hopefully afar Iraq. All right let's do this had to break come back to mere bird Carolina Panthers wide receiver former gamecocks dropped fights after this on prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Severe burn victims John force Panthers wide receiver. Off a four reception 98 yards two TD night. And unfortunately a lot of Clemson orange in the stands when that South Carolina Gamecocks with making plays last night to hear how our event. I'm doing good now but preserve what was that we're going talk about good how good you're last night didn't end it in the game and all that stuff but. How how did you view must the feel of some type away last night seeing all the clubs and orange there was a nut in the state of the debate last night. A year. You know we can't say they cattle an end to the support at least I do that film but now there's definitely a little. The middle live and direct it in on an entourage. If you if you get the last last last night's all right you got the last laugh with two TDs especially a fifty artery that. Yeah I had a good night. Live with a gun and played it's. I'm mentally though the good thing in the end. Going into this going to list all season and obviously that Greg came to a head a little bit here with the pre season hopefully it continues past that would that be on the first pre season game but. We also is always your mindset on what she wanted to improve on everything that was reflected in this first presumed dead. Obama I think because he's absolutely passed. Complex fascinating. Well. And it didn't go out and make plays and I think that that demonstrate that in the first game omelet with the lone bomber did anybody. Also catch you know Victoria that your vote and and they put us to make something happen after those. Let the good pictures. We're talkative Damir bird Panthers wide receiver finally getting to is getting fantastic Twitter handle which is at look in underscored. Underscore mere. Look at the beer is that it is the footer had a freeze the birdie put this right now here's what I wanna go to hear how does the kid from Camden county New Jersey. They're like south to south Jersey how does the kid from Camden county New Jersey why don't think Columbia, South Carolina which is like. The hottest day some of the hottest place in the face severe how did you go from that. To where your plane or college ball what got you all the way down the Columbia. I have no clue great recruited yeah cause very ahead and did a great camera crews. And they gave me here's our quarterback could get time and denied that in detail in the play that you see it now don't have a good time. Well in here you are now later in the NFL but when you are coming out. You're undrafted and any latch onto. To the Panthers then and you last year you you've found a way to. To make it opted to the active roster but you're enact their first few games then you get. Do you get cut and then your side to the practice squad and then you openly promoted at the end of the year. What was their journey like for you last year to his studio I'm sure you're going through the same sort of battle at this point last year. You get maybe the sigh of relief briefly to think you're on the active roster and then things never really were easy for you at any point last year. Yes absolutely decimated a journey. It was a rough or you know the other. Finally make crack that if he period and didn't give us and did negotiate because and then go to pre back to practice squad. Go to Europe but I doubt they would keep my confidence. And you know on who would doubt they would have great to be even you know descended kind of opportunities weren't there aren't injury do good things like that that we had. I'm so that that put him back down. We talk to people back down czar filled or were you talk into. Any particular guys are open is a cultural or former team hater. Somebody in the panthers' locker room were you leaning on anybody in particular just her. You know some advice and just you know credibility you Lofton and somebody could trust to reap we talk to last year at this time. I think unless there is talk the last. Kyra here because cricket pros and then not so I'd take it on here they both had a lot of confidence in me and they both. You know it's still bad that I could play clarity and good luck. Cannot complain is Leo did you know at the time that some of the opportunities. And a lot of people don't get. You know those big opportunity straight out of the gate I won't do you know especially when it comes to address it guiding you really got to. Keep fighting until you get their opportunity Libyan leader. You know make careers go out and play. The million students an opportunity Rocco walks right into what I wanted to ask you lump got a big ones and our new player right now and last night I think Phil I think he took a great first step. It to make sure that you part of that 53 man roster what you feel like you need to do over the course of these next to a pre season games to ensure that. He uses a name it's gonna be on that active roster going into that first weekend. I'm just to get. Stay consistent firm. And so they have to make big plays out so that it not in not only kept the long ball but also take your boat can't securitize garnered and make things happen. After they can't. Common cannot serve return and I think that if some consistent in birdie these last three games in you know gone into the season and it took a really great position. Well when when you see what are your teammates last night who's who's also jockeying for position and we've talked often a lot of love his story he's got a similar battle. I did you have a similar path to the NFL the you have. What what were you say there it to Austin last night on the sidelines after those couple drops and then. Of course he has a Macon two receptions to close out tonight and what we say to him and walker what what were you talkative about last night. I think he I think he didn't get yet made the moment to be in. You know gonna cheer for you gain me. You know he gave so much hype you know person without being in Baghdad but it but at the end of the day is this political blog games. And it still there assembly and accused guns. The time daylight already. Really your turn again to come down in history lack of god and do things that he's already done you know limits on direct. Does it feel like a competition with you guys and a wide receiver rumor or know what's that what's that like take us into the meeting room. Now it doesn't that I competition and you know we are helping each other you know what from top about it when they're brand is well there's KB UR firms. You know literally trying to help the other guys you know early and helping each other out you know you learn from each other and whatever happens happens you know. Lou we know that if we do we have become to be the best. That we can create their inner it would have no regrets and always wanted him to win and it helped mr. Hayward. Are you the fastest guy on this roster it's. I would never say I'm not the fact Jack is that together they get really bad day we flew really at this could generate that they really don't. But here's the thing Curtis care run right now like Curtis can't do that showed the answer is yes though right the end even if he's healthy is the answer still yes. I mean. I'm never say no to be OK yeah yeah. Hello let alone this got to be a bird tickets time force Panthers wide receiver had a great night last night for receptions. 98 yards two TDs. Can't seem pretty excited for you last night Kayla might have been the most exciting for you he almost seemed. More excited than viewer what you call those two touchdowns last night. 88 candidate great. Teammate you know each period because everybody on you want to see everybody succeed. In isn't it never surprised. You know we're so I think they played eight deferred when there. Wouldn't it don't expect him as a speaker camp. How excited as is this team has a group is due to hopefully see him in the next couple weeks ready to rock and roll going through drills on the football. I'll a lot you know we need to turn quarterback's arm everybody has seen what he can do it as sleek when he totally and down. We're excited that you did help her did she give Paco. Jameer bird Panthers wide receiver I don't know if you saw this I mean. You wouldn't be surprised he was your head coach Pete you said he was part of the reason you went to South Carolina. Do you see the Steve Spurrier quote yesterday he was speaking down in Shreveport for the independent vote to see we year old head coach had to say yesterday. No accident that didn't see it. What cal region disclosed so we speak it'd Shreveport Louisiana. And I don't know what prompted him to say the severe but he said. I you can have good ballplayers. It's still not win football games all you LSU fans know about that. Tough tough. Yeah quote talk make him right there. Oh man beyond its like how often do you just when I called up just he could like hear talk of him just like talk trash about somebody like all the time right. And he the other candidates you know witty remark so we become into detail though it the I'll fight any time there's a good term leader Reid. What was the craziest thing he ever did where you're like it either to practice or like at a meeting world or whatever your life. Man is this real life like I can't believe this dude right now what's the craziest thing ever did where you're like god this guy is he's out of control. I think they united they need anyway you came up I would military north practice synagogue. Cracked it just hurt. Might have been continued their industry pregnant so he can go go. And thirty point evil of a kind Doug Jameer. It's good to talk to him and it was thought the stadium last night and you guys showed up indicted on the Nashville so. I appreciate you making time for its best the luck the rest of the way in knocking grind it out there a connect. Thank you appreciate it all right that's Panthers wide receiver Jameer birdie drop by the show yesterday that's our primetime rewind always greeted the best of the best for the week there was if you missed any thing from the show all the interviews all the podcasts. Not only here on prime time but Doug Garcia Bailey Mac attack as well all posted WS since he'd icons and go -- click on the audio on demand and go out look around us who we got for the week the was if you miss city that thinks the Billy back in his studio Richard walker from the Gaston gazette hanging out with us. Really too into it and we'll have coverage live but luckily coverage of the 99 PGA championship. Over you over here at quail hollow club solicited glad that we on the year on one or 25610 WS NC and wolf it's. Of course we talking about it on Monday and also one final shot out thinks that the guys to facilitate pizza company. Jimmie and Steve are just the best and how to get their new location and uptown couple blocks away from Bob DDT ballpark. Few blocks away even further to make of America stadium so I'll go check those guys out. Try to slow style pizza the wings are incredible and they voted baskets in wings in the entire Charlotte area and you could see about law and the son take weeks ago. Dot com thanks everybody hanging out when this all week we'll catch you guys back here on Monday to a clock CNN credit crunch time. This and then Sculley when she lay very pleasant good afternoon. Wherever you may be.