Primetime: Seth Greenburg

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Friday, February 23rd

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Right we're gonna go to the technique come guess summing up the incomparable. Bobby loose with a since studio and Don we're gonna put him right on the spot I need the best Bobby Lou story Seth Greenberg has right off the top when he got Seth. I coached at one hot. Rod black. And are. Popular with our Ed you want to support the good keep guarantee right well while the golf course one. Right yet I can play a little bit of golf. House. Six he he's good he's he's a grinder. And then made it is an account coach though it. Add these get chicken but. He's never alcohol so. He'll make it big time. Net and it was necessary wish him great battles he had. BP Waldman now John Jackson and Reggie Conan centric and he don't count against him on the yourself Florida the league was so fun. Only regret that we expect really I've been really good coaches. Great rivalry. Intensity and Erica it is you know you don't vote on that was at a time where that was great. It wants the coaches and eighties were great fun. Say yeah I think that's respected each other joy each other you don't normally run against each other play doubles after travel but you know. That they later as to its own you know and an ambulance stopped by each other an amateur at that they'll. You know in college basketball and knows what's going on right now our sport is kind of our our core car. Yeah did you feel a set screamer so this by the way former Virginia Tech head coach and is being college Basque loyalist as well as with this right now on the technique I'm guess like. Here your I mean we've been hearing. All sorts of fragments and its parts of these stories and become a leak it out for months now but when you read the latest thing today set what what was your reaction to that this morning. I was in shock or super yeah. Well you know all these. Coaches battery. Oh. That your speed now this issued story. Well for credit for college. But it may well. But. Some agent so good book report. About the relationship starts with your program or programs under development by and it by the time it's a portable player. Or it back way way back and recorded a years ago. Oh. Now that a teacher has a lot. Our order of the over the part of the circle of so relationships but on cross. Urged. I. Think that you know people look at it. Well you know this let the coaches now are really. Well. But not that that people are trying to paint that picture we're hearing that coach. How would you or are they in the know a little bit or should they be in the though I think that's it that the bigger question that. It goes it deftly goes deep. It was with with the relationships of a whose impact in young man in and is not just appearance in high school coaches like when you and offers started. You know it's far far past that that paradigm now. Yeah and welcome. And now and you're in a circle the issue most people are those people order. You part. You know you can speculate. But he's now for sure. Portrait you know for sure you know. I don't think you can regulated I don't think you solve that. I think even if you hate the players are saying you're gave them the opportunity to make wonderful likeness. Rupture of there's four people Michael Gordon thank you should there's insurance for. You know people Mark Wahlberg insurance industry are there's an arbitrary people lot of lot of money shall. I don't know the solution won't want to say is simple solution. But you know to me. I'm not sure it is as simple solution is most people advocate it really is. It's something that said the truck equipped chart. B of we got that step and really look at what it's it's it's surely painted that picture and you look I'm interested though this is that honestly I thought she names especially so for college schools were immediately. They're these players in palpable. Do internal investigation by outside. Entity and then try to get in the state. Could be that it seems like don't be. Maybe felt was as yet. No duke already released a statement on on window carters and now we're how we're fine so he's gonna pseudo gonna be ready to go against Syracuse that they were right there. And it. Yeah yeah yeah coach don't you think that. You know we want the best of all morals you know we wanna keep. The beauty of the of the college basketball Forman and turn in March Madness and. Like an act like everybody's the same. Same opportunity that. The game is changed the money's change everything has changed so much so significantly. That there needs to India. You know it a change in restrictive on Mikey said earlier in the show I don't have the answer and I haven't heard anybody that does at the answers so on the one hand you wanna keep it pure and. And and the college for a man in and he's keep academic integrity and have your beautiful March Madness on the other hand. Big money's involved shoe companies are involved. You know that ends is difficult defer on that that the the wall a line. It's about to. Yeah I got that battle without a coach the year and apologize. And Eddie Favre looked compact car that it. I literally into the trap of all right. Set your final let's go now you're on good do we get a deal by Seth Greenberg making a few moments for.