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Tuesday, March 13th

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Derek get joins us and a half hour your twelfth day primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. And we're joking but I am not joking. I didn't know I don't know if there's a better way to encapsulate the craziness the feeding frenzy that is NFL free agency by saying. I didn't know who Albert Wilson was and I just found out. That he just signed a three year 24 million dollar deal in free agency with the Miami Dolphins and so on that note we welcome integrate Ross Tucker from serious XM. NFL radio Westwood One and of course the Ross Tucker football podcast which everybody should download and listen to on a regular basis Ross in my wrong. Or my bad football fan for not knowing who Albert Wilson was before this afternoon did you know who Albert Wilson was. Right. We're. Oh while your. Don't remember. What were. Being. You orders there. That so. All hour. Ago. Mark in upper plate should be better off. Our. Bench. All. OK so I'm off the hook is what you're telling me I'm located at for not knowing who he was before signed a three year 24 million dollar deal in free agency you're not in the twenty team league of their fantasy league has so I'm a carrier Ross. I like. To nurture credibility in my mind the. Just a little bit. That's great Ross Tucker is with a serious sex them Westwood One of course the Ross Tucker football podcast he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL where you can check out. All the ways to get to Rome and I I would wonder Ross how do you view it as a as a former player you gotta love it for these guys getting all this money. But just is as somebody who covers the sport beyond this year entertainment value of it. What what do you see about about free agency Heidi how do you look at free agency. I. It's a year. To. Vote in. To go. Contract. You right. Off the combine. But mine. Which reported that there and fall so I. This picture. For. One. Like it tried you know contract. Not that much. Where that there is in the air that there are so. I wrote that. There. Complain. Much. Cap. Spare them money there. So. Who. Or goes in oh. You know by now. Well on that note I guess I would ask you how do you feel about the contract for Kirk cousins and he's played this. Masterfully over the last few years three keeps gambling on himself betting on himself and a QB needy market. And he hits free agency and signs and 86 million dollar deal that's fully guaranteed. People are saying it's a game changer on you I ask you what is this truly game changer is this one man who just kind of played this thing masterfully over the last few years here. Well I think it's being younger in the sense that top quarterback. Ruled out day want only parent he yo like. And evidently getting I think that. That's a great owners. Rarity. Very comfortable. But you're. That. He characters. Why would you that at this point now aren't you. Your yeah in a matter. Oh there. Aren't there are more money have gotten. It's sports I there were I think it would've been in New York. Or. Didn't insist. There. Did. So with the bike that it would hurt our year if you just got. Six you're. Out there and you know war. 65 million or forward. You know we're gonna got all agree more money in my mind if you just sit in or near the girl or you'd great. People. The because it's the market. You know it's you know I think that. And supple in port and our equipment. At the quarterback. Ben Harper. You know what. A quarterback like. Dot and there. Are well. Well we've got a lot of quarterbacks shifting that's gone on right Tyrod goes to Cleve land it seems to be maybe a bit of a place holder raised a get ready to draft another quarterback we'll see if they hit on this when Alex Smith to Washington Kirk now. I too. I'd due to Minnesota in this deal you've got keys keep him going from Minnesota the Denver Sam Bradford is now it is gone. I to Arizona so it all the quarterback movement and there's been a ton. Is there or anyone real look at and say money out the window I just feel like this is a good fit this is going to be at this is going to be an upgrade for this team who'd who'd anybody standout. I already walking. Our believe it is a strike yet that operate. And they immediately on the team that pilgrim a lot or game it is last year Richard Hart who went zero the game but. You know bring it in Atlanta I'd be very important. In frequently they feel like it's very important. To try to change the culture arts so it is a quarterback number one overall. And I leave that they sure it procure it operated. Alpert starting quarterback in a row like Tyrod Taylor who won't earn a blow for animal makes from Clayton leg. He did that chip in my life to be. That's even a 500. Is there a move Ross Tucker is what this right now we're NFL series ex im NFL radio Westwood One Ross Tucker's and have. A football podcast is one he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker at a Phillies with this on the technique on guess like. Other than the quarterbacks were there any moves that have been made the first fourteen hours or so of of this tampering window. It bigger fan of you think it is gonna be a difference maker or these does deals that got Donnie do you think. They're good players it fits our but it your you know better off today really for for what these moves are do you feel about somebody early move. Well first of all I. Like is all yours it's group. But our. Arteries start to go. There right now or what you. Were this period. But it's it's a secure our. Look away with been coaching matters. Pretty obvious to or or so there that's one. Out my bought term admirable job for me as our rock or. The letter. Written. Yeah this city you know you're through its chance to. Exactly. You know whether or not. Yet prepared he played better I like what that they. That was a good group and interpret it how out of debris and tree or so that the yet. In my advice to a very. Oh position players. Like that move or. By not appear to. Find out. Possible. Whether or. Good to replace C. You know whether there is these guys that they you're. I think they're doing the right but it sure he has worked and which in my mind and in a note you're right because now brought him. To work where at the same. The bill letting you know rock though I agree that you'll be open yeah. What oracle were pretty will be like day and one year. These you'll. You know they were two more apt they we have one year out well for sure they'd bring back alum Robert. That can actually see it now what. Or who are able. You know when recorder that has a lot like our Robert. Instead. Owe money for gore well you know a lot more money could even go out and got which. Intimate program or the day. Where would rather much less power than their normal one like her and I were more we're why likable or a hole like. We're talking or cross Tucker I know is on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL is what this on the technique on guests lined. Our what was your reaction on Friday there are a lot of deals done mostly a bond a browns on Friday but from a trade standpoint what do what did you think of the trade. The Panthers made straight up Darryl Worley. Going into his thirty year for for Torrey Smith the veteran wide receiver from Philadelphia had you see that trade. Well I like it or airline in the sense that it story written there because. We've seen that operate better when he. You know in sight see right. I like better and we're watching it. And then hopefully you'll see you then himself. In the slot that well so I like the balance avert deeper that the airline bill. People like Mac now and video of the old rules were made it. It's the muddy and your young order that they can work where it's so tired of what you've been well. But like a lot of fraud in a lot better buried there quality. Locker room guy I think matters it would have been a lot of young guys there were ambulance or is that McCaffery you know commitments to work. It's for the good quality locker room and it's part of the reason why these people that so much success. Well it and the economic seven matters to me to Ross because I think people were saying initially on Friday man you're taking on that contract when they were gonna come but now I think as we've seen. If Torre was out there and a free agent market. I'm not sure that you could have gotten him for two years ten million dollars right like that's a bit of a fixed cost that they handled before free agency began. A 1000%. Correct I mean your yeah. You know yeah there's some of these guys are I mean that's that's the inner portion of it to have him under contract. Years. And that are out there because controlled your acting right. It's not often make a good point that'll take it when I duly got Ross Tucker with a seize on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL. Last thing here what defensive and Ross is obviously. A major question mark Mario Addison is one of the most consistent you know full well well rounded defensive ends in the NFL the most fans probably don't know about outside here in Carolina but. Were worth thinking we're hoping pap comes back for another year but. He placed 50% of the snaps they got to find that opposite guy I mean. We've talked about Vinny curry I don't know if he's a cap casualty in Philadelphia are now but as you look around his or got the UC maybe the campers could go after reading in the market of free agency to. The kind of keep kept coming off the bench and that defensive end rotation here. Not really blown attack and it and it and it are going to be our league and that's the problem really. Rip when you get there this time a year so being buried buried there. So I sit there. Might see it embodied in mr. try to get somebody younger replete supper along well. Ross Tucker with a series sex Sam Westwood won the raw Starker football podcast you can get all the links for this stuff it is Twitter page it's at Ross Tucker NFL. And of course he's always dragon on the volcano which would for people who have not seen that this ball came in an action we get our guys in your all the time. I'm Jamar and as it's always dragon on it his kids got one what what's the ball Canon Ross. It's a for all and machine. I can opt out in what about it the you know whoever the like as though it will. Just go. Raw. In dark now checked out to be code. Or whatever. Or. And check if you're. You know like all. Gets sued to stop an opening. It's about their own. If tomorrow. There sport everybody else. Check out the Euro. Is believed. It's proof that offensive linemen are smarter than everybody else Ross Tucker he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL you can get all the info on this stuff and NFL bad Westwood One serious ex im NFL radio Ross Tucker football podcast. And he's about fifteen years too late for the market for interior linemen in the NFL today in free agency got my apologies on that Ross. Yeah anti. And a sports they are not good enough. Element I get out of here you play long enough for for Ross thanks for making time for Ross Tucker. Offered series sex and Westwood and his side his Ross Tucker football podcast.