Primetime: Rivalry Runs Deep

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Thursday, July 13th

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with Sports Reporter Nicole Auerbach about what its like to be at ACC College Football Media Day, as well as the Ohio State - Michigan Rivalry.


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Peace peace primetime powered by ortho Carolina Kroger and in Green Bay, Wisconsin is basically gas don't you. In terms of the size of the city and silver com. A New Orleans as a city. It's charming and everybody wants. You know there's like America's basement today I'd never wanted to get in the world wide known cultures are never wanted to nuance of fantastic down why it's dirty bomb. If you can't get past the fact that every older models like here and you're in now. Tell you there funny charming place in the navy if you're delusional to walk through a Euro dropped on your way to one of the greatest restaurants on the planet. Trucks had no desire to do. So why are missing. Go into the West Coast go to San Francisco now that's a city active via. Sam coming both are wonderful you've got to go to New Orleans and experience are what come on vacation starting tomorrow so we're in the home stretch your boys I got an hour ago. Then it's ten days off the clock Gary gets taken out what is naturally when you come ACC kick off. Your demands are up football talk dot com but were really joined now. What the people we can trust somebody who's really in the know in college football star pal Nicole our back Nicole good to see you good to see it's been a while welcome do I'll welcome the vice city. It's a little hotter here than in New York this time here. That little marquee men more insufferable about it yeah I believe that midnight it was like death. Yes why is it still ninety degrees outside yelled welcome to Charlotte in the middle that got a July. We keep talking about it but I mean you see this you go around the country do a lot of these media days and so what's it like for you would you get a vibe of this. Events and this conference right now that's the raining but over the reigning national champions. Am I pitcher and Heisman Trophy went to him haven't heard about this today you're not listening because I the government everything that brought up this and it's actually been interesting and I think by stories assigned kind of kimbo pitchers shots fired moment mud just went up in US needed aid are common you know a lot of people reacted very strongly to him saying that he thinks they think he had the premier conference calls are now but. You know I laugh this morning when I saw a quote come across from SEC media days gusts now month saying that the ads EZ US that the vision and caused by its. Know Alabama and then have a huge drop off in. It not that no one in NCC had fewer than four win third here in four losses outside of Alabama this year Sig can't make that case anymore or no can't. You know say that this isn't even when he better lesson when there is three SEC west teams in the initial playoff rankings forever but it. Greek jeopardy question it will be wonderful. On the we. About the SEC last year's for the playoffs and the death and some of these other leads especially the top of the league's not just one team in the ACC little bulls really come mom and but you've got the Big Ten that could also bite for that you know I think it between the coasts the Atlantic ACC. And the youth in the big embryos are the best student to be done in in the country and the toughest races this year that are going to be. Dead if you know I think maybe it's not their now I think if it's got the possibility of it up. These teams at the top the kind of taken their turn to Washington brought out the yeah well over an open but north divisional pactel got a shot at it. It's really attacker can get a word you were they need to get shatters the efforts gotta maintain that level. But yeah I mean it's good to me that the US thing is old you know old news it's not actor anymore. In that Alabama it's clearly a class the conference then you drop off the tee everyone else in bold visions. And so that's what's and it just about being here because you know you don't. When you look at it and you listen to Jim though Fisher talked really really fast about all of the pigs. That if you gotta there have been effects of that and you know after an off season not listening yeah regular little hard to get the mind moving fast enough to keep up but. Yes just listed off like record in bowl games that in power conference pony Deans and you know. It's the national scene in its last four years is too high class three or Robin Meade from. That is what the finding this stuff and and fans I think that the playoff has started in May be present in the BCS got aliens whose idea of conference supremacy yet. An and I think that. Those are those are kind of the main talking point though you know like I mean I hit a lot of people trying to make fun of the ACC in my mentions today. But it's immediate hope you have to step back up that claim. Late feels like they've been talking about this for a long time in the ACC's almost had an inferiority complex I doubt it for a long time. But now it's become manifest now you got things to point C yes and now it's real when there's a different sort of air about these guys suddenly. Yeah I agree and I think even saw that flag was like yeah see and people are weird that we're like really getting it on us today. Why is it is interesting it is cool you know obviously you know Chris do you live in ACC country which is mostly that's a country usually. But really I think he could talk about the depth that you could talk about concerns are the coastal let you can't say that the top teams in the in this league are not talking what they will be it in the race. Issues so funny because people change the rules on this stuff so like you two point. A couple years ago what we did with the SEC for so many people to prop up that conference was but we just when everything real well. It's motion Buick they've lost right depths red hot not parity. But now than it out it's like this yet. Anyone play the depth cardigan which she suffered some coaches his and coaches in Hoover oh weeks in a wolf top to bottom we put our league against anybody. I read okay I'll put wake up against dainty about what we get lake bottom against the dollar it's yeah I agree to agree. No you're right they hit the BCS there when they weren't winning everything you have that claim. But in this playoffs this nominee out with a couple Needham that are really current needs titles Alabama certainly didn't get almost an air you know all every year the playoff. But that it out every well not exactly. Mean to me the thing I keep going back to isn't this this is not rocket science. It's shrewd basketball through football coaches and quarterbacks who do you what are you what an obvious in a quarterback aspect to the basketball thing but. Court coaches and quarterbacks that is gonna tell you the strength of the conference right now and I keep throwing this question out there all week and the naming the second best coach in the SEC. I mean who would you say it is Ramos and are back coaches in that conference but well it's no longer the days of a Spurrier. And I was miles and heck even Kevin someone's reputation is taken. A bit of of a knock over the last couple years that duty might be number 280 firmly on the hot seat as we get to the sea well that it would gust and l.'s all. You know in an embryo in the SEC look at the model of being helping to keep the seat and let's hire former assistant and you know it's not necessarily closing that gap and it worked coming close to it yet that you know your right coach isn't Thailand's progress on that coaches. In this alert think about from the hires Virginia Tech trying just in plenty of Greek Greek hired actually a lot he worked be talking about him today. And following a legend at what that is and then he she would be beating your one. So do you have a coach is your colleagues at the quarterbacks you have had multiple Heisman finalists from the league. And that's not an SEC last year's right where's the offense where the quarterbacks that Prescott's. And well you know that that's so so I I yeah leg you know under the bully here though clearly in Charlotte and uneasy the eagle but. Like I I have no problems in those answers I. But here's the question to me to call our back to this USA today we Ryan just weeded out at Bryant show 87 hurt her latest her latest update from my today filed purity CC kick off for USA today. We had dabhol on and pursue Wilkins alongside together and they're just always so engaging dappled sewing gauging. I think he's built so the last this wasn't a couple of years where they were gonna look back on that that was cool just like we do wouldn't be one where LEN 81 a when a title. Sponsor isn't going anywhere. For me right now we hear it I I you know I think we talk to anyone they're sort of the difference in. You know how much the drop off is losing the shot clock ticked off I higher on the side of you know pro Florida State coming out they keep the issue because of that. But it. But you know they're really not there eat that this idea of rebuilding is not really there with certain program or through a depth. This level and have sustained it now for it on plastic pants on just one year. Where they're reloading and NBC now with the highest seed in Alabama because. You know what you're getting these pipes are dies it's really talented guys even the playing young completely good at your mom and and so I don't. Being that there will be a drop off I'd be shocked if there is I think you know that got us build something that's very sustainable. Well called do you think we're getting close to the Florida State Miami at the top of the two divisions that seems like that thing the ACC's been dreaming about since day one. That will be samarra story items so I got it okay no funny though is things obviously breaking down I'd visited. Mean that a lot of the heavy hitters plea for today. Com and Marat that'll be the question I had. Like is this finally gonna be it for Miami and personally I love the storyline because. You know when you see how it ended for Mark Richt at Georgia. And being unhappy with. With winning a DTE did it in doing things the right way it peaking at about the broke about the program were to regain legal trouble also Seth. I hate personally employed for the guy to have success Miami you know I think Georgia band. Murderous collision or heard or whatever it out there watching Miami so it's a very interesting national story line. But I will say that I was again impressive Virginia Tech senior want to. And the like what's going on there but I do think we're you know the question how does this fit for Miami is a beer. You know did. We got that question again this year Daniel I'm not ready to answer until it actually happens but it's a question. And those two we are two of the teams that did lose quarterbacks are bright sky and I thought Evans which should be I think especially for Virginia Tech to run Evans was everything. Offer them last year so that'll be interesting the question for Florida State's going to be. Can you block thirty Andrei have walkers this kid is really good at football when you can block. Berlin when he is not on the ground which is all the time all the time you know it's interesting because. You know there's ways you can yet be need to block municipal Marchex connect like he. But with some of what he did last year was so impressive because of how bad off and reliant was and how much he had to scramble to get away from things. Yeah oh but they sometimes you know you can learn slightly different techniques to just invade a couple more hits. It I didn't necessarily sound like the outer Krantz laden. Look can't that he needs said he plans on being hit less well. If that can happen and that's going to be a big deal for RF its view. On they've got so many weapons around him that so much help on the defensive side they're going to be really good. But you're right it's gonna come down today if he can't stay up bright and make these passes these very talented quarterback. So we got to talking and everybody else first but but it's go time for Michigan right like it he. Could go to the offseason door in Greece and all that that's mean brown Ronald excused ranked fur flew out there I change yeah yeah. First for our blog company but it's it's go time right like this guy's got to get knowledge yet I believe it's a mystery with a big tent he can beat Ohio State it's time. So I. I went on route for those podcast throughout the AP and we sort of where like what is it that Cecil B and let her much different team. And for that as that it is behind us fill it because it QB I see you're probably a good position to win the east. Rob you this is this is the time in Michigan fans a thrill I mean I'm around all the time of the missing month there for all that Michigan back to where was. But now it's where it like now the aggregate it picky and didn't you can't settle for not making you know not contending for a league championship. Bomb it and not be Ohio State and yeah I you know we're going to be here for another few months about that spot. And how they lost and how it all officiating because you know it it's still a topic of conversation among my friend but. You know that that the game you've got wind you've got to be in the Big Ten GB and chip games you've got to be in the playoff race and acts. Why now howled like okay Harbaugh like you know it righted the ship but now now we need to be back to what Michigan is supposed to deal and it's those things so I agree getting there is a bit of pressure. That okay it look at shedding your on this two schools here so one EXP and overvalued not to throw parade which is overvalued or slightly inflated. And same thing or the other and to think submit your team you say I don't think before recognizing the ACC I'll overall anywhere in the country like I say USC. Overvalued as I think all right a may have so. Yeah that's. Washington being highly undervalued. I think you could make I don't know did you argued his you know I think that. It's it's the nature of geography. And the way that they ended their season I think partially. But that put anywhere they're hurting like a powerhouse organs still down there they that they're not going anywhere Chris Peterson is fantastic coach and run the program. Well so I think people you know maybe because they were trendy pick to make the playoffs last year and they didn't winning game in the platelet. Maybe there's some of that bias going in July and I hear more about Washington but. But I think that there there little under read it yes USC's still higher always that it both overrated. But you know like aesthetic but most intriguing teams. Is Clinton because. There's just such a wide variety opinions on them so I think they're probably being perfectly created because probably some people are hurting them and I'm black or eight. OKQ lasting two we're both that state grads or mountaineers again be the a group of five school what do we say we like our odds are gonna beat Georgia and wake. If you do all the time and I'm not answered questions about happily talk about they like I've seen I know with my birdies and I am glad Janice yeah we should know by now but OK the you know Ukraine guard shot I Selig and AC this game you're not allowed to bring the clock you clean your clock since few years ago and so this entity and it won't want to. Well clearly erased all the memory how much did we make for their split any with well for the totals but I think now we're looking like you know. Hunt isn't what I've never thrilled that they Brandon. And deadly smacking him then didn't reliving all of it and I laid it had never scheduled one double it in before that again that game anyway. Really well first game ever broadcast on the Big Ten network I now IE it. I know all these men and I'm not answer your question but that incidentally I guess yeah I guess we call our practical good to see you it'd be about having thank you bring it up welcome back. Okay this awesome c.'s suit OK okay all right we'll Musharraf or back in a moment prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Series can't say now what those pro football talk dot com Brian Todd powered by ortho Carolina and if you miss Bobby Petrino head coach for mobile or earlier you're gonna hear that coming up. I get about 25 minute you can solicited an offer that Davos when he was electric but what else did you expect man that guy's just. He's a run in this throne he's Iraq's own steel and it was a rock star. You can tell I mean there's that. Yeah he was kind of down play in the whole ring thing when we talk tumor early but clearly enjoy any should I enjoyed he's got those guys where they're supposed debate. And there's there's been dead just that constant momentum building indicted in an inning going anywhere if people work. Are open clubs and I got the run out either of these yet another thing come a forest so. It's going to be fun and does that speak you don't funny text eroded earlier the building center text line 70457096. Stents said. Let's see here he says so I can't wait till Alabama punks Florida State in football. To shut this Nicole lady up that hey he's such an easy homer which is weird because she's. She went to school at Michigan if he lives in Manhattan so that's really odd clearly a home visit my favorite thing anymore with somebody disagrees with your take. Or they don't like what you say and they they what they prefer you to say something else you're just a homer right. They don't disagree with you you're just a homework they just throw the label out Ballmer is the sport's version of fake news. It's become that seriously has any time you don't agree with what somebody says they must be a homework it's the only justification for clearly not that they have a different opinion don't got to be a homer that's the only way so the goal our back to what the Michigan. Works for USA today who lives in New York City. ACC homer terror because that makes sense for me and ACC has basketball tournaments there it's clearly ACC country he had sudden she did text are also writes that I ACC homer radio little known fact that an SEC school was closed and Charlotte than any ACC school. So what is ahead as amid that actually would Jamaica's SEC homers right myth were actually closer proximity to the SEC then the ACC. Somehow or ACC homers that doesn't I'm doing meta mode do you really think analogy yeah I'll think about it and stroke your beard little little wound a little confusing how that's going on I don't understand all right so now we get your thoughts again we're gonna get to Bobby Petrino it will bout 45 minutes you'll be able to hear that is that does census into WS fancy overtime. I coming up at 6 o'clock but that you guys had. This written up on pro football talk dot com a couple of days ago Mac was the first got to cut it. I think reach out to the Panthers and just Doolittle researcher of they would go no fan festival are much about it. We're gonna do something different this time a cell pick it's why so what's the scoop on this what's around here this short version is our. Two years ago. They were overrun with people I think bad more people than they anticipated I was there is a nightmare it was it was channel I would stay here and I had the kids we're down on the field I mean it was a great crowd great atmosphere once everybody was in but when there's an on ticketed event. You know there's this land rush for the prime spots up around the ring you know the lower ring of the ball land they eat you know. I don't wanna say you don't only cast aspersions but they weren't ready for that kind of crowd and that aggressive a crowd and people were didn't. You know I wasn't a stampede this one a Cincinnati who can't surgery ending like that but you know that's the thing they worry about when you put that many people into the setting. On ticketed because when it's first come first serve there's going to be a Lander us for those we don't have any if you get up and go to the KM somebody's gonna jumping your seat menus you know. Where Unocal and the problem too was so I we got their little late as it was after re off we think we did the show from the dock around that day if I remember two years ago and so my wife met me up there we went inside he was first come first served. By the time we got in there yet lower bowl was packed people are still walking into the lower bowl trying to find seats are people with some people are holding rows of seats for people that always happens. And then. All you can do adapt what was lord around the concourse because the upper bowl was not supposed to be open rise they had a barricade off escalators were running either so. Then they decide okay well we're getting close we got nothing to do with these people we can't kick a well stay here yesterday opened up barricades people slowly much regulated upstairs but then after that. Quarter concessions open upstairs arrived there are putting up the bathrooms but there's no concessions it's ninety to ninety plus degrees. Am on a Friday night. And okay would like dude to get a little right it's so that he had people having to go back downstairs just to get refreshments at the vendors downstairs or serve and 50000 people instead of 40000 people in the lower bowl 300 people sitting in the end zone to the upper bowl where they're gonna shoot off fireworks he have to remove those people over. It inside the you know inside the bill is the sidelines so. It was just everything about it a few years ago well intentioned bright but poorly planned and are there any it was a you know from the field it was a good atmosphere fans were into it the weather was not bad I mean it was hot that it's August in Charlotte it's what you get. And you know you could tell they. They have the stuff with Braylon being you know that that was like the first night at that hole. Playing and there was an energy about the place and it was really knew sort of felt like hey these guys have something going here and you know obviously the season turned up pretty well. Bite it did get out of hand and they weren't anticipating that they wanted more vote walk up crowd when he moved it office Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. They wanted to put the guys in that atmosphere but it did it got away from a I think. You know it just looks bad when you go from something being free to something Williams charged or is the five bucks that big a deal. Now cannot take ninety kids in and take him out the grab some tacos or whatever and get they're from that's that they don't know so you know it's a night out and it's still. I think within reach for a lot of people but I I think you'd be neat to see you know if there was a way to have certain areas of the stadium available for. You know. Kids and youth groups or whatever happened do you think that problem you know I think it's obviously some debate could do I mean I don't know what their plans or anything like that but I think it's kind of thing you re it would certainly be a nice gesture. If you could save some of those premium seats are. The thing autograph areas like PN's own you know where guys congregate to waved their fans. You know if there were a bunch of little kids cam what do of that 'cause he's always looking for an adorable child and a touchdown Malta. Well here's here's my question. We'll look to first of all so last year they did he was three Buick you could preserve your tickets ahead of time on line drive had to go through Ticketmaster dot com so. What was wrong with that. You've got no skin in the game it makes it easy did not go with Simmons it rains. They did you know that cuts into thing you've got to mused that it did great bodily allow Iran and so Moore and editorial dollars and no motivation to go if you don't have it because I can't. I'll be honest we yeah I've had tickets to sporting events that were free united you know something happened or something comes up and if you did you spend money on it. If you didn't spend money on it you you don't feel as compelled to go I've got groceries in my refrigerator that are couple days past their expiration date but I paid for those were trees. I'm gonna eat them. You know I mean that's just the way people think. Or maybe that's just me with nursery school what kind of groceries are birdies you can go a couple days past the date on the milk carton we've heard that we've heard the milk story then the thing you're smelling is the stuff around the rim of the jug not necessarily. Bad milk which is the residue or in the head just right got to pour a cup and smell it then but for my favorite site fill the it's. And evidence dealt with what the milk is he's is going to be added three weeks up with a cap to them office says they point out the other cinemanow. He got three weeks if there would assign vocalist and I kid I cannot do aside so the pressure but I also think he's one of the problems that but last year was not only that some people reserve them. There enterprising. Individuals who deserve it it would be these are free for bait they won't pay for somebody else what do you throw these bad boys on stuff up and I think is silly as it sounds. The five bucks two point. If you're buying it I think the bush buys what six of these tickets I think there was a limit or there's a state by six REF thirty bucks in the game. What do you do. He and accused her right back or it's doubled in turn what type a profit of fifty dollar profit may be 7500 dollar profits of then you get hit with fees like honestly is it worth it for you again what how how hard you go to work to turn around a quick fifty bucks or 75 bucks that's the thing it's it's. They want control of the situation is what they want I mean that's you know they wanna be able to handle. The ticket sales if there's money to be made off of it they wanna make it now. They are are they pumping the money back into their charitable foundation yes before I go out of my way pat on the back for that. I would prefer to know what the budget for the foundation was prior. Q this idea her I mean if they were putting X amount of dollars into the foundation last year and this year becomes X plus 250000. Worth the ticket sales. OK that's fine but would that mean. Still I don't wanna know I don't wanna being cynical by rocket attacks I don't wanna congratulate somebody for numbers I'm not familiar with all the testing you for being cynical that's a tax write off the guess what the tax write off whenever you Saban. In tax write offs where's the rest of that money going well you know I mean and it like money is going to good causes and I will say this to mean. Lord knows I've been described as cynical about the unifil in general on the Panthers in particular if ever there are people over there there's the group headed up by Riley fields. Do a fantastic. Job in this community of outreach. And making people feel good Riley fields is in the smile business and he is great and I don't mind telling him that face to face and I don't mind telling everybody listening now. They do a lot of good stuff out the community and with an extra 250 grand or whatever they're gonna clear off this army tickets they sell. He. We'll get sensitive about it and other people who won't go because it's you know there charge important that's fine but the most it's still fairly accessible I agree with that the. I've said this so we got over the five books bothers me that much my biggest thing is. I if the opt again the optics of call Ryan a charitable donation I don't know if most people on a Friday it would have been a huge issue just say look it's five dollar mission drive period the idea. Because I feel like I'm not saying this is the mindset. But it it comes across I think to some people saying. Do you just want to make a quick five bucks and you're hiding it with on with a guy Euro donation I don't think that's the truth necessarily but to say the optics of the back and realistically if you hosted have been in their building that has 50000 people you've got a peace and security guards. You gotta pay some people clean up afterwards I mean there is some overhead for the team I mean that's not a limiting factor in this by any stretch of the imagination the other kind of interesting subplot to me and all this. There used to be they're not the first team to try to charge for practice how many teams do this is Washington did it in 2000 when they moved in their new facility in Ashburn and had training camp they're. They charge ten bucks a head to get into a training camp practice. The NFL you step rules saying if you charge to get in any thing Skelton show up turf. Very quietly and a lot of people including involved with the team over here didn't realize that rule changed in 2014 according to the NFL they can't they reached out I had asked him about this in advance he reached out following day and said. Yeah we actually change that rule prior to the 2014 season. Now scouts can't show up. Uninvited or without having permission whether it's ticketed or. I'll be charged or not we'll so here's what's intersect it once techsters ready and build a center in Washington stopped charging for practice in part because cowboys sent a scout and parked in the training camp. For the entire time and you sit there and took pictures and drew notes well and it did that's the other thing I don't know it's done it's Spartanburg with. Again right in lake OK if there's ever going to be perfect system and speaking be close to the NFL and touching if they can't go to run game but. Guess what every single premise is open for free in Spartanburg and so I understand it cost money but okayed the cost of maybe putting. You gotta see you getting you football team and I've heard people calling to the station over the last couple a couple of days see what at a youth football team and I take. 4530 kids we pilot Abbas that we go to that we go to this event every year to it's that thing that we can do for these kids. No I can't afford to pay these tickets. OK but can you afford to put some. In a van refer an hour drive down to eye in I don't know I don't welter that a much but I'm just saying like. If there's never going to be perfect way to get this team does a lot in terms of data fan access during training camp put a lot of teams don't do that every single practice. Open to the fans and its people tonight Burberry there Wofford like did a good job Oprah fan access it Wofford. For you guys to be as comfortable as possible be able to be around the team in my perspective is a little different as an observer rather than a consumer of it but. I think the Spartanburg experience is better anyway. But if you can stay in the heat yet and it's gonna be hot. When their courage and the other day you know if you're gonna swing at it's going to be steamy out there. But the experience is cool you're closer to the players it's more relaxed atmosphere there's a better opportunity for more people to get autographs lined up on the fence. And you can actually see these guys in some of the guys are really good about working the lines saying a load of kids and stuff like that in you know it's a more. You know if you're looking for a community vibe with your professional football team Spartanburg police being anyway. Well and it this is the other thing I could text or wrote in saying that. And we need to do with the falcons are doing enough this is tiger why is it because somebody took a picture the actual. Concessions board finally the other days are gone hot dog did maybe that's great I'm not gonna knock the falcons for that either like that's great that they're decided to get and they said this months ago and they're opening the building there one more. Accessible. Concession food prices for the fans that come to the new Mercedes-Benz stadium or director called this thing. We can tell me that they're not look that sounds great it's great entry points but. There ain't just sitting and let's make less money all of a sudden the zone where they are making more money bought tickets because they've liberated stadium and what it costs a lot more money. To go to that stadium now it's funny Florio wrote about this because he was talking about this with Mac the other day dirty Wednesday parents this is up on pro football talk dot com right now. Ambac wrapped hypothetical of hey could well what would you do earthy Florida throughout by the medical what would you do. If maybe the NFL who's always trying to figure out a way to make their TV product. More from their product more TV friendly also still keeping it good for the people in stadium brine which could be a thing with all these TV commercials they've cut down on the number of TV commercials. What if it was almost completely cut away. But then it's the Jersey patches like you have any NBA did if you're watching a TV it's an over overflow laid. Graphic on the turf just like you have with a first down markers and all that stuff. What if it's constant life breach from the announcers saying this first down brought to you by. And you're just constantly being the border with the guess what you don't miss football it's just all football all the time and I would say most people. Would probably say no I'd rather have what closer to what we have now but here's here's the rub on all this stuff. There's never going to be a good way to do it and for that stuff with that with the concessions as an example. Look man. If you do this you still get hit one way or another it's just the fact of the matter. I mean your Tellme Italy and eight given I don't you go to Denzel that's a look at Atlanta Stewart for the fans here they are but where where they also hit a minute in the purse strings. And and I think there will be you know I'm that I haven't seen the particulars of their ticket claim that you can make that up on premium seat she can make that up on sweets I mean. Atlanta Arthur Blank is not going to voluntarily make less money. It's coming back some weird this is a this is a nice gesture at Lynn that certain charm. To it the same way people talk about the masters and committed cheese sandwich is and stuff like that mean it's if it's more day. Image then the actual value of which again may him like that at but hey these guys are looking out for Serb part of our community. I won't you guys are out all these guys are gonna find a way. The businessman sir they're billionaires they're gonna find a way to hit you wanna Wear it around so whether it hits with Jennifer I think we make that mistake sometimes we treat these things as public trust Jim but they're businesses. These guys are promoters who put on a show. And I adding it's important remember that sometimes because you know what people do make an emotional attachment to it and they do wanna see their guys in. The idea we used to be able to see our guys are free now you're charging a semi Jermaine. It's not always that simple I was asking this question the other day it really really go to were breaking us in a few moments Bobby Petrino if you missed the earlier gonna hear this in a few moments reared ACC kick off. But it was thickest BO go through these things are sports fans usually it's like younger we hear it oh did I did as sports these guys are put sports reliving how cool how fun what a novel idea. What was the lesson you learned real like wow this isn't this is a business you that was it as a fan as a kid or was it. But reported that light bulb moment go off this I feel like every person has one of those like Mo moments well I don't know I mean to me when this to hold ticket staying came down the other day. I flashback to a moment in 2002 and Jerry Richardson was sort of bragging about how he listened to his fans and he wanted to be responsive to his fans and he. You know he sent out a survey what can we do better and they told him about this tiled in order it there was in certain suites that. When some I spilled beer on it got really slippery and he was up Braude said and we changed that how cause we'll listen though are fans. And I remember look anatomy and I was still very young on the beat at that point you know it probably only been their for five years. As innocent mr. Richardson was there any feedback on your survey about raising ticket prices right after going one and fifteen. And he looked Yemeni city known they're not a smooth cheesy thing. And any news you know you knew this guy was a businessman but it's like Cade Davis you know. Those small amounts of money don't necessarily resonate with him the same way they might resonate with other people know and things that look bad to us look completely differently to him well into new the other thing I would say is 2010 perfect example Arkansas so that mental picture Jerry with a white piece of paper and drawn a giant circle. Jordan's high charter and David if you what do pie chart that was ours and mayors. And iPod charge should be like the magna cart date should be enshrined somewhere and got like the NFC championship trophy should not be on a wall somewhere I would lit I would hang metal on the wall in my house I mean I do sportswear business before them but it's like man if Denny if that don't tell yet if Ryan can't make you I'll puppets noble rose about ourselves in season didn't prove it to anybody in Charlotte this is Jerry Richardson's business all right we got Bobby Petrino he's coming up next it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Joined now by. Plus freedom hotel or. I'm doing great ideas don't work we're doing well and you just. Following follow it wherever they lead Jewish value land here in Charlotte and I was asked as it was last time you were here it first tops the gulf pulled up what. You're a half ago yeah ago three years ago. Great place I guess I have been bacteria grew to your local time just one of the guys we have with this today dye your Alexander from here. Yet and it this this area so funny is accomplished since I've grown up peers become. On such a hot bed for high school football big time recruits. Are coming out of this area going to big time programs like school full clips of Florida State SEC programs as well so. It's become really. You don't Greensboro is always going to be the headquarters of the ACC but Charlotte to become a nice little secondary hole to discomforts over the last few years. Yeah no question about it there's a lot of talent here and combination of size and speed so. That's always good to see him now as this process more or less stressful than what you just went through a couple weeks ago. Than the wedding I had a lot this is a piece of cake compared to the wedding I have my daughter got married July 1 and there was pretty cool we have big wedding in and I a lot of fun are you are you the emotional type in a situation how do you mean not as pretty calm really really really if I did a good job it's it's not as hard as fourth and for him. How does that compare where your sit on the sidelines and you're watching your offense you two minute drill gotta get down the field got to get six verses. Here come here comfortably by my little girl down the aisle there take your time going down the aisle because that's a hi this is the last block grant that's fantastic Bobby patriot doesn't this global head coach and here we are you get ready for a purpose for your number three back to back and local it. Flash you start out like gave clusters and then obviously. It fit so well the last three weeks of the year but. It's is this a team where you're ready to kind of pop back up the worst of it because got a lot of guys back and opposites can start with the more than offense that you guys are ready to get after it again. Yeah like our team come on back you know first on defense we have nine starters back in the all the guys in the secondary really get inside linebacker and Stacy Thomas. And that. Couple guys that can really rush the passer off the edge history my young is going to be back on her percent so that's really good for us he's a special pass rusher. Offensively. I like what we have come back obviously Lamar is a great player and even a better leader. Helps everybody around him be better. And we had to couple starters back on the L lineman Reggie bump on the lead back at running back spot. Which I'm excited to see because I think he'll be real special back there and then a couple big strong physical life. Receivers have you ever seen anything like that last year quit your bad that you that you coach Mike bacon Mike of course was talking about boulevard angrily heaped praise on him but. I ask you we've seen college football is just a sport where we see players trades sent the game become icons overnight. I've never seen a player like what more do what he did last year the first couple weeks and haven't thought okay that's cute if you're doing it just against Syracuse. And that it was against everybody else he just kept churning like that if you ever seen a player just a urgent if blossom like that the way that Lamar kind of became a feed off. Iron nine I never have experienced it before you know and Annie did at different ways you know his ability to run the football make long runs big runs. Ability to throw the ball the deep ball but also the intermediate passes. You know even if it took his running yards off. He had a huge here as a passing quarterback so pretty special to put the two together there is. Well as he played last year what do you seem to Thelma wise out of him going into this season fourteen better now than he was a year ago this time pays better than in this pocket passing usability is understand coverages and throw the ball off the coverage is gifted. Number three in his progression which I think is real important for him to do. Silly shows more patience you know. Things came really easy to an early in the year and then he needed to just feel a little more patient as the year went on. But he can throw with anybody to get to sets right consistent. It's his back leg under his back if he can really throw the football. And I know you've had such a short time to be around Michael date unfortunately but. When you think about to lose two guys are there are similarities or are they more different and I think people would. Anticipate he athletically. The speed. At which they play is very similar you know that is so both so explosive and and then both of them have really strong in gifted arms and Mike was there really risk after he could really snap his wrist in zip the ball out of there. Lamar little taller so he can have a little bit of a different release. But both of them can really spend the football. Where you are talking about your defense coach and that's probably configure a die hard college football fans know that your fans know you guys have had court defense is actually had to go back two years ago specifically advocate before the war broke out on the scene. Your defense is winning you atomic games a couple of years ago. The con is regulators get a caller don't like the people think you are you guys are just had offered to joke about you guys very really well balanced football team that's the way you wanna play. Yeah and you know when I first came back it was different now is different that we were really led by our defense and struggled early scoring points and didn't land the ball in the end zone. So it was kind of nice last year to give back. Doing both you know to play great defense and score points. Well you guys that you jump right into Riga Purdue in in Indianapolis to open the season but. Your your first three weeks yours option. I'll put up against anybody college football at Purdue. And really is a road game but at Purdue we don't neutral site North Carolina and it could clips of the first few weeks of the year if that's. You know I have to be very. Data to show that that nods exciting I think I always like opening with big games in. Then the neutral site in Indianapolis and in the colts stadium and a lot of fun. We traditionally play really well inside so that will be big game for us because they travel back to North Carolina it's been awhile since I've been there and then played them. You know they've done really well so we know that's going to be real competitive. Kids still get guys when they walk into an NFL stadium like that it's. Don't think so anymore you know because of how many. All games they've played and then and how much they traveled. I do remember when we first went into. Cowboys Stadium. That's scoreboard we'll get very big guys hit it goes from one point eight to the other thing I mean there's nothing like kids and everybody just walking around like tour starts and especially when you're trying to coach you kid on the sideline he's looking up the scoreboard in. He had you know his attention a little bit. Hope coach it's a pleasure to talk to view it how people didn't make the rounds can I can see you next time OK okay Bobby Petrino coached for little hole we appreciate making time for us. This and then Sculley wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon. Wherever you may be.