Primetime: Ric Renner Gives Insight On Ettore Messina

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Friday, April 20th

Kroeger and Will Kennedy talk with FOX Sports Southwest Anchor Ric Renner about Ettore Messina as a Head Coach.


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These ladies pro. Ask myself what is the sports. What's best need spider monkey. Makes the putt leads the they're. These pictures from. Let's go sailboat. Our area. Live from the marks being wheeled. She. Deep into the archives to go on earth some of that audio. There that's the stuff we'll Kennedy and a house will look so brother it's Friday grandmother did you know I tonight I'm actually be a seat Eric B and rock cam at the Fillmore. Things they got back together after thirty years not doing anything other. Anniversary of the technique album so my wife the lady and I gonna go see some real rat kids not not to knock the trap not to mumble stuff the real thing if they didn't I didn't even know they were in town tonight death tonight on 420. My wedding anniversary is today happy anniversary honey it's been five years it is funny you wanted to some funny OK I went to app. You don't get beat town Boone North Carolina nestled in the mountains the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and he'll be picked to date and we picked. April 20. I'd that would have been 2013. And it didn't think much of it would just did it and now every time we both went at it's. A win win sure would sure wedding anniversary for Swanee. You guys are big stoker's and so that's the pot heads Barack. And I'm not actually just out of those date that worked for all of our families and we wanted to in the spring and yes it would take April 20 but two got a guy and a girl to both went to app state. I have a wedding anniversary on 420 you can imagine the jokes that come from that ever. Are all congratulations again be universally we have a birdie looks. At this point one dad had a son is about to turn seventeen a junior high is gonna daughter's fourteen whose an eighth grader and my daughter all the time hey dad guess what time this. And Eliot ally itself and cannot. Unfortunately got a gift is the kids yet. The good for the kids soared twenty bro you must be really into it into them here not here to on I was riding in and you're you're introducing. Coming up the next segment my good friend as well Louisiana Jesus and not much armor you come out right when you said Luis is really high and it went out. And and and then I realized when he came back your talk about the schedule yes that's exactly where Tony you. That's who we're talking about by the way is this a fair characterization I called to a media war. Are you a meteor knelt down to the don't know enough but I do just that is not a good thing or bad good thing it's a good yeah. And I've done a Renaissance man okay that's for us and then I guess I'll do it's much more things and Orwell put I'd just call dual horse that's a that's our answer introduction from. You know due to everything that is what's so fascinating right for people that don't lead that haven't gotten to know he was much on the radio they see you on TV until we ccb knew if you did all of you little suited up also well dress you and Morgan Morgan every every every night at 10 o'clock. But you moonlight to exports to you love sports in saucy what do camera. At the NCAA tournament here or see you don't hornets game with a camera and went well what are you doing man like go get behind an anchor desk excess fuel you wanna be I wanna be out there I. I did took ten to twelve years a sports to get to start my television career intended to radio along with that from time to time and last year we had the Panthers pre season games on NBC CB and we kind of trying to tool that around a little bit and make our pregame shows a little bit different. And they lied did and so we kind of got to talking is it in about our god game shows on the weekends and I think you know what. How about I work Sunday articulate guy game show an hour Monday through Thursday during the news and and it works for everybody involved it's great for me it's a release its and I'll let you know and and I and I knew I loved I loved sports and it's the sixth if they got all the people out there all the bliss has right now. We all do different things we do different things for doesn't have CPAs Ontario lawyers we got doctors they all exports to so watch your idea of the news and like sports I don't vote. I both can we try this subtle it's a disease is coming we do these things some times where things just gonna happen on the air they happen organically we turn it into something live on here this is live radio I'm thinking before daddy hero at some point over the next few hours. I should do like and I ate a serious news treat you turned to we find likes surprises news beds we just don't listen scripted so we could get to do that. We reviews that the typewriter single Walter Cronkite the deficit for that Pelosi I know you can do sports can crows do you study the enter snowblower gonna fight we should find out before you don't know it was funny to you I've gone down the hall and on WB CEO America. I was at some of their shows that people are like. I was at the PGA championship last year guy said I love listening to you on the radio. And I was like oh you your reason that any tonight at W Athens in both all you know and I was like it almost violates and I and this is this is great as people got to realize we do a thirty minute newscast. It's so limited you do it you know there's there's you know who you're structured it's very has to move it might hear the pretty czarist and rat trap we gotta get a move on this is great. It's is that so I feel when I do like the words broadcast. It is so structured our brakes are so quick. You know the time outs or what they are you getting into the Indian actions even with a pregame my segments are so quick I just got it I know what I have I know the audio I need to get to. I know what I need to say and it's it's just moves so quickly I get. So spoiled coming hero we get. You know 101215. Minute segments were just kind of get to. Stretch out and just it's Buehrle won our first house I was on here. You guys are having a meeting in in the Ol boy he's the and and they left in the studio also thought he'd just sort of really anybody ever come back just forget it I just totally. And have fun as this site is a great medium all right so we will get a look at that had shot that's a great head shot let us argue he's so handsome man it's an air mass the that I still have. And that's good too much gray in my hair a bit too much greater honor. 31 and have this Madonna and kids that you're in trouble nomads the dog to dog drives me nuts sometimes aren't so we will Kennedy and dog and a boon that's bodily we've established that if push came to shell gas disappears a good way to get to know you better. Your familiar with the Donner party yes absolutely act at another another quick facts about me I took a break from media. From Orange. And taught me to settle at a talk middle school for three years in Florida so you and I thought teacher. American history not taught geography vocal Chissano the Donna party well OK so eyewitness saw the Donner pass away to the Donner pass last year and I was out west and you know you get a reel to real heavy thing to see right ELE do you think about me and I can imagine what it was like to be an answer to I'd constraints no doubt Al tens and Michael and I grassroots now we're good we think it's faster will be fine. Six months later. Almost everybody's dead in their reading their own right if you don't know the Donner party that's basically the story so I'd I'd somehow that got brought up on the air a few months ago when I said he'll push came to showed up a show I love my dog she just turned five the other day. I love boon to go for a nice run this morning. Buddy Buddhist dale ID boon to stay live earth would you do better now are you tell guide dog is a delicacy in many cultures and countries so. So are you joining me our response if I. But Ryan and daring candidate they think I'm wrong for that it there's no but Darrion Scott mr. dean who we literally broke a signal of forty save them and a dog fight with another dog wow and he sings you and every mr. -- rather just died Nady would let his body eat itself I think people feel very strongly units in martyrs are my talk are very strong feelings about animals and and and their treatment and everything. I would imagine she would not they what those animals are put on the search for us that's all I know since the I love you man. There's a line OK all right let's let's get to know uninstall and do we are a rousing start today so let's get you on Friday we will get to your I regret her from fox sports southwest coming up in the our next hour to a daily check from NFL network as well and if you missed Larry Brown earlier in the week I don't we got a fantastic insight. It is hole poured a situation what's it like to work from there. That Larry Brown SMU they're round guest UCLA Larry Brown Kansas and on and on for Carolina cougars. Are we only have three hours on the Tokyo bobcats Larry Brown Indiana Pacers Larry Brown Philadelphia 76ers Larry Brown he's done at all so you hear that that'll get us out here practice. This practice really so we'll get into supported stuff I wanna get into obviously some some NFL drafts up as well but it. What's let's start with with with the schedule what do you what do you make of what do you make of what happened last night you look at anything in jump out here are you just gotta say now what ever played against in. So assists then turn everything and you know it's it's what they do and they should do to turn everything into breaking news this the hugest thing ever so now people are just so I am double box to schedule an endless and you guys on the way and talk about some. It's great and it and it is fun to breakdown as fun to look at match ups and trips and for fans I know a lot of video games can I go to like it hit the road or game. Well let's let's be honest you don't know what you don't know. And so we can predict and we can put out who what where everything the Panthers or any other team's gonna finish but you gotta you know you can't factor in injuries and you can't factor in the draft and you can't factor in what's left to do is free agency if so it's great but I this is this as April's who slow it pump the brakes to slow the role little bit of hope we'll know a lot more we get an attorney Jim we deserve figure stuff out but I do I don't like. That the tweaks that they made a like the prime time. I'm game we see that Thursday I think as we've been talking about that clearly fox. I mean they've set it on the record went to the NFL said we because we actually have other gain support from. We want some of our other games that would earn a Sunday we wanted to Thursday window and and it seems when based off what I read from sports business daily I think. Fox says hey we got all these doubleheader game set era 1 o'clock and it. That 1 o'clock window it's not always shown it's very rarely shown in Jews parts of the country to regional soul if the games are being clear nationally anyway we think it's a better match up. Let's move that game to a Thursday let's which take advantage of a matchup let's Adobe seems like a good idea I wonder if it's actually gonna translate to a better product on Thursday night. Two solid business that's for sure so does practices and posters and magazine you guys have talked about we've talked about it on TV distracted some of them were just dogs titans Janet just didn't play well and in if you didn't yet if you weren't involved in that division you didn't care about that game and also to give some some other match ups and there's a good thing fox wants third you know wants a bang for their buck right there that's for sure it's not like which has a similar to that Sunday flex scheduling when they were able to me to move games late in the season and you know pitcher best matchups on where more people can see and I totally makes sense. Unfortunately to the players and you've talked to him to you know that's Thursday night is a tough staying when you turn around when you've played on a Sunday and I know a lot of them would like to see you go away it's not going anywhere obviously this is it's it's here to stay in Fox's involved now more money but the the better games will help that's for sure and I'll like which you were saying earlier about not having just teams. With the Monday Night Football in give give me a break. Incomes last year so for example last year there were five teams that played on the road after playing a Monday night at a Tulsa we won't make that happen this year so everybody that plays out on Monday night this year either home the following week. Ordered drug by a week. And in last year that's crazy about the giants 22 days of fewer arrests on the on the whole totality of the season fewer than their opponents on a course of a year that's crazy. As good sports team like the Panthers that there is an ideal of the Pittsburgh Francis and I cover the cowboys I was in Dallas we'll talk with Ric Renner from fox for southwest little we know that. Who in the heyday in glory days in the Super Bowl days cowboys fans you remember. Those so you're talking aisle don't you remember a bunch and they. That I cover the titans for several years yet Bertie elected ties Richey like the Panthers to get those games is big it's big for their brand to speak for getting them out of the rest of the country and maybe picking up fans and other places other than this regional area. Are I want to have some fun let's talk some NFL draft will Kennedys and house from WC CB we had our draft roundtable last night and of course I tried to warn everybody is gonna get lively kid got lively trade glide to quote of the night which we heard quite often in the final hour the other at a show last night Dre' Bly. We know microphone. So sure Andre operator would know much. Arsenide so he's just screaming at everybody so I want to bring the city to the airwaves there was a lot of testosterone last night guess there was a we didn't we didn't need the low T center to make that. Publicity was the the show was going on as well so mostly from that man yes I wanna bring the the debate in the lively discussion that was going on and are pro football draft round table to the Airways for the folks of misty yesterday so some of those heated discussions we'd we don't next week will Kennedy Chris Grover it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening top primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. You guys can tweet us rally Jewelers Twitter feed I tweeted this out earlier biggest sports center shared this this is so crazy reading and Anderson NFL draft and quickly the nugget here. Yeah. And it's painful watching Anthony Davis will be Dana later I don't do that. That's a random thought his passing through but you know. I today is the 32 year ever other than my five year wedding anniversary happy anniversary honey 32 years ago today Michael gave us you know what you would widely considered to be degree best. Individual performance may be in history the NBA playoffs and in those shoes they were re. Ross tells him. 63 points against the Celtics here's the other fascinating thing. He lost that game of course tonight does is. That did performances early Jordan has lots of points but not as many wins and I wonder a couple of things on us how would Jordan be. In analyzed and discussed today would be a lot I think to be like LeBron we treat him like we have with LeBron same thing we'd win enough you're you're you're being too selfish. All that stuff you know you can't you get it why did you do it on her own he needs more help no we don't need more help all the stuff we say about LeBron. Very similar I think of Jordan in the early years but a Jordan goes for 63 in a game he took 41 shots. I he'd he didn't attempt to single three. The early two threes taken by an I think it was like 135131. Final the Celtics one with. In regulation got there was a good old days. A big ticket the scoring that was going on the pacing of that I isn't. And time the other day the mascot Olympics they're sleepy Floyd this one might wanna my idols and we wrestle we talked about a little bit it was I was trying to explain in my seventy year old son you know what it was like in the eighties that leave her sleepy Floyd not as some of those. So isn't a good old days man and in so it was funny just witness 23 say it in the entire game for the bulls that it make got a rubble I think Lori Chad won in Macy had the other. Could somebody has they're likely to Craig Hodges take both Ono and not just SS but that's what's so remarkable about where the MBA is today just how much the game is changed that one of the greatest individual performances in NBA history the playoffs. And 63 points in regulation all that scoring. And not a single reporter is made by his team and that game so we've come a long way in the NBA would talk to reporters screamed go talks and NBA playoffs with him with fox sports southwest but I. We get to your thoughts on the hornets and yelled where this team should go what are realistic expectations for what what this organization aspires to be in there Rick Bedell or something in the observer the other day. Talking about the idea that you could go trade furcal why Leonard or you know there's another guy out throughout their Jabbar Parker's out. I mean he's lead that's gonna happen yeah they're they're very matter of fact about it just be all out there now where he's not happy there is not playing meaningful minutes even in the playoffs. And I think that's on the outs they are so. I think there are options for the hornets. Is it worth it how do you make it happen what does that make you if you do go swing some of those deals so we get into some of that later on yeah I. And I jokingly said on air the other night it but there's a nugget of truth and it that you know when. When this constant calls people answer because it was tracker your hip know what he says do you want to protect and they may. But the phone down and he's just tornado find out about it's why it's going to be tough it's that you they've got some challenges with their roster and things and and that blaster deep diving. And this stuff there. Down memory get into a little bit that's will Kennedy WC CB eyewitness on this Friday you're on prime time he's on tour or run away at will Kennedy new news you can tweet us. At primetime WS then see brown leaves Jewelers Twitter feed. And it's diamond month at brown Lian to celebrate their given away a weekend get away for free with any purchase of 1999. Dollars the best selections the best values in the best deals on diamonds only one choice it's Bradley Jewelers. And Braly Jewelers dot com the building setter text line is up and running again to use a 704570. 916 and ease the number you guys can night jumping in on and building center text on the start reading some of those now the rough and running 704570960. And so we we are draft roundtable last night will and it was a lot of fun. And the corona oh slowing and and everybody's got quite simply he's got dear man crush from Madras standpoint that they wanna talk about and we went position by position. Offense and defense. And started to deep dives on okay what are these prospects how to they fit the Panthers detectors already have on their roster. And feel a lot of the other and I think the controversy that we had last night when it was heated discussion was based off lows. We are just a guy on the roster. And you know some of those guys to me are fascinating when you talk about a Vernon Butler when you talk about Shaq Thompson. Would you talk about it a James Brad Burry when you talk about a guy like. Cameron artist paint I don't know what Cameron artist he is courtesy and I don't know we've we've seen enough for these guys. And where I thought things really got he did was. On the offense and specifically. We always go back to this I feel like around job justice happens and it's gonna happen in almost every market but it. You gotta go became more help as well I heard a lot of that last night it was a joke these guys are any good. And I'm not pretending like Jerry is right in Torrey Smith or world beaters as free agent pickups and trades. But to me it is night and day out much better this wide receiving corps on paper is today vs even three months ago. And are still some things out they're free agent was named Brandon Marshall just released by the giants I mean again you have to weigh out is this guy gonna. Create ripples in the locker armies in the right kind of guys there Wright said those are things. It was some of those possesses it often is easier and frankly better to get him free a free agent veteran who knows how to play in the NFL yes toys sometimes a wide receiver. Now it is almost to be like having extra picks to get courtesy annual back. Yeah I I find it fascinating to that. You know best player available. Value of the text or you don't do you not pass up a certain something when it's right there muted. 24 is it is an interesting spot hot and the cowboys I was govern Dallas he's depict in that area later in the draft in the first round of the titans were pretty good. When I was governor Steve McNair Eddie George in those guys. When you can hit in that area you can stay. A franchise that is competing here in Iraq yup that really is the key he you know you you can't miss and that's why the patriots stayed near the top. Is because they've they may you know they they trade down they've mass specs but they also get a ride a lot of time I. I just feel like to me this is where I get I think I I was I I was on the other side of the argument less than ever to make these these weapons for camp. OK I mean you've got at a certain point a numbers game that's going on because you look on the outside to get DeVon fonts is their right Torrey Smith I think right now would be the other. Outside wide receiver. OK then you've got jury's right on the inside. What is courtesy Emil I think he's. Also slot option but he's gonna have other roles I think with any offense is well you're gonna emotion at times -- McCaffrey who really almost is a receipt -- on us guessing he's going to be involved in the passing game you know you're gonna have Greg Olsen maybe go more with some too tight end sets depending on what every dornin draft so but I just. I think my age might push back on some of this is at a certain point you've also got to your bird you like Austin Duca to distill bit of a project that made you think he could take a step this year like Burton did. You can't delay so freeze I know people love DJ Moore present and I must say I think I'm really interested in DJ Moore. How do you put all these guys on the field like you're not this team is not one that's gonna go run for five wider. Percent and that's not Norv Turner either chaos or Jimmy day having hasn't timer on Norman Dallas. He likes a guy they can get deep and Alvin harper typing got a you can throw the long ball to he likes a guy can kiss of Barney's is not afraid to go over the middle Michael Irvin disease and that the cowboys and everybody knows and that tied and they had Jay double check he's got Greg Olsen here he's got some of the pieces that he likes I don't know I think staunchest complaints. That urban type role because he's big he's got the body the question is who's a deep cut I liked him ever. I think if he doesn't give her last year it's a it's a different finish of the season he was really coming on strong. The toys fourth pick for me. I'm looking. A little down the road I'm I'm looking maybe for guys can play guard and may be transistors as you know looking for immediate impact dot I know he married this presenting. Some guard this year and this person may need to be a made to fill in all that offensive line and I think you get frankly over tiring and you may or may be time to look at that. That we don't Hernandez is a really interesting prospect and we talked a lot about will last night Willie's a smaller he's tray turner I think committees that type of player now you're getting a lot higher Trey was 13 round there are rampant. But he's that type of aggressive nasty I love to get involved in the running game and it's the start pancake in dudes all over the field get off my cornerback I loved it that identity. That's helped her camp to let's be honest -- -- wide receiver tiger but keeping him clean giving him lanes to run in when he needs to that yet understand that is help for champs just as much is getting a playmaker down the field and text derisive buildings that are -- like 70457. Nights extend the point you're missing is it's better to having entity Miller or DJ more than to have three or four birds Samuel guys I'm not missing that point my point is there's I agree with Anthony Miller we we actually capital idled there last night he was stepping away from his scouting for the ravens. I don't hang out for little bit now stalking him when he was say and he loves Anthony Miller thinks it any Miller is an old dog thinks this guy's nasty. Actually really loves to get involved in the blocking standpoint from wide receiver Adam brought men they did and he's a guy you'll have to get a 24 you have you want to get into Miller in the first trauma but my point is. If you're drafting a guy 24. At wide receiver. How often is he on the field and that's right to the fine line between okay. I'm not asking you deal 100 snapped 100% of the snaps player but I need impact immediately and also is used to develop a little bit you don't look at the guys taken in the top ten wide receiver last year. I can look out of how many of those guys read on the field on a regular basis like. Especially for top ten got an and I'm not knocking neither of these guys are and I'm not knocking punches and I'm not knocking Kelvin Vince Young but those are guys who were drafted late the first round with Kelvin in the second round early with punches tiger goes or not. Doesn't Julio Jones they're not Calvin Ridley you know they're not that kind of guy. And then to say 24 years to get that kind of guy is I. And Calvin really by the way 21 knock on Calvin greatly if you if you think this is a criticism of him is he he's almost thought to be ready made project. A ready made products so you're getting I get everything not for mentioned this last night at the draft party cover at least he's ready to go I mean you turn he can't he's ready to go. But this is also probably who governor released that he was a tire clearly has the floor yes sealing his group does a mean looking at that draft last year I -- AT&T as you could make the argument that maybe the most productive wide receiver that was drafted last year was June dismiss Shuster contrasted with a sixty seconds or 62 pick in the second national say at a single go a wide receiver but the idea you're gonna use that 24 pick on I don't know I pushed back on the look at. Say this about Jews you right. Could place run out of other yeah it is your guy he's after the second round you're put on outside it's a two opposite Antonio Bryant he you've got. I mean look I mean look at I mean you can McDermott that most that in fact all the first round picks slasher in the world wide receivers just did nothing Corey Davis. Tennessee titans' fifth or Ferrari cannot Mike Williams seventh overall coming up he got hurt but that's the chargers John Ross who was there ever was was rating Al last year you're tonight nine the role of the dangles an exit and then say Jones the Buffalo Bills and save was it was fine this assay are UK is a PMS and an anchor and anchors if the person Calvin Johnson's the Larry Fitzgerald's those are. Once a generation aluminum and Gloria just to get a guy kissed and Julio Gaza to step on the field and dominate as a rookie wide receiver it takes a lot of those guys to Patrice is always keep talking about this we get your boy Ric Renner drop them by two fox sports southwest that he is will Kennedy I'm Chris grow over more pay if there's draft talk we'll get into little NBA playoffs and supported Slater rob a lot of Panthers today it's prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford go to Carolina. We'll Kennedy's telling me great stories that I can't share with you guys the substance publishers of these stored on them around the bush. I'll use names. He's all the name that was a good Bill Clinton when I'm done. No with the ms. wells didn't just I would tell these stories but the story involves Keith Jackson was a great story. Did they don't it'll be apropos because the cowboys are commissary and you balls toward Dallas and and someday we'll get so it's going to be cowboys or Panthers for the home opener first home opener. For the Panthers and in week one since 2013 so talk to your guy Ric Renner fox sports southwest he's gonna jump dollars and about ten minutes of talk that we'll talk spurs we'll talk. Or you talk your rockets ready to buy Iraqi trying to you know I feel good at it all comes down to health and it comes down health for the warriors it comes down to health for the rockets get to Chris Paul the floor and they got to get steps right. See here's the I've gone back and forth on this up lawful the little bit. I'm really was interest in and Gerson grosses and I knew somebody who knew him a semantic Italy deck I worked all the way up to where he is is there a more is ready guy and Houston. And you read everything about Gerson and it it's all it all sounds like stuff huge value in today's NBA and I love how Houston got to where they are it was a by spending all this crazy money in free agency. Wasn't by a mailing all these draft picks you'll and they made a trade for god that people thought in James Harden. I'm good for you yet the third best player on one of the best teams in the area yeah I think back everybody you know you now you know which you know the back celebrities aren't the man who's he going to be what's what's yet to be doing good you thought I was going beyond this yet you be going to score a lot of points. I'm not sure how much you guys are actually gonna win can you win a championship when nobody's taken that stuff and now they've built in incredible thing around him and so I was interested in gross us because of that but now what we I think he'll hindsight again you're gonna hear about Larry Brown when he comes all of this and in about two hours. I think to the ball off sides in the credibility and clout to Mitch Kupchak. Has about him I think is exactly what this organization crave right now in Charlotte and what you. You need to have opposite Michael Jordan and quite honestly I think that's what we've we started to learn over the years and so I was so are torn because I love the idea of gross us if you could've found gross us. And what he brings to the table mixed with Mitch is credibility. The question can Mitch find a guy like that Al and you have. Have to have to mean riches which is old school and I think he would even admit that but he's you know he's he opened to the new school is he open to bringing us some guys to work for him that are analytics. That you don't find these countries because frankly for a franchise like Charlotte and is a wonderful cities are beautiful place to live even he says that we all know that we live here and I think players when they get here appreciated but is giving him here. And it is not going to be the big big name free he's gonna be putting the right guys out there with the stars that you do have and heating in the drafty cannot miss anymore. Think actually to a certain extent if you wanted to BS you know star whenever you put on that starts star label. If you wanted to be a player in the NBA and he came here in free agency or even if she said all right oh cent to trade to Charlotte. There are things working for Charlotte Eads into big enough Stewart feels like a a bit bigger city but it's not too big right. But also you can kind of nick nick the tombs a good example is picked to lose out on the peninsula. Nick can go away and he's not bothered by pointing the way Andy can now proceed as a wanna be around people but if you wanted to get away and heat and you know. Just kind of isolated and have your own quiet space in your quiet time you can do that of course the cost eleven tier two and we always have this would laughs that's huge Texas and Florida no state income tax we know even here. Sure you have an income tax but the cost eleven here you how much you're gonna make for a year ago so. A lot trying to hear LA yeah your gas or you're Chicago would cost a lot more as a yes you do get a little bit of that privacy and even some of the Panthers players if you wanna live down in Union County if you wanna live outside Kroger territory conjecture is the spreads. I believe some land you can kind of do you 100 point 20 acres of land like I've got that's true that my colleagues who do you play against the compilation Kroger and gardens and takes me like thirty minutes to mow the lawn pushed Mueller I'm an adult you do you'll be like me like all I want to do is move into a townhouse or Condo with -- I'm kind of -- sorrow -- joy in life sound kind of there already is a bad Jason tweeting and rally dealers what are you really gets you got recruiter here in a few moments say god quickly says I'm excited about Torrey Smith. But he was eagles' number four wide receiver the Panthers needed number one or better or number two and I agree with some and I'm just saying I don't think you need that guy 24 and further than that I brought up this point last night okay. Go back a year ago at this point. The Eagles are what they put together alternates it was vastly improved but for anybody I mean anybody in their minds say you know what that's going to be the number one offense in the NFL next year. Now it's a big good pieces pieces that fit that we're complementary and that's all I'm saying too is I think you could find those complementary piece is maybe in the second third or fourth round and we keep talking about. You know Smith truly loves Aqua naming his same brown at a Adam Notre Dame who does a little and get put away the ball on the guy who is that again academia same browns sit at three does fast. I'm not going to do that it's Friday so I think that's an interesting game Anthony Miller is another interesting name and easy to say this much easier to say so I think you can check off some of these boxes and as you set I think you're setting yourself up ripe for disappointment. If you say wider Siebert 24. And what is that guy actually going to do on the field is so lost in that position as one of the hardest transitions to make any NFL. There we just tuchman on site and ML those guys just didn't pan out in the signatory is like Torre was the fourth or fifth option on offense usher because they didn't date and 8% to brought Torre and as an insurance or they aren't done Tories and insurance and in case Nelson I Gordon and a I think towards gonna be good to hear the question the Tories always been he's got the speed used it. Where the hands where's the justices he gets in the football and he never really lived up to dive when he came into the league and that's what we're seeing guys sometimes they can have all the all the measure holes coming out of college and as for whatever reason it doesn't all come together I mean who's the best answers receiver ever. And where was he addressed it I mean that's got to look at that and I know people get passionate when they talk about Steve Smith but that's a great examples where you can find a guy out there can be your number one Geiger and it seems like the last two years at least at least from the you have lived a short time I've been years in Charlotte like ever pans are friends of complain about here Ted Ginn not being here anymore Torrey Smith does Ted get him like his first ten minutes. There are also to those things are true we will miss we miss we miss the good of the good Ted Ginn and that's what Tor is going to be he's going to be got a whole. He's he's a home run hitter and I'm and it that we talked about this for two months like Cannes best throws the deep ball. It seems like a perfect combination I think its north Turner's office as I was saying earlier sodium they need a guy who like I gotta get down the field and and and frankly what about this running game too that's another thing you don't have to draft running back. Obviously that's point 14 you get a guy second and third round I thought last who they could have gone back for after forming out of Texas to go with cam video with Christine McCaffrey but they had some other needs but a guy like that who's gonna be good for the taxes this year you get a get a sledgehammer. Do you dig I know can't artist paint has some things that you like but I I'd like a big back with camps. It Royce Freeman Kubiak I carry on Johnson could be that guy go Scarborough perhaps could be that guy nick Chubb perhaps could be decked out with you on that I just think it's way for I'm wanting it got its gonna be on the field a good bit a blessing I can't expect him to get better in the long run two good men I think that ideally the room. Really good meeting got to keep playing star for you for decades on the offensive line 24 I agree I. Right safety or corner or what are the odds are your Alexandria. Local guy he may be I agree on that will Kennedy WC CB Chris Kroger we take a quick break on the other side Ric Renner from fox sports southwest we both talk about Dez Bryant we will talk about the spurs that was tough to watch them last night obviously playing with heavy hearts for Gregg Popovich and what on earth is going on with Kauai to it could he be a guy you actually got via trade this off season we get all that was him next his primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Everybody try to do his best. I was more defined there was no it was more that you can understand the sound kind. Rather than anything else there was already a problem. Course. How warriors are up 30 on the spurs now 11097. Just a way it was weird to see. Gregg Popovich not be on the sidelines last night for San Antonio seat. Mourns the loss of his son his forty his wife of forty years here and who passed away. I just on on Wednesday night and you know I think you could just sense the way to that whole scene going on with that organization and and that was that was tough last night and spurs down 30 they're undermanned without quiet anyway so it toward Messina a demand that maybe could be the next are crucial to Charlotte hornets I mean he's one of those in interesting coaching candidates and he filled in on the bench without top last night we got will Kennedy Chris Kroger we're gonna go to the technique come guest line and I talked two will will vouchers for this guy's a really gonna trust your will recruiter from fox sports southwest Rick record somebody's. What's on time guy while big break my right. Here on where you'll. Routes bridge and I go back a long on every down almost twenty years. Consummated it forever ever will first get an idiotic couldn't believe you would even in quartet. Now I look like there is not a two hour hanging on the gutless immediately that don't. No men Rick hey let's talk global get into some NBA stuff let's talk which talk NFL first it was star the cowboys so you know we get Panthers cowboys are kind of intrinsically linked because of those two playoff games here boats were painters wins but there's a lost the last five in the regular season and any time Dallas comes to town it's a big deal here and especially talk about 00 home opener David out of home opener here now is five years. In week one it'll be Dallas that's going to be the team and opens up the schedule so this is this feels like a big deal here I don't know I don't know how is point in Dallas right now though. I can't always have big deal I mean you're talking about America. Bomb you know right now be a lot of people in this community are kind of wondering what the next step is what this team I mean last year they went nine and seven is the playoff. And what they're big rivals the Philadelphia Eagles want to win the Super Bowl and that's the case for a lot of doubt he's you know the Rangers and Astros are. The mavericks watched in Iraq it's never great year and are out of the playoffs but. The other big cap without a lot of question marks going into. Just thought he'd no doubt about that and you know they just let. Let does bright kids free to be interesting to see if he ends up with a New York Giants which would even be another chick because a lot of fans around here. But there a lot of question marks what this cowboys team but. You know that they look at it which are both a play that schedule whatever it is but our night is Carolina. Rick what's your take all on Dez and you've been around for a little while me a lot of people have feel. Hot cold opinions of him and gets a lot of heat in the media. Yeah well and he brings that on or no doubt about that you know. He has not been that way I mean they just pick three different guys that if you had a older numbers are better than what does it last year even have won their. 100 yard receiving game last year genius bar from Little League receiver but he's one of those gut the platelet a lot of emotion. In the community loves them everywhere you go to UC AD gay church he's. But he's got to got this problem but you know I've covered him since high school. He grew up in what in taxes which was out the middle of nowhere and it went to Oklahoma State. He's always been a guide it. You know people of the ball up high he can catch it. But he's got the best route runner in the world. You're worked with Tony Romo because Tony would take Tony would take chances and go to war. On boat with packed press got those two guys that never really been on the say hey if you look at his numbers I mean he is very far from Little League receiver. But doesn't want to make the cowboys play a paper this. And he really like to keep an individual what a Redskins or the giants. And that beatle played accomplished twice a year but I think they had to cut ties with and there are obviously gonna look deeper in the draft. Maybe even with number one pick but they got a lot lot of problems all over the place you know what linebacker guys up prize. That was just locate football team last year and but it did take the next step. Gotta have you know deck press got Omnia the same page was some of these receivers that they got a. Course Callas fans or are they think the Super Bowl crisis. Is not a birthright and I and our birth or. And it's birth try Ric Renner who this fox sports southwest LSU has about dazzle move on to smother suffer as I was kind of comparing him here to our Steve Smith. He'll fiery personality. On me is certainly same thing beloved by fans. But Maine can GB can be a firewall between the lines and it's good when he's winning games for you. I'll when he's not getting thrown to when he's demanding the ball back India saying that you gotta have the right guys around him to kind of control at the same vibe from day as idol fans sometimes out want that guy in my locker room but was he ever a problem in the locker remorse it just that debt. That alpha competitive will to win that's always something that comes to the forefront with him. I think the big thing too is used watched the game so I think they're great comparison was it you watch the gates you've seen here in the he's crazy man on the sidelines we not get the ball and well it's always got to give him the ball early and a game just to get in engaged in the game or he's gonna be a problem. He's going to tell that he's still at a Tony Romo what his point was the same thing with that you know hundreds seek. All the guys. And that the optics on that horrible. That's what everybody would you know just grab onto a lot of the stuff that the giants have to deal with what O'Dell backed by. I just don't think he's worth it he was the work that last year did appear to leave receiver don't have 1100 yard game. All season that don't just competent and I think you just got to a point where they're like we got to cut cut our ties with and they ask them to take a pay cut. Although he said he would. And you know eat. He's got a he's got a lot of guys who he surrounds himself he's one of those guys at a big pop he everywhere he goes. And you know the work was that the data they all show up on payday. Contestants. It. Since those is now other Carol I kind of wonder world that we have you know he's got up. Had guy he's got to try to get out there a lot of things that are badly you Peter you'd be in trouble guide but. I think he can definitely terrible locker room and that was kind of be optics on it the guys you know like Jason Witten the guys have been around forever. Base set otherwise and they well amid all that stuff but even nodded their city like call captains were dark indeed are all very guys and a lot groups split all the stuff. And you know step that a lot of the spot in the media that was going on but you know immediate isu notes. When when the production the money don't match having just subtle written let me ask you about the spurs little bit and you cover them. And it was going all right generally frame sports and and and the real world those two things collided there what's the atmosphere like Greta pop as one of my favorites actually even other rockets fan I love Gregg Popovich. Yeah it's you know it's federal really tough year our for the so we're black and we think about it. They've had a wrought a VP seasons would do if he wins every single year bombed they had a winning record on the road to what were two decades. I do believe what these first play all that they pay any and the you know Tim Duncan retires Tim Duncan never went a season without they can apply our 21 street here's to making the playoffs. They barely made the playoffs this year. Our middle lot of young guys play here in the coal Whitewater situation just for the in my. You're talking about. You know are arguably the best player on earth you know two way player offensively and defensively it was a road erupt Russell Westbrook could be BP last year. That whole situation was really really weird. We never really hurt. Players in this situation were you hear oh world they're chant are champs you know disperse a very careful how they pick players who they are. Are met and what they're like call the court all that kind of stuck quiet quiet guy and I think a lot of rubble with him was he just doesn't talk. And so everybody sits around speculate so there are back in I kind of wonder some some of the guidance is that he's getting Ramallah some his people. You know what there's a local get thousands are a little bit. But you know his doctors. In this burst doctors have not been on the same page with this injury in ten and top of the unit or a million different definitions up. Yeah. It up bella but I say that I have they all are. But you know always if the deceased and attended the annual you know that the italics that's gonna get better. You know but the fact that Tony Parker had kind of the civil order. Situation with his squad he had the surgery came back. Where he had a spiritual it and you know he got out there and immediate threat well mine was a hundred times worse than wise to get quite quiet. Well all year long we kept but they can Nicole why it was gonna come back. And he only played nine games all year so that's been something disperse that had to deal with losing one of the best players on or earth. All year long and employee all the kids. And it's been difficult for them to win games on the road because the young guys we would be shocked if buries battle no. People in the Carolina area are you familiar with some of those guys but they've been quite a lot of young guys and they haven't been able to close it ain't so what happened in the spur some old. In the in this whole situation with pops why who has been sick for a while she's had in had a respiratory Bob. And and she's been kinda like a second mom to a lot of these guys like Tony Parker came over and Manu Ginobili had. She's been very close to a lot of the players so this was. But big shot in horrible tiny release to disperse literate a difficult situation to begin with to try to get past Golden State it's an extra. That regret or should this fox sports southwest are on going a few more moments and he's with us on the technique I'm just like his last thing on this uncle why does. They'll be around a -- and I've worked with them but I've I've heard a lot of the same stuff and MBA circles you're talking about why in his inner circle and his uncle maybe gaining more power and in. Release and listening to him and he becomes. Arnold brain washing the right term that might be a little bit of an extreme but you know kind of changing his outlook away from that spurs model but I I would say this too is you know Rick. We are we was it wasn't not to this extent but that that relationship LaMarcus Aldridge who was pretty broken last year and now it's in a fantastic shape it is him and pop sat down. They came to an agreement and understanding and LaMarcus play some is at best basketball this season and really felt wanted and appreciated so. Is it possible that happens with coli again could they sit down settle all this and next thing you know everything's everything's find ways to begin. I think it did happen put it there's a lot of money in the ballots here because he stands to get a Max contract. And I'm not convinced that it does San Antonio gonna get that to hook. Just because I don't know what they know how open the carriers I mean what. This say it'll ever get back to worry wise yeah you know being added Dallas I host spurs shows stated Tony you know. Around an ever a lot I've talked to a lot of the people the mavericks and he said that you did so based local wide there was absolutely no explosive. And that's what makes them special so if you wonder that's gonna effect on forever. But that fact that he stands to make a Max contract is going to be interest me see oh how all out. Let me let me ask you this then like this were here were stuck here right people feel like towards the stock the stock on hand to wield it can't get off. He put our fans that wanna paying Kimball walk around his trade bait and can the idea that maybe even if if it could happen Kemba Walker may be Jeremy lamb type player. And a first round pick for coli Leonard would keep from the hornets perspective knowing what you know would you do that after the hornets require right now. Well I know what he likened to different sought a meeting he took it to the NBA championship was BP A finals MVP at a very young age. Our best no doubt best two way player in the league you know you could put him on anybody could put him on art. You know one night he can be quite possibly the next ready could be Kevin Correia the next night he can be on no change heartening news that he won't shut them down. I think you'll definitely cut their numbers in those games and even numbers will bear that. Well but now I don't know I just don't know how I hope that the guy as state utility none of this makes sense because why would a guy you work hard. Our he's quiet he's a good teammate. So he noticed really matches what what he's been in the past two what happened this year so our I almost wanna give them a break and say. It must not feel right and there must be so wrong. But then I'm wondering whoa if there was something wrong what is your surgery to try to expect that it ended rehab. Instead of this whole offseason in the missile or we do here. Does that help Tony Parker Italy it on the granite Tony Parker's later in his career but you know. I think it BA player very scared this injury just guys would have done the surgery they never really come back to be the same guy. In the I would be Kemba Walker I mean artists and false start. Unbelievable player on I mean that's that's the situation in you know what. Maybe cortisone have to get that much because this. Value is right now. There's you know people around the leaders like oh well he's not working at San Antonio what they're what the text or wrong. You know you can throw a lot laps. So. You know right out duke like dispersed relief they're very big supported in this situation. And they don't want a situation that Oklahoma City had recently where the contract change you'd really has one more here in the contract. Kevin Durant contrary came up he walked okay see gotten off that. So they don't wanna get back and I think you know it seems to rebel leader to be able to offer less Burkle why it may be get more. Aren't written let's go this is we like thirty seconds here if the hornets were higher Torre Messina say that stern with their new head coach after this give me a letter grade on that hired just knowing what you know Campbell get a letter grade on that higher. Well you know rhetoric you. What he's one of the best international coaches in the world no doubt about it I mean he wanted to you know he's. He's he was a moderate to know police circles and a big reason why he wasn't Anatolia so many years because our. I think if you have these higher or three people on that step that would be great NBA coaches either change Horry go. And also Becky came into what they will be the first. NBA history. She's you know she's moved up to the first the first pitch and she's basically been part of Popovich is right our. You know for the last year year and a half or so by. Battery is an amazing guy and easy approach it and really statistical. This status if there's statistician that really get things done during games what did all the little tiny thing I think you would get a basic coach. Rick I'm sorry had to put up with will for all those years thanks to anonymous man I cared in my bag. Those surgeries. Appreciate it. Comes the siege. Are. All right Rick we'd be good thanks for coming hours ago recruiter fox sports selfless quick ID will fire up the 4 o'clock hour I wanna get into that but we come back because it's not just coli double that some really interesting stuff will react to. I'm from Rick. There's another name out there to board Parker ring a bell it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.