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Thursday, July 13th

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with Wake Forest Tight End Cam Sergine about this upcoming season and also about being the best Tight End in School History. The guys also bring on Lousville Head coach Bobby Petrino to discuss his returning Heisman Trohpy winner Lamar Jackson. 


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Peace peace primetime powered by ortho Carolina program. Can actually be a civic holiday city. I know Michael it's not go to work was there a parade in win accent parade instead of throwing confetti days road chicken supremes out into the air supremes. All. What the chicken supreme is Hollywood delegates agents if it's national pride chicken day you have to consume your fried chicken in the form of chicken. That he's chicken it's a really only now it has to be on the ball. We'll leave my kids. Coming to live with the west and ACC kicked off brought tons powered by ortho Carolina there's only one man suitable. To sit in the co host here on set day as we are here come at the alive in uptown Charlotte. Daring dance pro football talk duck on it when you think about the pageantry the tradition in history of college football in this fine city yeah. Who else would you rather have I could list probably seven other boats that you'll do I'll be honest with you you'll do for the next four hour and I stuck grew up front not powered by ortho Carolina we get a good show lined up it's going to be a a lot of guests I mean it's just gonna come out as fast over the next four hours. I highlighted by a couple of big name guys Bobby Petrino Davos sweetie. Christian Wilkins gonna stop by Nicole our back is gonna drop by as well we've got a luminaries here like. When John meter morale who's making the rounds like Chico dropped by two and who goes obviously we're just gonna have guys jump today and sit down put on headsets what is enough. Talk at some talk that some football is we're here at ACC kick off so when I ran in the Chico and meet a braille last night that we show perhaps yes that don't you greens I can write that off yeah. A lot of the look you can expense that where you want I don't know where if it's actually gonna hit back to hang out. That's that's on you so we we a lot of guys that are gonna drop out and have some fun. And dot mix in a good bit of college football talk. And makes it a good bit of Panthers talked today and I Erie are less than two weeks away from. From training camp fired up for the Panthers are worried it man in her edit it really is that time may in its second and you know you talk about. I'm I've always been on ten NFL schedule and once you get to this point in July it's almost hard to enjoy summer anymore because theory is. The anticipation the knowledge of what your next 25 weeks is going to be. You know over the course training camp and that kind of stuff and then I think there's a real excitement around. The community just talking to people about what's coming this year I mean it is such self. You know last year were such a disappointment for the Panthers but the expectations really high it may be their unnaturally high. Maybe there inappropriately high but people are fired up. Yeah and you know I heard Mack of the guys going after this morning talking about all time great painters we are just discussing this and I mean you can rank whatever you wanna ranks Scott Fowler says seven of the top when he had his mind that's his list or top if there's players of all time. Are on this current roster six of his top ten all time. But also some of those guys are a little longer the two were talking about now I'm Charles Hudson Julius Peppers. Even looked deeply use without a doubt. One of the most talented players of the entire NFL one arguably the best at his position in the NFL yet health concerns you're always worried about would dispute. Cam Newton same thing you were about what do shoulders gonna look like is this offense can work is a good fit Els and all gonna come together so. All this this this thing up paper looks good like it looks like it should be really good week we might have to open it up we've dubbed this DG. We've come up maybe you can come up with a better name the papers parlor of honesty but he feel about this I'll take it to me read a parlor makes me feel kind of makes me feel cash and happy where in a smoking jacket when I entered the parlor I'm honest I feel like you need a pipe. I do feel like you need apple might be it about how you're gonna do this maybe even eight and a red velvet smoking jacket a foot door might might be my peace. Financing its slippers if I'm gonna have a pipe I gotta get comfortable okay parlor of Oz WE are you where we wearing under this rule. He's big. The rope a smoking jacket check group Amal excuse makers aren't sophisticated purveyor of truth we might have to fire up. The Panthers parlor on a super weird talk but this the other day on the speed honest I'm nervous man like aren't really should they aren't really nervous because I want this to go well but is it should go well but what if it doesn't and that's the that worries me but I also got stuff I'm looking forward to our they had me if this happens and if this falls into place. Yeah this could this could also work like gangbusters so I don't say so crazy it is a really talented team. It is a team full of a lot of top shelf talent. And the only problem with that is. It's not a deep team at all a couple of injuries at the wrong spots could expose a lot of stuff there AJ Klein here anymore flu gets another concussion. You know there's not a lot of depth. On that offensive line that you've seen gains in no draws demean. So it's as good as it looks there's always something that comes up every year they'll be an injury. During training camp so that'll happen you're not expecting in you know they're in a position where as good as it looks right now and they checked off all the boxes this off season. A couple globe. Bad breaks at the wrong spots. Could unravel a lot of stuff we get a couple of nominations John the beer man always helpful in the buildings that are text line 70457. On nights extent. He says the Panthers confessional. That was Simpson's thirty bills. I thought. A taxicab confessions remember that on HBO is that still figured out say three hail marys and go forth and sin no more a case of we get that we get the Panthers concession we also have the cats couch. And look like he'll liberation and that was that seems a little lazy okay I'm listening I'm not I don't feel like if there but sometimes it doesn't I I feel like we've got to be honest with ourselves is if there's fans were like yeah this this thing could go really well it could also who. Fall apart in a heartbeat so what we'll talk to banter we'll get into this thing would stand fast on the other day which how do you feel just general before we get into numb I'm just. I'm coming up okay with it it doesn't really rubbed me the wrong way there a couple of things I think from an optics standpoint that don't look great. But our power play this just I mean I think this was a step they were eventually going to have to take after the chaos two years ago. Beyond being overwhelmed with the man to me they want they wanted this a bit ticketed. And I understand last year the free tickets you'd Uganda CNN the game you don't feel compelled to show up at the rains that creates a bad book but the bad it will. Happens any time something that was free is no longer free and people are gonna say why don't you think of the children and everybody always says the children but. Hi I want it's capped an easy stance I don't know hey it's it's just lazy thing ever I I am curious to see what they do with that because this thing has evolved over the last couple years I mean I remember one is saying what is on Saturday mornings. And there are 151000 people showing up. And the interest is different now in the star powers different now the expectations are different now so you put it on Friday night to get their walk up crowd. A couple of years ago and I think it just blew everybody's doors off and they did they were prepared for it so. I think is the opinion it evolves they're gonna tweak some things with their approach to it I wouldn't be surprised if you see them do some things. To be a little more. I don't know how to say community minded maybe. To be a little more inclusive they are things you can do it mean to. Get certain people in certain places and that sort of thing and that's the problem that's why you get a ticket it is you've got all these old. Middle aged guys lean and over kids trying to get on with Heatley sweat band and come home you know that. As corny as it sounds sometimes it has to be all about the kids so let's let it be that. Aren't we got we got Derek get awareness you guys know the ways to jump at 7045709. At 610 knots the number for the phones the building center text line. We'll folded some calls and your actions throughout the show excellence great way to get of all 70457096. Did you could we just do. At primetime WS that seat on the proudly Jewelers what are people we're gonna fire things up our first guest. Geared ACC kick off in uptown Charlotte at the Westin will commit a demon deacon wait force tight end. I can't Sarah DA how are you may welcome the Charlotte good they haven't what lumping you're here we are you guys also awful bowl win and ready ready to get going over the middle of July but does it is it feel like you would do it little ball Bo let's get after. Oh definitely I mean we start the ball vote pretty much couple weeks after the season and then. Now we're two and a half weeks out from camp. So really you go through the summer workouts you know the minds that's right and it's really exciting well for you this offense obviously you guys been trying to get this thing rolling and it's been herky jerky at times because of all the injuries. Especially the quarterback position but. Kendall hit and that's that's your guy you guys get a taste of it early last year and when it was brought to see that duke game. I mean you look good so how excited are you for what this offense could look like deserve big expectations this year oh yeah there's simply beautiful that is that for us especially in. We have a lot more experience older guys that are talented. We have more playmakers we've ever had upfront new line is the biggest improvement to create guys have played together for you know a couple years now that are redshirt juniors. The guys that will will like join inning start becomes starters this year have also been around a program for a couple of years of more developed in. It's really excited and the sky's the limit for this office ago packed house that feeling around the team change I mean getting a little more success last year I mean is there a tangible feeling of okay we're pointed in this direction of 100% I think that started. Three years ago. And we put those cross the first cut the way it's that's been the start of the change in the culture around me Boris you know for so long. And we force at this little enforcement valiant ones like you guys played tough like great job. That's not how it's going to be a good job you have that's just not yet where we're on about that anymore we don't want pats on the back. We're here win that's I think we wanted to beat everybody in the conference event the country and that's the mines are we started building on the program is more pride. Come to be from my fourth week Forstmann continue to see that on the field when your play in certain teams like when you give up on on their lack quote this is Wake Forest and can you. See that in their eyes now the guys that there that now people are sort of realize that we're not a slouch you know we're not even gonna walk in though with sales of the deviancy and get a win as not gonna go we're gonna. Script fight scrappy to the very end that's we will have our friend of football's going to be tough. Get after it and never we're we're talking to give serie BA wait force tied a weird ACC kick off an uptown Charlotte on prime timer powered by ortho Carolina. I'll we'll talk about your numbers if you will go down. Our from a number standpoint is the greatest time native tied in a way force history so that's special feathered your cap but I know your your docket team right now but here's think go back to last year. Which the game you look back on it saved me and that's. Should I had to be the local game where obviously gets away from you turn in that second half you guys came out like gangbusters in that game but. It is that when you look back towards last year's team we talked with that next step priest say yeah we get out finish that's the word this year we gonna find a way to start closing some of these games out. Right yet definitely I mean we gave that that means you push stayed out and actually hurt my hamstring and a half an issue since camp. And it was it was a serious allows him to play but it didn't intervene and actually. Coach help me out of the floor speaking and now the game where we have on the ropes was in the game you know and we just kind of we fell flat the end and it's games like that that we need to learn to religious finish and that's big thing for us is. If we had a give one of the top teams in the conference and you know taking the distance we were we're talking earlier about that and I've been around this for a few years I've grown up in this area and so I've seen the ACC and it was always for years. Just like you talk about wake trying to build up you know pat on the back all you guys get a good little conference here we cannot the FCC. Florida State. What Clemson did last year and really top to bottom this league has taken a major step for you just feels like everybody hears like. Yes we belong we're we're one of the best we might be the best conference in the country right now. Yeah I definitely truth that mean for us like we look talked about our conference we play. Duluth or state Clinton in the NC state Syracuse and others massages and I've often thought you know every business functions. And you masterful game we've played ten wins America conference champion. And we were we believe we are 317 at halftime and kind of think at the end we so I knew when the games that's for us is just like. We have confidence our confidence confidence in ourselves going this next season it's a tough building you know progressing forward and not fought back with right here coaches he sit next to his right now could possibly among the show a few weeks ago. What would he he he seems people don't understand night he seems a little dry like he might feel a little bit boring it's just a personality so give us some that it. You've got give us some personality for for coach Paulson at the average person just doesn't seek the coast bus the straight shooter his hip says how it is that Venus and as I mean you look forward football coach who is mile solicitor for the truth beyond the me. Push me be disciplined. As a coach is he he is what you see in the league he's a very disparate oriented. Smart guy though this football but it I've been around. And you know he's he's really instilled that same. Kind of mindset Nazis were some very disciplined. You know so after the team was there are eleven tight ends for this conference on the MacKey award watch list open the season you're one of them. Who's the best tight end in the ACC I mean I. Am I see myself OK I have to all right let's I mean yeah I have identified him as a question be on the field you know I mean I think that's the sun I think XP that that's you know I should always. Try to be the best and you know wanna be the best. And ethical mine you know this the the top tight end uneasy because you know in his seat in the country and you know establish myself and you know take this he would help my team that was on the team do everything. You have those personal goals this year yard he leads schools school history for touchdowns for tight and you can get their yards and receptions this year a new year do you think it team but. Individually is that is that your goal here I got I could go get those records this year I mean I think if I take care of everything else that befall those who have come within you know reactive though focus on the team focused on winning games the rest of that should come. Yet such is not really worried about that we'll camp it's a pleasure to see you and guides. It's great to see wake back you bowl games regret some of the military bowl win and you're a great game and in the military also up. Keep Verona go to cocoa emigrate here Bridget they have an ego camps -- DA can wait force tight end dropped by joining us here. And ACC kick off let's do this we're due for a time out we'll come back on the other side. A lot more company way Bobby Petrino is gonna do what is it like twenty minutes we're expecting global head coach Moore takes an astute guarantee a pro football talk dot com right you're a prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Come to you live from ACC kick off prime time powered by ortho Carolina daring campaign and out with us on a Thursday it's my Friday by the way not only justify Friday I have the next ten days off why. Among the items on trying to fight vacation mode. Okay we're gonna have some fun radio for the next few hours here's what we're gonna do I wanna try this we did this yesterday. With Omar Gaither and he actually. I sit at surprisingly I probably should be surprised to abortion pro. He crushed this he. Knocked it out of the park which you said Iran Omar's job yesterday show during get your ever the radio professional terror you can growing in this role over the years. I want to go for you. How comfortable are you with the idea of Reading one of our liners. What I've done a little bit of that before wherever at the dog house last year during football season I was thrown at some of the sponsors. Yet vaguely remember that I don't know how well it went up so well that I I've collected from clearly say it obviously made a huge and so we do you can say no you're not hurt my feelings but how do you feel about testing the waters and reading what these pro ball liners right here I don't model trying anything to me what am I gonna do make a fool of myself OK do you want I can still for a moment and allow you to read this is you don't want to repeal rule number one I'll tell you right now. You never wanna read copy for the first time. On the year OK you know you need to give it to glared at number risen lord knows we would never say anything on this show that was on a script yet that would never have aired so give this a quick glance all allow you to look at that Alexio Bobby Petrino expected to join us. Op probably the next forty minutes to be few minutes later we thought we'll get to him. I he'll drop by in his opening hour of the show Jalen Samuels who is just what he's versatile weapons for NC state in their off it's gonna join us early in the 3 o'clock hour. Davos sweetie you to join us in at 3 o'clock hour Christie will kids what's the time for Christian walk it sets up the air right we're weighed for retirement Christian. 330 for Christian Wilkens defects of Lima for Clinton. The call our backs saying around you we love the cold from USA today. We Chico meter per row two luminaries in this world we'll talk a little mice and die in C legend has been the legends and we will talk. Pop up Major League Baseball come to Charlotte old beater as it. You saw the story right field meters the voice of BC you know you he works for he's worked for EEI. Opted out of Boston he does everything he said. We talking about this that they actually baseball. It could become the Charlotte you said you're kidding right to sit. No rob Manfred said it so we'll get to that with them others expected to drop by India in the 4 o'clock hour and then who knows what happens. I do between now and that we duet the gets of this do amazing audio from the espy's last night it really funny. Alia newsletter stand yet thick paper mating really funny and he gave it. To Kevin Durant last night away and a lot of other way you don't think Kevin Durant wasn't in all that joked about I don't know what do you think. That was our plan oh I don't know they wouldn't you know if there I don't know immediate onstage if it's Norma Donald doing certain things yet. Kevin Durant was in on that joke okay he might have been in on the joke going it was coming to him. But Boise also okay with that at the same time or was that a natural reaction who cares all I think it matters I think you play I think it plays a he's he came across as very. Salty salty and end but hurt last night Kevin Durant they would De'Angelo available and who knows he you beat me to though he knew things reach that level Bono I think that's the mount Rushmore of butt hurt it if he wins the S keeper but her award. Mean I didn't see that. He just won't shut off either it just is dead on and on with this so we're gonna get to some this audio and my favorite Vin Scully was was awarded last night for the icon award. Which just allows us to play some of our favorite Vince gully audio that we collected over the years. Haiti was great again last night so we'll play that coming up in just a bit first air gap fire away JC. His coming to the Specter and senator November 16 you can win your tickets here before you combined you can call in and win Friday at 7 AM. Or noon. And if you want another chance to win you can hit it. WA AF Lindsay dot com wow well done there again let's get because when you're gonna ask JC good job you can expect a voice like this one coming on to promote so here's what happens here as if I want our listeners know as they take you behind the scenes we have bullet points that are in our software there's literally website we go to it's got over liners that are promotions people put in here. He's a bullet points after. US flipped around that my friends you have a you can't just I read it line for line you have looked around that I've I've I'm I'm very impressed with you my friend DO EZ. Is coming. You're not persecuted says November 16 so November 16. Exactly. Oh it's just talking and that's one of the things up to do and I'm not a bad. You could do that at times too much hard techsters dreading it buildings that are taxed like 70457. Overnight success during its mom was laughing. It was staged. I am I can see that I does that work is that I don't July is there any chance now why didn't have no chance that was real like he authentic did not now not planning there's a 0%. The cut NSA that mainly because ESPN wouldn't put Kevin Durant in that spot booked a place of this audio. I if you don't mind Steve we got a couple bites repaid many Stevens meant the board back in the studio. And by the way you can do a whale of a job of it it is it is early yet at prime time WS fencing group will throw for a loop. Rallied Jewelers Twitter feed by the way they've made an offer they've never made before. In their eighty year history Charlotte most trusted jewelry store. Zero interest financing for five years with no money down only through July 31 you can get details on that. Apparently Jewelers dot com to steal an appeal but let's cue up some of these Peyton Manning bites last night from the espy's we'll start with the falcons because he gave to the falcons and who doesn't love that around here. And you can't have. A awards show for sports. And talking about the NFL and everything going on of that leak and he before NFL quarterback that's won two Super Bowls himself without poking fun at the Atlanta Falcons for. Blowing a 28 to three lead in Super Bowl 51 against the New England Patriots self I here's eight mating in full SNL vote last night the espy's during his monologue. And finally. Because I'm being forced to say. I love that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won't reduce Super Bowl. But you know I really do feel for the falcons. Because you know I've been there a little tougher it is to lose Super Bowl. Joseph and I believe the property I believe and Matt Ryan Dan Quinn. I'm no Laporte the falcons will be back right. Well look the problem here that's for me now are. At the beginning of the show under the stop paying attention three quarters of the way here. The mother Freeman goal lead yet stay with the ball. Yeah. Admitting it rare form last night falcons response would be yeah us in the rest of America now because nobody's watching this show so that's a good start repeat painting and then. We have the Kevin to rip moment which you say estate I wanna believe because I believe that people at the end the Odyssey of the good people in this world. That this was real and I'm not vision that out of view yes it's early so here we go Peyton Manning did deliver organized knockout blow to. Cut to Kevin Brady might wanna join another super team right now. This team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me. He wants to play from the election. I would tell you probably use. That you have a. Our guys and rustle us same look on his face the Kevin this is a does that make it that makes it more likely that stage now there's no collaboration between those two at the Middle East and now so maybe they're both just naturally salty about it. Now. Anybody I think there's some Zoller any to those guys dealers and I don't have any idea that it is BN would run the risk of alienating people by put them on the spot we have more audio goal to get to later oh get to some of my favorites Kelly cuts would get to Scully from last night we also have to get since the under thirty for thirty debuts tonight for Mike and the mad dog. Some of the highlights the career of one Mike Francis is that we love on this radio each so that's all coming up on the other side we expect Bobby Petrino local coach. With this college football expert America there again. But I don't know if football talk dot com next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Kicked off here again alongside Brian Todd Howard by ortho Carolina and it. Joined now by. From little fun. The freedom of hotel or I'm doing very nice guys don't work we're doing well and you just. Following followed wherever they lead Julie Guy you led here in Charlotte and I was asked his it was last time you were here at first talks to the gulf pulled up what. You and a half ago yeah ago three years ago yet out great place I guess I have been bacteria grinning at your local time just one of the guys we have with this today dire Alexander from here. Yet at this this area so funny is accomplished since I've grown up peers become. On such a hotbed for high school football big time recruits. Thought coming out of this area going to big time programs like school full clips of Florida State SEC programs as well so this become really. You know Greensboro is always giving the headquarters to the ACC which Charlotte a couple of nice little secondary homes in this conference over the last few years. Yeah no question about it there's a lot of talent here and and combination of size and speed so that's always good decision. Now as this process more or less stressful than what you just went through a couple weeks ago. Then the wedding I had a this is a piece of cake compared to the wedding I have my daughter got married July 1 then there was pretty -- we had big wedding in and I a lot of fun are you are you the emotional type in a situation had a unit not as pretty calm where you really only if I did a good job it's it's not as hard as sports and for him. Does that compare your sit on the sidelines and you watch your offense you two minute drill gotta get down the field got to get six vs. Here come here comfortably by a little girl down the aisle there take your time going down the aisle because that's the highest it's that last block grant that's fantastic Bobby pitcher doesn't this global head coach and here we are you get ready for for three years number three back to back a little bullet. Flash you start out like gangbusters and then obviously. It fit so well the last three weeks of the year but. It spewed this a team where you're ready to not a pop back up a horse that he does get a lot of guys back and opposites can start with more than offense that. You guys are ready to get after it again. Yeah like our team come on back you know first on defense we have nine starters back in the all the guys in the secondary really get inside linebacker and Stacy Thomas. And that. Couple guys that can really rush the passer off the edge history my young's gonna be back on her percent so that's really good for us he's a special pass rusher. Offensively. I like that we have come back obviously the Mars a great player and even a better leader. Helps everybody around them be better. And we had to couple starters back on the O line Brady bond fund will be back at running back spot. Which I'm excited deceived that think he'll be real special back there and then a couple big strong physical why. Receivers had you ever seen anything like that last year what you event that you that you coach Mike bacon Mike of course was talked about boulevard angrily heaped praise on him but. I mean we've seen college football is just a sport where we see players trades sent the game become icons overnight. But I've never seen a player like what more do what he did last year the first couple weeks and if I thought okay that's cute if you're doing it just to get Syracuse. And that it was against everybody else he just kept charity like that your receipt a player just divergent if blossom like that the way that Lamar kind of became a phenom you're. Ability to throw the ball the deep ball but also the intermediate passes. You know even if it took his running yards off. He had a huge here as a passing quarterbacks self. Pretty special to put the two together there is. Well as he played last year what have you seen develop a wise out of him going into this season we'll teach better now than he was a year ago this time pays better than in this pocket passing his ability understand coverages and throw the ball off the coverage is gifted. Number three in his progression which I think is real important for him to do. Silly shows more patience you know. Things came really easy to an early in the year and then he needed to just be a little more patient as the year went on. But he can throw with anybody to get to sets right consistent. It's his back leg under his back here he can really throw the football. And I know you've had such a short time to be around Michael Vick unfortunately by. When you think about those two guys are there are similarities or they more different and I think people would. Anticipate he athletically. The speed. At which they play is very similar you know that is so both so explosive and and then both of them have really strong in gifted arms and Mike was there really wrist after he could really snap his wrist in zip the ball out of there. Lamar and a little taller so he can have a little bit of a different release. But both of them can really spend the football. When you were talking about your defense coach and that's probably the figure a die hard college football fans know that your fans know that you guys have had court defense is actually had to go back two years ago specifically for the before law or broke out of the seat. Your defense is what and you atomic games a couple of years ago. The con is ticket raiders get a caller don't like the people think you are you guys are just an offer to joke about you guys very really well balanced football team that's the way you wanna play. Yeah and you know when I first came back it was different now is different that we were really led by our defense and struggled early scoring points and didn't land the ball in the end zone. So it's kind of nice last year to get back did doing both you know to play great defense and score points. Well you guys that you jump right into Riga Purdue in in Indianapolis to open the season but. Your your first three weeks yours I mean. I'll put up against anybody college football at Purdue and really is a road game but app per do we don't neutral site. I'm North Carolina and into clumps of that the first few weeks of the year if that's you know I have to be very. Data out but that's not exciting I think I always like opening with big games and then the neutral site in Indianapolis and in the colts stadium and a lot of fun. We traditionally play really well inside so that will be good game for us they get to travel back to North Carolina it's been awhile since I've been there have been played them and you know they've done really well so we know that's going to be real competitive swim kids still get big guys when they walk into an NFL stadium like dad yeah. I don't think so anymore you know because of how many. Bowl games they've played and then and how much they traveled. I do remember when we first went into. Cowboy stadium. That's scoreboard we'll get her big guys here that goes from one point eight to the other thing I mean there's nothing like it think everybody's just walking around like tourists started here and especially when you're trying to coach a kid on the sideline he's looking up but scoreboard and got to you know get his attention a little bit. Well coach it's a pleasure to talk to UN off you go okay go make the rounds to our guys see you next allowed to go that Bobby Petrino head coach for global we appreciate it make it time for us and yeah bwic what Lavar did like you're fifty to fifteen no no player ever in ACC history to ever done that fifteen passing TDs fifteen rushing TDs. And look we got a guy here that is arguably in this town. The greatest college football player ever you can make that argument though really did for one year but that would season what do you do who's able to do it all we're. We something like we've never seen before but it was a more paid. Physical way were it in the comeback that you saw with Auburn that season in 2010 Regis come ahead. You write while this seems too good to be true. And yet it wasn't it just kept happening every week Lombardo played like a human videogame depth and gotten I've just never seen a guy takeover. A sport it just you know draw eyeballs in the way that Lamar did less certificate. Like what Bobby is partly it was the style of play I think more than anything that they did it well I think what they've neat things about Lamar story last year was and it's kind of like what Bobby's talking about kids aren't all it by going to an NFL stadiums and more we're so conditioned to anticipate certain guys doing certain things going in the season a fact that Lamar. Came out of nowhere and have that kind of year and it was just it was an eye opener for everybody and I think. You know that's one of the neat things about college football is it still has the opportunity to surprise us every now their defense is good they hit their defense is really good it carry two years ago and it was pretty good again last year. And it's got that capability get this year but nobody takes offense offense offense with their feet. And those three teams the top between Clemson Florida State and and who'll pull all three are realistic national championship contenders. They're not favored but their national championship contenders. Name me another division in college football where you could. You only get you go to go to the Big Ten north you could do that went. Those three teams that if you're saying maybe division that has that type of power the topic college football. I'm sore the SEC west used to be that you can't say that about LSU you could be hopeful that offered baby has that type of bounce back you this year. But it it's about the bandits I did you mean it's it's everybody LLs chasing them right now. Donnelly and Activision are put in that conference because even he knew what to the east with board up. It Tennessee try to build some consistency take the next step I Georgia's try to do the same thing. It's it's just don't have that feel to it I'm sorry if it's crazy how good that that division is at the top right now it it. Actually reminds me a lot of the old ACC back when it was Clinton and everybody else did back when it was Florida State and everybody else it's that same top heavy. You know you don't know who the second teams they you don't have any and yell any. Real way handicap and add at this point and it's and it's not because. They're too many good teams to pick through its just drop off in talent. Yeah and I mean you'd you look right now with duke with a quarterback player across across the ACC I think that's the thing that's carry this conference now they're gonna lose some guys this year. Obviously mr. dispute North Carolina obviously Brad tie it. At Miami two guys that that went on to the NFL two rod Evans at Virginia tech's another one of those types of guys to Hud has been really good for VT. But it's amazing how all the stuff this stuff is not hard we over think this stuff becomes almost the best conference in the country. It was the SEC. For the better portion of what a decade to decade and a half movement including you why is that because they're the best quarterbacks in college football and the best coaches and they'll go go look. Even in the SEC it's able who's the best who's the best quarterback. In the SEC right now. Who's the name that comes to Monica she state deal Jalen hurts it hurts I guess you say that but he did hit as a true sophomore he was a god it was really. It's a game manager last year he was admittedly limited I mean and and he's still young and could be developed into something else but the ceiling for Alabama quarterback has never been very cops. You know Saban doesn't walk that guy out there making all the Lamar place I mean he he needs his got to run the system and trust the parts around. Don't then you you don't you're looking elsewhere you like you look at the SEC east of and you could you could do this with Georgia Jacob decent should be being should be good Mick FitzGerald at Mississippi State. We really good last year should be even better but. Did you Jack Kelley get in and don't miss last year. OK he was a true gunslinger and Jack Kelly was a guy that had really high highs yet really low lows to put. They'll go to LSU right now I mean the media played a Zorn went with LSU. It floored we're we're rolling out there with her do transfers a quarterback if you're starting courses that is like that last year that's all you need to know about the state quarterback put a across the board of the SEC so to meet the SEC this thing is it hard for and I think it starts with the coaches obviously that it we could probably this the last few days throughout the week. There's SEC media days are going on at Hoover who's the definitive number two coach of the SEC right now. I need to back you have to think about that it's like what a what is go and we never really is where they always itself what it feasible to do that might admired and I think you could make an argument itself would someone might be fired. Before the year gets up there were like before your finishes that would shock is that if they have them it's stuff hits the fan make get the get him out of there. It really isn't going to Chip Kelly parade which is certain to fire hotel for both circuit yak you don't think he's going to be long term talking about NFL football for fox not that never AM there's something about that and proceed to. Ever seen describe right now I mean it is. They don't have that can adapt to mean at some I would say damn ball and obviously like and then that's sort of make an argument too because Mississippi State is always just got a good never great boat ride I take demo it. Pound for pound against any other coach in a conference not being knicks' David right on tackling. Yeah he's an offensive guy wears his offense. I got my now and I think that we've done a pretty good job early on a Florida. But he won with defense which was will must chips. Yeah Avery hit a pretty prolific offense though Colorado State though. I know but that's what is it wise that translated to Florida like I'd knock him for that we're going to we had. The Vietnam you're Gilbert. No talking about a Florida just died just two years ago career. How will Greer yes Charlotte keep way to Davidson degas Popper PED's. And obviously David Chase and or kill quarterbacks ever sits in the eighty bully excite here's the guy this year but even I mean he was so he seemed so agitated talking about. What is quarterback might or who is quarterback might be the other day it Hoover but we're also it's a guy do you letters a decrease of offense all of a sudden life. I do defense is good enough to win you your division to compete for conference title your offense is is not. That's what you get waxed every time you get to the SEC championship game amid also threw a sympathy vote infrared or Toronto is 'cause I don't show that because I think coach Joseph sounds like what the LSU coach ought to sound like this and that's sad like honestly it makes me sad fact what we're talking about LSU and I know let's miles it was hard to defend Liz at the end although I really like last time I really didn't unlikely that I I I I think they still would have it's hard to fire deeper that residents also hard to justify do that tips. Get get a quarterback to complete a four past so I understand both sides of it but. The and how was it or draw the best you can do it no issue how. How was that the best coach you can hire. Beauty and you can recruit. Again how is that as Koji besides the language he did he entered literally right. He he tapped into his place where we heard that before he can mobilize his base those people are gonna love him for the time being because spells on this guy is thought to be an offensive guru same thing if he struggled to fund a quarterback off and on over the last couple years and Agassi here. Bacon that a cure for a transfer quarterback for used to be the thing to put you over the top lip it's just. It's kinda sad that but the SEC's really good but that that the teams were were talking about that should be really good. But we're talking about two situations with quarterbacks and head coach is really why what how is that possible. How is it it it it feels like just yesterday we are talking about Auburn. Against Florida State. I in the national championship game and index Rose Bowl game which was a pro I mean it was an incredible stick classic national championship game. It Kelvin bodily speaker forever ago that nobody Benjamin want to with a game winning touchdown that feels like forever ago. And it here we are today this is the state of the SEC back when he was in shape. Was actually in shape then I don't know if that's true he's never been us not forget that a limited viewpoint that I use to get ballots but there's no way that dude was a better shape back then. You just missed physically better than everybody else and it is I mean you talk about coaches in just thinking about like when Katrina was in the SEC you. There were guys in the pipeline. That you knew this guy's going places this guy's a big time coach. And I just every one of those guys we put chill exports had a question mark what you've done a good job done a good job. Even though it even though we needed overtime to beat up but to chase champions of life you're okay here. You're okay every point everything outside of Alabama in the SEC right now is that it's not like it's so funny they were covered this the other day. What's the reason I should be watching SEC football weekend without. That puts that finger to sell beyond if you're an SEC fans that this is why got to watch. I think SEC fans bank on things like sun dresses and animal mascots and and tradition. And passion. And the crazy people who call Paul find bone chip like port for gusto if by the way and I think committed a paranoid yeah having heard their pen pals now are they really. Oh lord he made a firebomb appearance of the rest is history if he's going nationwide alright let's do this jiggle it civics get a join us early on at 3 o'clock hour so let's take a break a little bit early as we get close to the top of the hour Davos sweetie in the 3 o'clock hour Christian will gives as well. Are or how to pull our backs walked around yourself or we'll drag Korean. Off the Chico meter per hour we'll talk about. What Mitch Charlotte's a world class city yeah we are we gonna the last bit up in the air Major League Baseball wants to come to be a part of this odd ball just a matter time before the Olympics come to Charlotte what's next is point 44 point 48 ethnic group a thirty Tokyo and LA right I think that's right so equity 32 or should we start the campaigning now. Which Charlotte looked like it 2030 Q we could be ready for that I want the Winter Olympics does. I think it would be much cooler to have the Winter Olympics here are all that's coming up. More him we got great Vince gully audio great for access audio it's it's after this ACC kick off at primetime powered by ortho Carolina.