Primetime: Phil Savage Gives Insight Into NFL Draft

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Thursday, April 19th

Kroeger talks with former Browns GM and Director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl Phil Savage to give his thoughts on who looks good in the Draft.


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So I haven't there's injures a silly on a just tweeted this out grunt is buying the horse dead horse will run in the Kentucky Derby ABC news story out. In my own that horse is drawn. Unlimited talk Jeter and have you met a bigger lead heading your entire life live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. Still say happy Graf. Bought a horse they've grown. So he could sick brought afraid of the Kentucky Derby coming up that a matter of weeks it's primetime for powered by ortho Carolina we're here folks we get an early jump redder. Our spot for the 2008 team pro football draft roundtable coming up tonight 630 will get things started. Deal worth neighborhood grill restaurant right outside uptown right off before and it's a couple by I've got to work for the boss man OK so. Tickets still available get my perks dot com thirty dollars a gets you in the door are for a pro football draft roundtable tonight so thirty dollars. It till 5 o'clock still for all you slackers out there that are waiting until the final minutes. Hi you're gonna have to pay penance because after 5 o'clock TV show that the door and will still allow that. Other prices could go Austin box of Casey got three hours to get it here for our a pro football draft roundtable tonight. And you can get tickets to get my perks that come full Margate surgery drink lies gonna be here frank Garcia off. We were we've we've seen Steve that she's in the building and he's gonna jump ball and us coming up in two hours of Adobe would have from 4 to 5 o'clock ESPN's scouts think. He's gonna help moderate this discussion tonight. And you guys could still get tickets to get my first economic till 530 dollars and we'll City Hall with that. That awesome ESPN draft got we're gonna feed you get some corona tonight and that's going to be great night's victory sign up for that. After profit clock you're gonna show open the door pay ten extra bucks to make sure you you take advantage of that Derek gets you to join us. In an hour and my what do we could that sits there was last witness a look at pivot here at 3 o'clock has anything happened. You know the seven whatsoever so Darren hit it to what is it three will get into this this ever churning gearing can't vs Greg Olsen feud if he was. I we he was stirring it up on attacks the red with us earlier today. I'd like like I can't have it I cannot personally say some of the stuff that he put on that tax threads so I journal speak for Boyle could Hoosier jobs. I think so so he's gonna join us and guy he'll speak for himself coming up at 3 o'clock and you know literally a week ago we felt we had made peace and everything was cool with Olson they can't think gig goes a kicks the beehive what difference a week makes no seriously so he's gonna do what it's a three Steve had to be what is a four. All marketers can be what is it five sort of a kind of rotating panel guys tonight. Our throughout the course of the show. And it's going to be a heavy dose of Panthers and NFL talk and obviously NFL draft is we're weak Kuwait today. From this thing get underway in the opening round of the draft Gregg Rosenthal suited join us at 330 And we'll also talk to Phil savage feels good to join us in his opening hour. He'll drop I would institute thirty so talk to the former browns GM I want to talk to fill. I think this is really fascinating what's it like to be a GM. A week out of the draft. Yeah it's really interesting like I know Darren talked to when their arms on and for Garcia Billy earlier in the week yes Marty. You know. Would you would you want addressed now could you draft now and Marty said yeah you are we can we can deathly do this might execute this to the sweet Melissa don't put it this week is so we're like charity saw something today on Twitter throughout who put it out it was from street from somebody credible that. In other sin the browns might take two quarterbacks with with a one pick in the four take like two is this hot we just get this thing over with like. And I actually think that's not a half bad idea if you browse castle like that yeah you can't screw up but you'll gain your does the cowboys did that 89 with Aikman and and the the other the other guys was mistaking me good. It doesn't matter though that's the point is it better the other guy was they got Aikman writes him if I actually feel like it a great Steven thinks that's not the craziest ideas to get it all this with Steve mention. We're getting to. I'll with veteran comes up with a 64 I wanna discuss all those variables that are flowed around the float out there right now. And what that means for the Panthers in these big picture NFL story lines with the draft and then coming up. After that we'll take a segment each shall talk offense for the Panthers and we'll talk defense for the Panthers at what this draft. I could do to address all those that sort of think so we'll get to him at 4 o'clock. If it is it really interesting thing here we'll talk to Phil savage about this at 230 what goes on it it GM's office. Is the phone ringing off the hook are there trade discussions that are already start to be lobbed. Are are you doing any last minute due diligence durst hey in the barn. But in terms of the scouting process so we'll talk to Phil savage at 230 Gregg Rosenthal at 330. And Rosenthal. By the way. Has an interesting article up an Ranking it's a power rankings. For NFL genius and it should we give it away Shui to say already worries got hurting now. Rudy Leno could signal clip we should just give it away at that facility to go look now that I've thrown it out there the what I ask you get a good answers your dirty it's 44 yeah. And at first glance I thought. You know what that seems wrong that seems off to meet what you think about the backbone of the team that is. Into the playoffs for the last five years that would fifteen wanted to Super Bowl season a couple years ago. Those are mostly Marty hurting guys the backbone of this team is still Marty nerdy guys but. The ending was so bad I mean there's no denying that and the track record the second time around we don't have a pundit go off yet. I think purely work he's done too good we don't have eight a large picture or sample size yet. All of the work Marty's got a second time around so when I stop to think about a fight you know what twenty forced air I think it's fair to be a little skeptical. Missed morning it was 24 like was 24 like right at lake essentially the last. GM the Greg ranked him of like the cubs clicked on them. The guys that are unknowns like you guys that are new on the job yeah yeah the Berkeley the brain and beans in the world then. I think that's been your goal I've been I think it's you don't and this is why I think it's an interesting discussion. I think Marty's and out kick I think Marty is going to. Far exceed expectations and maybe the expectations are low for a lot of people like Gregg Rosenthal yeah but but I think Marty is gonna blow expectations out the water. Highs as it pertains to this NFL draft coming up. And if he gets to stay in the job over the next little bit in so we'll get into that with Greg he's gonna join us at 330 and of course. Its scheduled day today the NFL's releasing their schedule tonight and so. We might get some leaks throughout the course of the show party get someone's like other teams Ramsey after the Panthers what we do this how about this of both tipped us off to this earlier on public rally killer Twitter feed. At primetime WFAN seat still vote from panther stuck comp at Panthers built. He's worried we get this out it's done that month that roundly and right now to celebrate. If you make a purchase of 1999. Dollars or more you're gonna give it a weekend get away for free. For the best selection values and deals there's only one choice it's probably Jewelers. And rally Jewelers dot com. Both waited this out a little bit ago saying that. For the Panthers the furthest road trip they will make all year this year New Orleans. That's it you're sick that's interesting that's the Woodstock he put it that but if you think about. Wearing chair and beat and or normal schedule and not making a bunch of crazy West Coast road trips. Both saying that already big you know we don't know when that'll happen when he table be on the road any of that stuff foudy opponents on the road we know who the opponents all our. But when it comes to that stuff he's saying they won't travel any further than New Orleans that's that's that's an interesting tidbit soul. As we get leaks who can update you guys on that I'm throughout the course of the show and I'm sure we will I I would be shocked if we don't go for hours without getting. Joseph person or Jordan right agreed that leaking it at least one or two dates on the schedule. So we'll get to that coming up on later but I wanna start with what Gregg Rosenthal. Posted an and again we'll talk about it with him at 230. But I think this is an interesting discussion. As we speak in this draft coming up as we look towards the strap to what's coming up what dispensers team needs to do and we're getting it out of this throughout the course of the show but. If you look back to to get over there. So the last. What you're talking four draft classes now. And the last one was last year Christian McCaffery eighth overall if in this isn't just first round picks but I think a lot of these answers might be first round picks. You look at the work Marty attorneys got Marty Murray has done some good work on the whole the wait ended it was poorly we'll get into that. But if you look at Dave government's draft record as time has gone on its tenants who first bodied man super body. It's not down right. Awful overall if you hit some big hits. But maybe he missed a lot he missed a lot of on and on guys hit. You would look at and say why did you take deaf player in the first place I think somebody feel we've used this term a lot I think. Big government use a lot of picks you would classify as luxury picks. Picking for depth picking picking for insurance down the road. And those guys haven't even developed may be into what you want them to be. So I think this is an interesting discussion. As we get radio we Kuwait today eight from from this year's draft class if I could grade to a reset on any one of those draft picks from Dave element over the last few years. What is that what is that hit. And why it because I think some of it and I got the one that comes to mind right out of the gates remaining. That guy for me by the way he is is Bernard Butler. And I odd to me it's not even close because. I know huge huge one taking his place to its territory death under Hitler was on the board the painters like him. I it Dave Gilbert did that thing worrisome we go to got to trust the board you can't reach if you start reaching actually get in trouble. Well guess what if you had hotter Henry on this team today. And how much of the stuff for you sweating out. Not as much that's hardly hitting the probable pick on their our hitters already proven himself to be pretty good young tight end in the NFL public city's gonna be Greg Olsen five years from now. But hotter every I think. What he's done at San Diego through the first two years he's put some good tape out there. It'd what is sort of Butler guns obviously other than block a couple of kicks what is sort of Butler don't. Now know that people criticize let's have a sense at all I feel like self. I think this is an interesting discussion we'll get into it throughout the course of the show and I wanna hear from Yorkshire Panthers spent a week away from the NFL draft today if I agree to a reset. Over the last few years on one pick you get one redo if you feel like you would have a big ripple effect even into this draft class of the product on the field. What is that redo what's the move you would say that I would've done this I would have done that instead what is that for you 70457. Overnights extent. We'll get to Phil savage at about twenty minutes of primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening sub prime time with Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. Died gorgeous day right here doers neighborhood grill morehead street come out and hang out with us tonight at 630 our pro football draft roundtable. You have until five to get in pretty. Sticker price and we jacket off because you guys are lazy sometimes shows you get here after five you can still come it. We'll raise the price by ten bucks for thirty dollars of its UN he still thought he could still get tickets to get my first I covered the city holiday ESPN draft guide Stevens is going to be here. And guy he's going to be joining us coming up at 4 o'clock 4 o'clock we get a lot to get into a minute she's gonna be great. Can't wait for that he's gonna moderate our discussion tonight Dre' Bly Omar Gaither frank Garcia Damione Lewis is gonna be an house. And the real man of the hour here again will join us at forty minutes to get your tickets get my perch stock comes to thirty dollars. All the way until five after that. You guys are you gonna be paying a little extra for that techsters reading a building setter tech slide 7045709610. Also it is they're on the same number on the phone 70457096. Days talking about this idea that if I graded you. You know kind of a hall pass she could do a redo. For the Panthers and under Dick element at least if you can go back forever and sailed in outlook two republic to retract this guy instead. But if if I sit me in this pick in hindsight probably should have done that who would you rather of what would you have done instead it and you know is a good one text directing and a buildings that are techs like Kyle sale last draft I would take him Barnett over Chris McCaffery. But I do like CMC a lot and. Yeah it's an interstate ones I mean I think we've Barnett. You're saying that that guy you know what that got guys going to be for a long time and your team I think there's still such an unknown. Of what Christian McCaffrey is moving forth for this team easier feature back. Easy just a Swiss army knife for your offense and you know how long is he gonna do that what's the impact anatomy to fall if robbing us their selves Chris McCaffrey had a statistically great season last year the offense overall. Where the numbers that sales that's why I get a coaching change or near Norv Turner is going to be your new OC but you're Barnett an interstate one odd. But see here who else wrote in buildings that are techs like 704570. That's extent simply sit sort of Butler by far you could head hunter Henrik for you could have had Derek Kendra. So bad I mean I think under Hillary's the one you're really gonna look back on because we know Gelman likes daughter had realized. And he did that the main worry said I didn't stick to my board I didn't stay true to my board and by the way they took Vernon Butler guy with. Not character issues but there are questions about his commitment to football how hard was he can work what was he gonna develop into that he had all the physical tools. And yet here we are two years later. And we're still seeing a lot of those same things are we were still wondering what Bernard Butler is that an historian and historian changed Fossum and he came from assault from a smaller school. Feel Louisiana Tech still FBS yeah it was a mid major is school. Field what's really frustrating there is another slightly different positions but I heard. I urge their football people like trust say. You could've played it reverted NKK together if you wanted to do this could have. And yet you did you lose star and you had to go pay and I look I love Don Teri Pope being year. What you had to go do deputy she did trust your former first round pick going into year three to vita got it to step into that position to be a starter for you. Yeah we talked about yesterday kind of there in the the mistake of letting Josh storming go on that this team is kind of had to you know put band aids at that position with with their draft picks in Terrell or early geez Bradbury or whatever it's in my dad did the same exact thing entry in Suton Tartikoff. Parts of asking you as a painter said we'll get her opening topic in here but as as a painter stand. Under the Dave got on an air only if I graduate a re do. And you think you have big ripple effect you think you maybe would change some of the dynamics of this team now based off of food they could've picked instead what's that pick for you and I go. I go vertical or other because I think the hotter Henry picked with a bit of can't I break your toaster today who would rather have that's a no brainer I don't think there's a single painter said it's a converted Butler over honor Henry. Stewart yeah opening topic of the day all this is cheating the guys go free agencies. Drew is its crew. No that's cheating guilty of not talking free agency of talking in the draft let's go to rob who wants to jump in with us what's up rob. Well Laura growth aren't they Obama called him in good how do I got the great player boards where I really didn't do it would probably look group ticket well. On the go with the Shaq can't compete who and I think we could a guy. Men and Colin probably will take game might. Before by a big gathering in the third before the diet though even though Shaq brings great sport. Newbie key first call first four games that season this year coming out a new theme then. We could have passed on him and proud out Miami got. Yeah I mean there are other guys it's a good one too I appreciate called erotic and there are other ones too after that just sits there really tough part about this is. You could pinpoint a lot of guys in each city go back in you the benefit of hindsight none of these GM's Dubya to benefit I'd say cement. You can got this guy the third round could have gotten this kind of forefront like Tyler luck I remember talking about this guy a at that time but a third round pick Tyler Lockett at Kansas State wide it was so high on him a couple of years ago and palate like it's been a dynamic playmaker. For Seattle and he's been dynamic and special teams and I'm not saying he would've taken him over Shaq is he's a third round pick but that's what makes this stuff really tough sometimes because you go back and you look at who was taken. After you took that guy and what the difference would have been. You don't. But at at the same time I remember the Panthers there's talk that moment could DJ Humphreys Peter on the board at Humphries went off a 24. Jack 125. From everything I've understood DJ Humphries is that just a guy at best he's been just to guide Arizona I don't think DJ Humphries has been. Some but by any means some like franchise tackle that you're you've missed out on because you wanna pick earlier than you. So thank and by the way you look back on some of these picks ahead of the painters that your 2015. Foot come looking at. Even like sixteen all the way to where Shaq was taken you'll Melvin Gordon was good at fifteen Marcus Peters obviously eighteen but Cameron are being. Nelson act or was good but that took three years center go play he. But decreased Jane raids. For shot pyramid I mean some of these guys in that area were just. They're just so Kato saw it I mean that's the tough part of this if your GM. Gentleman wasn't okay might be putting it lightly like some of those guys have just not stand down do you have and that's the that's the nature of the strap 704. 570 nights extent techs are treading in he set up I know we needed corners. But concept in 220 were early in Sanchez who wasted picks in the same draft them and I. I couldn't agree more I'm on those who is spreading a wide net. As when you say oh you can't go shop Hungary in the draft that's what you get trouble and yet. What do you do what you could take three quarters back to back to back and I'm supposed to believe all three of those guys for the top guys on your board when you're on the clock in those picks. That adds that don't pass this health estimate. Something doesn't add up on that somebody saying Tyreke kill instead is that Sanchez and 2016 that's a good one man that somebody could add after all. I think you what's really frustrating and this is why I think it's gonna be interesting. When you look at the elements picks in the first round. I think he's cute too much to you know you got to trust your board that's a nice thing to say. I you'll see any guys that you know we're gonna get on the football football field to make an impact for you especially as a first round pick. In the lot the only three times by the way the only three times more attorneys picked in the twenties do you know the picks Moriarty walked away with. Who will cease and DeAngelo Williams and Chris Gamble. So all good players those rolled into a more really great for you won a home for a long time wish her all time leading rusher. And and you know Campbell was a god it was a fair you know. He at times never developed into that elite corner you probably were hoping for the first round pick. But he was a very consistent starter in the secondary anyplace where you de did. So I'm not saying that means the papers are gonna go guaranteed to be drafting and also on the clock next next Thursday night at 44 but when you look at what hurt he's done. He's always taken the first round generally speaking he's always taking guys. That have been able to get on the field and just play. And that's the thing about Gelman I think you're gonna look back in hindsight Sydney and what happened here let's go to Tom what's the jumpin next what's up Tom. They would world. Two Prius. The garden talking about Archie talk about it strapped. How about 2012. That these type was to first period about it how would take we had a pretty good cameras. You're talking about for the Panthers are in general. Acute outreach oil crept probably detectors but it. William again Luke deeply knows a Marty you're yep yep I don't I don't think well they're not expect butter. Are you I don't I don't I don't know are you give an answer are you being facetious McAleese it was a frankly I was actually in Madras. I don't understand that we got what you bet hip hop are deadlocked people looked up to. Yet no no doubt that's on sale I appreciate Conant. It John Lisa was on your team at that time and increasingly people. Were wondering what they're happy doing drafted as Luke equally guy next thing you know you're able to do you have jumped ECB expendable and that assists. That's a situation the best player available actually was was was true. Oh yeah MM and by the way. Fletcher Cox was was there to be Fletcher Cox came at twelve but that's it's dealt with a loaded draft actually go back and look at hindsight in that draft class. You're talking about. Luck was a loin by Trent Richardson and RG three obviously did not pan out at two and three foot Coley Ole Blackmon was a bust. Mo Claiborne has been flying to mark variant is then that's that's a bus ride to an ill at eight boss key police Stephon Gilmore dietary poll. All Pro Bowl players ninth through twelfth taken off the board and that he got Melvin Ingram and a team you have Jim Jones at 41 David Castro and Donta hightower. Pro bowlers a 2425. And then Harrison Smith and Doug Martin is pro bowlers in 2931. So that first round that you was loaded with talent off but you know what. A few of those guys in the top eight were at some bus that never panned out Marty RD took it got a people were not happy about it twelve and guess what. He's the backbone of the team that is into the playoffs for the last five years. So I I got to have confidence that next week when Marty's on the clock he's probably gonna do some good work let's take a quick break Phil savage is gonna join us on the other side. I wanna know as a GM a week out of the NFL draft. What exactly is life on the job like right now we talked to fill Nexus Prime time powered by ortho Carolina. And a. Hi Derek gets get a Jonas and thirty minutes pro football talk dot com Steve mention of ESPN's scouts think he's going to join us. Do this for an hour here ad deal worth neighborhood grill for a pro football draft roundtable tonight we'll get going it's 630 a week out from the NFL draft Bill Maher Geathers gonna Jonas of Bobby a lot to get into and out. We're gonna talk about all of it right now with this they would love talking football at this guy Phil savage. Director of the recent Senior Bowl Alabama Crimson Tide radio network and of course former NFL GM as well Phil are you doing man it's good to talk to you. I'm good grip so you're doing well. Yeah we're at their final countdown good we went you know full breath. Can you tell me what it's like I was asking this earlier I wonder what it's like built to be at GM this last week I'm sure it's unnerving to a server guard. He's they hate in the barn what what type of work are you doing a week out from the NFL draft is a GM right now. Yeah I would say there. Stress job. Most does any. The major beating they're my cat you know what light work out of course there it just stopped yesterday. They're probably bring and that last little better income make sure their data to the table. And I don't Robert bray and their parent and give the ground next week. Almonte they include they read my new ones bottle or so or about work. But also during that week you're really pretty Europe your draft strategy together for that first round another heart like that I had there. Okay what what are fake and who would need to be available for up to walk to move up. Who would we say in order of crap for it yet at Arco like and then you know what we consider what we need to happen truck to move back. In those are all. That they're you know really decree stipulates and they can't prepare or a little easier now quit for you know. Not dramatic perhaps because at first round but can't operate in the gut at all but are in the court Beckett third round and another break. And temperature auto plants together. Are they address. We're talkative about. Phil savage recent Senior Bowl director on Twitter is that Senior Bowl Phil serious sex them. NFL radio SEC radio network Alabama Crimson Tide radio network is well it does at all and he's with us right now. On the technique con guess like you guys do mocks correct as as teams coming on the same way fans and media members to be you guys mock. Selections and away aboard might fall for you guys stood to play some of those examples out in case that happens in in the real life situation correct you guys do much dress like that. You know I think they'll do it. Are they haven't thought experience we didn't really worry about what the other team we're going to do with their choice police want to make sure that. Regardless of Alex. Fell well that we were scuffle with a player that we were going to do it now we typically would very. You know one of our scout is there a lot of guys go up a better take. You know take in courier or mock draft put it together what they've they're poor but content name. So it would hurt pain it better if you it was. May be somewhat of a guy apply an astute group might be going ahead happy but. The truth evident there we were so they're trying to figure out what do we query by about. Whatever everybody else would go to court validate. I cryptic you know there's a hot pot crap out there and you know a year ago the only really had about a half a doubt that. And they need to be able or actor. Maybe that what we've tapped out there now. If somebody came up do you. A week out Phil at that time it said hey Phil you know what we're did something came in from the league office the draft starts now. You're on the clock which you'll be able to make your pick which if you confident about it. I would say remote view we would have been able do that. You know. There would have been no where patent quiet they would 08 individual work out. Or some sort of intimate Qaeda. From the column by you know all pro toward the medical week check repealed well that it made it Chung that you're not where but. By it all our job I would say about two weeks out from the drought in reality. He he got a I have an idea of what you'd at least hope what happened and I would say by the brow. In other economical Juan and now are. Jon Stewart had a press conference that belief that day. Pre draft that they and you know I would I asked the complete or at least he had been sitting. Audits and spelling it back at what their plan carpet back there and I. Or talkative Phil savage longtime NFL GM rhesus eater bowl director as well serious XM radio he's with us right now and attack become guess what he could follow him on Twitter. At Senior Bowl Phil last thing on just what it's like inside the war room Phil and we'll move on to distract last. But how many people who were those people that had actual say. Once you guys were in that room people that actually could speak up in it didn't necessarily mean that their voice was the end mobile what you would listen to that if you were taken in stride. Before you made a final decision how many people how many people had that type to say it who were those people. Yet clear if I think it if it can't solve your gonna say they're not clubs you're you know what I would. At the ground it although you're put the rate that. We have we didn't have everybody. In the trapped rubble we had most every one that included ownership. Member of all that you'd really they had no vote court there and back been code. And then at that perhaps it brand and they're you know they do and then. You know out of our base well what could happen anywhere or an open. Groom an open format where you know all of a foul ball would come outlook come and go. I had basically confirmed that you know try to who would really be available and it. Seven well but there are certain clubs though they're very tight lipped about it they have a very small core group of people. You know may be six people or lamp. In the draft or whether they're bent out of the quake and are there are probably. There might have won like six of 36 people in the rent but they get really good parent on the copper up all. And it brought on apple that they echoed in the general man perhaps. With their rank and file back there are. Still. Have you remembered in your time being around the NFL in the game a college football he remembered a time remixed in the quantity but we think of the quality. As well with with the quarterback class hated being so unpredictable and so volatile the way that it is this year do you have any comparison for rat because that night. I haven't in my time grown up being around the NFL be around the NFL draft but if he does this remind you of any other draft class there's this pretty unprecedented. Well the last time I Porter Eric what are the first round like she got 89 and I wondered you know can't go out there. Articulate men and operate Culpepper court Donovan like that was our that there and then say account for UCLA. And had to claw back Obama got both thought that the proper support they ultimately. Not all there a trip I would site that are. What I want to the Manning academy is solid not ready Eric went for an event. Yeah had a bit of a backdrop and background on an event are getting ready for our debt out of 00. With the recent example. I've although all that is who quarterback class that has been out. But in all honesty what that bit I hope our heart a bit overrated I don't think the spirit they clear cut away from the ground. I don't think he grabbed them and they can not. It current that eating their young quarterback ready because Tyrod Taylor on the April 20 cheap so the ball back there. I feel compelled a bank that got talent but I don't think you're going to beat Detroit with a bow out. And where they I bet they can come here. Evil green and gold are of correct that the quarterback clap but. It's a big group and at least in my head debate there. That it probably cut they'll rated pretty European city the quarterback pop market apple Apple's because. On a play is you can go on out they parted dual player I gonna be out about it is all they pay a quote in their bank cut. The other side I would wonder Phil if you think there's a guy that's actually underrated outside of those top five there are other quarterbacks in this draft class do you feel like. Hey maybe is not going to be a sure fire franchise quarterback they want to hand him the keys that you like with this guy can do is their guy you actually think isn't getting enough attention. The other her paradise like evidence to our grief this Senior Bowl and I feel like they have you know hero. April what I hate it mattered. Kyle low level of respect. And Mike why don't want you thought he now I picked up. Or more or the latter day that he be a solid back up somebody that there are people expect he's going to that. You know second or our crowd at the bespectacled daughter and it under Dottie and you know make your car darted in the that there should. But Mike why. It really been on the football if you're out there are the only 181 era like who what all. Boy what the US in Tampa transferred from the air don't wet but it'd been a great year under two different and it go to computer board air. He drew Pirro break out dark and only if he. In her step in that compare the 61 cut out though. Unlike Mike why for the future and I'm not out here at low lover not a fairly bitter comment beat that but I thought we want a and I mean are going wanting I would be surprised that they want if not vote. Our way to beat daughter currently. Talkative Phil savage recent Senior Bowl director longtime NFL GF Sirius XM radio as well Alabama Crimson Tide. Radio network as well and I will will will excuse you on Calvin reed lake is actually think he's a good answer to this question but filth I said. I guided. Again same thing announcing he's gonna be the best player taken in this draft class but if you had to stake your reputation. Off the confidence that this guy's gonna play for very long time and be very productive in the NFL. Regardless of position and where he's drafted who who's that guy for you to comes from a Monty say you know what I just the believer this guy I can't see him not succeeding in the NFL who's that guy. I'll give you three name and number one thing if it back. Court a lot of people then they beat the state he had air and put a little bit and perhaps they cannot fill the top five or six that people be more back. You know eight report being arraigned but I have. The ultimate confidence that make it sit back and like Warner in the NFL it was will be a tremendous medical or on offense there. Like I thought he might favor Alabama player stuff through there the last nine years. I'd neck broke Clark let him go work ethic is another great clueless I. On the field and apparently had been the fact that game but the ability to run sideline to sideline Aqua idiotic guy you're back art. Yet people say don't wait for I don't okay. Nearly 200 per round but I think if the fact if we don't fool like I think he's a football player and it's going to be quite well in the NFL. Yeah we talked to Jesse was probably about a month ago and I you don't feel it its weight so obviously everything's on a sliding scale of expectations but. Their defense. All things considered to be is that one of the best in in college football the last couple years he's been such a big part of that too and they've. You're they've really shifted they've done great work there all over the last few years but just he's been a god it's kind of built the backbone of what they've become all over this last little run. You cannot fail if he stays in school I go back work ethic here. I don't think there's any doubt that he the first rounder next year he got in sync. It got tight or he's willing that. Ball. You know I I really like Salt Lake is well. And I invented empathy court Ebert wasn't -- well. Our our game oh built by. It would provide a market for next year and then you know a few months later he is by become not the trap that I think he's got to be really gathered up so well here. I've still it is always a pleasure by the way what's your book people can check it out with which your book if if people want to I'll find out how they can read that over the next few months. Yeah apple Cisco every day Alabama and let their pursuit of perfect event. If you keep Jordanian this copper baker felt hurt the balance out if it was if that's in sight and sort of back story. On how what why Alabama they're so successful undertakes statement. Over the last decorator though but it yet go to Park and noble book Sebelius. They all happen available. They feel it's always a pleasure out of your busy so thanks to make and not force it's good to talk do you. Okay Chris Baker Merrill kept up their greater part art my friends they go until savaged director of the recent Senior Bowl former NFL GM he's busy as ever because now he's doing a radio show. On the SEC network for offer serious except as well so we appreciate him making time we got to take a quick break we'll come back on the other side Derek get. Is it to join us at three he'll be with this the rest of the show and we've got to get into this we come back. Another stupid controversy that only happens in 2008 team. And things could always be worse if you're down in the dumps is a hornets fan thinks could always be worse we get to those who takes next to prime time powered by ortho Carolina so. Listening to. Primetime which risk program powered by ortho Carolina dot com crime during the game and got really devastating news has learned an. I'm hearing it's not an exit mindlessly. Closer pop. Any words or thought he'd like to Sarah him. Okay. Hello my mom. That's a tragedy. No more resources gold welcome good to call that a scrambling. Home. There's a lot of me in NBA family we also together no we don't read every. Hub and become quite good. It's okay. Love them some mama well wishes. Mom wears number that was the mom and automatic club never makes a mistake even when you. It's terrible. No. Everybody in San Antonio the holes are. Is August. Ron thank you so much free time. Well who knew that the faces the NBA issuing what it was an incredible heart felt condolences to rule. One of the other faces of the NBA for losing his life last night's sad news there Popovich passing away forty years they were married. Stands she'd been battling an illness for quite some time and it's a pretty big more 2018 and that turning into a mini controversy at the state a five minutes last night a social media finally if you were on Twitter last night. You saw it was like watching a fire break out. You saw the smoldering the smoke started to billow and next thing you know there were flames engulfing everything. And it didn't care who it was burning down or what it was burning down or why it was burning up before batted everybody last night at that whole exchange. From our from our legal force on the broadcast for TNT asking abroad and then you'll ever guilty immediate rush to judgment and being. Oh why did she asked that question had you asked that question in that situation LeBron James because he was very emotional he was very taken aback. Right place right time that's not it how could you do that Alley. And by the way I mean allele forces one of the better kind of well respected sideline reporter out as you take it yet she's taken off for the last little bit and it's because of that it's because she does great work you know that she does the SEC on CBS NCAA tournament she cross. Works as well with turner. And does chic because of the NCAA tournament now she's been able to do NBA playoffs stuff. Over the last few years and sure enough there was a video feed that you didn't see on TV. For a big boost from the NBA app that showed that Alley spoke to LeBron. Off the air before the camera went off them and they were alive and she was clearly communicating tool and a dirty Johnson. In the studio about what 1015 minutes later had to do accommodated say. Hey you crazy Jim Oakes who were angry with pitchforks everywhere settled down an Alley ass look with notified LeBron. Asked him if he was OK to talk about it and if he wanted to talk about it and LeBron agreed and then here's a peek 2018 okay. Then people started to turn on LeBron because they said he was acting. That is response was a real that it wasn't true genuine emotion that he was putting on the tears. And that that actually what he was speeding emotion after rally actually told it in real time so it's like. That whole situation. The way to exploded at about literally five minutes on social media in every way was coming from every angle. You know what last night if they are good time to ask LeBron James got that he cares deeply about his wife passing away of forty years. What are you win the right time there's the right time to talk about something like that. And abroad willingly said you know what I want to because guess what LeBron recognizes. He's the voice in the face city NBA and he was the perfect guy. To spread a message like that last night. Not everything has to be a controversy they get it seems like everything has to be a controversy 2018. I had zero issue. Zero issue with that when it happened in real time and then I started seeing the reactions flying you know it's on Twitter as I had my laptop open during the game and I'm thinking. Why are you guys so irrationally angry but flicks usually what what did it bother you last night that she asked that question that didn't bother me that she has that not just not at all not at all. And edit and then there is then I guess they asked to rant as well into ran kind of had the same kind of knew he was kind of just shocked and and I never promised that either. No and by the way on out. All of them with full admission here and false full awareness for my end that's not an easy thing to talk about I'm not diminishing the difficulty of it the weight of this of the conversation. LeBron stepped up to the plate and recognized what pot means to him. And that his voice was going to carry weight and that he needed to say something that he did that last night and then of people accusing him of like a back didn't. Look I Piniella brought as much as anybody for some of his antics on the court. Are we really gonna say that his his emotional last night was saying that that was a real but he put it off for the cameras. I mean how cynical or we anymore 2018 totally. It's really self that by the way are who was a Joey was tweeting in rally Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WFAN seat it's. It's odd doesn't it. The rally is the wind whips around. It's in to celebrate or give away a weekend get away for free. Would any purchase of 1999. Dollars for the best selections values and deals on diamonds there's only one choice it's roundly Jewelers. And rally Jewelers dot com. I Joey saying please guys not another segment about Donovan Mitchell let's leave the past that the pats took I wasn't planning on talking about Donovan here I was wanting to get into this story has worked you know. We're gonna hanging around waiting to get updates and assorted coaching search. And I don't know if you saw this story Steve today apparently I think this is on his radio show yesterday. He reported Kenny the jet Smith. He's going to be interviewed for the New York Knicks coaching job. Yet the same got it was breaking down what was going on not really breaking down there just screwing around in the studio every night. That guy is now going to get an interview that just the look for consideration are actually going to interview Cheney did Jeb Smith. Who is never coached in the NBA even as an assistant coach for a single moment in his life. Odd that he is now going to get an interview with the New York Knicks and if you're keeping track by the way the other candidates for the New York Knicks after they fired Jeff Warner sex. Their former coach that they fired Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Woodson who they fired by the way Mike Woodson the last coach to lead the next to the playoffs. That's like that's the end you're looking at Jerry Stackhouse of eighty fizz dale. But that's the that's the port candidates for the New York Knicks right now what does that with a nipple teams in new Yorker now wanting to hire guys that are in the broadcasters like the Yankees hired Aaron Boone. And and I guess I guess this is what's in the water right now. I like if I was the knicks fan and they hired Kenny the jet Smith like what would we talk about this all the time what would it take for you to quit your team. Look at what it takes. But if you are knicks fan is that we draw the line that mixed hiring Kenny the jet Smith is your necks think coach planning knicks fan of the knicks fans have been through enough anyway what do you think's going on there is that just James Dolan who's watching NBA on TNT thickening OPEC has pretty good. What we say we give politically would you pick the coach. I don't know it's give a call at sea with citadel birdied admit maybe they'll hire Charles Oakley all available like quick idea we come back at 3 o'clock hour. And we get to the bottom of the beef with Derek get Greg Olsen could get here we do it next it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.