Primetime: Peyton Aldridge

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Monday, March 12th

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And man what a field for the local teams all the ACC schools none of those you talk about schools like UNC Greensboro north Carolina central. Even down in South Carolina College of Charleston get in and then this is the icing on the cake yesterday afternoon. The Davidson wildcats go back to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2015. They were a ten seed that year and this year they're going to be a twelve seed and dad again I've been a fun little match up by coming up. Now as they get ready to take on Kentucky is a five seed out in Boise we're gonna talk to demand that was the most outstanding player. In the 810 tournament and also the gates and player of the year is what we got the degree heat and Aldridge from the Davidson wildcats with this on the technique on guess like Peyton you don't man. The congratulations how does it feel Davidson back and attorney event since her freshman year so I had that it had that feel last night been in that locker room. And having that celebration you grab it. Yeah I mean it's so the great you know freshman year we cut that large it is. But last night is that they tend championship to get that law it was who's the great feeling is that plea different this and then freshman year. To dropping year back in the tournament that that's that's very wanna be. Did you ever since Pete Aldridge with this again about away from the Davidson vodcast did you guys have a sense as a team of just this understated confidence of and we're good enough we can do this we get the team we're gonna. We're gonna go play great Rhode Island team but man we were good enough we're gonna go be an NCAA tournament team if we if we win this game today. Yeah I mean last week we put department should triple overtime this. Rhode Island hole so we do your rate there news or good not to be there. In your planner that toward the end of the year so. We have we depth and a lot of confidence going and going into the weekend and no real deal request to secure a bit. Well I would love to home watching video you guys celebrating in that locker room yesterday when he 810 championship Peyton Aldridge with us for Davidson he's on Twitter by the way it's at Peyton. Underscored James 23. I didn't see coach McCalebb Danson and their worst coach I didn't see him why is he Danson and errors he got a frame what's going on. He united there yet that's why it played on that because it's been enough. Buddy we when he came in B we got a with that we got with the Gatorade water. Who vote. I'm OK we have I would I would look to know we see buttoned up coach Michele but I don't think I've ever seen a hair out of place on that man's head. You guys get a different version of coach McCalebb and in that locker room how one button does coach macular get a time. Our. Not a very you know very. Dapper guy he consult clean cut and it was a little bit but for the both parties people. But when you got the you got the call from from from a girl who was weather from coast to kill foreigners or in his system but when you're in your liberate high school. And you get the called the Davidson wants the wants to talk to your come see you were doing visit. I'll what was going to your head were you aware of David's and obviously that was after the staff Cory run what did you know of Davidson back. Are obviously not much and you know obviously that and David who went on the run back to a but honestly though that about my mind to think about it much and coach called me talk about David then yes it wouldn't do gentlemen you know much been. That are great academic institution and we would put our little basketball and we into the NCAA tournament we get there rope line and and that is that just caught my it resents. It wanted to get back when you do that tournament. That's the pitch still writing ready literally is that simple hey we're great academic school. We love basketball and were really good at it that's literally the pitch for Davidson when it comes to recruiting. The the I mean debt and just the the people here at this that this town the call it is just a great people that those people wanna be around. We're talking a patron Pete Aldridge right now for the Davidson wildcats 810 co player of the year is the most outstanding player. In the 810 tournament as well you had a heck of a game. I in India in the term it's open up against Saint Louis three score 35 and whoever had a better shooting night from three to let you were six of six from three. Against Saint Louis on Friday night is that the best shooting night you've ever had from deep. Definitely want one of the best. Not that the estimate that the percentage wise that those but but for the it just. Justin seemed to be involved forms. What what's the best shooting night you would ever be in terms of make city that's the most you've gone without a miss what's the most Mae chief or had your career. I think it was senator A tournament the week before. No big deal. To set it to seventh have a pretty good but it. Levitate Mildred what this from the Davidson wildcats third into the NCAA tournament. And it's it's funny I did you guys get kinda pointed to is the team and I've been I think it's just the simple you guys stole a bit from Notre Dame you. Any sense of satisfaction and yet we just did that to an ACC team heard it or you that you do not really think about something like that. Yet we think about. Until last after the game here's the quote. Really not Notre Dame turn in his surprise you know we are really really glad to be in that situation by the B they'll play the weirdest and try to take care grow it. What what's what's the plan as you guys get ready to go out there and you gotta be gotta go take on Kentucky obviously. On on on Thursday but what what's what's the plan for the next few days obviously played a lot of basketball on a short Spencer got to rest a little bit but how do you guys approach the next few days. The coaches because step it was the day just to occur under the Braves got the trainer Google re. But tomorrow. But showed up playing yep we're gonna head out and out the boys the get a practice then just just try to learn as much as possible about Kentucky before the game difficult shootaround and just be ready to go. When you guys play a lot of big. On the road coach is always made that point I think it speaks to why you guys are what you are two programs so. Yeah maybe for for some schools are Sam and we got to ship up on the ship out go to Boise offer the weekend. It be a bit of a departure but for you guys that's that's that's his business as usual right this is a business trip for you guys. Yes definitely I mean we we put some big schools throughout Prius is put you at the beginning this year and that. We could could could trip up Nevada this year Rio went out to Hawaii uber Christmas Eve and that's all we want to Italy so we. We travel a lot this this year soared as deftly used to it. We're talking to Peyton Aldridge added Davidson they're going to the NCAA tournament they're gonna go play Kentucky this week. Out in Boise Idaho in that twelfth five match up 3810 tournament chance he's the most outstanding player. And that 810 tournament championship. And he's also the co 810 player of the year up Peyton I I would wonder in you've kind of been there for this entire run now public. Gil when I was growing up when I was at school that state you guys were in the Southern Conference and you guys have stepped up as a program. I too BA ten for those that don't watch a lot of 810 basketball what could you say about the level of play because I don't think people understand night in and night out how many quality programs are Natalie. Yeah I mean they tended to agree conference we. Any given night anybody can win and that's that's what you want the conferences is so competitive. And this year honestly you really they really beat up on each other with a lot of lot of teams credible type with the same record. But yet it's great about sports great competition every night that's what coach said recruit me for years ago that the shift in the news conference you're gonna have to bring your best game where we want to get to the top of the. When it makes you more prepared for what what's coming up hopefully over the next few weeks right. I. We're talking to Peyton Aldridge with the Davidson wildcats they're going to the NCAA tournament thirteenth time in program history they when he 810 championship he's the coal. Player of the year in the gates and the most outstanding player from the tournament over the weekend as well. Is they knocked off Rhode Island won't let you go this patent com or you this very serious question okay. Yet aka are you a chicken wing guy. Okay good men if you were you know yet some some buffalo wings if you were to dip that buffalo wing. Eat in in something would you dipping it in rancher Gucci's. Rants and look. 100%. Jury. Room and I thought you turn blue cheese or your team that she's the team ranch. Home man I'm on an island over your paper. The Bruins who is so for Obama tomorrow well what are you just anti blue cheese like you or you just prefer ranch what's happening there. To achieve. If you actually try to cause I feel like people say that some times and I've never given it a fair shake which happened. Cahill Wednesday but it's fun with your decisions like tomato it's about a whatever you know different strokes for different folks let it happen. Peyton it's a pleasure to talk to you man and I know here locally everybody in Charlotte going to be watching you guys and guys you guys are a lot of fun and keep up the great play and Doug go steal victory from Kentucky this week and we'll be watching. Thank you rightly feel.