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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Darin Gantt talk with MMQB's Peter King. 


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Your birdies longtime veteran in the NFL coach like you guys weigh in on Wednesday she was freed up to do we wanted to do on Thanksgiving still coming. Groceries did you put away answers as much food you eat. Go to highlighting the crazies you know you are behind these kind of jumps around a little bit. They're all good though we didn't we'll see more about being. Oh. Puts on the best friend go in your mouth and tell us we need to know bad. Oh where our air chaos if all of you create you get a mouthful I didn't feel quite good it. Whose is really good Dan not to compare anybody anybody else's but the good stuff is a good stuff we went to this person's house they just put on your own. All day that he had the foot building it was pretty good actually practice crowd. I'm happy Thursday. I'm we're powered by ortho Carolina. Hi everybody. Make us feel better can make us feel better on this Thursday. Like two weeks at Christmas Star Wars is coming out next week or market a man ask trolling that's good stuff but Leslie let's Earl Holland England may kiss your kids to make hadn't bill. Have a glass and dog what do you mean make us feel better well you know likes to multiple choice tale but they are easily pumpkin pies from Thanksgiving oh the last slice had to go down to the spot they were so little sliver left. I have a real policy you know Thanksgiving leftovers last until they get beat. And there was more pleasant little silver. There was one sliver of pumpkin pie yesterday and actually made a move on it and I was going to read it. But it was beginning to grow little beer what I done move on I was going to eat the pie as I'd like to Chico beer warm or cold. The better when he left I mean I'm 28. I deceit Piet room temperature Philly pumpkin pies only more mourns when it comes on the other hand after that it's just keep beating Nicole correct okay I didn't but I keep keep pumpkin pie in the refrigerator because I do not that makes license beard. Yeah yeah I think you should die quickly than. Refrigerate at us now hold. Our Thanksgiving was two weeks ago and I know. I've got a solid you you know ice apparently Darren is living I don't know. Always these these food scientist they're just agents a big grocery there's just no. There's just out here. You told us performance expired milk like that takes hold on and know when there's a lot going on in the studio right now I've heard of big pharma I've never had a Big Dig partially grocery and although that's a thing and now all those scare mongers who go on the news and say you have to throw out your left overs within three days. That's hogwash I need to test my father and all my father Bob that's that's good for at least a week pop a Kroger certain things ten days. And usually by that time natural selections taking care of it anyway you will have eaten all that stuff and see if. I'm dead serious about this Ryan can you see if you can track down at some point throughout the next three hours of this radio showing how. On prime time were powered by ortho Carolina it's a Thursday the court is lost that's not really surprising less I put some people were angry about that a more disappointed in general with this team that's a larger issue Curtis a matter hanging out won't get to them Gary gets here. Pro football talk dot com. He's a little different as we've discovered over the years and he's hillbilly MD he's again a mixology listen now we found out that he is. Sort of tin foil hat on leftovers show I wanna know can you find UNC Charlotte's. Queen's Queen's University. Maybe it's Davidson College find some sort of food. Scientists. To come on this radio show at some point in the next three hours and we're going to ask him some of these questions like what's the proper length of time to eat leftover Turkey leftovers should pies be refrigerated what happened to eat a week old putt according to doctor Google. Hi last for two deford is in the fridge and six to eight months in the freezer. I don't care about that I wanna I wanna food scientist somebody that it's their life's work is what Darren can't just. Experimented with him at his kitchen over the last two weeks and what ever he's had. Are you OK from inside your sports your stomach like road kill me I've never multi year. I don't wanna hear I do not wanna get some sort of prime time press release from Ryan shelled tomorrow morning about daring gay and being on an indefinite medical leave and we have no further comment on the issue and wants that builds up immunity mean on. Unless a guide you eat people used to be stronger than they are existing Internet too weak cold and refrigerated pies and because you ate what was the hair. Johnson and Wales attacks are writes in them they would know that's it that's their culinary arts that's what they do this this stuff find series on dead serious on this when he did it I'm gonna put your guess I don't and I. I also re purpose leftovers but that's what I do know there is in my freezer right now I made a delightful to easily and has chicken casserole we you know with like vegetables and chicken and a cream or something soup. Armed. Stuffing on top I made one of those with some of the leftover Turkey and stuck in the freezer so will enjoy them later scene that's fine that's what I often do with leftovers I feel and I don't know if this is right again I need to talk to a food scientist asap please let's get on this ice feel like that what I Alston to was something that's in question while Mike I don't know if this can be eaten properly or consumed properly without any sort of found that when in doubt throw out no Winamp when in doubt put it in the oven heated up for about ten to fifteen minutes I mean that there is something to be said for you put some in the microwave you're killing it right at your killer no bacteria making it. That's my go to move is I hate when I doubt he's up for humanity it's safe yeah. Nothing wrong with that a good first step all right so I'm a man I was asking you used to did you throw leftovers away I think having because we were the visitors this year so we didn't you know we didn't we wouldn't we didn't we just a Dellucci and only went home and I would Sima folks like the following day in a single they sent me home with Colette yeah we don't we we groceries no we don't need we don't have little to worry about does cause you're a tool Europe pawn of my groceries a tool. Yes you get be careful that term does have the same name is the supermarket. No I don't it's there's an ease that's in there that's the difference on how often do you get their mail. Not ultimately get their tweets in fact I had to change like Twitter by a solid Twitter via our hot girls not to go now to curse restore it is one of the Charlotte 49ers fans who is very angry rescinding angry tweets about Charlotte 49ers athletics to the curse restore now. Oh and they were probably very confused and and I also get angry and grocery store customers who send stuff to me and Mike that's our growth maybe Emanuel success next time should take that back. Yeah we'll give you your money back we'll give you double your money back you know bring into the store Kroger Kroger actually owns teetered off that day you know that the Harry teeter brand that's that some that's that's a Kroger and its crew overstep bush and now a strong speak UNC CI accidentally I was even trying to taunt him the other day but I made a bunch up a math. During game day you know there were a couple of guys with the fire Judy rose sun's gone in the background pretty good I'll I like made the comment I was like listen I don't know if there's mourned for a father yelled but good for you get on T this year so I like you get your product placement is strong and got all sensitive all there are many more of us and one guy got all belligerent with me and started tweeting. Everything he got at me and he was like I've added fifteen new followers of people who are using hash tag fired zeroes on a fifty how adorable. Your regular show hours of tennis a dumb are you gonna cut it snow did. Why are you raining down judgment on this manhunt is on instrument back in that door like Phil fullmer to fix things now. Man techsters writing and we got some different had ten different sorts of takes it Freddie racing during can't just proved food food borne illness they were you spending an extra tons of bathroom. Hey man that's some room simplest overs and then he can do that on another text or writing in OK word of advice Tony against house although Chris is tweeting and orally Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS Lindsay every one eyebrow leak. Wishes you and your family happy holidays for three generations Carolina families in May brown be part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off appraised retail value. And diamond rings series pennants and more building trust for three generations probably jeweler stock golf not a says you'll live and wrong core I don't know that's good or bad. Chris says bro we're still crush enhance Thanksgiving for stride mentally not afraid of finely gauged pie but on the counter like debts of seeing mainland. Guys like Kate kits are being cooked once all right I want to get into the testers we discuss this when we return Curtis mad and Jose are Jose all wanna join us too they wanna talk supported and worked Jimenez while 7045709610. Peter King in twenty minutes from Sports Illustrated in the MM QB dot com ask him he'll be an arbiter on this. Can you weep. Hi that's been sitting out on the counter two weeks past Thanksgiving we know we got two weeks 'cause it's grown a beard at two week all right at ten days are still good OK Curtis met Jose as you guys next and Dow week we talked Kantor's looks like this team's a little dinged up what's it mean for Sunday we discuss a next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. You between this proudly Jewish Twitter feed at primetime WS and see everyone at Braun only wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Carolina family estimate brownie part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off a priest retail value. On diamond rings earrings tenants in more building trust for three generations. Proudly Jewelers dot com its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina. Peter king's inner join us in ten minutes order shall be assaulting a butt heard about the Panthers in Cam Newton is Bill Polian was yesterday do we want to reared its. Dual career this interviewer no bigger idea I think we put it on a poll Kazaa puts us up to the listener some people might have missed it it was at 530 yesterday and Bill Polian always seems to do. Speaking and preserve and food was very salty Esther okay so us. Salt and you're. Ours is here. I'm all I mills got even salt here since he went on TV OK he's got my tour I blame part of that erroneous PM because I'm a big grocery your big TV green and then on big TV on the Yahoo!. If you need to have current field at all and that's all. But no a lot of time semi nude scene of people go on ESP NS are playing a character Stephen ray didn't used to scream like this. But he got on TV interview ahtisaari Middle East and so there's only that does anymore and I think when they hired bill bill Owens and trust me I've been on the phone bill bill salty anyway any was salty twenty years ago when he was the grouchy old man to begin with by. Going on TV it's like they said. You're going to be cranky old DL at the sky man. And now we good parading what I want is doing it I don't. Wanna play it just a player but if fans didn't hear anyone here held now salty and bon courteous about cam and all that stuff because it just happened. I'm currently Beaumont and this kind of happen innocuous I don't remember it it it was very organic and I think Omar some sort of question about the painters in the saints or something like that and I annexing you know lawyers and they got injured reason you don't painters have Cam Newton then you know does anybody think camps better than your breeze and we're like. I mean then it became get off my lawn and then one though that it turned into I think it was really people think that's like weather kind of different. In ones like younger. It was just a better players around Cilic and it a little nuance was thrown in there and what you missed because it was radio not television. Was bill was actually instead of wagging his finger he was shaking his walker Arizona was so. Tennis balls came put this on Twitter seeing people wanna hear from Bill Polian again I don't I it doesn't bother me one way or the other but I I don't wanna play to play it but if people want to hear how angry insulting he was. Ogg you can do that he's on the call for Panthers or vikings by the way at 1 o'clock on ESPN radio on Sunday for national broadcast Peter King at ten minutes we got a couple of things. Rick tweets sent. Rick and Charlotte actually tricked and help Rick says I'm saddened to hear my friend Darian is going to die someday because he thinks refrigeration has made America's soft. Big grocery manner refrigeration. Air conditioning. The Internet. There's a horse walking down the hall. Was a troop an actual horse Ehrlich of we need to investigate this you really should be the one facing the distractions and that's why. Well if you don't know all those things make PeopleSoft a swear to god. I I truly believe and I'm not trying to get off on some Jenny McCarthy anti vax kick hear anything but people don't eat the way they used heat and food allergies are more far more common knowledge resident is a millennial thing but here's the thing I'm entitled I like I left her no I like to let your overall in Europe the law did you see this story problem is you'll go out did you like two days after Thanksgiving there's any good photo in your house he did stop the that's untrue this and if you ought to grown up in the depression like I did you would know. It went in its. And then he went to Vietnam. The distinguished with a left are still on his day in just got to be refrigerated. Sealed properly and then re either pro frog that's my thing was left over period and I don't believe an expiration dates I think those are suggested anyway I've never in my wife's is a firm believer out. I think they're suggested they'd say that's another scam perpetuated on you by. Big Hirsch my dad his latest life's work the grocery OK so be careful what shaming the family business already got to be careful about Delis go to Curtis who wants to join us seasoning and I'm very patiently. Curtis was summit what you are sick. Dead ball good man how you doing. Wal-Mart or home negated big Buchanan audit well mark what state game red eye and are paid tribute now. Kind of stated in particularly well in general I don't coming out of court and Dwight Howard and it may have hit a little. And he would not catching the ball. It is very irritated because. It seemed like every game's all cart path. Black how have a doubt you're. Completely out of position and all yet didn't get the ball he can go to Q and did they write the play is well. Understand. Situations or do. You have a minute or on what it that it it is very irritating. I think you know I think Curtis I think you're on a Sunday is the problem to Kazaa I agree I think this is the major crux of what's gone now and his offense while looks so weird and not good it is. I don't think they folded him in it's easy to full Cody Zeller and when he should screen and hard and cutting hard to the basket your point pick general with a home. But with two YE he's got to be used properly and I think that times were Dwight Phillips he faced a Zaza Pachulia less than a strike an eighteen footer Dwight what do you do want. Just because he's made some mistakes and other possessions doesn't indicating you like your talking you ignore when he's got good post positioning and a mismatch like I agree I think they've hit the single Dwight Howard this offense just doesn't look quite right now Dwight Howard down their nets as part that's on him imported that's on the teammates to. And I get out of bed don't want big epic that Karl. Column order I kept it where they awaited march new toy is being denied they do. Don't understand that we can right now some of cattle up late you know we're playing well and in between will come down court and dish just got three outs are glory well. Yeah Chris irritation appreciate gone immense 70457096. I was gonna Matt greens were really quick Matt was up mail what do you think. AR column ten. Very one great on the white to do you buy. A time there. Are Orson about him but other times got it and the white dot net. Anyway you know won't buy it Medicare pat big. They got double animated at about demagoguery. And do more to get mad at double every. But a lot of thought to be totally Oprah China up at our ports are just. He edit the ball to come out. All picketed Doug group want to go to Hawaii yeah. It just stayed there are ready come only now well great aren't they try try to get back into too many do it. Opt out frequently up they can you know opposite but the agent beat rate is wanna work early of the art they're. And it. I did quite clear we try to make it work but. I don't know there's a better option that may make an MD you know ticket option on top of it. Yeah I agree and he and I appreciate clients of it's a good point mention about would like to 'cause Al Jefferson was so good about that like how was so savvy of if he didn't get up the ball on his spot in his final four he knew we can get great positioning and score. He would he was kicked back out he would reposition. Your three post and then get on the ball against. And I don't feel like that happens with white until white. It's the ball it feels like. I'm Tony feels like when Dwight gets the ball it's. They got the ball only trying to score here I mean like Norman on back out exactly him and he I think he thinks to his like I'm trying to get inside his mind maybe he thinks they a number I'm never gonna get him back if I pass again anyway like so no I think it's more like Anthony Mason where he thinks that's where it ought to be a really he thinks that's the best place for it to exist is in his science adding good LA's team. He's taken has bought out and Bakken people down the way may stated you don't Mason holds kids committed fourteen us fourteen free throws against the magic the other night the only man to make. And more free throws without missing a single port scheme is Anthony Mason do you believe that to a 5051 night of the free throw line. And I do believe that and I don't see may shoot that shot let's go to this is I messed this up early its hosts its Jose I'm mess this up earlier so my apologies on that I was they would sub male what you wanna say. Part of all. We eat up over utility golf. So how can that he's spent a read on it disappoint analysts point Dijjer what's the next bullet point that there are really think that bread at bat the ball we have played it. Terrible albeit colts either want is drivable yeah it's been. Let's say. I'm UConn. You can't play can't elect he's still number they're teeing it up. That at bat and ball and BA. All right Becky got the white power. Do what I should be backed the first. I admitted that admitted the third quarter and that there are what part because. If buyout problem. Yet there and you've got. Quite like it though they seem not important. Thing. Net three. Jose every chic on in Jose call and he's an impassioned about leftovers. And and finishing shots OK that said that's hard physical basketball a short that's correct and correct called the day so far are Peter king's gonna calling it a moment where we're lucky to be graced by this man's presence like we Chico's with a stupid answers radio network and two horses just also stopped it now you two you'll I don't need I don't need to you before judges who come south and I don't know like the front mark over here I don't need to you guys there might be Rangers actually I don't need to you guys. On a I just act like that's what it's like the hornets last night what did you think was gonna. I have that's a valid point you you over to facilities so. This team still owed a Ding Don so it sounds like Greg is going to be 100% ready to go on Sunday but. Not good news on the defensive side Thomas Davis seems like he's the same situation was a last we go into the saints game you have been in a hamstring Edsel balky right but did did didn't see him as some briefly didn't really is just talked to him but. In its fighters Siemens and it's got a good record bridges had the vibe of a of a locker room in years past is not a lot of lot of guys in their today but you know with her boutique league Greg Olsen and obviously we beat you mention no talk to him and yeah feels good I think that addiction we toss was was a good thing for him he kind of fine line saying that. Nine to zeal to play on Saturday or Sunday may hopes of slaves all games of suspicious. Oh those good lies yeah I. I mean to me this game is. A UN and that is not gonna say is a must win but if you win this game I think YouTube. Viewed this is this is a real confidence builder for this painter's team and away were also and wanted to be frank safely three in the NFC they've played three plus two elite teams and I played in three games the saints twice they've lost. Obviously the Eagles and they lost some of those games during closer than others but you can to meet you tickle always four against the best teams above you in the NFC and start. Acted like we had this team can go win three on the road in the NFC playoffs at a certain point this team got to beat up. A team that's probably better than them and Minnesota's coming your building dug on Sunday afternoon. Let's begin mainly my son to pick up from schools yesterday's attends a must win the pants over the years it must. Must loan guarantees and that is on John's gone and muscle has got to be a must win cell and I'd look I I think this came. From is gonna be pretty growing up I mean we talk a bit last week I don't think this painter seems ever gonna win pretty the rest of the year. Right especially dramatic injuries a militant suicide and the defense the din of there was gonna be led by the defense on the situation Monty you know the defense do what they do in an offense. Obviously want dozens of players laws they Canon in. Been on the press all the deadlines aren't soaring to talk about some of the stuff with with Peter King Sports Illustrated the MM QB dot com editor in chief over there and does he's joining us by the way courtesy of seeking agency keep dot com you can enter the promo code king you'll get twenty dollars off your first purchase. At sneaky but we start the most important thing here Peter because are your pro football hall same cohort daring can't. He's claiming that she ate a Thanksgiving pie that is how old. I ate all of the pumpkin pie at Mike day aid to hand I was not refrigerator for any of that serial would would. There is no way. It could be dead at any minute. She's a go Peter I'm still here and what how late they're going to be delayed reaction there. There's going to be collapse site you're going to be talking to me on the radio it's out so let's make it special dinner let's Mickey Mouse disable way to speculate effect I tap that app. Certainly security side who have been there are being prepared they are now that was one of our coast here's a studio now. It yeah well there I was going to statement you have. Really really kind of Inco needed him this image cliches of sports breaker. I. He gets a lot of wisdom of John Fox it you know every now and then when school early and I was like hey man upon it's not a bad play tomorrow John Fox I love that. And goodness gracious and that is that is that a hallmark book. You can buy Chris I think it's win the John parks we may have to ride it if it's not. Cutbacks and a brilliant but. Peter king's where this editor in chief at the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated is already go around the NFL would have a lot of get into around the NFL. But we will start with this game Peter and and this is not too. Over dramatized this game but I do think from a confidence standpoint alone for the theaters. Odds from a win loss standpoint they could probably. You know they could take another and also the and then to have the wild card sinks really starts to get tenuous and a funnel three weeks but more than anything to me I think at a certain point this team needs to beat a team that is is ahead of them in the standings in the NFC to may get some confidence go to they wanted to I consider where they stand other have to go on the road a first for three straight games in the playoffs if they wanna be in the super balls this game feels big from that standpoint to me on Sunday. Yeah I think I think to a the next two games they'll play two games in eight days that a pro tailor their seats when in my opinion. You know that the real sneaky team. In the NFC right now 'cause we all rode up Seattle. And all of a certain way to Seattle W weakening what what is this media. Well I mean how how what is happening. No Richard Sherman no could favor don't know Kym chancellor. Why he's still good on defense but I think you know I think that's that that's a pretty it's a compelling question but. I mean when I look at Carolina right now I mean it's it's bad that it's just been a weird season. It has I don't know how well did describe it. They worked really really good. At times. OK but then you say. Have a good team replicate conference records today. If foreign or in the NF it's not good I mean that's really gonna hurt him potentially and you know now both of these teams Minnesota and then you figure Green Bay would Aaron Rodgers. I mean okay could you split that and make the play out yet. And probably splitting it would be would be a good result at the end of the day but. What what to me what I think it Carolina right now I think that last game of the season. Whether Atlanta. Is still in it. Or they've fallen out of ten and I mean we you'd figure that you know Atlanta with five law. And to within next three weeks playing New Orleans. I mean they're gonna have minimum six fought by the time that last game of the season comes around. Does that mean they're gonna be out of it by them I don't know what that's a very varied interests in the last game to have the plate this that they really really up. Wet month Carolina was. Well a nominal Peter king's what this again courtesy of CTQ can enter the promo code king you'll get twenty dollars off your first purchase from CT two CQ dot com on that joke is people are asking this and it did this is kind of a conundrum because. On the Panthers are going to watch just thirst nestled all the night they'll see by keep our falcons since insane since we were four considered a hero yes in a way you could afford and get it later this week the saints in your back in it is a division winner perhaps if you run the table but I don't know how likely that is so would you rather eliminate a wildcard contender with the falcons lost tonight so it's I don't know which way you go on this night. If I were terror if I were Carolina I absolutely Bieber could saints. Saint Serb better team and it to me I think it is tight year you want and not start knocking people out. And that's why I would definitely be recruiters thank. There is confusing as the Panthers may be this is still a team that beat New England earlier this year and makes me wonder as you look on the other side of the bracket in the ASE is there anyone other than the patriots. That you really look at and say yeah that's a Super Bowl team. Maybe Pittsburgh maybe you sound very conditional about the very well. I mean look look at the Pittsburgh Steelers take. You know I think they've got by gains this year against men teams. It would just like the game they played Monday night. Kick a field goal on the last play of the game can be. The jackets they're five and seven angles. And any candidate Banco are probably a little bit better at five and seven. But so what they're not a great team. And the Steelers have struggled repeatedly. We did Cincinnati's Swede beat Indianapolis. Citizen of the world with the Packers ultimately. And yet he had and it's certainly it would Detroit in. You know which is the most overrated team in professional sports. And an end which is saying something and really tell me what I look at when I look at you know the Steelers. I think got a given day. The patriots by ten points. Blood holy cap on a given day they they play doubt that a level of their competition consistently almost every week. All right so I I saw this step Peter king's with a spot away editor in chief of the MM QB our Sports Illustrated as well and on twitters at SI underscore Peter King is with us on the techne Communist want as I saw this stat that. 200 million dollars for Roger Goodell Ole already to this point in income earned his more than any player has ever earned during that same span in the NFL and I don't know these kind of get into a false equivalency splitting in general this new five year extension. Offer for Roger Goodell makes a case for his salary if you if you're if you're someone to me saying hey this is the right move why is it the right move and why is that salary justified for for a royal. Let's let's get let's first. Cut through. What I consider to be. He referred trying to retrieve it only got five years 200 million that early departure will. Well Roger Goodell will earn 200 million dollars in the next five years he's gonna have to get about three more jobs. He's not making 200 million dollar in their contract I can. I can virtually guaranteed that he's not. Mean his salary. From what I told Albert Greer wrote there this morning in his column political it was a very Smart column by hand. He wrote basically. And it's more likely it's most likely it is salary annually. Is going to be somewhere around thirty million normal people are gonna say oh org guy. But but I mean I think that narrative. He's gonna be make it forty million. I think it's wrong I guess I don't think he's going to be taken forty million now. Click to see if everything is he hit. If he get them back with purity of the cop instead of yes because he's not going to. Well there were hit right now he's absolutely not going in eight. Though it could be I mean I'd I'd I'd look at this and I say there's two reasons like we've dealt yet. Five years and whatever 2730. Million a year approximately and I think that's how it'll end up big line. There in America re we want is is in his EPA. They're going to be. Negotiated. Settlement. And that BBA essentially. It felt whatsoever that who want to negotiate this CPA. And the guy who negotiated in 2011 again a lot of an NFL never is it game and he figured out the guy academy negotiating team was targeted bill. Call it the guy who. Under Tagliabue. When they never miss game. And get a lot of heavy lifting Goodell now get past is another guy but yet as it's almost universally. It polite by a lot of the power player in the yeah well right now. Jerry Jones Robert crap the lot of that's one of the reasons if you notice them the story I wrote today quoting Arthur Blank. Who was there it was very clear is that Arthur Blank said he wanted to think that you older white. About its new contract is that there is being that they get private time. We director curtail it every league meeting in other words there's going to be an order to only needing and then and all her only. And we have Roger Goodell not we did get past not with Joseph Lockhart not where it all it is located just Goodell. And so I think that held view right now. That a lot of people is that we don't brought. Many people in the league off its other than Roger Goodell. Don't trust it output but anyway I think that was really important part of it and I think the one other thing it. The NFL is not have a deep bench period. Maybe it may be Roger Goodell has made himself. Impossible to KM. You know buying. Doing so what's sitting heavy lifting himself and being so out front. But all right you've been brought in recent years you know why would he had been sent an all these guys. You know they don't mandate they have jobs are they really. Significant. Are they out front. You know Indian and even if you delete issues not in the weeks. So I think the NFL basically says today. If we're gonna read ago it was gonna it and that guy. I've put an extent. Goodell that big reason is that. That he's made himself. For writer for wrong virtually irreplaceable right now at least at this point. Peter king's when Israel quickly on this is in just be really super short answer but to do you know if that is the reports that were out on. On them using back channels other owners who mainly Jerry Jones using back channels to reach out to a guy like Adam silver are true that commissioner of the NBA is that true or no. I don't I payload. Yet yet in this story was incredibly. And I Couric Couric. I don't have any information. Song on it other than what I read any espionage that. That didn't had a weaker than curry was fantastic in you know the recording ID. That occurred more than in early it is so. I I I do not know anything further than what it. A dear Mike Teel my son was the one that's butter Austria muscle mass I. I'm. That's right right got a half. Leo's I did right Brooke and I go by the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy you know will McDonough he's going a blessing all of these dissident YouTube videos of different sports shows I think unless there's got tax. I want us to the giants obviously when when they made the sweeping changes earlier this week a lot of people who are Charlotte WB did Gelman might be a guy it's a candidate for the GM job you hear anything you must. Yeah. Pollyanna I think. That's. That go right by her right right now. You know the kind. The general manager for the New York giant is almost like it has Cote could steal. Either event three head coaches in 1969. The guy and it pretty general managers since 1979. So you know the giant. Want to get a guy who is going to be to general manager for a long time shorter term of those three. Is that eleven year. You know the current term of our I'm Perry eleven seasons I should say ten plus years criteria re. And and our I I think they implement that knocked got him in this situation is going to be turned 67 and he month. And that your does anybody see him doing it strapped for a decade you know and maybe maybe he will maybe can't. But I think that is a big issue if I'd gotten Mara. I don't wanna take Italian in evident if they have particular Rivera made it your rear ore a year. So that that would be my one thing about it meant by. I ever think back ailment and the reason why is that such strong candidate is that Ernie accorsi loved they implement Ernie of course is current in its search. And it giant on several occasions publicly and privately. Have added that there's eight big Indian it. There haven't three and a half we hit spurred Everest the holy. Because right now out in public you've got a gentleman you've got god or. Either you know formerly very very highly regarded. By winning teams. In the NFL so and if you get deck right now. And he it is so Eric what sort of understand their. I'm not saying you guys walk but I think. In my opinion all right first thing. Of being a gentleman and getting a GM now. Before the end of the season here right thing I think I'm wild card weekend. You've Specter general manager they've got merit pay settlement pilot in the car in New Jersey. And they drive the provident on Saturday they need to be got me in you know. And that. And Matt Patricia. And the patriots OK and then on that Saturday night they flight somewhere. And debate interview to other people. Who are our bye week teams. But are going to be strong candidates to be head go to in the NFL that's just totally guessing on Matt but. He get a head start in negotiation. And and interviews we have prospective coaches. If they very big part of if you would mean a general manager now. Peter did the opposite of the New York Giants or the Cleveland Browns they wash outside see ground today they are going to be looking for somebody else to run football and my a wrong to have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy has on just Diana higher Peyton Manning for that job. I think he would love to hire Peyton Manning for the job but. You know there and I get a podcast with Manning. Maybe six weeks ago and if you listened to the pot at Uga is it being impression. If Peyton Manning is not working in the NFL except maybe as a consultant. In 2018. He just didn't sound like he was ready wasn't ready. 1247. Grind. Of running your team although I do think that one day. He'd like to run a team. And that's that's one part of it I think the other part right now is that. You know I mean you know what Peyton Manning even if he was ready. Does he wanted to get swamped. Does he want tip just be another guy couldn't find a quarterback or whatever well who picked the wrong quarterback because. What they get by pixel the first two rounds and I'm not saying that I truck got door anymore than Peyton Manning. I I'm not sure that I want it. But is that something that Peyton Manning wants to do right now could put all of the way. Up two decades of course crap there. On my shoulders. And have to say between plots and again people laugh but it's or whatever but I mean really Peyton Manning lived in clean who lives in Denver right now. He's really enjoying it's typical of school later expert grave is quite well then come out walk in the torrid thing honey or politically. And look I've went to school and Ohio I like Cleveland. I'm not make it and I'm not think Cleveland is beyond pitted universe. All I'm saying is that it doesn't have the best reputation. Among people who could have they're truly. Award they would want to live for a long period of their lives so. I kind of doubt it there in that I don't know sure what. And I happen. And it's Peter King editor in chief at the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated is well and with his courtesy of seagate you can enter promo code king twenty bucks off the bureau is he loves CK you tell us every time sikh teacher go to. I love it and they've been great to be MM QB because partnership. Into our moral right now what our media world are absolutely vitally important and as important as taking ninety seconds that's what it takes me. Ninety seconds to buy a ticket to a play in New York to buy a ticket to a baseball game anything and then the ticket is our might well. And it done you don't have to worry about it so I don't know Ito. Of use is about is like the best thing about the eco. Peter good to talk to you is always socially more time but tonight Peter when I see it to Super Bowl pies on May not just a thought and. That and bought New York it was that there you've got to refrigerate your part yeah yeah I do not keep the pond in prior apple pie out. Because it's just not going to be good for your creator. Nancy Peter knows everything he does Peter King good to talk to my friend that is Peter King Sports Illustrated the MM QB we are late to break it's okay we get caught up now when we when we return a week we talked painters what Mike would Chico Jerry Gant and its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina.