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Friday, February 16th

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Willow committee and Patrick Stevens. From the Washington Post and talks in college hoops with us appreciate you being here Patrick. Just first off. I'm curious your personal preference. Do you prefer one college hoops is wide open like this or do you like it better when there is that one dominant team that everybody is trying to chase down. Only for Pearl White oak. It basically purple. What should view any way you do it shouldn't look it should ensure that people are it's the pride right thing happening which. Obviously people acting surprised by not the go on auto the collapse speakers so maybe doesn't quite work out a way I think it should they buy. Overall. I think that the for for a more fighting spread out barker approach there. Simply paying attention but wonder what are you team and having them so government. Would have been said what do you think who's the leading team coming into march. Well based on what the and the eight committee that the other day. At the data for an. That the number 10 world the and that in one and it bracket release preview whatever you wanna call it. On the cavaliers when he warned do. They're law than our West Virginia on the road it's not the wrong with back. And then my point in overtime against the Virginia Tech scene waiting for both eaten like. I look at apple or they're willing he'd been extremely high level off and probably be under refuted Kyle guy I'd Durham. Open going break yet you're young hunter has really been strong coming off the bench need to be you're like at all. I think it will be in the real we were in that alternate. On if you come to expect from Tony Bennett so. You know I think the big question and everybody at Virginia. And make a final four. Sort of underlined part of that being in Natick upon or linguine do I think when you are that good that that the eventually you're gonna you're gonna not deport them that this might be the unit that app. Patrick do you think just on average how many teams could win the NCAA tournament be think. The number is much greater this year than previous seasons. At the top one that the well when an error on it probably about the. You going to market and typically you know that they're cured your paper that. When you look down annual it is although I eat and what not you're not art to imagine. Oh wait for any of them seem to get hot and and and get things don't work out right so you know it probably somewhere and it did when he reign at the ability. To ultimately pull it off. Know you look at the North Carolina Tar Heels what do you think about their chances. Well I would maybe you know we're talking about. Early about when he at all more than. Well I'll bet there are pumping alike there on that plane better for the duke would certainly impressive lap we. You'd look at them on in can't argue with the team that has. The at this point guard on or buried like it or what Spinner. And but the question about double the is. How well in the whole book in side it may be at a tactic these. Don't see any help or they simply going to go with the currently more regular guys may make that. Bill. How different are they going to be in the post season oh win their feet in the eighties and team would double the size when. The department I think that the team could certainly make fun. At the mean time and win at all bullet but I don't think that necessarily wanna 45 that. He's Patrick Stevens from the Washington Post talk in some college hoops with this year on prime time. You look at duke and there as talented as anybody else. Probably more talented than anybody else in the country. Well do what needs to happen if I could tell you hey Patrick this one thing is going to happen come turn admit time. What's the one thing that would make you like their chances the most of winning a championship. They started playing be spent on a regular bait the pretty simple really like I mean net net the team it is there is not committed itself but that he spent the event of a regular bank. And if they do you know the scoring is going to calm that is the goal on it and there they're going to be at risk for for an early exit. When you look at him now compared to where they were early in the season do you think they've gotten better on defense as we know there are young basketball team. Therapy it that are on that and there'll though you know there are also playing better teams. Largely been what they were earlier and they're granted they copy cat yet and it beat game. In the C in the early stages but you know did they went through a month or so were. They'll off in Powell probably the best team that they saw Nat in that month of December so right that would basically between. On the end of the film idea that they and out work and I'm and the start of the full time starter copper like. I think they're better. But the thing time. You know they beat had stretches where they just have not they have not looked good but he did not look good again I think John did not look good in the back app to get North Carolina. They've they've had these moments where things just haven't been right. On it and it happened but not that the U app that they use that against tiny in competition somebody is going to be able to pile of points against the more they needed more. I love all the questions about a dark horse come tournament time I go the opposite way Patrick I'd call it the dead horse. Right like who's a top team. That a lot of people are giddy about the your leg I just don't buy it I think they're gonna fizzle out. Well I think that what we've seen over the last couple weeks from Villanova the jet that beat it to help the that that might be seen that this is a bit more vulnerable. On that you would've been initially expected to be adding walked the proper that the law that think John. Not terrible law by any stretch it but not the sort of thing you would expect from the scene the good as or run rough shot worker. You know. I wouldn't worry too much about her new despite regain streak. I know it means he's more redeem brilliant I mean it seem that actually all rate this year Taki. A team that great. And that second half against West Virginia but for the most part is just kind of plot along and really not a whole lot. All overall you know at least at the top of the rent the mayor and so. I I think that the team but I would be what they've the way too much speed in the meantime kind of run out on man to be able to piece altogether the at an entirely happened on the debate that yet. I'm trial on the front hopeful a Miami Hurricanes but it just seems every time they get something going in and its meet dale. What is it with them in their consistency Riley being and so all please. One other big problem that there without their lawyer he's hurt. And in these are guys that it. If they have him there're there're much better much different team. I'll you know I think you look at that the game that they played on Saturday at the ball in college there that point the couple minutes to go and and let that game get away from them. That that's the sort of thing we seek unity at your best player probably figure out. Though yeah yeah I I would read it Miami probably been a little more. Intent and the people want a guest coming in I suspect Jim Larranaga probably they bumping along one the bit it's still. Fairly young team all things considered. On immediate debt to be expected but I would agree that the mine he's probably been a little bit of that that the ointment. Even factoring in the ground injury. I do you think though that that the team and be awfully dangerous in a single game that you wage don't know which are gonna get command and it brown is back. I think that it they're a team that could speak there ways that respect that we can. This is probably an impossible question to answer. But Patrick your next level man your crystal balls I know that. It's a little bit more in depth than others. So if you think about the way this college season has unfolded and it's been upset city I'm just thinking where there have been turned and it's where we thought that was going to be the case with Doug they're going to be first round upsets all over the place. And it was. More times than not the higher seed team won. Without knowing what the bracket looks like exactly just being able to anticipated. Do you think we're gonna have upset city all over the place come tournament time. I think that there's ample seen pitcher of the pop up. On the whole are seen even for scene line. Going to be being. I think Vermont which I think is now one of them like 33 in that opera game is probably gonna win him where he. Time the well worth the scene and be app error for somebody at the middle Tennessee is the best team in corporate few that day if they can make it and that armament they've they've beaten Michigan State minute those last two year. There's no reason why they need the something. South Dakota State out of the summit with Mike Obama and X war. That that seem I think in depth that we you're out. The law and not that menus are open and other he'd have been seen either the team that. Have have either currently experience one or. That you might eat pop up meaty quote through the fourteen line now on an order it. Which won the right that we lack years really well coached team. Yeah I think there possibility idling in there probably mentioned we want you know until they do even appeal and we were beaten southerner though. So I think there's definitely rock the well he worked in the that would be able to exploit the right kind of matchup but they got it right matchup and that in the first in first round and may even beyond. There we look at West Virginia. Did you consider him as a team is going to be at a magnitude turner. Well what are you will be in the tournament. What do you think they'll do once they get there and how much do you love their like shot gun horn. I led several buck like me it's. Bush is like to say I love that Patrick that thing is awesome. Well. You know I can not acting in the ball in open court and now all of those things that are not that. Apparently anticipating especially you try to make we gambled appeal that you know being operated in an interview that her game. Longer prepared boarded so it. On you know. What what union one thing they have going them he is they happen again and and it it actually waiver a little bit. Just because you know it kind of on in now at times during conference play that you know what they're going to be like. On you know that they're going to be a pain defensively. The question that you run into. Is if they run into somebody that can deal with that it they can deal with that archer I think back. You know when they played Kentucky in the sweet sixteen years back with a plea even all the upper ground. They range in the deal with it and that and while the a and B. And though while while I'm white and now you're like the fact that the you have something that they view that they need to go. The biggest concern I haven't been year in your mouth is if they run into somebody in with the and a pressure. There really isn't there earlier and another option for so humble little roll out that The Who bought stock in them at the same time. Nobody should be surprised if they make it into the second week into the. A great stuff Patrick appreciate you stopping by men look at some of these soon okay thanks for. Arctic air well.