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Monday, February 19th

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College basketball. Really good over the weekend as well especially the ACC teams go five and one on the road the only real low road loss was last night. Uptick going down at FAA issue and how about this now ten losses by ranked teams over the weekend. Five to honoring ranked teams including two in the top ten and done that's kind of become the norm ever weakening college hoops we're gonna talk to pack Kennedy. Longtime college basketball coach and CBS sports analyst is what pat how you don't think jamaicans on forest. It. Mean have you singing coach eight a season like this and I don't know what it means for the NCAA turner we can talk about that in a moment but. What can you remember season like this in college hoops where you could basically say. Well half the field in the top twenty fives probably gonna go down every weekend because that's become pretty normal last few weeks. Generally had been a bit about the different combinations so why. That's happening you know out of Florida State we were the earth. Major program to jump from one conference to doubt that we were in the old metro bill. Cincinnati in South Carolina and and we jumped over the age city. Then of course we were not we don't have a a cop like the HTC has got. What if the age sixteen teams serving others today. Just an incredible in conference schedule. And it won it on became very proud yet the expansion. Of the conferences and having to place so a typical game. And you become very premiere it was each other just like Raytheon. Up arms about its struggle right now but you know it would really. Coming into orbit aboard compared mr. Perry. Decide articles deliberately. They denied the ball Bagram. The basket eagle tires are. Alec yet they shot so the one and done as hectic out there at all and out the lord but all operatives does affect you go out. Coach do you miss and anyway she performed these these two to three weeks right here we're about three weeks just under three weeks away from selection Sunday is pat Kennedy. Miss these weeks as a as a former head coaching college basketball. You know we reports that we play in any NCAA tournament but we're on the bubble for like. Six more you know I was like yeah I like that irk. It like that there round. You were that we are members 65 or 66 so it's very predictable and it's great in the a very you'd be. Miami I think Miami when is Erik is basically a spot. Rape went over Rhode Island and used that is clearly played themselves and with their most recent wins one over Cincinnati so. It so it is buying it applies. It rule that I think over all reed act that maybe your airliner. Yet maybe you're going to be you'll want to appreciate every year you know the differences. But at the ward eight steadier at BBC. Go play and have the way and it Orton would the answer though wedge about that about playing out there right very very eager cracked. It makes every games so incredibly important. Coach who's the team you look at right now in college that's what maybe is a few teams it's hard single I want you to look at them and say. From a coaching standpoint I like with this seems to it right now they've made a lot of progress over the last two to three weeks and they've really. Kick their game up a few notches to give themselves a chance come tournament time who are those teams or who is that Tina comes front of mine when it comes to that right now. Well right now. You know I think they're cute seems to me. Might try to analyze all the if it means that out other wind they'll blow out yet. But to rip it where incumbent back in the shape the way they. A very very. That I I think looters like all ears these one wanted to rape where's the country there it's a bureaucratic errors though. Alive. With Google I'm early you know that the guy. Investigation clearly expected people it's a it's. Like the arid by them alive but he is out in big it is. Just terrific and built in. You know Wright decided. You know what you're re see that's it right to load of their game were. In the Bowery at page in state. I think that they get the strongest. But as those degree as we all these great Jeremy code. But they've got it up a wall when they but I think they're site. Ability to rebound the ball. Out about it that players in the country so Michigan State is somebody I would not want to have the base in the hour. Oh won't boost the team you look at right now coach as well pack Kennedy's what does longtime college basketball coach CBS for CBS sports network is with this. On the technique I'm guess on who who's the team where you keep look I am saying. I don't think this team to be a final four team maybe not even a lead eighteen bullet. They've date relative to their talent level and their expectations what they're doing right now. It is got me I got me impressed too is that team that that really is as may be out worked in an outperform drew you thought they'd be this season. Well what in particular and a new. Low that they would normally do as quickly forgot about is sexist. And as they remembered that deck you know you're back with go to buy there. That are in you know we know look at that open way. That is active. There could be acts in number one seed. Right that big twelve the big twelve and out of the match at nine. That could make deterrent idol thing though it I think they'll it eight. Let's review right is eyes. You know that the country and have a strong lead at the end sync yet they the way yet so I think expect but he really well and the gold. Carpet in the country in my I've been in this year. There's no cupcakes and act opera I would they current beat anybody any night date but it won't not make the tournament. So exit Tek is somebody that. Is speaking up on everybody. Coach is there a player that Luke may remind you all from your from your days coaching and being around the game is there anybody that you said mayor Luke may con. I it kind of takes me back to this player or anybody else come to mind we see him play right now. Well you guys that that's a great question when you look at what the it out as the lead here at and so what he's doing out because your body. He could say just ball forward but not like they buy executives say the power forward. But he what does it mean you guys seem more diapers these 686. 67 and a quarter yeah. The little short. Right but he but he loved the great. Any obviously loves the play away in the bed and make plays. Away from the basket so. I mean it would be a number of guys heard of anybody that been. That you know play a game and it nowhere actors that regional. Junior year it national championship game and then still step but some the that and energy year. You know they. Later say it did not about the ET the play. He's he's done a terrific job been. You know so a lot of guys like that book by route one right out. No I know doubling in coach I was looking this up over the weekend this is just mind boggling to me. At least over the last 25 years in college basketball there's never been a player at any position regardless of how how old are young they are. To go for fifteen and 1015 points ten rebounds per game on 50% from the field in north of 40% from the three point line. And yet that's exactly what Luke may is doing right now like that's crazy that type of numbers he's putting up over the course of the season for Carolina. Yes no question about it and players that you can eating at a McDonald's. All are in use he is incredibly. Patient. All the work is being oh he many very. Positioned rebounder. Wrong. Great Roy Williams the great joke the trees back up is it being they'll be fired that he would be there. You know they open their ups and downs but. But I know he's certainly he's certainly ready to go. The team unit crystal ball on what is an NBA career low light. You know that I don't know. That's terrible twenty guys who play in gated by the imperial star but I there. Are all. MBA players I mean I think. They'll various spot on him for it seem like it like it Doug McDermott. I am later. You know he is being strongly in Judea but I also like to speed quick let as the system. Getting up been down playing against those guys you know that I don't know you know about the Connecticut area they're educated Saint John injury pot. Do just that probably for the best game you would ever dream of having. And it yet gentle watch him as shots it made weight control. The entire game which they just beat duke in an MB. Villanova back that back and Chris on genetic rate like receipt you'll be row. They not appropriate. And a archer rapid approach of the united don't coach you had that all Kramer that it dreams right art goalie is is going to be next coming at ninety archer ball. Not true but he's going to be good but out there and I don't get going guys say road. Coach surely go this this could just be a number year but he if I say draw the line and you'll have to name names on teams but. In your mind the amount of teams that are capable of making a final four and and Dawson my opinion winning a national championship how deep is that is that a group of teams in college hoops right now. I'd say about and I'd rate it back. That optic Euro. At anywhere down in in there is seen out spoke to a network reject it teams so. I think there's about twelve games. That undoubtedly could be in the final four and I think well the secure it and I'll be here and I think that's the most we've that. In a law that we thought about parity. Very odd things being it would be real well worked in the wind and it at B chip I in my is well the urgently to. Coach it's a pleasure to talk to you and died the next six weeks are going to be fun and enjoy it thanks for making time for us. Absolutely look Charlotte eight if we give me a call.