Primetime: Panthers Week 1 Breakdown With Luis Moreno Jr.

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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Luis Moreno Jr discuss what they liked and what the Panthers need to work on from their Week 1 win against San Fran. 


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And I'll move when. Does a great moment primetime history yes there was so good we had to try to recreate Luis Moreno junior back in. On a Tuesday prime time. Powered by ortho kuril Carolina Luis going to seal my man how you go and thank you so much I'm doing so so good turns stayed dry we restrain us with Mario through its ugly or there's some Garmin here and it's just amazing to make sure falls juror on this team a lot Luis Moreno junior painter Spanish radio network and guy he's with us all show we're a fun show lined up Joseph person and an hour we talked to beat reporter for the Carolina Panthers from the observer in deep Benoit scan to join us at 330 breakdown the panthers' offensive debuted their defense to debut. Up against San Francisco on Sunday we'll start looking towards fall slow a little bit and Michelle deford is gonna join us. Coming up at 4 o'clock Michelle to force former 6:10 AM personality Michelle to 425 years ago so we'll talk to her NBC sports endo of course Sunday Night Football. And we we're gonna talk a lot of cantor says that we don't want in tool college football as well indelible get into a just everything surrounding the NFL. Including the double header last night and day's job true. Once again the Broncos winning. There opening game on a national stage as they just Google fails to go thirty operates last night the diesel blocked kick over the chargers is they survive. I 2421. Last year obviously all too familiar maybe I don't PT SD if you stayed up late last night to watch that one if your Panthers indiscriminate dose fifty yarder a failed to go through the upright last year descend the theaters on their trajectory. A six in ten but it is amazing to me Luis true faulty spent a lot of time around this team. Broadcasting the games the difference between a victory. And how are you stealing setup for the rest of the week and just even if it if the game was lost but in the tightest of margins just everything surrounding. What you go what you got going into the next week which we honestly even a week one. The way it feels after a victory in week one hope springs eternal. Everybody's feel like this painters teams back on the right track it's back to be in a playoff team a Teaneck in. By now only for the NFC south but may be to be among the best in the NFC and I would say even in a small sample after week one. They looked to be among the best in the NFC. With with the cowboys in with the Packers in that conversation and if you look at Atlanta also say there hasn't deal. Feel a little tense on Sunday night he had he had he can out against the Chicago Bears on the road it is still so different being around this team after a win in week one even against the San Francisco 49ers compared to where was a year ago. Yeah I just ask coach Rivera last year that loss against Denver. And it just. Pretty much said the temple for the whole season and then things just didn't go well this year. Then this time you go back to the place where you lows a Super Bowl and it was great it was only the second time in in Rivera history in error history that. That basically they won the first game on the road of the cease in the and one new choice for going in exactly so I mean that's and it was I think one of those was a homeowner wanna was. Was always so it was great to give the first victory and great for cam to get the Ross off from the first half. Over would you still would you think is I was saying this yesterday I still feel this way it works or how much overall you take away from that game just because of the you know you're not gonna seed. I don't think much. A they want it's so hard to do this and you know so we see a wide talent gap because these are all pros there but I don't know if you're gonna find a team. In terms of overall he's compared to one team to the next in terms of overall talent from one team to the next in terms of veteran leadership from head coach. I took from one team to the next few wider gap and end all those types of areas than you saw on Sunday. It was on a road game two and appeared there's still 123 to three I don't think you're gonna find very many games like dead the rest of the year. You may be a jets and patriots tied the game for buffalo and patriots tied the game. A big you don't see games like that very often were you watch the game you think it. Mean we're not playing very well but why are we winning by so what it's because you're that much better than the team on the other side of the field and it's almost an indictment on San Francisco a little bit with where they are in the rebuild but I just don't like watching that game may have pitchers didn't play really well. Yet they played really well and I think you'd that's the best of both worlds if your head coach Indiana fell. When a rookie like Ruben Foster goes out of the game and in makes a complete difference or any defense did that shows you where they aren't at their at their building stage from tomorrow 49ers. And again with with the Panthers who was expected an offense. The defense suited to me who did what we expected to be out and and and plate played like one at the top five defense they shorted again. Four sacks interception. And an offense once once cam got a raw stuff. Actually what Christine McCaffrey whether he touches a ball or not he is such a weapon. That Russell Shepard touchdown pass was basically a double team on on Olsen and McCaffrey says this is what we expect were we should expect from this team. Moved forward little by little first week again. Saying goodness that we won the first game because. It hadn't happen too often since Rivera started. Did that team go according to plan do you cause I I out of Ali look like that absolutely especially I'd I sit and ascended during our broadcasts that last offense that's I would be surprised if camp there was one more pass and implement a passive. Eaten half minutes to chew off the clock in the fourth quarter to run that I you know as for the first time and that as a fan and you you do you didn't care about being conservative your leg and a wide. Given that the circumstances of camps. Arm at and and and and rehab and everything else at I'm fine the way they're running the ball would spew on McCaffery when they're dominating on defense. Let's not risk if let's give him the reds that he needs until next week we get this game let's run the ball and eight plus minutes that's that's great. All right so we got Luis Moreno junior hanging out windows on a Tuesday with you guys to 670457096. And that's the number for the phones also for the building centered text like Texas there 7045709610. You can tweet us at primetime WS NC brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed and now through the end of the month it's back brown leaves zero interest for five years no money down getter of the diamond of her dreams maybe a two carat cushion shape for almost 56 bucks a month. Building trust for three generations. That's proudly Jewelers dot com you can email us primetime WS Lindsay dot com. We'll get to that in the garage door guru in Millen boxer Joseph person at three gained even though it's gonna join us at 330 with shell to fully explore. And we may have Darryl Worley drop them by 5 o'clock we're waiting to hear that sets up in the year were were hoping were offering under war early and go we'd love to talk to the second year quarter receive he's ready to go do you afford on this try and talking to Torrey Cohen ROK had to Rico had a nice debut on on Saturday against the falcons is another rookie running back and former North Carolina anti back is what we a lot of people in the pre draft process say if they don't sleep on to recall one. To recall Yuriko once a speedster don't forget about this duty might be a nice little weapon for you guys and he was a weapon. Instead it's for the bears so we'll talk to and Turk to wreak. Up perhaps we're waiting to see if they do we get to Darryl Worley as well so you guys know the way to jumping and here's what I wanna get into Louise is we get a lot to talk about this are over the next few hours on a talk about the offense what we saw on Sunday. We can expect maybe this weekend moving forward. I wanna talk about the distribution of plays we mentioned a little bit earlier and handoff with Kyle and frank but I wanted to avoid getting to that in more detail. And I wanna talk about the specific formula this painter's team. May play with in 2017. Or whether some day. Was really the precursor to CNET or maybe it's gonna be a little bit different the rest of the way may be a slight tweak maybe it'll be you be bigger departure. As the season goes on so we got all that coming up over the next few hours but here's what I wanna jump into. He shorted you said you wanted to do well Doolittle by eight cell for week one and come in the NFL. Wheat to a college football. And don't throw this all out there once would you what makes him both so whatever you guys are burning on whether it is college football. We talked a little college yesterday whether it is a little below NFL. A maybe from last night from the Monday night doubleheader by the way the saints the old saints look every bit. The same as this new saints team owners must as the last night I was if you watch that's the cliff's notes version okay. The new saints look like the old saints are the same as they ever were civil but if you won a bird on anything you can do that. And if you wanna have multiple things are buying and selling you could do that if you wanna mix and match college in the NFL you can do that but I do want to know what are you buying in selling when it comes the week to a college football. In week one of the NFL and and I'm continuing to buy this Luis and all fired up first and I'll start a college football world designed to beat this drum for. Really since last year. Really since I think the middle of last year where people realized wow this Clemson teams pretty good they might be on some some stuff that he wasn't just a fluke day loss to Alabama push him to the wire. In the 2015 national championship no they might get back. And then they didn't get back. And then they came back from virtually one to seven deficit to beat Alabama. And they wrecked up almost a thousand yards of total offense behind to Shawn Watson in both those national championship games. And so many people paid attention to while DeShawn is gone and not enough attention to. While this might be the best defense in college football and I'm buying I continue to by Clemson. And not just content being good Clemson is a legit national championship contender and the reason I say that is. You get to the playoffs all bets are off. That's the new landscape of college football. And right now to meet Clemson is on. The short list as a finalist for the college football playoff the Jamaican a T a group of teams you say who's a foursome we think you're gonna get there it's Alabama. It's close and I thought Ohio State has an hour and a former friend and no Ohio State's gone so I say Oklahoma you have. And then I think you got a fourth spot right now they could say might be up for grabs is it a second team from the Big Ten like the Penn State is he USC. You know you get some sleepers out there I think you could look at Sambo maybe if they get hot in continued his hot streak. I don't know organs really interest thing right now is everybody acted like Morgan was down in the dumps when they fired up mark felt rich but. She lets the cupboard really stocked he just wasn't coaching those guys up at Willie tiger comes in. Justin Herbert now's a second your quarterback looks to be the real deal to get a nice win at home against Nebraska the other day so. All I'm saying is Clemson is a sure fire pick right now for me to get into the college football playoff and if you make it that far guess what. You can win at all so I continue to by Clemson myself. It's the saints the new look saints look just a bit the same as the old look saints I don't know what happened to them last I don't did not take long to get off the tracks against Minnesota. Well you can do is become a running team just because you establish a U wanna become you gotta show what you're good at and again what went in the winter big weapon other than Ingram is Adrian Peterson got a got released and we saw last night six years. We knew at that I knew wasn't gonna work I think a lot of people were very skeptical. And they don't have the depth that don't have that count you don't see the same receiver says he used to Brandon Cox has gone Drew Brees began if he's not the same group resent he doesn't have the talent around him. And his defense is still not very good aren't. I wanna do it by you or sell what do you got week two of college football week one of the NFL you can mix and match you can have multiple teams are buying and selling beer in the day trader. If you want for their for the next few hours witness Luis Moreno junior 7045709610. Lot of Panthers talked Joseph person's gonna join us at three we will talk about what happened with the saints last night. In the early returns. As it relates to the NFC south so we'll do that a lot of Panthers lot of NFL we work it and what are you buying and selling. From the Al weekend that was. In football college in the NFL we get your reactions after this its prime time powered by ortho Carolina are. One of the saints just. Standing ground they stay together I know you don't have dizzy covering him the other what's going on here I think your guy. For AJ Klein. Do you think when he gets to the superdome if you makes a tackle labeled Champloo occur or that still happens is that well there are no not a thing will happen now because I think he cut his hair a little bit and now he doesn't have a Carolina Panthers Jersey. But having to deal with summary labor Carl and irregular militias has to be exhausting when you're the leader of that defense at three wide. I was one of our breath for its biggest biggest critics when he came out of college but I am becoming a believer of this guy. He's one of the best nowadays are under pressure he shorted again yesterday three touchdown passes over 350 yards. Watch out because Minnesota was good last year menus offences. Even better much better at yep only if you know and they let capped a Motorola go and they didn't think twice about it because there would they when they felt there's got young guys and in the secondary record well yeah. And and one of those guys who is on gosh trauma thinking about some tree Wayne's right trade lanes together ready to make a big step he's entering his third period eleven tackles last night. For the vikings so if you miss that anomaly for not watching a Monday Night Football by the way ratings early really early a week one in the NFL not good and so. Ali get into that what that discussion later on the show the 2919 vikings win last night and what you just said is something on me to get into the second first we pay the bills don't forget you can stop by the kept for Genesis Booth. At the WS NC dog house on Sunday of course will be open for business. As we get ready for Panthers and bills and you can try to win now that that kept for Genesis. A brand new 27 Genesis G-8 plus after every home game. Kemper Genesis will also pick a lucky winner to receive appear to get to the next thing if your home game and there are also. They're proud sponsors of the cantor Spanish broadcast I believe as well as we appreciate those gonna Wear again there yeah Soriano out of one of them all Stacy her senate cattle after I did that's about where we're we're almost there yes yeah so we appreciate those guys go hang out limit support them and also don't forget you can listen odd to wind appeared tickets to see the and they share RA four wide Carolina nationals. Over dizzy Max drag strip in Concord you can keep listening in all week I've got tickets to giveaway match giveaways and take this morning and we'll keep taking care of that for you. Garage door drew roof opening topic of the day all right so here's a thing no I wanna get into what you just said you know we're doing buying and selling people already texting and on the building center attacks on 7045709. C extent could be college could be NFL week two college football week one of the NFL. I am buying seem Bradford and what you just said. Luis is really interesting to me because I I remember sitting on the couch last night this exact thought passed my mind. What to think of Sam Bradford because I've had so many people tell me for years this guy's not be good. He was only for a rape and inconsistent came into the league at the wrong at the right time and got that last big windfall and a former Heisman those guys don't really do well in the NFL. And yet this guys over hyped never gonna live up to expectations and he's just a place holder until Ted Teddy Bridgewater comes back. And I watched him make the roads. That very few men on earth could make last night into ridiculously tight windows and crossing patterns the rowing with rhythm throwing with timing throwing with the anticipation. 3463. TDs 27 a 32 passing last night. A 143. Quarterback greeting. And I'm buying Sam Bradford. And I would say right now given the severity what happened to Teddy Bridgewater. What you just talked about what does Minnesota team ready to take a step for a bodily Daven cooked he looked pretty good last night. Broke the rookie record for yards and a debut. Off for the Minnesota Vikings Wally Jim Peterson was looking on the sidelines last night across the other side of the field. And maybe also screech on patent. But we see a Bradford was able to do last night to me Luis I think we're getting further and further away from the idea that Teddy Bridgewater unfortunately this it is just what it is. But he's gonna get his job back Sam Bradford is a legit. To meet top ten ish quarterback any NFL like this guy is the real deal and it feels like every Tommy looked around discussions been banged on for for seven years in the NFL. Well a couple months ago Louis the news where it says that Minnesota was not going to sign of what's is name the other repertoire to get a figure option and I think this is one of the reasons why you did they've seen his development. Embrace Fred this moment. I think this team is going to be up there with cream bay. To win the division and be probably one of his. 12 or three seeds of their of the NFC playoffs are honestly. It's just amazing to me what happens like where you you look at again you realize oh EA if he gets help on defense and you give them some playmakers on the outside any consistent running game and it also tomorrow about a way he had arguably the worst I mean Cam Newton had a bad offense on last year Minnesota. Was every bit is that our series and our order tackle us. My grammar yes that's an upgrade you and he he look to me he looked good I was impressed not that he looked back here I think that at times. He was overwhelmed with would all the things were thrown at him when he was playing for the Panthers especially last year but if you look really good last night. And that just shows you that when you're part of a team that this is this up and up and it sucks he's been successful as you look at him better than you used to before yeah. And I'll tell you what I'm selling the saints on the other side again I'm selling that saints team and I thought this tool and this is and I don't mean this is a backhanded compliment it probably will come out this way. It's and it's a damning indictment that the saints day one could bring in AJ Klein and he's a captain on their defense and that's a damning indictment are stating your defense and he was wearing I I was shocked. They do not know enough about their defense still who else it could be a mean. I guess Kenny Britt is getting the car a captain I mean he's been there long enough but lower is that guys inconsistent. He's out earlier I'm sorry are prowling consumer current leader. Last night AJ had to get an amicable terms he was he was paralyzed with that we've had the captain Wright how does a guy walking from a division rival day one and he's a captain on your starting decent stats about the defense I mean that's a damning indictment on that saints defense looked. Every bit is that if not worse than a year ago text directs in building surtax on the -- 704570. Nice extensive Ali huge saints fan. Have been since the paper bags but that number 21 quarter look like a dumpster fire give a two wide open TDs. Multiple big catches for Minnesota the defense looks somewhat better versed the run up front in the secondary a disaster they got to give up. I've got to go get Doug Tuesday's. How would that say. They've got to go get Tuesday's defense off. The field faster and they keep the ball would breeze a rookie blind side but backer who got ate up by Minnesota's pro defensive end. A horrible all the way around I'm supposed to have a party on the 24 but now wonder what Panthers fans in my house I if if they if they continue to play just like I mean. I don't know what you fix if you're Orleans because in this is the other thing we'll get in this later on. Did you get your offense is gonna help you out in their offense now arguably when against one of the dominant defense is any NFL last night on the road on a Monday Night Football game at that offense did not. Give their defense any chances last night to help them out. The running game sixty yards in twelve Lauren carries you talk about Adrian Peterson was a leader of this team any B so how he was talking or or their reaction he had to Sean Payton or vice Versa six skaters eighteen yards. They were to the team two point nine carries bad is bad and again. This is not the type of team that used to be are running team. But on the other side Drew Brees would throw for 35400 yards through four touchdowns. He was held to one touchdown last night and to run an 84 yards you should do that without a running game or any type of running game I didn't show last night and this team is gonna have a lot of trouble especially with the defense been as mediocre as that is. Luis is is gonna pay me say this home buying next you ready I don't wanna I wanna say this. By the cowboys. And I don't know what I thought about the cowboys in the offseason I think I just kind of expected yet they should be in the mix again. May be. Eyes it was a year ago but I mean the dude I'm dynasty you do realize are playing the giants correct I don't know the answer to Gloria points you have but again or they'll Beckham junior. And he still had to me who's a running back. Yep I work out I time yeah exactly it within the sport Orleans dark clothe you O or she marine soon. That was a problem without a doubt Beckham and that's what saved them. The last of the year before it was what he could do on the field when there wasn't enough and I don't think they're any better and so much crazier by them. I think so honestly I think so I I'd. I don't think again Dallas is a good team but to me that was more a testament of how bad deterrent today in my finished last with with the rest and in the division on talent. Well Ezekiel Eliot having a 24 carries for a 104 yards against what's supposed to be one of the league's better defense is impresses me and taxis could may and I had just I I know I keep seeing and it always a little bigger but I just keep seeing Russell Wilson and act press deputies and his feel of the game the way he goes to at a and they extend plays he's always looking downfield he's got incredible touch with the way he throws. I chose the entrusted defense a lot of them in the undisciplined mean that they how many guys are suspended MD for sublime and yet it hasn't done any better this is who they are at and to me their talented but. Although stinks they might be the only team now Philadelphia might have some say about it Billy looked good so we'll see but I don't trust anybody and that on that division. Techsters already unhappy with the Croshere Panthers guard is questioning for buying a lame cowboys I mean I don't. Want to do I do like I hate I why don't calories you're the other a man I don't it's just an elegance and admitting it's uncomfortable that asked to say there's a text or its and to assist. Under is still the patriots going sixteen and Albert for real run CMC look at how much we distractions are he became selling. AP from day one. When we come confused. But for real buying lunch seems seat looking at him we make sure I get this text one more talk but for real on buying runs seem seal look at how much for distraction he became. Often do you want okay. Then he missed the punctuation mark selling eight. Last night for him in his debut with the saints in by the way I he would in. Last week in that game saying I wanna stick it to them. Real of course I want to stick into home. Well that he might end up in another team I mean Arizona as the need for a running back Aaron and he you know would you trade for him as your Arizona. New Orleans you can literally depends on the cost the F. Seventh round pick six Emily are someone that absolutely 41 year yes Kazaa you that you mirrors aren't Demi Moore yours is Carson Palmer. I would argue Carson Palmer timers already let's say I can't answer is no time exactly so they're they're they're running. Out of time and they need a running back after another they place Johnson on on on our course. All we're got Jake DelHomme and it's funny because it happened against the you know it's like the inverse of Jake DelHomme we're Jake DelHomme got broken by the cardinals are now. Carson Paul Oregon broke about a painter two years ago he's not the same quarterback after what happened to him in the NFC championship. Again a key he had the show taping me how many Claire B and that's who. I know much want to puke. Yeah. If you had to guess we start to this point to some buying Sam Bradford today 70457. Out of 960 and who you buying or selling college football the NFL. After we to a college you know week one. Of the NFL. How many people do you think if you pulled every chance we go around and say all right who would you rather have this season Carson Palmer. We're Sam Bradford what do you think the answer right after after one week well before even before when we going into this year what he thinks he has sort of been. I still think that a lot of people were skeptical about rob Bradford hill agreed Jim aren't I think they would they would have chosen Palmyra chosen Palmer probably relates yes but I think after last after yesterday. I don't know it again I'm a merit been completely convinced we're sold on Palmer. Now armed counsel Bradford isn't this weird how this works where. Carson Palmer's generally gotten to play with really good liners around the rear end and really good offensive lines in really good defense is that when that happens. Yeah did you just if you say yes Carson Palmer top ten quarterback and now Bradford gets to play with the same type of benefits is that can also no outs in retrospect we got a good team. If it were being honestly I don't think we would have considered this offense by Minnesota as good as it is now after one game in the pre season lute move would have given the advantage to Arizona's offense would Johnson with FitzGerald with Palmer. Would with brown with the and especially when that good defense and the Minnesota has a good defense but I think that was a tiebreaker after last night. I think their Minnesota house better chance to make the players and Arizona. All right how about this text direct sin says Eli it was a Super Bowl MVP a quarterback before OBJ Dallas defense is that good Dallas is a complete team a man DC texting in building setter techs like to run into okay again but who was around him back in 2012 for the job and I mean they will they get to from skies are offensive line is really bad anymore got a running game. Yeah I'm not surprised I'm let's. And the reason why Coughlin was no longer there is this out of the 810 years he was there he won two super Wilson and he had 66 or seven losing seasons. That's a problem then make it to the super more announcing the seam can make it to the super wolf no without a running game. Now without any protection on the offensive line and they don't have either one of those. What about this then there's attacks are also writes in saying they're buying Eli Manning they think he looks old and done on the building center text on Ellen 0457 excuse me Acela going yeah yeah. You agree with that he feels that does Selig what he's weak one over reactions to me because we just saying like he does and he helped get our DAN and on our how I would still I would. I think he's still starter I think he's the one of the top 1520 quarterbacks in the league whether you have all overeat you're not but don't I mean Carson Palmer in that same boat to me where they need all that stuff going well as they wanna be productive here and I think you give realize the benefit of the doubt because like he just mentioned he'd be he's won two Super Bowls but he's done it with a lot more talent around him know what they have this year again in any of the eve you don't have. Bacon junior on the field that team is going to lose most games money and garner tweeting and Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed. At primetime WFAN ceases college football I'm selling Ohio State Louisiana so look pedestrian against IU what Oklahoma took him to the woodshed. Ohio State constantly over hyped. Now kick it now this is his selling and that's fine he's allowed to do that I feel like I want to buy and sell both of the things he dissented same time how hackers. This is the beauty of the college football playoff. Would any of us doubt of Ohio State runs the table now. And if they do they're getting into the council resolution because he your only loss is early in the year against the team that most likely will finish top five then more power to you. And they've done it before there's two teams are always going to be given the benefit of the doubt with one loss. One is Alabama and the other one is a high state. And I thought about that. And Oklahoma look good too but I would I would not so it would not surprise me prices does not lose another game so he's like Penn State in this thought on the and they're going on tour and I'm going to miss any of share data yeah I don't think I don't think the women know better looks. You weren't it was still an interview to get the Sigalet what do we ever see Urban Meyer team not figure. An amazing new year to be national champion but. If they're gonna find they're gonna feel the way through like working out what are they anyway I doubt bill that there's more talent and in that conference issue Wisconsin and I doubt they too where were they avoid Wisconsin this year right I don't think there's no doubt so yeah. It means I need to point like people always can get over gun owner over hyped its auto Todd takes a lot of breaks I mean begged her schedule is a matter of him. Affair and it's as good as your gonna get the big tents Moody's thirteen you're you're buying or selling college football. Combined the Kansas City Chiefs man I'm telling you that team they've they've played they played really good last year there roulette on the tax on about Andy Reid and I think yes we Andy Reid Alex may have looks good but the fact that they have their new running back. From a from Toledo. Newly launched yet dream haunt Kelsey. Hill that defense is really good as well. And now I don't know how how how severe was it was that. The injury to arm that their there around their safety what's that name I forget they're there are periods of the year. Yeah so I think that's as usual for them that's that's the only down thing went to me I think Kansas City will be another player if you combine them I like them. About Greg tweeting an app prime time WS NC Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed he says he's buying Keyser he's selling. IGT buried yet JT Baird I mean. Again he's one of these guys he needs players on the outside to any speed that you incur Samuel. Who's a widget. Game breaker there in in your offense I mean there are they look slow because they are slow right now. And JT Barrett is looking rough the guess what JT Barrett who is every bit. Yeah you're good enough couple years ago you said that this team is the same offensively last year minus 15100 yards and fifteen touch that's only learned of him it seems as you -- there has been an Ohio states like ten years that I thought -- humor and everybody actually in my deciding to be a doctorate in America go home man all right 704570960. Might be making that doctor -- going to be -- firefighters at the sixth and could -- make six figures like you -- 70457096. And buying and selling and attacks -- said that about the chief Steve is saying. I've three Cohen is better than McCaffery week one. Com. If the bill I mean maybe I don't know it's our decision to have different roles yeah they have different roles Ali you but it's extra assertive when you're saying about Indy read in the chief saying they're buying and you read the pushing the ball downfield without Smith has always been underrated as a quarterback I agree with that. Alex Smith by the way I love this that you'll led the league in third down rushing yardage as a quarterback last year and it. Alex Alex Smith a student is a true dual threat quarterback in people forget about the athlete he was coming at you tell you. Gets a bad rip people forget he had seven dolphins have corn ears his first eight years in Terry's is gonna always state Aaron Rodgers was the 26 pick that year. I think it was the number one overall. You switch of but put errors as the number one picks starting day one and put Alex Smith sitting behind far for four years but see what happened and it's all about timing and the position a where you are. And Alex Mays had just gotten a bad but you know he just bad launch the first few years with different. Orphans of corners I was a problem. I'm so convinced the more watch some under answers about this Luis the more I watch the NFL the more I'm convinced some this is just. All of them into in fact not some a lot of this is just luck. You I mean did you see the injury report after we won in the NFL Alan Robinson done for the year yep David Johnson done for most of the year if not all the year. We date with a dislocated. This on screen in his in his wrist right now Nancy you're talking about a 1000000 yard season for its 707 under for McCaffery. Legit concerns about a 1000000 earth or thought they could do that in in Arizona. I you can you mentioned are very don't prettier that easily the most individually dominant defense of players in the entire NFL he basically single handedly won the game against the Panthers here last year. With with a pick six are but the way he was forcing fumbles Eric Berry is a beast you look around the NFL. After one week and it's already hole you're holding your breath thinking man I hope that's not my god I'm so convinced to appoint a look at that. Bradford and Alex Smith you're looking at them differently after week one so much at this is lock in helped around you and schedule and just hoping things fall your way. And the starting in eat a lot Tom says we mentioned earlier you get if you win the first game it's that it's no coincidence that if you lose the first two games of the year. Your your chances to go to the playoffs go down to about 1012%. I think starting with a right foot starting with a win the league does a lot for a team especially in the Lee were every team's talented every team has won. Quarterback or or one injury away from making the playoffs missed in the playoffs. By the way we've got an update. Let's see it's the jags now taking first year wide receiver Max McCaffery away from the a from the New Orleans Saints practice squad so Christian Brothers bouncing around a little bit he's now with the jags. I he played duke obviously a saints had a mother practice squad that was a move early last week now is making his way to Jacksonville as Alan Robinson we're just talking about a stone for the year so. Odd there you go with that listener Burt really quickly you buying and selling. NFL and college football over the week it was go to Byrd who wants to weigh in what's a bird. Of course you know doctor I'll blow you all have talked about it. As we know those who do you all look the other. Don't. Know where you too close to each pole in Hollywood girls shot. That would do the little guy. Are urged the Dutch and use. And there's global. We're sure to show after the huge huge difference you don't where there's local control and I know what did their social group. Look you're the one there and you won't change like putting a little bit darker look. I. Could you guys are all W. Oh value. He doesn't elude the Bulldog look good and they'll go to lives we want little. Does present a body that's the thing actually really need to look cal and Ohio State or defense. Got lit up by Oklahoma and Oklahoma is known for their offense right now but. Yeah that's the thing you were leaning on you thought OK Wien we think Ohio State's defense what may be among the elite of the elite can meet in college football and guess what. Alabama's proved up to that challenge Clemson screwed up to that challenge I think Florida State screwed up to that challenge and a one game we got to see him against Alabama early this year. Ohio State. A defense is not lived up to expect and is this the testimony of how good Oklahoma rants because I'm Columbine and Oklahoma but Indiana and dole and Lego is is a good good quarterback is load Indiana but me and I feel like you. You know week one you were looking at Ohio State Steve Sam sorry what I did look tired and McCarron we want to. But still we get a break come back on the other side 704570960. And Bob wants to jumping we keep playing in buying and selling college football in the NFL for the week that was we keep getting into that can we do have to discuss this when we come back. Which is the warriors just made a big announcement they also just cashed a big paycheck and I wonder. What's it mean for the NFL we get to what it's after this is primetime powered by ortho Carolina. We get some tickets to giveaway for them to be exact NH RA full line nationals who do that coming up at 430 legally Sereno junior in the house Lilly's just there going well our dump there's it's good to see you I try to use a little Spanish last night our boy Antonio Antonio who. I handles your affiliate relations crisis yes CNN's Tony was tweeting in Spanish she was very angry watching the saints came he was tweeting me early in Spanish. Are about how. Drew Brees draws all the flax. How would you say something like that in Spanish are averaging could you with the reason I'm Drew Brees there and the most to discuss the ghosts. Yes so I I responded with the progress is not like I've responded. I just thought it would in my limited stands us in Iraq reverend is like man up and feel like any do reach out to enraged Antonio right now on Twitter. And I just responded total slows dias yes missed every single day men Korea side so what does that cost seriously last night that's why people get infuriated with cam and the rest in the way he's. He's officiated. I get a text roughing the passer. What happened to Drew Brees and you saw that early in the game last night we're not forget the defense a play area you might have been Limbaugh Joseph I don't even remember. Who was going down towards the ground and Drew Brees almost seemed to fall for a little bit and by doing so he only hit. I wouldn't say at his knee was just around his leg and he was even that awkward but that do you know that's considered going at the near going at the leg of a quarterback in a defenseless posture so that's and that's roughing the passer that's a fifteen yard penalty if you do that. That's fine if your present oral surgery to charge every quarterback that way out in Roland knows we won't see Cam Newton judged that way not just camp now I don't think you're gonna see guys like he went like judged that way James Winston that way sooner rather Spurrier it's just frustrating I guess it's the does did did small reception stature of off of a 61 quarterback as being generous merger breeze there that it lends itself to you know what that doesn't look right sort of a throw flags here Kim never guess that benefit and that's fine we don't want to rehash settle things up but that was my first reaction last night his. And you know you're not judge every quarterback that way camp one of them but there's a lot of other quarterbacks in a judge in that way. Day and that was the first thing a fortune that came tomorrow marijuana so we'll play out like OK yeah they've tower cam no not having call. And and at and that's unfair you're not talking about a raw and outside the pocket or he's trying to gain more yards and he becomes a runner and he's 240 to fifty billion tomorrow pocket. Pastor you've got to protect all your quarterback's decision and I think cam now he's and he's been an MVP he's been in the Super Bowl. I think he now has. Little beef and he he has you know. He is he needs to get this calls more off the well and I think my shoe what he was doing to literally say Roger I need to talk to you. We need to move on my kidding we need to talk him and actually talking do much either fully on the phone and he got his message across of and I'm serious man I want some of the same. Yeah I treatment and other quarterbacks get in this league I want extra treatment but it bigotry and go one way. He vet assures a treat me that way but that was another Rezko passer anywhere in a restaurant around with a passer and otsuka is we won last night you are so I was like oh here we go and people some people wringing their hands last night's and it's not that's not roughing the passer no it is. But just judge everybody away it was were door our question of the day we buying and selling college football in the NFL for the weeks that was let's go to Bob who's been hanging body was to jump in when this was a Bob's. Hey guys that I got to tip they don't commit because doubled in Knebels Elena had given how little longer track here on the local. Back down flat in Atlanta tower. What they first two periods in college career at tech that we didn't even know what is Jack knows they don't want to eat. Real quick I believe they're running back class Cedric you Democrats have a chance to go down as one of the deepest. Overall count that I mean personal. Especially with the receiving in the running till that the mostly backed up they took out all the talk the last seven and develop. No I think you're right you know that's what's interesting about and appreciate the call and this is the conversational. Again I think Omar always get to tell agree for this I will say this is that the argument he's made. Against Christian McCaffrey is it took to the guy's not good. Not an easy he has a big east and have a stellar career it in the the argument now in today's NFL when a salary caps its system and a waiting game is played. Can you find positional value. Elsewhere in the draft and that seems to be aligned that a lot of people just drawn in the sand anymore we keep Crisco comes all the time Reese's. I don't care how good any running back is about taking a running back first round and it seems a little hard for me that horde lined stance to take. But I do think that's the argument when you look at Kareem hunters say. Paris the sixth running back taken overall when it was in the third round of the draft and anybody could have that guy. And Kansas City got to where they got him so it's not to crush McCaffrey's not any good varies a boss or any of that stuff but I understand that argument for a lot of people say and I wanted to running back a 11 like Christian. I just want to take him that highly. I'd be careful saying this might be the best class because we said the same thing I want to our receiving class with semi likens mr. Earl Kelvin Benjamin and Brandon cooks. And maybe after one year Mike Evans yet maybe he's the one bill one shining light of this group. But Brandon cooks didn't do much against against Kansas City obviously it's only week one Kelvin Benjamin. I had sort of a down year last year from what they what was expected so when you talk about his guys Diaz Sammy Watkins got traded before the season started. So yeah I limped potentially they are but does it thin white of one of those guys gets hurt next week and Christian McCaffery Dawson and then not you might be seen something different. It as long as McCaffery helps this team and I to meet its what they were it did they needed some somebody like him they have a Stewart have receivers you needed somebody. To evolve to soften like the one somebody can be as sort of an emergency Volvo for a secure vol 44 Cam Newton and he showed that he could do it he did it really you don't touch the ball over 20/20 times this past week. Text derisive building senator text line buying duke this comes in from Evan Iraqi I wanna say this really quick is I'm buying due to and I don't last at last week in the studio. Because I said dead serious and I'm still I'm even more dead serious about this. I'm not sure Duke's not the best college football team in the state of North Carolina this year state still had an opportunity to state that claim but. Obviously the first two games have been very up and down there for obvious reasons wake he's been impressive yeah arm as well. Appalachian State. They got an outside argument to make but I think the weight loss to Georgia kind of hurts their odds. In saying this but they get to play great play weekend ahead a week from Saturday so no one and they could settle that argument but Daniel Jones a local kid. Eyes for for what he's doing duke right now on his second year. This guy is on that real well he is from a talent perspective and we talked to coach got a few weeks ago. It is not a stretch to say this is the most talented quarterback coach cut. Has ever worked with in his time in duke and among some of the most talented he's ever do get indignant against duke yes but 69%. Completion percentage almost he's got fourteen he's the one interception. And the duties just rushing the ball all over the field is what we keys are legit athlete in playmaker and he's changed this the face of the duke offense so. I Duke's I think duke is a legit threat to win the coastal division I think that's. Easy he's perfect he fits that offense perfectly when you have somebody like coach cause cliff. He he's going to teach him the right things I agree I don't know if I would say that they're the best team right now because again there's only two weeks I like what Wake Forest has shown. But I believe that they be contending for the for the for the division on for the conference and and get into a major bowl if everything goes goes away but again like you mentioned earlier. You have to how illiterate the luck as well. 400 almost of 415 yards total offense suns on Saturday for tees one interception and they crush not northwestern in every way shape or form gathered problem in that balance impressive just because nobody expected this game we talked about this a couple weeks ago how this team's Blake always very close games and it indicates the past couple weeks a couple of years such that they. Now this time no that was impressive what they did on Saturday here here's what I wanna get into real quick quick Agile person joining us and if you smallest. We'll talk Panthers let him and I get his reaction from what happened in San Francisco painters open up the season with a 23 to three win did you see this story this just came out early this afternoon. Our but the warriors the gold say worsening MBA has inked. There are sponsorship deal for their patch on their jerseys so for those who are are nowhere on this every NBA team now has the ability. Not all have I think there about eight to ten that have done this so far to selling Jersey patch. To a sponsor. For any amount of money they want I mean there's still there's no scale on this you like NASCAR Darth yes you know highest bidder what if we if we think this partnership makes sense we'll do it we'll put a I think it's a three by five patch for three by two I mean it's a really small patch yeah. Arm and obviously wanted to be. Tasteful you want it to be like it some dasher boarded a hockey game you wanted to maybe have through. Through they're from prospects that bad are heavy pocket the happy every pockets and wanna do how many are you having it is there is there a limit only one you can only just want to once you I don't think you can rotate sponsors I think it's got to be I could be wrong in this but it's just going to be one sponsor. As you've seen some deals out there you know those the sixers I think did a deal for just a few million dollars per year. Just a few million dollar in necessary Google saying in their cars right now middleware Apache give me a few million dollar dollar dollar bonds or dollars if you don't mind. Twenty million dollars per year for three years for the warriors. Four 30 right pre birth yes for I think it's a three by three patches what they're gonna be where. And we're off. Noticed that you should do the power of marketing and and it's inevitable and I tell you what the resource that is the way did. It in this might not stop but want Chris I think this is going to be one and one on the other side well it's around the strap on the Jersey thing about it soccer has done and now I mean every soccer team a professional team in the world. Has has that I know now there's some bass professional basketball leaks in Europe that do it as well NASCAR has run into cars and then with the with the with the with the drivers. So is just a matter of time and I don't worry we're gonna have some. They might have some aspect to this but it's just about a matter of time and people getting used to the idea of Reading and I just looking at play. This is coming to the NFL yeah absolutely is because they already do it on some print practice jerseys pitchers have Pepsi on their practice after literally right now yes they do so on are how much the rake in some money off that does just what every time there's a picture taken. And that gets circulated in the media or whatever its exposure for cussing every time we see picture Luke weekly guess what he's got a Pepsi their logo which by the way. Rookie clay is a guide to sponsors for Pepsi's plus like there's all sorts of ties into that. Calm but sixty million dollar richest deal yet and I would say this. It makes you wonder if that's the dot the most popular team any MBA right now you know the most successful team with the best player in the NBA arguably right now. There are a couple of the best players the NBA what do you think a team like the Dallas Cowboys could command putting New Jersey patch on their jerseys I think it would be except for hundreds of millions of dollars probably. Yeah with the exception of two or three teams in the NFL we talked about this off beer. I think there's more players more talent just because there's more players and in in and an NFL roster and there are and an MBA roster so it is it that the price and the value of this type of golf advertisement or marketing obviously is this more expensive when it comes in the NFL so yeah I agree. Dallas. Or raiders in Mexico for example or even. He seems like the Packers the Seahawks or the Panthers who players like Lou keep going and Cam Newton I mean noble what monetary lead price or tag be put on this players. All right we're class of the place up a Vick is we got Luis Moreno junior and all show long cantor Spanish radio network. We do a double dip we we really up the intelligent show persons would assume we're we're back in thirty seconds is prime time powered by ortho Carolina.