Primetime: Panthers Talk With Luis Moreno & Joe Person

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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Luis Moreno Jr talk with Panthers beat writer Joe Person about Sundays win over San Francisco. 


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It's. A I. Pet and paint but no it's good to listen 330 what did the film breakdown of what he saw week one in the NFL specifically with the Panthers but first we really class the place up we welcome in Joseph person from the Charlotte Observer to enter the brighter hi Joseph how you doing man. What are we are not much shot it is interesting right we mentioned just opened the show it's so interesting how one game one win change easier Euro perception in steel. And died even calm some things down for little bit and up Panthers opened up one and oh compared to only one a year ago and also on the outlook feels different for 2017 after just one game. Yeah you know I'd get the map and it's only one game aren't I guess you know she's gave sworn potentially if you look at it that way. But but you're right it's built differently that's the way the mayor what's the standard lost we won last year acts out the going to Denver being so close says there's kind of banquet big bets Super Bowl memory. And then to lose the way they did so to get a pretty convincing win. And and we didn't you know we considered argue whether Sanford is going to be good or frankly I don't think they are so I don't know that they're going to be good this year but. That doesn't matter they'd ever won a game that you know they were supposed to do and and they did so out defensively. In very convincing fashion and showed a lot of promise. Isn't that does does that take away Dojo I didn't sinister about 24 hours not for the fact you could beat one of the worst teams in the NFL. I'm in a way were you really did not play well. Outside of one phase maybe even that was kind of slow and negates the first quarter the defense really was a look at all as dominant as they did the second half and yet you win by 23 to three and you allow the fewest points in franchise history in a season opener like that's the take away to me is me and they really didn't play that well yeah I think played well and it makes you wonder what's this thing a look like if they get everything falling into place. He yeah I agree and you know we I remember when the schedule that we all kind of circle CDs first three games only okay it's this very winnable games simple way it's going to be. Get that victory you know go to New England. I think. What's important about and and I do I do think that's currently there are no guarantees you guys know there's no layup that lick but. First offense. And and confer quarterback in Cam Newton and has that little work in the pre season. I think the fact that they open as San Francisco rather than at New England or yell at green there are green base here but not quite being. Better this could face its seem like that and if you know and it's first you're coaching Kyle Shanahan. Big give them probe primarily talking about candidly give him got a chance. They go you know got to have a bowl game speed practice. More or less after not getting any help Greece David I think that was beneficial. I think my truly use that game. To really got to see what he has encryption McCaffery. I don't think there's any doubt that he was running a lot of that look at McCaffery stepped it's stepped things up or down the road Decourt kind of things so I'll at all definitely. You know bad. Good vibes coming out of us deficits. Now we're talking to Joseph person Charlotte Observer Panthers he reporter of course you can always follow Joseph on Twitter you go into an already overweight wasting your time on that Joseph person is where you can follow him. I he's with this right now on the technique come guess lined hat how mean what you expected. Firfer Cam Newton going into that game Sunday compared to what actually happened Joseph. The host Arnold on the buffalo right about that today and so all those guys that you know camp. Did about what I expected it to I'd. I don't think I'd I don't think we could have ever expected them to go out and beat just on or it right out of the gate. He threw two passes and agreed to its broad sense of purpose. Brought Rivera can talk about you know get the practice squad defense it to play a little harder this guy out in defense. To beat faster and try to emulated and imitate that game speed. It doesn't happen does not on anyone's practice squad that's just not not the way it goes. So he heard him to be right deeper can't be rocked the early on. As the end and clearly was see you guys saw a lot of you saw the replay. But I thought he really got comfortable late in the second half. It has got the road album Benjamin on me as skinny post it kind of gave cans and confidence. Betty took into the second half now what deeper on the ball over all over the field. Second have you obviously not but. To basically. Completed now at last look is final night passes now there's one in there that was despite killed clock. But to go you know for all intents and purposes not for nine at the end of the game I think was I think you'll take that. Take that momentum from him in more than anything I've good since we can get to stop him that brigade I thought Ron Rivera yesterday saying good things about cams. Status of his shoulder might have been more important than anything we saw I don't know. Yeah and and obviously we're not doctors here that goes without saying but you know watching you're in the press box those watching at home you know there were moments were look like cam was almost. You know lowering in the shoulder out a little bidders wincing a little bit after a couple of Derosa stretching it out into me you know you'll he'd just given the situation was wonderment as ever teen is that okay so. I he he did appear to loosen up bottles that's the right medical term to use here but it appeared like that actually happened as the game went on Sunday. Look like it to may first Sheridan and an even though as it's better than they were grown sixty yard bombs did you know it's you. Premier girder or Q current stand up by. Guess even that kinda some of the underneath throws he made. There was. You know probably got a bit intermediate level broad grade also that he made is that all of those were right on point. I mean they were that they were selling over they extend life you know they. The heat got to me was hitting guys square in the chest. And so he can't it's never going to be a 65%. Completion guy. But it but I think we saw signs and you know I know every oil and only going towards that animate beauty gives them reason to. At times. But I've side. Given a guy it was coming off major shoulder surgery in its first game was very little preceded or I thought it was a pretty decent day. Our Joseph before talk buffalo are lasting on the game Timmy biggest takeaway most impressive stat is that the offensive line pitched a clean sheet zero sacks allowed that happened twice all of last year what's the thing for you is it that or is it something else. Well and and let it follow that too by saying this was an offensive line first big offensive line that didn't give up the second free again small sample size. But they're built and also been here. My take away it was probably the defense. I mean it doesn't elicit a yes and and more specifically. The played a lot of factors we know they're good that we get it. By the way that Thomas Davis Pete's run around. You know it's been niners. You'll remember last year without hitting it. He has different personnel I get it. But the falcons exposed standard on the edge. They exposed the linebackers I guess about safely hit seven Coleman match double on all the ones primarily with with father. And you know see wondered if Shanahan was gonna try to do that again he did it. But but Davis and equally and Shaq are so bad lie you have to be ahead. That even if it's not even if Iran beds are perfect outside. Most of them aren't those guys are negating any kind of about momentum especially again and again on those got up wide zone runs. Just by the airspeed and the the way they've caught the ball the that that was to me. Was impressive like hit it wasn't surprising necessarily. What dissect constitutes especially in the first step very active very involved getting into the back. And talking to Joseph person Charlotte Observer he's with us right now on the tech become a slot on Twitter said Joseph person. Our salute a icon as similar story line it's a last week Joseph where you know the Panthers are better. Overall from a talent perspective this time there at home to open up a for the home schedule this year but. If you get Sean McDermott okay former defense of coordinator he's familiar Brad Bird brain and being familiar is a former personnel guy here. Joseph Webb's up there Mike Tolbert is up there but this just feels similar to me last week Joseph were you know that they know you but you know them every bit as much and you've just got better players than them so I don't notably it'll be as easy as last week but this seems like they should be gain to Panthers. Should just line up and take your business. This should be it should be and and you're right I mean it's death match this fascinating. Sure and and Sean McDermott not only now is this games here. You know he knows the personnel they're well and so he is going to look. As is great Dennis Dennis is also coordinator they're going to do their bit based on what's gonna grant a bigger say. They're gonna try to find in this matches that are gonna try to find what what you're considered the weak link on this big. I don't know what Shawn think that is. And and same thing water with Tyrod Taylor. I do think Tyrod Taylor is at the Serb and still not being real polished in terms of the pursuit ambassador. I think he's more dangerous Brian Porter looked so. Let me just say that I hear your point about them being similar no doubt about it I just think Tyrod is more explosive. As Lou obviously way more potential there are a watered it it makes up app itself. They've got us into the Panthers have supported the world's gonna put a good. Game plan in place for Marat. It debuted yet you can sure bet the way that says Goodwin got behind Brad very couple sides address that defense. They're gonna take some shots play buffalo well down the field. Try you know it will probably not are not that there were Jordan Matthew but maybe what these Carolina. Guys they go on. Are trying to make a big play go and try to say get behind this Brad very city gonna have to step up his game as well this. All right down last thing here is we're gonna get in this that a little bit but just interesting to look at the box corny secrecy McCaffery five receptions and I agree review I think you're trying to put a lot of stuff out there on tape in week one but five for him also and Kelvin in Devin combined for five receptions is if we see that again this week is that a good or bad thing for the Panthers offense. Yeah yeah I think they got to get more ballot that has that definitely do and not systematically. But you know you've got to keep. Things right do you gotta keep chemistry right in the locker room silk. And no wonder complain after a game like that would you quit hopefully if he got good locker room guys which I think it's still. But. But yeah you gotta you gotta feed everyone they're going to want all like yeah. Again and I do think we were seeing Mike Shula trying to set themselves the stuff up or down the road. And trusting Leahy made of or yesterday Hewlett dead. And any even that they say you know I'm going to put this message out. Just in my garage beneath that in and it but I gotta wanna hear their squad then figure through the media here. They all played a big role on the game and any help out quite a small victory at all fine and well put some of those guys are gonna expect a little bigger role we go. Our joke go I'll go find a double ITA you know I'll see you tomorrow okay thanks for the time. Our bodies there you go Joseph person Charlotte Observer always appreciate him we get a break come back Allen ask this question. We do until Luis Moreno junior when we return Andy Benoit in about fifteen minutes. And you're gonna hear Michelle Tafoya joining us before we get an HRE four I national tickets to giveaway. Coming up at 430 we're almost now we're less than an hour and a half away from that but Ron Rivera said everything was fine yesterday he actually liked the way the offense performed the way the distribution went all that stuff. What say you we talk about it. And does this team need to find a little bit more balanced Luis laziness after this primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Anyway no it's gonna join us coming up a few moments that's the head coach of the the press conference. They're really tickled. Luis Ryan for some reason Ryan shell are. Our our executive producer really seem did and you why why reason tickled by I was listening that live when that press conference happened here turns out it was under him. There's tons there was this weird. He was so serious about it I think is doing when you listen actually. So he's he's making an analogy better intuit yeah intuit very serious exile laughing as I get you wanna break it meant you don't have but he's sure he went away to have. President Christmas you open the toy and how more well I least I mean you would might China would my bull in the China shop hands always would break the that the toy within the first few hours so. I agree with cushion of air you gotta be careful with Sinead toy play when it. But it back in the box that we commercial dollar you know here's what happens you your debts and you know this is true this is what happens with a new toy on Christmas one it's not put together well because. You did it 3 in the morning and you're ready to go to bed in the putting together choice and your kids went to bed the night before spoiler alert hopefully no kids are listening. And then also. Date then they go to on all know unpack it and open it up and it's Hollywood it and you don't have the correct battery she bus trip always when he needed double it's not happened as well so those are all things that actually happened Ron a text reading and you sure Ron's talking about a football player he has talked about half a actress McCaffery they're I think here's the other incher stinks being. Our run said yesterday he actually job is through in this is well there is weekly press conference saying that he he liked. How the distribution of the offense went up on Sunday seven different guys were targeted in the passing game but here's Ron Rivera. A painter said coach saying he really likes the way they dug Cam Newton was spreading it around and it's a 49ers defense. They want things those plays well with you looking at the target list here we had camp many different targets that he threw the ball to you know just great very reminiscent of a couple years ago. You know that spreading the ball around creates opportunities for everybody and and again we just could continue without mindset. And as play caller who got to make sure were were putting our guys in position and a tough success. About that I said seven it's actually a via a different guys are targeted and that included odd duck demurred heard in Ed Dickson who another of those guys caught a pass Curtis Samuel was not targeted or throw to obviously. Are on Sundays even see your second round pick it out there. I get well he wasn't a couple plays where he what he done what I mean you are not being a guy not being god they're trying to targeting get involved. In the passing game here and here's this natural game this August release I would like to know you think about there's obviously 85 toll charge a ball since. A for crucial McCaffrey a Syrian special teams 23 total touches. Virginia eighteen total touches when you look at that three and special teams when they want to yes so we had died thirteen carries five receptions. And he goes for 85 toll arts he's in a 47 offensive snaps that 70%. So kill obviously played on a hundred the offensive line obviously played on a hundred Gregg always plays a hundred. Crucial is the next most. In terms of high is snapped percentage out there on the offense on Sunday a there was more than Jonathan Stewart. Who came at a 43% a place that percentage there was more than. I killed when Benjamin in DeVon fun just as well we're a little bit higher than that and then you had Jonathan Stewart again 29 total plays on offense for him so. It's interesting you look again the stat that I think tells you. Kind of where the painters are trying to feel the weight right now five total receptions good month for fun just Olson can kill within five receptions for Kershaw McCaffery. I can't imagine that you wanna do that consistently from week to week but B you know they put a lot of stuff out there on tape on Sunday. On top of that for the times that Christian touched the ball less than third down and he converted all four times. Which tells you again what what Joseph was saying on the phone earlier I agree with him a lot of this especially when you're playing against San Francisco we won. It is eight it is an NFL team but it is so weaker NFL's teams are you going to use it utilize at and try some things that you might not tried. Forward for at least a couple months but again because people are watching video you want to make him. Believe that that's what you're gonna do week in and week out McCaffrey is the touchdown to Russell Shepard. What's a double coverage from McCaffery Gregg and Gregg also when you have three guys on to you put one on one pressure on the at safety. When a diagonal route across the field it's going to be almost impossible on that's what they did I think cam took advantage of what was open. I believe that he's making it come true what he said about evolve and about again Ned that he doesn't have to do everything he only ran one time for personal which I think. It really got his got him going emotionally but this is just to meet camp. Realizing that you don't have to throw to count and all the time or two great goals and and Christian McCaffrey is a new toy. People they know what to expect so they took advantage of that four week one I don't think is going to be the same every week. But I think that you are going to see their distribution we have Jonathan encryption with thirty or more attempts and maybe fifteen and fifteen or seventeen and and thirteen or something like that. Well thirteen carries 47 yards for Christian McCaffery again those five receptions he had his wealth. I then he went on to have 38 yards receiving averaging seven point six yards per reception he had that that nice pic of the sixteen yard gain on third and thirtieth fifteen which. Like how many times have you seen this in the panthers' offense where. Are we should get the ball out in not turn the ball over you might not how I got to do right and now you get a call it I don't get to a first down result is a giveaway place so. That was nice on Sunday I'd I guess I would ask you do you think he had a good day duke is it felt like for a lot of people and I get it expectations were so high. The Christmas lights are. Active people thought the distance was gonna come out of the casing give people 15200. Yards total offense. And he had 85 yards of total offense and I think what you were saying man this guy is definitely not as good as advertised would you think of his debut overall. I I'd. Does he do what we expected him to or what I expected him to do I had I had normal expectation and a I don't think he's gonna be a thousand a thousand. Receiver running back as a as a rookie but he he's going to contribute and he did debt. If if you take away that to punt returns that were called back for flags is guys really close to a hundred yards if he does after sixteen weeks. That's 16100 total yards for a rookie I think that to me it's beyond and above any expectations and realistic expectation that anybody had. For this for four for a for a rookie receiver slash running backs last punt returner. I IA crunch some of the numbers on that the way you talk about the pace that he's on right and get this one game a solo that's gonna change too but even if you do you being conservative here yet I sold he's on pace for about -- and by the way I think the carries he got yesterday third current Sunday rather thirteen carries. I think it's gonna live in that neighborhood I think ten to fifteen carries week to week is not going to be a new and pretty average to me is deceiving because in that last drive your not really trying to gain yards you get right to run the clock out so a lot of times death ensor might have taken this. His average from four point two to three point six in the last three carries. I think maybe Christian did the same thing because of the situation in the game so he is on pace right now about the don't say it's 208 carries. And if you do that and about 404 II six consider conservative four yards for carries a conservative number. And if I don't think that's unfair now in an Arab that's OK so four yards per carry you're looking at about 800 yards. Are rushing in his rookie year he does that for sixteen games you off he's on pace for eighty receptions prepare. I don't think he's gonna get five receptions on average every game we can all agree on that and as number three yeah threes conservative number Bailey our secure perception or so so you're looking at you don't even if you said it. Three times sixteen now all of a sudden you're looking at where this guy is god what fifty receptions in your look at that. You don't again if you're looking at the yard so opera catch you you're looking at it probably conservatively discouraging about 500 receiving yards. And again your point you're now in the neighborhood of thirteen hundred to 400 yards of total offense yeah without special teams. And I think that's what we are saying also her weeks ago go and you know hey that's not an unreal number to be talking about now I and. And he is not just a running back support for people to for its fullest week one but for people to compare him to what Coke. And what every other rookie running back did they are not the same players their indifference situation and he played against it different opponents. I think the December just before nine Ers took seven front seven is tougher. And the saints from seventh so that has to do within our army people are taken that in consideration when you're judged in three or four players. Based on one week when they don't even have the same wrong there in the in their in their team. Text her rights and always building senator Tex on IQ what to talked about done a lot of this with and even though we're gonna do that in a second the MM QB Sports Illustrated. I he writes in I'm in my matching misery most of the media commentators just before the game seems he would only have ten to twelve touches. I think a lot of people saying that that would be the case but again. It seemed pretty evident to me that Mike Shula was trying to say guys I'm not screw around I got this guy I'm not afraid to use them with. And even if that's only devoting. Extra a little bit and you know a little bit extra amount of time during your game prep week to week. That's an advantage in the NFL I mean that's how you win with talent in the NFL and so force a team to do that is the advantage the painters now having to chess match and what was the play was the play I think remiss mr. Dixon. But McCaffery sat. On an underneath route rated at three guys lower right there and on yes and there were other place in which. You can he could have thrown to make our free to other times when he was completely open but he didn't decided to throw to somebody else who can be thought had a better chance. To gain more yards or make more more for an impact in that particular play. But McCaffery when there were a couple plays just like you mentioned when there's three only one on McCaffery there were plays were McCaffrey was completely open. The flare or some flat and under on the left assigned a rights out of the backfield. Mandating use him either so yes Khamis trying to balance the softens but again camp had only had. Eleven snaps with the first team offense throughout the pre season seek at a given time. The only thing I think I would take issue with Luis and I think this is not to be unexpected again I went into the game thinking if you would feel this way is. Not only is Kim and try to knock off the roster which Ron Rivera admitted yesterday. That he thought he did and you saw the rust from him early on Russert that all week he said you know we eat it. I don't know what to expect him for being honest I don't know what to expect BC he's thrown two passes it was one drive we think he's ready but we don't know until you know when you saw that on Sunday. The thing that looked appearance maintained he maybe can answer this horse and a few minutes. It look like Mike Shula was feeling his way around dose OK a little XP was beware and and kids too because it's in the ball sort of join his hands of Jim let's really try and get the ball out quicker and get this stuff underneath or whoever so protest open an improving do you guys I can do this. And then it also felt like after her. A couple of drives no let's really look I forgot about the deep always go deep ball deep ball deep ball. And it just felt like there was no real rhythm and flow with the offense early on in just felt like it got better. In the second half but I think that's a play calling thing to where you're trying to figure out all right had a what am I doing here. Us and that's not having recorded our first unit of throughout most of the priest he since a you don't have dead that that tempo down. You still trying new things for example the that tied the interception to Kelvin Benjamin over the past intent to to attempt to. Kelvin Benjamin. I think. Can you sit through a bully go farther but I think Kelvim Benjamin also didn't do my outlawed a big effort trying to find out bull he'd just turnaround he didn't turn as this whole body. Begin this is just the Ross of of players that have not been playing with each other or in this in the same team. A for a long time just because there's been you know injuries and and cam had has had that injury throughout the whole priciest. I didn't mind that paso from being on the system that yesterday I really think to me. I wanted to see cam uncork a long ball gaffe that there was an incredible play by. Joshua sort of forgotten the the third the DB first difference is going to get plate read. It made no Reid wasn't always the interception it was the other it was the other safety who came over and and helped Reid was I think Reid was there what is the other safety that I shortest guys think it's usually got blown on the other coverage the Russell Sheppard scored forty yard touchdown pass on. But I didn't even mind because we can't let go would have ball. That was not double coverage that defender made an incredible play in arrange to go track down a ball in helping. Are helping support and then he reached behind his head with what he animated pic like nine out of ten times it's an incomplete pass it's not an interception so you're right Kim could throw it better. But even again given the fact you could kind of experimenting it's a forty niners I really wasn't even mad about that throw. You and again not just down Bud Day Ed Dickson mambo to me are the same reason and that the the rescinded the same reason why they were both bad passes because he was still tentative he was not a 100% sure. And it's time went on as as she got protection. Because he didn't get sacked once. There's something that didn't happen flashy but only twice so I think once he got more confident and I think once he got the run. That dead where he got the first down with the speed. Really got him going to an end and then these are scoring grew in Foster goes out it just a couple of things as you mentioned you have to be lucky as well. Indy tweeting and Dexter to thank you it's just took whiskey tart that was the other safety he was the limit their big it was a ridiculous pick. I think you guys for being helpful on that protects the rights and my two cents on Kim's passing and running game Galvin took struggled most of last night until Bradford started lighting up the field using the pass game to help the run game then bam. I doubt the blue lot seem to happen for us when Kim assembled and to start the season with a shoulder the 49ers knew when we were going to run. And knew when Kim was passing almost every time because it was mostly on third and long it will get better we have a really good team I I agree on most of that stuff. And here's the other thing too. When you saw the Sanford just go first Joseph discuss loaded up on their defense with first round talent the last couple years obviously Rubin Foster she said went down early and I came. Luis. That's the game plane until Kim proves otherwise right now that's the game played a I'm going to load eight men in the box. We're gonna crowd the line of scrimmage and we dare you guys too raw and consistently. Against an eight man front. But here's the thing with the painters. Run affairs one of the few coaches in the NFL Sean McDermott might be the other a given the way we know he's gonna play. But tell you wouldn't you know the Panthers are going to stay committed to the running game they don't get away from the run game. As long as they're within what ten points you know they're gonna stay committed to the run game so. I mean yeah you can to your point you take it from four plus yards per carry down to three and a half. That's fine we're sticking with the running game and eventually we're going to start hitting some place over the top and then once that starts to happen. Are we gonna walk to safety back out of the box we can't trust you do this but it's also. Like you said that someplace that. That's until the Benjamin at a certain point to Chris Coleman's got to start winning these matchups to where. He's really got to start demanding double team coverage is on a regular basis and that's all this stuff works hand in hand but there's a trickle down effect it's an apple with a soft museum. More consistency there and will see it a little little by little as long as that office alone can't protect. Cam and passing plays and can still we get a hundred yards in and every game as a unit and running the ball the steam with dad defense as long as there's no big injuries this team to me has the potential and the talent to repeat as a contender in the division. And make a deep run in the playoffs. I would like to also note tool what's the plan for Jonathan Stewart because I I do feel like when this guys healthy and he appears fresh and healthy right now he should each week to. That's a got to get to a thousand yards in the NFL so I I I get you wanna keep them fresh blood but that is that a priority or is separate to run over a hundred years as a team if you asked Jonathan Jonathan Stewart could care less about any superlative statistics he could care less if if McCaffery runs the ball more. He's the first guy to tell you I think you are now when he when he when he shared with the wind wouldn't we have the Angela Williamson. 2000 they ended and so on so to me dad dad is not our. Is not important for the team or four or for Jayson as long as they're winning games we think we're talk I mean look we might be talking about this team. 27 horns hundred yard rushers maybe there's a possible popular at the end of the year works that you want to maybe students got 80900 yards Christians got 6700 yards I don't think that's crazy to talk about what I need you I'd cam I know that cameras I got around them much more and we saw that it again and this past Sunday. And also because he was the first game of the year. But I don't think you're gonna see a lot of designed runs for cam you might seem drawn on a scramble and in my gym running short our third and fourth. Ford and short but that's it are on the USA a lot of options wouldn't see them any and endurance because he hasn't been practice and a lot but. Would you so I think we're just gonna see a little more variety but what you saw against them Francisco that's gonna said the temple running the ball and stout defense. Protects the rights and this good question I think building sinner checks on Louis 7045709. Its extent. I would like to know how do you guys separate Kim's rust from his career long in accuracy. I mean missing a Dixon in the end zone that's not being an accurate that's a that's a guy that. I mean Ron Rivera I think yesterday said do we have this cut I think doubles we have this pattern I've run a very yesterday said. You can't just got a little to choose stuff for that that that taxi he was nearly a big guys. We really was anticipating it and that would discourage. And asking at this point because of of of lack of practice is his shoulder. And maybe betrayed him a little bit and he threw an hearted and he wanted to he Wesson a 100% sure and it happens over a time when you shoulders sore. Here's Ron Ron was talking about this is Ron referring to the rust. Offer Cam Newton on Sunday and die again and he was once thought the fifteen to start to finish nine if not passing 66 yards and a TD in the second happened I here's coach Rivera that rust for Cam Newton on Sunday. Thought the quarterback of most of us by a little bit rusty he saw a lot of good things he just. You saw his timing isn't there were needs to be obviously an and that's one of the benefits of you know we'll get a chance go back to look at on tape you see a lot of good things that he did. All right so there you go runner very yesterday's weekly press conference. Talking about Kim Newton but I think more than anything. It does look like. Getting that that flow and that rhythm Jimmy Kim's one of these guys having Maury cornerback always but I think cam is in particular one of the quarterbacks. When he's got a rhythm and bounce when he's commanding drive he's a different dude yeah we just didn't see much of that version of him on Sunday. Not at the beginning of the game but I think once he had those opportunities you mentioned that has that skinny post to act Calvin and Iran. The scrambled where he got a first down I think those are the type of Guinea tours three of those places bishop the beginning we go back and analyzed two years ago the first game at Jacksonville. This team only won that game because of to pick sixes but Josh Norman tips of the often was probably in the same place. Ironically it was a type but he he had come back from a from from an ankle injury a year before and surgery. So if it happens all the time and especially the beginning of the year. I'm just happy that this team warned. You want on the road where he had only been able to do at one time since Rivera arrived in the Carolinas so they began when there was ugly or pretty it's a win. And the steam as moment on. In under the Oslo on Sunday 1 o'clock kick off of course want top pitchers a stadium show was Oki starting up on news 1110993. WB TA ten. Will be on the air a with paint there's free given the dog house as well here on WS NC we get a break when we come back court to try to track donated Benoit Michelle to fully expected to join us for more with Larissa Marie Noe junior. Not a stellar debut. For the New Orleans Saints in 2017 and not a stellar return for Adrian Peterson last night we get to that we got a sad stat of the day and what it means for the NFC south. Its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Oh man that's funny to me that's good stuff. Monday Night Football that did not go according to script for the comeback. Richard Peterson there was no comeback 2990 what guitar sad stat of the day it's they can guess what that's about it. Six carries for Ager Pedersen also six carries or Mark Ingram. Seven carries for Alvin Tamara and squealing guy carries overall. Over the saints rushing attack us that they go down to the vikings are oh and wind and it's Carolina and Atlanta early on sitting atop the NFC south wanna know. Tampa Bay obviously get to play your game and so there there waiting to see what's gonna happen their and other get after it. A this coming week in haste they announced today they're gonna play as scheduled in Tampa Bay commission which there. Which appeared Luis and you don't think fully after what happened with our hurricane Harvey which was every bit as bad as advertised it's now more. I know it was really bad in the keys and those really bad and some of of the Caribbean but Elise for the state of Florida as a whole. It appeared that things got off a little bit easier than we thought they could based on how the trajectory initially seem like it was aiming. Right for Miami and South Florida instead of kind of skirted around it. A Blake's on Kim boomer son is here he he tried to get away from Tallahassee and he's ready to go back tomorrow so. On it appeared things got off a little bit better than we thought so we'll see Tampa Bay played this weekend but. Mean that was funny to be watching that last night and what's interesting Luis is I saw after the game people between now quotes you're reporters were never saying. Shall be denies anything happen others any controversy there and then I saw another quote worth people said Adrian Peterson says nothing unless between us we were arguing. And then you your data audio first and end it sounds more like to meet Ager Peterson's like. So you have to look I'm not gonna tell you about what happened. And I think is expected I don't understand honestly sometimes when they come onto a nothing happened when you to have the video that I watched it may have something that is right there there's when he 5000 TVs right now looking at duke and look at him making eye contact it's in an unhappy way so why Heidi just say yeah we had a discussion we we had a disagreement he won he's a professional he wants to run the ball as much as possible and right now. He is part of certain certain route it often says packages and and and his number wasn't called as you can tell. I think the north this problem is it trying to make their often sold balance. That they're trying to shear as there with the load between all three run a bad name and they doesn't work like that only asked if he is different we have some relates sword and Williams who've been doing it for a few years. So you have that chemistry is not the thing just to throw three running backs in front offers a circuit you gonna run in this. Formation you're gonna run in this packaging Iran this baggage especially when their team is not really a running team. Yeah I saw Sean we saw it we also ought to happen OK don't tell me that didn't happen but here's Sean Payton after the game last night they show on what was that. You guys emerge tried to look like what happened there what was going now when your major Peterson. We weren't in any heated exchange a really and another no. Sure I won't if you want to wait out I'm not straying so when you ask him. Let Allen did actually I think. He was into it we're all into it there was no world. Non electrical. Jeremy in on Salmonella rack your brain he said we should ask him is that he said Sean you want us to ask Ager and here's what's escapes rich Ager what happened to you guys you're just communicating right that's for you guys are doing your just talk to whatever we do when shot. The TV broadcasts showed he's saying something to Sean and his back turned it turned back and that's something you have to what was so there. And keep that confidence no can't really. The choice enough and we upset about something you know just communicate. Oh look at the total communicating right to show us enough and have an insulating it all right if that that was humorous to me here here's all I know. Odd the saints are really bad and this honeymoon is already over and it's it. I said yes I said on Friday did I not this this team doesn't make sense when your top two receivers as of now because Willie Snead suspended. In which really draining cooks because you're salary cap is a mass. Your top two receivers are Michael Thomas good rookie year really good rookie year. And then Ted gift. And then your tight end is now old Cody cleaner I mean okay B he's fine he's fine parrot she's fine and then you're running backs are. Marking Gromit Adrian Peterson and now into bear and by the way mark Mark Ingram by the numbers one of the five best running backs any NFL last year. He was one of I think two or three guys to average five point one yards per carry he was a thousand yard back and you decided to bring in maybe a future hall of Famer Adrian Peterson. And you draft and another guy and Alvin Tamara and sure you throw the ball 45 times a game and they're like thirteen does not make sense in interpersonal doesn't fit what they wanna do on offense. I am a lawyer I have a bunch conversations in the mornings at the YMCA with a much people it is enough November with a 10% when Peterson gets signed by bit normal and Spain's and one of the guys in the locker mass means that. What are we go anywhere you go after those IS and listen this guy Jonathan Stewart were gay you have Karen are displaying you don't need another run to recollect is he's gonna cost too much money yes amend that active lately that's not what you need and he's not a good fit for the saints I would see him maybe going to another team like the giants Forex analyst girls that could be a team that could use somebody like Adrian Peterson because that's the type of running game they have. But the saints searchable less than they have somebody like him was Deuce McAllister how long they're going he's not even that big SPS as Peterson or fast. A speeders and so it's been a long time they've been removed from that type of offense for quite awhile now. And not trying to do and it in there and 65 days he just doesn't work in the NFL anymore. Are you wanna you wanna do our sad stat of the day I feel like we should go ahead of the saints a little bit let's pile on Google doesn't that's always good currently do this thing on 12 let's. Or that status. There are. Roaring. And hear the numbers. It's really sad and I injured players here's a news stand for his words not mine he's gonna stick incident to the vikings going back that didn't happen last night they go down 2990. This is kind of hard to believe first ever player in NFL history. To make his debut on a new team against his former team when he was an NFL MVP there. It's never happened before it was the first last night we've seen and other sports never any NFL so that happened. Didn't quite go look escorting did according to script. This instance we're the first touchdown to a few minutes left in the fourth quarter last night the early touchdown last night they lost 1919. Ran the ball just 21 times six touches for Peterson as we said. Daily ran the ball 21 times or less three times in 2016. And so much that commitment to the running game the right now is there any measure and are on the ball. And a defense not much better either pass plays allowed last night a twenty yards or more down the field by Sam Bradford. Who people think this is captain check down that's the most such pass plays in the game for a vikings quarterback since 2010 you know who that quarterback question. We're far. Brett Favre never forget the Brett Favre years in Minnesota and a man I know vikings fans here are stacking fans of trying to do need her to the way. So how about death for Sam Bradford and then this they scored on a 95 yard touchdown drive right before halftime. And a 380 plus yard drives all of last year. Saints give up their ninth touchdown drive in the final two minutes and a half dating back to the beginning Lester that's the most in the NFL over that span them. Who would've thought to write saints are bad on defense and if that wasn't bad enough the ramps you mention them on Sunday have what they did against the colts 46 to nine. They scored an average of fourteen points for he must your lowest mark in the NFL in four seasons. And their only one other team in NFL history to score more points in a season opening game. Immediately following a season where they were the lowest scoring team in the NFL you have to go all the way back to 1965. When the 49ers were 62 points in an opener. After averaging seventeen point steer the 1955. We 65 before the merger yes. So I say oh let's just say New Orleans deuce side. Indianapolis. It might wanna get injured lucked out on the field in Indianapolis be lucky if they win four games even look. Both cars a lot already ruled out by the way on Monday of course I get don't and I don't even ask you were not good weeks and the even when it comes back how healthy and how efficient yeah. Text reading and after one game or messing is the patron C Seahawks might as lining it up to yet one of those things is not like the other. You have to convince the saints are in the same category as sorely as New England in Seattle and yeah. All right let's close it out irritability and that sad. We're gonna thirty series we still to full joins us we're back right here on primetime powered by ortho Q.