Primetime: Panthers Salary Options with Joel Corry

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Tuesday, February 13th

Kroeger & D-Lew switch gears and start discussing the salary problems the Panthers are currently experiencing. Former agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry weighs in on the matter. 


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Powered by North Carolina. I think there's a large part Kemba Walker and wants to be a Charlotte hornets for life. Yes Dennis Dixon would be proud of and so I mean she's not it's not valued enough entries in today's porcelain. The strange. Wanna be your life you gotta bring your championship and he's just as responsible as anybody else on the team a former court you know a permit. Or maybe he's just as responsible. For you know doing what it takes a braves team championship they're blushing like she's not a decision in the Mormon. Because as we get noticed that's area Horry wasn't boring you now live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. A moment ago building center text line saying we're not talking up college basketball Damione Lewis give me college basketball take best thing you got right now just fired away what's your best college basketball Byrd gave. It's going to. And northern I don't know to be okay good night I will. They beat you BA you're all going to do you really don't we feel we don't do legal. We do we got to back losses and you'll know that they were unbeaten a couple of days ago now they're gonna get back to back losses you VA does right. Into the the number one team in the country today isn't a bill and David all right we followed a pleasure college basketball since the day you. We'll get back to that in a little bit we go to the technique come guess lined we keep talking a little hornet's they're frustrating. Other sad end that's just were at 33 and I took 33 losses 23 wins ten games under 500 in seven games back of the final playoff spot in the east. We 26 games to go on eleven of those are on the road those numbers don't sound good is welcoming joined revenue from the sporting news' Sean are you doing man. I don't want you I'm not good in math the math sounds bad on that right that's not good manager of the hornet's right now. No I mean it did at the map that's fine you're you're correct but but yet doesn't look good in terms of not what the outlook is that really think that. The road trip that they went on. That they just got back from before playing Toronto on Sunday at that that was sort of the key moment for the and that. You know if they were going to have a chance that this sort of rescued at sea that was going to have to be then. That ruptured did not go well at you know now got four straight losses to Charlotte and I think he can putt pretty much even though we haven't even had the all star game yet and you pretty much a that's probably would have to put that play out. All right so Soledad and easily as cover CMBS for the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Devin he's with the summit technique I'm just like if if if I told you Sean I don't know even go all the way back to. Milledge July early August rig started it really are ready for the season to ramp up in after summer league and all that stuff. That the hornets would be ten games under five under with this week in that at this point of the season going into the all star break Dwight was a near near all star. Campbell would be an all star even if a zillion on alternative still is an all star nonetheless for the second straight year. Jeremy lamb would be leading the Eastern Conference in bench scoring in points per game. I if I told you all that supported starting five actually is a point differential plus 58 is crazy is that sounds you put two missed twelve games. What would you think that would you believe that there record is 2333. Wood Joseph thought no this might be a kind of a fun little team making a play off fraud here. Yeah added I would think that they be at least around about hundred I TI dot deploy our common in these it was going to beat. The determining factor of big gets something out of here. Then that that he might push them. Back over the yet to be you know that 4546. Were nineteen. That they were a couple of years ago. But you know DT he performed well it is just everybody else you know it is it's. It's one of those tricky thing where you get about a bunch of big contracts because it kind of not a good season. And then everybody who gets the bad contracts seems to. Teams. Seem to slip away a little bit. It's happened a lot and not that they had this big at all sports really but but yet that's that that seems to be you. What has happened is that does like that to Marvin Williams just a devil without the view that they would do that after the order at detonate these a couple of years. What do you think that the are homeowners need to do to turn a corner to become a better or playing organization. You know I I think they're going to revisit the template stopped you know I don't think that they really wanna trade him obviously but that they can accomplish. Three thing. By trading him but I think that's something that they've got to look into in terms of trying to rebuild the franchise the three things are you've got to get back young player you've got to get packed. A draft pick. And you've got to be able to package him with you know with the nick but to quote one of the bad contract that the way that he's got a good crop result we go to Peking and and I think that you really do consider trading him. If he can't then. They did that then you've got to find a way to get out of the cap situation that your hand. And and that's not going to be easy to do and you've got a trap that I've been there let's let's look at that. You do what it because they've got and a lot of their wounds have been self inflicted and in terms of what they've done in the dress. Sean Denny's of this from the sporting news he's talked in some NBA talk and some hornet's whether or so on that note rich Joey Juneau had his contract the following year of his contract the option ticked up. Com what do what do you what do you think the likelihood is that the ease the one called the shots again when the draft rolls around this summer. They unite they could be a mistake I you know I think that they've certainly given him plenty of time. And and they'd given him the resources it's not like date they can go out pay players as well like it'd go out and do the things. That that that he was asking them to do so. Yeah I think that that that that's probably going to be where you start in terms of changes as it is rich Cho. You know there's a lot of good young ejected is out there that. That the that the Beckham probably. Deserve a shot and I be surprised if Pete is Pete back. Or even if he's still around. On draft it. Chris Manning said at the kind of lobbed this out there it is a blur back and Yahoo! a few days ago saying that. He searing it's a change were to be made Mitch Kupchak for obvious reasons Carolina guy. Guided he's probably still feeling like hey I wanna do one more thing to kind of our resurrect my career after how the lakers thing and did in the Kobe contract and all that stuff that it did that is it says something with some real merit to it do you have you heard general what do you think about the idea some a little uncomfortable with the idea Mitch Kupchak seems like not fit for more smaller market like this. But what would you make of that of that notion of Mitch Kupchak could be a guy who came to that. And yeah I mean certainly I. I think that it is Mitch work to come it would sort of be an end to end sort of a bigger role. You know maybe maybe not being the guy doing the doing about simple so I think that there would be a GM who's actually doing more the running of the team in which might each you know sort of who more of a consultant you know that sort of role sort of team. Team president gore probably won a state where and then you'd have somebody blow to lose to a much of the work I think that that. Would be the likely scenario. You know I think that that that that would like to get back into the game to a question of do you think that they need somebody. You know younger will dynamic yen and and you know bitch is. To have of the old school so I I think I can see him going back but but not as really the guy. Who do than not that well. So we're talking to Sean governing from the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Devin he's with this right now. On the technique come guests lined so it's interesting Sean I know you've talked about this over the last few years but you know I go back as recently as a year ago a year and a half ago Steve Clifford. Widely thought to be one of the most underrated coaches in the NBA league circles and were really around here are starting to love the idea that. You know guys like you and mandates in world draw say man you guys got a diamond in the rough and cliff as a head coach appreciate that and now the winning hasn't come recently and the general tenor of the fan mesa seem to turn to fire Clifford or if he gets fired idle mind but I ask you what is the reputation of cliff around the NBA and how much blame to -- take for the season. I'm sure nobody accepts some of the blame but you know again I think that a lot of the person now and I know a lot of that is is is the drafting that that you know there's been. It's just just so little wacko world where you whether you wanna call luckily wanna call it's carefully political insights. 88 bit that they haven't done well the draft and edit you don't have. Those players especially if you're Charlotte and and then you're having trouble. You know attracting freeagent. Is it it if you don't have those players that you bring in. On a cheap contract you get a forty years gone on on that rookie field field. If you don't have that if it it it's really tough to win and age really tough to. The DA for for any coach to be able to look. To build up and so. You know I think what we saw a couple of years ago and they won the sport to gain then and and were in the playoffs I think that's indicative of what Clifford can do when he has the right. The right talent but. But right now obviously. That that they're just lack. We were talking about this a moment ago Sean and I think it's probably more from pipe dream than anything else but if you're if you're hanging on any sort of hope of a playoff Ronnie gets hot after the break. Backup point guard and a mess in Michael Korda Williams has been a good very good defensive player but obvious is offensive game he's he's physically broken I'd say it's amazing from what he's fallen too from his rookie year. Rookie deer season a few years ago. Is worst your gross going is I mean is that even though a lifeline possibility for the hornets were seed lane in this by Al market. So yeah I mean now eighteen he's probably looking. For more of a winning situation but sure there's they would you look at acting that I have a chance to win. And I bridges and bring in their road. Don't get you know I am. It could wind up being that that that Charlotte is the best available spot form they'll be others tutors you know you might see Milwaukee are so you were in like that. Jumpin. But I guys I think in terms of I'm Derrick Rose I think I wanna win first well below a look at playing time you know I've I've got to rebuild my my reputation a little bit year. And and and he'll play. In Charlotte and and you know he can play. Alongside kemba as well so yeah you know I think that would be certainly and it just think that addicted to it it it's it's good that matter to him. Oh what will matter to him it is is is web. He cares more about you know try to make the playoffs and anything going that route. What is being a guy who cannot. Who can get the you know that that that those twenty minutes a night to try to let we still was value a little bit. Do you think outside of Milwaukee did arches are really helped their forma means especially given this past history. Now Wright and and that and that's exactly right now I you know I think. The fact that Cleveland was so eager to let him go is. Is indicative of where he is right now. So yeah you know I think Milwaukee would would probably each. In terms of the playoff team to probably be the most likely. He suitor but after that it be if you look around for pretended I don't think there's going to be a lot of teams. Who are willing to take on the risk that. That comes with their mostly probably going to have. I came just outside the playoffs that that looking to make that push like the order. Would would be a more like landing spot for. Our Sean Debbie real ongoing moment sporting news IE I leave you with this design. I know I'm among a minority on this but I. I do think things are gonna be different this time around with the raptors come playoff time their top five offense defense or the warriors join Eminem mark and those are the marks of championship caliber teams in nine or you don't bet against LeBron and that's all well and good I probably would not here. If this were a year if I tell you warriors in raptors and an NBA finals which are surprised level on that on a scale one potential and I. No I don't agree with is that we watched them over the last month. Because the burden that they did coming into the year they changed their often they made themselves. More football cheering off and let them do but pick and roll with flowery let's pick and roll with the market wrote the they don't do that quite as much more than it did they have much more emotion often Welch or not but that is much more likely to be to accept the plant is one reason why they were so easy to beat in the playoff. Because if you can take out one of their star players. They didn't have a whole lot out for the the other thing that that's really come on a lot more commitment. This is why might Mike who would we change on them is their bench that that that at the end and and they can really come in. And and any and changed the game so their starters of course a very very good but when they go to that bench at that give them a big advantage. They have a lot of doubt that they that that that in right now from Boston at Cleveland. I I would not so much so the favorite I think the rap because they were and he straight. It was wild to a solid stat the other day at the raptors who have won now while what five in a row. But for four straight wins now by at least double digits are by fifteen pointed and their starters have never logged more than thirty minutes in any of those games that I mean that is wild so the beat the crap out of teams and get some rest while they do it that's how you're good basketball team right there Shawn Domonique. From the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Diddy Sean it's great talking demons thanks for making time thanks armed. Good they go showed up and hold a we have Rachel Corrie in fifteen minutes we talked Kantor's. 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And discounts of fifty to 70% on all diamond silver and gold jewelry pre dozen long stem roses to its brownie Jewelers and brown the Jewelers dot com. Ginger and Orwell entering free agency right now. He did not allow a sack Horry hit all season he surrendered just fifteen total pressures. 1140. Snaps played he played and all seventeen games including the playoffs. Over 11100 snaps fifteen pressure's not a single sack or hit allowed. For injured Orwell and I know it's a little different as an interior linemen you can speak to that but that type of. Yeah yeah that's ball what is that right there what does that say to you that's all. Yeah he's a grown man that's what message he is they've grown home. That's pretty good man yet as really high speed race that's right there that is. We I think we all in the band is Gillibrand who don't because not a member of salt did he gave up no sex and moon in the only able fifteen pressures how wilder said I'm coming mania they had some blitz is coming in they got a lot going home are surrounded us also. Well joke or is gonna joyous about five minutes or CBS sport sees the cap expert former NFL agent he's great with all these numbers are a lot of talk about when it comes to the painter's cap situation how it affects free agency. And we gonna talk them about Andrew I mean you would I had Mardy on literally the day after they lost the saints in the playoffs there and I'll look at the words of Marty's an -- I got I just got a body this is me again marred by the vibe I got for Marty was. Analysts are going to be able to acute injury ruined it just doesn't seem like it he talked about committing a lot of money. To an entire offensive line and how they can be a good thing you can also be a bad thing I might -- reaction was. MIPS for injure Orwell but it's had a good few years here I was used found money because he was an undrafted free agent. But it didn't seem like he was going to be in the long term plans but I speak you'll build both was anonymous on Friday. In bill said saint think early on he got to feel like this and it is this just couldn't happen. Now we start to say on it. Don't base Hussein announcing it will happen but it's a possibility now yeah he would Eddie could. He's resigning illusion this is what QOK but why. At the net resigning him like two years ago so you wouldn't be faced. With this month so I ask you that we're doing and only two years or go to like he's for sure guy you want to. I mean bigger he was already planned what is the grand oil she's gonna shield yeah using young guy in any isn't drafted so you're getting better steal of a deal. So why not going end you know after the third year given my long term deal. Yeah a little bit more are guaranteed this you would be among the list in order to put the am. Why do you kind of feel that way about Darryl Williams right now Terrell Williams I think at a very similar type this he's not a nobody exact amount of pressures and hits he did not I don't think he allowed a sack. Our maybe only a handful is actually your Gerald Williams is really good for the theaters this year. And I know the most thing behind them that's fine but I know what I got Gerald Williams and you've developed him he's come along heading your way is a former fourth round pick. And he's got it. Obviously slipped a little bit the draft and people were saying man this might be good find for the Panthers where. You know there were some concerns about what he is he but you know what he's worth that worth the rolled the dice and he's finally come along after three years. I say that now about your Williams Peter Williams now we'll figure out the other stuff with Taylor to. Right now because he knows what he's done. Hey is obviously resilience could've gotten nowhere with 303 year mortgage could re sign him the end and had a marked the end and would be cinder worried about at a premium now. OK so I give you this then there's this works both ways I think this is the you can you can look at both sides of the coin to see this I look at danger laurel and I think. Mean you've put in the work in the effort you'll let a guy like that walk you don't exactly it you do not with the problem is is what's going to make go to keep. And I would also play the other side it is going to deal and I'm I'm not saying I believe this but I think you could make this argument which is. And we found one before and groomed him but could we do it again. I mean you always Cambridge this with your OK but I don't really see what is it that's the conversation going on. Our own right like it could see it I think this horse can be interest or. Ron in Marty has such or trust or respect for one another it's Marty I don't mean he's on unpaid leave right now that's another weird dynamic. But I think Marty in line item in this are probably more staunch with which gentlemen Enron but gentlemanly sand. You found indulge another one we can do it again I wanted to say no I need this guy right mark but I do is look we used to informant mark I gotta have this guy I'm a few we can't let this guy walk. Daria and honestly you can't. No new release it and look at this at this team and you look at where you have age adding your fruits of our. You know work what is your storm warning that weren't what is your foundation. We offer door is gonna be impossible to live this guy walk out of appealed. Is we aren't where it really feels but if you don't let them walk so what's more you can do in free agency. So we moved from it. If we can you move the stuff around to like I agree with you because it seems like interface as an analyst at the surface you pay him it's gonna cost you going after other holes by. Is there Roy you can restructure some stuff done. That's I mean you're already dead starts us in the next couple weeks was the was this GM position settles their own community Farley call out who the guys going to beat. That's number one you've got to give some guys restructure because you've got to be viewed Brad there's you wanna be aggressive in free agency. You wanna be aggressive at receiver. You wanna be aggressive defense of being educated and be yep you know what I'm not saying go and spend a lot of money but gliding it's in quality players for good price. Indian draft extremist. I like it I don't think a massive holes but they got a lot of little holes that neither are pretty good man has a hole paid wide receiver is a gaping hole. Bag that's one gross its ways may we draft a guy who you know we got a dog the school of I mean that's the her safety I think you got a safety is definitely you gotta have competition in the secondary no matter what you say I have gone this. Absolutely we weren't where we got all the questions were gonna try to get answers to detect the congress on this guy better be equipped. Joseph Corey former NFL agent nobody does the number stuff better than this guy CBS sports and CBS sports stock common he is on Twitter at Corey jolt. Joseph it's good to talk demon and even. Dole. Are in for Joseph Michael and we haven't Joseph Joseph Joseph Australia is greatest probably. He's Brady is probably working right now trying to figure out all the answers to what we are talking about we're gonna Beckham aligned. I coming up in a second I think more than anything do you Lou in this is why disorder when Daschle first and foremost. She's on both sides of this as a guy who evaluates from a team perspective now are. But also trying to you know border of a behalf of those guys playing right. This site I don't know what this factors in but this kind of being influx from an organizational standpoint where your team is up for sale. You don't have a full time GM. And then not only do not have a full time Sheehan got its theater and she comes now on paid leave he's being investigated by the NFL whether serious or not. Lot of moving things going on likes it was like I know where Luke would still further out from free agency blight. When you're talking about beat it if this stuff lingers. I did yeah it's all about what can you offer but if your entire freeagent RU I don't know what you think of of the Panthers right now when you look this is a very peculiar. It's where is used to cure notices Carla what is reassuring each what's happening here bush the one thing did I can say this affixed nothing. That goes on almost feel able cause your head coach in place records are steps that race and your building new rebuilding your roster you do and don't other things outside factors you know old gene you know. Our owner and none of this has anything to do with the game of football this particular time. Is nothing in Jersey Jon would you concede that. And look at to print this they okay on the stairs a lot of our craziness going on but is there reserved home and is there is called cause of this effect Sunday and all these problems all these issues we straighten out lol before games start so you know. There's it'll take it there's a free agent I don't know I'm I'm genuinely asking this question. Where you just look and say hey that looks at a good football team they're offering me myself. We don't they got one of the best quarterbacks in the Lee they have an office that you know a couple of piece away from being extremely dynamic in play great defense. And do pretty Willis first change to this team who has what it takes. Who get a shot or give opportunity to win a championship if you wanna come here the port of the answer to get on to the next level. Yet she's two a lot of moving pieces there's a lot of moving pieces in terms of the product on the field limit him as you said. All the stuff going on off the field ensor and get some answers series go to the tech become guess finally got to what does Joseph Corey former NFL agent nobody does the numbers better than this guy for CBS sports and CBS sports dot com July you don't man it's good to talk dia. So we're doing well so I I'll I'll start with this as we talked Kantor's own talk the offseason and what were just under a month ago month away for medical free agency firing up. This this whole themed. We're doing with the Panthers right now where are up for sale who has the full time GM the interim GMs on on unpaid leave right now author for the NFL being an in under investigation. If it does this have any impact on free agency and how you approach it or is that more just stuff for us to talk about. It can be a secondary factor of the whole. Question of franchise stability. It would be a primary consideration. But all things being equal. With a couple other teams you're considering it might tip the balance in the favor another key point. You talk about primary consideration that is key issue right cash on cold that's always the proper consideration players who say. All right so winning team in neck goes out the window wants money start stop. For me what's oh yeah I love so publicly disgraced time a year old law. Cleveland business Kevin Butler last year and came diet paid dark. Unreal select let's jump into this Jolie had so many questions are so much started to get into let's start Marty attorney Chris for now you know not on even on paid leave easy interim general manager. I ask you about how would you rate him I don't know Dave different strengths or weaknesses and that's why askew but how would you rate the job Marty did during his tenure here is a longer tenure compared to Dave Gelman what it what do you think it other strengths or weaknesses of both of those guys. Well I think Dave's story there was an account of valuation. Marty. I questioned some of the decisions after a lot out but you have do you also take into consideration. But it keep operating under the directive ownership personally I wouldn't pay too running backs like they're or court running backs but that's me. But he was still able to give the franchise and a pretty deep positions so. Not can argue anything Marty Gator Indy. Do would you have a decision this is that a major talking point as you can imagine because as you said it didn't end well here when Marty was let go and I think it has overshadow a lot of the good that he did. I as well but who do you think he is in your mind do you think he's a guy you'd say. He's got a bona fide he's he's he's credible enough that worthy you know some of being one of 32 out of those GM's again. I think he wasn't gonna get another team's job and if he hadn't become interim GM again it wasn't GAAP reform. I've ever didn't date when he was in San Diego just piper started dealing with them before I came over to Carolina. Yup. What what do you do so what would what would be easy for you were you sound like you're saying if if your name you're not but he Jordan charged. You might you be looking at outside candidate to be called the shots moving force for the Panthers it sounds like. One I wouldn't necessarily want a beauty GM until we know reception situation is that all. Because anytime you have the regime change whether it's. Knew him committed under new ownership Daimler where they may want to bring in their own the so. I would be very reluctant to become a Carolina Panthers you know mentally orders that situation is that. So let's start talking about some of these these holes this team needs to fill and how to go about it joy and paper right now based off both. A word that were to cap does have a cap space to the printers actually have to work with right now going into the offseason. Well based on kind of projections of a 178. Point one million roughly nineteen million which is not great ally that also means that it. If you wanna stick a franchise tag on Andrew Norway 04 slightly over fourteen million. You know half. Cut players restructure contracts. It's not a good situation right there aren't sure awful were often wrongly Joseph Corey CBS sports CBS sports dot com he's on Twitter I cordial. With this right now. On the technique on gas line and I would say before you joined us. Julia could look at this of one of two ways which is injured or was found money he's on draft did you develop them he's turned into one of the best players in his position. In the NFL but he she said the numbers are the numbers might be hard to justify keeping him. But at the same time. Hey I did develop them and I don't wanna give up on a player like that so you could say hey we found one we can do it again or you could say what are we doing developing players if we're not take people so we took. That that's that's the argument it's going on the cancer front office right now. Well the question is you would have to cut price guards not meet teams do. You have. The Oakland Raiders to high price cards yet the Cleveland Browns too high price cards and that's it you major choice last summer. When you. Made Terry Turner a priority over nor oil moral goes out as a career year he's a first team all pro you put upon the open market. I think he tops given thought it was the and that's history now his situation. You're gonna have to pay him more than starter if you wanna keep them let's put a franchise tag on him in the genetic traits also this she's been. Because of the lack camper. If you were to franchise central core is what this against CBS sports CBS sports are coming few word of franchise tag him. And it's not all that realistic it is if he's gonna make fourteen mile on a franchise tag this year. Given what he's made his entire career army displayed in a one year franchise tag in and you act apart franchise tag on me again next year for post a seventeen million dollars and then I'll get my money it is. Do you get to become the first team opera this year I'm gonna perform at a similar level. And I'm still young enough where I would give my money and by the end Zach Martin has moved to view even more so by it yet. Marketing and restricted free agent may be dumped it more than I was going to give this year after pocketing fourteen million. Joseph what are the guys if you order if you were to try to if you were Marty Arian is seems Andy's here he really talk where this number now is really sort of seems that this is that this is this is a very slim possibility but if you were if if you were to start. Moving some contracts around whether it's cutting or restructuring guys where would you start if you if you were if you're a painter she got some guys who say maybe they're a little older than the money's high you could you could start here if you're trying to add some more salary cap what are the moves to take you make your over the next little bit. Well first wrestler of Charles Johnson you respond that it would the president rotation anyways the unity or as 3.5 right there. I don't know Julius Peppers mostly football next year if he does he definitely has gas left in the tank so. Whatever money you have for Charles Johnson how clean gates Julius Peppers come back and play for the same amount of money roughly four. I'd million dollars again. This year. We've been talking about for several years. Did maybe it's time to part ways with Jonathan Stewart. How he's going upon your contract. This may be the time he's not the top Mr. T used. Is also an older running back. You would save three point 75 million right there. Is well. Unfortunately you can't do any thing with the mat to real contract I don't know why that signing occurred to begin with. But you're stuck with him. Because the way to contract structure. Is base salary is fully guaranteed eleven million. Dropped to one million if you pay him eighteen million dollar option bonus. Between Peru portal laster this contract between the first of fifty that we use that's mid march. If you don't pick up the option year he stays on the roster septa payment ten million dollar. Make ten million dollar payment. There's just no way you get out of that contract fortunately. You can start playing their restructuring game your biggest candidates would be Cam Newton twenty win that million dollar cap number. KK short seventeen million dollar cap number was equally. Cap number is slightly over thirteen million. Your best three players they're not any danger of going anywhere anytime soon so if you wanna shift money around group it. In the future years don't do your best bet. Of course there's been an assistant under Joseph course of the CBS sports CBS sports stock comes with a shred now on the technique come disliked and what about ironically only you restructure that deal with the U we Lamar. Well he's secondary tire after the 2018 season and I know you get Larsson who ended up playing. Systematic games. Who'll be making 630000. Dollars so. Yes you could pick up. X seven point by many cap room. Because this is upon your wrist deal if you wanted to do it. You could convert a good portion of salary into signing bonus. At affordable years and then lower the cap hit this year which are going to have gave money. In 2019. That's something you guys have done previously that they needed to Jordan Gross along time ago. The the one contract I was looking at Joseph I was kind of surprised that is a no they gave mug a good amount of money I'd just was really come blown away when I saw some of the numbers. Specialist since he didn't make a big impact and it was his playing time came and went captain wonderland I mean that's it debt and that number relative to what he doesn't provide on the team that that's not done that contract looks really odd now and I said over the last year. Yeah yeah he's got to think gay. One point one million of those one point nine million dollar base salary fully guaranteed on on March 16. Got reform mean dollar cap hit. The that your best bet would be to make him what's caught up post June 1 designation. Which means you items you can hear him on the cap until June wind in the game. You get to spread the cap hit over 2018 in nineteen. They're being one point five million of the cap charge left for this year and 3002019. That would. You mentioned cam the interest in seeing joy and I I'd kind of forgot about this he can opt out. After the end of next season and beyond his play given the market that seems like a no brainer right if you're if you're Cam Newton. You why would you would almost certainly opt out of the end of 2018 to go get that new money that slowed after the quarterback market since he signed. There's not that came news view I don't ever recall their being there was a street. Five year deal. A weird I go kick some CMA committee Omar and Osama spot trek right now under shown a potential out in 2019. After the first four years of that deal. Now another note snow out okay let's signing an option bonus OK okay the option bonus which is what it's stretches same way with equally Steele is. He's under contract through when he torn. Okay now that's good news then all right so we got a call Joseph logical cores with us right now CBS sports CBS sports dot com we're gonna let him go the moment are speaking a quarterback money what what exactly did save for Cisco do with this which is massive contract. Offer Jimmy grapple and they did this once with Colin Capp record there was really some funny money in here and they front loaded this when I had how does status this deal stack up to other quarterback deals out there because and they want the press release but how much real money tied up and Jimmy drop below right now. There's there's much more real audio thing powering Kaplan excuse capitalism or the paper it's printed on. Cap pretty cat about a twelve act like totally fully guaranteed signing. Which was ridiculous. Giving out quarterback deals more drop below has 48 point seven million fully guaranteed signing. So you really key it. You created them. Until between between seizing it be turned out not to be what they create he is. You got 37 million dollar cap number this year which is just there ridiculous amount they have under the cap but. That over committing cap room so it was Smart for them to front load because tracked cap wise so that gives them more flexibility. Good point either put pieces around or is cap numbers won't be is largely could've been that they structured the deal more conventionally. Into. Taking it out of the deal minimal. Cap residual aspects EPA is that the players they think he is peace highest paid player by average. Salary for now. By the time 2018 regular season starts he could before. While all right Joseph Corey CBS sports. CBS sports Doug come nobody does this number stuff better than him former NFL agent and he's on Twitter at Corey jolt joy it's great to talk to you man thanks to make it time for us. Cheery topic trap because there you go told Corey hold on we come back. We got George tadano from ESPN a 45 minutes we just thoughts on the hornets will be or on the MBA with him as well he keeps a painter saw grown we gonna talk about this all season to do list. You know start to get excited now on setting and after talking to Joseph and I'm getting today's Q and on a daily Louis Chris Kroger this awesome amazing. And I kind of wanna believe that Rob Gronkowski rumor it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Conversation with a jolt Korea's prime time or powered by ortho Carolina Damione Lewis is here he's fled his flu ridden house. They come here where it's probably all around us hold on actually a really good Tennis Channel whilst fighting amongst us. McEnroe Lysol spray were good for good for another few hours today a little while. Damien Lewis was I was excited to talk to Joseph court because again I just read the stats are from. From pro football focus saying that injured Orwell would guard who is an undershirt is free agents found money undrafted guys developed into one of the best players this position young player it is eight players at his position in the NFL did not allow a sack or hit all season surrendering fifteen pressures on over 11100 snaps in playing all seventeen games. And Joseph Corey basically telling us. Now opera. Like I mean I've got to put it I don't take a week ago and nineteen million dollars can't tell you we stepped on the locks and all of that one looks nice. The dope as collateral we all too came along we run a credit real quick. How under the umbrella. You Speedo and then my fear part of anybody want on any car dealership bodily dale earnhardt's Chevy easy to get to ratify highway sixteen in Newton visitor in our shivered outcome of what you are the driver's seat she go to car dealer right net clear and credit. Have you seen this might this my my favorite term study used car anymore. What was the term they use surfers and pre certified pre Jose Veras I. 30. Have you any checked our pre owned in Manhattan and from Houston. Here's part owner with its pre owned okay that's when it's not used guards. It's it's new to you which pre owned is what that is so I mean this Orwell thing seems like. In less you're willing to cut ties with a lot of dudes lot of short and then even then what you'd grab where's the worst the other money to go get the other guys you you need to speaks to his ideas and Dario these dumb and dumb is dumb and dumber reference from from before other coming handing IOUs just all their potential free agent and you guys agility on the Billings and a test drive or use the Seminole war. I'm so. 9610. I text her reading in I get a minutes of bleeping idiot another says sounds like the painters these fines alone at the Gelman fixed us financially a lot of things are so broke. Another one set up ides I just learned Immelman and Ernie are both terrible GM this and then a surreal sort and I hope Tina Becker. Loved or Tina record talked to our last guest. I hope she did you begin is did pitchers are in. They have to make some tough call I weighs ninety million it's more like you to take somewhere between two and a half to four and half for that freer rookie class. Wright's name and our team it's museums and you should see me race and do they have any restricted free agents. Actually wanna sing no one that I don't think they do have any restricted free not anybody of note I could be wrong on that I don't think in any. Mean out of restrictive freedoms of notes so that is. It's instant she texture renting it that mr. nor well as an IOU. That's as good as money. Hey let's try it man get her to drier right like that's. That middle class yes well you see you what has it was our own. I'm I'm like legitimately. Depressed now there are so annoying coming Beckham. There's merit in the even if she doesn't come back there's going to be some changes. I'm nineteen million dollars million came to them would. I text erroneously given probably had a plan though we don't know it would have been for this year but I'm sure what do worked out our news stories. Benjamin I mean you understand I'm sure Gelman had a play about hold on here you just heard what it would would a jolt talked about with Magglio is contract. I disagree on I think you do then we like it doesn't. During my Mario for a what do you think Cuba I'd rather see you think you won't like people say what you want an outside candidate other than hurting or not light looks okay which looks cargo back to find two Coleman's a little money they dig a little was in that. Google Nevada or. I mean medical legal that is the deal of the century. A century that he got in fact that a majority wrote a piece for CBS sports art com about Blake and he being a former AG he wrote he wrote a piece based upon the best deals. I'm in the NFL in terms for the Asian for the player and a guy get the money and the guy in the money and Bakley was number one a little more on our lives forever I just. I'm really just it's angels they sum up primary and secondary considerations. In what's the primary consideration case. -- little acacia right now cash all right all I wish I 55 o'clock hour Rick wants to Jonas we get to that we got to get to this drug story we talked this painters to do list. It's longer than we thought it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.