Primetime: Panthers Question Marks & Dwayne Bacon

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Thursday, October 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-hosts Jamar Nesbit & Darin Gantt discuss the Panthers-Eagles game tonight, as well as talk with Hornets rookie Dwayne Bacon. 


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I told you I decided to come up with something you call it the flaming fuel because once more red hot in the Carolina Panthers offense or. So we're gonna take this skinny girl my. One car or hassled far. Decaf cola. And topped it off with a little skim milk. I'm because it's the flaming shall we got a flu just enough 151 on top of it says don't fire just bring this thing all again. So you're wondering to yourself. After their 151 burns off you blow it out and you drink this drink down. This drink sounds kind of familiar. And in honor of Mike Shula knew it's. Almost exactly the recipe. Rural life Russian. Except the littlest girl. So what Philadelphia freedom but you're yards Thursday night football Panthers and Eagles. Prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina we are here at the WS veggie Coca-Cola dog cast that is Jabbar and as it soda. I saw you roll your eyes listening to that opened with a man beside you and Darren did a pro football talk dot com man of many to prepare yourself now look he just sounded real excited about that mixture of a comeback as he's had beverage I'll let me ask sounds weak and these are old. America I got the Bucs safety he he's ergonomic solid generators so hard and I can't wait for he has got something's brewing supposedly for the south. Panthers and Eagles in do not adjust your TV sets America tonight actually. Should be good Thursday night football quality Thursday night football. Meaningful Thursday night football food on actual six some lines for Thursday night's football. And two teams that quite honestly going into the season nobody was really expecting to be playing a game like this on Thursday night football source said stakes in week six people think we're being sarcastic when we say this bill what's good football and I actually good for a change it's something you might look forward to I think a lot of tents on Thursday nights it sounds like we're trying to talk you into being excited about something you should not be excited about now this should actually be entertaining product you meet we would never sell somebody a bill of goods right we would never tried to force of will we think make somebody else watch something that we might be. In round and round about way getting paid full now don't we would ever do that but tonight guide tonight I I was saying it on on Monday. All right after the Panthers found a way to beat alliance now back to back wins. I have to put them atop the NFC south sit there are 41 Eagles are atop the NFC east at 41. And ducked it seems that could put some pressure on some other teams going into the weekend. Where is your sit there looking at the Panthers have 51 all right I guess I could keep up we are at that point of the season where. Dig that the jockeying has begun and we know who's good. We go whose probably not good. And we do know there are some teams that have the makings of finding it out perhaps Dallas is a team like that Washington I think he's got some potential for something like that. Tampa New Orleans are still gonna hang it around right now if they can get out of their way. And Carolina's got a chance Philly too. To sit here right now when it's also and done tonight it's a short week it's Sox. Your point for the second time at five days a point for the third time in eighteen days of Sox hit these guys' bodies have to feel awful tonight actually get a feel awful but you do get back collected the retreat on the other end Nez is you win tonight guess what. That pain feels a little better tomorrow and you get that extra time on the back end and we're five and one. Everybody else go chase us all right at least that's what they tell you until you Waco on Monday and if you still feel that he's still you probably feel worse and it's horrible with but. Like you sit saying time and no part of people aren't really come up and attention to like this is a division game. So it's going to count one and a half you know go forward or backwards and you know this is for. Core local playoff seeding right there mean when it comes down head to head if you expect these two teams to be at the top granite city. I think they head to head matchup is gonna matter and honestly ME uniter again I don't think anybody anticipated it was gonna set up this way. But as we sit here going into week six. The Carolina Panthers probably have as few questions. As anybody in the inner city. While. I mean broader grabbing your head for a second every other team in the NFC you can look and say yeah they're playing OK now but I really don't like and what about the running game. All of that that's one and a that's one of the few questions. Right I mean they had this is rules courses resentment that a fuel yeah it's up and down in and part of it as a mentioned a second ago as we had releasing same offense two weeks in Iraq. Gates are impossible to know what to expect from Shula and at what to expect from camp. Because there they don't have an idea that yet I mean what's they've done the last two weeks throwing the ball has been great. But today it's it's still it's caught everybody off guard. Yet and I would say here's what's interesting about the running game the Panthers up by the numbers are also running a football right now absolutely also won the worst teams in the NFL right now. At at running the football they're they're sitting there are right now ranked nineteenth in Russia also told us the last time you would set a painter's team. It Annika put the last fifteen years which ranked nineteenth in rushing offense that meets catastrophic injuries that means now you look at it nick go into the backfield and he just can only get you and your children hey you really believe you were pretty healthy network and you know listening to support this team is so committed to the running game. Didn't it we can pay attention to get the fact they are they having success node out there really struggle to run the football right now. Our from a production standpoint averaging 3.4 yards per carry their what the worst in the NFL in terms of yards per carry here's the number of matters. They're seventh that attempts they've got 145 Russian tips on the year they want to get away from Iran there's stay committed to Iran. And the fact that they are committed even if it's not productive enough yet as Cory he's doing enough to keep the defense honest in the wake can't play the last two weeks. I'm not saying I expect a third straight 300 York three TD game for him no. But I do think he's gonna Apple's success seeing the ball out against the Eagles secondary. That's given a bawdy arts and ought to pass plays it on so I don't worry about this regimen happens I think that's just gonna get fixed and there. You're up near the top of the NFL terms of total attempts which I think is a more meaningful stat woven so what we also have to understand and and acknowledges the purpose of the running game that the Carolina Panthers are using it for. Right they're using it to keep their defense fresh. They're using it to eat up Tom possession. Price of airplane complementary football even though the numbers are not gaudy. The number of attempts like you just mentioned is the important part of it because now you're also taking wearing Terrell for your quarterback. And hopefully keeping him. You know engaged in fresh throughout the entire spent the game yeah it gives not run of the all right now not now compared to what he was it to at this point two years ago. Camp camps passing numbers are better at this point that there were two years ago I was rushing numbers are way down. And next if I mean here we are two weeks later in Europe and I think it is fair to say the Panthers might have the fewest questions about them is of any major team in the NFC right now. Armed but we were you could've said that two weeks so effective but since it closer to the opposite of that. ATM and was involved thought those questions and now. You feel like I don't know how many questions I have about cam going to unite you know what I've learned about the NFL and drag it around twenty years. Practicing makes you better stuff. And now that he's actually healthy enough to go out there on Wednesday and Thursday in do things. He's gotten better at the things they wanted to do it's a mystery. Practice. Talk about practice tomorrow. We ought to practice that's Jamar Nesbit Derek get this is prime time power by ortho Carolina we're here WS NC Coca-Cola doc just have a T from the Griffin Brothers. Studios this afternoon we'll take it till six and at six. Our pregame coverage oral want. Ot Kyle Bailey is gonna be over there it fell over here with hit and it will take you all the way up it Tony thirty kick off tonight which you'll be able to hear on our sister station news 1110993. WPD 70457. Overnight 68 if you wanna join us at any point you could do that would take your calls. Also you can text as there are the buildings that are techs like 704. But seven out nights extent tweet us at primetime WFANZ. Proudly Jewelers toward her feet great way to get involved throughout the show easy way to get involved. Apparently recently they what are the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations that is currently Jewelers. And proudly Jewelers dot com. Email us primetime at WS IZ dot com we'll get those. In the garage door guru. Email inbox we've got duck you want shortest three I neagle 330 my quick former Eagles locker -- the former pro bowlers no radio analyst still join us at 430. And we should hear from Dwight baker in his opening hour coming up at 250 he's played us a good basketball right now as a rookie got a store last night. We cheer me lamps it not to do is. He's groin injury and point bacon looks I don't want I know it's early can put stock a pre season basketball which a truck now I will try. But to the eye test last night pulled it look we've seen it for years and this now or. The one thing people seem to hammer Steve Clifford for his close palladium guys close to play the young guys. Alyssa got talent why you play the young guys he seemed as if almost by necessity right now with nick the tubes injury. Any lack depth at point guard and he's going to play these young guys and they played a lot for the last two pre season games. And they looked the part now like Malik mock make the mistake is an awful defender. But he tries applicable amazed that tries it was as an effort there you can work with them don't know we had to be after all day long like I'll take that all people want to cut and those guys a washed up less Mike it'll take away the fact of the scores pre season basket scored as a matter that. You don't see flash as you wanna see that he can do or that is yet in those guys were looking for the Agile intuitive I don't know if bacon is going to be an NBA player he Bart idol looks like one I mean he walks out on the court you like that there's a player right there and in mock is interesting to make is in watching that game last night. Again you don't wanna attach importance to score worse marine there are results in pre season could really tell you what I was thinking about a week ago at the final score was lesson but when I don't watch did not leak monitors and you can are ill bit offensively he is not out of place it at the very baseline from a leak mocked if he doesn't develop I think if he never learns a single. Play if he doesn't pick up anything from Steve Clifford he is at least Vinnie Johnson. He's opting itself the BT six man who can come in and did shoot twenty on some certain night. When you are didn't score for their Frontline yeah echoed in the Jeremy Lin. Ask doesn't play defense. But too well I would say less more physical so that's the difference there but I was impressed with this with mark he is not only his also it's of skills already a really good the really cute I was impressed with how he actually use. Taking to beat up according play point at a high school Kentucky out of us off guard. I'll put heat he's out there with his eyes on the court he's not looking to shoot he's look at the past we turn the ball over a lot a couple of games ago last night. He was taking care of the ball distributing the ball like I was impressed I didn't think this idea of him being a ball handler at a point guard. Good work. I think it's I think you know what you were probably would've been a gala guarding college if he went play what (%expletive) up and yeah I mean Darren talking college hoops didn't he didn't. Had to do those things are going. And that's a great thing about playing on the team as talented as Kentucky a mean you're able to beat to a specialist are able to do a single playing and get in a particular line that's part of the reason I mean. It you know I wouldn't panic I mean let's keep in mind the kids still what nineteen years old to. Com he's got time to learn things these this is ordinarily the time when he would be developing a game and learning stuff and I thought well let's be honest who doesn't want to be the point guard. Specially today's NBA on their right out of everybody wants everybody in the centers and one being exactly. So you know why would he not put in that extra effort to try and tried developing go for now. What happened is if he was the point guard in NATO but they wanted to move him off the ball woo. Eagles are hurt now aren't we get a break our first we come back you guys shortest 704570. 96 tick up to deal I for the WS Lindsay Coca-Cola dog house right across the street from Bank of America Stadium it's quiet now in a few hours. It will not Thursday night football and I I think it's gonna be a great game tonight we talk about why would Nez and DG after this its prime time power by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which preschool program powered by ortho Carolina dot com commercials on the schedule you play your schedule. But secondly it's it's about how you approach each game I mean what we don't orders it to remain your own video window be successful plumbing tri has one thing but doing best the most important. And I think our guys understand that this is important game most is tell you guys cause warmer about the plight but you know this this big guy. She did it. It's in the sixties I'm voice. Nice article is that Savard does this we got Gary Gail or prime time powered by ortho Carolina testing head coach Ron Rivera get ready for kickoff tonight. That's six hours away it's a lake kicked a thirty kick off on Thursday night football and died of lead nationally televised CBS. And does we get the raw vote treatment tonight he's going to be part acting every Panthers play. As it happens that I can predict Mike Shula is offense before a happy that he doesn't matter analysts that I am that is substance a look at PI the end of telmex FL network CBS and give resigned. I streaming out coverage tonight for the game we got the call on our sister station news 11101993. WPT we're here to perform brother studios and I of course takes do a Coca-Cola. We're all brought out some Coke right now. We got you guys tried it zero sugar zero sugar it's delightful it's it's a taste just like Coke does that. Very close to our refreshing it's great and it's your sugar your calories they're going to be up back with the Coca fresh team tonight to come try it. And we got to break new taste test experience you guys to put it to the test. Offer yourself always right here are with the W offense he Coca-Cola dock us we got callers want to jump pit 704570. Ninths extended number on that schools back in session but doesn't have to stop only played I've talked to the boss of steam. And die head on over to some gravity defying action at sky high sports Charlotte locating him until a savings of 60% go to get my perk stuck comp for that deal now and also don't forget. About two and a half hours away from your next opportunity to win 1000 dollars that comes your way at 5 o'clock or Grand Slam giveaway here. On WS since the 7-Eleven two wood five each and every day and get more details at W affinity dot com. George drew opening topic of the day I'll. Still running at first we get to suspend your calls next deriding it 70457. Overnight extent buildings that are text line. Well and. Bearing settled their own obviously a big description bacon expected to join us at thirty minutes that's borderline Tommy hiding since stuff. We don't are boycotting heights that he was calling the a Celtics hornets gave up a few weeks ago and you know he was talk about you know Aaron Bates you know the Australian air Baines and yet some interest in conservation if you're never I don't. Let's talk talk talk. Austria all of Austria currently put together that was you better be careful I joined a vacant description was strictly from a basketball Stan are you better be careful which way baker when he when he what he joins us to put up you look just like all of Australia looks like all of ploy it's the all it's the deficits the topic he. He put the right of the rocket does that size kangaroo tail off now man RK want shorty Vista yesterday he's at the rate. And I Eagles on the call for Westwood One tonight he'll join us coming up at 330 would play nickel dropped by we're expected that around 250. And it did the a couple of interesting mix. I I don't think I'm intrigued to see about and I pesetas a week about Philly against. This Panthers defense the thing I like about Carson what's this dude is pretty tough and he likes to stand in the pocket he's not afraid to stayed a little extra longer fight off the sack. Take Saxon. I he's not afraid to try to throw the ball and contested situation I don't like kind of a thing as all the line. Okay but here's a take a sacks agree you don't like debt now to get our senior citizen right up that would goes that's an apparent on your scorecard not his neck but the thing that's really interesting is this like this he likes to throw the ball down the field. It as opposed to a lot of offenses that are trying to. Built more efficient throws it to the offense back we find it easier throes of a papers are doing this right now Cam Newton that we spot a way to. To build some checked out that we find a way to build some layups into the offense. The Eagles have some of that stuff with Doug Peterson. But they like to take shots down the field to. And this hit their defense is predicated in built solely on. You're not gonna take shots down the field so I wanna see that matchup tonight and it's kind of interesting that it's evolved that way because Doug Peterson is from end of the Andy Reid coaching tree. Andy Reid has always had a reputation of being a tick down passing guy wanna be safe don't wanna take any chances. Alex Smith people use game manager like it's a slur with Alex Smith and now the son Alex missing aired it out move the ball downfield and do well I would well look at this is the exact same quarterback I mean I think a lot of it is just. The plays you call for him in the stuff you allow on the throw in days so it's kind of interesting for Peterson to beat. Turn in a second year quarterback loosened much the same way and didn't similar result. Swapping the reason he's been all TV and out. The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. I think one of the reasons he's able to make that leap is because he took his lumps last year Lumina fire and they they've led him alarm when it was going to be like what is gonna be. Necessary for him to be successful in this year to. And you know after you understand you've gone through the trials and tribulations that you know you've taken those unnecessary hits you own those. Those picks that you now understand you know that you were baited into. I think you know you grow. With and you we vault as you know you quarterback coach and as a quarterback. Individuals are. Let's go to the post you're 704570. Not extend over to Japan. On the phone to end the buildings that are text line and now let's go to like DJ who's up first today TJ what's up man makes a vacant not force. Closed doors botched. Do you avoid where you are seeing that the clippers haven't found not gonna be awarded in this country blystone posts telling you when you're in the past few years they've moved into anything they need to beating lavandera but when he was there you know hundred yards and have been conducting their older I think. Just actually gain may yet change when you warned it would absolutely killed slipping whatever anyway did you did you base stolen web an airplane they can do long term in office. What it actually looked off continued all the usual. The tone what you want to do we'll do this we'll tell it this way carry that weight and looked at all. A lot of back and everybody remembers its clever and shrewd game he was sorry about can end did you lose all. Did you more than everybody else because what you are enrolled team PW looks looks great. Absolutely no more than everybody on that one I don't mean to kids Dixon anticipated that. I didn't see them come and I was kind of really disappointed I don't know how much differently when they go anywhere without rest and upload more than what you think about. It take to keep you off this kind of like keep everybody guessing and in coordination things. I guess it's a good idea I mean you hope that that's what they're turning his dissident and ivory office once I mean everybody wants to be that way at the differences five weeks vs five Super Bowl trophy schools I mean there is there a record of achievement at being able to do that here and you know and right now at the moment we're talking about ten about two weeks phenomenon was solvency. Things right so you're alluding to it a little bit. The question is do you trust Shula to be able to handle that metamorphosis weekend and week out and to be able to diagnose. What that other defense is going to do and then be able to is not something that's going to two. Expose. Those defensive deficiencies of the other team. You know the other portion of that is. Yes and no on who is this what they want to be I would onshore. That you want to have. A set identity that when it comes down to it we can rest on the fact that weak team do six. Verses won't be heated to a situation now what is it that were going to do. Because we haven't developed an identity to be able to rest our hat no laurels on that when things get. We know how we're going to operate from that well. I wonder if that thing though is Devin conscious I wonder if there and I don't I mean will port so was solid as yesterday and it's crazies that sounds and it I agree you know sink thing DG. It's five weeks for just five years you wish there would boost the last couple Mondays. We'll see starting to look like Q but everybody wanted it to you what he's starting to look like you re doing the things you used to do he's getting the physical yards. He's brought it across the middle he's using his bod NH and most made a career out of doing that now he used his strength it is this the Cali to his advantage and we're seeing this with DeVon fortress an I wonder. If this passing offense is now move the movement forward if it will work I'd be different point just is not you're you're atypical number one. He's not your he's not your O'Dell Beckham he's not sure Antonio back brown. But this offense doesn't wanna be that they wanna force beat a guy but if you know pay. I can run the slant Iraq could run this cross Iraqi run this digger I can run this out in this guy. He's I two I could trust you can catch the ball he's gonna get to the six. And he's gonna get those yards or at least protect me from making nice day yes it's funny here and you talk about routes so funny that's funny that's funny on. All right 70457. And I its extent didn't participate the FBP at his office for me through five weeks of it I don't I don't know what she would say maybe you'd say. Can't because of the way he's played the last two weeks that are overshadow some of that stuff but Devin forges. I mean I think he's just absolutely stepped his game up and done everything you thought you wanted to do and then sold out and I think it's been huge nova MVP it is if consistency or are you most improved player. Right he's certainly that I mean Devin fronts this last couple years have been tees and this I mean you come out of training camp every year and somebody always tell me. And keep her own punches he's really coming on he's really doing that. And you. You've heard it for a couple of years and then you get into the season and it's time non OK where is it. This year it's actually happening and you know it's it's one of those things folks have are they here across the street are. You know proud of the progression and said this was always come in who we had no reason to believe this was coming prior to the last this week is this the Jericho Cotchery effective way you could always give credit to who we could we give us an idea it's just that he's in his third year in the league maybe it's just that he's learned how to do this thing I mean. You compared in the Hussein Mohamed go back and look at most of its first two years stats most of it took Mosul while to become a player. Oh you always hear people say your threes the year when guys break out your three the year and and it is your three for. For launches and it appears to be a decision a year three for commitment to our. We take is easy entry into account you're talking regulatory for him. Well armed just in your opinion about it and you know how my transformation from you know being a young kid coming out of college and playing in the league and then trying to figure out. When did it really snapped into focus there was a I'm older but it is true. Stop again if you just get inducted into the South Carolina Gamecocks hall of fame last a couple weeks ago so stop it still stop it all right let's go to Soledad so I just gorgeous up months seven and as planet from 25 to 27 to 6810 years degrees here thriller so there's the ball we'll look at clutches his numbers right now he's he's already surpassed that believe it's receptions for all of last year he's two touchdowns away from tying his career high in his rookie year of five he's got three already all those who come in the last two weeks. At a depth of clutches is basically had the best season of his career yes. Reports of fighting breast decade predicts Indiana the best season of his career last week so it took the first a quarter and a half of the season was built let's go to Matt who wants to jump to this what's up Matt what you wanna say. I guess that I had some most and almost receivers. You know I agree punches and Binyamin nothing they both. You know at times in the game they have a certain. You know how they can run ended the current economic coverage that. You can't cover them what's with their size. And Camden new newfound ability it really remedies to step it up with this ad saying you know backers legalized. You know putting the ball and place them and put some past the end of my share that was you know that you couldn't cover minivan he was covered they need to just put that bar there and you know I think that India you know that he's situation you know third downs and intimate and the reds the red when huge advantage existing could have bowed out. How our web part about it defense. I'm content expecting them tonight. Play really well and get some turnovers article listing more has three turnovers in five games. Which I mean. You know racing here at this defense is as some Mets hung their hat on. You know ahead play even my passion they had no looking point seven turnovers you record them they're crazy like 3738. Turnovers are a problem. You know this bit I think this defense is gonna start doing that they've they've had some chances and actually you know I just said the united you know I can't interceptions or have a bubble bounced their way sort of I think that's gonna star turn around and not expect in the gay couple I know. I really topping this day might not be as close as a lot of people respecting. Greta that's when my attempt. All right I met I appreciate the call that maybe they do we know I think the wind is what is it still 33 and a half for tonight's game bomb. You don't buy say ten I don't know if that's crazy cassettes you know is the only touchdown the fourth quarter something to pull away is this what he's gave you see. Kind of always always a one possession game until. Final few minutes of the fourth quarter somebody finds a way to polishing off here's what I know if there's last week defensively and got after Matt Stafford Matt Stafford had an 80%. Completion percentage. In twenty edit his 41 drop offs for the Panthers only sit for. The 21 at a forty drop back the dropped actually they were just said and everybody. He he could hit the broadside of a part I mean he always he was absolutely just get demolished 47% completion. Six of this all six of the sacks came on blitzes the Panthers on Sunday against Stafford and they. Date they brought date they brought the house twelve pressures. When I was eight when they brought multiple law rushers on Sunday against Stafford. And beat the Eagles are a team that likes the play that way to their aggressive on defense split. You know Carson went by the numbers Israel and and most quarterbacks this why why you play it's not a very good quarterback. When we see multiple defenders right. I would expect cancer can be pretty aggressive again on at seven a lot of guys at in a mixing up the way they're setting guys sit at at Carson when it's. I think they're gonna have to an offering what thing that really kind of hasn't been said is the Carolina Tampa defense is facing a mere image of their own office. Right they have house on Jeffrey in court and to and Torrey Smith. Two big physical wide receivers are going to take the top off at the fences but they're big bodies that are physical in there and air route running. And and they're catching it they're catching and then their yards after the catch so. It is something that they've seen every day so I think this is going to be one of those defense that struggled more so than people think. Because the teams are so some new week yeah with each other from a body type and manner is my place. I think it's absolutely I mean that's why I'm so curious Amanda I missed a pickle anybody about Thursday night football as an enterprise. But tonight's game may mean the even if that wasn't here in my backyard across the street I would. The interest it didn't seem in this game he says there for a change in an approach that one right they'd do well they've got a hockey is gonna have gone you know and I don't like key states is locked into a great thirst in the game tonight RH 704. 570. Ninths extended over to Japan on the phones and other buildings that are techs like we is that primetime WS NC to a vacant in fifteen minutes let's go to we see here many wants to jump there was up Manny. I guess I don't know about it until Greg buddy how are you. Baker curb what we're let me let me they got hurt we. And I think that it will be a bit I'll tell you generally considered borrow but this has clearly brilliant group I don't like it nearly year mainly tornadoes what. I'm glad I can't just there's. Well over a bridge all this how disable the scan it but I feel like. Like a big boys always I have been married a broad put your partner but no real quick go to my horse wet start. Almost. A minute now don't you take what agreements. Operate we want to thank my late tomorrow. Just a bit down missed all summer comic also and we knew ecology score. But our family market probably. Probably the cameras are all sore but I hopefully you'll see what are saying I'm OJ play it looked at eight hour. But this guy right here it's going to be a superstar or Charlotte hornets I don't know host these basic just be clear spurts type of gang critical coach quit at all weigh in about basics but actually you disk has I don't know if you guys. Watch steps. And I'll stay has been under a TARP like the first two years everyone trying to speaker and get bigger stronger whatever. This guy eerily reminds me so much of him I know it's just a couple a gas. But I'm telling you may have based right here air it and doubt litigate what we show oh. May be good buddy good to talk to you are at 70457. Not six or what that's. That's the one thing everybody said. When they draft him awake mark all the analysts were saying you got star potential you can't say that about a lot of guys don't but Donovan ritual now I like Don Mitchell a lot and I think he's going to be. BA he's going to be a guy so he's a place for a long time and a sleek. But there's the people think there's a certain ceiling when it comes to Donna Mitchell's gable leak want east's sole. Silky with these two luckiest shopper is crazy good it's already it it is efficient there's nothing mechanically wrong with it. He gets it also quick he can take he can get off the shot at a moment's notice in traffic. And we US debt that this guilty Yousef Kris got that tied the game to a lot of guys do the elite scores and AM BA that's what changes the way teams defend you when they change the way they defend you it opens up everything else so I think mark's got that capability to his game. Com we'll see you see the star potential what do we realized idols and actually roll. It materialized but it could difficult yet that's the deer like. That's the thing that's a tough for the MBA is leading the guy now only with star potential put it actually hits and for once though. I mean this is no knock on Cody Zeller this is no knock on frank Kaminsky. They drafted those guys knowing what their ceiling once they're very good players they can be very good player they'll probably play 810 years and us lake Butler monks monks got like a ridiculously high ceiling for what he could beat whether he gets there or not obviously that that's February develops physically that's going to be whether it develops. On the defense then that's going to be whether he could find a way to be actually a point guard David all the talk about a point guard can play with another backcourt there are likable walker returns diseases smaller guy. And that's going to be that thing and at some point. Because he plays for Steve Clifford he's going to have to learn how to play or at least show some interest in playing defense. And it. There's nothing to suggest we don't know enough about to get now you know. I would imagine based on cliff circuit. And then he's going to review that in. Him at a certain point you just eventually got to say all right here's which are gonna do if you get. You've got to develop as part of it but he's young and it's gonna take time and he's not ready to be. An NBA defensive player right now I think Joey sweetie residing here this is I was on the air less than where we're at at the game I east William Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WS NC. Marley recently they want the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. Proudly Jewelers dot com saying that I think many compared him to Jamal Crawford last night. That's it yourself and that's a good company that's exotic it that it could be a starter. And is a sixth man no a six man of the year multiple times on really really good team stood and we'll civic disorder Steve man opened. This team needs that sixth man right there right at Dell curry type of player off the bench who could provide that spark and I think generally in good play at a minimum marks that guy like Ike right now what could be even down the road is. Is the interest in part. Could bay and that's a thing and I'm looking to see. You know it. I'm willing to give the kid tough because again he's the one and done guy he's night. Yeah and I keep saying in this I don't know I should probably look it up I have access to the Google. To the Internet as your friend Deanna I mean he's in nineteen year old Tony year old kid so there is time for this. To develop into something other than what it is right here at this instant but right here at this instead. I know he's offense off the bitch yeah I know he's a guy who can about the benching get to fifteen. Yeah and rocks texting indeed GM Billy center text like 704570. Nights extent. So is. I mean seriously how many rookies come a point great defense series as I agree with any Marquez had barely any practice time yet he looks. Completely unfazed out there that's also a mindset thing with him does it hurt at times it's also gonna help the thought that dude is fearless and he used them. I used the hi Steve Martin publicly visible pregame show yesterday Steve Barton last month before the games that. YouTube you young guys are gonna get thrown out there right now to the fire is that we don't wait our whole lives for this. Dude it's a pre season game. Like that's the mics don't like that is my idol week in my entire life just to get on the floor right now at this moment that's the type of mindset that. It was gonna get a troublesome times as a rookie he's gonna bite off more NICU to a couple times during games like these are test the seven footer we chalker there are times we test them by he was 211 from three against Miami came back last night. And if I have a really solid game is specially the second half when they started to get some rhythm out there an area of the place of bigger minutes but. He went out there last night and just force ten from three. I mean at 416 in and in pre last night US isn't he still took ten shots from behind the arc. That's a lot. Capital I didn't Arctic for him though that guys silky out there a figurative art California breakaway tickets actually gonna join us making got the start last night the second round pick out of that says she will talk him in a moment first. It is game days we're gonna go to Carolina men and Carolina man what's happened. You're about Mobutu then played the British about it I'm Obama and ships and players don't. They're given that dimmed their all of the article it's been the and then I. I'm very intimate than us. Who did you can look at element and all of the amendment emblematic OKO meg looked and amid the election night. Carolina they. It's it's raining here you sue the little muted are you okay you settle down the considerably more energized in this and and and our current. I. That's about to organized Carolina all right we have to break back to late baker joins us at primetime. And about fifteen minutes away from K want short Panthers defensive tackle to dairy get to board as Mitt. Where power by ortho Carolina here at the group of Brothers studios at the WS antique Coca-Cola dog counts. It's tough primetime which Chris Krueger powered by ortho Carolina. And the greens coming down it looked like he was cleared up for a little bit but does sun came out just what that is fired up more rain so. Hopefully this stuff gets out of the way 830 kick off tonight we got hitters swing and Eagles Thursday night football gets to call a news 11101993. WBT pre games start to Dick's Brian Billick will join those guys. Right at 64 here at the WS NC Coca-Cola dog house Griffin Brothers studios. And we're gonna go to the technical I guess one way to game last night got Seattle port it's an action for the first time this year spectrum setter in another game tomorrow night at six against the mavs and then. They'll hit the road to go open the season next week in Detroit comeback to the the home opener. Next Friday night we welcome in they're got to stuff first start in his young career last night when they convicted terrorist leader you don't end. Stronger your. Didn't come until well you're Gordon everybody last nightly everytime I turn around here on Jalen brown. You're adjacent Tatum your Gordon Hayward you're on carrier ring you journal every tough defense of assignment there was to draw last night. Yeah there are better out our. Well we knew that going in you and your new going into the game you're gonna have to play defense you know that's what coach asked a specialty and be out there with those starters. I asked FDA you know you watch the tape and talk to the coaching staff had actually did last night. Carter that are popular get a lot where couldn't. Notre still sore for a beer can work and just relax and grew more. We've taken what is so fortieth overall pick in the in the draft this year set corrupted candidates and probably my points a big minutes last night you just gotta sound your way I in the second half you guys have done to support throughout the pre season it's more about working on the next he's gotten down in. Kind of clawed back to play your best basketball of the second half what's up with a. He didn't know learn a lot at the same turmoil truly can do. You know we were planning we we played them we just getting better and he's preaching to go. It's too late last night twelve point set three rebounds and two assists to go along with it Martin 34 minutes. I to lead the way for the hornets last night went down to the Celtics wanna wait 100 get ready for the up funneled into Florida the pre season 6 o'clock tip off at spectrum center of course we'll have that game. Right here one too far lesser extent WS Lindsay has your transition Dwyane that is as smooth as you thought it would be your or where how would you say it's gone compared to what you thought it would be coming into the week. I think if they don't care if burger. Going. From them collaborate on forward with our Google just gonna you're there you say it could take it one game at a time. What's been the toughest part for you. Gone off any English. You know all about actually accomplish so typical college. That was probably the most toughest thing right now it. Are you Mosley expended a lot of talking Italy and on each other's rookies he goes on a durable right now is no of course yeah we talk a lot. The bush nor any game and we know that. I would probably gain or traveling to gain a couple actually talked about it do we got to do. In order compete at eye level or is there anything we'll plant. How much fun is it against way baker what this sort of rookie RID for a final pre season game tomorrow night 6 o'clock that'll be expected senator. How much what is it when he gets cooking out there casinos cook it in the second half last night it was fun is that to watch what he's doing that. Are different fun imputed he's a great score talent to score well we kind of we kind of get into a single bringing cooler when peace we can score the ball. They got and he beat him go and when I got American grosso is cut out of transition actually they controlled all the footage most of the Jews so that the squirrel well. And I could include protecting the ball and you don't need to also registered just. Optional coaches give you credit last night after the game you right you had a nice little assist on a look away pat you can look at that guy off and a drop that. Drop that there's your driving to the basket he's he said there are. There are very ready guys in the NBA and for that matter how long they've been in the league there are very many guys that can that can make that pass through or your size really does give me some credit last night for the you know. Well yes certainly yeah you know just coming into one so my I would have made a lot of mistakes but I did a lot of the good things troop. So you know just Chinatown donated to get better. Well like kind news. Every minute as it is. There. Whether or hornets rookie fortieth overall pick in the second round get ready for the spot a pre season game again. That's gonna come out or night. Odd coming up at 6 o'clock what would you say Laine you're talking about that with you that people maybe don't understand these people forget we were her freshman year Florida State. What we polished and skilled offensive player you are. What about only keeps your scouting the leak is everybody knows he's a great shooter great score what's the course say he's people who understand he's good it did to people are underestimating them that we tried and true. He burst of ball hop on you know we're glad they were written grew an American record and trying to compete in the first couple who. We we have they got text line you're doing people can listen in to the show they can interact with you and while we're talking and a techsters telling us right now that and as I've noticed this. You want more than our our our Conner at you gotta you bear striking resemblance to one another somebody saying your leader meeting Marvin Williams in Europe to shatter I don't mere bit weirder. I. All right to that wouldn't be the worst thing to know right now I don't know and a man stopped short it's like a I just check out an upward I think the first time now the blame when you think about it though as you go into a rookie year right. Do you have a player you've modeled yourself after or somebody we hear. You know five years from now it's my says hate doing Bacon's a lot like. Client who do you want to. Lola. Policy. So little I looked up from the right and we play. They're in talks so car. So you know no of course gonna be better I'll just sort of a social work to be looks a little more to be better for it if there's little. But they are in writing partner found they could actually issue. Where are you ranks now this is fun now with the get go down this path where would you rate Joseph Johnson stayed away all time like hill among all conference fade aways in the NBA is he's got a good one. I'm not even sure I can I can put can you put that thing you know in the world I can't trade. Well I don't know it. Just talk could garner he's the coast clear explicitly crew who has. Aren't going to and so calm that can link it but it is definitely not going to assure. What point you talk about the passing of Mo leak it Dwight Howard had an ice pass last night at the post to bully bully who's cutting. And he's not only what's that what's that like play with white and what he could do it for US as a veteran in this league. Oh pretty good preview other gloating in these clearly a lot. But it didn't period. People underestimate right people don't understand donors and not the because do out there like you. He's he's misery and imposing person but he's he's not a seven footer out there like what he doesn't size is pretty incredible right there are different are under skirt. It's always good to talk to you may have been good and up best luck to deduct tomorrow night we'll see over America. Yeah for her record because they go to sleep naked now hornets rookie get ready for yet another game he scored in double digits each of the last two games we mark. I supported in his wealth are what's this we get quick release should ideally come back on the other side. We get back to up yet thirst and Eagles and really what we're gonna get use. Can launch short Panthers defensive tackle you're here you hear him next after this up propped up powered by ortho Carolina.