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Friday, December 15th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger discuss what the Panthers need to do to beat the Packers. 


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Powered by Ford. Kroger reported you're going to what you're doing executing well what you're doing you're. Playing the same theme music is playing right now I just think you're watching basketball from five years are going CMBX. When was the last time you saw a sports transform this quickly in front of your eyes to where three or four years ago what the hornets did last night. Wins a lot of games. And then you see what the rockets did last night near like what brave of the sport are you playing that's a different sport your plane and us on the floor. Friday its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina we are alive from Specter senator hornets. It's like Groundhog Day around here right now I've got sucked but got no Groundhog Day if we play that audio the last few weeks it is like Groundhog Day around here though where we come back home. After a quick little road trip and we sail board it's got a lot of games at home over the next few weeks. They gonna start piling up some wins they got winnable games and all that feels really true is security to take the floor tonight. I against the Miami Heat a team that. Don't film just I mean one of the home team that. Defeating losses they've had this year where you felt like how did this team lose that game they're up sixteen to one against the heat two weeks ago tonight. Down at South Beach and unfortunately unable to close the deal that night. And it silver bullet they'll get another crack at him tonight 7 o'clock DePaul so we're here at the high imported city tonight. I've got pregame right here on WFANZ. Coming up at 630 and of course another huge home game. For the Panthers on Sunday as they get ready for the second straight week themselves. To take on a big NFC north opponent. As the lord Xstrata can continue not only their playoff push but. All officer and a renewed push to be perhaps a division winner and not only a division winner maybe. It will certainly possible if not maybe not realistic but possible that the Panthers. Could be a team that's sitting on the couch the first week of the NFL playoffs they could be a team that that sneaks in. Are perhaps to apply if if they're able to run the table we're a Green Bay is the latest demon in front of the home. As era Rodgers makes his return after missing seven starts. Eight games after getting injured early against the vikings a couple of months ago and he returns and everybody the NFL. With the rise on on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as they need to win out. Did decline into the playoff picture is a wild card team and of course that starts here in Charlotte on Sunday 1 o'clock kick off. And it's going to be a fun show to board has been our Super Bowl champs gonna come. And hang out with a starting at three will be with us the rest of the way were portal back to back tomorrow. We Jamar Nesbit here with us on the show today and of course the hornets play the back to back they got the heat tonight blazers tomorrow both of those games here on efficacy. Tip off at seven for both of those games and pregame at 630. For both of those games so. Got it about thirty minutes really kicked things off you'll hear Kyle Love if you miss Kyle yesterday. In the 5 o'clock hour we head. Eight Honda. All fun with Panthers defensive guy tackle Kyle Love who's in his eighth season in the NFL. He's been a god it's been if he appeared to be of a security than any NFL. And he's playing really good football on the defensive line for the Panthers that he's going to be such a huge key to what they do or don't do it gets there Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. And of course he got a sack on Sunday gets the vikings. There's been a dispute as to whether it was his sack or whether it was Julius Peppers exactly what their pets second sack of the game. And so you if you miss that we ought to follow Kyle Love you hear that at 230 hornet's assistant coach pat to lady's gonna join us at 330 and won't won't talk about deceit that jump. And as you heard in the state in the open I mean our conversation yesterday. And we got to kind of revisit that a little bit today because Zach Lowe has been something really interesting guy I think portents. All would like to read it here on ESPN and that exact clothes or the most plugged it NBA guys out there. And he's one of the guys that I think gets today's NBA and so we'll talk about that later on put. What we had to get into some of the stuff with pat Delaney because I think the hoarding its overall. You'll outside of limited stretches and he's limited churches are super important because it up pledged 45 to nothing. In the blink of a night when they broke the starting lineup the other night against Houston but overall there played a British basketball. It quit on those honestly they're executing and that's what's concerning is this team is playing a brand they're actually playing it pretty well. But the Braves they're playing he's not really conducive to me to winning a lot of games in today's NBA and it's not because. If anything they've they've done wrong delete his change so drastically. In the last couple of years in terms of style of play the value of the three point shot the inefficiency of the mid range shots are getting to the basket. And finishing at the basket in order to two of the worst two or one of the worst teams in the NBA. At a couple of those things which is three point attempts forget that makes the reported tips the hornets are one of the bottom five teams in the NBA in that area. And any mixed in. The way they shoot at the river as well and his team just leaves nobody buckets at the rim that they don't finish it's a that's a really bad combination. Where to get some answers from pat Delaney on some of that stuff ports assistant coach. That comes up at 330 British try to track down the voice supported Steve Martin would we'll talk to him later on in the show hopefully you're spectrum setter and then if you missed it earlier. In the week as well Jonathan Stewart joined us all the way back on Monday off that three touchdown 100 yard rushing performance against the vikings it. Including that sixty yarder right out of the gates on third down on that opening offered to drive for the Panthers you hear that at 550 that's our prime time every once so. Fun show lined up you guys can join a 704. 57096. Dead. And you can now you can. Jumping there are the phones or the buildings setter techs like 704570. 96 did you could we just rally Jewelers Twitter feed at prime time WS frenzy every one of Browne leak. Wishes you and your family a happy holiday for three generations Carolina families epic rally part of their holiday gift giving with fifty to 70% off for praised retail value one diamond rings earrings -- some more. Building trust for three generations it's rally Jewelers. If brown the Jewelers stock cup so this is really funny up Billy I gotta I gotta few it is these these text and tweet yesterday on the show. It is really fun because it Dexter writes it on the building setter text line 704570. 96 dead he says. WS that he needs to hold a promo that says Kroger does it suck up to anybody that's a lie. He kissed up to Silas yesterday so here's what's really funny because. Billy you're you were in the room when we ask Stephen Silas the question yesterday correct whit what I said hey coach do you of the players to win in today's NBA. Yeah I ask that question right yeah okay suicide sucking up that's quest that to sucking up question right I don't know. Specifically talked about that in the break after the interview I said dad you know that was a dunk kind of a tough question easy you know you put him in a position to give you coach speak you needed you coach speak quick and it was dead. You had asked the question tonight to preview grieve with you didn't have to ask the question that we we will look we're gonna get to some of the stuff with pat Delaney I. I I I disagree with that you know what I've pushed back on this for a while at this hornets team because I think. Overall like I thought they were heading in the right direction with what they did this offseason to got to retool things on the fly with with their hands tied behind their back. But I mean look they're Vista was 27 games into the season attendance seventy and there are 211 on the road and they play a brand of basketball to me that's that. Again it is not fundamentally wrong there's nothing wrong with the way they play it's not conducive to winning a lot of games. In today's NBA in so many teams around them. Have had jumped up the ladder so to speak in terms of how they're playing style of play. Giving yourself a chance to win with how they're playing and so it's really interesting to me because. What a guy like Stephen Silas comes on I get this some time with with Steve Clifford I'm sure we'll get a look pat Delaney what he joint is 330. I'm confused as to what some listeners want. Went when we get a guest on like that because I people saying this yesterday Billy sick you rip the hornets a new one which you don't talk to the coach that way what what what why would not. I'm particularly likable person on earth does this is always funny to me this is the bravado all. Of the sports fan that thinks if they forgot Ron Rivera or steep cliff hurt or any coach in or ruled one out one and they sat down with a as angry and frustrated as they or tech coach that they would be banned an off. They would done now. That they would talk to that coaching and dressing down it really give a piece of their mind wouldn't. No we wouldn't know milk may no person on earth which sit down with a guy like that. Or any person the guy that that doesn't like Cam Newton right in the lord knows there are a lot of those people in this town too that they can't overrated as a quarterback. They can't do show we that is she's Toomey first that he doesn't study is fundamentals. You think honestly. That gut that person. That says all that stuff they tweet into the show or they texted to the show or they call into this radio station that if they ever got can't do one on one. Face to face within inches they'd actually see any of that stuff to his face and not just say it. But actually say it in the with the same sort of bigger and passion in disrespect that they spew when they come on his airwaves. Of course they wouldn't understood they did they were criticized you. Outside of the two of texting and tweeting no it was a nice to see snow about ourselves and they would insane to put your here's a thing I don't get Steve Clifford on his radio show want to weakened by the way. But the fact that we get the head coach on this radio station once a week every week during the NBA season. I'm telling you it's unprecedented hornets fans what do you like the coach or not. What do you do you agree with his answers are not yours and I'm telling you there's not another NBA coach in the entire NBA that does that. Now with you don't you might say ultimately only care about is wins and losses and that's fine. But you at least have a coach that understands in this city. It is a pathway to talking to the fans being a conduit to talking to the fans are letting them know what's going on behind the scenes is important. It's a first hole I just think you should respect that for what it is that the coaches willing to come on here and answer questions what do you agree with his answers or not. And how would you Billy I disagree with Stephen Silas yesterday. I disagreed with the fact that he thinks he has the players to play the style they need to win in today's NBA but the point of the matter is this. We're not here to argue with the head coach we'll get the head coach on here to yell and scream and race sticks we ask questions we probe we give them an opportunity to explain themselves. It's not my job to dress down the head coach at his radio stay on the on his radio station. And even if I did just what he's never coming on it yet so there's no sucking up that's going on it's called having respect for another human being it's called doing your homework at all asking questions. And allowing them to get to them you can take that for what it's worth but that's exactly what we did receive it Silas yesterday. It's exactly what we do we gonna guess that comes on this radio station so the assertion that I sucked up to somebody yesterday you can think that. I would like to know you text or what would you say if you got Stephen Silas in a room 101 because I'd venture to guess you wait. Buick you are doing anything different. Detector Freddie is just heard Dewey says. If you'll fellows a Steve today would have done that you're right that's what makes Stephen A Stephen Eric steel today is is a cool completely different cat and that's why I love Steve today is he is willing to rip would do it face to face. At a Rome on ESPN and did you see him in the locker room you see him on the floor of an NBA game. Right so that's what's that's what's so remarkable about Stephen A but get the heck caddie hero up suck it up the people anybody going into an interview with Stephen A knows what they're getting into anyways. They're knew exactly what he's gonna ask them. All like three in his style and oh I agree and there there's a passive aggressive element all the stuff and like there's like a text direct sit on the buildings that are techs like Billy 70457. Nights extent. Will Bill Polian say it to can't face like he did a few weeks ago the stakes are probably not right like Bill Polian stuck at this I in my opinion. I don't think bill pulley would ever say the things he says. During interviews criticizing king of the camps based wanna want to that's kind of business right bill knew exactly what he was doing playing now you know mode you people think that he knew exactly he was polio there and he nearly he's like he's throwing gas on the fire 100% on that one all right here's here's what we're gonna do we get a break we come back out what are you prepared Thursday at 704. 57 overnight success hornets I say this we'll get into this later on don't blow this tonight. No sun light side no justice Winslow four straight home games six or seven accompany your spectrum center. And you gotta you gotta beat Miami tonight. There's no other way to say he gotta beat Miami tonight so I beg that if you please don't mess this up tonight we'll get into that later on pat Delaney is gonna join us in about an hour and a half a what talked him about the game. And more with this or it's what coming up at 330 but obligated to this though we come on what we come back okay. I've had about 4872. Hours to process is all Aron Rogers thing now. And it. I'm ready okay I know I got called a scared cat the other day I know I got called off a little whiny girl the other debris that was probably true to a certain extent all of that. Are almost worried now I've poured over the numbers I I like the panthers' chances this week I'd like this spot for the Panthers. And I think the Panthers to make a statement to the NFL on Sunday we talk about that next deprived not powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. We've done before we did last year were 46 and a lot of heel town dishonest saw some you know there really 752 months make the playoffs. You know we've never. Never shied away from those type of circumstances we're not going to him. I'm gonna. You know patty thanks to a lesser person that we don't need to achieve this thing like as a regular game. Regardless of the entire quote a bad. He's bad. 1 o'clock gonzo I think we got the call these 1110993. WTT Kyle's got free get with the dogs cows had a little bit. Right here on captaincy so he's got stadium Joseph coverage and ahead. We'll get into the about it cheese that that are gonna try to infiltrate Bank of America Stadium most of them have never been west of the Mississippi. River probably not a way or north of the Mason Dixon line and that's all the other issue altogether okay. We'll get to that a little bit our Super Bowl champ pulled back to back with a Savard has its gonna joyous if three where your spectrum setter don't forget. We had it last night it's every Thursday our coaches show from six to seven right here. On WFAN Steve brought to by corona light. Game on live in proud partner of the Charlotte hornets and also do not forget you can log on right now if you try to do some Christmas shopping. What a great deal this is 100 dollar gift card to greater golf expressing get a for half price fifty bucks. Great deal right fifty bucks for a hundred dollar gift card greater golf expresses go to get my perks stock can't be can grab that deal. Right now and money it got texting and all the buildings center text line. Any suspects are wary raising awareness on the WBT auction yesterday groves great cause I got the team autographed football. So we all sorts of great the great things that were up for bid for kids first of the Carolinas for Hancock's vacated senate drives and Billy was just tell us army of boomers gonna have to move some things around traffic wise in a 5 o'clock hour because they're doing the broadcast over there itself the Mac. At and it does self make high from six to nine tonight the bike drive fires up Hancock's over the air and we'll have actually let the special broadcast from six tonight as well look boat Thompson of the guys on WBT so. Look they need bicycles they had over 700 last year I don't Hancock said he he'll wanna talk about a number this year. We can get to 1000 I am certain that we get to a thousand bikes this year cell. You guys go by and and donate bikes if you could do one if you could do tend to drop by tonight's 69. Hot eighty volunteers tomorrow afternoon. And that I believe ways. From one until seven or one until six Billy do you read that novel like yesterday I do not remember it was a detective forums and honestly just open one does and goes to one she'll pick one pick and then to stay there as long as you want I think Hancock says they're going to be their total wee hours of the morning so. They be volunteers to help. On Saturday is also 69 tonight and at 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon itself Mecklenburg high school for kids first to the Carolinas. And and for being a kid it's and it's a great great cost to go try to support those guys this weekend. Stewart yeah opening topic of the day I'll. I really appreciate your buddy so Aaron Rodgers Julius Peppers and got this going to be kind of weird for Julius to right BK's. You know you come that called the Carolina up like Julius really got even it is. What two years in Green Bay. I think Julius garnered a lot of respect in that locker room beak and rightfully so. Our but I think he's gonna be weird dynamic roles that he's back do now is on the other sideline chasing Aaron Rodgers around of course he was here two years ago. I'll when the Panthers pulled up that win against Green Bay I hear it hear it up what was kind of a high scoring game you don't pay if there's any growth by like. I would say it was eleven or twelfth through most of the third quarter and the Packers made that run the team down to the final drive there at fourth and goal Thomas Davis picks off Aaron Rodgers. And then aryan. Famously took that Microsoft tablet it. In disgust looking at the replay other audio toady to threw it to the ground on the sideline all the bad cell that last meeting. Peppers is on the other side it here to talk about what's coming up against your riders and I mean. All to believe it is it isn't weird dynamic about this game because Rodgers deserves all the healthy dose of respect you can go out to him. He this guy's gonna be all thing quarterback he's been so good he is one of the few guys in this league we could say. Give them anybody on offense. And he's gonna turn them into some sort of decent weapon he's gonna be productive when I actually think cancer that. In that conversation as well they meet up from a pure passing standpoint but more from a total offense they appoint public get a look Billy you know how I felt last night. I felt like. Since we're in the Christmas spirit here I idol I was a little worried. I was a little nervous. I was probably being a security cat earlier this week but as I started to do a little research on these teams dig into the numbers last night. Like tucked under total cost for its Bruin about Sunday. I'm no longer to be levered up on Sunday at 1 o'clock in my seat at the stadium on going to be hoot and Holler it's grievance under the pay of the senate dancer Amir going to be doing the same. And I you know what felt like Billy I I feel like I channeled by my hitter Kevin McCallister. If you will by inner McCauley Coke and if you will from home alone. Where you're the first couple days worries like freaking out the house and he's just gonna hide under the bed sheets the right let's hope he's trying to figure out still yet he's like crap my parents are gone. And finally my parents got to make a wish that I appear to be gone and I think that actually happened. That would deal my dog I think is a kid right oh like absolutely if you actually that truly happened to you you feel like man. Or lives where I've really got myself for the folks here rat which is kind of mad that they set me up to the bedroom. And I'd wanna do that I just wanted to eat pizza and drink soda and now I don't have a family anymore right at and that's called for a few hours and then. You realize life's got to go want but remember he comes out of the bed right this is like at night in the it all Malone he's hiding under the bed I don't cities like. What scared of anymore. What do what we're going honestly what do I have to be scared of right now it becomes storming off the house and he's like bring it. Obscurity at any yelled let's do this public I might be like eight years old I might be in this giant mansion of a house in Chicago. And I might be by myself but I I can I can do this let's bring it up in that is how I feel today about Packers and Panthers on Sunday it's not going to be easy. It's not gonna be a blowout. But I like the panthers' chances not feel confident now that this Panthers team. Is better than the Packers and that Aaron Rodgers is it enough to slowing about this game on Sunday. Yeah. Me. And crowds here's the question then are you are you courageous and are you confident enough to give it she said annuity. A lot of fight do that though no I I don't know I would sit booby traps still like a feeling that's what I would do I would read the house. With booby traps and like the micro machines. All on the floor the Saran wrap in the door frame when men and a pull string to the feathers to hand the pain can over the her hopes that the answer to the head. What is honestly what was the best move that that a little Kevin McCallister pulled. Within that in that movie in hormone goes is best little booby trap he had probably the iron right to 22 what was his name hearing. To guess who's piece together again and that's a pretty good with. Feel I'm of the belief. I don't this is a hot take got to be careful about it this already get a tread carefully here I kind of feel like home alone two is better than the original homo who. Patton I don't feel about this is that I go hey why I don't know could've been a ticket too far I. I don't necessarily disagree but I can see the I conceded the fire burning on now on them might add that might have. To set some people lost I feel like the booby traps are better hole below two rightly keys in this in this abandoned New York. Roll home. And he just goes to town and I feel like there were bigger your bigger follies fur fur operative for the wet bandits it all right to right. Court he gets he did he did have a credit card don't home once you I mean that's a pretty valuable resource yet actually feel like that's unfairly they're cheating actually but if you get to go Reagan house with a credit card atlas like a ten year old kid. In New York City your cheek right. Think using steroids honestly is what that is what kind of McAllister did not belong it is it is funny though at the end of moments you when they they really go Kevin we're so glad we should argue and and his dad gets the other room service bill. All yeah. Then oh text or try to give Billy buildings that are techs like 704570. Not sixteen pilot like five minutes. This is looks funny duke is a text to writes it is Aaron Rodgers the old guy that scares Macauley if a guy that lives next door. Who murdered his family and that is that his their bodies are in the salt but he salts the sidewalk with right. Yeah that could be applicable for this weekend so would you like are you how do you feel as a cantor said are you Kevin McCallister storming out of the house saying bring it up not afraid anymore. Horror are you saying not Aaron Rodgers is that creepy old dude who murdered his family and we get really murders family and your terrified of terrified of what's gonna come. It's a question. It's a really good question 70457096. Debt techsters dreading it Kroger that's not a good analogy realize that house would have been burglar burglarizing the can potentially kidnapped. All the truth. But look where English bullets put reality aside for second. Are bonded honestly that he sees you're right croak home alone two is better plus he did a good deed at the at yes the creepy homeless woman with all the dots. Right yeah get a change of heart yet there was more there was a real sappy seventh sentimentality. To that. I took to hole below a two under true moral to that story funny what is the list of movies quite honestly where you'd say the sequels better than the original it's a very short list. In all cinematic Kissinger Dark Knight. OK after Batman begins absolutely what about back to the future to kind of fill it back to future too. He's every bit as committed a better but it's every bit as good as the original back I guess I was gonna say I like the whole trilogy I mean maybe the third one is it hasn't won the played but those first two I mean I don't really think there's there's an argue there's a there's a contest. All it always is Philly we're gonna pour into this that a little bit more. We've detail later on when Dez jumped and here at 3 o'clock they don't. One thing that just jumps out to me. Is what I look at this pass through a situation right now if there's third most Saxony NFL third highest sack rate in the NFL on drop back for quarterbacks. And you look at what the Packers give up offensively right now on their offensive line. Third most sacks allowed and they give up the second worst sack rate in the NFL when they're offered to light so that's not a good combination and I think that alone is are there going to be broken plays I think there are. I think that that the Panthers are going to get a point to that's why I think this game actually is gonna come down to the office. I think the offense needs to go back to what they did last week I think 31 points is gonna have to be a number. This team tries to it tries to aim for I think if they get to thirty or more points they win this game. But I think with this team is hanging around twenty to 24. Picky but 27 points. In the fourth quarter on Sunday that's where the Rogers stuff starts to linger and I think that's when you worry about because this got put his team on his back. Deliver one drive and it's a walk off win the next thing you're thinking how do we just get beat. So I I think this papers defense is gonna be able to make place I think they're gonna be able to get a couple of turnovers I really believe that on Sunday I also think that they're gonna give up some big plays. And at times. I do babysit they're just pulling your hair out see why it's his game so tight but I think this game's gonna come down to the offense putting up points and I think if they do that. You put that pressure on Aaron Rodgers in his first game back. That ratchets up the pass rush and the more pass attempts and you go back to two years ago when he played here 48 pass attempts for Aaron Rodgers. So we have four picks or four TDs the last pick tabled a fun place for him on offense in that game. But I think that's the point that's not a recipe I don't care how good of a quarterback you wore 48 pass attempts at a game not a recipe for success for any quarterback in the NS NFL. Especially to get where they've got zero margin for error. And they got to go on the road gets one of the best defense is in the NFL. And so I don't want getting to this later on a little bit more with Nez but I'd like this matchup for the painters because I think it kind of plays into why the Packers are gonna have to do to win the and I think that's been a lot of painters defense to make some place speaking of the defense Kyle off Panthers defensive tackle next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger classic great. Brian yeah. Powered by ortho Carolina. And ID number two in this three game homestand for the Panthers and quite honestly district your team wins out I think they're not only division winner they might have a biased and that's how wide open I think things have kind of becoming the NFC all of a sudden and so another big game Karen Rogers could and it's now with the Green Bay Packers they've got no margin for bearish and so real welcoming again it's going to be a big factor on the defensive line he had a sack on Sunday the pastor for sacking forty times overall and your third most in the NFL there and they're blitzing as much as any team Indiana so we will commit Pinter defensive tackle Kyle -- Kyle how you doing man. Very poor until it's good to talk to let's talk about the sex is it really your sac I feel like we there's been an argument of whether you stole Julius Peppers is Zack are now what apple is your sac on Sunday. Be honest. All you we have a really revealed that followed everybody's playing do their play CS. Here's a look like they're robots in the desert it well but that was based that there will be there so I followed got a couple more prepared. Have been defeated quote reading go value they got the important so we go out I was fortunate to be realized that I. Aren't -- so you get to claim the sexy is that the what happens here because we were talking to blush to Rory talks knew about this Damione Lewis the other day Daly was saying I need to play your exact position in the NFL especially with the cancer today we will see what happens is you guys get in the zone where you get in the meeting room when you're breaking down the tape in coach Washington there was a clicker and then you don't pets in the back of the room he's claiming now. Now that that's my sack and then coach Washington has just submitted and then the NF sold two point decide when they watch the tape who sacked it is so did that have. Have to it would have to would you guys when he went back to watch the tape on Monday. What we want to pay it it didn't quite happen like there's just a few review it. I don't know like mad our fan about the food the way it did come it would buy once the game was over like nobody would be the word about remorse and and how well regarded you don't me about it and you don't know what are the by the thought of you know luckily there. This could good movers so lobby. How would you walk did you. There was always everything we could all pro Israel like fair valued at halo effect they're gonna look like the ones when they sort of the pheromones to buy you out take there. Oh he stayed innocent Mario Addison who say they say that your sack when he when he saw. Gary you're here you go into a definitive they're oh. Thought I thought don't feel about yacht and. NS must have an idea that it that is my second. I'd Jamar asks a good question though what would've happened if it did raise it raises and say hey I don't know something's weird here would you push back or we could sure such a nice guy would you single what have your whole thing emerge here you're in the top five in the all time sack list election had terrible would happen if the debate has raged in the meeting room. Very you know who I could you can you argue with a lot of white girls since he's he's got ultimate goal. I goalies try to get doom and sort of audio faux. You know if Mario I could put defect in a couple of games and albums by all I have thought that was my. I'm by itself be goaded by I didn't argue with him about you go to because we write in they. Just follow here yeah me so we can't get all you know call up an exact number of good numbers but whatever you know distraught dog dude could ball and good personal court today to try to give them you know I you know it's hard to give support Americans leave so. No we can't get to all we do we're competitive the ball. You must not have sacked. Performance bonus on you as a citizen or contact us is happening here you lose. Why are actually do have sort boat and Lugo are I didn't do though. Are you Mario about it being so you know if they come to accommodate the owner bill is very very. I got there with our ultimate goal is good neutral but that's what we look at all. There were tucked into a cup allows painters offensive tackle he's in his seventh year in the NFL life and you wouldn't and Mario you know in a lot of you guys Wes I just think he you know we what you guys do on the offensive line we can look at happened. Maybe you're doing this all the way back since -- since 2002002. When he was a second overall pick and he's you know he's he won the Jeanne lottery has claimed basketball North Carolina football North Carolina. But a lot of you guys are undrafted you're undrafted Mario is undrafted Wes is on drafted what what is it about you guys and and Eric Washington in this defensive line war by committee you can get it done in you guys aren't that elite group of past treasures that people would point to a saying look you guys what is it about you guys as a group. You know we do respond because we head of Mir who descriptive early today and that taught tour another reporter about it. And well on one of Arabia probably be there because a lot of coaches believe. I would ever know me know. I kind of from the 34. System and we lose I'm. I'm guaranteed if a lot of people there saw me play in new England and how do you play now and carefully what I. Go live this guy out why these players as well if you plan right now. And unpleasant Freddie is coach watched he the company could pursuit clue what you try a bit under at this stage makes it very clear night. I've walked out of human being likable people give greater harder a lot of credit well you know coast watch and we'll behind it. What do you mean they're and that's difficult for everybody across the board you're mean. Is that Kyle Orton or what is is that likely confidence thing he instills you can you guys is that the techniques and what is it to where he gets the best hope on you guys. It is somewhat everything in life I've never had a coat sports now pressure the way he Greg. And I'm not only giving me his secret route over this you know. Well I don't talk or whatever but it. Do you make you understand football and a little bit the youth most people don't treat. And most guys don't understand that he's there when we used by the way he's just one he explained it it makes so much for it and well our skin look and this is just goes together once purposely is right hand ahead here on me if I have indicated it would out of most of you know me so. It is also good for you guys are. I come award if my behavior actually. I don't I don't know why. They have a bit more severe bullet. There might be given the amount of never looked crystal ball the way I do now and I'm excited. You don't come to work every day he. And really the play for terrible courtesy motivates us so much you know to me it is hard to explain but it. I'm just blessed and fortunate to be able to loosen it up there are now on the play through it stated the dust and I've been a part though. Locals are very political stellar live previous strawberry and I do well beer. What is it about Mario Addison were you where you would say does this is true I don't know if you're aware this Mario Addison your teammate Kyle Love with this public interest offensive tackle he's with us on the on the technical assignment this is probably tide coach Washington to push Mario Addison has twenties a seventeen sacks over the last twenty games fourth most in the NFL so he's producing as good as any pass rusher in the league over the last year and a half which are. I don't think the average fan and any city in this country would know Mara -- names of what was going on there is Mario Mario is emerges emerging is only pass rusher in this league right now. You you you know it and and that at this congress this would most likely. I would become a makes me manner that he doesn't get the publicity they shoot. Well there are few good care of the good. Sure. National prayer Von Miller. There although both good partner pressures guys usually out there in my it's got a frame number they're not but other numbers like choir who may not you know. Good read out there like you know me you know. Instructor out where he's another guy like mark so he understands the system. Coast lost and as you know explain the last thing you know was there ever been the cause was it just consumes. And the way out local by you know live I know a lot of also the lion when they come with a ten minute look at his. This statistic as far as you know his body beer height weight whatever. You look at a guy like in the state well he's not their call he got there you know but he. But the guys actually struck home like that we'll be put on the Palin you know leave before I have explosive but he airstrip. So it kind of screwed up a lot of guys they go get committed they're like oh you've gone had he just one term the BB would be just see him you'll be lucky speed good. Well they don't know if he would have a lot of Powell behind them and that's what he beats a lot of people could they miss they miss just a misread you know. How much fun is it to bullets as much as you guys are attending the numbers like forty to 44% of all snatch second most in the NFL Steven Wilks is he's green house he said ideas of what what do you what he would do when he was in charge now he is so well so much fun is this right now Kyle. And he you know you gotta get so my UK us and he's got a beautiful home with the you know also goes good corporate and her oh. Whether you're full of blue flu nonpolitical or whatever you don't want to conduct its own posters don't simply can't get home you know just how remarkable little bit erupts Omar make them he'll make you look well. And you know whatever pick today that they. Is it true that Kyle Love was born in South Korea what's the story there. Oh what Mark Wahlberg is the military mental test army. As so he's been eight years overseas whether it was Germany Japan and my actually my sister my older sister should go to or independent. And actually we would move quickly here. You know regardless of where I was or told there's somewhere where you've been throughout the united bases and follow so. But aren't going to restore about it OK it was extremely and now where they were when they call. Our whole group Atlanta be a little more revenues. All right so Cairo column ism is one of how many children how many Brothers and sisters do you have. Are there are older brother and older who. OK it was well what was a Christmas time had a scowl sealed up christmastime is he easy one to get in the Christmas spirit plane Christmas music decorate the house how does Kyle field on Christmas. I'm all about the Christmas spirit OK I get wrapping gifts and it's funny. Good outlook so Thursday morning it's basically how we can learn more current. And I planned Chris you're the only removed and curls were. On allowed in the weight room. You can't work out to Chris you can't get a pump. Been playing Christmas music and workout earlier. Hewitt you would love to see the faces that people get what they do walking into the white relief Crimean lucrative. Christmas. This can master. That is great he's put Kyle consider himself a good gift giver do you feel like you're just giving skills. If critic very Marcelo probably let people. What exactly does that mean you think you're better than the old you are you can you choose guess that may be the recipient doesn't like so much remarked on taking what is it about your gift giving where he Selig you leave a little bit out on the field. I'm I'm just not under not a criticism maker because the gift giving you know I do a lot of when you're out shopping for somebody you kind of think about go to Q why since. Are popular with the opportunity like these movies so. On this side I'm not a great give it. I did last night after the show I did some Christmas shopping for a couple hours and that was it's like debilitating right you get in the mowing your youth you also and it's like everything you would claim to do we just like you gets you gets frozen to get stuck you don't know what to do. Yeah. Under the there when you see you tomorrow you can you can go people offer us in late start in Paris if you don't. Start looking very. And then just go through courts are that's my drums throughout. I walk on the food court melody gets cookies in the pretzels and all that's that's very. There and order mowed our recruits hey that's true our column printers defensive tackle last thing here Kyle this is a very serious question we're working our way through the entire cancer locker room on this very question okay this is very serious are you ready for this. Guess aren't so it's does Dallas field adds up buffalo wings by the way you Chambliss slow Alex Ramon pretty credible. Well like TR I column digs in a ball slowing since you've got a really spicy. Hot buffalo wings and UN predicted in something that takes as he also would you did good in rancher blue cheese. Couric I'll. Of America. Can't. I'm a blue cheese guy but I look I sell a furlong Thomas on everybody was seeing blue cheese we're learning and that it's her locker right now it seems like what would you say Billy the marlin 70% of those of the other painters have said pro rated so far she'll at least seventy him so Kiley you're siding with the team. It's very. How we're afraid. Already. Boot we could really feel like somebody's ass o'clock only accredited I may get outplayed us smaller firms like those little bit. See do we don't want people to a single Jesus now SEC you just prefer raise global cheeses good right yeah it's an acquired taste. I prefer ran its border a couple of restaurants are included don't flirt branch uncertainties and they make it there there's fruit and evolves that's my. And how we read Gucci well you see it still lives may. That's America your column that answers defensive tackle by the way. What I watched that sack you're talking about against the bucks a few weeks ago on Jamison and actually you know Jamar has been a long time and if so guard former cancer cells a Super Bowls yes he says that's been moved when he got him as he was my right guard again I just wanna say that isn't true Jabbar. While truth just fire was saying. I'll not know when we got it. As house leader and as you were coming and so I can just I can claim he's on that did you decide to step down and Kyle best of luck and go go get asked Erdogan on Sunday will will be cheering you on thanks to make its outsourced. Our group who did. Only stop for Charlie's voice crying time which always grow. Powered by more jokes here. Do we start with the good the bad Billy would you wanna what do you wanna sic is I've got something that's really awesome really uplifting and then I've got something that's really depressing sight do you wanna start against in the spirit of the holidays let's get the bat out of the race who can only get it okay so we ripped the band aid off so much their exact law loves exploit the exact clothes on the smartest NBA guys out there. He does every week attempting C he likes and doesn't like in the NBA number one. And we're gonna get into this at 4 o'clock voice of the hornets Steve Martin's gonna join us at four pat Delaney hornets assistant thirty minutes he writes in number one pools. The hornets and I just got done reading and this is long to mourn as it's sitting beside me right now to Mars gonna join us at three to Mars nodding his head this is dale long the there're all. On dressing of what's wrong with this hornets team and quite honestly. It's nothing new on the it's all stuff that we've talked about what to hear a national guy bring up the specific number Stewart pinpoint a port deal bring attention to it. It's really I mean it's really heavy and depressing stuff adds a whole. All were gonna get into this later on with our but it's not good hornets fans I would encourage you to read this is it's so boring and sometimes you need a dose of reality this is not good at and so we'll get into that later on that's the bad it's pretty depressing. As a hornets get ready for the heat tonight by the way I've got pregame at 630 on that note it's tough talk tough and bought back over here again at 630 boys will be to set for hornets and heat tonight. Are you ready for the good okay you're ready for the Phillies go this is really good stuff like I'm like get a little. I'm wiccan a little over clips here I'd I'd get a little choked up on this one I'm got to be kidding you. Because is we've got the Wii at the Panthers right now war. Promoting Greg Olsen he's been nominated as the Walter Payton man of the year candidate for the second straight year Greg was a finalist last year and unfortunately came up short. I think ultimately how do you not give the guy to a guy like JJ watt who raised over thirty million dollars for flood relief that was like incredible males like the weeks are slim right what was the original goal 500000. Point it is less than that I want to say it was like a 100000 yeah it was it was incredible what would what he did so I don't like it lets you may be due the first time ever your like JJ you get your we're naming an award after you know then then. Here's the Walter Payton guys up for everybody else like you get your own special category could that's not the nets to bits to amazing what you did. I'll put you know anyway Greg's the guy for the pay after for the second straight year. And he just unveiled another program. With out the hardest jarred with Levine Children's Hospital here in Charlotte a couple months ago we had him. On to speak about that in Greg's done an awesome work in this community the Panthers did some clean graffiti stuff around town. Today where you see Craig's market it says. Greg Olsen for Walter Payton man of the year and it tells you how you can vote and so when you know politically graffiti stuff works when the side lot sidewalk it's wet. You don't. You could see it it it it's it's not like colored it's just a different shade on the on the concrete it's a clean graffiti stuff so it's really cool so anyway the the man that won the Walter. Award a couple of years ago for the Panthers. That would be Thomas Davis that was three years ago now. Thomas Davis. Has apparently. This started with I think John Paul WS SC TV he's sort of brought attention to this arm he he. Asked Thomas Davis hate TV did you donate all that money to Harding and TD gave a thumbs up. This morning at about 7 o'clock in Seoul Harding who won their first state championship. Since 1953. Finish 141 knocked off Scotland county which is how we're in this state it when it comes to football. Such an awesome stored for the Yule. QCB the pride of Harding University the rams got it done right and they wanted the of course they want a state championship brings with their 400 dollars apiece. It's 20000 dollars. And you offer some schools. You got a booster club and you got people that'll be especially depending on what area of town herein are you got faint you got parents and families that can afford to. Haywood chipped in this will chip in that and you don't even think twice about kids just get state championship breaks. Parting not as fortunate obviously and that's something those kids deserve that to this that's an incredible achievement those kids will take with them the rest of their life. And deserve a ton of credit for and so they had about a 4000 dollar donation. Or 6000 rather through a ghost on me page 141000 dollar short. And Thomas Davis stepped up. And he's apparently footed the bill for the rest of it now I don't know if that's the rest sitter or all of it might be all 20000 I don't know but Thomas Davis. Pain to get the state championship brings. Four offer Harding high school. For their state championship and I mean that's just awesome I'd I don't I mean he he wins losses any of that stuff aside. Thomas Davis is one incredible man and we've talked a lot about this his heart for this community is torch for kids especially. And this week for those who don't know Thomas's story. Thomas. If my memory serves me correct used to have about one outfit to Wear to school when he was in school when he got one pair shoes and you if you assume where the rule. And that's part of the reason it's a big reason why Kia soul. Sewing involved with the defending dreams foundation and try to make things happen for kids. And giving them school supplies in giving them it's a whole thing basic staples that kids need. In impoverished areas and for Thomas Davis to step up like that and recognize how important that is for this community and that high school those kids. What more can he say about that too but that's. That's not a surprise all but that's a really awesome story so round a round of applause for Thomas Davis and he enjoyed for the attention we although that but he deserves some credit for that. Up 151000 dollars according to WS Lucy Thomas Davis footing the bill to get their state championship breaks. For Harding you it's all right hold on we're back at 3 o'clock our starts now are super bowl of chips for second straight day Jamar Nesbit joins us now.