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Tuesday, March 13th

Kroeger opens up the show discussing NFL Free Agenct & the Carolina Panthers. Ross Tucker stops by as well. 


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Powered by toward the Carolinas. A 101. It's quadrant to beat squadron three gets clogged your sport. Who unearthed by the way it's figured out squadron one through four what is squadron one through four I I don't even know holes with the quadra system is an hour. Live from the march screen real T studio Kroger. About fourteen hours in the legal tampering window under way in the NFL free agency is here its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Baxter writes in building center text line 7045709610. You can text us there all show it's the same number for the phone 7045709610. Is Omar Gaither coming in today no he's not. Jerry gets you to join us for special Tuesday he's gonna join us coming up in an hour though the crew with you all the way until six today and raw stalkers could join us in thirty minutes would bring to talk about the feeding frenzy that is under way in the NFL is the legal tampering window. He's here and of course deals cannot be officially signed. For about another 26 hours a little less not until 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon deals become official but teams now able to agreed to terms with contracts. With players and and their agents. And man the feeding frenzy is underway and it got started. Last night's in into the early hours of of this morning case keen on going to the Denver Broncos. You've got the chiefs citing senior Watkins former Clemson star former top five pick in the NFL draft. I to a three year 48 million dollar contract with thirty million dollars guaranteed. You have the jags. Officially official well mostly because they can't Sunday deals until until tomorrow stealing the white buffalo away from a Carolina Panthers. We now know he's gone for good he's he's gone bye bye injured nor are well on a five year 66 and a half million dollar contract with thirty million dollars. In guaranteed money. Yeah you couldn't find that to scrape the bottom of the barrel you couldn't do that I don't pay interstates we even wondered at times could you did between the couch cushions. Could you find some like eight in the early but twenty Unicode jacket a few weeks ago did we go out to dinner and I took some cash or say cast go did you we find some of that stuff. Our papers you court having. That kind of money around. Even if you were cutting everybody and their brother to kind of get back to get that kind of cash ranger Orwell you get Alan Robinson. Another name that Pakistan's were warning this team to go laughter. Three years 42 million dollars he signs a deal with the Chicago Bears. We 25 million dollars in guaranteed money. This one just came across a the last thirty minutes this one actually kind of hit me this is the first one I think that really got to me away were I thought man that sticks I kind of wanted that guy. We talked to a few weeks ago Paul Richardson. Former Colorado project. Our product and he's been a bit of a project over the years with Seattle yet of a bit of a break out year this year he just signed a five year forty million dollar deal with the Redskins twenty million dollars in guaranteed. And of course Kirk cousins earlier this afternoon three years 86 million. Wait for this fully guaranteed. Fully guaranteed contract for Kirk cousins so the money overall. It's down. But there's no fun money okay this isn't winning a press release here this is no I you're paying me every single penny of that 86 million dollars so. Really this is thought to be the first truly fully guaranteed contract. In the NFL. Apparently he likes things in the deal where he could like apparently the the most money he turns like 132 million dollars he's looking you look back at what he's learned earned over the last couple years this guy when it's also and done he's gonna look back over the last five years. And roughly make about a 150 million dollars. Not bad for Kirk cousins he's done pretty well forms of gambling on himself betting on himself and understanding the market place. At his position and just around the NFL and guess what he said to Jack not Jack talked quite literally today in any major breezed to a year fifty million dollar deal he's gonna stay in New Orleans. After some of the reports yesterday that all teams are sniffing around and Drew Brees there interstate I'm sure they are interest it. Is juries are sitting going anywhere else there and are the same disinterested in medicine and a sense of that deal with a one year deal with like an option and option actually there's and there's an there's no trade clause out there so I just wanted to we do this today Panthers fans I know this is not find. I knew you wanna be in on the deal should do you wanna be in on some of this stuff a repeat after me okay. Repeat after me. Everything will be okay. And everything you know I don't know you're right OK everything. Will be okay. Again in unison everything will be OK guess everything's gonna be fine okay. The Panthers have some interest in these guys. And we know that actually was really interesting dole both posted something at theaters dot com late last week saying. If it's this isn't a joke the painter Georgia State and Alan Robinson the tea perjury interstate in Simi Watkins your interstate until you see price tags. All of three years 42 million dollars to 45 million fully guarantee for Alan Robinson you would god they didn't play all last year as he tours ACL. I got it had one great year let's be honest to god it's at one great here in the NFL just got 42 million dollars for three years to 45 million guaranteed often ACL injury. OK button on interstate I'm not interested in that not a Deb price tag. The need attending interstate insanely Watkins three years 48 million dollars thirty million guaranteed to go to go to Kansas City. And and again this is the guy's a top five overall pick who knowledge for all intents and purposes is never lived up to expectations. Fair or unfair he's never lived up to being what's the fourth overall pick should be. At that position. And on top of that especially with the other wide outs were taken and that drought no doubt in and on top of that you go back to last year he was arguably the third best wide perceive promised on the on the LA ramps was it cocoa cup at a better statistical year to me Robert Woods was better yes so. Michael so be real first second you can say is it seemed more interested in them I don't think that was a lie he wasn't a lie your interest didn't actually see wait what a hot. How much are you asking for weight what other teams willing to get the nod dog come out man I'm not on the interest in that there's there's attacks and I was gonna make the same kind of joke or same kind of correlation current analogy like you go to you know I wanna Lamborghini I'm interested only amber DB go to the store and you find out how much how much is in you go. Yeah I can't I can't do ad man oh that's great you don't you're it's you you're exactly right on that. It's driving by the car lot every single day. You drive by their car lot dale earnhardt's Chevy by the way is the car lot highway sixteen easy to get to anywhere in Charlotte. Go see him there are precious fern. A Camaro looks really good. I wonder if I can afford and you drop by the next day we think yeah man. I like it can you go buy it for months right we go back and therein lies and maybe it's not a car you may be something else beat you see that thing on a regular basis. And finally do get it you get enough interest one day to get out stopping go see what the track and ask what's that if you monster ego talks the salesman what does that cost how much would that set me back. Okay I'm gonna go to go to court and actually I gotta go make more money is what I need to do we get dagger in my Honda so the Panthers had interest in some of these guys. A public interest and realistic chance is it blaming them or two entirely different things. And I think that's what we seen through the first fourteen hours. Of this legal tampering window that's underway right now. And on top of that do we stop this for sec because I'm sick of this I am sick of it. I'd people tweeting this morning saying this is so Panthers it's so typical they never spend any money while you're right this is so painters this is Pinter football. This is theater football. They don't spend a lot of money generally in free agency but don't tell me they never do it because last year they dropped nearly 100 million dollars. In the first few days of free agency had asked her like how short is our memory around here. They dropped 109. He's doing 96 to be actually to be exact it was 96. Million dollars in free agency last year Julius Peppers came home we all love that man we all love the story about TV go to Miami landing Julius Peppers. Tape after coming back with me. Do in the face dancing with Luke we love those stories captain Motorola and all the all time leader an interception return for a touchdown in Panthers history he came back home last year. You went and you got. Matt to Leo whether you thought he was the right play or not you finally went in free agency and spent fifty plus million dollars on what was supposed to be a franchise left tackle for your franchise quarterback. How soon we forget around here how much money they spent a year ago. And you can't do that every year. You you'll look you can pick your spots they have a lot of room last year to go on make and go make some plays in free agency and Dave gentleman actually. Had built up to that he was he told people for years take. We can't chapter this year we can't show up at Nordstrom's we get a shop Wal-Mart we got to shop at target we get a shot a Stanley dollar whatever it is. Why she was nearly finally had and all the contracts are done. Bad enough money stored up in the bank account they could go spend a little Willy Nilly in free agency you don't get done every year. You don't so don't tell me you can say is a saying you wished they'd be more active in free agency that's fine that's more than you can say that today. But don't say they've never spent money in free agency this team over the course of 23 years has spent money strategically and free agency it works sometimes. It hasn't worked either other years it worked last year overall you know why those are guys they were familiar with those guys they knew those are your typical. Hey I I I never seen Simi other than on somebody else's team on the go bring him here they knew what Julius was they draft him number two overall. They knew it capped a Motorola was they drafted him he was a seventh round pick if Bennett spent a lot of good years here in Carolina. They were somewhat familiar with medical we'll because of a hot coaching a familiarity with them and also because Ryan was bouncing Foreman as his brother. So it was a little different last year I get your disappointed today. But the reality is this when you're the Panthers. You don't have crazy money to spend in free agency when Dellucci clique Cam Newton in K want short. Account for 51 million dollars of your salary cap the salary cap does it what 18180. Three guys make 51 million dollars those are three really good football players so yeah you can have your cake you needed to you can't. If your printer stand if you wanna be the Redskins would you wanna be the jags are you wanna be that chiefs were you wanna be the rams today whoever it is. What's what's the common thread there what's the what's the common denominator between those two models say this for the button for the longest time those teams are bad teams. And maybe they're good now maybe it may be either good now maybe that's turned the corner but that's why they have so much money to spend ECB. Very few instances DC teams that are scoring on the first day of free and see those of those that were the team's war Goodyear before and their general like they're not the teams hosting the PM pulling up the Lombardi trophy. At the end of January book you've got a generational talents that middle linebacker quarterback. Thankful for that really thirteenth how many teams in the NFL would kill just add that statement said about thirteen today you had generational talents. Who could be hall of famers that middle linebacker quarterback but we've got Dellucci cling Cam Newton. And the other guy does cost you a lot of money he plays one of the most impacting positions in the NFL which is that three technique that can disrupt the quarterbacks straight up the middle. NK one short he's worth what he's getting paid we seem to Fletcher Cox can do we seen what Aron Donald can do OK launch short easy got those two guys it's probably a little bit underneath. But he's the next closest thing she got those guys you back till around in the NFL draft he was free agency is a tool. Not the only way and your fine OK just calm down everything. Will. Be okay Jon link for you guys next we worked theory your reactions as well we get Ross Tucker in here about fifteen minutes it's prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Was asking me during the handoff. Are you worried that the Panthers Evans agreed to terms with anybody were fourteen hours into this legal different window it's early I'm not worried about that I award about. What on earth is the floor right now in this wide receiver market when you see a guy like Paul Richardson. Agreed to a five year forty million dollar deal with twenty million dollars in guarantees accord as Mike according to Mike you're solo by the way from the NFL network that's on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS then see if you're driving her crazy what all the basketball score some make up points during brownie jeweler spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. On all diamond jewelry plus specially eighteen month no interest financing to eight locations it's brown lead Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com command salesmen tweeting and all of rallied Jewelers Twitter treaty says. These teams are paying out of the lead for these guys are glad hernia is asleep and broke to be honest I don't birdies asleep. But Diane and they're there and I mean relatively speaking that the Panthers are little broke compared to what's being thrown around right now. In the early days of free agency were given out more cash we've got three more opportunities. For you to win in our cash busting bracket busting contest we'll do it again at 315415. To 515. Listen in for the winning word on the fifteens and you can get details on that W left NC dot com and also don't forget. The unique enough for modular bio form filers coming up it's going to be I taking mr. uptown it's the morning of march 31. I that's on a Sunday I believe that's the Sunday after championship during regional finals. Or national semifinals visits should say for the NCAA tournament it's going to be outside the Indy arena in uptown he to dress up support your favorite team and you could win the caution contests along with it you can get details on that. And WS ten Z dot com and click under events. Adored her roof opening topic of the day I'll. Johnny chlorine here and second in the ring get Ross Tucker on in now less than ten minutes. I grew this from garner small supply a wide receivers equal desperate teams spending desperate money Torre's five million dollars per year is looking real nice yet already. Already paid there's stands today looking at that Torrey Smith to deal with a fresh set advice because I think you have to at this point what do you think Torrey -- it's gonna be a difference maker or not. That's that is what we get a seaweed away we don't watch these games play out we don't see what happens on the field. But I was making this point last week after the trade if the Eagles were going to cut Torrey Smith and they worked through over the cap they would've had to cut Torrey Smith. Corey Smith to me now in hindsight. I think he's ever is getting at least five million dollars for your you could argue they might even get a little bit more. I mean given the money that like I thought the power to Sims going to be an aunt and eight million dollars and certainly not get to guarantee money he got so yeah I mean you're probably getting men at a discount that trade guess slightly if only slightly but that's the market value for a guy like Torrey Smith and then again I get it begs the question if you didn't do that deal who exactly are you going to get it free agency. And how much do you think it's gonna cost you know that's my concern now but I only can order Albert Wilson got three years before he got he got the million dollar he had texture wrote in about debt on the building setter Tex line 70457. And I'd sixteen subdued Albert Wilson just got three years 24 million from Miami. How are well suited. Can I say it is I don't know well myrtle sadness. Do you know who Albert and as I know throughout her closely do you know Albert Wilson is. If you I pulled on out of Manila teaming came from a meeting gets serious I knew we was a free agent I've heard the name I actually don't know who we is. If I guess what team he came from. I'll shoot. It's Oakland now where a same division Denver. San Diego. The other team who has the last team Kansas City at how. Earth did a guy I'd never heard of him. Did they supposedly and one of the more productive offenses in the NFL Lester never heard anybody give me. Envision how how much longer than it did have drawn every donated worried listed you've gone was he on the peasants who was heard of that guy Ambien dead serious who asserted that guy. I've no idea who that is and wants a lot of NFL I've never heard of Albert Wilson and he just got three years 24 million dollars. This market is silly it makes you wonder what's a guy like John brouder Taylor Gabriel gonna get or Donta among three or Mike Wallace what are those guys gonna get is there the next here at this point. Those are the guys you'd say. You're kind of scratch and dent. But if no if those guys are getting that kind of money were to scratch and that motto get your right now because it's got to be a lot let's go to John is up first today in Korea Ross Tucker here's a few minutes was up John's. But it was gone that much I am in total agreement with you guys in terms of not pre now my dad but without young and it bit quiet this. Up fool and his money are easily separated into teams that are caught out and a lot of money for guys that you're like he just said eerie you know who somebody's player. Did you know that was beyond assuming I'd never heard of that guy did you know him. No I didn't either us and I'm surprised that. Some of these guys are in an accountant receivers got the duke. The money is getting his trees and the meet we've got a new offensive coordinator it was still hot young talent on the team I look at the possibility of yet after the crazy craziness of kind of scrambled assign somebody to make a splash you're done we need to be able to find you know look at Jericho Cotchery in there. You know our players out there that have tread on the tires like he said park now scratching their. Can help but when they actually we don't need to panic as you know and an automatic we've spent everything we've got just because it has any watt can bet that we are just so. Well no and I'd John I'd say they see like I'd rather appreciate Cowen and I'd rather have DJ Moore 24. Bingo spent a ton of money on a guy like Donte' among creed or whatever it's gonna take to go Donte' among grief. Or Taylor Gabriel that's just how I feel last call before god we get a break in here Cory got like thirty seconds into sort of sneaky in what you wanna say. Comic dog it would do you well call a point this out there's a bit as usual. I'm in my eyes shocked by that and number two like we are are out so we see you know the claim with the war. What he's got a guy like the mere bird watch it and you do you know we don't know. They might not be used necessarily like. Mike Hsu wouldn't use them he might even a different light you don't equate and I took care of athlete that sleep. Better not play caller and outplay designer and schemer they're not sure what Wasilla paper and wait to see how. He's gonna use gut like that and that might be completely different player next year you'd never know. Yet patients agree I appreciate calling court's patience and reason are things that people normally do well two things broke quake I Sam Bradford signed with the cardinals current Chester and Danny Amendola Simon the dolphins perjury and Ellie he'd wanna go back to New England. I figured I figured Bill Belichick got saucer eyes when he saw a white running backs. Her white ride receiver just out there on the market data would ads out there it's it was legal back to New England. That's got to be a thing right that'll happen hold on Ross Tucker tells us whether we should freaked out or not he joins us next it's crunch time powered by ortho Carolina. Chris program. Powered by Ford go to Carolina. Searing get joins us and how. Okay primetime were powered by ortho Carolina and we're joking but I'm not joking. I didn't know I don't know there's a better way to encapsulate the craziness the feeding frenzy that is NFL free agency by saying I didn't know who Albert Wilson was and I just found out. That he just signed a three year 24 million dollar deal in free agency with the Miami Dolphins and so on that note we welcome integrate Ross Tucker from Sirius XM NFL radio Westwood One and of course the Ross Tucker football podcast which everybody should download and listen to. On a regular basis Ross in my wrong. Or my best football fans for not knowing who Albert Wilson was before this afternoon did you know who Albert Wilson was. I did it yes church she's done a good thing for her pro while last year probably are. Don't remember much certainty what the court this date. Speed guy. And he's got a lot ought. You orders some upside parent out in my golf bought that so it just means that you're who are a radio. In a market are working and it doesn't play yet she's very off then and evidently you're not a great time to bench and you all what. OK so I'm off the hook is where you're telling me I'm located at for not knowing who he was before he signed a three year 24 million dollar deal in free agency you're not in the twenty team league of jazz Tennessee's legs Islam. Carrier Ross. I know you're driving like. You know credibility in my mind a lot of. Just a little bit. That's great Ross Tucker is with a serious sex them Westwood One of course the Ross Tucker football podcast he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL where you can check out all the ways to get to Rome and I I would wonder Ross how do you view it as a as a former player you gotta love it for these guys getting all this money. But just is as somebody who covers the sport beyond this year entertainment value of it what what do you see about about free agency Heidi do you look at free agency. Very. Large order like this time of year. You know people say coach or coach. Or go to rather you know well. I didn't join our ability to trap contracts. You are like I like are all I know I combine to retrieve some mine. Which are prisoners at all so I'm really you're I don't recognize that. This structurally unique opportunity most oh yeah more (%expletive) and like there's. To try to you know I contract. That you know set them up as much as possible as they're alive. For the rest they're taking it that there ever been through it there are no I thought well aren't a lot of money. Our group could yeah I never understand where there and complain about it being too much beat cap space is there the money's there. So either go to particularly at this school risk. Or toaster oh when skybox forget about it thought. Well on that note I guess I would ask you how do you feel about the contract for Kirk cousins and he's played this. Masterfully over the last year's three keeps gambling on himself betting on himself and QB media market and he hits free agency and signs and 86 million dollar deal that's fully guaranteed. People are saying it's a game changer on you I ask you what is this truly game changer is this one man who just kind of played this thing masterfully over the last few years here. Well I think it's game changer in this sense that a top quarterbacks. Will now say they want fully guaranteed bureau. Like president who's evidently getting and I think that it. That's something that will make voters. Rarity. Very uncomfortable. But you're and it is started crying he error rockers. What we're you're out that at this point now argue. That drop issue touching a matter how. Two oh yeah are you yeah I wonder how much more money could have gotten there. It'd swear to god I better which I think or it would have been a New York yeah. Or didn't. Here it didn't insist on all Garrett cheap fuel. Look at value. So what are given thirty billion dollar year if you just got. Sixty million poet Derek and you know or it is just got 65 million or there or. You know kind of got all agree more money in my mind if you just did in short I'm all the Arctic girl or are you great. Are people. Other bitter that they are there because it's the market. You know I think it's. Couple importance and consequence. At the quarterback position. Very popular but it I think our parents. You know when it collapsed a big time quarterback like that. Not you know and we are open very well. Well we've got a lot of quarterbacks shifting that's gone on right Tyrod goes to Cleve land it seems to be maybe a bit of a place holder as they. Get ready to draft another quarterback we'll see if they hit on this when Alex Smith to Washington Kirk now odd to. Odd too to Minnesota in this deal you've got case keep him going from Minnesota to Denver Sam Bradford is announces gone. Odd to Arizona so it all the quarterback movement and there's been a timed. Is there or anyone really look at and say money out the window I just feel like this is a good fit this is going to be at this is going to be an upgrade for this team who would anybody stand out. I don't know why I mean I thought there dollar Cleveland to judge jets picked out great. And they immediately become achievement still wearing a lot or game that is last year were two dark blue when Euro sixteen but. You know bring in Atlanta Atlanta I think it's very important. In critical or at least they feel like it's very important. Try to change the culture aren't so it bigger quarterback number one overall. And I believe that they should purchased eight chop but it. Our approach starting quarterback in not at all like Tyrod Taylor who won't earn the Apollo were able makes them play my legs. Give them chips in my life to be. That's even a 510. Is there a move Ross Tucker is what this right now we're NFL series ex im NFL radio Westwood One Ross Tucker's and have. A football podcast is while he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker and I've always with this on the technique I'm guess like. Other than the quarterbacks were there any moves that have been made the first fourteen hours or so a lot of this tampering window they dig your fan W take it is gonna be a difference maker or these just deals that god Donny do you think. They're good players it fits our but he your you know better off today really for for what these moves are do you feel about some of the early moves. Well first call I really dislike this salt pepper period pretty stupid. But aren't. You already started I don't know what they're trying to now spoke what you know we're this period. But it's just a registry started I don't know why don't said he looked well aware were been coaching herded. Pretty obvious that our starters and just go from there that's one. My thoughts in terms admiral jump out to me this hour Roberts that I call it. The errors. Britain and there you hear this city you know you're true chance to see exactly. You know whether or not. He can get it missile troopers you play better I like that what that they. That was a group and and bring it out Robinson. And to bring Traber from eagle I think yeah. In my mind to upgrade at this dual position players are like that moved quite a bit. By the struggle there because they aren't out there are as soon as possible. Whether or not ritual Robiskie. Our future you know whether doctor there he is being guy. That they can have your column and I think they're doing the right thing by making sure that he has weapons. Which in my mind mean it is a no excuse right because now that brought him. To work where the same. They attacked the bill letting out rock don't I agree that you'll know that okay yeah. What oracle which pretty rely yesterday and what you're kind of bad day you'll. You know they came for two more after that but they got we have one year outlook for sure they'd bring back Al Roberts then. That can actually see exactly what. Portal and able to go. You know when you have a quarterback when he had a lot like Al Robertson instead. All that money for drew nor well. You know a lot more money became an Al Roberts thing got much. Intimate and they're today. Where he would rather spend money left guard and they're number one wide receiver I mean I was fortunate. I don't like it like a hole like. We're talking or cross Tucker I know is on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL is what does on the technique on guests lined. Our what was your reaction on Friday there are a lot of deals done mostly a lot of rounds on Friday but from a trade standpoint what do what did you think of the trade the Panthers made straight up Darryl Worley. Going into his thirty year for for Torrey Smith a veteran wide receiver from Philadelphia did you see that trade. Well I like it or Carolina in the sense they're getting Torrey Smith premiere because. We've seen that care operates better when he had that you know I didn't site deep threat I like pairing him. We're on chips and then hopefully you can give them some stuff. In this slot as well so I like the balance of receiver. That Caroline is still. There you go go like Mac Collins who's gonna go to fill the role Torrey Smith. They save so muddy and your young quarter that they can work where it so byers they're quite look that is well. I like Carolina brought in a barrel a rare and very very quality. Locker room got I think matters to beat you they know a lot of young guys there were trivial and ought to and McCaffery you know that we're still work. It's going to be good quality locker room and that's part of the reason for the eagle that so much success. Well and the economics of it matters to me to Ross because I think people were saying initially on Friday man you're taking on that contract when they were gonna come but now I think as we've seen. If Torre was out there in the free agent market. I'm not sure that you could have gotten him for two years ten million dollars right like that's a bit of a fixed cost that they handled before free agency began. 1000% correct I mean you're yeah. Not yet there are some of these guys are there means that we are ignorant portion of to have him under contract. Year. And I have about caught certain because control your acting right. It's not often make a good point but I'll take it when I duly got Ross Tucker with a seize on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL. Last thing here what defensive and Ross is obviously. A major question mark Mario Addison is one of the most consistent. You know full well well rounded defensive ends in the NFL the most since probably don't know about outside here in Carolina but were worth thinking we're hoping pap comes back for another year but he plays 50% of the snaps they got to find that optimistic guy I mean we've talked about Vinny curry I don't know he's a cap casualty in Philadelphia are now but as you look around is a guy do you see maybe the Panthers could go after reading in the market of free agency to the kind of keep kept coming off the bench and that defensive end rotation here. Not really owns an attack at ant and the guys there are going to be awfully expensive. That's the problem really. Ripped when you give him this time a year but there are being very very very expensive so I think they're better but I. Might be to get somebody in the drought that sort of get somebody younger to replace the upper along well. And if there aren't Ross Tucker with a series exam Westwood One. The raw Starker football podcast you can get all the links for this stuff it is Twitter page it's at Ross Tucker NFL and of course he's always dragon on the volcano which. What are people who have not seen the this volcano in an action that we get our guys and your all the time I'm Jamar and as it's always dragging on it his kids got one what what's the ball can end Ross. It's a are. You all and machine and I I I can't stop talking much about it because it's by for the poor and you'll ever see. So like there's still people go check out the good just go to. Won't start off. Checked out the video. And or Ebert go to all located not I go to my grips got to bolt and it stops. Up there but more importantly. Group located dot com checked out the videos. It's proven route or whatever quote from you in your go ahead and check it out on them yet because. There's nothing else like Jolie and all and actually get students to stop playing video games jet took off their own. It's been out if you borrow borrow or there's more everybody else to at least check out the video and seeing it believe it. That's proved an offensive linemen are smarter than everybody else Ross Tucker he's on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL you can get all the info on this stuff in dot NFL at Westwood One serious XM NFL radio ross' talk a football podcast. She's about sixteen years too late for the market for interior linemen in the NFL today in free agency got my apologies on that Ross. Yeah anti. And I sports they are not good enough either. I'm not gonna get out of here you play long enough or for Ross thanks for making time for Ross Tucker are from Sirius XM Westwood and his side his Ross Tucker football podcast which is really good. I he's he played in the leave for about six years or seven years so he was being was mighty fine nestled this a lot of coin being thrown around. And now it's going back interior linemen which is gonna come full circle because that was like this Steve Hutchinson thing. Which was really want like. A decade dubbed a fifteen years ago now become a money being thrown around to interior linemen let's let's take a break we come back during get in less than fifteen minutes. Help calm us down as well it it's not often we see this. But I think the NCAA. Actually got something right we tell you next it's crunch time powered by ortho Carolina. Up again and about. Twenty minutes we're doing each and every hour on the fifteenth our bracket busting cash busting contest. No coach you show this week's normally every Thursday. We've got all sorts of jobs tournament coverage going on over the course of the next few days we're gonna be off here Thursday Friday just like during gets gonna slide through here. In five minutes that Indies got other stuff to worry about his full time job he's got it NFL free agency to work on over the next couple of days but as always is brought to back corolla like it slime time by city game online in. Prop partnered to Charlotte hornets and don't forget. We got details a WS ten C dot com and a 22 annual Charlotte goes green festival it's going to be Saturday march 17. At the parade uptown vessels can be located on south Tryon street and it's gonna go from ten in till six to get more details on that and WS then Z dot com. He always been a decent force in the show yesterday just talking about. I've how weird invest up to be an NCAA tournament selection process can be sometimes a confusing you can be and the selection show what the heck was that on Sunday night. Our but it's not very often I would say this. But I think the NCAA might have gotten something right as we going to this NCAA tournament. Ted Valentine TV Ted if you will. Suddenly working in any any of these games in the N in the inside the NCAA tournament and Jeff Goodman had a story up to W anti Talking to Teddy saying quote this is not right it's just not fair. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm being punished unjustly. And according to officials coordinator of the NCAA JD Collins I heat you'll be told he told him just prior. I Ted was working the Wichita State Houston. ACC semifinal game over the weekend and then Ballantine six core I asked him why we talked with the Jo Berry situation. And how we discussions with a Big Ten but I told the court I fix the situation. So sure remember we talked about this at the time. I've Ted in net. Game against Georgia Tech are with the Tar Heels turned this guy is back on January 3 turned his back to. Tried to join Mary Joseph Barry straightened and not during the course of places Abbot time out during a stoppage. Joseph Perry for your player for North Carolina captain in North Carolina a national champion and North Carolina by by law by and large. Just one of them good foods and all college basketball to struggle walk up to Ted and say hey what what happened with that last call. In instead of actually engaging way than Ted Valentine turned his back to on the baseline. And was kind of funny but it was also like dude why are you being such a pool right now. Why are you being why are you being such an immediate right now why are you in this is the problem people have with college draft reason into the college basketball level. Dear every bit as much a part of the game is the coaches are. As the players are as the programs are you know these guys names you go about king Karl Karl Hess you know that TV Ted Valentine's towards Carl has got trouble for that. Those disparaging comments he made to do to the Wake Forest donor. Major donor. Who were sitting courtside a few years ago and Carlos doesn't always any ACC games anymore to take it off of that. I TV Ted Valentine. Did not get reprimanded by the ACC what's weird about this is the Big Ten and took a loss for two games. Even though it didn't happen in their league. So that's what he's referring to here's a quote I screwed up but I went back a week later and apologized. And here nice speaking to Joseph Perry we were joking and kidding it was no big deal I do pulled out of a situation where he could have given a technical south. Which okay Ted now you're trying to avoid a hero but now you're trying to play hero but all I would say is from the NCAA is perspective. Clearly the Big Ten. Wants all of these conferences make recommendations to the NCAA. Because all these conferences they may handle their own refereeing there's no unified refereeing. Body. But when it comes to the NCAA tournament the head of officials here from all the other head of officials from each conference include the Big Ten. He was looking for a letter of recommendation that eating guests. And all I would say is a Ted. I appreciate you apologizing. I appreciate you you admitting to Joseph Barry made a mistake I like the job very sick again no harm no shouting school and he took the high road to. But it doesn't mean or repercussions. For you being an absolute jerk in showing up a four year player. During a college basketball game so you would we won't see Ted Valentine in the NCAA tournament and I don't does anybody feel sorry for Ted Valentine today because I certainly don't and I'll watch in the sermon anymore are you agree this is it could have boycott yep I'm done I actually like this though I feel like this is the right call for the NCAA I like this thank you messed up. It was a stupid thing. We're not seeing you can never refereeing NCAA tourney game average MBA you'll be a part of the tournament this year unlike debt Craig really quick dig deep he's gonna slide through here in a moment would subtract. What is up guys I am I'm a stake are packed perhaps they're out on about. Our typing army private first time my entire life felt about dat irk or. What contact did it mean to attic coming Aaliyah I agree. Multiple back they kept it kept everything in the chamber you know like don't worry. Take care they expect. You know I don't I don't Carolina are out there you know buried in her ear what you said I mean. I don't try to kind of like Aaron. Well a lot of basically a higher court. DR. Yeah. Right or get back I'm Dick Cheney's understand that you were not part of the eight inch basis not theatrical they are there. What he didn't just correcting it now for him to come out there are many good well all week. Glory and power beer and she CT IR Arnold because any coach. Oh how can we can't spell 1415 TM IR shortly church 20 boy we got you back to secure their. There's just no place that like I understand kids showing you want to but like if a four year player could approach you just calmly have a conversation would you about a call like what we've been doing here right like I can addiction he should be able to have that conversation during the game. Oh absolutely yeah I didn't think I watched that bank an end I didn't hear it. Acquaint them. So a lot and know exactly. There are so I'll I'll watch Oprah and are they people but act that is just. Just feel so weird it was so odd. Yeah Craig appreciate colonial let's go to Richard really quick top of the hour drones are here and a second whatsoever to what he once again. Guys were really quick by the way and NCAA division to ask for a okay that by rank so. At least technically correct but we have to do the right I have a date to another player. So that might at some of the worst that we don't know what that might have been that. And grant it yet huge debtors editor respect but to respect how a couple of U verse. And play should not show up the wet it's our question of a bit in doubt is bad and what's go. I mean look you did you see the did you see the interaction at the time. Yeah I mean. Go watch the video could Jo Berry doesn't Jo Berry doesn't trying to show module there just walks over and distrust to talk to I mean you can look at you wanna talk to a guy. You say your bureau rev Wright talked to a man to man sing number we're not gonna talk about I may be called I'd sit to turn your back on a kid like come on that's a four year starter. Yeah yet to get did not return it back but journalists need you to believe it would be here to talk to you yeah conversation I didn't reply yes I did it. You can imitate her protocol I'm really that it takes into the political world where we're human we've blown call and any he got a call back but. It's what it gave mad as yeah no doubt it yeah yeah utter respect purposes yet. But at the same time this guy was being a cocky a cocky rap that knows the rules and at the end of the day the rules clearly state. I don't even have to talk Leo yeah the minute you even open your out. To me to try to change or dissuade or or persuade you to make it different call you. Yep no doubt the Irish appreciate colony men outlets this top of the hour. We firing up gearing can't connect calm in that Doug Coleman masses on a on a Tuesday were the free agency tampering window is underway and the Panthers are losing starters left and right it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina.