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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger discusses the Panthers hiring Norv Turner. 


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Powered by Ford. And I'll say it again the hornets could go one. But shot on treasury Stiller rebound from hall of Famer Dwight Howard and there you have it folks that's the Charlotte hornets season as they go down last night when you know when we go out. Fifties. And let live from the marks being real T studio Kroger and. Top of power by ortho Carolina steel's outlook fielded what to do to turn around Boise starts. Starts tonight sort of fifteen to 24 points OK I know that they have they have really lived since they give to this and this homestand where they are now to a nine of their last eleven home games this was once beaten three home and at ten and eleven on their home floor of the this feels like ages ago where they were awful on the road but at least they were good at home. Another bad at home and they're awful on the road and we get ready for the jazz tonight here we are back at spectrum center and at least a little bit of good news. We got the word last night Steve Clifford. Cleared medically to return to coaching for the Charlotte hornets won't be tonight. What actually be tomorrow against the thunder won't actually be on Monday either against the Detroit Pistons. The clearance gonna happen out of the blue got the word from the docks last night and so he's gonna allow Stephen Silas and his team to. Does and actually play out the next few games and then he's gonna return next Wednesday. Against the Washington Wizards so here we are eighties primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Happy Friday boys back in the studio. To art as it's gonna be without me here starting at 3 o'clock and we got a point show lined up thirty minutes from now Mike Tolbert. Former Panthers fullback former chargers fullback. Now bills fullback he's going to be joining us because this team is just like the Panthers sit at home on a playoff Kouchner Seth this weekend. And we're gonna talked him about his former offensive coordinator earth Norv Turner. And we'll we'll get his thoughts on what is now official Norv Turner finally. After what's been like he worst kept secret in Charlotte in the NFL over the last 45 days. Being announced today this afternoon a few hours ago is the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers his son Scott is going to be the quarterbacks coach. His nephew Cameron. Is the assistant quarterbacks coach. Can make this stuff up and then Cameron's dad George brother Ron it is the offensive consultant for the Carolina Panthers of the full herder experience. Hey it's rolled up the whole struck the movie the mayflower truck insurers moving into Bank of America Stadium. As we speak on this Friday afternoon it's really talked to Tolbert at 230. Brad Johnson played under Orbitz well he's gonna to what is at 330 talks of loyal football with him and doubt. I wonder I would wonder. Is a guy like Brad Johnson watching what the jags have Blake morals is doing today with a gleam in his eye thinking how hot it was wants me. The quarterback Peyton that everybody said wasn't good enough. Could date even even if his defense played lights out there's no way this guy was gonna win a playoff game let alone multiple playoff games. Little load a Super Bowl I wonder if Brad Johnson the guy that that is constantly pointed to launch site trade deal for as the the epitome of a quarterback. That was helped out by his defense to win a Super Bowl. I wonder what he thinks it up like portals in the Jacksonville Jaguars is they get ready to go play the Steelers. In the playoffs tomorrow afternoon to read it word they are Sunday afternoon rhetoric to talk to Brad at 330 port at point guard killed Milwaukee its field we're just talking about it with Franken. And Josh. There is a national conversation that's starting to come off more as we have it for a trade deadline in the NBA at its earlier than ever before. It's before the all star break and so I think because of that. You're starting to have those conversations earlier about who could be on the move with the trade deadline who would be a name that teams who want to go after. And I think Kemba Walker because of his play over the last three years were essentially for three years now he's plated an all star level. He makes in his contract we got a pretty cheap contract relatively speaking right now in today's NBA for the remainder of this year next your a lot of people look at it Kemba Walker right now they can. Hey what a team who's looking to make a push in the playoffs wanna go OK Kemba Walker and so chemistry to join us at 430. Great to talk about what assorted Steve debt right now and you heard Marvin Williams what does the other day say that Steve Clifford had told them. Awhile ago now but it stuck with him that he can get late early. That in 82 game schedule we elect Al a lot of residents stayed after awhile now they it's a long year it's a long year. Not even at the halfway point it's the corporate when he met with the media would say it's some of that today. But Marvin said that stuff with him that it can get late early and it's getting late early for this morning steamer to talk to kill walker got some of that for thirty. We will have an extended conversation with Steve Clifford at 5 o'clock really hear from him always been deal with medically. We're here for him on how we stealing now we're gonna hear from him he says he's got a a new grasp on this board it's team from. Taking a step away for the last eighteen games they've been able to watch him the way you and I watch it which is you sit down and sit at home on our caps on TV. And in scouting the team without the emotion attached to it and so that's really juicy stuff to hear from Steve Clifford. We got about fifteen minutes of him coming up at 5 o'clock if you missed it earlier in the week our prime tell everyone best of the best. That's going to be Sage Rosenfels. Longtime NFL vet and he too played under Norv Turner so we're gonna get his help we're gonna get his thoughts on on what the Panthers. Are going to be dealing with right now a lot of people of the buildings that are techs like 704. 57096. Dead saying up Panthers taking this whole football is simply think to a new level. Hot hot hot hot hot. That is a great it's a great slogan it's a great marketing campaign pretty NFL if you see this they've done this the last few years. I this idea that football standpoint that we show that they at least. Either living rooms are aware of the same jerseys. I you know he would be get the it would sound that day we were you lost 21 thing and it that this son is he's a fan of the appellate division rival Wii so raiders stand. Odd that that Christmas spot that they're running all throughout the year. The football is that we think might have been taken a little bit too serious for the Carolina Panthers right now we're four. Four members of the turner family are now the offensive coaching staff try to get this panthers' offense. They can't do it to the next level but there are the theory there is where we are today. With Norv Turner get tired you can join a 70457096. And say never for the phones. In the building setter tech slide in doubt I was sure the turner is just not buying the team. Well you know that could be to play that they are the but they're actually they're they're doing it's an inside job it's a minority ownership group that's coming in. I'm from the inside out that would be a play if that's what they're trying to do right now without you know that's the word Norv Turner is higher now. And we're gonna get guys' reaction to this we're gonna talk about it hearing opening hour. As well and we'll talk them to Mike Tolbert about this coming up at 230 played under north. Eat meat has been interstate variety. To see so many fans. And I guess this is kind of social media anymore where it's just a sport to take a dump on something for the sake they've taken a dump month so that. I have no idea what norv Turner's going to be. But this track record over the course of his career in his bona fights in his credentials to be at least merit a benefit of the doubt. It is at least merits a waiting period a honeymoon period to wait and see with this thing's gonna look like. Put this notion that Norv Turner that became his somehow pass Norv Turner pie or that north Carter doesn't understand today's football. I I just don't understand where that's coming from that at an honest I say these are people being gauges they really I think it's people we gauges saying hey that's a 65 year old man I don't think Kiki cutting in today's NFL that's why he stepped away last year him. Stephen Davis told us yesterday that you know even those offenses are kind of simple they're sold complex nature to it like it's not to be something that's going to beat easily guessed by opposing defenses. You know even even with his struggles in San Diego there was a time where. Just over rivers are still coming coming forward and defending it defending his then coach at the time so I think I think this solely so far that you can made the move I think it. We're not really gonna know until probably the first couple weeks of the season you know won't hear and to see where this offense is but as of right now I think that I think you like we're worth worth this movie senate. Well aids and more than anything ideal why did this take so long right that's the million dollar question why did it take until Friday. In north apparently let nor are we and it really a listener to we didn't sell it to us yesterday after the show spotting Norv Turner at Azteca. Last night and so nor was it is chips and salsa on. And media fishbowl artery I don't know I hope we did that's the only right way to go in would you go to Azteca. And he left he left the city he left the station went back to California last night and so there are a lot of people were stinking you to Tiffany Blackmon of NFL network first reported yesterday. I write is we got off the year when we are doing or hornets coach you show last night. That in principle laid agreed to a deal to the terms of the deal and then Steve reed came up to sports say hey he's not here anymore is that California. Don't put that the car before the horse is seems close what it's not actually done. And then a couple of hours later the pay a percent at the official release that or starters now the third offensive coordinator for Cam Newton. In what will be his eighth season in the NFL and so it's finally here put it makes you wonder what took so long. Was it. A negotiation thing where they want him where I sit day I mean I just had his bay there's a lot of starters on staff now what was it was it was and I think we'll hear. We're nor wanted a little bit more money were nor want it to be almost considered to be an associate head coach. In terms of pay your wanted to be paid among the best offensive coordinators in the NFL to come out of retirement if you will. At his age I don't know the answer insurers operating here's the question though right a big cuts off the fringe and here's the question who's operating from a position of leopards today. Honestly because that's a that's an interesting one to do right. Probably probably Norv Turner would assume especially now given the fact in that the bills fired their house it's a corner this morning you know and correct Edison's gone they're supposed to gonna bring in Mike McCoy eruption Kaczynski or whatever I mean if you're Norv Turner and you have some. Does the biggest thing of leverage he has those two Super Bowl rings and he has on his on his hands are. And I think you're right in I think at face value so people would say hey this guy's no leverage he has have been working but he's been waiting for the right job by all reports he gets his wanna come out he could've gotten any offensive coordinator job that was open. Over the last year so he wanted to he's been waiting for the right job clearly his relationship withdrawn as Ron tech coach when Ron was is DC linebackers coach is seeing Diego. Makes this a right situation I think the style of play. It's already been hearing Carolina is the right situation so I think what you look at it from that standpoint hey look the paper to accommodate him. The victors make him a top target right out of gates and whether that's right wrong or different the papers little ones are hot and heavy for nor. More than men nor was hot and heavy for the Carolina Panthers and so maybe that's what it wants me this contract was being disputed a negotiator over get more money. CME out of the end that involves agents and and then also mean it was Ron yesterday told you know Mac on the Mac attack did you know that their mud did there was some player valuation there are like that they they took some time to kind of look over the roster and see that and see if this is going to be assessed. And it seems like an old brain area and honestly that's due diligence I think for the Panthers are Robert pear stable of I would want it before I ever get won't move north to sign on the dotted line I would want nor because it is activated. Because he's always doing coaching clinics even when he's not actually coaching an NFL team I would want north to come and watch the tape on every single and I guarantee they did this. Every single snap a Panthers football. Definitely this year may be a blast there were three years dating back to 2015. And tell me what you see Goer. What do you see beyond what you would do what you see what he's seeing from a tendency standpoint what was working in 2015 that's not working now. What was working at times this year that we got away from it do you think it needs to be more staple what do we try to do too much of that was a working at all what did you see last year and how is it different than this year. And vice Versa and I think we get north did it to look at all those things. Then you find out the real comfort level of ease this feasible. Because we both agree we philosophically understanding and come to an agreement of how we wanna play offensive football. But can we do with here can we implement it and he most important part is we said all week in Frank's been saying for the last four hours it's got to start with personnel forget the play calling. Forget the guy is sitting up with a boutter down on the field or wherever. What do you have on the field to work with. Because I think we can all agree. The weapons or good enough for this offense right now I'm not Sadie got to go who go out into school get crazy players out there but she got to do better than most Frazier to be your bird. Bright person coming down the stretch you gotta do better than courtesy deal may be beat your number two or number three option a wide receiver Curtis Emil. Gates to be your fourth wide receiver who may be conducive all also decent stuff from a gadgets the important thing. What I think I think if it's Curtis is healthy and I think he if he gets the playbook down I think you can be your number three I mean like he could be like like an -- sex seamer whenever I'm in Saint Louis or whenever I phrase though they are psyche was also yeah I pray that's that's a guy do you envision him to be in this in this kind of offenses this offense that it deal is going to be taking shots down the field in the and that's on courtesy Hamilton we don't. He could do that that that's the thing that I think bill both the senate going into the year and that's the I think that's the the number one thing we gotta be careful that we courtesy bill Curtis is got speed he's got play making ability. There's a difference between that it would take did it give does which is. I'm gonna go north and south and your docket to stop me and I'm gonna run right by you and you don't gonna do it but you still can't stop make courtesy he was ever asked to do that at Ohio State. I'm not sure he can do this in the NFL I'd like to see you try but I think just expecting because he's going to be healthy next year that that elements there on your roster. I think that's silly you know you got it that's what I'm talking about right no fear if you're Ron in north you're having these conversations like we're having. You're taken. Hey do we need to go get back in X type of player. We need to go get an X tech running back do we have hoping he already on the roster with which camera artist paint it will we meeting he just needs more reps in north more opportunities so. I think maybe that's some of the reason why it took so long either way. It's finalized now and we're gonna get into it Mike Tolbert joins us in fifteen minutes at 230 Steve Clifford to back not tonight. But he's back it'll start next Wednesday we've got him at 5 o'clock you're going to hear Kemba Walker. Until the trade rumors would give it 430. Mike Tolbert opens the opening hour without us its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. Mark I'm Mike Tolbert gonna join us at ten minutes and don't forget your keywords elicited 6 o'clock coming up your chance to go to Minneapolis for the big game with Dave Matthews Band. Colliding concert the night before what do that at six year winning were to win elicited. Right here on WFANZ. And also we gotta give a shout out to facilitate pizza company that he's a guy I got there at the preemptive text. From the guys over there they say were set in. Two pizzas in a bucket of wings at any time the term bucket of wings gets thrown around it's going to be a Good Friday thank. We do it's when you start talking about amounts of food and quantities of food. We select all have does in Ford doesn't have this or pound of that. When you we knew we need to start using terms like buckets they will on enough I don't know how to call fighter quantify is just the lots are gonna put it in a bucket. If you get a bucket of wings. Then that's what we're deal with facilitate pizza company in Matthews now what uptown as well the fourth quarter area. And I go go support those guys drew buffalo its best weeks in town that's been voted on best pizza town that's been voted on. And I we always appreciate them they fetus each and every Friday Europe propped up. The garage door yeah opening topic of the day I'll. And building sitter techs like Norv Turner the dual offensive coordinator officially now for the Carolina Panthers who talked to Michael we're about that he played under him. I even in San Diego and I don't know it's interstate there's Ron I obviously was on that staff I do see the personnel obviously. I think it's kind of similar they get out Greg again he got a great somebody's position we think about what told we're was. It's kind of book as a fullback who really almost like a running back for them an idiot Darren Sproles there as well as their levels gap back they had that big tied big. I tight end there's no Vincent Jackson there's no don't go to that support though like Tony Tony you gates spoke would only to audio gates is Greg Olsen. Antonio Gates was a U he's got a can go to get a ball to like Greg is more possession type them. Did not I think that restart get it to splitting hairs of it either way you got one of the best basket to tie into the NFL over the last five years until you got. It's so that we write the plays stylistically. Articulated the position differently but the both can run those seam routes are both gonna sit underneath zones they're both gonna be a safety blanket for your quarterback. And a matchup nightmare they're going to be a guy that you pick your poison when he beat when you've got those other options so. You mean they're different types of tight ends and how they play they're also both super productive it in how they put Greg was the first tight end in NFL history. To have back to back to back 2000 yard seasons. I'm now account and obviously that's never. Have done a poor cannot discredit what Greg Olsen is is as tight end but they happening into new gates is a different type in the McGregor says some drag it out. Think that changes the framework what Norv Turner wants to do from an offensive standpoint I mean people you meet that tight and you need a pass catching tight end that that's a box you checked golf on the listen you have that other Vincent Jackson think is true that to me. It's it's a true now when he was there was a true. Number one wide receiver and you know we asked this to go both the other day is Devin foot just a number one. Not to me. No I think he'd be a great number two. I think the big the issue with him becoming number one was he was almost everyone by default because of what happened with. Become eventually trait so how do you go get a true number one wide receiver this is what I was stadium yesterday that chart the slate jury. A lot of people bringing up Jarvis slate jury trial called Jarvis Landry. Drivers Landry to be is now we you want your number one wide receiver to be sure obviously trees a possession receiver. Jarvis laid Jersey god it. You're gonna throw these missed the eight yard outs that you know that that it did that the ten yard twelve yard DT's gonna come back he's gonna make those plays. Unita guy you're number one to be who's gonna be guy who could write every route in the route tree. Who's gonna have elite speed that can go up in high point of ball they can run away from a I DP if he needs to when he makes that play in in to meet. Jarvis slate jury is is your prototypical number two he's your Mousa Mohammed and I think that's the other thing you got to think about here. Marty hurries back called a place or map called the shots from a personnel standpoint. So when when the papers have had success think about what the office looked like what Marty Ernie was here. Think Muhsin Mohammed Steve Smith you've got your moves right now Devin punches and I'm not saying they're on that same level but you've got that type of player like receiver. Who's gonna go pierce city. Jarvis Landry is too back he's he's too much of facsimile. Of Devin punches and Muhsin Mohammed that he is of Steve Smith that's not a they have still. I think when you start thinking about some of the stuff then you start trying to come up with names and ideas of what this team could do from a personnel standpoint. I think Chris McCaffery could be to Darren Sproles type as a step back. As a change of pace guy you could occasionally put it in the slot in in its if you have some success there in the passing game with a are you certain Jonathan Stewart's going to be be consistent every down running back this team needs. In the ground game to set up the play action pass with Norv Turner I would say no. How could anybody feel confident that. And this isn't a knock on Jonathan Stewart it's just ten years in this league. You immediately norv Turner's gonna be looking for a guy that can tote the rock eighteen to twenty times is a primary running back. Not hey let's get eight to ten here. Eight to ten here in eight to ten here which is more aligned with the papers did this year the painters who was what you get six to ten carries for Cam Newton game. You get eight to twelve carries for Jonathan Stewart you get six to ten carries for Christian McCaffery. To me that's another reason why you wanna talk about the struggles of running game how can you would have a consisting ground game which you've got. Three guys and you're not really sure which one is your primary running back easier quarterback. Is it you're more traditional power back or is it beat the eighth overall pick you have a Christian McCaffrey who's kind of a Jack of all trades but master of none. So these are all things you have to think about now with Norv Turner coming in here with what Marty hurting wants to do from a personnel standpoint and I'll be interested to see how it how it plays audio text eroded all the buildings that are techs like 70457. Overnight sixty Eddie said. Correct me if I'm rookie brook Gaza key right yeah he's he's as correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Osborne the fourth wider seat Brothers rams teams Torre ought Tory holt. Isaac Bruce to troll Ricky Proehl not psyche but I think Paul and our psyche work on you know what interchangeable gap but that is my point a courtesy bill I think go. Courtesy of you'll KP your second best wider steeper price if he's your second best wide receiver I think that says a whole lot about the personnel you're running running out there with on offense so. I don't think typically think about that if you go get that true number one. And maybe you bring in another guy you gotta cut Russell Shepard that they were command is bought by it didn't work thanks for the time that we got to move on. You can Celestine camera not on the same page austere it works and it's it's it's it's it's it's kind of sad because the whole reason Iraq we talk Kirk Russell inn in the in the pre season he said the one the reasons why he came here is because of damage to seem like this entire year it's just there was a disconnect between the two. He'd give it to catch up believe in the last four games in it for the Panthers this year including the playoffs and select that can happen had been so. I think if you start thinking about getting a true number one here whether it is through the draft. Or whether it is through free agency to pair with seven points is that that suits. About disparate issues haven't this particular name that you know they have mentioned this morning and you keep seeing on the building senator excellent hoop. Josh Gordon. I mean I'd be OK with that if hits. You EDC to meet. If that's you're talking about it is your third wide receiver to challenge courtesy of you'll compete with courtesy Emil and I do not bring him in as the third wide receiver like OK instead become operate on just how will it take on that risk now what what more suspects he's done he's done for. For for full year correct he's bored to death of ready for good and might be done and definitely sipping what Mark Davis brought a lot of people say more tape is Bryant but how could you. Talent lies hill. But are you willing to take the gamble it beyond a book beyond the money aspect of the gamble. Are you willing to take the gamble that if you brought it more tape his pride in saint think he gets popped to get he's done for a full season. That what which you have behind him. Display that scenario that if you brought a bit of that happened during night to see you're having the same line until you have this year and you can do that users you used to use of the same home exactly so you can't be can't do that so. I think the draft is gonna be realistic possibility field who was it done it did shock what did chuckled at this yesterday saying that Calvin Ridley maybe. And who knows I mean if I don't either look at eightieth address stuff yet it could if Ripley's there 24. I'm new to me you love it looks like the card up to the podium you can make it looks like did you businesses that are going to be drip there are going to be deep this year are running backs and wide receiver sub. And it's zero appear Thursday both of those and and I think they've got to find. A true. If you saw what food in today's NFL you can plug and play a running back and get instant success and it's an and that's also why that that. Position has become devalued it's not because the position that what they give you doesn't matter it's just you can go get a guy. From the drafting any round it seems like anymore plug it in. But he's going to be super productive for you so I'm not I'm not against Jonathan Stewart still hanging around if he wants to beat him Mike Tolbert is type of back this team has had. As a veteran in years past. Move on from camera or I don't think I don't know what he's what do we see from Cameron artists paint to even suggest you city to give thought to giving him your primary running back reps nothing nothing. So we move on from Cameron artist named. Maybe sue comes back he's there is that bad in that third running back. But you gotta go find a primary running back who can be made a guy that can tote the rock eighteen to twenty times consistently game to take the load off a camp. And mix things in which Christian McCaffrey had a good deed do all those things this often it's it's not gonna take that much work to have an entirely different look and that's why. Others are less worried about Norv Turner being the two offensive coordinator is much is a more worried about. What is this team doing from a personal standpoint. To put those guys in a position to succeed in specifically put Cam Newton in a position to succeed we're gonna talk about it we come back. Mike Hulbert he goes about nor be played under that San Diego. It's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Anytime with Chris crushed. Powered by Ford go here. Citizens and our our our people mr. can't cure I say I that we have to run him him or are gonna run around judiciously. Have to think that will continue to do well look at way to use him you do usually make those decisions the big part of some things that he does he does on and it's a shame because. Yeah I know I talked about the only office having knew Bob would change we get that we did the things differently. One thing that we wanted to do was list would find that fact that we need the bond who has cancer early. Let him make moves to make things happen we saw that we thought at its peak get a New Orleans the other day when. We have Christian McAfee right through the middle of the that defense it's the same it took for the touchdown. Prototypes they got here we're looking to continue to develop and grow within our system. You don't want to think that nor have when he was in San Diego at town and he's still playing today. An errant throw them and you Daryn just about the visibility. You know and again this is all those things that some of these that we we we we wanted to do. You know I've seen done percent. I wanna work for norm incendiary. Is Ron Rivera on the back exacted. Just yesterday talking about won't lose. Then top official is now to a charter offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers textures are writing it on the building center text line. Earlier said it's it is not funny probes to be laughing. About. About all the Turner's being on the staff so again it's nor. Let's go see his son Scott who's coming from Michigan to be the quarterbacks coach. His cousin. Norms yes. I think you could have yet these are breaking give breaking down with our breaking news that turner household on edge in the panthers' offensive coaching staff I he's cousin. Norsk nephew Cameron is the assistant quarterbacks coach and then you have Ron who is North Brother. Cameron's dad and Scott so cool who's the author to consult that I get the pit which regret I think that I'm so confused right now I think it did I think I nailed all that stuff. Scott is is this sort of ignores the cousin of Cameron. The nephew of fraud Iran is the uncle of Scott the father of Cameron and the brother of north. Diligent that was asleep in space isn't trying to figure Alex who who's the father isn't. Does that make us now let's get yet makes you got to get makes you have to look I think Waterbury is now like one quarter turner that I don't think he just became a part of the turner fairway by hiring. All these guys a text or dreading it though he's Islamic it's funny at all groves of the building setter techs like 704. 57 and let's extend the white nepotism so his fans are we do is to assume that every male in the turner family. Has a brilliant offensive mind. Look I think that's a fair thing to what are we can all agree the optics of this are good the optics of this are really really bad especially. As we see perhaps Steve Wilkes who you know broader Bair said Sunday the moment they gave edited this press conference he thought he had maybe seen the last of Steve Wilkes is panthers' defensive coordinator. Did you write a report last night that Steve looks to be to go to Indianapolis because he didn't think they wanted to defensive coach he was simply go and interview anymore. He seemed like they want it and I don't aware that stood out although he actually has since gone and interviewed. But he was if it was reported he was born his name out of the mix because he can't even think they wanted to take defensive guy. Seems like now the giants are holding an odd. Matt Patricia maybe that was the latest report for them in Arizona might have been going in a different direction Chicago went with Matt Nagy the offensive coordinator from Kansas City. We with their with their higher for the bears so. You see guys like Steve books and I know he has a bit of a huge part of the coaching carousel yet it's his first real viewers get major looks. But you see guys like that and he think wolf man are they getting a fair shake in here you have a turner family where. For the Turner's. Even if they're only at a lower level positions they are still employed on the same assistant coaching staff and now as soon the room only applies to head coaching candidates frank de Louisiana GM certain GMs in the NFL is looking into now Adam Chester reported yesterday I think late last night. That the raiders are being investigated by the NFL for for a violation of the Rudy rule for basically not even. Using the Rory rule not even bringing in a minority candidate to eight to interview for John grew Joba not only that. Jack Del Rio. Ways. Already and we still employed when essentially they'd agree to terms with Jon Gruden so how can you. How could you hire a guy for a job that's not opened yet. I mean more than anything that's just simple ethics I think business ethics IE get a higher higher jobs the higher guy for a job that's not actually opened it yet friend. How we going to agree to terms with somebody when the other guys holding that position still in Jack Del Rio so. I think we all see sometimes the way these coaching search is going the NFL. And because that it does it does get frustrating because you you wanna think there is that young mind it just hasn't been asked hey can you do it. Hey if we give me this opportunity what would you do for us and we DC. 44 Baylor members. From the same daily obviously getting getting jobs with the same team now to be fair minded and Cameron have been brought in to. All over over the last year so this is not a package deal with them and also to be fair Scott. Was a it was a quality control coach with the painters in I think he can't rookie year 2011. Soul there's a history there in the history is this. Ron Rivera knows the turf and we really well. Now should that be your determination on who's who's most qualified who's the right guy for the job. I don't know. But let's also look at ourselves in the mirror if we were running a business. What we wanna be doing work with the people that we'd like the most that we respect the most that we know the most. I would think correct me if we're the ones calling calling the shots we're we're running a business. How many of us are gonna go hiring the hiring people that we've never we we we don't know or we've never we've never. Heard of before but somebody gives have a great record recommendation it's so we're gonna put them in a position of power to do a great job in theory it's so great everybody would love do it to operate a business that way. But so lofted. Businesses are wrong with we put what's the old adage when anybody goes for a job interview it's not what you know it's who you know. Well it is what is it is what you don't pay gates who you know it's both I hate what people Citic is it is what you know I don't care who you know. You can go know somebody if somebody can speak for you. But the moment you open your about to prove to be do this or the moment you step on the job and proved to be making mistake after mistake after mistake. Your yours critics of yours there's grass you're out the door okay you're going to be kicking rocks Iran. Would you give all these are normal and regional his opportunities we didn't have this twosome boring so we have. It's boat right it's it's it's not it necessarily just it's who you don't know what you don't know it is what you know and it's who you know and those are the two things that Norv Turner. And the turner family in it full. Has over some other call other candidates Torre quit club by but I do it's just frustrating because there are only so many of these jobs there are 32 NFL teams. 32 head coaching positions the release that are only 32 offensive coordinator position the only 32 defensive coordinator positions. And you see it around look at college football we talked about it during the college coaching yourself how many times. Do you see the same five sixteenths always brought out in the coaching carousel in college football all we're gonna go with Texas Stadium. Just Ade Jimoh Fisher Seve five million dollars to beat your head coach. And sure it makes sense at a certain level because we know what symbol fishery is. But we'd always Jimoh fisheries how'd that work for Florida State over the last couple years so. I get people wanting to think outside the box I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and I think more than anything. With north herder. When you look at what he's done it had success. I can we how much can you really. Put stock in what happened in these years in Cleveland. And that they would Minnesota's interest they have got this tip Brody and all the buildings set or Tex like 70457. Or 96 days is groves. My hesitation. On your voice and quitting on the vikings I'm not questioning the man's credentials because he's proven he can coach off it's a Ford now nobody knows what's happening behind closed doors a great. But what do you what do Jason Cole Telus the other day right. That Norv Turner wasn't I wasn't going to get fired because he wasn't doing a good job they weren't seen I don't. So again taking this thing full circle. You had Mike Zimmer in Norv Turner the offense was working fine I think they got off to a five and two start that we that your. People at this this idea that the vikings were dumpster fire he oftentimes in the dumps and it wasn't working. We Jayson Cole told us what other people reported was that north just wasn't happy. It it was a working with Mike Zimmer they weren't clicking they were having success on the field but that dynamic. That social dynamic that personal personal dynamic in the meeting rooms in the coaches room was dated day week to week. Was it working until they just agreed hey we're not on the same page. And I'm just I'm gonna slide outside states left. And it started out so they actually start a five and know how to buy and then what and then lost two games. So I did like OK so you look at the framework and in the context of that with what happened in in Minnesota. I don't think your painting him as a do this I don't think you're paying him his inept which is what some people people are saying about the last few years worth it anyway. Look what was he doing in Cleveland who was his quarterback at that point in Cleveland when he was with the browns. I could I mean every corner Rex removed from them and are they at this point now. We Johnny red Seles quarterback fact that it was brand and we mean Cleveland. And always when man's always coming in correct. Yes not so Lakewood a so dramatic court order because he didn't do more with prayed that we need John evangelical leave when. And that he didn't see eye to eye with Mike Zimmer when he was in Minnesota and so we just decided professionally. On on this I we're having success of just a meter step away so. You go back and look it what what he's done throughout the course of his career. It's there but I agree the optics it doesn't look good from the outside it when you got four members of the same family. Obviously coaching staff but I'm Tony if you look at how they've all arrived here. It's it's not exactly and they want a common but it's like home. I need ID my nephew and my brother and in my son's got to come to can make that happen that's the only way of comic it's not exactly like that's how it went down either but. Yelp snuck a look good from the outside looking at hold on we're back 70457. Overnight success actually Victor Vargas who disagrees which is good. Is he joins us a fifteen minutes it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Only I'm pretty Charlie's going to. Crying time we've always grow. Powered by more jokes here. Moore is back on the floor and play jazz tonight and that is the thunder tomorrow and it would be stillborn it's still lose to the mavericks the way they did on Wednesday and then. Maybe sweep his back to back on the Kona on the same would be would be the surprised probably not and maybe a little extra pep in the step up this hornets team over the next few days Steve Clifford medically cleared to return. To coaching and I I got to spend some time within a few hours ago you're gonna hear a fifty minute conversation with him. Coming up at 5 o'clock and he's become a sounds like he's got a new lease on life and he he was dealing with some pretty serious medical sit situations. That he said. Had left him. Slightly scared I mean he is they got it's got they got a few stints in his heart. It that he had here it is for opening season as the head coach. And he said that was nothing compared to what he's been dealing with severe headaches he said he would really wanna call migraine some of the doctors were calling and at times migrate but. I've just severe head pain. And I do a lot to to a lack of exhaustion and sleep but so Reid talked to cliff at 5 o'clock and he's been watching his team from afar. And I think he he feels like he's got a good grasp on where this team is and he's still confident that this is the best team he's ever coached in terms of talent. And if there's if this team could be a playoff team and yet they enter tonight a fifteen or twenty forcing you hear him a five. And then this idea to Kemba Walker could be traded which I can I do it doesn't make any sense to me like I I I can't find the logic in it. It's just the thing people are saying there's Ike literally cannot find the logic from hornets stay a point of what. What good it would do you and it's not even the idea of getting. Assets Becker Turk is of course that sounds great in theory I don't think that's actually what would happen. And there are other act at you know factors and that's who talked Akimbo and we're gonna ask him about that his navy brought up nationally to trade rumors we'll do that coming up. At 432 artists that are Super Bowl champion sliding here join us at spectrum center. Coming up at 3 o'clock 70457. And its extensive ever for the phones. Also the building Sydor Tex what you can tweet us on the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WAFA NC. Brown leaked recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations that brown lead Jewelers and brown lead Jewelers dot com. A couple would text back to back in these are on opposite ends of the spectrum one text to right Sid I think the relationship with the wrong. And north. With that relationship the Panthers will get north's best at effort. Cabinet agreed that if we do you think again speaking to that Allah because I get it that cuts both ways Reid say hey this feels like nepotism or this feels like cronyism this feels like. I one guy scratching and other guys back just because he likes him any notice of he's comfortable with him. That's stare at its base the other side Hastert too if that's true you think Norv Turner wants to do is coming here and collect a paycheck. Norv Turner that's been out of football for a year and a half and his new way to learn from northern new demonic. Don't need the money need heat you think he he wants to go out like this having Norv Turner. I do we talked about this week with gruden coming back with the idea of what these these older coaches that if they were to come back what would people think of them. What would be opinion be of a guy like you know cal or if tomorrow he walked back into an NFL coaching office. What would be what would be the opinion of a Tony Dungy it was Steve Mariucci guys that used to be thought of very highly. But a bit out of it for so long. For them there's no benefit data come back because all you're gonna do is tarnish yourself paid for Norv Turner feels the same way north got every reason. Not to kick come here collect a paycheck but he's got every reason to come here proof. Guys have still really good at this coaching thing I'm really good at being offensive coordinator are really good coaching up quarterbacks. And I tell you what man if he were able. To piece together a resume that includes in these are the quarterbacks the looting the you would put under his his tutelage correct Troy Aikman. Yup Philip Rivers that drew Drew Brees actually early onto Drew Brees Philip Rivers and then if you act Cam Newton in to that mix as well. If he gets Cam Newton back into an MVP for McCain mutiny to an MVP conversation again. I mean you can you go ride off into the sunset and you say what more can I do. You can ignore turner I don't understand the idea because it text eroded and other buildings that are Tex let's say the players will not respect these people. Ron should have no say no to bringing his kids he was a bring his kids he's bringing one Scott. His his nephew Cameron was already on staff his brother. Ron was on staff is an offensive consultant. And Ron is there has been a head coach and in an assistant coach at every level. Over bill over the last few decades is in college in the NFL so it's not like it's all happened when Phil so it's just kind. Now there are all here have been in it it's happened over a longer period of time and in Scott who used to be here. Again as an assistant I think is quality control control consistent. Assistant in in cam Newton's rookie year in 2011. I don't understand that mindset either why why worried. In a sport where guys making millions of dollars in what you what is considered to be a meritocracy where you get. You burned which you put did you get out what you put it. Why would players not respect. It offensive mind like Norv Turner. Norv Turner coveted when that's what he's known for like why would why would you purple when nothing but success I'd argue the opposite. Why would players respect the guy they've never heard of they don't know they've they up they have no idea about his resonate like he's bonafide are exactly why people are going to respect him when he comes in the locker room but that only get to so far to certain point you gotta coached. Any got to execute any got to win it if you do all that stuff. All this doesn't matter I want to do this let's get a quick top of the hour ID early. And when we come back at like sixty seconds. Were to talk to a man that knows about north Mike Tolbert gonna join us did you mart has been our Super Bowl champ joins us now with prime time power by ortho Carolina.