Primetime: Panthers Free Agency Talk With Darin Gantt

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Monday, March 19th

In the final hour of the show Darin Gantt joins the show to dish out his hot takes on the Panthers Free Agency period. Omar also wants Kroegs to eat his crow about saying Tiger is washed up...


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These fees from. Powered by court. I'm amazed that type of player at a school like dad. That if they've got to the dance you'd say watch out for this steep price this guy would be the star. On a mid major team. He would have any other talent around minutes. But that's not to say Luke may is not very good look plays very good so I think that's a good sort of like let's not act like Luke may look Greg could go onto a lot of other schools. He wanted to go to Carolina because his father and he chose to be preferred walk on. And so we were. Great form you you're right he has he has exceeded expectations but there are confident Luke may was going to be a very good. 100 Thomas can you talk about basketball you know putting guys did so on a lot of antiques right. Beset. But he just did. Need to. Don't know maybe yeah he will live from the marks being real. If it. And he's writing and brownie Jewelers Twitter. Eight at primetime WS fancy brownie Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. But national jeweler magazine and if you're driving her crazy would all the basketball score some make up points during proudly Jewelers spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. I called diamond jewelry plus special eighteen month no interest financing eight locations. It's proudly Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com Gary get in about fifteen minutes of talk painters with him was seating give us some insight into this for shot Braylon thing and just rightfully so like. Third just basic questions that. Like who is who's the onus on his and on the player the team to figure out before the physical is something wrong with you that we need to know about. And Ryan saying hey if you if you liked him enough to think he could he game why not just wait to do the physical but that's a lot of money manned. And it's it's a major hole when your team to wait around and just assume and hope and think. Yeah it'll be okay -- jobs on the line here and he legitimate jobs on the line in Seoul. It's I think it's a good thing to think in theory I think it's very hard to make that a reality is saying now we just wait a little while you heal up you've always been healthy. We still like Q sounds it's not that he's I mean what you're getting his skin graft that's nothing to sneeze at either I really don't know beyond switched. I have no idea. The coming you know you told me this is a torn. Achilles tendon on tonight yeah you need to be worried skin graft I know I don't somebody was asking I like it what happens when Braylon out Jay was asking daddy says it is see improvement on mares and under under stricter creative but he's got to pass a physical so what happened is someone else who may be agreed to a contract with them. That's probably a lot less yep. And they'll say are what you precious as we know what you're go what to do with yep we're only gonna sign it's going your whatever deal and then we suit you know even an iron I think they probably wouldn't sign that until they get some sort of officially signed it until. Bethea waited a verbal just yet or at all sort of no they might sign a contract. They're dotting is and how you're affected are right. This guy he should come back from this fine they went on the net. You don't say Ben Nelson are well if you come back wounded you know maybe we will look Def need to extend no doubt. Mail a lot of questions about his so it's gonna join us so we'll talk about where they go from here corners got to be a major issue now you you were hurt position to target in the draft on top running back you mentioned wide receiver. And also. I think defensive end sort of bolster that I you know I don't know what you do but I think you got to bolster that defensive end and that doesn't account safety refuel the starting safety or corner right now right. Half of your secondary you're missing starter. So if that's kind of a thing you're free out of hand and that's kind of a thing is free agency winds into its its second wave lets you painted there around these incidents from last year who didn't seek the fields yeah I'm a bank and on until I'm just saying yeah but maybe a rewrite their around more than we are so maybe they see something and we don't see. Speaking of seeing things we don't see. What do you put it goes. Boy what would you think of tiger yesterday I didn't get tiger for credit by the like is that watched him a lot on Saturday where late Billy can we kill the audio. Of all we don't have a note on our audience I'm I'm referring to an audio more easy tigers wash yeah. That Saudi back OK am I willing to back on its. Back OK but he meanwhile say you know on the on the fact that I say he's one he's no doubt I can be Washington's top two in two weeks in a room but he came back yet okay. I said that I always say it I give credit full credit on this tiger's been at par or under in the last ten rounds to go ten rounds office director for the season really. I think soul okay no other player so you know so no. I don't know this for the season or ever give up on the toward this maturities you're as good a record I mean here's some things you see tiger he looks healthy he looks comfortable. He looks like he's making progress in all areas of his game and senator try guess Saturday I was really impressed he was very up and down Saturday to his own admission. And he really hunkered down on eighteen got that birdie and went into went into Sunday knowing. Any set I didn't go lol but I would be super aggressive where I do come out and you know chase those guys and he did it. And he got all the way within one shot of the lead what we see at six under on the round I think going to sixteen on Sunday flow. And only was thirteen at the time any any time book one was at 61616. And seventeen and Alison chase and a yeah you know you. All was the last. Sports you wanna be claim were you taken I got to make something happen here as Susie it's gonna in the metal. But that being said how I beat you can't come watch suddenly. All I'll back off on interestingly at this point time tiger at least this is good as anybody else is playing bullet you're not alone Damien Damien was text tennis yesterday say and say or write nicer abided boys tigers won and it went in at the masters. The only Lewis is in on the tigers on the tiger trillion. And I can tell no pump pump your brakes but he'll be content and I'll give you that. I'm not gonna say he's gonna win I don't know how a guy who's ranked a hundred fifths win wanting to determine all your can be. Expected to win the masters but okay whatever it did the cells. No ratings. Gloomy contention. So yeah I mean you're wrong forcible send them all I was watching as we get a and I and the okay. And the and I'm like I Harken back to Michael Jordan when entity and so Michael Jordan incident in 84 I was born in 84. I never really got to see Jordan. And I appreciate Jordan because I wasn't old enough. You know your 345 years old you know you get to twelve or thirteen you know he's a great player but you don't really appreciated the agency is when he was is most athletic and so on and so forth. I took the reason why won't target to do so well is because when tiger was really blown out of control. I didn't appreciate golf. I didn't watch it nearly as much as you were so young million dollars I I didn't I just want a golfer there. Right I'll still play and are still outselling in college still play new felt I didn't transits in the golf as much and now I'm like. I miss out on all the glory days could possibly get him back this is like watching Jordan owner again but this is this Hillary's so I think I'm hoping that tiger. Go do is back to deal target to see that it. I'll Sweeney sees gross what does tiger to do with the masters streeters say officially back was like I won't say he's back until he wins it's been almost five years since the guys won any tournament. So easy competitive is to make a broader outlook I'll back off on cities washed he doesn't wash thank you the last month he's proven to me he might for the first time in his. Life in the last five or six years be truly healthy. We're not and not swinging in pain and are not inflicting pain on himself the way he's swinging the golf club he looks comfortable. And it's great to watch. But he's got to win and look we're talking about one of the arguably regardless of records the greatest golf player ever yeah I can then they always say though is the barometer you can't say always competitive so he's back no tigers got to win tournaments week. I'm is do you want he's gonna win turner mr. there's no Michael Jordan of golf right now. The domination is never coming back get sick daddy is never going to dominate the field again like he did. 1015 here I would even say that I would leaving I wouldn't say that they he would give but I when ruler up. She is back on top it's going to be hard to knock them off. Because he's just thank god he's he's that mag god wants these English is the lead all these hard kit did the interesting thing though was yesterday. I mean he made that charge and Jesse imploded a little bit Ellington Conan employees has made a couple of mistakes but he's clearly country he he wants but. Rory pressed the gas pedal gory Maude I Rory and then there was no tiger territory they weren't they staying in for the first time in two years by the lord just think what is it that was it Saturday or Sunday. Where. Johnny Miller was in the Booth. Typical Johnny Miller putting his foot just now talking about how Rory was too big used to muscular. I golf that a golfer shouldn't be that large and Rory stuck within just to which they within a few feet. Of the page you see my camera that yet no only Jolie Johnny at a loss for work or Rory bought out but I I think. Tiger and then what I like most about his game's authorities are now is affecting you get stronger as a week angles. And it seems like everyone else falters. Yeah I think the mentally dogs who won in the Sunday Leno saying they they just. Folded under and I think cementing this is the underrated thing I think is the most important thing your talking about Omar I think the mental acuity is what's really sharpening its not even the physicals are like a Guinea talked about after the round yesterday. The mistakes he made it 1617. ECB I went into sixteen would no game plan Merck. But I knew what I needed to do but not how I needed to do it. And it cost him he tried to go I think he tried to have to shoot the green over trying to bonnet with his driver over the trees Burress is like now I shouldn't have done mission and that. These moms and dads the mental acuity stuff that I think is. He's coming back because you're right she looks healthy. It physically he can he still capable of doing things that very few golfers on tour or capable of doing. But he's got to find too loose shots those those bunker shots on the other. Throw in Atlanta but didn't nine feet this into this everything that you cinema this guy right now he's still finished fifth. Well it was a good feel the it was a good field over the weekend is that he's an 82%. Are really do. 82 is very specific. I pay attention that he's an 82% of everything that Tiger Woods can be still and he still finished fifth. Our beliefs find out where the panthers' roster that could pass energy they had towards being a competitive football team recess during the and he joins us in a few minutes. We're gonna give you a chance to 1000 dollars when we go to break and we gotta talk about this Greg Olsen thing. What do you do now with the shot three under after the shot Greenland what do you do with the draft and this team still needs to find not only. Helping defensive ending corner and safety are actually tiny and wide receiver running back we get into all that. How exactly did this whole thing happened with the shock really daring get explains it all next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Yeah. Really turned into karaoke it's. More Omar Gaither its prime time and really be. The hot tracks came houses it's primetime tell. The Carolina birdie just this checking account yes I would talk a little canisters here. Over the course of the last hour sell and we need answers and I think this man's equipped for the job we talked a daring guess he'll be back. And is regularly scheduled time on Thursday right here on primetime starting at 3 o'clock. Right here and FNC. During get a pro football talk dot com DG happy Monday to give us quickly your bracket analysis from the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament when you got. My bracket is in better shape in the Carolina Panthers secondary. That brought spike not take on a much. Very hard to do at this point right any kind of a it's a low bar and the global Arctic can you take us through this can't Weaver we were talking earlier and I think they're just some very obviously. Simple questions people would ask goes. Why how do you agree with a who needs a skin graft to Italy to who how did you not know about that how would you find out about that so can you walk us through just the particulars of how on earth did this whole thing with the shot relay and come about and then unraveled over the course of the last few days. I had you're sold a used car with the oil leak. Actually I actually haven't actually. Yeah I mean they honestly I mean the short answer is. Or just bad luck and eight. Didn't know. That proper shots our shot relentless gonna need just getting grab what could yet put infection could get hit by a golf cart a significant republic always got me. Obviously it they don't know that out of factored into the station and end sometime. Dot is that all G yet the guy in here to come on the contract he takes the it's gonna Wear clothes that got got to wrap inspection act like for a couple months. And it changes the calculus on Alba. And all the negotiation and everything that we handle it and you know the unfortunate part for the Carolina panther there at the market moved on without. And a bunch of other guys sign in the current guise that they might have targeted. You know there is heroic they were talking to prior to reeling. Who's that other late in. Erotic they could be an interest that he and Indiana from it they that that inhabit knowledge Billy came in here at what the dock your current. You know a lot of it is you know what can you really. While I guess someone asked this month followed his. Who is the onus on here was that on the shot and his agent is a guy is I can't. I air if I had to step inspection and outdoor outlook for job that day you know. I don't know that I would tell people on the emit the next few months to maximize market. Yeah I understand that but I guess up from from that standpoint. When did the shot think was gonna happen that they were just gonna bring you minute everything's just good looks and sailor. All right. If you were really desperate you might today. What are you going to be who didn't do more open spot we feel like you're at where you know but now it's obviously a tricky situation in order. You know yeah. Dole it out the kind of money they were talking about so lies at BO for you know so. I get to read it all in their past you know back in golf and art and all impede it not the globes. This injury in the outcome opera while negotiating or I in greet them that they might matter bit or should I mean that's what she's. It or don't use cart it Greek and oil in the driveway. People around brought so it's sitting on the blacktop in citi's net. They don't eat at all frequently stellar come and about your car I had to think that. You know chemical waste some of these BO go down but it'd be unfortunate part and it is everything group don't without and I. They don't opportunity to really upgrade that position right now the way they did it they would've known hit song. Went. Are any of us shocked the daring get a pro football talk dot com seems to be an expert in selling levees are GM. Heard a shot at a. Driving a car umpteen years. Old and that normally don't double me keep off. Hey Joseph Louis more information you need to have on this topic but ups aren't aren't so. You can. Suzanne. Halt that this so slowly you said that you know I'm in the world. Rounded and design moved on especially from a secondary standpoint so I mean what strikes on major drag you got a draft. Well there there are still and it you know like what are they are the draft. There are still important state could push it to the end don't want. You know how much you wanna get into certain markets and look in their they're quarterback out there but it Opel would be better anybody battle on the rock. But I don't think Arty very odd about the impact mental. You know out there. Tell me why why not. I did you know you know you left but I mean usually especially recently I think that has been pretty much enough. Well. But that man standard and such biblical especially you know buttoned up by Adam don't standards may not necessarily be famous but though but. How he would clearly the best corner available. You know beyond that you're looking at you know guys like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Told what to wait. A couple weeks they'll let markets settle out about people are going to be interested in and money each day gain out there at their assault on the other day. Maybe somebody you look at other Nat. You know it's guys who all coming down like built Ambrose who played in at a pretty high level for the saint east of where Jack up the leg and you know the trainers configure out all the wrong Whitman and ended up fired these doctors so in everybody out there at this point you know roll call coral a bit later you know it was all its Bergen. You know some guys may know him but it's. Yeah I mean that's kind of what you were looking at a at this. Madame lies you ought you don't have your future at a corner when you're looking for to write gig like you're not assigning somebody to sign him you're looking for remember. Not had been shot Braylon they are not oil yep he's you know now you're looking for a two or three in the NC which takes up wrap up. Though it the other thing I would caution you re in this happened some time here mayberry. People tend is the only place weird stuff half Green Bay Packers traded the mayor Randall. Have signed it no wind and that's secondary when good again so you know there are other people looks thanks problem right now. And outlook the tally all the next couple weeks. Are daring guess what this pro football talk dot com all these great takes back on Thursday starting at three right here in WA offends me. Who we were disarmed prime time back it is regularly scheduled times so okay so we move on from the real and things. I Don Terry told. This seems to be a nice little bit of business worse eventually you get a I'll wash may be even a slight upgrade a defensive tackle for less money for starlet to lay would we make the swap of essentially what turns out to be star or or John Terry Forestar straight up. For a little bit less money based based off the years we make a move. Yeah and then you're you're the bills are paid and free use. The bill to pamper our point Carol that 32 year old so our. Acting did I understand our brand of what the route he did but what beyond a stay at if you look at. The last we hear is worth the film voluntary code don't owe more on B mean he's great he's a little bit more a penetrator that starving to start the clap they. No I mean he takes up blockers he's not. All I'm not gonna say they have no used to yen per album art competition you put him and impose a guy who's been able. Well into penetration and disrupt things in the past and I and I think that's a good bit of business independent of any thing with which starch so. Now say I'll. Woolsey had to go to the net I mean as its stand that the best piece of business site they'll. Well I amend this raises this question again and this is kind of off the football field this happened while we are off on Friday and ranging from Defcon wine to paid nothing to see here move along what what is the what do we know about this Greg Olsen interviewing for the Monday Night Football job what what what is this what do we know about this and I'll boo what are we missing here what do you look what's happening here what's the source. But book or I get accused of being a so called comedian again. Let me preface this by AM when cricket PP last year that one game during that week for our party at a good job. It never done or at a record informative he's articulate he. A group looking guy ever they like it. But that's doing one game style box spirit of our week I would really think Greg gonna get the money not all up. Because Tony Romo did I mean he's got that far. From somebody. Cash JOB in the quarterback that LL. Altman a tight end from the Chicago Bears the Carolina at not attracted to meet the guys. Broadcasting career I think it's going to be bright I don't think it's still a lot to think he would gonna get that job immediately. Who. Well why the interviewed in like they only starting. Don't have time to interview somebody just for the first six donor. Lots that it could grow or to work in keeping at some point after that they have been and and I think well connected New York Times called me. I would go interview with the New York Times he cannot they're probably not gonna army all I don't sell yourself short. And it's just that reality. So I just I don't know I think a lot of people got wound up about that are not reaching Greco electric a lot of answers next year and you know maybe after that dependent on how it comes back this year ask mr. What they are ninth game to you how it goes back to being great all but maybe there's money in it for him to do that next year they've. All right Lisa Mamo hiding in now in steed for what's gonna come Thursday but give us this quickly here give us some sort news. Mean more nugget I know it's into the second wave of free agency Panthers Dawson needs. It's not going to be super sexy but give us. Throw some doors something can't give us some dent or some data into the water of a name that they could still hold that maybe fans would say oh I've heard him maybe that wouldn't. I would be mad about that any name. I I think because they happen over the weekend it sort of got off the shop a little bit but Eric get pregnant but in Chile at decent piece of bit dependent on. What the money looks like Jeanette made an offer to women and wanna be whether he decides to accept that offer but I'll. The idea appearing I got like that I mean Detroit hated him not because even that well all going to be what know they'll back in because people wouldn't. Aaron Donald Anita got that they passed don't take it so. And it it'd be easy to beat down on him for that but at the guy's got the value and if you think about OK go to. Tight end out there what it thought plot why deeper sin. In Greco do you think cup and maybe today is computer they are that's possible so. I don't wanna turn the guy into all clamoring thing like that but it think different guys that. If they can come to some kind of agreement on price would be an interest in PDs. How did mr. dean celebrate UN BC's went on Friday what did you do. I hated all fired up and maintain Beagle student solidarity with team retriever yes Chesapeake Katrina by the way tennis is retriever. Yet you know okay sure are are they smarter thing don't retreat urged that I can answer. Do I need to go back to my dog show but takes him rich Golden Retriever for the waitress and dog once. Hooters. We got to go on then yeah I'll talk. And I let them bring you appear somewhere aren't doing taxes are and I. Womb all right I'll talk to you Thursday again thanks for dropped the words of of their ran a maddeningly associated with this show you the other Coho this tape command what it takes from there again quickly here Scott today and on I think wants to talk their way through college tell Maine I think he wants to talk if there's weather really quickly Scott with somebody when you wanna say. The question. No Beirut ballots that election. It is they would take about two months. Yes I he had always there were I think Ian Rapoport said it was going to be a couple of months before he could. Even beefed easily ready to clear clear physical again will go yeah. I hear no tears are going to be coming around and about pretty soon and about people it's actually about a month and a half or so. But similar to benefit fifth. Probably doable when you're beer. Yeah well here's a guy appreciate Conan I don't vote and for whatever this is worth kilo sale on Friday that adventures they're done. I mean and is it causes aids is not gonna come back and be like yeah. Yeah take will take less via via well I don't know by the way the it doesn't say yes no heroes you there's really no existing one of them. Obviously they wanted him. While Carolina Iowa. I would say look this horse on tonight what it is interesting like Gil was basically saying correct me if I'm wrong the vibe I got from it was delayed assaulting Madonna's like. Yeah I mean more if you're not gonna ask we're not gonna say anything it was just our fingers crossed hopefully everything checks out pinch from every standpoint it seem like bush job breed sounds like brush arbor it was like. Yeah I mean who knows what's your secret existing third and and maybe I'm 44 million dollar. What do you slats of the physical and then and everything turns they miss that aren't assist and they missed the physical. Think about it you get into the locker room day 10 sorry we're ready to go out and what do you really so what do all the way what happens or what happens and he says that the assistance of physical element is like and what you get when you go to the doctor and right there's probably one team and it goes a little bit too far and it goes further in that in the physical and another team. Yemen not to doctors and Hussein. You know we can sweet talking guy and you get to ruin any misses and stuffing you're helping you can Celeste embassy I don't know what his foot was like but six of the Sunni engaged that's what I'm saying but it is not most exam on the sock right. And they don't there. Why you why you relented pulpit and come here not limping because I don't know where our mode but. But we didn't get to the locker room and they say are we gonna go all crucial work out what you said in oh coast by the way I can do anything for two months I looked comes learned. I mean he didn't get it was saying you got hit by a golf cart is that what he said Ronald NASA so I mean if you're doing that I'd venture to guess I mean this is on speculation I'd introduce you probably had a decent limped. And you probably had a foot doctored in some way like boom boom golf course injuries due to meet. Like you're not walking into the office like. In just a pair take sneakers in your Walken drilling nothing wrong key would've been showing something that would said hey can we take a look at your fleet you know I. And police are saying may we know they know okay yeah we need to see dancer actually feel my place. From the standpoint I'm a little disappointed that they just. Part ways and so quickly how did you think I will give the guy and when he I don't know how realistic this is all I know is somebody wrote in on the text line earlier sand. Skiing grass and nothing to mess with because he had a buddy who had a skin graft and blood clots and died had a heart attack and die. Seoul should not single that was what you're thinking but your pain it's 44 million dollars eleven of Mitch well which is full leak. Guaranteed I modems and big lead to price and it sounds like to really wanted to guy right. So that's the case. Agreed to contract but I don't think he wanted to do that he has no choice now. I'm boys don't know he's he's done visits and slam when he's already gone on visits are because they're like I was just doing all about it though both. Unlike Monday Night Football crew guitars and NFL are they loan we make sense of the craziness in the opening weekend of the NCAA tourney you NBC's wing Carolinas getting just manhandled yesterday. And is there are new favorite which what's left in this treeless sixteen air contrast joins us next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. We're gonna talk to a man on the call all weekend long for Westwood One and of course always in the tar heel sports network and I you can hear him on WDT our flagship here in Charlotte Toronto for tar heel sports network broadcast national champion himself Eric month trust with a series how you doing man it's good to talk do you think to make him time. Of course but it didn't they hit it great on your stuff not near territorial but I am but it the great army a year or. March apathetic continues to display. About stuff that obviously you were gonna highlighted this weekend with you have to be pretty. What they're exterior or whatever junior. Well he you know you go back to the Carolina he won't talk UMPC will talk but only if the games in a moment could tell you go back to the Carolina game I mean I'm I was sitting there my media seat watching that game yesterday I know a lot of sort of incidental and were thinking the same thing. I eventually runs gonna happen right I mean eventually just assume at some point North Carolina was gonna find a way to either just start knocking down shots or find a way to get better looks at the rim added just. It never materialized North Carolina after they took that seven point lead I think it was twenty to thirteen. They never looked comfortable the rest of the way what what did you see calling the game what what can lent itself to Texas and am being able to kind of impose their will on North Carolina yesterday. Well either group did that order there are well pretty good description. You know for Carolina. They always had got a good spirits are. Well we knew little bit too good or to see and full. Woke PM local team like tech prepared and am very apparent. Very good program and before court. And then couple that were a record shouldn't back. Court which over the course of treatment protective spare them. They had not shot the ball so well as they did a lot of my delicate that the base there are. But there were certainly clinic people they have that they got and I got through their products at our. Another coaches suspended an upper guys war. Four team rules that they had they've broken him but all those facts of the text. The seamer asserting that you know they were playing better. Fair bit kernel full display you lapse between. Because look better and a piece that was sort or editorial than an hour and all you're put it that fast for a tutorial the ability. Deploy there as you describe to go on that offer their college. What that they don't have an inside presence that truly capable right now they're going to be. Veteran good tough players inside and and even aware of a better place than when I quit Carter had. I've been very good data as there are operated inside there you know kind of a local rep for a proposed rule. Jobs then you saw that the perimeter. Came to life whether or lose against the opponents fear and go to Canada the Motorola dishing up the loose paper breeder and it want an outdoor. Tiptoe up that are still very. But last night not about which really worked their third saw. They have lived through their world with the inside circles couple want to order equipment contract. It felt like maybe in the year and I know the game was still it was a larger advantage pretty good I mean we solve look we we saw 22 point comeback yesterday. I mean any anything was possible obviously. I think there were still about five minutes remaining I'm going off memory here and I get it. Did you leave was was it eighteen and I forgive me for not remembering somebody get a shot near the rim and it was an incredible block pinned against the glass in and got to run out Robert Williams on the under other into the fort cherry picking a little bit of course it through that that emphatic windmill dunks down so that the league could then sixteen. With five to go he's still in another media timeout coming instead of ballooned all the way back to twenty and that's like I just watched the tar heel players at that moment I don't blame on the shoulder seemed to slump a little bit but that's sort that's sort of plays seemed to really. Exemplify what wasn't going their way yesterday they just couldn't get that one basket or that one stop to get the run going and I think that play seemed to maybe be a back breaker to push that lead back out. Was brought you know obviously the team gave it everywhere but it but when it. You're. Your best perimeter shooters. We are making shots just that senate and thank you can attribute that not just the individual owners of the shots but also. To the guys that hit it to the shooter Oakland took it's they're out of out of players are being defended. By Texas random. There are a lot of pizzas they're rolling through it. From Jamaica the way it wanted to but it. The UB inability spirit dissent and discord are out there you knew it was going to be a fairly typical because there. The president that Williamsburg Davidson side. Swimsuits they're really good shot blocker he has been and he's going to Europe grows a lot of people don't talk about pro longtime hippie. They're teachers whose students sort of duty outside. That they quit you look at Carolina they needed to by the Reuters Europe's. A little bit and then embedded every time they try to crack it they got on a. Mayor contrast with a start you'll sports network former tar heel the national champion was on the cultural Westwood as well with Kevin Kook or a weekend long here to Charlotte regional in the NCAA tournament let let's talk about Luke may really quickly obviously. Was a treat for him to get to come back home essentially play in front of the home crowd. He he I mean he's struggled didn't shoot Eric you know that he had 23 points in the two games idol it's not a both teams to an incredible job defensively unemployed guilty to 45 shooting was to a seven from behind the three point line what what didn't go well for Lou quit when you watched him these last two games and he's been struggling shooting a little the first few weeks now what what what have you seen from Lou compared to may be how he was trying about a month ago. You know I think that there were there are number one of the teams are giving more are cut I accomplished and how to defend him area. You know he's still out of position or score offs because he's really a post player and so what. Wouldn't put him in the post that got a couple of things that limit the ability. On the perimeter and its ability to pick it from a profit stand they're double dribble pull up because he Egypt they have interior struggles but you've got. Four other guys look at it like camping confidence beer and clearly you're gonna hurt they're already occupy that perimeter in Serbia had a soft spot for Carolina worked. Really want blew out of five. That meant that he that the operating well there'll be even though he looks about the former coach fassel and make him there to do. Major area at the deal were to work with there was seventeen feet it hit. And Antarctic that the team has gotten better at limiting him. To that area and it can score and it even more ram and certainly you know that people are duke players are gonna go through. That was so toward you don't shoot the ball as well another pretty good at. A couple of thirty plus points performance looking at a number of twentieth or reform took off the speed and notebook they're greet them. What Carolina what that number to beat eastern on CN. Aunt Betty and I think they're big and there are a couple of tournament. Despite double digit rebounding night. They have basically Germany Italy game period or eight. He would be able to your. So himself there appear rebounding force which helps control the progression certainly. But at the boy Beirut street group limited then. And I think it goes back to just the general feel of Carolina where one bit all of dealership groups who just so little out of sync and and I think you have to give a lot of credit where credit is clear that if we opponents. Erica I tell you before this tournament starts that the fourteen remaining in the sweet sixteen from the ACC you probably would've sent only a four teams from the ACC in a sweet sixteen I could see that happening but it's duke gave Syracuse its Florida State it's constant if I go back a week going to tell you that we when he will would you set to make. No well you know I think he expects. They do group likely it into a bigger club vero horrific experience with the speeds and orders saw a couple of days to determine your state oil company score not you don't seem looked forward speed in the street sixteen and never Syracuse in and out there. They're guard play they were going to took care of everything they do it. But they've made a run before is just superior clear whether rhetoric the files or so and I look at seem a bit or that necessarily expected to make that run out. Florida State has always check could be preferable what are animal that. And you've heard that boat that goes and it seems. I have struggled. It meant simply tournament and a half years. But what you see out of them is consistent. Outlet if there's some talent and if it's historical on a regular night. There are as good as anybody elite gets you upset that improved this week it's seems to go now so. I agree that there have been updated it rather unlikely foursome considerate in federal credit. Normal upright met little packs. Well you were there on Friday night I was kicking myself Eric full admission for leaving after the afternoon session and I wanted to be there to support Ryan owed them in does see what would happen but. I thought when everybody saw it right sixteen vs one there's no way this happens 135. And order one c.'s all time in the opening round to determine against the sixteen. You got a front row seat give us give us the sing that he's gonna stick with you forever are being in that and that broadcast position and also give us the context of what you thought we saw in relation to college basketball history on Friday night. No particular order are surprised Scarlett. Thought the seven to listen to commanders are looked illustrated the poll stare at or they're huge there's a tremendous job as well there are Horry. For one school at there are very or are or where where were the courage to separate. We see in our lives to lips where there are except bring order to recuperate general Bernard. It off well locks literacy program after the game. They're really brought everything together and brought that white meant a lot of folks work where we're gonna flop on the looks of your beard extra. But it also think when you look at what you have these that he. Virginia. They're having watched particular throughout the few species and hadn't seen them personal call games in person. I was really surprised. By how you know I experienced. They're deep felt slow spent a lot of that you have to get a credit eat meat because they were doing little things fit for dinner at. Accredit all your loss and the golf politically PC freedom they were. Driving into the lane when they score on the line and what's stopping this back out live bait shop. And vice Versa and sort of thing. Horse something that Virginia would never. But constant figure it out. But there on the other side to Wear any time we remarked watching Virginia college opportunities game Indian games throughout the speed of that Virginia would always be able to answer the call that simply which what they did a marked difference. In this year's team even from years past when they were number one seeds that they are still play tournament error and that's really good name of the agency. This year they seem to be able to answer the call offensively. Yeah obviously it's your ECB did not. And that would not think that the the most surprised if they verify. You know rhino chrome laden unarmed when you're at and you know don't third though. Competent media today is your own. We're proud of our oil and Charlotte BitTorrent. You refer to quarrel with confidence but viewers very cooperative. Player ability they just come off a big Williams. And their conference German except for a month. It was a very hostile area are regular. There was something that he felt like cute guys or or or join together at the right time. They had the capacity to Colorado plant there at all players in double figures that are shot out there are so they shot great from beyond the arc and those that thing. They're make it seem capable. Of those big time victories so they were there were there for a total of all of the clear. You're you're bitter gate speed that they were to go out and rational and appropriate and number one overall peace. I don't that you really. Attitude product what you saw out of your PC team. They came down there and just put incredible. All I can say is an ST DelHomme you NBC welcome to the family man welcome to the fraternities and did a little. And they realize that what soleil okay the sunshine there once in awhile. First for all of us okay Eric was there are Montrose national champ with the Tar Heels and he knows what it's like to make its way through this tournament leave you with this you can just give us a one word answer on this Eric I lets you re pick your team two win at all do you say now knowing with the field of sixteen is who do you pick to win don't cut down the nets and San Antonio and a couple weeks. You know I I. I repeat there a direct question and here's why because all the elapsed competent on this and see if we are books about the ability to go back. No it what I hear about this march mapped out but. You know there it is. It is incredible to watch and I really don't feel for what's gonna happen next weekend as a return local agent going to retreat sixteen. From then so not making it darker question what you think that what we're what we're studying the did exactly what we all thought up poor and it is not clear why we're so do you have picked each arch when it comes tournament time because it is that's that nobody knows what's gonna happen that an expert. Well we sure it will be an expert at. It's lawyer I know you've been busy weekend long so thanks sir for dropping by and talk to who should assert humanities to catch up. Likewise for real hard that's gonna do it for us Omar Gaither hanging out loose all show and now we appreciate everything else to drop by guaranteeing that. Talking a little Panthers released from pro football talk dot com he's back in regularly scheduled appearance this week. On Thursday and so he caught up in the off season. And tell what lessons can this team needs to do so while some of the draws to perform. Coming out in less than fifty days takes to be improper pigs always beat us on Monday's online you can compete dot com Stevens. I'm Ryan blew the Marlins on chicken litter help you guys Iraqi witnesses well Opteron texting and tweets calls throughout the true. Back tomorrow we'll turn it reactions were getting set for some of these teams coming up on Thursday it was. Talk about these GM search. And don't get a decent hitters off season as well to do well again starting tomorrow. Powered by ortho Carolina this is ms. Scully wishing you a very pleasure and good afternoon. Where ever you made me.