Primetime: Panthers Eagles Preview with Mike Quick

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Thursday, October 12th

Former Eagles wideout and current Eagles Radio Analyst joins the show to preview the Thursday Night match-up between Carolina and Philadelphia.


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Powered by Ford. Kroger and I told you I decided to come up with something you call it the flaming fuel because once more red hot. In the Carolina Panthers offense or. So we're gonna take this inning you'll find. One car or hassle card. He cast cola. But off with a little skim milk. Because it's the flaming shall we got a flu just enough 151 on top of it saying don't fire just bring this thing all again. So you're wondering to yourself. After their 151 burns off you blow it out you drink this drink down. This drink sounds kind of familiar. And in honor of Mike Shula knew it's. Almost exactly the recipes. Rural life Russian. Except a little list wrong. The third time around during open today seamlessly delivers headlines last week we could Childs fan just look at the eye on your face you were standing there like you didn't hit with a cattle prod like what is happening in the amount broadcasting career and I think that it takes a couple calls through that door get over excellency segment before do that don't lie you like to tease off the times. What the drink will be for those who brought aware maybe you beat your what are why are we talking about duck crafting cocktail beverages out of skinny vodka. Derek yeah that was telling us sort this is completely organic hearing it was so is story there's clues about a month and a half ago at this point we're on the Internet they were good deepen this we've got to get the roster because this is like what are you two white people doing so this is what happened okay. I Jamar Nesbit daring Gail witness today L primetime or powered by ortho Carolina thirty minutes away from off. Mike quick former Eagles wide receiver he's the analyst on the on the Eagles radio network you'll join us coming up. BA now about 45 minutes for thirty he's gonna join us who Gail what days tell the story since. You don't like just who is I didn't have much afraid she and the goal is murals there were some leftovers hang in Arenas and he needs to take the edge off one night would like Duke's. All right so let me see what I can put together and he started concocting some stuff with what he was hit it the gang and -- day straight bottle of whipped cream flavored vodka jerked down don't ask it's a long six and sunny. That's a pretty much it appears to support it very visible start to describe he's basically have a diverse mix drinks and he called this a get out Julius because it tasted like a cream sickle I had like orange Julius vibe about it so I accept it we call for the get a Julius could use what you got on hand to get to do what you gotta do soul. On and on that note. The celtics' colleges was born into that season he's he's matrix like the the bills along the long time between paychecks I Steve Justice personal favorite at the flaming Shula last week we they go to the white Russian if you if you if you will there are slick white Russian yes he wanted to see there did yes how weak we gotta tell me how I'm all right. What's your teeth and avoid it today's culture monster year during or something to make our guest from Philadelphia feel a little more comfortable in our city of brotherly love full will return a favor to their first let's go to the phones Jon wants to join us what's up John what you wanna say. We'll brawl so hey buddy how orient. Com article over you don't you don't already know partnered in their boat like in the American League. Oh I need to trash they get right to my trash or maybe they're gonna play great. Everything they're doing here no I don't know Herbert when you look hey look I don't. I'll say this John I gave you the stats earlier that it happen single stack up there six sacks last week. When they only rushed four are still look on the C can't be can't bring blitz is all the time this defense better start second off the literally it triggered a late start get after the quarterback with their front four that's got to change. No wind but no I'll probably look. I can we lose John. Lost output jump back on all they go get his line back in order are its third Joseph Joseph wants to join us Joseph puts up and we wanna say. Hey I'll eat one or more we have and they restrict every guy have a breakout game this year. It's hard to say you're saying we went beyond the first couple games when they force fed it to you right now. Yes somewhere on the schedule may really itching my girl have a chance Soriano had a breakout game. I mean I don't it's acute what would you say for thought he is goes well would you consider breakout game for. Always say oh. Until I. You dropped yards on the ground and could see. You know to receive an. It just appreciate it caught me it's hard to pinpoint what you could say you he's gonna have his breakout game it's crazy idea that there's waited out the stat the other day. He leads all rookies regardless of position in receptions and receiving yards well that's part of the reason because all the top wide receivers this rookie Chris are injured. It's also because what they're so their couple games they're for speeding it up all the New Orleans games one of that when he's on pace for over 85 grabs at 750 receiving yours. That's crazy. I would let your talk about one of the top spot to ten seasons probably all time of the passing season for running back if that happens I don't think he. I kitty stay honest they're probably not but he's got to pace now work here's the interesting thing this touches have gone down the last few weeks that was what think I was here we were hammered out to bargain for awhile say it. It feels like you are forced beating this guy it is it's feeling like you're trying to make him work in away were it's not actually working and it's coming. In a way that's hurting Jonathan Stewart when you look at what McCaffrey's touches have been articles from eighteen to 1213. Ten and eight. Week by week Steve's got seven touches inside the ten on the year Christians got just too. And I'm cool with that. Now all eventually you're gonna need to get more from you operate overall pick but he's making it impacted the on the offense. He's effective at their in the passing game it's as a safety valve for camp. And I'm up a mechanical work I just think it's sort of the point say oh yeah I think this is the week the guys and have a breakout game. While he might not ever the game like that it has I I'll give one the Tampa Bay game. I think just based upon the way they played their defense. And some of the things might that might hurt or hurt them in the past I think McCaffery will be able to take advantage of their front four is very active. And they're very aggressive. But they're very undisciplined at times so I think I think I have a decent game against him but it. Yeah I think quick McCaffery. And I hit talk about this a lot with a lot of different guys but I think so much of what his rookie season it's gonna be defined as is based on whatever your expectation. Other was going in. I mean I don't know that they'd get only did him any favors after he drafted it might say and you know he's not just to step back we compared in the Curtis Martin's piece it I don't know his words were right the best in between the tackles runner I've ever evaluated since Curtis right. And that's a hall of Famer you do is named dropped their for a kid who hasn't played a down in the NFL yet so if you can't think he weighs barely 200 pass right in line so we if you start judging Christian McCaffery based off how he compares to Curtis Martin at saint state he does not and I don't think there's going to be the opportunity for. But if you look at him as OK can he be Darren Sproles he's a complementary guy who has to didian to a greater. Yeah now hold enough fits I think he's doing that I think. From that standpoint he is succeeding him wanted. You know such that we know what anybody's role is five weeks into the Jackie's Mexican buildings that are techs like 7045796. LO Shaq he's always accident he says so LO also he's got crushed McCaffery other fantasy team does create gonna start of the night begin picnic at a given they're gonna start is the RB to our beat three wood and editors about flexed position. What can I do all right let's let's dim the lights lets up fire that I understand this now yet Nez is really weird an hour and no trial let's get this thing started. To get yourself in the right mood as a virtual growth we put this on the this is but again I I wanna make our guests from Philadelphia -- home this weekend I don't think so yes they are the city of brotherly love so it's only right that we extend them off back to stand com. So it's while not exactly something you find behind the bar in most places theory is something called the Philadelphia cocktail. You can get it more often in hospitals it's often known as of reverse cocktail with something they administer in the emergency room. To bag of saline that they've evolved they've injected dec stroke. Basic chauffeur. And Simon and a couple units of insulin into this thing and they -- speaking from experience a reading and they become big in two people to treat acute alcoholism that was it came to Philadelphia cocktail because. Before getting so drunk in Philly they just named it after what they've I don't know maybe that's an open. Lazy cultural stereotype but I'd rather light candles in church or dark OK so that you and I think in the true spirit at Philadelphia when I think of Philadelphia it's a working class town it's Rocky Balboa was down it's a shot severe and it's down. So in honor of Philadelphia and it's great tradition I think they should just be a shot a deer so get yourself a Yingli. Get yourself a shot at Jim beam and give yourself a pair of handcuffs. Philadelphia cut the Philadelphia Cox. You do with our broadcasting live from packet of all the the NFL pulpit NFL looks boy it sure they adore your calls primetime and the fifteen minutes away from more quick we'll talk Eagles Panthers and a former Eagles wide receiver. It NC state Clinton that's right front time powered by ortho Carolina. You're just telling US fed did Coca-Cola dog counts. Game day and about four hours away from kickoff 830 Thursday night football Panthers Eagles threw for what seems the NFL. Do not adjust your TV sets America tonight there will be good actual real meaningful football I think we think. Although line eagle to join us earlier is on the call for Westwood to be careful out last and I said those things it doesn't work that way so he's scared he is scared we you know we we think we should have a good game tonight door open for that Cesar tweet him proudly Jewish Twitter feed at primetime WS fancy. Rallied Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations that brown lead Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers doc cops does not tell daring get next time he gets have to go through the celtics' colleges he's got to get something with Tennessee and there for the whole race. But. It doesn't necessarily territory Henis he that's more top shelf right. William would eat there are. The defeat of the girls purpose there are segments of the of our population that all they drink is Tennessee. So it could be is expensive you want if that's all they drink. That's all they're going to drink hard hit in a stick stuck Jamar Nesbit microphone and heard how they've outlet to get into the lab on that one OK we'll see it we have make that work some more all right Jamar Nesbit now coming at full stereo volume but to a radio near you I don't worry I talked to my quick former Eagles wide receiver and now there radio analyst to join us coming up in less than ten minutes we'll preview this game with them. Here's what's interest and I saw the story this morning at sporting news. And I felt television rates and I'm confused by this because. I'd seen have been trying to follow this week by week the ratings have been up is not eat cool. A lot of the weak side they're paying attention now admittedly I've watched the last couple weeks the ratings on watch the games not their ratings. I'll put sporting news had a story today saying that the ratings are down. By a pretty good margin on the whole on the year picking a prime time games on Thursday. Sunday and Monday night all the afternoon games throughout the Sunday this is a rolling average through five weeks and it's actually down. Not only from your goal which was markedly down it's it's down from a very wide margin for 2015. As well and the NFL is locked into eighty up. Up PR battle right now that's what's going on that's I mean if this thing I'm not gonna have we're not going to have a conversation today about the protests were not gonna do death occurred I want to have a conversation about the PR battle that's going on were the NFL saying no work not doing what you're claiming we're doing and the president saying yes you are. And they're going back and forth. And it's interesting is we carry for the NBA season to start. Because the FDA. Weeks ago now sit. Know everybody's gonna stay it for the end of everybody's gonna stay for the flag. And when it but he said his seat you know the Robbie succeed they respect our country and really what the FDA is saying is no we see what's happened to them. And we don't wanna get dragged into this mess at the NBA's is that as progressive Muslim League as there is an empowering their players. Allowing him to use their platform to do whatever they wish witted. But this thing is so interesting to me because it is once again I don't know how many times we go down this path this is my take away guys I don't know how many times we go to on the path. What the NFL is going to continue to be reactionary the NFL's gonna continue to be the one Saint Paul we didn't think this what through. Quick let's figure out a plant it's too late it's the toothpaste is out of the top there's no fixing this now for the NFL even if they come up with a plan that makes sense. It's too late June to allow this become a best that's lingering around your league people made up their minds so what you guys are doing right now. And they are not going to do anything about it until next week when they get out of for the fall owners' meetings and talk about it then I mean they've completely kick this weekend down the road. And the airplane and seems to be based on. Maybe he'll tweet about some males. Her back I mean that's the business plan right now he's one he has looked at the present I. One of the situation he's gotten what he wanted out and go from here created events yes smoker I saved that was the gold and he's absolutely succeed right but I wouldn't you know. I wouldn't count it over until you know they come hourly changes are right couple words and what are you what happens that is strictly because of what happens that is. All seek look at innovative deal I mean I've I've source that it tall order here where they had to do that's who he is already made Jerry Jones stance yes I mean that's already happened and the problem is. Jerry goes in and talks to his people they're people that cowboys locker room who inevitably are like. I'll off I am not cool with this and it's that's going to happen in a lot of places I mean you know I think some owners are a little more. Willing to go along to get along than others but mostly the NFL's goal in this is to. Survived it. It is to get through it and to make this go away. I've just always amazed at how many times we have to go on this path worth thing happens to the now and its took the dog how to we don't think about that what kind of like how could it organization beat this. This NASA success this if this much more money a statistically I scraping edits it it's always. How may have had a we don't think of that at the time world because you have to look at the ownership the circle of ownership. And you have to look at is the very same reason why. The president is attacking them and giving them as most problems he's giving them. Is because they didn't vote him in pricey at the look at the the type of people that they have voted in. And that club what are the order there the common denominator is throughout all 32 owners. Right the they have these these sorts of views and they look at their players as. As this in you know they are to be talked spoken to like this has frozen meat treated like this. So unless you have them by a mile 32 owners and there may be one you would expect that continent owns Jacksonville Jack or might. Might see things a little bit differently but almost a million dollars to the inauguration camp won't let us take it upon us those of business and you say come on what you're actually here's me I'm making the meeting Steele when your shot con dot com yeah who's the donor register article about saying. I'm not integrating any ideas what people are clear so they understand your talk about their shot condoms the order. Off all the Jacksonville Jack he'll be owner in the NFL who is not an old white guys. Yet there's been there it's a duo Paul Allen is a little bit of a forward thinker I guess if you wanna look at from that standpoint consummate a slightly different background in terms of where is well it was built he's kind of the people that he and I agree honest but even he thought to be the new money at the Minnesota where it's like. Mean you don't have progressive they'll present a second or not that different feel to be honest about this article right resilient in a club you have to have the same. That this does the same perspective. And that's just what it is I thought unless you share this perspective. Is knock on change and so are you counts are you're not going to get voted into is close heartless got a foot really quicker more quick gonna join us up ought to wait a few bullets and talk Panthers Eagles with him. Let's go to a mark he wants you'll be with us what's up mark. Are good men or you what he was sick. Out of context I thought decked out very cut back or another with a lot of you're. There are good that America then. I actually heard about. Golf I don't look like or lack. Could go to. You know we're here. Also. Are up front door early you're also all the roles so we were just don't let you go to keep going. I'm. Out there a argot that. And noble welcome everybody there are out there. Good I'm like I'm back to expect what they're trying to. A market. Ciccone emit a 704570. That's extent it was. It always pro football focus that this data earlier. The past splits on Cam Newton talk McKee we're talk about it earlier where he feel his Davies looked. He's he's on a terror right now these last two games have been. The I think arguably the best two games and screw the last Soviet three backed up back to back 300 plus yard passing games the first two games of his career getting him appointed tool. I did it with back to back 400 yard passing games are back then I'll I don't go to Arizona come back over its green paper pro football focus at this stat. He is is passing under ten yards 88 attempts 75% completion. Five point four yards per attempt. It is quarterback ratings 93 point 410 yards or more. 51 attempts so few we are confident our viewers Teradata field through Gaza sixty corporate point 7% completion which is still really good. Fourteen point nine yards per attempt a 10 wait point when quarterback rating so he's completing very officially the balls down the field. But he's taken a -- this throws right now on the unity self and beat the question we had fundamentally about him going into the season was. Can he do that several Bastille different players that were there to make him do that he does now it's so far get mrs. Small sample size he's he's making a work right now 75% completion percentage. What was it can't say he was all us throughout this ever even was given the status not forget the exact stat on this topic Cam Newton. When he was throw the ball I think it was five yards or less down the field. Weighs in the bottom five in the NFL completion percentage over the last few years it's never been his game he's ever regret that I think we made comparisons to a Jon Lester. Not being able to throw crackers please. Over seven along the Baltimore that was a shot because I'm I'm right here are no I you know what traditional based I didn't even I didn't even realize you were here so you know baseball I. Aaron unlike frank Garcia you know based follow. I wish I would never claim I would never claims that the obesity research all the guys are very impressive are for getting out like I. All right 70457. Though it nights extend. Were we're keep taking your calls you want to impaired there's Eagles and jump in on this. And out by the way here's that the devils fought just eight targets or more each of the last three games coming into tonight. And he's leading this team with red zone targets on the year we asked what Greg also went down who's going to be the guy. That that steps up or who's gonna be the beneficiary everybody stepped die but doesn't foot just has the calm for now the new wrinkle he's become camp's favorite new toy. Yeah and it's working and aim and good for DeVon for delivery and on and I mean like I said there for years those guys have been particularly the last two years coming out of training camp. When he see what funds that's where it there was so much talk about punches was gonna have a break out last year and it just never happened but again I think so much of it. Like a lot of things in the NFL once he got two year three once he learned what the NFL's all about it's actually easier to perform artwork to go to the tactic obvious why this man it's gonna be on the call tonight pair thirst Eagles we think we got a really good Thursday night game two for one teams. And Doug never too early start talk about playoff positioning in the NFC we're gonna look at it. And C state election. Former pro bowler all roll one of the greats to ever lace them up for the Philadelphia Eagles former wide receiver Mike quick make it's time forced. On the tech become just like Mike good to talk to you now look back to North Carolina. Where are you very much. What do you think tonight we we could talk at all all show we released Thursday night gave you never know what you're gonna get I believe. Wrote teams this year Thurston a football or 184. On the on the whole goal hold teams have won I think 61%. Of these Thursday night games. Over the last few years so it's going to be an interesting match up recent history this year since pro teams have been successful and this is a Philly team kind of feel it Sepulveda company it against the Carolina team that's out some momentum to what do you think it. You know I think that this may be awarded best Thursday night game six we head and a long time I'm sure they're the best this year. At least the way it's built so hopefully these seem to sending teams. I would really like what Carolina is there in the past two weeks to real good football team and their show on the show how good they are. And the Eagles led by the young quarterback whose only played. Twenty games when they win games in his professional career looking like you're a proven veterans so to integrate contest in both DC and that they go. Led by how well they played defense so I think it's going to be a big defensive battle tonight with these teams giving up. 1819. Points on average defensively. I'm Mike quit quit this Eagles radio network on the call tonight Panthers and Eagles. On Thursday night football and for for those who have seen this Eagles team maybe in years past and didn't realize wow this team is how do they get this good again. This quick. What book I it to meets this defense this defense is is really good and it starts with the front seven. And I think people maybe forgot how much talent there was on the defensive side of the ball for Philadelphia. Well that's true resisting misled by stations and there were without shut your crotch the last game and captured. I think he'll be back and that'll be a big boost for them if she is back. But it's a team that attacks so front. In the secondary been original so okay. They're not great in the secondary role where there are able to do is disrupt offenses because buried it puts so much pressure. Because their front four front seven they're so good. Mike what do you look at this after Steve what's the thing you see within that makes them so scary right now. You know what I think here did these two things are very similar what I look at a feel that their defense said the Panthers played I think they play great defense go up front they're getting after people and Julius Peppers I guess he saw on the outlook view they bring him in kitty Condo created he wreaks Havoc the big guys in the middle. Buena Vista look very good. But up front the front seven big got a pretty good the linebackers routes stand in the way they fly routes. And I don't think he clears well in this early part of season has played as well as he's played in the past. But he still okay clearly still trying to put all the time they're very similar. I really like the offense in the way they're starting to place for Carolina your a lot of layers to this offense they can do a lot of things well so there are tough options to do fit. Mike a year ago the. O's got off to a hot start when when Carson was a rookie on then lane Johnson's suspension hits and all the sudden things kind of went off the rails a little bit she went to Europe next ten games. What is it about Carson this year that may make them better able to withstand does not have an a key part like that around tonight. Quote. I think the backups or better they've done a better job of training these backups and they've got a couple young guys. Perceived white tie at the right tackle tonight and peace hopefully has gotten better because he's gonna have a big challenge on his sentence would caution himself the way he runs C Austrians now. You can tell he's taken ownership of this offense. It makes great call that the line of scrimmage in terms of getting them out of a play that could be a bad play it. And making sure that they're making they're there until favorable play where the matchup pits them better. And that to me as the biggest growth. Of this offense defected. He's so good at the line of scrimmage or bed making adjustments getting this team into a positive place. Former Eagles wide receiver NC state great Mike quit quit this right now beyond the call for the Eagles radio network tonight alongside Merrill Reese. Are Panthers and Eagles up Thurston a football we've got the Panthers call on these 1110993. WBZ. Is so to further that question and maybe this is an unfair question but or are the are the Eagles at the point where they're waiting. Because of Carson what are they waiting with Carson what's a quarterback right now. Oh there's no question that you would of course in the words. Offensively their running game has really gotten caught the last couple weeks Lagarde blood. A huge contributor to that windows small wood and then we have a rookie out of Wisconsin. Court Clement who's also contributed go work. They lost Darren Sproles. A couple of weeks ago. And the the run game has really picked up and that has. Made it a lot easier for parson lynch until they're developed play action behind their run game and go to work can't enhance. Mike quit quit his former NC state great former Eagles wide receivers on a call tonight Eagles radio network joining us right now on the deck become just like KK short he's our Fletcher Cox how close do you think those two are one. When now when you look at one another the way to do those two guys and the way they play I give Fletcher the ex McCain want shorts right up there I think with within an area Donald among those great three techniques out there right now. You know I think there are very similar in size and the way they scored disruptive but shorts are really good football player and you know I I didn't I didn't realize how jealous that he was until I started really pay attention to your defense in the way to defense placed. Don't feel alone workflow look totally upfront. They're going to be problems. In the I know legal authority understand that they've got their intro. Mike we get a picture on our Taxol wants to know we we wanted to look to your NC state great what he we think this Renaissance right now and you're over 500 they've door. And about there wolfpack Donald. Enjoy an event you know I once a bit of Florida State game and I was so impressed and those wondering. But they're going to be able to do that next week and the next week then. From what I'm watching they will feel bet just like it would seem that we're talking about tonight. They play great defense they fly around to the football they have heard of that the line indiscriminately pushed the line of scrimmage back then when you're able to do that defensively. You've always got a chance I like what they're doing that they've. Don't they've been doing a heck would jobs. At NC state then I can stick my check out again and and brag about OPEC. Football gathers talk the coach of the contract extension for Dave door which I think is is well deserved to get it all the road on Saturday noon kick and then. I mean it's that it took basically the season is the two except that. Mikey got Notre Dame erode any club president all the meat state controls their own destiny right now. I know everyone is looking at it to their Clemson game and that's going to be a huge game put. You know I I grew up playing the games we don't test anybody if they got to make sure that this weekend that there are on top of their game and they're clinching game to get here soon enough. You could greatest wolfpack wide receiver. Mike quicker Torry Holt. Historical. But it won't do it. All. The pop pop pop pop pop up. Done. Once that once a wide receiver early July perceive her Phil what are you what are again I had thought don't deny it yeah Phillips Ohio all right well Mike it's a pleasure to talk David how slow Merrill to broadcast tonight thanks to drop by our go to. There because there you go by quick former NC state great and that's a that's a that's a loaded question there I its lack. Asked said NC state it is what it is crazy NC state loses to this is gamecocks is where his gamecocks had used it and use it sounded he's now quietly become the gamecocks all favor and we have a hall of Famer harvesting and called us we are under way to pull it out of costs so it is that your signal that loss it kind of re. It's dirt dirt I mean to me NC state right after seeing who's the second best team in the ACC. I would say it stayed focused I think it's close with Miami yes maybe Virginia Tech may be but I think right now if you're asking me. I its its its state of Boise T they get Notre Dame which is an on conference game but if they wanna talk about. This is crazy if you wanna talk about play off. Why all the side of jail at stake got you win at Notre Dame yes you because center home wounded BC wait Carolina. You you've set the table there to go do this thing you get to the ACC championship game so let's let's not crazy to say blessing it would open is not crazy to think about NC state. Running the table and get comedy or Charlotte being the ACC title game boom. And you guys can just. Art that ruined remove all the credit to South Carolina hit it of that hill who we did the same thing in Ohio State we played them two years erode the that little bowl game and an initiative on the dog on national championship in their little bowl game. Little cold keeper and guys don't do that China. I don't know I'm were three duke. All right we're back to look at the remote when we're so comfortably familiar bowl play apple that's a look back at all the NASCAR quest to not gonna tell you why can't you might have another big game through the passing game tonight it's after this dairy kit Jamar Nesbit Omar wants the job do what we return to its prime time or powered by ortho Carolina. Thousand dollars coming up again about ten minutes W affinity Koreans laid giveaway prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina we're here to WS Lindsay Coca-Cola doghouse. Thanks to all race sponsor thing now this today Richard I don't hold with Richard dot com Miller Lite Jack Daniels. Backpack lying peppered Genesis you need. Stop now outback I think effort and this is who here at the W offense he cocoa doghouse register that chance to win. The brand new 2017 Genesis G eighty and after every home tailgate. Effort Genesis we'll pick one lucky winner to receive their tickets to the next cat home games that do that and I want you back there stuff by the parks party pavilion. Here at the W authentic Coca-Cola dog house complete that weeks. Nickel forming your chance to win a nest thermostat to great deal and we're senior staff and our patients with so much different but our view which is just the way to go so. Devard as arrogant. Here's the stat that matters bodily KM. Our over the last few weeks he's just been some sort of phenomenal. And when you go back to what he was on the first three games of the season. He I mean we were talking about picnic I seem like gay a shell of himself in the last. The last two games you're looking at six TDs. Purses just one interception. I east peace. Completely over 70% of his passes. And it's been it's been night and day what he's been able to beat all over the last couple of weeks and here's the thing the Panthers eight targets ever for the past attack against New England seven against Detroit on the road. On on Sunday and a win there an Eagles have allowed ten different wide receivers to gain fifty yards or more. I love with him fortress is doing right now eight targets are more the last three games leading this human rights of targets. This is just setting up for a pretty eagles' defense that is 29 against the pass right. I've ever seen this but what this is really interesting to me because you always hear the papers like the point is way to make teams one dimensional them. If we make teams want to mention we feel like we're going to be able to get after the quarterback put it predictable passing situations and by doing that our pass defense. Great but it's going to be better comparatively the Eagles. Our second against the run in the NFL are so stingy. At 63 or we're able out on the ground get their 29 next to last in the NFL in passing defense well where they allowed 283 yards I don't I've ever seen them what you look goals. Leaving that dominated. At stopping the run and being. You know. Awful and allowing teams to throw a football against you do we have a yards per Cary for the Eagles. What their adult daughters I can look that up I mean it very easily could be situations that there's hope for passing that teams are just throwing the ball against them so. Yeah as their only average or develop. Given don't follow it know they're giving up three point report not. This is his qualities for its more could agree. It's not like they've been involved in blowouts where other teams are just. Pass and technically technically it's eerily close to the weird stat to me where your second again and that's a good number what you're second against the run in the NFL and yet your your that pattern of acts but that's weird it got decent guys in their secondary to their secondary is full. Well much of Jack's back there the quality inspectors are secondary. So this look at this game. We're Soviets brought opera in the show that franc was talk about turning it off. This feels like a game Oreo you establish the run and I think we might have to get away and we see more track record. There are always gonna be committed to the running game we do we might have to re conditioned ourselves from take him out the running game's not there this team can't win. We have to start reconditioning that thought and this seems to me to be gay or maybe if camp doesn't go out there have. 225 to fifty passing yards I'd be shocked at immutable and I'd be shocked if it is Angela there. Multiple CDs to fifty yards or more I'd be shocked because of that that the game tonight because that because of the defense he's facing or because of this evidence you think uneasily great unease deck I think he's got some great momentum. I think depth and forges his deal of self right now when you're three and he told management emerging into a big play threat and course McCaffery there quicker recovery is always seems to find his way. Open they're getting him those touches were doesn't feel like it's out of rhythm in the offense now. I I think I'd just be shocked at camp doesn't have a really quality game again well it there's reason to be concerned is there always seems to date line. I want I'm curious how came response to short week because everything you know we talked about. Early show about I think a big part of this is simply being able to practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays and cabinet time in between. To not only rest and recover physically but to be able to put the game plan in now how do you respond to. Having two fewer days to do that to cram and everything you know juice and not being as physically refreshed as you normally are and also. Deal with that condensed time I was this up yesterday to meet if we get after this game tonight the paper's going to win this courtly but we that you wearing deal not talk about that of Saint Louis has people talking about the game systems that we as people talk about the game scandalous people you people if we collectively on us all get to tomorrow we're talk about it there's team. That's course point five points or more again and where camp the or for 250 wives. Which is a pretty clean game high completion percentage not turn the ball over. Because what you just I was at this point yesterday do we get to the point where say you know what if you could do this three times in a row in the span of eighteen days and I don't still hanging on. Don't doubt anymore like this do it beat Ross that as we keep the heat ninety to 95%. He thinks he's really get close I think tonight the proof is in the putting into this tonight on short rest against what's a good front seven this thing get after the quarterback I think it is fine to. If they pull all that stuff that I think we can get to aboard say you know what. This teams here audience here in his office is here you know it's not like Jimmy Claussen risen from the dead and suddenly playing good football this man was being BP two years ago so it's not as zipped. This is on for seeing consequence that Cam Newton might actually be good football. That they think that that's how they performed surgery surgery is made him better I mean it's I mean he didn't and it's always had in him to do so it's not so it's not that big a surprise that he's playing well listen. I think I'm pretty surprised at how fluently he's picked up this short passing game who like him I'd admit the last few weeks you know Austin weeks. Particularly his career on the short passing if I've ever seen a path is not go back to like 2013. And that they pretty pretty good screen game run that year yes but that's the only sort of thing that resembles anything I've seen over the last couple weeks for this guy. And what and what we haven't seen is the amount of time he'd probably put in with McCaffery. Angie steam on the ball coming out of the backfield. Because he shoulder could not let him or would not let him throw the deep water practice and he went to keep it this is kind of thrown out there forget if Jonathan George wrote about this nobody else during the offseason. He when he was down in Atlanta for one of the seven on seven camps Christian account for about a week with him. All what a terrible leader that guy is on leadership. He's the worse as we work with is like receivers. That guy let's go to Omar he wants to join us an example or what you wanna say. Hey guys opt for all of and we couldn't get during the within the passing game thoughts are billions and you can't. I am. This stage this. With the running into you got extra. Our more so would go to Barack Obama are a couple questions ordered to do that eluded. It is let you know your feet all principle not including being a couple of and wouldn't look at an effective. You know it's good to have an effective remedy then and they're prepared death. Are another good at a at a good enough to believe it would do you have and egotistical guys are our ticket offer elective got. Hey Omar appreciate Conan we do this we react we will talk about whether we should be worried about this run defense because these are numbers we've literally never seen and recent Panthers history just how much they're not running the ball effectively. We react to that and everybody's worried about this won't don't want my hot and actually he'll take we will look at that still can't except everybody's more about this fourth quarter these threats Nestle tell us whether we should reward about that are not to accept it is Rebecca Quick moment its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.