Primetime: Panthers Current Organizational Issues

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Monday, February 12th

Kroeger and Omar Gaither discuss the Panthers' long term issues, like never winning back to back seasons. 


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Our extreme. Real estate studio. 5610. Tell you what is the always the Big Dig his it was the next game last night get out of here Roy. There's no way on earth you said that in the pregame speech. In the locker room and I know we are talking your guys today eighth in the light practice of trouble tomorrow at shoot around you got sick and it's the next game it's NC state. You're gonna make you're going green into those guys since we're not losing twice this year. DNC state and especially not to a first year head coach Wright you're supposed to mean transition we're not gonna get swept by NC state and especially not off the beaten you live from the marks being real TV studio. Kobe actually won a 501 year's actual. But seems right. Put your hands are still the man from was ousted him as though you are looking he's got the resume the problem is when you're racing every Sunday it's gonna be hard to by the team man. Can be very hard by the Carolina Panthers. And I would like to imagine that scenario where he walks into a bank. As if it's that simple hey I need to bar like three billion terminology for six I got she got you know after taxes and failed business ventures and haven't try to keep my racing career up on 59 L a rare prominently would be nice to I got like ten million. So can you can a bar like three billion how does that work. Now now and I know I think that what's gonna. Here's what's funny or Geathers what does it tried summer powered by ortho Carolina and we're we're here at the halfway point Carolina by the way playing again tonight 7 o'clock tip off. And they get another interesting game its Notre Dame they should beat Notre Dame but you know notre Dame's got messed Cheryl back data Goodwin. And Notre Dame who is a team that. Is fighting they've got zero margin for air if they wanna be an NCAA tournament team that got under the hood now beginning to stack a bunch of wins in North Carolina point through. Third game in in five days here and NC state North Carolina was amazing again over the weekend. That's got two game series this year OG has been money pretty sweet. And I think you know what did we say right styles make fights. There something about the style of play that is that you don't because they are little smaller overall the more athletic teams in on that textbooks size. Both of those teams should scan running gun man North Carolina and NC state just gives you good basketball. Fun to watch well coached. Older guys and that always helps her it's yes and then to give Virginia going down over the weekend Virginia Tech I'll I'll ask you this deal. Has Virginia become in this is traditional reasons here but his Virginia become the new team that everybody enjoy seeing lose hi. Then there wouldn't you think. That's but I think people are still entrenched on this take right here at Virginia can never win with a sciele play they have that they want them until they want to. I think people enjoy when Virginia loses because people like legitimately can't stay in the pac Klein. And they're just so close they are so staunchly believing Virginia will never be a national championship caliber team that when they lose it's almost like how possibly. I've I told you could have forty points a game and enough that I always touch it gets the last lap to make is they actually leapfrogged Michigan actually from Villanova to go to number one. Cameras and then after a loss they were told they went to number one than anything. I think that I don't think he's going to poised to win but it's not their fault. He's teaching these young guys to shoot the ball from from the perimeter spot their flaw. Why look I agree and actually in Virginia's got to play this terrible basketball and all this all it took you gotta get crazy Sharon got two guys who can really stroke it like tiger roaming Kyle. I still went with what they got in terms of scoring this this year I think they actually in. Why would they be able to win it did it's why dope junior college basketball. No way we always. Always say never say that a lot of felt like traditional land when he gets down to visit today and today you see you Carolina and here in your Kentucky during your tenure standard seems lemon at Kentucky so much this year and I can yeah I can't imagine him and I can take you so much but do you see those you know when Villanova is of the world miscues states. You know down to bed early date. Kentucky six and six in the SEC I think I saw this stat yesterday. The all the last time they were six and six was a decade ago when Billy Gillespie was and is finally your can. I'm not alone now I'm I'm now sit there watching the game the whole time and I'm like. Listen and this is like their explosive effect Christ is the LeBron James Eric Olson believes can coach of the year to stand there and say he's not a bad coach Erik Spoelstra slumped he's a great coach. But what he's done since LeBron left with next to nobody okay all right put. Still no championship Russ no coach of the year didn't know aunt suffered as a win championships are but a good course for posting your children address. Erik Spoelstra probably regarded as one of the top five coaches in the NBA and NBA circles because of what he's done little so so in other words this isn't a knock. No I I'd I think it is a knock on cal I would you say it is pollsters probably not exist and not a good example I would ask you you're heels guy coach k's. Doing more these hears it this way athlete O. Coach in the country beating coach calorie his own game right now to fall over the last four or five years coach K is beating coach cal his own game. He has those those guys who stay 34 years that a good place for us now and I eat and gives the Marvin badly to Liu knows one and done so he has good mixture of now it's hard to do pet. Consistently really be able to get that the reader guy and that one and done guy. That's worse than this I would cows like this by championship or bust right we Keizai are maybe we don't want to ship this year but will stick around edit. So it looks better he's doing he's performing slightly at a higher level and a recruiting front he's been getting the better I'll so I have no idea yeah well I don't know how you holly it's the only it's the Olympics I think that it disadvantage it's a huge advantage tournament he can pick up a phone and say hey I got cold we analyze an event hey I got LeBron nonaligned ten midterm Kobe called his guy and now it's to the point where it's become a self for filling prophecy much like Alabama football where you come here I'm getting into the NBA. What do you do from that point four that's on human but I'm getting you to the NBA him but you're gonna. Is that OK then preached that cap actually preaches that he preaches it publicly the contents of the sort of sit you don't think cape preaches that a living normally celtics' all get out of here I don't think. I don't think he's too. Heat I think I think that's an after all when he's selling duke and in the program and being a community agree player. And so I think that's what back when you're talking about I think is what he was selling ten years ago. I think he has changed is Gaza Strip. I think he's beating K cal in his own game which is obviously seek Tyreke BC Jason Tatum you see Brandon idols our lives. We I mean that's beautiful Hawkeye arena was. Grant Hill credentials singing his single days it's become a self fulfilling prophecy because now that is the new norm for duke. It's become the NB a big joke about to do brotherhood it's the MBA brotherhood but we get a duke should not going there to stick around for three or four years mostly. You're going their because you're gonna get a pipeline to the NBA. They're they've done they've put some talent and name BA there's actually producing and and it's it's starting to seep into a lot of different organizations for the first domino while. And yet here he wants and claimed claimed claimed that a great coaching coach and dreams go to not a dream team but the US eighteenth certainly. You're one of those guys you'll call to dream team now that's a dream team are always dream team there's always no no no no no no no. There's only want my strain no money for me it works this way they're calling this there's only one dream team put the raw dream there are no no no no and only one dream team no my sorry girls dream to know there's a dream team for a reason. What's funny they came here in shoot 93 I think it was possessed a gimmick to get stuff from this the clay at the coliseum. Was the feeble world championships in depth that point that summer. They played an exhibition will welcome Gary shut out don't go beer and I'm G. Great hookup may need to we call CC you'll you'll what do you right now he's a local guy here he really and welcome Gary always took me up and housing and good looking out. So uncle Gary took me and was the German national team in 93 it was an exhibition game but they played dream the dream team. And they called it dream team too that's actually how they were branded because it was an original dream team in 92 you'll. And then in 9394 for the Phoebe championships now they called us and try. Dream team to remember it was like Pitt guy in Alonzo Mourning. She act they tried with some of the young guns he was still some holdovers like Chris Mullin was on the tag team we similar holdovers Karl Malone I think it was on dream team its one and two it's John Stockton so there somebody originals and then there some hold our serves like treats they try to make it a thing like it was a trilogy. Dream team won the dream team to. Dream dream dream team three and yeah I mean it's people would never caught on to the idea that those there's only one dream team yeah. We come off. Not much I love Larry Bird I I'd call it a dream teams because it is ridiculous how much style but it also is different because you go to some countries now. And they've put out so much MBA talented. One might that have the elite level star power. Think that would mean they got a deep could tell Iraq today I mean that the real original dream team would smash any team ever created us. In any galaxy yes. Alien or not yes so is this so we've seen him debut pales before what we refers to text uranium building senator techs like Kate does not make MBA players he gets NBA players from high school. And they say only one year they're done I mean I agree with that sort of saying like he got he has a pipeline he's a conduit to the NBA now I don't. I don't think you see this thing I will I respect about cow okay to respect about coach cal. And tonight he doesn't hide it as you said OG but. K I don't think he's hiding it that's just not what he plays out the public image of duke basketball and beaten but I can't believe for 12 that he's not selling that when he walks into somebody's living rural. Or Jim in high school somewhere or coaches' offices as a census message behind closed doors he's just now putting out there on front street. I just think it's a given an out taking these I can set I think it's on it's on the back burner he misses that and passing all my motto way you know put. Even basic any debate about it about the kind of one and done he gets right they took to get one and a that are more but not. In diary but let me on that but not about a you take it how you wanna take I you'd use. And same but not give you think you would have taken bode cousins and he could've gotten them. I don't know I don't know what movies rap sheet not rap sheet but it what is you resurrect him it was coming out I ask you better trader tread carefully realized program. Nobody gonna do. Doing Metso boogie what we get down please. We're probably it's anyways it's either if any right now the Marvin Bagley a little world Marvin. I don't know your receipt and total whatever it may be he's he's a little more but yes he's one and done this is a freak of an athlete. I'm confused as to what you're doing here you just saying yeah rejecting that Dick coach cal is getting like the celtics' whomever. Ultra what you say how we'll take whom ever from anywhere. In the country I wanna talk Panthers you wanna do it let's do it okay I'll hear this from painter sans. What we actually care about most this offseason because I think you're a variety of things that are stewing and I can get a read on them burned through one of the things that we talk of a perfect one and done guys are awful hands off. Consider tax like you guys jump pin there settle for 570960. And we talked printers and Omar Gaither it's Kroger it's next to its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. So it's interest that we have the TV on. And this. What is it sports nation I guess Michelle beatle Ramona she also Warren. South LA. Marcellus wiley and that's what that show is ready used to be anything Howard Biel back in the day it was a pretty good show backed him. Now this is like all of our shows or some variation of the same shelf. Would you agree on and on ESPN's. Those are some features different crews doing different doing the same debates prince called a different title. He got a good that we for a content may be exactly right you're learning Omar Gaither learning the media game this is an example you know how to sausages may now so Betsy has given myself since I couldn't tell you the last time I watched that show I remember. I think it was in college at that point when sports nation first became a thing it was kind of a a really popular wildly popular show that time when it was calorie meal and now it's just on. One more worried here in the studio but they flash aboard there's topics OG that said. Alabama getting two million dollar locker room for Souter upgrades and that that story teammate cannot came out on the last week of building a two million dollar. Recruiting now okay so there's that whatever you would call. They've got the nicest of everything Constance up there as well a lot of these programs now have things that you could never imagine a college program to happen dollar loan and you said just give me the money. As you said former UU haul Omar gave her say just give me the money. But assuming the money I'll ask you this if you had to choose between. Say I say you can go back to college Alabama's recruiting you. And you've got to know Alabama would have literally high school caliber facilities. The the locker rooms are tight in cramped the metal lockers. With wooden bench is when I had to be that bad but okay assets thank you argument this is insane amount of money were talking about so I say hey that's your locker rooms looks like. But you're going to get a share of the 51015. Million dollar facility upgrades they have as a player. Mean the money baby really all de La. Look he got nappy Haiti heavily nappy in that in tatters I can't say 10 gee let's screen series is on the left. That we can do it we you'll get any high in Nike you know practice geared sweats and any of that stuff will play. The outfit has to be like one you know you get your sorry look at how much is checked. I'm going MacKey did it take for you but would you prefer. I mean it's been all right look into the matter disputed two million dollars on earth recruiting lounge and they have 10201. CI. 120 yeah. Only those guys are on scholarship so. Like some of those thirty don't get the money so our kids okay ha ha you don't get to be a part of this alike are about about like ninety Elliott and so whatever that is good news. About about ninety about in my mind me. Equal suite 2000. That's pretty that's all right. A year. OK so twenty cash money in pocket so if I tell you can at every perky never want an allowance you could go there you could sleep there you know the video games the nicest nicest lock around. Buy an Xbox with 22000 mile. But it is that's a one time checks go for your entire college career no not known you're funny Gerri I'm returning to learn you don't already. Well I more than 22 grand. To get more than twenty well. This latest million dollars on a recruiting ground as beggars can't teachers are here at that Alabama they're the out liar there's only like ten programs like coach before go to go to a ma revenue share model I don't care they need. Two million dollars and and crew bounced off this good stuff going. My alma mater at state argued 22 grand a year ago like help answer has really nice facilities it would do for personal melt school. It's not Alabama no it's not Alabama Zorn years night those nasal are not saying no you sure that's different bought the employee it is sort of sort it. I guarantee you can import a ticker C if you put it up to debate I would deal with the real money would be if you were if you were say hey here's what guys would get every year and over the course of four years. Students will student athletes what would you prefer which you prefer to get the Jack. And have facilities that are bare bones you won't be in facilities that are bare bones so blessed thing they can afford to do both. I'm guessing you are two million dollar through code if you don't have a two million dollar crew and announced it. What they have already we'll be good enough I guarantee you. I guarantee. Its interest and are gonna make blockers like that the total opposite the holes in him yet you make those anymore so no surely they deal right. If you wanna dessert how this is a question is there a college anyone of the what 129. Or 130. Division one FBS schools in this country. That have blockers like dead in their life career certainly but that's from two years ago they didn't buy it that it purchase it a year ago organisms and like still to this they have those. Facilities I'm pretty sure wouldn't binges I'm pretty sure and and those hole the lockers with holes and I am initially I was. And my son and I always Amy Collins is that I assume though everybody you know says but I'm pretty sure ask what's an FBS programs here. Yeah. Even knew what would you say like in a New Mexico State known numerous ghosts and has not won. But as the Senate's an FBS for just one at a lower level FBS for there's some there's a school somewhere out there against the now I assume dormitory. You don't want to name names here are. But I guess I was doing my own daughter busts but you know that enough so what I kind of point they can do what they can afford it. Thank can afford it come on you don't. Like a very distant and Terry Charlotte wrote in an eye because that's it's that's wrong I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna throw shade that way all right I'll what do talking if there's review it's interesting because. Here we are impaired their land and somebody wrote in about this earlier in the building center Tex lines and up 4% -- no one of 67 that when there's a different 1704570. Come or you know Marie you'll find it seven aforethought just not there you see these nice cut 610 you can tweet us proudly Jewish Twitter feed app prime time WFAN seek burly Jewelers they're cousins they're gonna save you would that once you they're gonna save you the truth of the tourists spend at least 199 dollars in a dozen beautiful long stemmed rose is your sweetheart porphyry. And enjoy discounts of fifty to 70% on all diamond silver and gold jewelry and a three dozen long stem roses it's probably Jewelers and grow Jewelers dot com with any purchase over 199. Dollars wage. Somebody had the numbers strong 22000002. Million it's OK let's sidestepped that first second because I wanna get in disappear after stuff here and so I would somebody wrote in about this earlier on the building setter text line. I saying that you to. It's interesting because they wanted to get fired up about this on this cancers offseason and there's so much stuff to talk about. But the ownership things kind of hanging in the balance and it was so funny to me is you we spent a lot of last week. Talking about the the last two weeks talking about the GM search is it a dog and pony show. Are they actually interested in hiring somebody outside of Marty hurting and Marty hurting news came out where is on paid leave. Whether it is fur. You know serious allegations or not it seems like his wife is now walking his ex wife now's walking this stuff back against those guys are due diligence right. For these claims of harassment none of none of abuse and harassment we had that's got to be made clear though those are the facts on this. But it's so funny as we talk about okay what's the offseason to look like. How many new guys coming here how many old guys are not on this team and at this point are coming up in a few months boosted GM going to be making some of these decisions. And the thing that's that's so wild about all the Sylmar is. We haven't spent a ton of time talking about maybe because it doesn't make for great Sports Radio times would. All of this starts in stocks with who the new owner of the Carolina Panthers is going to be. And while the immediate impact probably let's say hypothetically. A new owner is decided upon in a month. And has approved a month out from that. At that point the all season is underway here to treat this Hayes almost in the barn you're not gonna see the immediate returns in tool. Once there you don't the so this season starts gets going he start to hear from this owner of their vision for the team what they wanna do how to one run their business. But I think so many of the questions we have an idea as we have a new goals you have. As stands for the Carolina Panthers ultimately start stop with the with the new owners going to be it's just like we're talk about what earlier with the hornets. The court is lacking direction what do they wanna write what other goals how did they get there what are the problems who's gonna be around to fix it. You wouldn't know until we hear from Michael Jordan and I think some of the stuff for the painters that I just I I really am so fascinated by is. Who is going to be the new water we adjacent lockup for on a Friday say and he's heard the Levy family locally is interest in. These are there might want minority owners in this make sense or injure shooting getting a group together. And then he's also heard that durst he said USC guys Donald he's talking about the for Tito Brothers. Who sold her stake in the USC two W MEI MG for the Big Three and I think it was three billion dollar billion though yeah. I've been on money you can leverage some of that you know borrowing now. And you don't. They might know TV guide might be part of a large enterprise. Majority you know we've heard about as we joke NASCAR getting involved isn't isn't afraid Stanley is it a try you know. Hendrick is it. You know Brooke Smith any of that stuff we've heard all these things. But the ownership piece to me. I mean it's amazing it's not even a bigger and bigger storyline that it actually is and maybe it's because we just don't know names as wrong kind of guessing no idea crawl cutting guessing and wondering but. We are truly. I think on the precipice. Of a new era Panthers football is solely because this business will never be run the same way ever again. 23 years of paper football. We are entering into a new where are worth worth this organization and I think there's some good from that person that's from that. I think the good outweighs the bad this organization whenever you run the same way ever again on. Unless it is them and not minority group of teams out. To buy this than the dancers you know people already been an ability. In my case it could possibly. Could possibly be run the same. You X about identity Norman owner of that and I mean this clearly Rivera Rivera. Her right now is he's the face of the franchise he's the face of it now while he's he's. He says Powell full if not more powerful. And the president if we don't have want the CEO and so and so forth. So. You talk about who's who's the. I don't know I don't think. Wild are not our radio professionals by the way Molly Griffin's right outside our window from WB TV she's crossing Joey drinks gas through. You gotta stand tall and elegant it. You look at their abilities is like you across the line you're sitting there with a with a double leg Appalachian Grady comes up this thing you know yeah this and the quarterback Brady get our kids. Oh but the fans any extended finally went under the same man you gotta yeah. Battle through you'll carry new ways I'm good you got flustered. I really do not just on trio have been doing a lot of companies that got artificial older people right in front of missiles long vote. And they beat. This Rivera. Rivera is the dentist the pandas are Rivera that is what anybody or under league anybody in the country anybody in the world right now you wanna say. Who are the pandas is preparing Karin. Can't I haven't this is must powers the president right now we opened the picnics CMOs. Look at me like that really think that decision right club we don't know there are so we don't know who's in charge right now over. Supposed to be Tina Becker I do like ice Jason then on Friday and said he would IRA yeah me how how old. Strongly do you feel about the fact this season Joseph I don't know because I don't know who she's it was no say. But it unlocking a portrait he's not in charge my point is this every time we das somebody. And what could you tell us about Tina Becker other than she's been around did you learn the business they don't well I would see a figure head but they can't speak to exactly who she is so that's what's crazy is a must sing she she. GS in are under way to be where she is Hersche glasses and I. But she's the wizard revive its hinterland. We don't know what's going I'm on the curtain I don't know I think his or her you can't comply differently I think Rivera is the wind and who really is the face of the franchise and look this is where they set right now like if there's any supplements has been in the next week it's it's Ron's decision Ringo. And I think he's one of the most important moves being made in the building on a day in and day out basis the football moves that who the next minute there's going to be a single thought or Hogan nick sponsorships and confronts an important decision about. Went in the extent of this mean. And clean up and not have to its further on down the totem pole I I I am so fascinated nobody's ownership conversation from the standpoint OG. I MI and I think I'm in the minority on this I'm looking you know I want something crazy extreme be honest I item I just don't I don't want him. Taking you to sign on a very nice thing you know that's gonna be given a take this book for so many like people people writing in on the text line saying. Ideal is the new water and allowed dread syntax. We talked a lot about it seriously don't you Joseph we joke and that's a joke but we talked a lot about this over the years how character matters here I was always takes guys and says don't Corley to character agreed that from saying that's a joke that's tongue in cheek yeah. All right we've talked a lot over the years and tell children just. I don't know who that person is or what they're saying I don't know if they're joking about it or not my point is this. A lot has been made over the years about people saying. You know injure Richardson well you know we get a high character guys we have guys into it the right way. On and I think there's there's a fine line there must sing higher launch are criminals but I think we can all agree guys deserve second third chances. On can look okay give give you an example. A guy like JA GI EJ Jai he was considered to be a guy arm and I don't know about him personally inning but. When he was in Miami was considered to be god it was a bit of a problem prom and allow for them blogger for whatever that means and I don't know what that means but that's what team say right. He used terms like that always a problem for us. He's hard to handle it would I don't know what those things meet people say those things is a way I think to like pizza and out of his own mouth that they told me to be honest about. The situation or is Asus. Annan Iraq when he was in the intrusion. So that's what. Peace and out of his home okay and that's that maybe that's maybe that's it that he was a little too honest to honest to candid. Too much heat and media like some less so there's always reasons we do here zine say some of the stuff some times where. This guy's a handful is hard to manage he's hard to control Austin I think that's a way of undermining the guys are you hang. How does not write a so it's a business here ultimately. You'll want when you Jai went to a strong locker room in Philly with the right leadership in guys around him. Through it was pretty amazing you never really heard much of Jake Johnny writes I repeat to hear about him being a distraction. Or problem off the three year old are hard to manage in the locker room. And it's it's hard to meet for me to imagine Jay Jai turned into a different player in Philadelphia. But they had a locker room now. That or immediate until our remit was able to bring him in and guess what they got a great football player I'm gonna I'm gonna shall once come to the team's offense though. Mean he's been there half a year. And zero controversy you learn about someone when I go to Jerusalem a guy he came into the ground smooth sailing was what is gonna complain about starting day one and when the civil it was a start they when he split Kyrylo that was the Gary did yeah yeah. Eric can get a winning team that's part of it too you know so yeah. Running and and its elements Moussa and next now I'm not saying that he is a bad person but the seed this season adversity but this is one of the things I'm looking forward a new loner his. And we can all agree we want good people. Look Chris Long. Is a great to get Chris sunk in his entire salary to charity this year passed and actually for once Super Bowl team to another who pitchers go ahead Chris Long this year. I if they wanted to do and I guess the one thing I'm looking forward this team is just be a little bit more aggressive. A little bit more progressive in how you're the types of players are willing to bring in the Texas things are willing to do from a football standpoint because what do you say to save it. One must say I'm the man that is what I'm saying I'm I'm just asking for this team to not be so stuck in what we got to deal. I'd rather lose with with good guys is when would that OK in this is nothing no knock on own spot a position talent whatever. But you what you would say. McCaffery want to progress a kick in like he was. A solid. Can't lose. You know what you're gonna get. In other words he's an example of that how okay only I'm the opposite which is I ask you from the standpoint and I don't know maybe this goes on in all 31 other NFL. Our offices and buildings in all across the leak. I through this after last week I still think there's makes a lot of sense I don't know sort of happen it just makes sense to me pills and eat I think it's a lower risk. High reward type of move is appeared there's sort of trade late conditional round draft pick to go get marte does Bryant awful awful Pittsburgh's roster. Tell me. Every one and since Charlotte will lose their their you know I and I would too because I think you're good lesson that we've ever done before but. Is immersed worth the risk the militant almost certainly OK and I agree on that and how often have we said those types of moves in the past what we'd have to see what Jerry says. Right away to a jury thinks about that. But is that when you say in every market. You sit there and not every owner is that only in in certain situations and does seem. It's only been here 'cause that's probably not true either but how many other cities in the NFL always say well we just to see what would mr. Richardson thinks about that. And I always feel like that's the one before we start any conversation from a football standpoint. We talk about guys like that Josh Gordon's another example I think your right and SS group Bible I wonder what mr. Richard I don't care what mr. Richardson think you hire a football staff turn to make public I've been reading so much about the Eagles the last couple weeks. Like it is I Wear a Peter King did a great job in Monday Morning Quarterback to do you should read this. About what Doug Peterson did to build his staff to build an attempt to all be what's with how he Grossman did bring you the type of talent they brought in. And in from the standpoint of they have all. And I don't know I would I don't know the inner workings of the painters this this while so I can speak to this to say it doesn't happen but it doesn't seem like something that goes on over when Laurie. Yes no patent what they did Doug Peterson challenges to think about this he challenged his staff every week. When he came up with his play calls I dear I defy you to go find me calls that are better than us. And his entire wide receiver coach is proud quarterbacks coaches offensive line coaches. He asked and he dared that I mean but again I got a great game plan. I dare you to go condom because if I think if you're right unplug and our choice right I dare eagle fund plays that are better than this. That's a progressive way of thinking. It's a progressive way of coaching it's a progressive progressive way of running your football operation and that's what the ownership thing to me is so and so interesting is. I want that here man 'cause I feel like when you talk about why hasn't this team won back to head back to back winning seasons. That's an ownership thing more than it's a coaching thing. It's an ownership it's an organizational thing more than it's a player thing. And I'm not seeing players don't have their hands and order coaches don't kill. But that's a systemic thing to me for 23 years why organizationally. Haven't you had back to back winning seasons here I'm out there isn't a lot of blue. I don't sway a lot of. Yeah I mean that. Because you do you're talking about different players different coaches different I mean it's different Harris so we you had to put I don't know organizations. And if every time we try to make a decision about a guy who you know who isn't. But not so to speak you have to go to donors say would you be OK with this. The a year if you lose enough you're missing out because there's a lot of guys out there who aren't quote unquote button up. Who obviously can contribute to the the so ready for that like a mile all of this like I'm ready for this team and people are scared of what they don't know your scared that somebody's gonna come in here. And completely change the cultural you don't you don't wanna someone coming here and who's. Who is all about the bottom dollar and and and wouldn't mind leaving and heart and I want somebody to do the uncomfortable stuff like do you want an owner that comes in here and recognizes the history. But also recognize you would sometimes you do the uncomfortable Sistani so much progress are doing this about him given the people we need him he's again it's a cartoon. Either do it sort you coming hey listen wood whatever you need to do. Minus what you said are you much criminals. Let's go let's go build a great program not endorsing that either delegate there. Dorsey let's go let's go ahead and a team flew out. Of of ex con who does a fine line not turning to violence as I mean these kids are far. Are 181920. Okay is coming out of school some of them have done things that they will regret a lot of us have. No it's not blown up on the front page buckle like what happens to most people when they do those things. And then that's the reason why you shy way from back to the other drug testing college in four years and I think you need to reevaluate. Hello we come back Kenny wants to jumping you guys to 704. 57096. And Omar Gaither Chris Kroger its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger. Powered by sports okay. Carolina. Here's a list primetime where powered by ortho Carolina this is really interesting Monday Morning Quarterback this morning. From Peter King wrist band 145 behind the plate to confuse the patriots gave the Eagles the Super Bowl 52 win. Frank Reich his brother by the way frank Greg's brother who's the head coach at we get. It's not we gates it's we get we get is he's gonna join us at 530. OK okay so frank are you this is now a new head coach for the colts after. Josh McDaniels left him high and dry and ultimately just because this could be one of those same public frank Reich first ever quarterback in Panthers history and died. This could be one of the scenes of near Indianapolis he had a yes or history there with when Peyton Manning was there is an assistant coach got to start there you're not happy counter which is they try to sell they'll go ahead nor would be means a dog and I I wouldn't I could've been less drilled what Josh McDaniels as a higher court have been less thrilled. So for me. You look at what Philadelphia's become offensively the last couple years. I think they might have accidentally got desire I will see not so many these guys but frank Reich. Being underdogs Peterson is the offensive coordinator and he's. He did this sit down with Doug Peterson and Peter King over the weekend this is Saturday talking about. The Zach Kurtz go ahead score eat so much was made about Philly Philly Philly special. They're the pass to Nichols for touchdown. The actual call here. That they did a deep dive on. Was I was what they call risk in 145 which is on mixed pulls his wrist bands play call on his wrist band that is his play sheet that was updated every week. And dug up that was the go ahead score and I think the gosh the exact play call came in a 194 plays on the play sheet for Eagles in the game and other co always this gun trail last. Open buster star motion 383. X follow why slant. When you hear that what does that what does it mean. Us troops try oh run and back motion why slack. Wise ladies why Iceland system to do to try to meanings here one week which is that why. So you got in the waited too caught us troops determines who's in the guy left over a little lie in this situation would've been sacker to yes on the sled and that was the reefer. For falls and that was the go ahead score record I'm so if it was just interesting because they talked about. And I think this is coaching you know the warriors do some of the stuff I don't buy into everything the warriors do. Some of its results based where we just say the divested everything and on the desert moon they have but they do so like your best players to and they do but they do some things that are really interesting from eight. From an organizational standpoint from a coaching simply everything's collaborative breath they take if you don't believe in positions as much as they believe in ideas and it's kind of a new single thing in leadership and you know businesses anymore. It sounds like reading this from Peter king and this is well worth your read on Tony is just fascinating. In this piece on MM quit on MM QB today that the Eagles do a lot of this with with Doug Peterson recess guys here's my plea sheep hear my calls. Funny that wants because I don't minor really good. But also you guys are really Smart. And we all benefit. If if you don't more mind speaking about this and the bin you know any of Sony could lose Doug Peterson says no idea goes on news. And it frank Reich rough actually. Responded to that in the room and said well no good idea goes on and that's the point right right analyst Doug Peterson you could do. Everything under the sun and you think you've got the Clinton greatest game plan never. Why would you use on the other guys and your staff who may be looked at something and saw something you didn't see when is when they turn on the film but long story short they had display designed the Houston had four times. Ought throughout the year three different motions three different reads off those emotions once the ball is snapped and so the idea wise. Me and this play we put on film three different times three different ways it's gonna make you think. And it also breeds can help you read the coverage of the dearest Christina Ellis into dust and and the last time they used it was one big one they've never used before which is. Hit net why slant to Zach hurts and it turned out for touchdown and a to Greg played zone but I I just think some of the stuff is so fascinating and acts I read this. I can't get excited because I think so you're gonna see some of the stuff when north turner. Got the collaborative stuff I don't know about any of that but I think taking advantage. Of plays and players together. I just don't think that's something that's been used very very well with with Mike Shula over. Yours yes and then you say then I think we should we should. Now a little more east taking advantage of plays and players together. That doesn't mean having in one piece that you wanna get the ball and you design a play designed to get that one piece the ball. It means having won a two pieces maybe they need hurried and in a bond set where it's one of those guys. Based on what the defense gives you can get the ball on that play there is no one. No one target there's no one Maine read you get into the got us open in the do you have those good players in position and make plays you get to Tony Bennett guys anyway and that's you know every everybody we saw so who does Elizabeth and how hard is that to do. I mean it's it's it can be more to put the you'd think especially being drawn up. Force feed the Baltimore particular person. Right he'd KB and had to catch well this is before retreated marks a baby and had a catchall first quarter our list a scooby. As opposed to its design a play in which she goes deep. And he's the guy that we take this but if not does give it to one of our there are other playmakers. And then and that's that's a simple thing but it's. You be surprised how how how many offers corn is dissent on trying to get one guy and a ball regardless of the down this is a situation. Just because he hadn't had a chance to touch it. So read this this is from Peter King again MM QB Sports Illustrated he said all season every week every offensive coach on the Eagles added assignment. Find a play or plays better than Peterson's place she. So I grow this is the son of Al groh I think he's there rather wide receivers coach. Along with all the coaches went to work in a lonely room at the Radisson blue hotel at the Mall of America halfway across the country grow Jovian one more time on sacks in bunches plays and all others he thought might be valuable. To see if he could find one. Great third down call to beat any of the third down calls on Peterson's play sheet. For the 22 straight Monday just 2000 and at 2017 NFL season. Grow looks for a better way a better flight he found it tells the play call so here's here's the other interesting part. Are from this whole situation as well talk about trying to find. Up better play calls him better play design and and all that stuff and trying to find this one port here 'cause he went to. Nick falls. So this is really interesting to be talking exactly what you're talking about and died he asked his quarterback. Every week he he he brings the game plan to falls it'll say they are there any place to place you'll like year. Anything you're uncomfortable with you don't think we can execute you'll like it for whatever reason you can you don't like his play caller right here and whatever he says he doesn't like they'd literally don't run it. No questions asked if not hey man I really like just play like you should think about it he would work on let's get comfortable literally Doug Peterson a sick. OK sounds that's not a test. Most corners but that seems surprising to me is what I'm saying I didn't you might be right on that that seemed surprised oh yeah singles on defense remark or remarks. Anti coiled deep corners can't say what are you thinking and problem a lot of the you know distant third would you like in these situations. Would you not like any situations like oh we don't wanna do this all sinking on. You know to me an office because guys are below non editing ninth on the opportunity Collison and abort. And any testimony to. I don't know that I guess that's my point is I'm surprised by that I really am I would've guessed it. Odyssey and Melissa your players but I would think even at a certain point coach says no we're running this play I'm telling you it's gonna work. If your players there's no I don't like it didn't you just listen flatly like that that kind of blows me away and having guys my aunt. Like when you got the best in the world today don't believe anything they make a different interesting element of trust between the player in the coach. I agree and I'm missing the app solution that the 100% absolution to say. At any given point does so well did you see the video of nick falls EP was the kind of went to Doug Peterson was like hey what's wrong that that fourth down play and he's like yeah let's gondola. Affiliate and then bring it did well. Odds are you'd taken something out as a player are are slim to none right it is yeah. Like those who can't attend he has not like you use you know as we go to these these these two teams they ignored it don't know wait a lack of I think our X but would still. This quick station ideally come back we keep talking about this on a work in some college hoops frank Wright Brothers gonna talk about him former Panthers quarterback he's not a coach for the colts. And now he's the head code for we get we do that next Kenny is jumping into its primetime quick ideas we open up to 5 o'clock hour.