Primetime: Panthers & CFB; Darius Rucker Stops By!

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Wednesday, September 13th
Kroeger opens up with co-hosts Geoff Schwartz & Mike Pacheco. Darius Rucker also stops by during hour 1. 

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Prime time powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Kroger I wanna see this team go out there and handled our business there's more chance that the Panthers to blow allow. The niners in there is the niners winning but I think will be close its opening weekend niners. Other foods as a unit played well in Minnesota we easily on national TV what you said Shanahan. Has skewed of the peddlers who on the past. Could not just don't have the talent that the path of the seventh game and got a win now. Buckle up for it with faster today all right are we got a little too for one double dip Jeffs forced. Mike the Chico crow sandwich today I got ten guys and other side but continuity that actually really doesn't only go work in today Jeff Schwartz former panther. Longtime NFL vet and we got our guy Mike to Chico from the Carolina Panthers radio network he's really let himself go since baseball season ended for the Charlotte knights. I mean he's just let it all hang out and it's only a week it's only a week shirt tails on on talked of the shirt isn't even button deal he hasn't shaved in in the week I mean. Luckily put a little bit of product and co authors here donated to happily make himself Clinton remarkable yesterday a did you in Arizona. There doesn't order a short Sais I said you know I'm I need to beard up. Yet to feel like pure I have to react to Obama anchoring and I'm on the outside line from them while you're in the metal the end dom I don't know what I imam like that you're going yeah I get the neck beard I get the Andrew Luck pituitary issue than feared going nuts and I got going on now I don't like the reverse like reverse Mohawk yeah I did not only did this is why don't and dig a -- while I never try to growing companies it's like without putting and do right let's you can do anything was just north yeah the good news is too low and I get a get a real issue on my hands are so we get. These two jokers like this to the next four hours. Three periods for hours lot of sports talk coming your way we're I think we're gonna talk some Panthers were gonna talk some NFL we're gonna go around the NFC south when he gets Schwartz is breakdown he's gonna do this. Off of Bob what we saw from the offense. I wanna talk about his defense he'll frank on the way up the doors this is incher saying this is what we were planning on getting into today Garcia's walking out the door and still get hot takes as he walks out there just standing up and he's saying then is good defense it's not a dominant defense talk about the Panthers. And you seemed to disagree with that enough that they are now it's hard to say would we want righty you know you can't play the flag anywhere yet though. This thing about the Panthers came on Sunday is it was almost throwing him there's almost nothing you can gallery during a game except that the players can you know I think which is all that won't. The niners are not very talented and do their best player you were Foster as a rookie and he got hurt you his ball into your honor. This guy you were depending on not a way to really make an impact on one on one slowing down Chris we're just three tackles the first US and thirty of the 53 born in nineteen Muster that's crazy so. And and the niners have a good young defensive line but otherwise that's it I mean. You're too good response were the would we teach we picked off poirier I mean clear look dug down the whole way. Do they they dropped Tustin dropped touchdown got to do just the miners were very good to is almost not. Easy to try to even this weekend coming up. With the bills the bills or try to run the ball but over women have some talent but don't competing this year for much of anything no I keep us accuracy in but the Panthers but the positive though. Is the Panthers were counted your job I mean they've won a physical game and that's I'll play is what they wanna do they wanna run the football well. They want to limit him noon tip and want to play good defense for sure. I would also say the Chico this is what's going to be interest singing I wanna get into this is going to be our question of the day we get into right at the top talk about this defense is week to Wes Horton on on on Monday. And what sort I Sig aren't they give it to me and you guys are talking about a tedious set and a couple weeks ago he wants to break the franchise sack record which is sixty by the way they set that in 2013. Now back then. They're two guys that were pretty much one was a break up player Greg Carty at that time and the other was a guy that was really in the middle of his prime in in Charles Johnson at that time. And they really had to cornerstone. Ends. In a way that you can't same I mean you know this is no disrespect don't pepper your CJ they're just in different areas of their career still productive. They're just not in that window that there are a couple years ago the thomas' we think we can beat the sack record. I think it's possible I don't think it's out of the possibility to say that and and Wes Horton said the other day to Chico. 62 as the number he gained 62 we think things get to sixty tilt and I don't think that's crazy that's a really high number that would certainly lead the NFL they get to that numbered it 47. A year ago which was second most in the NFL aside if my memory serves me correct. I think it twelve sacks in the first six games last year. And 35 came the rest of the way so they really changed their trajectory of what they did in the second half of the year but. I think to what Schwartz is talk about this is the thing I wanna pay attention to moving forward. Because of what he just said the talent gap you don't see very many games in the NFL we lineup and you're just better than a team of across the field from new Panthers were able to do that on Sunday. They're going to be games where because of the way you play on offense which is run the ball chew up clock. You're keeping your game intentionally close it just wasn't close to the 49ers aren't any good. But they're going to be an a lot of knockdown drag out fights I think this year would be crazy to see printers and a 1713 game. And then what are you do have the balls and Cam Newton Santa he's got to go marched down the field so I think that's the thing I'm paying attention to but I do think this defense can be. Really really good and I can beat everybody by Tony did you just not that much better than everybody else in the NFL. The one concern I had though was now on the Panthers got the ball on the plus side of the field they they May Day but until really that last drive you didn't see them. Go from like inside their own 45. In March all the way down field obviously did that just try and I was gonna to salt the game on those those perfect but I would have liked to have seen. Maybe a little bit more of you know an extended drives early on when an old. Favored status to that point from Saturday against this history is less favorite stat from Sunday's game. The average starting field position on the Panthers by scoring drives three of those were field goals two were touchdowns both to touchdowns off Paterno would like the plus 45. The FB 46 of the 44 yard line of San Francisco they started at San Francisco 44 yards and a. By scoring tries to do when was the one of their deals and 2050 where they had the best starting to position of any team I think they might have a debts and that's unsustainable to write that she could do not always gonna start on the plus side of the field on some of that I thought the first time that the 49ers went for a fourth on a topic should have kicked it. I think in a played field position and the Panthers got one or two yard line or inside the five try to get inside and I thought that was but I mean they credit the panthers' defense. For making those stops me and Francisco and have what three or four on fourth down so and that is their third down numbers we're in negotiations I would want to know. Pay a thirst and what's the expectation for the defense because. I don't think Frank's Fukui what they did on so on Sunday he just he doesn't believe this team. He's gonna be a knock down drag out Donna defense where your your just you can win games nine to seven or 96 on an NFL Sunday if he had to. I Schwartz I think you attended thing may miss this team could be a leader could be among one of the best in the NFL. And I think the thing differing points too was the one question mark we all have this can this defense of line this defensive front hold up without one truce died. Defense event. True elite pass rusher on the outside have they have a lead players other positions I think that when you have a team that doesn't have. A league players a linebacker or even decent players a corner. And safety than you have to have an elite a Dresser. But the pension trying to scheme up otherwise in this day and age with such quick passing game it's OK to have a taking short in the middle trying to rush are we just don't have that guy that you're gonna save an offensive -- I need to double team this defensive I need to chip the only student teams will be able to put extra guys on routes you don't have to chip on -- -- -- -- against the -- as -- somebody glass and just goes out of his -- there was -- does -- but don't -- generate enough pressure. And then to have to clean TD running guys down and Jack Thompson -- played well. But this week is going to be -- especially for -- off until -- in the bills are coming -- removable. That's our goal. There almost in the same plaza Panthers run the football. Limit the quarterback play limit mistakes and always human Jerusalem Purdue defense. And even their demise of the jets are not a good indication of of anything coverage over the bills or can can doing and to not do which immediately comes down to this is still get a says its current number one I mean. That performance on Sunday. Is not gonna win. Playoff right in the head to die for glories to win the NFC south first of all and they can. The problem is when you play too much the falcons or the seats in in their domes. You have to put up points and that's a given you have to score points. In New Orleans just to score points Elaine I don't know humid Campbell different possibly do so can you do that. If your quarterback is how you game was fourteen for 25. Now Kim was always he very rusty we know that in colonial country not only 66 yards in the senate then the second half. Look at night and day different than the first households and that can't can shorten the know sky's the limit. But we have to see that everywhere you can't start out you'll see this week you can sort out onto the way he did you. You're gonna tell us later on some of the stuff they did with the Irish McCaffery writers and do this with us just all right Jeff Schwartz with a micro Chico Panthers radio network as well with the guys until six here's the number 7045709610. Same number for the phones building center tech slide as well 704570. Nights extends tweet us at prime time WS Lindsay brown Lee Jewelers Twitter feed so you guys already doing that and don't forget now through the end of the month it's back and brown lead Jewelers. You can get five years zero interest financing with no money down get of the diamond ever dream is likely to carry cushion shape for as low as fifteen bucks a month. Building trust for three generations that is. Brown lead Jewelers dot com email us in the garage door guru email inbox we'll get to those throughout the show primetime WS NC dot com here's our question of the day Darius truckers gonna join us in twenty minutes by the way have there been more excited to talk to anybody component to Darius Rucker at 230 he called us earlier like hello once Darius. Inhibit heading into the voters like. Darius a. Oh well nobody knew about annual relay before gives men a pass on this one due to the things random phone call right is an extra delegates he needs is lasting meager. Mean if I call and say hey this is yes he brought with figures Josh Schwartz I would ask. There is this now bodily when he calls people what does he say disease say rock. Does he say rocker does he say Darius and only does The Who anything anymore but like does he expect the people know any other end of the phone who we is. Or is he is he always introducing himself fully hi this is Darius Rucker you ought to meet I wonder what he does in that situation because I think that tells you a lot about a celebrity by the way. That'll tell you a lot about what a person thinks of themselves that you just expected you expect others to know who you are but the sound your voice. Your name doesn't matter though the situation as well if he's just call for take out through these caucus and Darius Rucker British call to get everything that he needs gonna say this format or is he maybe he's expecting somebody is gonna get free take out there because they don't get voted to. That answer to thirty joins us up peak well he's got the doors of the hornets just first human as their new uniforms are out you guys won in new uniforms guess what you finally got it okay because. These are actually the old new uniforms this is what you want is a throwback to the pinstripes are back we'll talk to Pete about that coming up a little bit. Brandon dean former Panthers lifelong Panthers. Front office guy worked his way up from an intern. And the communications department and now is the GM for the bills and we'll talk to him he's gonna join us at three would love Wes Durham voice of the ACC. And the voice of the stock until join us at 330 and we might talk to Eugene Robinson. But Chico school cohort on the up painter radio network as well we got all that coming your way we talk printers we talked to defense it's our question of the day after this on primetime powered by ortho Carolina beats. You're listening to primetime with Chris Krueger powered by ortho Carolina. Back through the night. Flickr right split and left. Employer taps as simple pieces free snapped. There's cheated deep into the hands of the throw intercepted between Heatley took the fifty left side 42 the 35 bumped out of bounds. Inside the thirty yard line by a quarter. Here's a stat you know guys I love stats here's a Stadler is really what's it called WBT -- radio network the other day -- our flagship station of course -- -- Mike the -- go on the panthers' post game show on the CPI security systems post game show horses just -- has secured -- excuse me I'll see guys are most excuse me -- could -- this just Schwartzel south with her her record about ten minutes are gonna chase him down we'll talk a lot of stuff with him I've never been more excited to talk to somebody that ended their -- coming up at 230 and I'm gonna make him feel old I think because the first CD I ever bought 1994. Was a big deal I'd saved up some money we went in dust because my brother and I we would have sees unlikely a true boombox you a sound style right by. And then you gotta buy CDs tonight I'm that was the first CD up on 1994 cracked rear view. From valuable officials talked to who readers are glad album was like an anthem for the summer night that would that album I think it's like eased so quintessential ninety's rock I think like post grunge I think I carry you all the way into the 2000 salute talked to Gerri skilling to do this I I was just talking Ramona. Up from 1079 a link down the hall lover Mona Hancock's about to go on the air in thirty minutes. And download it more than that on BT and work really do something really awesome. On Friday and we want you guys to come out and hang out with those all Friday up from about 2 o'clock on we're going to be at the WS NC Coca-Cola doghouse. They'll be broadcasting over there as well 10790 lake with men Ramona now I Hancock will be over there as well and it. Speaking of rob Mike the Chico his relationship with the knights to a radio broadcast we we were happy to announce today a debt with the nights we raised 111500. In four dollars street united way of Houston. Us hurricane RV relief over the last couple of weeks and that's incredible that you guys doing network. And we want it come trying to do it again and so reassessed assistant helping the keys to recovery I saw the sad today I think the number. Mom is anywhere from 25 to 35%. Of homes in the Florida Keys completely destroyed. I'm just keys gadget is so just completely gone and does so we we're gonna turn our attention to them already do it on Fridays and join us. Give your donations will be broadcasting live WS NC Coca-Cola doc alsop was rebuilt. The paradise lost on the Florida Keys and you can donate today keys to recovery from WS NC and also do not forget coming up. I in the 0:4 o'clock hour we get another set of tickets for whom to be exact giveaway to the NH RA Carolina nationals will keep doing that. All week on you just keep listening in here on WS forensic. Garage door drew roof opening topic of the day all right so here's rob tweeting in brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WS Lindsay bodily pequot he's gonna Joyce at 250 we'll talk about those hornets throwback uniforms they're back to end. Really need asking what took so long man or what did you guys along we've been asking about this for awhile so it didn't want to do everything to quickly either that was your honor there is. Like tonight's have discovered sooner is an element of you wanna space things out a little bit. They give itself room to grow and I'd you know I bought one of those old Nissan rewarded the other does talk about those old nights caps the ideal purple and you wishing you still owns team so he added I snatch that up and hurried his. I'd CNET no violence again give me that I want that's I want that police self Pete's gonna join a short it's a talk uniforms limit to fifty but talk about this panthers' defense right now Schwartz. Rob tweeting it. At prime time WS NC Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed. He says I'd argue pets still only pass rusher in a limited snaps he gets sacked he would've forced incompletion. Injury false start. Can you say that don't like it an idea what he's saying but can you say technically and that's where it's like all right I get it to your qualifying it because to say pat pat distilled league pass rusher. In certain situations that means he's not really an elite pass rusher in Minnesota knocked on him again the guy's gonna be all Famer. Even the first ballot hall of Famer which doesn't come along very first ball faking my big and you never say that about guys that's a guy you say that about inner will be the first true panther. I to go into the hall of fame but. That you can't play. We first the only for a whole oh no way a wide receiver though might take longer. And kept getting us but just from a time stamp right right maybe you will be a first for a whole thing I always gets your downs the last night they announced the 182 finalists for cover only routine Steve Smith was on there and I don't have Smith was Steve Smith for the giants whoever leaves me another C Smith wide receiver who had a couple of them okay years it was all right for a couple of years. Always he is eligible but there's no way they were going off of his number so it was as if the committee thought that the other Steve Smith. And in fact it was the other guy and are using Steve stats to look at the other Steve Smith so anyway. If you saw that last night Steve Smith former pay at the raven not up for the hall of fame this year is a former years to wait for the ideally five years after all fame but if to the point. It's not a knock on path to say it's 37 guys really productive in super productive in limited snaps like he's talking of companies just not a guy that you can play on. What seventy to 80% of defense of snaps anymore he's not that guy you know that was him anymore and Jesse Chenault. And it's OK you know I mean look I. How can deal lead in certain situations I typically plays down the three technique keys real good idea laster much at times and got a lot of people in trouble. But yeah I mean he's not every download used to oldest are important but he can still bring it when he passed due. Is he guy you can rely on say hey we dissect on this play US auto V some of Von Miller is likely or Mac he's got you over entire game superstitious or situation can still be only on that play here. Here's what I wondered is effective when he's in right I mean so that's a that you take region got from him right. And be happy with that can take a short bedecked I don't 'cause we are sitting here today say hey there's not any one up a you know dominate elite pass rusher. KK had eleven and a half sacks and let's dip in and out liar it's a career year he might not ever have again the rest of his career any NFL even if he goes on to have an incredible NFL career. But KK is the one guy do look at think. And if he really gets close to where he was two years young and by the way can you want told us a training camp this this summer. He thought he played better last year than he did in 2015. Oil the numbers didn't say that but he personally said he thought he had a better season lies to the people are giving him credit so disruptive. Against those of the 49ers but he was so disruptive in the middle he'd starlet to layer such a good 12 punch inside. Yeah you'd like to see in 891011 sacks most guys but they don't need to put up those kind of numbers be extremely effective. And don't agree that's a point about playing three technique. Liable over the guard. And the quick passing you know that a fallacy if you can just get that regard to push back three yards or four yards. And get in some sort of a semi of the court record doesn't like it. Well a lot of older quarterbacks pocket passers let's say they're older don't like anywhere near them to Brees Tom Brady Eli Manning. They don't want it anywhere near that severe pressure up the middle it's almost more effective getting pressure off the edges for older quarterback who's a pocket passer. Did you see a difference in the way the defense who's plan not a deterrent about our personnel but the style of defense they were playing with Steve Wilkes calling plays were you know again it's one game retarded. Did you notice anything different nuance wise and Powell you know the game was the so called early honoring us. Much film it's hard for me that's who does things are tough to western now. Did you get a lot of five man fronts where they would drop chart Thompson national Russian and so Thomas Davis and that's kind of knew but he's been doing that he Omar brought that up. Previously he was doing some guiding camp he was being the fifth guy be out of so line. I didn't see much. As far as like it and doing different pressures and I mean we all that talk comes down to like just. Us week by week as well as far as what pressures are gonna run a new book the defense looked. As usual Thomas Davis cult call out plays boutique intercepting balls I mean you've made both those guys are still very effective. There were times when you when the niners and she got some good runs off especially some to back runs. Which is things that they can work on just filling jobs will be a better self doubt but. No offense or defense so that this is what we thought that this would be I mean like I said 90% of the team I'm good with it's filled with 10% of what Kim's gonna bring. Which doesn't. But it's okay to be skeptical about. We're two different Kim that's that's fair. Anything let's be honest and an am saying is kind of in support of cam. He's inside kind of backwards but if he can play a much you know on the field during practices aren't. Training camp and then noted that the real the ten snaps ya in the exhibition and so I don't think it's. Com unusual or even run throughs expected he would be. In a little bit Rossi in the first half price in any kind of put together and got back into the his. Here's the thing about when you step on the field on Sundays for an NFL games is that. You you can't say I wasn't ready or was hurt me if you can you can't say that but really. That's not sun in your kids are invalid because he's yours social protests are saying won't give me three or four games the world doesn't happen in three or four games as it's piracy scheme does eight games aren't what is the cut off before a guy should be ready to meet I play due to injuries is that we use up on the field Sunday. You're assumed to be healthy I play three games between fifteen mark could feel my foot. OK apparently terrible you'll find sash and three games the other seven games are played a year here once a couple of great arm but like I. Can't sell that to. Coaches who watch my film or from office 'cause like my agent can't call a team in Austin say hey guys just ignored the three games are Schwartz find out reason feels like a Billy got to do things are got injection I felt fine afterwards but like you can't say that so you know yes we all know cameras coming back from shoulder certain shoulder injury which makes sense and if he's gonna be rusty but what is excuse. Up like it's rural let's do a lost the game is cam didn't play well but he could fire right so is that excusable that they lost because he's just being rusty. But that's my point on site usually thinks that way though I don't think he's thinking he don't know there's limitations on him but he doesn't mean I'll play him tomorrow to decide what is -- thing of the demons from Joba went outside everybody's. Yes so yeah and we're gonna get into this in orbit and quite honestly short she warned us about this she told us all season I expect the only if you're expecting is often so I come out of the gates. With camp shoulder surgery with all the new weapons are trying to fold in trying to change how you're playing a little bit on offense is well. You're sorely mistaken like it's gonna be a little slow out of the gates he warned us and adding guess what. That's kinda sort out looked on Sunday soul I hate when he's right maybe we'll get to that coming up. In a little bit our Jeff Schwartz what is Mike but she goes well a peak well for the hornets is gonna join us coming up in twenty minutes Brandon dean former Panthers assistant GM he's not a head man in buffalo he'll join us a three Wes Durham. Voice of the ACC and the falcons gonna join us coming up at 330 don't go to the tech become guests lined. And got this thing called her lawyers say hello I'm I'm I'm it's Darius I think I'm doing an interview and hit made answered the phone earlier said that Darius I'm I'm not sure what's going on there were some call you back in a little bit itself Darius Rucker I don't know three time Grammy winner is only sold multi millions. And albums across the world and now he's with us right now on the technique come guests on Darius Rucker how or semantics of the time. How good are your door until well when I was asking this earlier because I was think this is interest thing like just to get a read on people. When you call people like people that you don't expect to know who you are what you say to you introduce yourself his. Darius as rocker Darius Rucker what do you do what's the move when you call people. Until there is very trucker yeah that's you have to. Go through we live back out you know. I don't think anybody really knows who to a I devote. All the he would have MacDougal street guys do is also leaders are concluded there all the all the. Sir we're talking to Darius Rucker a three time Grammy winner gamecocks super fan you're sure a couple weeks ago right for the season opener orgy. Yes the man over there and all the great support gave England blew out there with a couple boys auto with the state now. It was the love hello we have a lot of we've had a lot of contrast talked to go back before it moves great cubic feet again got. Again you guys I mean you I mean you look at the score sheet sometimes and you're like how did we win this game and they out danger like every major statistical category and yet. You were going to handed those guys the Els you have been talkers and trashed your buddies that after against. All right so what do their work to those critical block they did the did you listen to the first step to move the ball. So much in the in the second half and also little clip we played Vicente mood. But didn't feel it goes goes much cultural multiple people decide that that's put up big Achilles heel the last group where you'd lose good BP could grow. Here's a crazy there is like everybody was saying all season loud still might feel little slow for the defense I don't know lost a lot of production on defense of line in. It's gonna be the often assess a shoulder the load in third two weeks it's been the defense this thing get the job done so far. Luckily there they go with we we don't have a lot of double deep into the the depth of global everybody's thinking that we teach students seem that a lot of lot of players its commitment and spell the there where are tired and still to get together a team together don't play well have been slow because line you don't feel like Dick bwic defect that for the record that he put more on straight great. And it alum Bob Watson you brokers. The weekly tribute to you but you definitely see that keep getting better and better schools or you bought. All right we're talking to Jerry shark three time Grammy winner South Carolina alone gamecocks super trainees with this right now. Up on the technical I'm just like has really been 31 years since you guys started Houdini Darius is a really been 31 years it seems crazy and it. And critics of the Olympic activity and do the Olympics. Critical. It's crazy to think that there would you go yeah I was sort of Luke started up there and you clear puppies. Across from trauma. You know our dorm played it chicken wing durable first time in the un did as good as Google world group for the oh well let's say you have. What was so as the story goes is this right I mean sometimes this stuff like grows like you and you know every story as you know you get in old wives' tale sometimes it's just gonna take on a life of its somebody it's true right did you. We're just singing in the dorm and next thing you know it's you know your buddies are here and you're in their like am I mean we should not play music you play music you can sing let's. Let's get a band going that's the story right is that actually how what happened here is that kind of taken on a life of its own over the years. No I thought I haven't we had those big. Italy that we had a shower with a stick our heads in the curtain you know the group does. And so policy and in the show are and a more perfect thing and then sale at play guitar and we decided this could give us do we know is they and so we got together. I don't know that afternoon I knew what it was doing so would decide to go play and noble to band together it happened just like that. Chris and I were talking Derrius. 1995 you guys really hit if they get it seems like. That's some are really. Your album was content and the moment of the summer what was that like going from. You know you guys are good following in the southeast but then just these kind of blow up four. Again I was crazy Ukrainian UOs this particular record a bit of a few months and then we did that letter we did our first Letterman appearance there I mean overnight I mean that. We put liberal Friday and by Monday everything it changed it was it was crazy you watch out. Happened and there was the front of the busting drug is that we reversal close. That the only thing we really so that the children getting bigger you know and then we can act like Mexico in my career and I couldn't. I feel dog go by car to do more detail. Yeah act Gilbert student loan was always critique it well but it'll but Brock loses to music was so we restore global we were doing in the close to go to great time doing that. In 95 -- producer for the Red Sox and you play it a great woods it was like to think the middle may was like a went to is there Wednesday night and Arnold's joke Siegel Ellen his daughter. Was working at Fenway Park choose the concessions that she took the night off to go see you guys. Then we got a plane that night we fight a Baltimore and the next thing you guys in the National Anthem. At Camden yards and a member there look at jokes Seagal no and I say Mehmet content they want the last I said. Also got issue at the safe and he when saw it third inning you want doesn't go up in the press box and of course he was the guy that did the old peso which what are you guys is nobody. Gloria that epithet to it finally happened about a million times a show that's the first time you've got deadlines. Live out. That over the few if you dilute so those euros. You're being. I don't play things what I named the man who composure and never once thought it would call to the public it's almost personal. Obviously a little quarter what they can put you know what they said the good thing about that neighborhood you like your ability you never got. Or talking to Jerry struck or three time Grammy winner gamecocks super fan as former. Former SAI don't see Foreman SE llama as well and dice with this right now on the technique come guess on how would love to know this suit because I was think this is funny and this is really true I think of anybody in any. Any given he just I just did it any any given. Well I'm sorry manner and get anywhere and feel you're in. But you know leak when your early on you know talking Michelle to foil because Michelle actually started on this station 25 years ago when we don't know Michelle's. The best gigs in all TV sports store sidelines on Sunday Night Football and so you know I was talking to her about this yesterday Gary's words like you know early on you get in a job you think. Mean this is as good as it's ever gonna get like thank simply don't get to do this. And then obviously life goes on and you keep doing bigger better stuff that keeps happening do you book what was a thing for you early on we like. Mean does he get better than this and then you look back and you're likely years later on ma'am what how and I think that was as good as it got what's that thing trio. Our there was when we were playing clubs from New York don't Puerto delete so we're going to say quote every six weeks and so we sell about what crazy and like front bootleg where they can get a better look a little bit critical years. And finally were. Big everywhere and at all the club and they're quite. They can get a better and that even get a record deal in the election came very that you know under the kept getting better and better there's little that's gonna create heroes Lou. When you guys released is this true to you guys so for lease your first two EPs on cassette tape back in the nineties is that Churchill before you get your record deal. How you do that like what you even start when you like we knew because that's a cool idea to have a likely okay we can't get a deal will have one yet. Let's do this ourselves the words you even begin when your doing that yourself back in 1991 and 1992 when you're trying to get this thing Roland. Back in the day it was such a good news seen. And so then all the college felt had to go to bars and so there was these little studio all over the place that would do that orient we felt great studio Raleigh. Some friends of ours had used or offensive will be well and blue and then into cup record and they who's been your menu in Tokyo with somebody who try to record the printers print so Visio TV's than. And they have been close to expect anticipate similar and it was crazy it was a really. Well look if you if you didn't mud you can cope with the money was pretty pretty easy to do that they are still pretty good. Did you have the money though did you have to borrow money for that are you guys actually had made enough money touring all that stuff and doing shows to actually pay for that. All active with the portal where we probably worth. Five months credentials will we just couldn't take anybody else. Broke we have to save up continue to prefer that they can be they can increase. We were eating like what you do like you living day today back then what you're doing back then. Robert Gould yeah big all the road but we were lucky we had lived friend actually. Colombia will be loaded double restaurant group took care of those. And they really took carelessly and then all is make sure we weren't Garmin you know we knew we were totally yours go to court circuit of real. So let loose the record. There's is it easier or harder now you think dig to find a record duke is I would think you know the Internet it's made stuff so readily available but at the same time. It's made so much stuff readily available to you gotta cut through the noise so we think it's easier or harder now to try to get noticed and try to get a record deal. I think it either to be so yeah I think the hard thing to get a record deal look at the record blues stream towards him and now all of no no they don't sell that many hard copy record who they used to even streaming and everything critics. Build the business has changed so much I think it's harder for a record label to glow on the limb. And then give you would deal because. There are being this is not well exactly but they would do more so to me records. Then they get paid for everybody else. And and so I think it's it's easier now to erect to get fouled but it's it's a big part of your record do. Are talking to Darius Rucker he would know a thing or 23 time Grammy winner. Obviously doing his own thing now obviously started that was duty and the blowfish gamecocks super fancy you on last night with that hand in hand benefit which was also. And you're onstage and Brad Paisley and CC wine in using Demi Lovato. And I would love to know maybe it's that but what's what's the setting Darius direct your career where he was on stage maybe it was in private weird somebody's house here in the back go look. A ball our or maybe your just in addressing her one time you're looking around and be kinda have. An out of body experience really grab a safe. How on earth in my making music with these people around me right now is this actually true what's that experience. Old old Adobe and you don't wanna do no doubt about it we put the billboard music awards didn't include Al Green and we were we we start a lot of relapse will that'll then we we don't Wendell and and then we stopped in the little follow these live via. They're trying to take videotape to the river now walk. I'll never forget he walked out it'll look like I was good in the audience watching it was like this blue. I was singing with a Al Green knew it was unbelievable. Did you children's hopes did you get chills yeah I don't get into proper amount to if there were it was unbelievable. Man dares trucker with a bottle you've got your new show that such a monthly show right on par Darius trucker on Sirius XM on a Golf Channel right. Yeah I do cool things like it took to get the problem called an interview golfers didn't. Don't try to you know not under the echoes of golf for real swearing Greg got let's talk about. I've publicly games and talk about felt that built sub pop out of golf the makes them. But that that you'll get them going on to talk about what kind of music it was and do. The movie like get into that trying to humanize the gulf with a little more than just talk about you know budget that's seven. And so it some love that but I'm glad I. Decided to do with him out of last. What I thought you might say about the way they the answer this to the previous question might be ideal here onstage experience would have been. I PGA championship party would John Daly playing free bird a couple weeks ago I thought that might have been here backlash I guess not but now. Well clearly outplayed allows other do the job of the up and you always great fit so similarly well. From me out of Brooklyn to Tony but do you know every time I played either I want to get up to put produced. People always struck actually billions given the negative and Oprah regular there and people is what while he can really good. I daresay it's a pleasure to talk to you man I'm gonna make fuels on the way out the door 1994 the first C a -- boombox mean my brother I think we would have ceased. Andy first CD I ever bought was cracked rear view Rudy and the blowfish 1994 so there you go. What we're regulatory and I didn't do it six they get there there's a pleasure to talk to you okay thanks for making unforced. I'm very Europe and there you go Darius Rucker and we had a break text your rights in actually I listen to his greatest hits this morning. I love love to guest another Dexter writes in. I so we've run out of sports people to talk do now we just talked just about people who are fans of teams to interview you are the worse or whoever you are I don't know where you are what your days doing or how it's like right now you actually you know individually you leave the text or you know we are you wrote that in you are the worst we come back we get to some Panthers. And supported speak well he's gonna join Israel quick. The throw backs are back it's after this primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I. Yeah. Our techsters writing in it all down my back still and Darius Rucker how could you not okay how could you not love that dude he's got a great story also stories just really interesting viewed. And appreciate him making time hopefully that's not the last time we talked to him we got bring. And being. Former Panthers assistant GM and now our bills GM he's gonna join us coming up in five minutes and by the way Bill Polian on ESPN you know a thing or two about the bill's former terrorist GM former Panthers GM as well. And now all they were Bill Polian said he thinks it might not be a home field advantage at all for the Panthers on Sunday he says a 5050 split. Between bills mafia and Panthers fans and I would disagree but I'll be honestly I don't know if that's on a crazy I really do think you can be 4060 in terms of Panthers bills fans. More Panthers fans but it's not gonna be my lot on Sunday so of your pay a percent. I always tell you this do whatever you want with your tickets in Europe in your money if you wanna sound to get a lot of money Goran Panama can begrudge one person for another for that but. Also don't complain about a lack of painter saints in the building if you choose to do that you lose your right to complain about a lack of home field advantage on Sunday a dentist telling you right now is there will be a lot of bills fans. And speaking of the bills this thing got this guy knows a thing or two about what goes on the bills organization I longtime sports executive now ways here in Charlotte. I chief marketing officer for the Charlotte hornets and they had some big news today. The throwback jerseys are back equally with us on the technique come guess on people what took so long man we go wait a while for this. You know is probably the worst kept secret it's for but we just you know we just couldn't acknowledges. It's something we've been planning a prolonged time but we have to wait until the right moment to formally announce it because it's a big transition out of he would Nike coming on board the Jordan brand. So little later than we want to announce it but some that we have and the work for quite some time well these. They look good I love the the fact that these are the heels in in this iteration of the Jersey which was from what from 87. To 96 and then we got a slight tweak on that the final two years of the hornets but there's this Jersey. Is that TO you could've gone white there's an alternate purple and their first few years deal with that too but. Why teal on this throwback what was the decision to go with that color in particular. You know from day one Crist keel in the most popular jerseys we rolled out we knew would be and that's one of the reasons we tried reflected. Last year to Delaware and on the home more on the road but it's been our most popular seller are far the most popular Linux and could seem like a great thing to do to bring Jill back. There were talking to quell chief marketing officer bonus by the way these are only going to be war three times at home during the year November 15 against Cleveland and averaged 43 against Milwaukee in January 13. Against Oklahoma City I think here's the million dollar question is a lot of people insane okay they. They look almost identically you know the strikes a little bit wider I think on the chested the Jersey but other than that everything else matches up if the eagle the old V crossover collar. Are that are the shorts pleaded Pete what's this what's the deal with the short set. You know that's the big difference so the look is almost exactly the same what were telling people of the chassis. It's a different you know you're on a Nike slash Jordan brand chassis now sit back analogy in Europe from disease and it'd and so much. That's really the big change but. Not really cleats a it's a little bit different than what it was originally we know what we're we're really pumped about Israel we brought the Jersey back we've invested a lot. In the evolution of the new brand so it didn't make sense at that point time. To bring the bring him back even though the fans really want this and how we can kind of unveiling now we've got all you know got a great evolve toward its brand that people have taken to. Now anybody who is really enamored with the original brain and the old school brand it's there for them. Went to the bodies because I know the defense shoppers still kind of finishing up the final touches you guys a move that in the arena bowing to people start on the Jordan brand stuff. Yes there's some of the Jordan ran stuff going to be is available as soon as September 30 eleven open practice definitely gonna have product available that day what we're still. Working out is making sure this story to actually open there's a very good chance it will be able to preview the team's story on that date September 30 and have a lot of product available and as far as the uniforms go. Some of the jerseys like the associations. The white in the keel Persian may be available the actual class security probably won't be available to more like mid November. Okay and then and then there're still some others to come right this isn't the last of the uniforms for this year now. Now there's going to be five total so there's another one coming out here in the very near future estate ventures CNN there's one. Yet to be named coming up in December and I think people be happy about twelve. Aren't these so he we will see in the fifth the fifth and final won't be unveiled until December what you're saying correct correct our temper her. A for the Charlotte hornets and again if there's a throwback to back these things are they look sharp man a great. And did it just of that you know the slightest of details I think is different just in terms of the the strikes on them on the chest look a little bit wider but everything else is just you know cleats as we set up for Pete and everything else is now and again you can get ticket info. Our bike by calling 1804 NBA ticks or you can always go to hornet stuck number Ticketmaster dot com three dates November 15 December 23 January 13. Cavs box in thunder there's going to be three gear great games to. And you see those throwback uniforms and and my eyes kind of blew up but Doug Golden State into bear. Jersey patch deal reportedly worth sixty million dollars around twenty million dollars per year. Mom I know you've been saying you know you're talking to people this is still in the works in depth it's about finding right fit so what's the update there you have any new news on that are now. Yeah exactly worried advanced discussions with a number of companies and worse still hopeful that we'll get to the number at the start of the season but again trust is really about how did you know rolling Elvis iconic brand B connector of the Jordan brand Yahoo! we put manager's seat. He's really need to make sense for us. And car owner and for the Jordan brand so it's a little bit more difficult to navigate through them you know some companies are traditionally doing fumble and some deep discussions right now we feel pretty good about potentially having someone for the start of the season. What is the one interesting thing is I saw the warriors Jersey I think it some. Her school. Six either on the blue one or there there white Jersey the logo it is like a white logo when I forget the exact sponsored senate international sponsor Tom. Other the other logo it is it's the red logo when he cutting you don't kind of stands out in a way where it's okay. That's definitely a sponsor patch that's on there is that something you guys are working with toot you know and how the logo of the sponsor but maybe not have that color be intrusive to the to the uniform itself for now. You know yes in a perfect world that's who we love to do them and we invested so much trying to get these uniform just right now to bring back the classic. We wanted to match you know as much as humanly possible because of our fans are going to be potentially wearing mystery he's got a right look you know they've. Told what they wanna win this thing came back and we'll we want whatever we put managers to be edited. RT it's good to talk to you I don't mean to do this they kick you off the sauce or bring in the you know look at how glad I got mega ball coming up on Sunday sort of spread or supporting all around town rewritten for cancers until she got mixed allegiances here what are you doing. The cup for no built paid before eleven year but I've got Stockholm syndrome now are trying to look at it like a win win out and that's not that's a non answer here you like Switzerland are now only doing guarantee good to talk the amendment aggressive tech. I think guidelines are dealt equally chief marketing officer for the horn as we get a break come back thirty seconds later we expect turn injury draining dean to drop by four Panthers assistant GM. Now the GM for the Buffalo Bills will talk about the we calling this. The homecoming bull what are we calling this reunion bowl one what are we doing here I don't know we have the type it was that most figured out all right and there's deals we talked about a Brendan being calls us back in thirty seconds on prime time powered by ortho Carolina.