Primetime: Omar Gaither Weighs In On Greg Olsen Controversy

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Thursday, April 19th

Omar Gaither joins Kroeger and Darin Gantt to give his thoughts on Greg Olsen wanting a new contract. Plus a replay on the Greg Olsen interview from last week.


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It's these pro. The dirty myrtle they're ready. Host college basketball tournaments in 2018 West Virginia. That's still shooting incident following. And you're asking for brand equity sadness. West Virginia going to Myrtle Beach camp. Don't play Wake Forest that's including one of the teams put Myrtle Beach just goes to college basketball tournaments and I was joking about this earlier I said if this tournament he's played in the parking lot of the wings what are we even doing with a that's just before coming up with the ideas of things that would be very nice that would make gamer. Little beach college basketball tournament perfect yet seems to be on brand for Myrtle Beach basketball tournament one of one of those things somebody was saying is a New Jersey should be I'd tie dyed like here airbrushed tie dyed jerseys now on this black bag should include shark tooth necklace a coffee cup with your name on it quasi surrender the booty tell us. So yeah I think it would be great I mean the one unfortunate thing about determined would be point three NC state players are investigated by the NCAA for receiving a free hermit crab. Live from the mar extremely guilty studio. Kroger. I always. Bryant literally laughing back in the studio that's corny joke not later it's not it's not it's not just stare like that entire like segments was hilarious. Those troubles at times. Credit I did it it was cut comedic timing it was it was it was really good we we we get it right it's drying wind. Humor yes it's getting old smarmy sports stakes for another hour with Gary again Omar Gaither is here everybody high Omar how I everybody. Thought. Out here on a pack nearly I have a lot we're gonna downstairs though there will be I heating and cooling working. But the drinks flowing some food working as well as can be a fun night tonight and looking forward to it. Look forward to getting you stick around you leaving I gotta get a kid to soccer practice but I'll be here in spirit OK excuses all right so you can still sign off by coming to. Stewart neighborhood girl ran off more debt and pay out the door forty dollars a bit too in a city homered RE SPN draft guide. You heard some of the talk from Steve mentions of his great. He's a few minutes cycle PDA and we barely scratched the surface and so OG you've been here for this it gets heated at times value. You have amongst us the between us that the crowd and we always get a lot of good feedback from the crowd and then then we give it to you raw that's the best acts abroad as the best adjective out you should know what detects eroded all the buildings that are taxed like 70457. United states of why you go and why you make of Florida Kenny like activities when you tell our listeners for bouquets cowboys fan OK so that. I don't know how I'm not taking his word on it for what Panthers need to do and on top of that. That's how this is gonna go to and I am answer it Sonny Michael this silly if you sell the do homework is these guys Sony Michael coming out of organic got to tell you get so that what was Sami Michael the the GM in draft day the terrible Kevin Costner are very bad it was sunny something. That's what happens tonight like this thing's gonna go down where. Got somebody's gonna make gay. Any analysts like you know the head or notable you guys are gonna make aids. He very strong opinion a strong statement saying hey give me you don't get this guy in this time. You're not getting at here him. And it ends we're gonna have arguments that it suits to get heated it's good football talk it's just a great guys Neitzel come on over your career and out think out and gals. There will be some women here so it's going to be fun tonight I had. I know there are some leagues going out there right do you know anything I haven't been able to keep up because we've been doing so much draft volunteer any Panthers leaks on the schedule yet do we have anything right yes. It's mostly stuff in the in them in the last month of the season there's a week fifteen apparently gamers again I think it's the my Nestle fall before Christmas. The it and there's a new plane the saints there and and appoint the saints again and weeks seventeenth. I think our friends at the observer have been effort being a few other things to hear hold on we got here blowing up what are we got a hold of the QE prepare sounder ride do we have our sounder ready to go through that. Hold on we'll have a filibuster for second so the NFL schedule now comes out tonight people at 8 o'clock could. We've been getting leaky we have got leaked the leaks are everywhere and so this is big news we're gonna give you the leaks as they come. And before we do that we got to give the proper you know production we need the right image being ego bigger yeah I mean this in dot. Granted us our employees that silverlight departing well yes because of its a he certainly hopeful Obama well of buffalo are so we have. And get their item or don't disrespect the bottle and I have my father we have news from the Charlotte Observer that. Joseph person Jordan Roderick. For the first time in five years the Carolina Panthers are gonna open the season at home road again it's. The cowboy. We're up. You're going to be how about well cattle. Believe he can be cross those that reported is that the 1 o'clock give or what but it side didn't see it time attached to that it has priced hybrid over Arizona doesn't like Boston matchup sun Sunday are an opener against the count that could be of four earning Americans gave Italy and just having just haven't home openers a big game because for so many years people get excited they wanna see their team and and all of sudden your team's home. On the road weak when it folks but I'd done away focal buying tickets right now. Thank you article almighty I gonna collect ticket broker AKA John killer Cuba academics have got some good. I'm gonna go Joseph go see here's what's funny and you could put the schedule released tonight. It is quintessential NFL you create a story out of nothing there cradling a mark date in the offseason that people look forward to you bill do you do content around it on NFL network all that stuff. Other networks will be doing it as well. And we make fun though because it is so ridiculous yet at that moment when you gave me that. That that release that leak. I got a little excited actually in a tangle over the rough is critical to our heart out for an innocent youth that's just because it's cold I zero I don't know what's it to it to dive all over does that I. Actually think the skeleton was a big deal. That this general Lisa and it all mean because you you like and I hear yours your football season you're talking to actually handcuffing him I expect both evil when I was a player that's when the schedule was released. First thing you look for the Bok. Yeah exactly what let me tell you this then the week and where am I over the holiday gifts Christmas and Thanksgiving you saw all that is scheduled a big deal. A small deal no deal at all if I give you this factory here this is a fact he'll vote up Panthers dot com shared this earlier the Panthers. Furnace road trip this it this season. New Orleans, Louisiana. Big deal small deal no deal no such a mattered on that but seems like that should matter to some degree. Why what do I remain no big long flights no trips to the West Coast snow the Plano odd ball Thursday night you got to fly hall yeah hey you have aches you have a Monday Thursday they have a Monday. Home Thursday San Fran OK but it proud of OS on our illegal they've always been the simple fact that you don't have a plane ride a longer than an hour and a half for so that's it doesn't matter if you if you appreciate it from lake city gonna play simply look at it from an overall how are just ask you this. Via the player. That I would leave the culinary arts about the fact that the only but when your play and did you checklist games do you look at it might buy it it's a win W that's a wind of you who. And I doubt it you know certain. This certainly we know today that actually match up pretty I mean if you're saying W. It's because you know. I married you know EU that's always equally low body ultimately take your. Except at you know Jacksonville woody before you head delivered that I can't fly the Eagles seized at the Panthers on the schedule and you tell me you thought those at W yes. I'm being honest. This what were wrong here we're. I've just been on to WU distraught dog depositors are at home. Well they're they're so happy to see why aren't talking about a gain of arcade third dairy again Chris Kroger let's take a quick break we come back on the other side. Wrong to be doing what he's doing which is pay overly go to football maybe more money we get to that next its prime time. We're here Dora neighborhood grill come here tonight for a pro football draft roundtable right here on offensive. Listening sub prime time which Chris Krueger powered by ortho Carolina. You could. Are hanging out George neighborhood grill. And we're having fun man we got another forty minutes to go Greg Olsen by the way if you miss the last week period here this to get us out tonight. As will be here for pro football draft roundtable Omar Gaither Gary can't Chris Kroger. And you can tweet us rally Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS density. It's gone the month of brown only had to celebrate their give employ a weekend get away for free. Would any purchase of 1999. Dollars for the best selections values and deals on diamonds only once choice rally Jewelers. And Braly Jewelers dot com you can text there's two buildings that are text line 704 or 570 nice extensive did you receive. Greg Olson's quotes Omar Gaither to do the Charlotte Observer which you'll person do you see some of those quotes. I mean I have seen the exact quote you're referring to bush I kinda have the gist. Of what's going on here. OK so what what are your thoughts on what he's going on with because I've seen everything ranging from the Greg Olsen being selfish cradles I don't deserve the money Greg Olson your data distraction Greg Olsen. You're being disloyal Greg Olsen. Your your claim that you care about football also looking at your future in the broadcasting industry year I've seen like the full spectrum of takes that are going on our other story right now. Are crazy chaotic summer justified but what do you think what it when you think of everything it's been so I. I think just as it is a general statement Greg Olsen is is just like that kid that's that new push as far as you allow and I think he's. Will where there's the broadcasting being oil or or extort more money whoever it may be I think he's he's gonna push as much as they'll allow you know the Carolina he knew it would because. And this night. That could even become the man right. First secondly I'm not that it may do you know way if you think you can give more money give more money because. That's the bill as an amateur art at all feel put upon the president there is hope for doing I'm gonna pay you this though when whatever you coming off an injury. Yeah enjoy your old. He had used usually viewed 32 rated every so are. Doesn't see both in both sides of so I feel man of the coin but it'll be great gig which in my name attitude but on the president of the oil opinions are can do it. You said there's no way of paying you you know paying even all are now paying him flatly hey here's a blank check your ego no I mean. You would sign the extension at all if you're the theaters I they would be very team friendly. Very easy for them immediately react and only for a couple years I mean could you talking about 33 you are committed to talk about coming off a broken foot and even though that things sealed. And even though Greg's been one of the most durable players in the league you're just say it in the NFL the injury rates a 100% and and a lot of times once guys start getting hurt that's the cascades element in the guys who have never. Had problems in and it's not that I'm saying Greg's gonna get hurt you just don't know I don't know I am not a sound you know a year ago. The book on Gregg Olson was not only is he one of the most consistently producing. Tight ends in the NFL he's durable. He not only plays every game but he doesn't take a snap false and now on me with a foot injury coupled with the H coupled with. A year left and a contract there's just not a lot of incentive for Marty Kearney to do it. On the last I guess said earlier in the show Greg takes advantage of the next three weeks in gets in on the Jerry Richardson scholarship on the last time. Witnessing this is you know as as a player I say I'm durable look at me abruptly every step in in this than the third right but there's there's a team as DM ICU player and it's not declined to take it you that you you. You had been you have lives that's the one more mile off yeah it's not only do you know so you know our and I and I'm trying to you know as I am on this end of it now I'm trying to be a little more. Understanding from the end. It seems there's nobody that's thinking that's going on and that's what I'm not mad at you from Greg's perspective because I know your team is gonna Rangel. Whatever angle as you said they can take this thing I see the here's why we can't pay you what you Wear it's a from great perspective. Your career short. And you're not guaranteed tomorrow and these are not fully guaranteed contracts and you're looking for every penny you can get through and I would look at Bob Greg my argument is. OK I only played seven games last year would have to without me. In exchange that's no I don't bet and I know there are. You'll flatly death but that's the argument you do Greg every detail outside yep that's our job that's the argument that good second mortgage paid you don't. I've heard it. I think this is a fan thing fans calling great this is going to be a distraction. Is it actually distraction in the middle of April. A week before the NFL draft a player was that a distraction last summer when he threat to hold out a training camp. I don't utility Yuri guy the locker nosy Jon Beason is obviously an area that's just not a distraction for that stuff does it make its way to the locker room out of you got 86 decent told us yesterday. You would distractions are what a guy actually gets crazy crazy money and that their vice Versa hates. I think you got some of the new money out of what its opponent to doing the notorious if this doesn't. Not a distraction is that destruction and on us that's fodder that's you know that's that's the muscles and yes this understood their lives honestly. Go ahead go ahead for a player call it fake news I'm not even need to. I'm Italian I'm. Yeah I think it's actually were losing just not any good news if your player right now right now I'm on a trip is seen him on his roster. The last thing I'm worried about his great action asking for a moment in Solana Beach. Supermarkets us in any trying to figure out how you gonna get more money back looking great also here's another thing people upset. Well Greg. How can you say you're committed to playing with the Panthers but you're also looking into broadcasting. Club because that Connecticut could own from there you can only last another. I don't know week two weeks is the names were lifted him right to do whatever they wanna do to you wanna do it percent of all I can't play forever so. I need to be able to feed my kids for the next 3040 years while what I've not. You know look towards. A future that's not only not bad it's Smart. Yeah what Greg ought to be doing is what every player ought to be doing because. This is not long term money. No matter how big the money is sitting lasted for very long balancing act mean Tom Brady mainly at the average careers that for years couldn't say no look Greg has me. Long term money over the course of his career now how he's been through what he's still ahead but the NFL is such a short run part of his life I mean it's. Probably you know. June 20% of your entire life span is what's going to be spinning out of L you got a lot of life to pay for outside of football and it's fascinating from the single you know frank gets me off here yesterday is that if if piecing get her piece of people Olsen gets offered the the wonderful for the job. Does he take it and I said. About that actually I really don't I can't I can't bodily about Greg obviously put about this. To me it's not a slam dunk for the way that you know for I was not make it okay you might change because I ain't getting. Beat up car and I didn't sort of saying oh I get the same time he's not getting anywhere mere John group money. He's going to make OK it's still a lot of money OT but you would get more money in the short term. Playing football that's on say Greg would have to weigh the decision of hey can I go play football for another year two or three wells. And it can get a different broadcast broadcasting job it's still make a lot of money so it's like. I know people are civil to go for the job be taken. Actually I don't know about that I don't I could say that flatly if me I've I've run and put on us and so fast I didn't have a microphone. My guess is if Greg gets a TV job it it would be a net 34 million dollar a year range. Because when they were talk about it all right you bet I mean I am probably a lesson that because probably like Stephen. Four million bucks a year was what they were talking about pay and Payton man but he could you maybe alienated her slain football. Parade you hear speech or do you think. He could and that's not a guarantee of veterans. I I understand that but that's what I just don't think it's dislike the idea that has claimed docket this is presented to be just elbows and take saying I don't think that everything not to. Not them it's well that you have to go through Terry Cain got to get heated rhetoric do concussions in mid possibly break another blow it again and again and I'm trying to be sensitive here to what's going on around me I'm not trying to slam Greg yeah. But he get that job. Look at the guys here talking to their talking to guys who bit him broadcasting guys who got bigger names. Kurt Warner call for it is a hall of fame quarterback football quarterback Super Bowl MVP. He he's one of the greatest stories in the history of not just football but the group. One of the greatest stories in the history of stories. If you got Kurt Warner vs Greg Olsen when he goes somewhat. That he knows why don't Greg hold on to a take a break is you kind of said this could be a thing a few weeks ago and you're actually right and I hate it when Gary gets right you know wanna find out if Omar entered yet it just keeps happening yet it does I wanna find out of Omar Gaither sides would get on that so we'll do what we come back. How will close things off and you'll hear from Greg Olsen in his own words. In about fifteen minutes at its prime time power by ortho Carolina to. Chris Kroger has kept me. A brand campaign. Powered by ortho Carolina and. All right Greg Olsen coming up and about ten minutes even as of last week with a you're going here this that was when David Garrard run much better turn. My how things change in a week. The truth now he's got he's got to like my ex wife now hello there are a lot of that's got over welfare. I don't know a lot of people who don't think my jokes are funny so you out after I'm just happy picked up the right gets your wife was would you for the sexist faces right it was what did you. Because you're just this afternoon and being you know that I'm glad I'm glad somebody else that I giants again if you guys out there look at Tony please look at Obama is certainly the ballclub for a gratuity and a lemon and honestly look at it right now is get a sunglasses on people who wearing a sport who dressed like an adult gay -- he is -- wow. That all about is trying to act like such a big deal he isn't begins to show an even though now. I've never seen him Wear suits before about a week never like never I've known him for. Well over five years that I look out you know this scoop then it's not bad yeah I I mean is that and the weird thing is somewhere there's a parking attendant whose cult. Where where he hopefully that's a whole other story that movies and even though it's almost like a valid when I get back. Have. For quick meeting where where's that suit from a few had begins all say other JC Penney who we who are a moment would JC Penney how much you wanna put on a ghetto known split going. Right now and that your. Aren't you all there's no question ally that's I thought that existing condition audience though there with Sony aren't you guys who have until 630 tonight show appeared deal worth neighborhood grill. Forty dollars a situated so it's going to be great night a football talk Steve mentioned moderator Omar paper's gonna be here. This is still here and then nitrate battery life David Louis frank Garcia the whole offense secrets could be a lot of thoughts that come on hang out with us and we got Greg Olsen coming up in a few minutes we miss our conversation. I really quickly because we only got like thirty seconds here. Gibbs said weeks ago Dennis Wright he's gonna get cut its gonna be a thing to watch for it it happened do you sodas right now. Now we at least we spoke about this yes we need a big time. Ever obviously going to be times cited an RB Steve Marcus we built I would. There's no doubt there's there's that thing what's holding you back cited as run if you think it'd debit functions are to a similar feel like Tillman and and clutches of the OK did you thought Devin was. It was this you wouldn't even be thinking about signing off with your US and liven up thinking if you thought that India is why you don't go away by the way we have answers rolling in where Tony bought a suit. The the Tex wants to play those closet yeah. I like you know played a classic case humorous that now do. Rescue mode I do that president Jiang men and you have that you use up that notion now witness that I might may always you name. Attacks on him you wanna go find a good deal Zach Sophia can Wear anything on the ground. I'm 150 pound lower minor the doesn't want it to children Florida. I'm Dan for your suits you so dedicated this baby. Aren't we got Greg Olson he dropped by next we shut down shop it's fraud dunk powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to prime time which Chris Krueger. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Blinded dot com. We're gonna detect account guests are welcome in Panthers tight end Greg Olsen indict Greg's got his. Back to basics football camp it's his third annual football camp and I it's gonna be coached by one of the all time winningest coaches in new Jersey state history. His dad who's a pretty young guy he knows he has some guy he knows it's his dad and so you can sign up for that Charlotte country day June 18 through the 22 half high school as well July 9 through deterred thirteenth and it's going to be a champion sports performance dot com champions. Sports performance dot com Greg you don't have to talk to Hawaii then. I don't condone prepare prepare your that does your foot Sheila how's everything going. They're great I feel good and good off speed nutrient and we don't control go for awhile now so. Sorry you know into royal street retail and start tomorrow and leaping up and there are packed and everybody come under. Greg how tangible I mean it. Ron talked to to combat about cam being really excited and anxious to get in there means no more figure out what this new options it's gonna DH I imagine for you it's got to be a little bit of the same based on what he's done with tight ends over the course of his career. It is track record speaks for itself right I mean what what he's done all it back he state cowboys of course. You know more you know more recently with with gates and making him you know one of the all our post prolific. I doubt they're in San Diego and you know even a tiny short time in Minnesota he you know Kyle Rudolph was very productive. I'm the one year in Cleveland. Jordan Cameron is very Kirk Cameron indoor tour camera door here or there are. I'll. You know so literally does you know he he's very good you do that you Kurt if you think I don't. Very partners painted a target that aura here are tired you know. I really like to a there's really like dork you every it is do you guys you know very well both approached I prepared personally Mubarak but if it's kind of funny how it changed kind of they're very good week that you know nervous energy that excitement that comes with that because no period on bells and you know even now my twelfth year. You know it does add a little bit life that you know I can't just no meeting prepared statement go and Mario are going to be I gotta be like that and I cover you anymore and infant aren't there to protect. It's hard to believe you've been in the league for twelve years now does it feel like twelfth at his alma how long as quickly as they occurred on by. It depends what we get it so yeah so we could feel like twelve some weeks it doesn't. Not a bit off beat then they're really took good. I feel happy about my training in how much preparation has gone in their early period you know we we typically get about 68 week block of work prior to the start vote period that's. You know there without a doubt ship the little that we can never do another boy we bloc quit the team with you know they organize stuff. And then we get letters to tweak windows so it's really three pipe off speed into power I've kind of approached it over the years and you know finished phase one and empowered and ready prepared the in my phase two which is looking stuff. We're talking to Greg Olsen painter tied Danny's with this right now on the technical and guess line he's back to basics football camp to get to cents a day she can get involved here in Charlotte country day is going to be June 18 222 half high school July 9 through deter thirteenth and it's going to be champions. Sports performance dot com or you can check that out I noticed I Stewart talked about this. A lot over the years Greg about how you know some of the injuries when they happened to him. And any miss so much time over the course of two years it sucked at the time but in hindsight it was kind of a blessing for him because it allowed him to. Extend his career do you feel like data off for you not to not listen in terms of extending your career as much as. Man you played you play every snap there aren't a lot of tight ends are hardly any tied into the NFL the play every snap needed for sixteen games. Opt for years in a row and you're talking about playoff appearances in 33 Dozier so like when you look back now he semantic miss it sucked to miss all that time but. To that point maybe your body's a little bit more fresh than it normally would be going into the season. Yeah I think that there I think you're exactly right I'm Muir when I look back. There I don't necessarily count admit you know not all these are created equal you know one guy played I spears person other that played tiger that got that about a week. You know apple apple so we are prior to this patch here you know I'd I'd played tenfold seeded. You know I would hit it over a thousand snaps that he had gaga and got some that plate 500. So. Don't suit featured under your belt to get that it matters that are now on the contrary this year. You know missed an 89 games if only playing or probably you know three or four record you know regular CD game. You know you talk in a couple hundred snaps you know it. Hated it you know it's funny and off he didn't when I started my deal you know I felt like my like a little different I didn't feel like at this stage sort of the same. Kind of bill that's he didn't where Teradata typically do and I don't like is that the that the kind of stuck you know you go through the speed and and you are not used to being out but. You know now on the back side a bit you know creating turn into some positive. Greg you've got a couple of teammates is in Ryan and Thomas who had said in advance that this is this is probably it for them as you think about your own career do you think you're getting close to that or. Do you still got 34. Good years of football left in you or longer than that. Gary and as I sit here today physically and mentally. You know I think acampora prolonged I still feel like I complain at eye level he liked it back laps we crashed here in our they're. Gotta get my legs under me for a week or two you know in the playoffs that either Europe before that. They'll come and offer a tough too much stretch I was able to still you know play at a high level be put out that stock. I'm not concerned about you know necessarily telling all you know physically and I still enjoyed it preparation or the majority off he's. There's just you know it's gonna come down to you know one year might just say you ought to have a cup it. You know I know that's kind of what happens restart get that the BB years but. It if I still enjoy there and play you know three to five more years physically. You know that I that I don't get too concerned about issues you know at some point you're not gonna wanna just keep doing everything else hey wintertime comes out or not. I don't know how much of this you even look at but a lot of the draft analyst and we keep one against the Panthers tight ends and you keep CN you know people mention Hayden Hearst is a possibility in that in the first round Spitzer ever a moment where you see something like Daniel. Sort of say any self Aaron. Murray are guys I can still hear youth. I'm still pretty good at this hour. Yeah I mean in my career I've been through that many thought he didn't have backed by its Chicago I was out for you are back back here and the first order businessmen when they hired mark their regime would you know go out on it Marty I was back with free agency started at midnight. You know it got up like they do like. Collusion period irreverent got temperate around us call it. Started at midnight and I remember waking up that either you or connect oracle and Barbara out of Ali that it could be body at the time. They ought to come it'd take my spot you know it's I think I'd be used it it you know last year or are predicted an hour. You know my approach has always been that they bring in a guy what are the first driver. Democrat come under repair get Alpo you know teacher or mentor him but he's not going to like buck and that's just especially my mentality. Here have to. There are three pretty good you know to take my vegetable and they might step away from me but. At the same time when our director at the Chicago we had a great better that the cork who let it be entrench starter there. Took me two years they actually you know overtake him as the starter in the whole thought he was nothing but that that many. Made my life great made it easy I have always found that by five myself for that position. You know Conner return that favor while at same time you know quite a map up so you know he can take somebody else is sketchy you know you. That's it that's it how I approach it. Greg Olsen printer side and he's with us on the technique I'm guess slide champion sport performance dot com or you can sign up his back to basics football campus third annual football camp Charlotte country day you'll be June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth. Gotten whom wrong who sing in a few weeks ago at the owners' meetings Greg did. I you know two guys on the offense with some opportunities that have been on your roster he's gonna get the chance with Cameron good to maybe take some of those running back snaps and he was talking I'm Chris with the with the stats that are going to be lost it to Ed Dickson and you've you've been around Christmas and hurts the last few years what could due I think he's kind of a mystery man for since we don't seem on the field a tonne what you're around and what could you say about him and his growth over the last few years. GA candidate but there's that he had does everybody look they're still depictions of the production they're Clinton or just the reality is that they had no idea what their whole lot. Not to go to that third Friday but. He got hurt here for those about to watch it for people who who really are looking past the number actually the path you know those things he can really bring an interesting dynamic courtroom you. Meet you sneaky Dayton immediately got on the scale it probably wouldn't be the bigger guy you've ever seen. He just great being used very strong he can really fingertips and you know do a lot of our XP for a that the line of scrimmage in the back field pass protect. I think that the biggest thing that people don't understand what Ed did her question there were times where we could put it on their backpack structured plot arc I wondered. Away for bed and Ed Bennett could speed up for the most part hold up the and that's why do you need to do. I'm so that that's a roll back back Kurt can can come in and they'll compete naturally very good at it. Army and then that the passing that kind of evolved from there but Crist understands what look at the role can be and what the opportunity he has. You know right now looks good for that matter guys appear be a repeat itself. He you know he's got a unique opportunity this year he's got a great off he's he been in there almost every day you're several art training with beards and he arm you know he's the guy that I think could do some things here and Abbott you can have a lot more opportunity. Greg few weeks ago you had chance to go off to Bristol and work with some of those folks up there and as you think about what Greg Olsen wants to do in the future what if you found out about TV and and why it appeals to you would the part of it you think you might enjoy moving forward and and he's ever seen that play in and year. Decision of whether I wanna continue playing football. There have been luckier the last handful years that's a really cool opportunity pin back he'd be based they're don't know Jerry come around a lot of guys while they're still active well. You know of course you are who we are doing that broadcasters you get a little of a regular season game while still an active player had been done a lot. You don't really enjoy that aspect of it was it was a unique challenger. Bury those guys there called a game that that is hard work about a corporation going to twit you kind of preparation that bad being able to speak clearly. Confidently but also quickly you know in the creek that we know when the talk when not to talk there's an art to end up. Not create we're going to do it at one time I got a lot to learn that there have been doing decree gave step will be here at the Super Bowl. You know I've really been able to be some some cool things in an hour earlier sort all the different aspects of the block unit networks that mean to be a part of their. They're different coverages that they are stuck with it with the combo are in the last few years so. Their guard up the berth but it was a real equal opportunity or just you know the reality years you know I love playing. You know my my prayer and it is to play hadn't been until you know until I don't want to part. Not Aguilar and if you pay you to ignore those kind of opportunities in connection is real special straight out but when those sort of networks and those sort of opportunity to position. Are putting your name and act. You be doing yourself a disservice if you do know at least see what what was out there eating back to that kind of what those things come from. I would wonder Greg he do you read this one count of fancy you more than the others to do in the studio worker duet there was only one game going play by play get a color analyst with this one count us a huge huge deals gravitate towards one. Avenue more than the other or or no on that. Don't you don't question Iraq something that there are being able to try them both kind of in a real live situation now. Your have protocol on the boat and I think the in game brought catch up we are much more challenging you don't you really can dive deeper into there. Specific that a third of the game in the heat delicate game of talks football talk ball which. I really like you know I look being able to explain things that aren't you. You're gonna try to create their belittle you because people are I guess they're trying to get super complex super word he would try to. Show everybody how much are though you know I think they're both are in the beauty of the guy to do it so well but it that you couldn't take a very complex game. But make it simple and make it spot and make it relate at all while while keeping their integrity the beauty of what makes became so our food is so special. Who do you feel like his color analysts are you guys who think man how I love listen this guy called me makes this one give guys a jump out deal. I mean it will every law and I think there was reaction to Romo would be thin and I think he's guilty to a lot of active guys have scouted out their aims wrote it I think he's kind of change the narrative. You know it you will see your ex players you've got to start up that it learned to be a broadcaster. A lot of it if you know ball you know how to talk yet you're likable personality. What why you need to be ten years now five years now I should robo kinda changed everybody you know opinion gone back and you know he found it a gun because at the bar had to appear Rick talk him all this effort to know a little bit more that you don't pray like that's what it's likely gimmick in the robo it. I think that's the beauty of it. And plus you get to spy on all your opponents when you get to do it is clearly is an active fire and all that extra fun I had exactly zero catch. Arizona we. And actually do you call your effect within ten years would. And all of a sudden the almighty a bit doubting gave me that they get an advantage you know what Okur had given decoy you this it was flagrant also. What missing about a weight champion sports performance stock con your place to I think get to his back to basics football camp it's going to be our country day June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth right here in Charlotte. I say this all the time about Romo. Yeah you're right he makes it is funny feel like you haven't had you sit down the bar with him but you know to me my sense is where he's been better than a lot of other color analyst Greg is. I mean no disrespect to any other guys have done it and you don't in the past should be the Phil Simms of the world right. To me it's very easy to critique like anybody can get behind a microphone and say man this guy screwed up that play but I think romo's got such a great way about them. Of explaining to the layman what's happening on the field and that's it sounds really easy to do but it is really hard to do what he's got a really great way about him to explain what's happening on the field. Yet it's not black and white they'll and again like you say it's so you can just point out what everybody does crawl right that. Of course there's things that go wrong could replace designed to go for a touchdown and every play guitar and on defense they're not in your heart rate up so. Expecting something other than those two scenario happened so important pick something wrong so it. Really eat because they're up they're just point out the next block but mr. Scott that dropped ball. I think what people wanted to see what the beauty of Romo is or worried to minute what's inside the mind the quarterback utility. Why why didn't you do timeout here what's the advantage to wait until afford to let it collapse or it's too bad at it you got to time. Like those sort of in fact that he gives when the game it didn't realize what he could fill in the blanks. I can't speak aloud the fraud at the Donald reached a little bit but he just still there but that if you need to go all you ought to always wonder why he's. All timeout with two minutes in one step it. It could have used in the two minute warning or why you know. Those little nuggets within a game to an average fan captured have been wondering that prolonged I don't figure a guard play. Quarterback at a high level has been in a puddle for fifteen years. And he's giving you firsthand knowledge commit to what their mind is weak when they get in for game winning 42 minute you're just that it example. That's that's very interest in television I find myself watching it. Who's been on the field and those would go what are they not interest security at stake you know. Hey Greg it's a pleasure to talk to you is always my friend. Endeavor is Seattle the practice fields and a few weeks of good things for dropping by. Harder special all right that's paid their study break also this last week here on primetime powered by. Four I guarantee you. Appreciate that. Get through with a social Omar Gaither drop the feisty meant for ESPN is nothing hanging out there. Please call. Of course our guy Phil savage managing director for the recent senior whole homer grounds. All we appreciate that you guys think that would this and hopefully we're gonna see you guys over here in the next thirty minutes we. A pro football track roundtable that can be one night tonight you're dealing with neighborhood grill thanks everybody for their health and production assistant outcry. You guys tomorrow our special guest actually make this. Within easy weekend then back here at 2 o'clock tomorrow on prime time Howard right until Caroline. This is this going wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon. Where ever you made me.