Primetime: Omar Gaither Joins The Show; College Hoops With Dave Odom

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Wednesday, February 14th

Kroeger continues the hoops talk with Omar Gaither and Dave Odom chimes in as well. 


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Peace peace prize. Powered by court. Good in the open as dog man Bob at Bob. Don't finish since then they'll fight if they did though that with the myself. Don't want to come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day live from the Omar extremely real. Kroger. Our Bill Maher I'm gonna shoot it straight right here okay. It's prime timer powered by ortho Carolina happy Valentine's Day having debuted to Hollywood today easy I'm an loving mood and OK so it should be straight. Huge shoes she should bush stressed aren't sure my shot right now I thought I thought you might have been listening normally are pretty -- Lucy tells us where you're really tells us OK so I this is the thing I love about Omar is always listen Kandahar. The sanitary down just like a coach regarding a buttery officers to justice the Marines Lulu where it was going on okay so I'm gonna shoot you straight I am a big fan of Omar Gaither because Omar. Or you know working together for what three and a half years now Rudolph fully. Believe it's an. We're in this for the long haul baby continued now you're not only had didn't matter how much you wanna be a point are you all common law married I mean growth let's collegiate. Honest like he does like to music and here's yet it's only couple days or weeks that changes it to I would sup five days a week so I've known you for a while the thing I've always loved about Omar is. Omar to go getter. Do it I can't all marsh coach a bowl only Omar wants feedback. Omar is not a guy that just shows up and leaves Omar one Haiti. How anybody can download it. I thought that was pretty good shooting that was pretty good hate him to shoot I've done this instead what can I do better next time Omar polar child. As a former player. He wants to get better every day to show up to work it's his clock in any clocked him going home if you are getting better you get words like worst okay so Omar's been doing this for quite some time and Omar gets the competitive juices flowing. I can tell some time especially when we the rare occasion we get to coast and here at the same time. Yeah conceal my size and a guy up. I can see how well would see which you don't. You bring to the table anyway I bring to the stabilizes got better or worse tonight Damione Lewis I just need to tell you okay Dave Lewis came in here and it was a sitting there he sits right over there were Ryan sitting. Damien Lewis Lewis came in here yesterday. And he brought the fireman so why is for three hours he broke the fire heat yeah I mean is he was dripped in. In in sauce just OK okay I can sit down over here the miniatures ruined actually says yes and no passing gas. Let's just lets them yeah home to me want to point the finger feels like that was Goss quit old journals you don't pull you so I'm. I'm just telling you right now man because I I know you you know how to respond in these situations. The bar's been set back you better step your game today I am all about last time we're Jamar baby. I do I can't you know let I do what I can deals great guy he does great on there and but. Okay yeah so anyway you know. I'm humble and there's one god and I have to lose sued and our preferred B deal because he does such a great job I feel doesn't humble brag. It needs to be sent home boy you sit there I think their. And yourself homeless Khaled a humble bragged to pull a move I feel like the Lucy. I'm willing giveaway I feel like we need some sort of trophies I think the winner she get like a hundred dollar gift card. It's going to be. We're not doing that. And now. Police fired once I'm out there out of here you know what I honestly I feel like we need some sort of but an Oscar. Yeah like a golden might go to my idea that we give out and you hold that for a week like some decent on the back you told him. Yeah sitting there like he did it's kind of like a car or are we like a hood ornament you're not actually probably going to practice so lied. And you've carried around for we can then we'd have a ceremony. Where there's like a grassy area around for a week we can do whatever whenever you wanted to be like this Stanley Cup did you wanna eat your cereal out of that you. I could do something while Herman won an Emmy he literally carried her carry with Kimberly do we really Kenya won an anyone who daddy just win an Emmy. We really do want you his his stick his station one and tomorrow crow was not done so let's back up here he won an Emmy or is Stacy won an Emmy. He did he was part of of of on news package join a video feature that want an enemy attacks our head that tells me I'll give him yet object. I'm only kidding you last night I was slipping back and forth again between the Olympics and a chasm of thunder game and I flip over to TNT just in time to see them cut to KG's area 21. You'll I'm talking about right it's most social yet so Kevin Garnett after the inside the NBA guys get off fear has its own like late night post game show where things just get odd when that happened by the way is this is beautiful clear out. Couple years and I flipped over there any had a universal Serkis guys moved in the in mixed area 21 universal or universal universal hole the difference universal. Whereas in restaurants and they had Billy pulled itself I want to pull this up it's a much Twitter account I tweeted this out last night now you're just gonna hear the audio of this. But the audio did the radius theater of the mind you're gonna hear the audio. And I want you to visualize we play the audio you. Latest except it sounds like he said some thing oh really yeah I know is I mean if Saturdays and at the end he will sign this and now. Our five iron one want like one was is it like 113 really was this past safe harbor this is a like 10 o'clock at night. Finally technically on cable you can get away with anything nowadays we know literally until the day the SEC doesn't have a regulations for cable. News network network TV or are you sure about that I am their cars again they're just they just followed didn't follow cable so yeah. I standards yeah that's true okay so anybody could do HBO and Cinemax does it they wanted to they just choose not to because they figure kids are watching crime and someone says some say crow crow said it was okay finest video but I want you to want what you visualize. The universe so circus where there's a bunch of random skinny dudes twisting their bodies in gyrating in bending themselves like pretzels. And seven foot tall Kevin Garnett. Which what she's doing now with this what eating or it's on have to say and what's that thing we're on the what's cut was go Obama that it's ex lax. Is it it's taped on right there's going to just sitting on their reason we using Mike's always tape I don't think sought to he has the ball spins the ball hit you have to worry about us right now. Or maybe ever I don't know nobody would slip office head blown on his name is not as does his drive Susan Griffin. OK so picture this he's sitting there watching these guys do do der der contortions they want music blasting and he's acting as a white man in this whole thing was weird last night and I think he deserves an Emmy for this nothing he does. This was weird television it was good television just visualize a much ado it's. Broken in half and gyrating while Kevin Garnett acts as a white man. I think that was on. I'd be OK. Okay. Hey follow up hug get hush. You have no idea it was going whoa man you gotta see this video is Billie wants you look at what to do his face or not I don't know bracelet. Fabulous discussing Jesse does like he looks like gee that's that night I couldn't stop watching it it went on no joke throwing ninety seconds and they wouldn't cut away and I'm thinking that it's a car accident when you think you have to watch but you can't look at. They were just teasing that like I thought you go to Casey's area 21 like hey this is what's coming up at like midnight when we get off the air and instead it was the universe soul circus. And Kevin Garnett acting like a high command. For those we're contortions as last night there were some funky beat going on behind them. Didn't really lose like he walked in Somalia just because they don't even if you don't looks like he looks like he walked in on his parents as any news like you walk and also was Valentine's Day evening and edit and by the way I say this. As as as as we speak Emmys that deserves an Emmy whatever that is that's good television. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feel what it makes me feel something. And I think that's worthy of an Emmy. I think debts in the criteria actually but what wins and any whatever Kevin Garnett did on that was nice Emmy Emmy worthy yet during the during the end of a cast under last night so here's what I wanna do or we go Mike we got Mina kimes at 430 Dave Odom a formal talk college hoops with Dave photo we're gonna talk some NFL would mean a concert for thirty. And I wanna get into this. As we opened things up because you heard. Are what we're talking about as it relates to Notre Dame OG we've been we've had this conversation with the NCAA and I'm not kidding kidding you. The NCAA is Tom from office space now to me. What do you do here. What do what what do all you do here sooner out. I think throughout Europe I can't figure out you give us next its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. I'm so. Will it have a good. Is there it's prime time or how. Hear a lot of well done really really knows this studio did very well done we've got tickets to giveaway lord help you feel a lot on this Valentine's day of Bon Jovi will do that coming. Just a little bit don't come off all the way at 5 o'clock you can tweet us proudly Jewelers Twitter feed by the way this Valentine's you've got just a few more hours left to still make it easy for you. They need. Spend at least 199. Dollars or more you get a dozen beautiful launch stem roses for your sweetheart for free enjoy discounts of fifty to 70%. An all time in silver and gold jewelry with it is well to three dozen long stem roses with any purchase or 199. Dollars proudly Jewelers. And brownie Jewelers. Dot com we got Omar Gaither we had earlier Islam. Building setter tax line rightist there are 70457096. And we know the words you want to single mark IS OK mail letter ride is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day text girl's writing and he says LO well that made me feel something segment who week oh was the segment of the week boys keep it up I'm telling you that. That TV last night we tweeted it out you can you can see it at WS frenzy if you want to. If you wanna see the video of what we're listening to the audio love and Omar had the same reaction is Karen heard. But because they're the break the painful again it's the universe so all circuits and at one point. East solve your personal both circuits. Give it to me to follow up until like give it an universe all circus and the cellular. I. Also purchase all right senator Joseph Basinger to show come on all right so there we go dire friend and one of the Cantwell ocean this they're like dancing this Alaskan torsion us. And dates you imagine a guy. Are on his back and yell. Is laser lens and is next on his neck okay lucky stent and up a touchdown and imagine each leg is a lever you could pull a lever in. And there's one guy and one side and another guy another side and they. Poet and opposite directions really really fast yeah I like it like this is her almost yet and that's when he here Kelly little gap down. Just odd behavior on in periods when he won last night and yet he was for was can't miss TV your watching that you just you couldn't turn away. And that to me is any word if you're Kevin Garnett you're making great television and we've we've come to find out. That what Kevin Garnett who he he warned that the Celtics game on Sunday to get an area Choi won last night it's staying on. But it's there's nothing what there's no tape what is because you say is that I told you. You know the union all have this. I think shaped head that seem smooth to me how does a hoodie stay on something this is getting grips like to. If your skin is drive PV six like we say here hit and your skin dry and it's not like super glossy. And it'll. Maybe maybe it's like that like 5 o'clock shadow there's just enough he'll. Don't know Laird salt that you go on Twitter and you start tightening Kevin Garnett the first the cause of his Kevin Garnett buddies yesterday. This is I think the thing. Great Jerry Dow about a Walken a building here regularly since speaking earth chicken a swagger down walking through Libby done Entercom legend here so here's a day Omar Gaither is what is we had Mina kimes in an hour Dave Odom is gonna join us. Coming up at 4 o'clock or to talk college of funneling a martyr mag league and tonight I didn't see that weeded out earlier so Marvin Magli I don't go down and again tonight and the real little tougher tonight against Virginia Tech more than anything with Virginia Tech I just think I wanna see this Duke Team respond sensibly this Duke Team do not to be great defensively they need to be pretty good bill. If they can be pretty good with CNET would North Carolina north and is not a great defensive team beat North Carolina start to do OG. The defending situationally. Yet he can be five to seven to eight to ten minutes were you just locking get some stops and written. We're gonna score you leaving yeah let's just get some stops here and I think that's the thing Duke's gonna find a way to unlock here. Over the next few weeks because they've got to find a way about themselves. From an identity pinpoint that for people once they get to determine time and talents great and got a ton of talent. They are pretty good team right now but I don't have any strong convictions about duke is a team that I its web be shocked if they make the final four course not. But I don't look into something they wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked to duke is eliminated in the round 32 or three. Sixty. Assays we sixteen but the thing about Bagley and and watch and an in person. Telling great talent he disappears on the defense today. I he rebounds like there's no other but besides that I mean he didn't really make any difference and impact this. I thought I would also double team disappears defense of I think it's tough when you talk about college basketball this is different in the NBA where. At his size or with his skill today dominating on the yes and no little because it's such a gore gore orient a game in college basketball and off the dribble and want to you know so it's not oxides you know let him getting in lanes passing lanes to draw us you know you can't do you can't block which can't catch right. I can't NASA thinks he has that that even though he has the size. On the on the college level he should be the LeBron James Lisa B LeBron James asked. On decent 'cause he's so big and strong and he can run yeah let's talk to Dave Odom about some of this stuff because I wonder what he thinks about duke what Woodward and because they've got to find the next level tool that's the thing that got to find every team's got a degree teams got that in mind no dukes got it don't what is the next level for them and I think it's on defense and wanted to put it to get the final. Marty has duke is a two seed and in that same in that same region that he has the many as a with in with Alabama's a seven seed in Alabama's had five wins this year against the top 25 so like that's a team that look you know but he said pistons ran around. And 32 bit of a separate I would be shocked so talked it. To Dave Odom he's gonna talk college hoops where this offering Kentucky's a sneaky good game tonight and we'll talk about Carson which is quietly not so quietly now maybe the number two team in the ACC how four RPI in the entire country clubs and is really good sort talked to Dave Odom at four but this this Notre Dame thing is really interesting in my Minty bezel. Was tweeting into saying hey we had something pretty similar happen if Florida State and we you know we we got hit with sanctions. He said after issued a football once taken away for classes that. All in all students including athletes other than football players were taking that grad assistant gave the testing answers it wasn't a benefits specifically towards. Athletes only and I mean that's I can't I can't pretend. To understand what the NCAA thinks with some of these situations the latest was the appeal the did indeed. The losses taken away were already doled out back in what was that I think November at that time for Notre Dame 21 losses for 20122013. Taken away. In football or speaking out here. And women they're national championship run at that point. And for short program like Notre Dame by the way that would give those winds are still weird this is tells you how final margin is the stuff matters in college football GO OG you went to Tennessee. You talk about what those wins represent it takes them from second and all time wins in college football history to sixth. Just this one won't let us. And so in Michigan and sent three seasons right possibly write a stronger and different Michigan. Has always hung onto the winningest program in college football history that's their thing. The warning its programming college football history well they've played a lot more games than anybody else they'll win percentage but they stack the most wins all time in college football history something makes it bit that the brand awful. Notre Dame is up there is well retirement age you're gonna take points away from us do we do wrong it would do we self reported we think it's indicative. It's an honor code violation mourn anything at our school this is an athletics issue even though it pertains athletics and you just said with North Carolina in a slightly different situation. But you just said and I'm speaking as from Notre Dame simply to the NCAA office. You've just told us that academics isn't really your space currently North Carolina a lawyer dot. And set forever. And you're in the wrong business here we're talking academics this is an accreditation issue. Not an athletics issued don't don't don't try to Conan made a great aren't right and they did anyone I actually look an unlocked I credited North Carolina for years for doing it where it. The NCAA has no clue what they're doing from day to day anyway why not fight it. Every school should slighted if you feel that strongly about it if this stuff matters to you. Lawyer up drawn out forever in fighting but to get this today Omar which is really interest me. Dennis Dodd wrote this piece offer CBS sports and and CBS sports dot com but you go to Notre Dame and there third derby they're leaders I'm at at the top of that school saying. Not we're not cool this anymore man. Notre Dame president the reverend John L Jenkins reverend John I Jenkins I should say reacted to the decision by calling the NCAA process quote perverted. He said there's a he also referred to the members of a Notre Dame family he he wrote his letter. And this is a details of this letter has had since come out. Arm but he went on to say the NCAA is not an academic association we general responsibility for academic integrity and America's colleges and in universities. We North Carolina to start saying I don't want true. Depth and I agree on that right yes what do what does the NCAA have business inning in choosing talking about academics as it pertains to universities that saw the world. Not. Coming. In and nothing really is no I mean that's the thing about this delay I mean welcome broker that's NCAA is there a broker. He doesn't have any judicial power to can't you know taken. Basically is like that the value of a dollar and it whatever they say it is you have to leave it agree with it believe in it all are or you can just say because that value really isn't there. Well here's here's a thing Reich is now we start getting into hairsplitting and semantics on on some of these cases Jenkins went on to say that quote rational explanations are lacking in vacating Saturday with winds. Eyes he says Doug is expediency always conclusion is a dangerous precedent that turns the seminal concept to back it academic autonomy autonomy excuse me. On the senate getting used that term perverted speaking of what the NCAA is odd decision making wise. And see you again using North Carolina I'd get I think North Carolina if you're if you're talking about a court battle. And I told the court they lawyer up they took this thing to court. I think they won. But hey what they want also awfully semantics argument to me because there are even as pay any deal for North Carolina example these paper classes that existed for for so many people. If you wanna call paper classes and that's essentially what they were classes network easy easy pass is not on a course work they were dared you know to allow people to. Stay eligible right. But anybody could've taken a but to those classes exists because anybody could have taken or did they exist because they asked the student athletes yet stone that anybody could have taken them. To avoid this and we had a project are all and I don't know they are Muslim to put the truth right that's what's difficult to prove because it would Ford doesn't become an impermissible that benefit the NCAA though ultimately said doc we guess you're right. What what what can we do right and this again exiting now I guess you're right. You Addison. Anyway we Tiger Woods on the flexible emerged. And now here's Notre Dame saying they are cases are not exactly 100% facsimile of one another but they feel pretty close and you just let those guys skate and Dennis Dodd was writing this. Oh geez saying. Would chicken stayed in I didn't have to say out loud is if the NCAA doesn't clean up its arbitrary decisions on such issues Notre Dame has options. The NCAA needs the Irish more than they need the NCAA to. The threat doesn't have to be spoken it's implied. Notre Dame gives the college mission legitimacy because there were few were. Are few better at mixing academic integrity with athletic excellence they were being a BCS or college football playoff and Jenkins and his predecessors not predecessors not agreed. It was good for Notre Dame they broke away from the college football association. Before neural network with NBC in 91. And something that was moment to set the time he out went on to until later talk about what they did it in signing off on on the DC yes. But the implication here is that if you don't I I remember having this conversation with you what a month to month and a half ago he what does the NCAA do. But to put its only what they do other than her that's dipping a Pastor Wright. What this NN and we all pay brokers try to you know to take some off the top and not really. Doing much work they're just to connect and at this point I mean if you look at the Notre Dame excuse like you to say they don't leave the broker. They go directly to the release button to when you decent and he's exactly right and I remember telling you asking you that. You know a few months ago and I feel like your point your thought at the time was well. Somebody's got to come up with the rules and I wasn't someone that's the let's have a blanket. A blanket rule for some of these things that when his recruiting or whatever it may be good. Does he get together and give themselves a formal boards I guess everybody bombs fall and think so I think. I mean he was crazy I remember this was gosh now what 67 years ago. Where we were talking about the idea super conferences could there be for fifteen team for twenty seem super conferences where it's. You know the ACC SEC the Big Ten and then some sort of combination of maybe won't be the big twelve pac twelve. And all these schools come together and they say. Hey what happens it Nevada Boise State doesn't matter. Us what goes on an apple actually state doesn't belong to us what goes on its UNC Charlotte not a matter of us we we've we've we operated a different. You care you can do that Michael noble like annuity does a major championship. Illegitimate. Because or does it big below the people on these calls will be soon will we don't we're Vanessa champions. You don't know what's close and no word and this guy like that Auburn thing when they went undefeated at the idea. An SEC and they can ask. Alabama claims how many Alabama claims like something ridiculous like what 1415 national championships now. And we joked about that at the time some more polls that we're like so literally some random dude it's. Started appalling one you voted in the national champs and so they did they weren't exactly. Yeah exactly. Exactly this feels more legitimate if every major SPS institution in a power five conference's guys. We're leaving. Yeah suck. We operate in a different steered the money's different week it weakens we could offer more Skype this week offered a pay players we can all that stuff. All the things you wanna choose what's okay and not okay for ego thing about this even from a from the same point Omar and not not to say. I think what keyboard got as well this'll green like rampant fraud are green like rampant cheating no I think what you would do is if you're one of these schools you'd say. Why are sleeper thought both providing more academic support for our students when you can't you can't you don't get to choose what you call it cheating or in congress the bulls. Why don't we get to choose what is fair or unfair first there's Natalee. So fine line so fine line between. Providing prompt additional academic support I mean that thing about broad that statement is we boots. Additional academic support can be a new laptop. Could be a television oh to exit exit to study here. So if everybody agrees to what's wrong with that original court you don't and you can't get here because here's the problem when it was used the F. Yes as an example here now almost I think it's 129. You might be winning even 130 FBS schools in this country. What's the lowest school the FBS I'd actually say it's UNC Charlotte honestly because they're so new Georgia State maybe during that mixes well. App states on the new understanding demeanor in the bottom 100 in terms of where. Stature and all those things I mean they've won football games with a mean that's only were so much. On that level and that level are so why are schools like app state and UNC Charlotte in Old Dominion in Georgia State in north Texas. And Nevada New Mexico State why are schools like dad. Or should say wire schools like Alabama Texas Ohio State Michigan operating under the same protocols are schools like that they didn't like I'm we're at a point where big gap has never been wouldn't ever bit wider between the haves and have not. Now not read NCAA. Right now states in the north texas' in the in the in the whomever else he does name of the world they account and ED NC double bill that we don't need the NCAA would they need is the power five schools any NCAA is acting as a conduit they're acting as as. As it is you're hearing because they have lost the NCAA is acting like sister Mary in this equation because they're saying oh yeah you're right let us take some your money let's take somebody some of it the TV money will it will delay the passion that I. I think this and I and I don't know exactly what exactly and put my finger. There is a point that we're missing right now a mile wide these teams in the major college this. Are sticking with the NCAA because nobody is happy because there is something there what do you think it is and that's what I. I can't I can't say it's because they they they come down with a a set of rules and end and that way they can make sure that everybody's on the same playing field because it might not on the same playing field. Like no matter. How many rules. You tried to to implement Alabama's not on the same plane kill as Wyoming it's isn't does does does not how what you're asking why hasn't happened yet because it makes too much sense did not happen and again I think we're hearing as Dennis Scott says you start hearing voices from a school like Notre Dame command say. You've got a good shot across the bow what that is from notre Dame's president entered an order today and it didn't you tell me if I'm wrong Notre Dame is always been an outline. Liked a total of but everybody follows until the but over the course in there and they're history notre -- always been one team then that has their own TV contracts and noon then they're not in a conference so when Notre Dame does is it doesn't mean as much as say is if they eat a Tennessean or North Carolina of one of those teams that have been through and through DC doubling doesn't Notre Dame doesn't. There and they started their own network 27 years ago and now look at where we are now we're Texas society and it looks like a good idea how to we'd do that. You've got you've got entire conference is now starting their own TV networks with their own content because it was Notre Dame did that decades ago. -- is the trend setter on this in terms of guys we have brand them first and there's a market for it so why are we getting other people involved Writely can you're doing a deal right and you. You would you actually you were just telling me about this the other day I think like when you do deals like how do you decide. Who gets what cut right into any business anymore is I'm providing I print something to the table what are you wearing to the table. Like we've rose to bright sun Cecil Thomas and how. And how many business meetings go on restart after certainly start to look around you. Then again. What exactly do you do hear you look at the guy across the tape when he keeping him back guys getting a cut but I'm not sure what you've done to be a part of this agreement. I'm not sure what you actually bring a merit and value to this to this to this deal or doing your soul. Maybe it's time we actually start asking those questions and I'm not saying this is a reality a year from now I don't know. But Dennis Dodd writing about deciding tells you that deal with our whispers that a stock so well connected but I think that tells you that there whispers that in circles and there have been for a wild power brokers are talking about what would life without incident outside the NCAA look like for us. Does that construct look like is they're actually normally. Is honestly looks like is there's more money involvement is a more headaches and asthma say looks like while Wallace as we honest. Is it heavily has tort for better or worse they have implemented a system that is not perfect no. But he gets the job done and you have another school the golf side in the NCAA they they literally have to start from scratch. And then they ought to come to agreements on what we can't cannot do understand that there are so many more Palin on the landscape right now as far as. Do we play players like this. We'll be the wild wild west still be funny yep just like him in the well what are more headaches for their morning. X Tex derisive buildings that are checks on Omar Gaither whether it's on us once you got Dave ultimate twenty minutes will see if he has a thought on this tour to talk college hoops would have to text directs and that's a lot of egos and powerful institutions to get on the same page so we just exactly but why is this not happened yet or how could happen. And I think that is a big reason like I I go I think that's probably the most important reason because. Who's gonna take a charge maybe isn't there is kind of takes the charge on this kind of. Analyze why donors need Goodell right I could do without him I'm sure. Unique you've got immediately at one voice. To speak for for all the other voices enough to legacy doubly does that they are talking about football here. On the other sports when asked in hockey and well and are your stomach 300 plus I mean you want schools and our business this is complicated about this in Dublin. Like this double play for their like glue that keep solid state disks knows it's. It can be better at times it's one of those things where do you miss me when I'm gonna. So be careful what you actually you might get a. Well and from a basketball standpoint this is also expected to one point of leverage I think crazed crazy is this out for some of the looked this good text text writes in building center checks on this this ties into this thought the NCAA is like the united nation a text direction. The little schools need a vessel to have a voice among the big boys just like tiny in Dora. Needs the united nation to bring up topic. Literally indoor little apps to the Sar what south soft spots you can literally and don't Ollie meaning not knowing it's all. Our Ali. I would go to little wins you got just one little on what little the at a lower. The world so a southern Juliet in this instance though we talk about football football is such a behemoth. Where again in nineteen what 991%. Controls 99% of the wealth. In college basketball in an odd way the metal was torturers in in back in in reverse. Because the NCAA tourney is. College basketball and the money that is distributed as a result of that especially we start talking about the turn of blocks. Zero over a year over year for conferences how that rules there are literally repeater is on that and how would rules over millions upon millions of dollars and help certain schools and conferences get some but the rest goes to the little schools. But you couldn't have March Madness. Dug into the blah. Well I wouldn't say without the NC a boy you could have March Madness without a league hot you can now. Minutes without a book now where you could never March Madness we have Mercer is otherwise you're just watching. Do people watching this season opener against yeah and that's great like you guys are good but we watch to see if if Cinderella could actually pull it off Wichita say maybe. Could you do this for football only like I don't know why I hate these are just big questions is why you miss classic. Right I mean this is in this area and then it just it's taxed and save metastasized themselves to so much tree like that you need but you're not sure what what all it actually is though that's the probably debts. Betty is the you always hear people talk about this where he make yourself valuable when he make yourself valuable. Make yourself irreplaceable. Ego and I'm not exactly sure what the NCAA does what they do a lot of stuff and so I don't know how to untangle any of that. It's it's it so a web debts so intertwined admit it would dislike contain them not to I applied headphones. It's it gets ugly he just in that stretch and and in Britain that you don't do. I swear they're Tom from office space what what what what what you see it takes a TPS reports. You you actually do you transform yourself willow no love. What to the software designed well known are now one of what it what exactly. Do you. Do here assert and look what happens when the football department says. We don't want us we don't want us to revenue that what else. We numbness doubling don't know if you don't we give you an idea they get outside of the NCAA and like Alabama football. Generated I don't know because there I wouldn't rule. We don't need you either. I don't know man it's just crazy it's just I think people are getting at there would send at least with the NCAA sent. These rules I maybe maybe we screwed up but these rules don't seem to make any sense there's no logic to home and better this for so could we could we make our own rules allow we get a break we got Dave Odom in fifteen minutes we'll talk college hoops we had a great slate of games tonight no more than badly for duke. As they get ready for Virginia Tech Clemson Florida State in the ACC Kentucky Auburn should be good I even think. Villanova Providence could be a fun one in the big east we talked to coach about that. And we've got a name OG oh we even got a name as it comes to the Carolina Panthers ownership stake we give you that next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. It's. What was it two weeks ago I think it was two weeks ago or our intrepid. Come to the Mike Toni didn't. He said he was starting his new diet he has he's down. Twelve pounds so much you down so tossed you'll find the one anti Syrian. Eight days Canadian Omar to even look at escalate as well. Let us face it you don't get a grip you know what he has the reaches the early as to how. And says he feels good about warning Kimmel floods the show different today. Okay WW. Waved the flag elegant good okay Mulligan and I'll be okay and to put both sides are that's not a great church. Very good either I. What was your joke when he's on about as chemical idea. I can tell NBC today Ali as does via the psychiatrist scenic stuff I leave it is okay this guy. Well as a blue light blue not green in the best Mormon. I'm residents of color you wait are you suggesting if there was the green came out that we would be able to see you don't. The standard green lawn there are jail longer. I'm fated Dubai I guess. It's a desert storm. Though we might have this we might not have seen him but it's. He draws thing so we get the pizza peel attack remaining year and a couple of things first. It's amazing. I did even I try not to cheat I just cheer Yasser barbecued chickens in goodness that's my favorite pizza it's incredible for them and they've got their newest location opening on Friday downtown Matthews. And I'll only go over there Mario little sneak peek. At 7 o'clock tomorrow night's is gonna be fun so there'll bring costs wall plaza midway as well now they're going to be in downtown Matthews towards our bodily downtown Matthews becoming a little happening place. And so who supported. Guys it's pizza peel and temperament separate field I can't even walk dinners that I can't I can't and he just walked right back out. I'd that that's this man's proud. All right they're probably a more dense I you don't clapping and Davis one clapped and eyewitness acts that well it's bells and how. No longer with us. Right back out OG I actually said no I think is he says man this is he so I think there's a best food day insidious it is okay. I'm a loser that's the details part of layoffs it is and you just edits a good man and a but the bodies like total red eye at Denny's Omar oh my galleries that he's right chip I don't want to look bad so we had a plateau until the dot I bet on is that we're gonna. I saw the still food choices I've used knowing I had the bodies until 193 and a strengthening work output in dork so you can say east to other three phase program you are. I know I can instantly instantly lose to rebalance the gym now. Produce now the ball in his office not once but did tell us. Smart candidate lost and your overall you are. It's okay we'll try to boisterous give it up not yet made the workers in the gym we got some good athletes today about you challenge elegy to delegate. He's stepping up its game so large event. Dana Lewis of Colorado Idaho yesterday people who brought up buyers for. Dealers are Bennett got a strong task only is that you know and I am proud of. I like it out like I Omar Gaither is prime time so are you followed the Charlotte tomorrow power can be a strong. Powered by our powered by ortho Carolina John appear missing had to go distressing it make you pull off that urban look. That's the yeah it was a different color would venture to acceptable now the shirt is is unacceptable it's Tel plus is blue in his life. It's yeah. Yeah it's wrong all the way over so here's here's a good I don't here's a really enter staying out we got by the way Dave Odom had five minutes we're gonna talk some college hoops with him again no Mark Bagley tonight in every two got to mention this. And this is sad news. That you just another. Mass shooting in in this country and so at least twenty are injured right now according to a news reports. I down in Florida and park land which is in South Florida. And so there leader of the shooting was at a high school. And we don't know anything more than that right now we've got a TV on in years well but we know every bit as much as anybody else it's. The check in a phone but. Tom in that that was on the last little did we were we were on the year I didn't wanna be ignorant took to the facts of what was going public to that's just a scary situation so so that's become all too normal. I in this country anymore and could be eighteen school shooting this year hunts while since Jan one. So that's the sad news but won't were really needs to keep. Those done in and Parkland Florida and in in their thoughts and prayers we Jason lock on fourteen mile with a soft Friday. And we were talking a variety of stuff we're talking Marty dirty in debt that you know the Panthers in general what they gotta do this offseason word you go. And Dodd did this is interest in Billy play this bite this is Jason lock on four and we're talking about potential ownership could hurt right lake before starting to say you know around this time the the process in this wants to move the sing along a little bit they're Whittle down the list really bad out to serious bidders and then. We'll see where the bids come in and then rolled through the due diligence or they are your Jason lock on foreign some of that last Friday with us. I mean it would rather live from Jerry Richardson entirely as well and have some new arbor they're you know who's charting a new course and there are many of them. Lined up admit I've heard there's one out of the moguls UFC is very interest did obviously that the NASCAR interest to yeah. Reported there's several minority owners the current NFL seems to watch that situation very closely and as long as the price tag doesn't end up getting and there are estimation. Sort of an egregious is thought this isn't a Buffalo Bills situation or somebody's paying. 3040% above value just to get it then some of those guys their interest dead end and that's taught that uphold it bumping. So he mentioned one of the USC moguls. One of the guys he's talking about that is francs for Tito and I think it's Frankfurt Tito technically the third. Is is the Frankfurt TDs talking about it's the for Tina Brothers who launch so we Dana White on last month and I either we Dana talked about their whole process about how he went to it defer to your brother said he knew all. Embarrassingly through some business dealings saying hey guys like you don't that we had a I get this thing we could do but you some money adding we do this and it was the US city it was already a thing but they it was for sale could be bought they bought it for what a hundred million dollars. I turning into I think if my memory serves me correct three billion dollar sale to WMD a couple of years ago. And daylight still involved as the president of the USC to critique Brothers are no longer involved in any way shape performed by is in my understanding they also frank operates in casinos. Out in Vegas that's where a lot of his money is tied up right now. A both Jason locker for tweeting last night to Frankfurt he is is one of the guys try to be the face of an ownership group. The body Carolina Panthers and so he missile hustle Levine's family I talked to somebody else again today I not a during the Knoll but the knows these sort of dealings. And they were saying the same thing I've been saying this for a little while they're just doesn't seem on brand to me. For the Lucy and all exit they've got money lots of money. In my hospitals and must football team like they during the philanthropy are there were it just seems hard to me that they tie up a lot of their wealth and in the purchase of football team now maybe if there are a lot of other. Where they do it early on and there are a lot of other minority owners who buy in after that leverage rescinded maybe that's what happens I don't know shares us and you know it chase with saying he had heard much on the front of Eddie DeBartolo but then that was serious. When it was brought up a couple months ago early on. And then we are also left with whatever this ridiculous NASCAR thing is that we keep making fun of every week. So I think teachers only get into this a little bit more detail can we can do and now Dave Odom is gonna join a split. This is a name that it honestly does OGA peaks my interest a guy that has it lived it'll make it look different pro sports. I guy with with with wood business acumen he's an outsider. And I think this makes sense on a lot of fronts clearly he does have the type of money to be the only buyer. He'd have to dig the same thing he BI key principal buyer in the face of yet and maybe some other guys underneath him but I I wouldn't I wonder what. Paid their sense think of when I say former USC owner Frankfurt teed as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers out of what do you what do you think divides our. An initial initially want gogel. Not like this from me a boo boo brought in ray east type of fan who's from their who's been margin this team since they were Clinton's. We will go to. I don't think Toledo what I like though Tillman because we we have USC distinct. Outside the box not a normal everything will be different it was from a hundred million dollar business ventures three billion cried like that. Oddly I I hear for Tito that's right here that's what I think which are not trying to do that with the with the NFL mean. But that tells me guy Mancini and growth of oath of revenue where I'm saying that's got to knows how to run a business. That's a guy that knows how to run a sports operation together knows how to run a sports franchise or maybe distraught when I was hi I'm good accuracy and hundreds yeah. Like excuse seats was that it could play some boxing and it was his perfect timing and and then there had. Citing Michael Jordan's career right well unlocked before we say to we got to divest his casino holdings like if that was gonna happen obviously he'd have to get and it that. But the fact Andy's this for a long line or you're in a name that tells you we series may do an ideal is trying trying to figure out. Yeah Albert did you have to be open to that idea otherwise you would make it this far into the process to be told my divesting. Casino ownership that that takes time this there's some some processes and steps there are so yeah legs don't hold on for Clark our real quick station ideally starting now and Dave Odom he joins us we talk some college hoops. On this Valentine's Wednesday Omar Gaither Chris Kroger its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina.