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Friday, August 18th

In the last hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Geoff Schwartz do more NFL talk, including a preview of the Panthers-Titans matchup this Saturday. 


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Part one of our staples primetime powered by ortho Carolina high school football back tonight picture listening in tomorrow starting to get a triple header or toaster on a kickoff classic to mark memorial stadium Jeff Schwartz would us. Could be on the call for that third game tomorrow night our country day and Myers park but here here's the thing. We always do power rankings when you're in right toward our staples we've we've Wii is gonna fund fun segment we rank one through five a given topic. I'd say 90% of the time it's food related. On today is not fruit related so sure it's been close to a 5050 really OK so we've branched out with Stewart even it out. What else have we done found through thirty for thirty's. President. Because that's the only physical want that minority I don't know Cilic we started heavily on the phone all I think a lot I think I'm telling the restaurants because I was like spoon or through a weeds and we played in the sandbox is the food a lot on this we're branching out a there's a funny story they came out last night sorry to get to this coming up in a little bit it would door power rankings. It is ninety's related okay that sorties will get to that coming up. In a bit. Are we got Panthers tomorrow at 3 o'clock kick off Cam Newton will not play according to multiple reports George Rodrigue David Newton are both saying that they will not be out there tomorrow. And dies he will not be out there tomorrow I would expect Julius Peppers is probably not gonna be out there tomorrow. We know. When you think about guys like. Brian Kelly O. What do you think about guys like you want short those guys worn out there import K one was the first pre season game the dirty limited our roles for some of those guys they didn't. You don't not so active in some of these practices. Are a threat training camp. Or are came attempt the only two guys out other thing courtesy and you may be your kind of keep in. I think I think Ryan know why you'll play a series are too much off shoulder injury but yet that's probably Camden and count on being the only guy who's. Prius from Houston can be healthy scratch but Yahoo! go we want to hear about non. Can Tonto is Sarah said from buy in from USA today NFL network Ellis or Tweeter earlier today saying. I his sources said came wanted to play painter you just being cautiously goals to get him to play next Saturday and I suppose that is the goal I would think everything's still. Making sure that gift for the third pre season game the dress rehearsal you wanna see your franchise quarterback out there also monitor that tomorrow com. At this team. To me. Everything's gonna depend on what this offense is gonna give you for the most sport sixteen games we think the defense is going to be really good maybe they turn out to be alert they've got a potential to lump. I'm I I know this. I wanna see a second straight game. From Kelvin bench and like I saw last week even if it's only for a quarter quarter and half whatever it is nothing he can make those highlight reel grabs and every drive. But I thought. That play obviously to me is what I wanted to see that front corner of the end zone touchdown grab last week at 43 yard touchdown. That's what you want from Kelvin mentioned right composure physics how would be on opposing players when that when that it Winamp presents itself and it. I think key he has that capability to be physically dominant player in this league at the point of attack go get jump balls. We and one on one battles. I get it you're never going to be clean polished route runner you're always gonna look a little sloppy may be out there is a receiver but when you get jump balls high point the ball at the highest point. We don't want a one battle with the DB we saw that last week I was seal with a bit more after Joseph amendment tomorrow afternoon. You really are pro because as you were talking a ball flew on my finger and you're watching me right looking at all awkward you just see them break. Trust you look at me only like jet nose grows remembered. Other Ross Tucker's point about the panthers' defense was very interest or re said dad they're good but they're not. Denver Broncos and Texans who really can take over and tighter demon we knew drinking by themselves. I was very fascinating but I don't disagree with the idea altered either by never had no I never heard some important in those terms before. So big debt that makes me look at the defense and want to see little more on the pass rush tomorrow. Would that Tynes also saw we're going Daschle talk about. The goal line struggled in week one which is part of pre season that they have or your office a line so just seeing. The Panthers defense in Africa tumbled four to lesser offense I do sourcing individual players play well without him hum behind center. I was talking to Bucky Brooks about this yesterday we abroad Keon from the NFL network and he's a former panther scout and I was asking him about the suppose it'd. NASCAR package and that's been talked a lot about here when Dave Gelman was he was getting back to that giants NASCAR package on the defense of life. This is the first year where they've had the talent. Across the board I think to do that and so to me it's peppers on the outside. Take it or she's make KK on the outside peppers on the inside Charles could even play a little three technique on the inside. Tis the go to outside over the dew soda before a sign load he did that last year did you get your packages were to get out they want should've been as he he eventually comes back inside Hughes knocked. At the bottom line always keep him yeah I think it's report out just keep him with three technique you rotate to other guys around from positions. Bottom line I think your four best pass rushers which is what they wanna get on the field yeah this is Q want short Julius Peppers Charles John jealous Mario Addison yes that's of the giants did when they had. A the first Super Bowl there was sue Rubin Strahan in and talking overseeing QE. And then the in this second Super Bowl was all lose minus Strahan added and did you PP that's admirable so I don't want to. It is and I think this has gotten an ocean since comes cents a makes a lot of sense but he's point was this team has to win. On first and second out because you're not getting to that package if you're sitting there in 3334. You'll only be getting to a point where this team is one of the best in the NFL against the run over the last four years I mean they are dominant against the run. On outside of them of grad student. About three years ago this team is one of the elite rushing defense is in the NFL so if you're sick you get teams consistently 363730. And eight. To meet us this defense can really I think this difference can then get after the quarterback forced turnovers and they're doing that whole thing but it you gotta you gotta make teams one dimensional on defense I mean. The parent has run defense when you saw was it won't the second play of the game against Houston he we just ran throughout the toss him tossed her stretched. On his left and he just too personal for three. I'm a little fees quite there yet but dude he so more cool watched play and you have those two big guys in middle hole in Lima company elects to clean TD in. Shall run free on the rush defense won't do rush defense will be great this year 66 plays minus three yards that that first defense last week. Ya and you won't quite see them do as Ron says almost an employee not caught I cannot see now how soon the day depending on how it goes you get anywhere from a quarter. Q. Order a half probably before. So some coaches like to look like to let the starters due to minister do you. Think how do you think we see anything other than Kershaw McCaffrey just lining up and running the ball the they have now on their hand knowledge has not shown their hand polished him out there. Do you think it's because of Saturday ticket because they still wanna play coy and not show teams anything whatsoever in terms of being more multiple on office. They've shown any of that stuff yet both you have. Our initial and it all ties him did you wanna ones. McCaffrey's in the slot some times a lot of I think that's as wild as they've gotten crazy having done yet and I know coaches and staffs like to play. Core AM not give away secrets and I think did their Q. There's sometimes it's the become too scared to do that. But at some point you have to do we I consider this thing with camera is that due rewards start doing the stuff we won. No one doing now. I think a lot we will see what happens in week three or die they play as there are Jackson go to topple club W borrows more. But you'll. Whether you McCaffrey in that game because I'll give into the idea of what they might do we want. We'll tell you what did appreciate the regular season are just so different and it's hard even explain it it's almost like d'souza fourth game is over with. You know Pittsburgh game. The clock runs out in the fourth quarter it's almost like can't even tell me it's just hold your daughter she's. You have to at least practice on the stuff you do Trudeau and that's you know if they have not been practicing that I was always the one practice use have been more than us in you but the reports. There are doing that all about water sermons and often do much in the regular season. I think the wildest they've gotten as your running its motioning to see McCaffery into the slot ports to back sets with Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffery but you're not mean. You're not here not seen any of that stuff right now anything anything crazier than that. Dot could also be because that's a man to man matchup and teams right now we're not running autonomy and to bear empress is himself the old days of the year by John wires there and look at the last thing they're an undercover three team. In my little but the mayor and so maybe you put out there and see what happens but that's that's gonna be very do you plan specific always say records if there's a team new. Runs a lot of man coverage then you put McCaffrey on the slot not there's no need to put out their very often. Are we do listen to break come back what are you watching for tomorrow afternoon for the Panthers in titans pre season game number two no Cam Newton I don't know what shall see Julius Peppers that has not been reported but obviously Julius and play in the first pre season games. Just Schwartz would thus we've got TDs agent Todd France is our prime time rewind coming up in about 35 minutes you get some details of what's coming up. A without a contract how that came about earlier this week's end here Todd France. Our primetime re one of 550. Sad news yesterday if your kid is the ninety's okay we tell you why and it's our power rankings it's next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. For Bradley to put your feet always tweet us. At primetime WS NZ. Until the end of the month August 31 zero interest financing eighteen months any purchase over a thousand dollars a Bradley that's diamond earrings maybe a necklace or even a rating for his lowest 56 dollars a month date locations in Charlotte or brown lead Jewelers. Dot com Chris tweaking it he says what to lost four weeks to. I need to be able to get at least eight Beers in during the first half my conditioning has been off during camp. Since going to be dry and hot week one in Santa Clara I need to be ready for those elements champions are made in August hash tag keep count. Hey we ought to songs are Clara. Dry dull to drive it unless I don't like delegates. It's Phoenix now can you get the random what like eighty degree day in Santa Clara like that 82 is a little in the Miller saw going to be it's not going to be Sarah Disco but. Don't you do re in in Minnesota I was injured but we went to San Cisco for training camp game I was trying to anger bruising game. They had to they had to bust out the winter coats. Earned for the night game. Lou the coldest winter ever had a summer serves a spill. And and by the way I know what's indoors but everybody who if if featured at the Super Bowl soup rule 62 Minneapolis Minnesota this year I'll be there. Many think that'll be like in early February we saw it around. We so Syria we talked to someone serious. Was the boy when the vikings. People in charge of current during the bid there. And everything they send us your device cyber age. Yeah I can imagine even out of tens of thousands of people walking are brought to us isn't this happening in Indianapolis one year Troy to write yeah dot dallas' ice storm and therefore he did. You can't and I mean I've been an Indy for the final four they claim that idea and it's technically true you can navigate your way around probably to get targeted would not convenient I have a look I have all my winter clothes from New Jersey still. But when you buy clothes size I do you only thrown out. But it is or is there you're ready to go to have them zero your mink coat no no no I while voters had a negative forty raider Carl work. I had I had to donuts legit they tell you and I were cut to negative. Of course in Minnesota was negative twelve. That was a 5 PM one that went out to the grocery store (%expletive) twelve Kansas City. Day after we blew a thirty to ten lead the difficulty playoffs are you remember that we thirteen. So we are actually interviews by 9 AM wake up I do get a big hole. And it was negative 22. With the wind chill to lose or zero as they are toward to doing joke and so I walked out of the bagel place and bill. 1012 feet from the door to my truck and one heroes showing the value when he was in the coat it took twenty minutes or no other hand. But I heard it was like it was many of 22 so. But the Mike but my jacket jacket works so I have I have the proper attire for that. A bus Albert did an hour the pack or two suitcases to my stuff so like one of my super earlier close there's a bulky bulky like impact lately like he did get attack Kennedy come off flying an airplane might make your forty rated jacket that's going to be. Packer takes up half a suitcase if that's gonna that's gonna be I passed the weight limit yes you want but. Help us win the golf on various all right so. Oh real quickly we get to this hornet's nugget briefly two things actually first that news like this account you like to see like. Cool little audio graphics in the stats to look at stat news is a good follow and the NBA uses this I use this service state. Is this a lot for like their PR services you know that hornet's wanna tweet out a stat or whatever. And so stat news actually tweeted out he's a stat. I think this was earlier today. But this is I don't think this is a good step. Actually skews news from two days ago. Frank Kaminsky. Statistically speaking the average Joseph the MBA they took all the measure bowls blocks points steals assists in rebounds per game. And they tried to find the guy that was the legitimate average of every single player in the NBA and all those all those areas. That guy is technically frank Kaminsky is eleven point one points per game. His point eight steals per game is 2.4 assists per game his force half rebounds per game. And is half block that he provides for game is statistically the most average player in the NBA. Senior people say they're nice guys pretty bad girl may not guy's pretty average freight Kaminsky literally is below average player in the entire NBA based off. His stat. I saw him at in more than tents on Thursday at the PGA championship. And look I'm 66 and a half he can you rescued right I mean there he simply told it's just getting this green makes the guys look even taller Macerich dress clothes just looks awkward he'll Wear polo and a pair of khakis and another tall white dude was following him so tall white doomed him Cody Zeller. I don't know what he looks like I don't think it was Cody Zeller we get rid of our other toll on the nose result than. Their the very lord knows who my buddy was 56. He fell off. Worked well how about this speaking out Cody Zeller he's the average center they do about positioned to Darren Collison is the average point guard older hotels to average. The most average players at the present but it's not like here's the thing I would still need some average guy as I stood for frank that's actually a compliment because I feel like a lot of people said frank admits he's been. Trash and they don't like him. And then I feel it for Cody that kind of knocks him down a little bit of code he's a really skilled offensive player does give you really anything on the defense and positive and energy. But yeah you got two guys that are statistically average Cody Zeller is the most average player at the center position in the entire MBA frank risky is the most average player regardless of position in the NBA according to set yourself to it that what you wish. And last toward its thing here. Ager was sure asking did a nice piece. Maybe not nice might have been the right word in interest increased on Dwight Howard and Steve Clifford. I weird coach on earlier in the week you can listen back to a WS Antioch commie talked about some of the stuff put us. Are but he did a peace talk about Dwight Howard saying he wants to shut the accuse George shut people up. It's showtime like the tear roll my eyes are and nobody here's the thing would Dwight is you're right because it's like. This all sounds good but this is now the white. Fourth stop in a row for Dwight Howard would where he said stuff like this he's hall of Famer and here's the currency. Yeah I mean in this is that this is the last lifeline and that was kind of the piece that Ager were most are askew wrote for ESPN. I'm so I tweeted it out earlier if you wanna go find it at Kroger but it's it's an interest in peace. And Dwight saying a lot of what he said Austin throughout the last few years of his career which is just joint have been miscast and after coming under utilized an asteroid hitting get a fair shake. Now as much time to rebound so Woolsey. I know we will seek and coach told us the other day say he looks great it feels like he is a home. Working out in a way that each species the motivation and yet you see once the games start the start about a month. Training camp will be in about switch see it's you drink it will be about a month month and a half well. MBA doesn't take much time off now did you. He's on this fast say another effort Bill Simmons talked about this is that. Or some so what might not be bill but. MBAs Smart compared to baseball and NBA has excellent regular season and their their playoffs are like 22 and half months. So all of focuses on the playoffs right there are even now about the games are the plant foot baseball has this long season in the apostle for months. Libyan baseless and drag out of playoffs to get more viewers. Into the playoffs and makes a lot of sense. Well people should be doing with the PGA is doing which is say let's with skit out of the way of football we can't pick me up for that doomed the ratings are being brutal closer for the for the for golf all the majors down yet they were brutal last week now they're awesome locally because we care locally but nationally they were awful did you see that during the status of every major winner this year has had. Six letters in the first and last name. Where people come up with that stuff. That's crazy aren't I mean I guess potential to try and speed just and talk just talk Brandel Sergio Garcia yeah. And who's Vieira. Opera skip Brooks have to dinner with. And that's a thing I would if I could who thinks of this stuff though come that was another big network and there are lots of resource people salesman tweets and he says so Mike Shula is is the frank Kaminsky of offensive coordinators to statistically I would say that about Shula. Like people back unsure but I think he is. He's like statistically 100% in the middle on average a you're sure a lot of credit for design offensives since cam the best. Auto the makes an average above average but he has a good job of making the offense. Fit around the pieces yes are you encrypt and a. It witches can deal to say he works really well here we work well everywhere I don't know that's always the Angel or Daryn always beat that drum most. We're ready be if the Panthers are removed on for Mike Shula who would pick them off I I tend to think somebody ward. I don't think he's gonna go on the unemployment line to go be a quarterbacks coach but yeah I also don't think there's going to be along the line for the guy. Bushels of middle of the pack offensive coordinator he's worked well here there's no there's no knock him to do that. But salesman tweeting and he's in the Tweeter also came onto readers tweets are whenever possible all right. Panthers and titans tomorrow don't forget noon kick off our new pregame. On WBT. And see you be able to your pregame coverage and then of course cellular kick off at 3 o'clock. And die you'll be able to hear James O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson on the call on the painter radio network WBT the flagship station. Are people really mad papers go yesterday Christie came on here. That's about it's par for the course it's always the case and Pete said he thinks the Panthers will finish fourth in the division. Can you can you envision that's an area. Vegas has them finishing. Third or fourth. As well. Believe they have Vegas has a minute at. Third or fourth as well I don't see that happening closely and and I don't finish her New Orleans welcoming. If it's Tampa Bay can make improvements on their offensives are shown so far in training camp. Defensively that I Chris Baker. On the have some two linebackers and corners. Jamie junger and clinch the best line backing core in the NFL last year oh Joan McCoy has looked really do so far up. I don't know how you. How you can just tell them the box in the situation I think the falcons had a huge step back but I don't aren't really a huge step back. We're all what what does she mean huge double B and would be down two or three games this limit NFL. Look going down two or three years of your fourth of is that human huge to reward them have to be such an extent we get a degree and even winning three or four more games than in the previous largest regular browns go from one way to fight that's a huge victory for them this season. I'm able to understand that that's a big deal. To win four more games than previously. I'm just gonna do I've been kind of surprised that there's just so much confidence that this is that this stoppage offense is gonna be fine by just plugging in I agree to use our keys and that's a major question him so much so much for the falcons though. Is that they lost both corners which is where Oscar. Any offseason though won't they went to the Super Bowl. But I will say though Dan Quinn. Took over for the defense and no sees in him and the defense put a lot better and I don't know she is tactically you be in charge you don't check is like not the DC but really is something. You're still 27 in scoring defense last year though right but they improve but see some of that too is a little misleading at times because there ups so big. The launching just thrown them of games deep defensive stats are very interesting because. Passing yards. No we talked about the titans are their 29 in in in defending the pass and but they were up in a lot of games to where teams are throwing well yes that's that's that works for them but if you're up 44 to ten in the third quarter of a football game. No you don't allow to through customs and the game just hear you just don't care right trying to did you hurt your ovaries could get off the field so passing stats sometimes like that. A little misleading. Yeah I'm would you I just I can't see four penalties the craziest thing on earth people really matter Pete I I don't I think Ford's. Would these. Would be tough here's the thing to me confidence more maddening Schwartz does look at DS TM power rankings were gonna do our our power rankings right here to second. Other painters are sixteenth in the NFL. Which and maybe that seems right like they look like an average team with the capability to be a lot better stinks fall on the place. I'm just surprised that there are certain teams ahead of them. There I think you should argue could be below them are all about the same are most notably when you see Tampa Bay and the cardinals. And even the giants to a certain degree all here's during ninety in the NFC Eagles box giants cardinals cowboys all ahead of them and out of order. And then to meat Packers Packers sea hawks falcons are the top three in the NFC like. Give those seems to benefit of the doubt. But I do feel like the Panthers cardinals giants cowboys Eagles blocks are all like to ensure all roughly the same and especially how the cardinals so high. A major issues with their offer and trying to figure figure out. They're secondary as well who lost who lost two guys on to meet NSC is too. Very wide open compared to compared to the AFC I think you can find as he could find. Ten teams and see if they got hot. And the season to run the table literacy in the U you can make a case almost for the Packers the lions eat any human case for alliance are going to have me. Obama does your heart you know he's the only one of your ravens that right you just get hot and everything I've vikings vikings thirteen nobody's talked. I don't know I don't like I don't wish there Bradford is as a guy who can win you games all it takes is you have to do is get in the playoffs France it's fair game it's it's open territory that we season bright and so I asked ash just how loading this runs in new enemy in Detroit about boo delinquencies as a whole like what. How do you guys when all he's assumed we just a hug the right time Brett so look of the Packers the lions out of the vikings. The bears are doing it right in the south I think you could see our is a serial were all four teams got over in New Orleans by the UMR Serra for the Panthers who barks and the west Seahawks you to Richardson calls in the east Germany chase all four of those teams are literally you ought. We're gonna get to top Frandsen a moment we've got to do our power rankings and bowl breeze through this real quickly we want to get to this this is a there can always been talk a lot about statues and stuff this week our country. The latest haven't taken down. It's now going to be the electronic bands at the Chucky cheese. Ayman ninety's kid. I grow go to Chucky cheese and while they were creepy and weird not in I didn't quite understand it. The house bandit Chucky she's leaving is Timmy feels like we're losing part of our culture and our history and some really very going to be okay. I'll find a way so we wanted to ranking nine these things. Our power rankings real quick all the first ready for this drive. Hotshot basketball 521 right yes hotshot basketball remember hotshot basketball. Special with a little finger game we flicked the ball into the hoop hotshot basketball spot for me blockbuster video for. Old school TG IF funny BC when you used to get for your TVs for two hours every Friday night that's Nintendo 64 number two. And starter jackets are in the pole position for men and that's my power rankings for the nine. Lives saved by the bell which is based off my high school girls at school for. Our Power Rangers. Cool. But wow three year I. Boy and girl bands. Okay usually ninety certain. The much bigger guys are you must bombs I have oh yeah. There are memorial starting I was a big fan of the shooter adventure book yes. Yes. Well regarded zones and waters coastal bed assistant for. And 64 get a vehicle design cool. But what about most beautiful multiplayer goes is no easy answers for general bouquet and I was like gold mine portal we do get one multiplayer game to the 64 gold rises it did you stay with god job is that what you did go play. Couldn't put gold I started halo call duty I was the first to go by a player. Shooting game hey. And here you have all jog towards a fund our CP ID no in this in the bunker facility I was a big fan of slaps always. All you Wear this. Your dog don't dislike rewards you guessed good argument odd. Thought our play solid play. Assault loser whose assault weapons are and then go from RCP ninety and VMware was good good what are CP IU the whole place down. Got so it was I just before probably do more for me. All right nerds somebody write similar talks forcible return TDs agent drops by its next prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Become just like do you wanna welcome. Hey Murray just welcome my guy and I still I still love this guy. How are actually I would love for me give me back on the team if he could do as I mean he claims to be the greatest agent ever so thought given back on the team. What's gone on to our friends ladies and gentlemen. Thank you treat it I don't know if he's got that you backed out of Indiana he's got that kind of pull on just being honest with the Omar's been a few years though you know it is what it is all right Todd Fritz will this CAA and a longtime NFL agents and of course the idea agents for. I Thomas Davis and contract gets done yesterday and I don't how old how. Close has this been in the works if you if you could speak to that Todd Todd how how close is this into happening for awhile. They're really good about it forever you know since the start of camp. Maybe a little before camp site. Just finally started to make some movement and got wrapped up obviously gathered at this. Was this something that there was. Could get done one way or another there's obviously gonna change in the front office and you've got to familiarity with with Marty Ernie coming back is an interim GM what was he a big reasoning getting this thing Donner was the steel you know on the tracks one way or another. I don't think it went off track. Before party gap there. I think. So there will believe that the desire or trauma. Ownership to get something done so I think you know obviously Murray coming into. It did and it then picked up that we're able to make sure that that's happened and we just work through to try to find some common ground to get it done but. I think just because of Tom Davis and I'll think he's done there are they at all but he ultimately represent should turtle out of theaters I think from that. I am going to declare for the team perspective to picture deal got done. We were there any talks whatsoever wits with Dave Gelman bad I know you said that things were working early backs and were there any talks of that stuff back then or now. You know there are some complications and and didn't hit it it didn't they just like any negotiations. That they just. Don't really pick up. There are some conversation but that was really about it I didn't really get anywhere the politically get it looked that total we're not giving it wasn't that just cup moved out there was stopped. It's not a bit out of what its for a team like it chooses let's get them that's what don't I guess fire current accept something that she'd all just on for entertainment nation that is how we have full grown outlet pass. But not but for what the real real. All I just wanna make sure clear in this disaster I want to clear that up you wouldn't categorize any that is negative credit wasn't that wage is that it wasn't nothing was progressing correct. Correct yup and arresting. What does you know when you we'd take about you get someone you think about hernia Mika that he can they can be too different to go on opposite ends of the spectrum. As an agent negotiating would GM's that are. The winning Gilman has all the way to Marty's do you have a preference. And in this case do you feel like it would have been the same type of deal same number same everything if gentleman has still been in place. Killer targeted Arctic guess on what order would have happened. Related to party at the end courses get a look there. It truthfully you know in most situations you're not really negotiating with the Chia you're negotiating with you know for example Roger to grab their salary cap and contracts with GM might be the one that's giving the direction in terms of yes we ought to try this guy yes. And that type of stuff but for the most part to get outta the numbers guy the contract guy he's sort of educating the GM and to what he believes the market is a war council person whatever it help at all at how much confident that the strategy yet to determine. I'll try to proceed with that are they proceed with a. Todd France we're talking to us TDs agent of course he works for CAA and Tom is getting is our contract extension for for next year if we don't know the particulars obviously even the stuff that gets reported we don't know the other funny degree I'd. Todd but to me when I was just looking at what came out yesterday. On the word McCain reminds me not knowing what you guys are negotiating previously was just compromise does seem like a compromise to me is that a visit a fairway it was value at this are now. I think every negotiation that's given to I think on I thought you know. Look it's unprecedented for 34 year old linebacker to get an extension would want your left that's a fact. Doesn't matter that he's producing a high level all just. It's extension years for age 35 year old linebacker he just don't see it. That was probably the biggest issue in terms of coming up with what is the right now herb could you just didn't really happening cops or cops. You know like we totally get their stuff I do you know old age things break down eventually it got to graduate just sometimes happens when a player it's all. You know arguably see if he becomes popular enough to result productive year charity shield years ago. We'll have that at that point he's still playing at a high level to DH. Take a look around to that big a factor with two things once in Europe Asia and two with different production. Injuries or clinician doctor wood and that the production wasn't happening as a matter of fact going the other way. So you know China figure out what the right thing to do is what the right number is a British 35 girl linebacker didn't help that sticks to basically seven million dollar one year deal. To try to fix so the confidence and the front they get guaranteeing free play at which they get to right now. You know it is it just it just worked out at TD camped it up displays and you don't have to worry about that he had some security like coach you talking about record of calls. So so I mean what is is is this a testament to TV and what he brings his organization to this community to to dependents in general because like I said there's no Koppel why can't. I mean I can't think of another linebacker this late in his career with the with the injury histories and things like that who's gotten a deal like that so what. What was it it you know from Carolina's in this says yes we wanna get this guy that was in the Franken he's still playing well it was a defect at least Nadia we love Monroe what was it. I think it's a combination I mean he is still playing well he's still playing at a high level of meat like I had to play to exhaustion much. You know what would it in the conversation with the team but if we cut ticket and anybody equation and I didn't Gupta back of the security it just look at film. We wouldn't be talking about a one year deal just let it be good while to get to all the players to sign on to a actuality contrary actually here. Did you happen to be that he has promised stated that he is before going to be at least 35 feet by the extension kicks in so how. That's helping them and that's why you continue into the deal I think that's. There's no question that I think auctions look at. You know I don't know how I I didn't really pay attention but I held a decent look there is a lot there and that type of stuff I think with the type this slow boat. Player and person to accommodate this isn't what he's good for the people on the field. As well within the community and off the field this eligible for paid man of the year is everything you have or. I think it does send a lot about digital locker that Obama should stand and I do get don't want to be something. I'm glad it worked out for TD here's the kick that he just such an unbelievable guy and everything you read about him that those of color. Could say nothing but great things but actually he's just he's better than that could ultimately go client. And I really enjoyed watching the world as a young. Player coming out of Georgia. You know the safety moved to linebacker just watching him grow personally. Obviously professional have a field but just personally off the field. Watching him like grow and the foundation that he has just everything else is just possibly part of. We're talking atop France Thomas Davis is aging he's got a new contract done for us for next year getting him an extension through 2018. And I he's with this right now in the tech become just like a I did I wonder Todd just a moving forward is as you speedy deal with Doug with the Panthers this. How much how we were Newton we are debating this yesterday we don't know because we're not in the business but what should get a deal like this done with a guy like Mardi like you said Israeli Rob Rogers that's get a lot of this done. I'd bet that level of trust with the front office how how far does that go from your side. Yeah I mean the contract is important and they didn't have respect for both sides I think. How things are approached I think you know you're never gonna always agree on everything it's just it's a negotiation can have different points of view. Don't lose that you can't really say who's right or wrong it's just your approach it I think that's. You know we at this agency and I know how we've still got good respect from teams in terms of how we approach things very factual based. And you know from the team side obviously we respect their process and how they go about things are going to show happening trust and respect are two key things and getting any negotiation of did you break in his TV yesterday or milk. It is cute little loop here an entire cup. I kind of where we were way they're trying to go back yeah and tweak it here tweak it or whatever we're trying to do what you all call but the entire track absolutely. When it what what was on this week's like a lifetime key to the building like he just gets to come I. I'm alrighty there. Now I would call personal wherever I can get the Carolina aftershock that's the key. It's. Time to react says things like that have been to vote do you attack in the he wanted to stop to sweep through that and does well. It really. Would you rule out calling you out. I did a candidate technician at a UK I you know mail me Colin now a religious one another one of those power producers video is. I have a question and listen in regards to tear anything else I'm going off on a tangent but just. Please we talk about players and guaranteed contracts with the unifil one. Do the onus. Push for that is that something that the owners say I mean obviously he's moment if you guys yes but that's something where you're in the fight like yemen's get these guys guarantee money into do you think it'll ever happen. What could have been getting fully guaranteed. Just. I wish sales. In I do it if not painful. When you see other sports like basketball based on what those guys are getting. You know that the whole other conversation LPGA. A whole other you know show can be dedicated to that. But you have a goal of the agents slash any players do it is to get. You know guaranteed contract that much of it is possible and I think or guarantee unfortunately it we'll all have to be putting folks. I because you might see across the ticker. You know that so and so signed surface you're going guarantee. But yet until that that I didn't really dig into it to know what's really guarantee of what sort of year to year we've achieved get out of that at cork oak guaranteed each. And that the player ever actually see that couple you know at is what purported what you real. Are two different saying his hands you know and and it gets even deeper than that with the NFL. I mean. If I can donate it but it if you have the right players the best chance we get it done some special player special situation. So you know my hope is that does I know I won't stop trying this but you know I can't predict different. Well a while and clearly agenda here on this rule believe you also on an easy no to a ball is Kelvin next because up next. I don't know what our bonus here. I don't know became big you know obviously. Yeah. You know just finished fourth here they exercised the option. So you know we'll see. A lot of lot of moving parts without right now we're just focused on the season. And end up playing well and then we'll be asked if he didn't based on how things go we'll figure out what makes sense. Google+ in the club. All right here's here's the off the follow up have you had any discussions about an extension and you just say yes or no that's that's all I need yes or no. And I just find every time. New developments. In Toronto and Sergio workers and yeah he knows what he's doing Todd France though he owns yes well basically yes yeah. I got to minimally decent respect around as well the respect aren't appreciated Todd I appreciate it it's a it's a pleasure to document thanks for the time. Credited that's our primetime rewind Todd France Thomas Davis is agent from CAA joining us earlier. I TV's new. One year extension locking him up through the end of next season 20186 point sot 75 million dollar deal. It's couple million dollar moved up in guaranteed this year so I would get insight on that from time frames if you missed anything else from the shelf. Former tar heel head coach mentor who's 9810 basketball associate commissioner he dropped by talk total NCAA. UNC stuff his new gig with us all self. Until grant the godfather the NFL incredible stuff from him great insight on the Panthers and does scouting in general great storytelling from him. Ross Tucker dropping by as well from my NBC sports serious extent and golf also he's got Ross Tucker football podcast so you missed anything from the show. Including two point bishop titans radio former NFL Pro Bowl safety he joins us to talk pitchers in tight to call hosted W offends you dot com.