Primetime: NFL Playoffs; Jaguars Patriots Preview with Kirk Morrison

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Tuesday, January 16th

Kirk Morrison joins Kroeger and D-Lew to talk Patriots Jags. 


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Powered by Ford. High expectations all along we're I thought this team could make a deep run in the playoffs and so when I look at from that standpoint I I'm a little disappointment is not a it's been a failure of a season like dirt degrees on the stuff dirt there she needs along the spectrum on the document that's on Friday I mean we could beat Cleveland for. Now like no greed and that's when you sing you can be most of these things at one time you can have a successful season which the painters did. He can be won and other teams are jealous oven and they are put you also did disappoint based off of what your expectations were alive from the marks being real decent. Trying to get me on his work elsewhere. That sounds like that's gonna be trouble and I'm just telling you just put it out there. You do everything by the way we need to cross fit enough to do whatever that is which probably is painful. This painful what does she do you mean you keep your car. I had a job where my wife we go do cyclone over the cycle Morgantown it's Aaron you know did I hit. Did dad went chasing younger model she's been volleyball you should hear your daughter just won a championship right they want over to Myrtle Beach for the winter what's become a winner slam alone what are we in is what it is a championship it was called experts you know it was sixteen cores fourteen musical each court. It out there and a twelve year old that twelve you pool in they lost one game one Sunday and they go beat the team that beat them in cities don't. As we got some kilos you know we got a ways to go does the first corner first found out where you is a sports paired be honest are you mumbling a you're extraordinary listener bro are you doing. To the crowd. I saw some bad you know do and how five jump puts some argue Al Gore like there are you serious the other kids grow gel. I could lead to admit you don't dump this you know wasn't right now is really into. Some crazy folks out there bill. There are so crazy folks we got Damione Lewis Kurt horse in thirty minutes it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. We might get Riley Ferguson at five we might talk to the former Butler product meant his quarterback. The point is Charlotte. But say to recruit him but that's all other issue. Judge sees that after the isn't it always how to win. Always a winner bottleneck when her mom Jerry and other area so we might get Riley's father looked talked and if we can. And delta will do that he's coming out the NFL draft and on that to put up some awesome numbers in Memphis over the last few years. And it should have been and Charles 49ers uniform does well. Nobody no mention of those we're talking about a girl who was there are some guys call 704570916. Let's go to candies and hang in a very occasionally kenwood some and we won six. Okay that got them up so thanks. We Teresa. Yeah. On the you know where do you think about it come. I got you thought look at the need to account of Putin and abet go to law. If you look at it Miller turner like its stature in the back in China. We need be devastating category where. Go way back in this Smith all need to do they think it's out there. And then you look at what we get men McCaffery they're audit similar. Body like you know in the think well it's obvious route 11 o'clock. I think you can't we get a bit stronger player for sure in you know separate from the fact that he's got a really revenue up and not pick up there. Can appreciate coney deal like defer you what do you think now. Now she should get your head it's your hand are you all right so no not a not a. He has heard no. A mile thing journalists and greater breaking tackles very shifty in the armed pocket. Just an outstanding. Outstanding running back in the hall of Famer. Are in the Smith part of one of the best that we do have a great offensive line is that what. It was not easy got to tell. Well we had Mike Tolbert on on Friday and personal mikes and we have joy to call me an interest in coming back again and then on top of that he's figure out a couple of things in the running game he said he sees Chris McCaffrey's a Darren Sproles type and I agree I don't know I think fits that tighten their cigars and I think the paint there's quite honestly didn't figure out how to wanted to use Kirsch McCaffery this year six that he was for a month hey listen this off its make a decoy and then. Although let's get him involved more truly in the running game and an early on I was and he can run between the tackles C we showed you except he couldn't and then it became no we need to get him to the outside Russia and outside zone with prince and tosses some some counters things of that nature and that became hey look he's a passing game weapons. And so it was all he definitely you definitely does this is crazy how they never seemed wholly and I think I'm excited about northern neighbor honed in on what you. Never ran like the base and brawl I know we're scared Coburn sent an end to notify us that independent of all with a defense of the less common right that's got to become I would think that is deadly continuously that was yeah. He can get it but we got a problem does still does not breaking anything and and and Tolbert also says he thinks Cameron artists paint to beat a bruising back on the roster I don't you know at the is not the first that's not the first time I've heard that I talked to some guys routine that he has I've heard it whispered before we really yes sir are you buy that. I batted in here it is so different thing is the founder. He may be only blue graph feel like you know that was going to be the case we should see a lot more miserable delegate and might be where we are you often quoted on the there. I was also disappointed I don't know it's one game I was disappointed by a lot of guys not just him but he was one of the guys that week seventeen game in Atlanta where he got a couple opportunities and he believes he'd pull it. Sit silly miscues on hand offs and exchanges and tosses does that lie. Mix of light that stuff can happen to I don't know it's tough casinos and how the refs which came in the first team that much against Abbott still. But what I was surprised by as in the pre season when he read about who this key it. All if he had a great gaming in Jackson no yes he ran the ball he ran yeah he really did well so you don't you release it's about it's always you know or currencies and they'd uniforms weren't so. You don't know all about and we do. All right let's go to rob really quick rob would sell me what do you think. Anybody but Sandra you guys. You guys vote is much about this gentleman that it audio book is they maybe 32 and let me know it all. Is recorded audio. Don't know if rob rob a concern giants Sinaloa now did you like to do it over your concern giants in just put it out there that's what's out there right now. Yet but he and that's exactly. I've teased out a guilty he'll be all right I don't have the course is I don't I don't think he's I don't think he's part ways Eli in the unless you are is that unless the mother know you are will be there a picture let's look W you mentioned is Steve little. And did this is authored or break you and are just talking about where this team needs to go and the holes they haven't I don't think getting glaring holes I think that's the good thing about this team but you can also trick yourself into thinking everything's finalists is running back weren't. And you do that I think you could very well easily go from eleven and five to seven and nine or six in ten or saw that last year. Obvious that the margin between winning and losing in the NFL is so racers didn't they're. When you look back mandate Gelman Strauss classes people would just allow did all the work he did in his draft classes and you look back in. Limited it was always rainbows and butterflies who did element in this draft picks. Always not been an when you look at that and are you look control or something that he's dressed at the stand up and be a difference maker. On either side of the ball and right now outside you can. Sort of picks look at his I mean this is a thing I keep going to it's you have to get stall worse you're not just starters you need to get a star foundational player with a first round pick you wanna ask you won't sort did you say oh that is going to -- was a 22 round pick star was his first round pick they went back to back first and cycle starring KK. And then after that you're talking Kelvin late now to be fair to relate first round picks but still eventually one of these testing yet. October Benjamin Shaq Thompson who still is an emerged as a full time 100% step type of player but Vernon Butler is another one of these picks and how life works. I think that's working harder maybe they'll they may be I don't know like I don't. This is if you look in the between. Storm truly look the burden in the dark child love I think you don't Mickey Vernon how love tomato you know not have. Sliding along and I agree I agree I think star might have played I think very well he's played his last football. In a painter uniforms start kind of intimate it is much in his exit meeting were sitting out one of just nailed it he mentioned gentleman said he was disappointed he didn't get on term extension offer and he wants to judge with the open market's going to be and then you put McCaffrey who might very well be. In extreme weapon. But also a guy did you have to go out of your way to situationally scheme him in the framework of your offense and and as an eighth overall pick. It's just tough to swallow so you don't date Gelman. That's who I was sure allow animals and I think it's best work was actually probably bargain hunting in free agency cleaning up the cat miss being the villain. In taking the brunt of criticism for a lot of stuff moves a little where. Many got the program back tools some sort of storm as well I mean look he did takes two to two Super Bowl even though. Just off clears that roared up where you don't worry does but at the same time he were able to orchestrate the blood didn't make your cap room and also to give normal negated our. Gosh what about all an unknown well. He's gone I think Marty told you horse here Wesley go Marty talked about it and Marty said there aren't a lot of teams that commit that kind of money across the board at all. Reckless tackle Ian of that kind of like what are you thinking this offensive like his I think it's good I don't think it's great yeah. Norstrom when he spend four or should be the best thing since sliced were. Yeah which is why say thanks but no thanks android and I hate it because I injured Orwell might be the best of the bunch but you know it's the economics of the situation I salute your. Hey here's what he has got to move adds to go to school where your goals are you looking in he was an undrafted guy I think he got a kind of treat it as found money anyway. And you say no harm no foul right you didn't invest a top pick you don't it was found money he got a good few years out of home and now I'm a little submersible just now it's time to go dig between the couch cushions and let's go to Matt who's up next four got a break that would sell male what you say. Another door got good. Hey you're bet they have Alibaba about it lately and it and this ambitious. Are you crazy Denver had to be honest are you want these crazy dad's. Well written it down not just Muslims. That. Inning ended they think you know. With Cam Newton. I am. If you don't like that is comparing you know. Arguing with you may have itchy he was about just tell who he had a ran. He had carrier and give it all which is two. Adults or. And if you don't network. Can we took into ML being written in China and they're did you watch it with you when you say. No more time meant. I'd say it would be if you. Take a graduate last year you cry and you hear about where he was playing it which she had a to. Every element in it. And yet. What would you say. Kim who didn't have got there may be generous. The only enemy knows that serves man. Can't remember you know the jury. I would never know it well and you know. Met the barn. Is going to be the greatest ever he he complained about it struggled out man. I don't. Yet Matt. No that's sick it's a great point you know I appreciate Conan because women since the day after the loss last month we're on the year deal Luke he went out of his way to sake it's no big blast and that's would have been just. It came yet enough weapons they can do you think you had enough tools to work with to be able to win a game like this to put up points like this. And whether Kim thought that was the case or not can't sit I. I gotta be better man and it's my job to lead and set the tone just isn't true. And that is one of the things can still a lot of stuff for deserving criticism over seven years he has he stepped in a lot of a lot of trenches and hit off landmines and it's his own doing when he was Dawson hey don't step teary did it anyway you're the one thing that does not get talked about enough for that duty is so he's never rose any of his teammates under the bus doesn't put on the field. Doesn't show dudes up on the feel like Tom Brady does Aaron Rodgers does and he certainly doesn't go behind a microphone either that he's never talked about it and ideas reform almost fearless or come home. Homeland smile yes you know we know what he does a great job that is our he has the Singapore and down to a size one this is bad you taught at the moment is good you put the total trigger. You know you always put yourself things not one right way and him being the leader of this team and quarterback in his football team he's exemplified that you're in your. Are we looking at me when you said that we're about to point out too much and I. Amend your return looked at me when he said that I saw. What is bad to bring that looks good on loan spread the love speaking of bad that the NFC south hard to believe the Panthers won this division 781. Thing he went one eagle on in a ten week stretch three years ago and now eleven and five mutual first round wild card exit. In the NFL playoffs and not even a divisional winner that is crazy that this division this competitive Tampa Bay's coming up from the rear its usual actually wanna talk got look you would embryo because they care recruiters coach they won't win they won't go really doesn't hold on Quebec we talk about this division Damione Lewis Kirk Morse and in fifteen minutes we might hear from Charlotte so Riley Ferguson a five keep tuning in its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. I Charlie born. Powered by Mort don't care. Less than forty minutes we'll do that as we open up the 5 o'clock hour Damione Lewis Chris grew over its prime time or powered by ortho Carolina you guys Texas. 570916. Tweet us on the proudly Jewish Twitter feed after primetime WS density per only recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. But national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's probably Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers stock come by the way Eckstein Clifford return to practice today for the morning it's good for him and he looks good it really does he looks like he's lost a little weight. I know from talk normal little bit. Last week he's been he's been working out a lot which is good this is something he has been kind of putting off having a lot of us do that at times were you just think. Likes busy prioritize what's important then your body after a period time says. Yet here's what's important is sleep eating well. I like to stepping away from work for a little bit and die getting getting some exercise too so cliff looks good looks energized. And die he said he's gotten just a ton about outpouring of support for people around the league. People in the area his players and the whole staff and I he he says he's gonna make some lifestyle changes. I saudis and as such is coaching different a little different is what he said today some good for him and how they play the wizards tomorrow night they get to keep this thing rolling. I to try to climb back into the playoff picture and Al we will have to game tomorrow night 7 o'clock I've got pregame at 630. Here on WFANC. So Kirk Morrison is gonna join us in a few minutes I can deal it's funny because. You I would say this yesterday and I enjoyed obviously they're the falcons and Eagles falcons and saints losing in the playoffs is there your rivals. On the C tickled to join that it takes of sting off to defeat for the Panthers textures writing in a minute to go on the building center text on say and minutes sucks here don't you guys talk about the other teams in the playoffs in the papers aren't very more dang it and yeah I mean I agree we are you might take away from the weekend was. This sport is so random it is so cruel. Things change so quickly we saw the saints were left for dead after two weeks rightfully so by the way if they give it up more points more yards than any team in the NFL through the first two weeks. And then randomly they woke up and start playing good football. And then yesterday down there Sunday rather down seventeen just and they storm all the way back look like they had a game one or until wasn't and so my take away from the weekend was. And it's it's such a random cruel sport in the martian for winning and losing is so razor thin and is Yunel take a step back and look at this division. It is crazy how tight things are between one in four in the NFC south south and our enemies why shall we it's only gonna get tighter going into the office. Yeah sales and I that's why is that you waivers leverage to ask of you never know and just have hole. The dislike you I don't know why I don't know look I didn't think about you know go mostly rural locals decide it's normal. You got to game moon over it and go works at a luncheon this of the wood and Sean Payton was doing the school chant on the sidelines. Martina vikings in Madrid today I don't would you go with forty three's you know with the saved his face it's great bear on to the groom you know is right into the whole lot of holes like it wouldn't you order. You see the mean Maurice he's speed skating getting ready for the Olympics is an Olympics are a few weeks to get the Timorese in the stone called Stoner all of RKO. Which what are some of the he was doing the Ray Lewis stance others Ray Lewis squirrelly and are coming out as well learn odd the means it didn't mean to Marcus Williams sixty. Rookie safety he was what a second round pick I believe there are. I'll lay it out it's only gray area to Goodyear when you look at his word whoever I mean he had a heck of a season for his safety and just see it live right that is. Oh that's so interesting to me is when you look at all these teams in the saints. Got good overnight it seemed because they didn't really make a draft that they may hailed her last address to start a draft of starters are trying to learn. Point employs stars yes that's the kind of things. Okay. They got a quarterback who all the scouts say and he will be the next thing to Deion Sanders. Anybody could have ended June Deion Sanders asked and we're passing meadow. Like that who but it makes you wonder what do teams see an Osce in CUR Mo here we have young arms we just weren't drafted two corners a year before I. I don't think the painters corners are as good as any of the young illegal and Panama City can't happen but I don't know my eyes still we would jailer Ramsey. And what would Lattimore is similar lines are grown. Please lighten Zealand's it is what second year in the NFL this season Berber. He's in their class but I just don't see that I see a gap between Bradbury and Lattimore and Ramsey in these young corners the elite young corn bread and oil well again I'm you know. John Ramsey put a Florida State I mean Brad very pointed Sanford later tell astounding Jerry Rice played it dead. And what's Valdosta State I mean it does cellist now night's Emmy had gotten to do with Brad Bird coming at a C avert. He just think he's good he's Jalen Ramsey and they're good guys at every level of college football. That you might not have known about that for whatever reason and by the way wherever. A solid corner Jim Ramsey is a hall train. Bested all my. And since when Marshall allowed him I guess that's my take way too icy Brad Bird like a feeling Bradbury is a guy that is more in line with Josh Norman which is a system corner to mirror. More and any any Josh is level yet he's got a way to go to to get off to that. But it guiding you could plug say hey I just can't take away this half of the field or run and some cover to cover three stuff. I just don't see that god you're gonna say yeah put him on this dude lock him down be done within put it did this is the encouraging thing is. Damien and I and a feeling this is why this offseason so important got to know this offseason and I think it's really easy. To trick yourself into thinking they were closely three up with some of these older guys hey we just did have a few bounces go our way out of this stat in this is what's so crazy to me. So look theaters in 2015. They were perfect in games decided by. Decided by eight points or less they bwic beat knowing those games in one score games in 2015 here trees while only 151. Last year to win six in games decided by three points or less. So single field goal gave examples ball didn't bounce their way and native windows came this year they were keyed into a six and two in one of the losses was the saints game. Six and two in games decided by eight points or less. So this is the NFL it is completely designed because of scheduling is a lot of this. You go from high highs to low lows O we had a great year we went close games that we lost a lot of close games next year to win a lot of close games. So I think this is why it's so important to me from forty birdie to look at what it and it is still main Atlanta's got a filthy roster and I knew to admit that because I thought they were left for dead three years expressed some distance on tomorrow the next to the defense of line deal permanent a tax McKinley. With a drink with some of the death do you look at there to really you speak young corners Trufant and what they've got and in Robert offered as well and they've got some young corners on that Atlanta team. I mean you look at the saints' initial trial reopened and re do what they just did you know it would matter more. Is he close the deal on their own mobile when you look at him and say. As a scare out in the scouting report across particular trail last year is that this guy is gonna be your second comment to Deion Sanders. Yes a lot force got to put his name behind it that is a brief statement. In the end for him come out in the I have three year he had. As a rookie and miss games he will be the defense of rookie of the year without a doubt. In my ideal would be good to play a year he had a an outstanding season but they covered a war he is though he is going to be offensive rookie of the year. What are you twist it how you exchanges that its latest edit certain he will be the rookie. Both girls 01 roster I just it's so important to continue not to be easy thing this offseason and he's going to be easy to do these keeping this offseason but if you're more purity you're gonna mix this up and I don't think he got a lot of I think what is going quarter we heard from him though today this is probably going to be the most active all season of friends is that in the decade adding that's a good thing I think is a great thing. It's a great thing and is sort of a lot of guys that we love in every enjoyed me endeavors that are not going to be your concert to Moore right also it's crazy and you seen it. Atlanta in New Orleans these are good examples of this of teams where you can just throw young talent out on the field and say go make plays you're gonna make mistakes the goal make plays. And ultimately I think is a team you're better off for it and that's where the Panthers three again you can. You can kind of trick yourself to send out veteran savvy some older guys it's worth more Amanda painters Laura put some youth was there and looked a little old when there are slow and slow. Positions they did and I mean defensively is easy fix because you gliding because it runs out on silent and teach in the scheme. Offensively. You know you've got to have all moved remorse fielding miscue positions you got to be you to run round you gotta. So you gotta go try to go to college who more polished emotion and is there which are accustomed to do when you've really got to do your. Worked in draft and assure an offer some of our. And this guy knows about that these he calls the rams games on the range radio network ESPN college football analyst former NFL linebacker he does everything is on the artists were committed radio and TV the great Kirk Morrison making tough force and technique come gets on and I don't incur a look wrong in this thread like LA what they did this year Sean McVeigh a big part of it Wade Phillips a big part of it on defense. But they went in just got dudes that anybody could had going into the offseason and change the coaching scheme. Brought in some new weapons and next thing you know all we had a rams are pretty good on offense but anybody could've done some of the things that the rams did this past off season. Yeah absolutely. The biggest fear they be at what they went out and got a lot at all and it will for the start at all. Got a reliable left tackle but they thought they have got guys that were all there that can fit this scheme that it. Pretty much you do a little bit of everything in an eight draft it will soon they like you originally here he got Bob. If what I'll be used and palate thank Eric you know they're ignorant they didn't have a vote rob Dick become a jerk off the so they've got a second round I didn't throw whatever they got a starter in Cooper cup at wide receiver school. That go wherever they about it he then program what he record for respect and record never did. Yeah I think group ever pity party always written it was in our history. And you're going to repeat compartment plays well in May at a what they eat in John Stockton who was there. Or route because well. He ended up become the starter and intent they'll swallow the seventh were to become the place where and got great guy great. A lot of plates are because. Erich O'Donnell was a note shall return apple contract holdout well they all just. A lot of those guys that got out Alan Ball about refs go off in really feel about the debt on their roster throughout the that's what you're seeing now you know that you pay quarter acts the way you do now. You've got to have that you know how an elected to the war by what may in so good this year that they are we started it all angles were. And that's just flat out Mazen the CMA did this overnight for animals or just rebuilding their program but. What about what they do adults to learn to be able to establish the run game that they put on that Chirac had an opportunity to beyond Seattle. One on the royals came out and played the Seahawks and they did it their way open for the first three quarters to forty or you know early out of the game. Happy that they can get it started with raping. And to whip worked in the they went out and got a reliable. Older better and John Sullivan center who. You know pretty what you did it probably won't dot practice they're they've put no. Blocking being no. What that can help our young quarterback. Can tell mpeg is what we're gonna go a perfectionist that I would I would live right. About them that. Give junior golf and extra. They kept the real with the one that were there previously you know apple. I would buy and Wear out. They pretty much can be all of why packed into the great thing about it and start the urged its seen gains in oil. Okay big is this start the last because they kind of ripped bartered a little bit but it. That does basically. They've got guys that understood it took that aren't robotic arm people started. They realize how. Walking up scheme wise. And that's where I've got like I currently able to our whole get the chemistry together and move copy off the low block. Mixing of the call all help to you couldn't just say Erica you might in fact the he was gonna right tackle right all apple left. What should update what is out of the backfield well that's what he completely pressure every section. Leader well. Our current Morrison's with a series sex and NFL radio is in college football analyst longtime Al linebacker in the NFL. And of course on the range radio network is well I Kirk right now for you. You're watching these playoff games conference championships Sunday coming up the baddest dude on the field. Of any of these fourteen just one guy got a single a one dude who's the baddest dude on the field for for these four teams remaining on Sunday. Anchor of a page ruling that still had to do it still surely owes whom do you see us do. Alexander has there were no socks O'Neill's a lot. Of what you. Kobe group of that it I think that the that if you like out there. The most talented guy and not think there are really excited we get there to really beat him up because we didn't get a clear the field last year where he feasible market. Taylor ran you take off and how great quarter he is being so ordered early career goal and again between. And barely standing around and they played at he had a peculiar day he they're the combination of quarter with Jack and bill. I think it has been their play off the letter by now how did that and do a jaguar he and has been all people long spoke. Built this sort of patent suit we say that we're watching in these playoffs but it's good to have the art of war this is what we. Wanna see. This would've been expecting were going to be. Three quarterbacks that we work you know considering it to be and yeah well. It just goes to show. How much of a lot of the agriculture if you have all been working or is it doesn't matter and but I'd better keep backed and believe. You know what the coach is preaching. I mean he can still partly it is. No we look at these four teams. Who do you think has the best deal land coming in Dallas church. Low. That these are taxes go up four. I mean when you draw clear Campbell look up there league leading in fact what law with mark are we acting. Directing got way and they come at you and away you know all. Outline change. We're like all right nick went up and up on the that he applied. They're the best I mean obviously when you look at Philadelphia based duke got one of the best in the what you cot and bring. Graham not for well yeah it is well. Chris Long. I think epic courtroom. I'm political action built all of bought Philadelphia. IndyCar could grow is. Prior to that you'd throw in the Minnesota Vikings but they're more fall out. And up and put seven in a line of scrimmage. Shells have been. War weary spot them a little more defections on the Minnesota side. In all of it's the hatred kind of bringing up a book supporting. Are they would be that the blockers. A former NFL linebacker Kirk Morrison's serious ex NFL radio range radio network ESPN college football analyst he doesn't always with the some detect they come get slut I can hear your voice and let's just address the elephant in the room and Damian already put it after I can hear what you're saying right now you beat think it's gonna happen to Jackson to beat the patriots just say it man I know you want to just say it on Sunday. Well I'd idol idol that I don't think it's jaguar or think the nature where it but the key for me is not popping. I want to see how what Josh McDaniel past. For the NASDAQ and build peace and are all giving rob all like he and but but a month ago so it can be better. But what the patriots personnel how they do. They don't come in thirteen person aren't going to be well first Olympic what will be the formation. For the personnel but we really exploit is jaguar deep in commitments doles out of more than a year. That I wanna see what the patriots rating to cut up fresh great. And people went out of all in all going to be for me the pictures are used to playing in game like this. I think if this were acting so a little bit of we're here and all of a sudden. It's kind of like I got here quite well apparently yeah you're quite you know elderly the you don't New. York he'd be let yeah fair. And I think it's in that situation and that moment for Jacksonville where they've been right there pride. There are the biggest days on Sunday. And all the food and it would bear oh. Do we belong here and that slapping the patriot. They handle their bit base in that situation a game well ball if they Wear. Well look get a dot com which at the arm Jacksonville jarred or you can hear a lot of Italy's industrial and he's. He's covering what he's there with when you look at the text field on day words are American or do you feel like these are guys that can play all three there was dead you know Jackson VO Lugar called up. In our charm assistant on nip cold and down. Amid all these different personnel groups and they can handle whatever the pages Berlin film which are stormed through our records. That's the best the difference I think with these guys and I'm gonna look at a guy who got elevated to gotten elevate the mobile today. Quad out there Earl with a separate but here's what we're beyond all that up. These two great cover Bart back. In what the patriots did it was thought beyond all the latches to a vote they went basically on all while what you like. Or expect out questionable ball. That being there will pay the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker so we met or what about Jack what all little guys people. To beat one on one with Greg Burke exchanged by bike you'll sleep. Chain they hold up and does that take him out of the running game that well but to me well what the pitcher do in terms of personnel. If they come out that well personnel it one but two tidy and they're gonna quote the jaguar have to keep their base personnel up there you know that's where you're forced some linebacker I have to cover all well. Be able to have to play the run. But that they have to cover who's gonna cut her proper cup the only that the beer church. You know out of me or you're out Jack got to do. Because let's say it is one thing that Pittsburgh Steelers have been lacking and he Miller retire. Is a direct appetite in this game is OK but he wasn't he Miller and so that's where would that have not but he talked about being that chess match. That I'm looking forward so the walking out to the Patriot Act these linebacker Jack. Nobody works harder than mr. Kirk Morrison he knows his ball to former NFL linebacker ESPN college football analyst serious sex and NFL radio rams radio analyst as well. And doubt we appreciate him making time always always great to talk to you Kurt seriously thanks for making time force. Thank god have a global I sorted out the other. Aren't good as your present its case a little scared to do here is always a little scared but doesn't need any kind of trust the jags you just avoid collateral limits say it. Odd Damione Lewis as he says the jags beat the patriots in the AFC championship crazier things have happened Mark Sanchez team. Beat the patriots in the playoffs in Foxborough so big the craziest thing ever said since little sale what are we are certain. And speaking of crazy the NBA is the absolute best that story next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. I don't know you try and got it. And I'll tell us how to cameras then and now you know men. You are consuming what does it better and I did whatever was on show mom on some new us Hamas. We are we're resource to be really know locker room. So. But it happens over them and we can't control embryos though we control what we do for your arteries in our seats are. Suggest you go past them. I know it's not. An NBA junkie I love Steve NBA. The idea because it sounds like that's what happened was I say here murder. All Blake Griffin daily Louis Chris Kroger is prime time we might hear from Riley Ferguson in the next few minutes navy's K beat Charlotte area kids played ball in addition to plays Charlotte that's not here or there. Don't forget a football night Wednesday January 24 69 at DePaul steak house could have a moose straight fly shrink our CY is Damione Lewis not invited to this by the way. Because why you get inflated in in the Super Bowl that people won't let you come to this is it targets and I mean moves didn't win let's be honest we didn't win 100 Brington when Voyager radio so I got injured before isn't. Ranked so like beautiful lies daily not invited I think we need to start a campaign to get Damione Lewis invited to the tea dole. For a for a football night where they isn't on January 24 it's a week from tomorrow then as a commuter debt. Who that person I would not much I'm working injuries and honesty let's get it done. I would need occur I don't need a fighter she also a pro Bono we are just no. You're promote I'm doing this real pressure people helping people may answer shirts to sign up WS TNT dot com register we got a chance for you wind I as well by going to W Osama. All right 68 Paul steakhouse in south are gonna make it happen the most cost fans come back yes what happened here whatever whatever. Oh I'll put Joseph blasted Ellison and I Sarah I and it's in the musical what are you don't have to that's like eczema is not good enough to be able to stabilize the song is not well. And his own blogs. Oshawa did you. Foot share your. For his big day legend don't you get out of here I'll handle this is between me and Tony how. User agent gaga today I like that hosted post al-Qaeda is likely negotiate and settle with a new contract in you know you want but Ellington and that you don't speak. You sit back going to listen to the go down on the back dashed down the I'm sitting get at least I'll write you be made out to be too bad guy Dini can show he wants you part of the panel I didn't know until this morning we need more than that we'll figure this settling. Right next Wednesday wow big cows sign up to WS NGOs and finally we got your innocent five minutes to give up. Awesome tickets to get to the USC fight night which is gonna be January 27 at spectrum sitter solicit that would do that coming up if five minutes so I love the NBA so much because first always be honest those guys if you didn't see distort rockets and clippers play last night clippers led. And Chris Paul. I was with he's really leading this rockets team over the last couple weeks his pardon still injury might come back Thursday or Saturday but there in LA at Staples Center. They did a video tribute before the game his first game back they lost it was a little CP during the game. Mike did Tony claims he was hit I think during that at one point during the game and it. Altima only. What ended up happening was Chris Paul. Led Trevor recent through some tunnels back what did the back door to get to the clippers' locker room last night could see so familiar with the building gives you was there for so long. And then they had as a decoy seven foot Clint cappella the Swiss the Swiss men on click click Abdullah. Knocking at the front door to locker room isn't it. And it's it's the sort of sits going capella. And meanwhile forcing their way in Trevor Rees there Chris Paul into the back door though of the locker room next thing you know guys ball up like you gotta do it. Oh joy don't let you know we are yeah I would don't look now right here. Security steps in the police is called team officials stepped in and off they go back to their own locker room and that's about all they wrote that that's so hard. No these are legitimately you think those guys are gonna throw down now. NBA players today and I love this league but what NBA players today are legitimately get a throw down here on the lateral support they either Bloomberg charter. I mean I think you can count on one hand Nieminen guys that are crazy enough to throw to actually throw punches nor. In the NBA right now nobody own accord that night screws and of two point blue river as like he might lose some. How about this it was classic NBA one witness told he drew Loescher Rouse tedious piece and none of these guys are going to fight this stuff. And he grew out of Soledad right Andy Griffin was asked after the game what happened with him in a big was the reason during the game mobile pretty you don't talk about during the skirmish on the floor he said. IE civil he asked me if I was if I was gonna come to his birthday party Sugiyama a will be there. The bunker and got jokes. Since apparently the whole reason they were scuffling is because they got in Austin rivers got in their heads so what does it tell you that you. About a team that they can get so bent out of shape in inside their head that it did you should buy do that was even play in May and what was going well this team had a good shuffle did you does not even on the floor. Blake Griffin acrylic elbow somebody when he was born to a that was one of the basket and then and then he was -- Mike into going to get back in the coaching box and my consumers and Intel is a port of the floor like you know all in the box you come and you come over here and tell that he's. He read McChrystal all get out and dead and you. Learn this. Go all theatrical nonsense to know and then on top of that you head out there is an on unsubstantiated. Claim. That Chris Paul and James Harden were beefing inside the rockets' locker room. Oh is that right to wonder seriously like he can you talk is at Indian BA is high school it is exactly the NBA is it is a massive high school yes and yet the popular kids get the kids that think thirst. They should be more popular but they are. Yet the cool kids who were like. No I'm not on board were registers in his school see you guys think your cool the work counterculture. All to get the nerds in the NBA those earlier stat guys on the map guys are so the NBA is high school. And I genuinely wonder if this was like the rockets waves of saying hey Chris Paul. You wanna you wanna act like you know you've broken your girlfriend he broke open those friends Sosa's career approve it. Oh yeah I don't know you won't follow the U. You're willow prove it initially goes into the lockers like I told you guys we had no intention of going what is he gonna do in the locker room saying hey I doubt though it. Well gaga and Trevor Ariza back there with a tour like you Travers from yeah yeah it's clear where there were no would you go notably groups shocker Chris Paul could close in big situations who are. Heading towards Donald on 5 o'clock our starts now we take more your calls Damione Lewis witnessed its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina.